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Abbott/Natural Disasters, 5/e. Online Learning Center Content. Chapter 6. Readings and References. • Active Tectonics. (1986). Washington, D.C.: National  ...

Abbott/Natural Disasters, 5/e Online Learning Center Content Chapter 6 Readings and References • Active Tectonics. (1986). Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press. • Adams, J. (1992). Paleoseismology: A search for ancient earthquakes in Puget Sound. Science, 258, 1592-93 • Baldridge, W. S., and Olsen, K. H. (1989). The Rio Grande rift. American Scientist, 77, 240-47. • Blakely, R. J., Wells, R. E., Weaver, C. S., and Johnson, S. Y. (2002). Location, structure, and seismicity of the Seattle fault zone. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 114:169-77. • Earthquakes in Missouri. (Undated). Rolla, Mo.: Missouri Department of Natural Resources. • Gordon, D. W. (1988). Revised instrumental hypocenters and correlation of earthquake locations and tectonics in the central United States. U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1364. • Hamilton, R. C., and Johnston, A. C., eds. (1990). Tecumseh’s prophecy: Preparing for the next New Madrid earthquake. U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1066. • Hansen, M. C. (200). Earthquakes in Ohio. Ohio Geological Survey Leaflet 9. • Johnston, A. C., and Kanter, L. R. (1990, March). Earthquakes in stable continental crust. Scientific American, 68-75. • Klein, F. W., and Koyanagi, R. Y. (1989). The seismicity and tectonics of Hawaii. Decade of North American Geology. (Vol. N, 238-52). Boulder, Co.: Geological Society of America. • Mueller, K., Hough, S. E., and Bilham, R. (2004). Analyzing the 1811-1812 New Madrid earthquakes with recent instrumentally recorded aftershocks. Nature, 429: 284-88. • Noson, L. L., Qamar, A., and Thorsen, G. W. (1988). Washington State earthquakes. Washington Division Geology and Earth Resources, Information Circular 85. • Nuttli, O. W., et al. (1986). The 1889 Charleston, South Carolina earthquake—A 1986 perspective. U.S. Geological Survey Circular 985. • Slemmons, D. B., Engdahl, E. R., Zoback, M. D., and Blackwell, D. D. eds. (1991). Neotectonics of North America. (Decade map volume). Boulder, Co.: Geological Society of America • Stein, R. S., and Buckman, R. C. (1986, June). Quake replay in the Great Basin. Natural History, 29-35. Videos • Hidden Fury: The New Madrid Earthquake Zone. (1993). Bullfrog Films (27 min.). • Earthquake Awareness and Risk Reduction in Utah. (1991). Utah Geological Society (25 min.).

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Earthquake Risk in the Central United States. (1988). Federal Emergency Management Agency (9 min.). Surviving the Big One. (1990). KCET-TV (58 min.). Subject to Change. (1988). Pacific Bell (17 min.).