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FS22000 (Food Safety System. Certification). Your Challenges. Food-borne illnesses can damage your company's reputation and its bottom line. The increased ...

FS22000 (Food Safety System Certification) Your Challenges Food-borne illnesses can damage your company’s reputation and its bottom line. The increased demand for safe food, as a result of globalization and international trade, has made food safety management more important than ever before. However, the costs of testing for the numerous regional standards that exist made it difficult for many organizations to keep up in a fast-moving global food market.

Our Solutions Protect your brand and fulfill multiple food safety requirements with FS22000 for process-based food safety management systems. The FS22000 scheme was created using existing standards for certification (ISO22000, ISO 22003, and PAS 220) and was fully approved in February 2010 by the GFSI (Global Food Standard Initiative). Manufacturers already certified against ISO 22000 will only need a validation of ISO 22000 certification and an additional review against the PAS 220 to meet the FS22000 certification scheme. As one of the world’s largest certification bodies, certifying to FS22000, BRC, IFS, SQF and more, Intertek’s expertise has brought confidence and assurance to thousands of organizations. We give you more than a certificate – we provide an efficient, customized audit process that helps you resolve the challenges of food safety. With comprehensive management system auditing, supplier auditing, and product certification, Intertek provides compliance solutions that demonstrate a true commitment to food safety for your customers, employees and stakeholders. At Intertek, it is our sole mission to provide not only the one-stop-shop you seek for all food services, but also to establish a trusted partnership with your business – consistently adding value and increasing your competitive advantage in the industry with every step we take together.

To help you become FS22000-certified, Intertek can: • Provide comprehensive training on all aspects of FS22000, ISO 22000 and PAS 220. • Perform gap-analysis to determine how your organization may achieve FS22000. • Perform the entire certification process to ensure compliance with food safety standards. For more information, please visit us at www.intertek.com/food. Intertek Food Services Regional Contacts: Greater China Tel: +86 21 60917063 Email: [email protected]

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