2013 Summer Work for English 10AP Prep Assignment Instructions:

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Part 1: Read the novel Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo (ABRIDGED version). Before starting the novel, open the “Les Miserables Study Guide” (on my website)  ...

2013 Summer Work for English 10AP Prep

Welcome to the English 10AP Prep program at East Aurora High School! All incoming English 10AP Prep students must complete the following summer assignment before the first day of class. The summer assignment cannot be made up after school begins, except in the case of transfer students. All summer work is due on the first day of school. The summer assignment will count for the equivalent of one major unit/test/project as part of your quarter one grade. It is the policy of East Aurora High School’s English department that students who do not complete the summer assignment by the first day of school, will receive a score of zero (nonnegotiable) for the assignment and/or may be dropped from the AP Prep class It is your responsibility to secure a copy of the novel and it is recommended that you purchase a copy so that you can highlight, underline, and make notations in the text. You may borrow a copy from the high school if needed. Copies of the novel are available to be signed out in the Main Office

Assignment Instructions: Please read all the instructions carefully!!!!

Part 1: Read the novel Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo (ABRIDGED version) Before starting the novel, open the “Les Miserables Study Guide” (on my website) and read the opening sections on “Les Miserables,” “Historical Background” and “Pre-Reading Background.” You will be reading the abridged version of the text instead of the full-text version of this novel. So you know, the full text version is over 1500 pages long. As such, the abridged version has trimmed several parts from the full story. There will be times in the reading where it will appear as though the author has jumped around or you are missing some explanations. Keep in mind this is because you are reading a shortened version of the original story.

While the abridged version is a good read, there are some key parts that are missing. To help you further understand the story of Jean ValJean, I have included some of the missing sections on my website. Please pay careful attention while you are reading the novel as there are specific points where you must stop reading and read the “missing” sections that I have given you. Following are when you need to refer to the “missing” versions: -

Fantine’s Prelude - read this after you finish the chapter “Javert” from Book I – Fantine Fantine’s Interlude - read this after you finish the chapter “Counter-Stroke” from Book I – Fantine Accomplishment of the Promise Made to the Dead Woman - read this after you finish the chapter “The Ship Orion” from Book II – Cosette The Waterloo Connection - read this after you finish the chapter “The Grandfather and The Grandson” from Book III – Marius

As you read, you will annotate the novel. Taking notes and asking questions while you read increases the comprehension of the text, making you a better reader. If you purchase the copy, make the annotations in the book itself. If you borrow the novel from the school or library, use sticky notes to mark significant quotes and aspects of the novel. * NOTE - See the “How to Annotate while Reading” section on my website for help on how to do this. * There are over 50 copies available to borrow in the main office. If you do want your own copy, here is the information on which version to purchase: Mass Market Paperback: 334 pages Publisher: Fawcett; Abridged edition (December 12, 1982) Language: English ISBN-10: 0449300021 ISBN-13: 978-0449300022 To buy directly through Amazon, follow this link: Click to purchase on AMAZON

Part 2: Study Guide Questions After reading and annotating the novel Les Miserables, you will answer several study guide questions pertaining to the subject of the book as well as important themes that are developed within the story. Use your annotations to help you complete the study guide, thematic questions and a section on Top Ten Quotes. Please answer all study guide/thematic/quotes questions on a separate document that you have typed. Please make sure that you number your answers correctly (you do not need to re-type the questions). You do need to answer in complete sentences. Also, do not forget to put your name on this document. You will print out your answers and bring them with you on the first day of school – I will collect and grade them based on the following:


How thoroughly you answered each question How in-depth your responses are Whether or not your responses reflect critical and analytical thinking How well you followed the conventions of Standard English.

Part 3: Les Miserables Essay, Broadway Musical and Movie During the first week of school, you will be given a writing assignment on the novel. It is expected that you will come to class prepared having thoroughly read the novel. Remember, you are encouraged to mark the text with sticky notes (unless you purchase a copy, in which case you can write on the text itself), as you will be asked to reference the novel within your essay. As such, you may use your annotated notes in the book while writing the essay. It is your responsibility to bring your (annotated) book to class!! If you are borrowing one from the school, I will collect it from you after the essay is completed. After the written assignment, we will look at and connect several song lyrics from the musical version to the novel. You will complete a short writing assignment focusing on one song/lyrics and how it specifically relates to the plot, character(s) or the theme of the novel. You will complete this in class and I will collect them once completed. Following the song analysis, we will view the “Les Miserables” movie from 2013 and you will complete a short writing assignment comparing and contrasting both the novel and the movie. You will complete this in class and I will collect them once completed.

* Note - These will be a significant portion of your first quarter grade. And finally…if you have any questions on any of the summer work, please re-read the directions carefully first! If you still have a question, please email me over the summer using my home email account – [email protected]