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Mar 5, 2013 ... Saturday, March 2, 1am Walless Lounge ... Sunday, March 3, 1am, Main Lounge ... français (des baguettes, des croissants, la tour eiffel, etc.).

Allen tes

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12am: Cereal Night (walrus lounge) 1am: Night Cheese (walrus lounge) 12pm: PB&J(Main Lobby) 1pm: Lez Talk (Rm 451) 1pm: Ramen Day(Kitchenette) 2pm: Harlem Shake(Front Porch) 2pm: Granola Bars (Kitchenette) 3pm: Krannert Tour (front porch) 7pm : Dodgeball (front porch) 9pm : Queer Cinema (South Rec) 1am: One AM Ouija(Main Lounge) 7pm:Kickin’ it With found Magazine (Main Lounge) 4:45pm: Sustainability Pledge Photoshoot (Commons) 7pm: Everything You Wanted To Know About 'This American Life' But Were Afraid To Ask (South Rec Room) 9pm: I Am Extracting Lint From My Belly Button Right Now (Guest Apartment) 10pm: Mostly Music (South Rec) 7pm:How to Write Like I Do (South Rec Room) 8pm:Q(Room 151) 8pm: Eating Disorder Awareness Week Debrief(Walless Lounge) 9pm: French Club (Walless Lounge) 9pm:Fun With Label Makers (Guest Apartment) 7pm: How to Get Your Shit Out into the World (South Rec) 8pm: Talk Talk (Rm 152) 9pm: Short Play Festival Auditions(Main Lounge) 9:30pm:All Eyez on Me (Guest Apartment) 7pm:On the Mic (Main Lounge) 9pm: Cocoa O’clock(Rm 451) 9pm: This American Life Club (Room 92) 10pm: Short Play Festival Auditions (Main Lounge)

7pm: Music for the Masses (Main Lounge)

Rain Appreciation Club When it Rains, Front Porch of Allen Hall Do you like rain? I like rain. Come get rained on and watch the rain pour down from the sky. Due to the NATURE of this club, there will be no official meeting time. The club will assemble on the fly during stormy tides. Cereal Night Saturday, March 2, 12am, Walless Lounge Fill your belly with the greatest food on earth Night Cheese Saturday, March 2, 1am Walless Lounge Eat cheese in the night Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches Saturday, March 2, 12pm, Main Lobby Make a delicious PB&J sandwich for yourself! Lez Talk Saturday, March 2, 1pm, RA Sarah’s Room 451 How do I ask her out? Why is “dyke” an empowering term? What in the world is scissoring?! Come ask any questions you were afraid to ask and chat with Allen Hall’s queer expert, Sarah Mowitz! Snacks and delicious beverages provided! Ramen Day Saturday, March 2, 1pm, Kitchenette Tired of microwaved noodles? Come enjoy authentic ramen with RA Christian Harlem Shake! Saturday, March 2, 2pm, Front Porch Join the Harlem Shake Craze with your own Allen Flava!! Granola Bar making Saturday, March 2, 2pm, Kitchenette It’s super easy: make granola bars and eat them with friends (Shannon, Andy, et al.). It is probably the most adorable program in all of Allen (except for Cupcake Club, of course #Linh-An) An Evening of Queer Cinema Saturday, March 2, 9pm, South Rec Come and watch a classic LGBTQIPA movie with us! 1am Ouija Sunday, March 3, 1am, Main Lounge Come connect with our friends on the other side. A healthy enthusiasm for the spirit world encouraged! Sustainability Pledge Photoshoot Monday, March 4, Dinner, Commons Make a personal pledge for sustainability and get your picture taken. Mostly Music Monday, March 4, 10pm, South Rec Take a break from studying for all those midterms. This week's theme: Guilty Pleasures! Send us yours and then we will meet to listen in a shame-free environment! Eating Disorder Awareness Week Debrief Tuesday, March 5, 8pm Walless Lounge Come share any thoughts you might have about Eating Disorder Awareness Week! Including the covered mirrors and the love your body pledge. Q Tuesday, March 5, 8pm, Room 151 Q is Allen Hall's gender and sexual identity minority advocacy group. We talk about issues affecting the queer community and women. Everyone is welcome!

If you have a suggestion for who should be a guest in residence next year, email [email protected]

Submit your event to [email protected] by Wednesday to have it appear in next week’s Allenotes! French Club Tuesday, March 5, 9pm, Walless Lounge Bonjour! Parlez-vous français? Aimez-vous la culture française? Aimez-vous

des films français? Venez au club de français! Il y aura tous les choses français (des baguettes, des croissants, la tour eiffel, etc.). Talk Talk Wednesday March 6, 8pm, Room 152 Come have a philosophical conversation about whatever’s on your mind Water Cooler Talk Wednesday March 6, 9:30pm, Jolly Whaler Inn (room 385) Bring your cup/mug/chalice/bottle/grail/stein/goblet/etc. and come to the Jolly Whaler in to gulp down some fresh water from the water cooler. Hot chocolate, apple cider, and tea are on the house. We have hot and cold water on tap.

Calling all actors for Allen Hall’s Short Play Festival. No experience or preparations required! Auditions will be held Wednesday March 6 at 9pm and Thursday, March 7 at 10pm in the Main Lounge! Cocoa O'Clock Thursday, March 7, 9 PM, RA Sarah's Room It's still cold out, kids! Come warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and grab a delicious treat! Bring your own mug! T his am eri ca n lif eclu b Thursday, March 7, 9pm, PA Andy's Room This week on This American Life: No Coincidence, No Story! An hour of stories from listeners about their life's biggest coincidences. Music for the Masses Show Friday, March 8, 7pm, Main Lounge Come enjoy some more performances by a diverse lineup of campus bands. This time around we're showcasing noise duo Hallway Nerds, the sensual sounds Church Booty, and the one and only Illini Contraband are back for revenge. Davy and Peter Rothbart Unit One Guest In Residence 3/3-3/7 Davy Rothbart is the creator of Found Magazine, a frequent contributor to This American Life, and author of the essay collection My Heart is an Idiot and a book of stories, The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas. He writes regularly for GQ Magazine, and his work also appears in The New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Believer. He has directed three films; a fourth, Easier With Practice, based on one of his Peter Rothbart is an award winning songwriter and the front man for folk rock group The Poem Adept. He recently released his third solo album, You Are What You Dream, and his music was featured in McSweeney's Wholphin and the 2012 documentary film Mister Rogers & Me. He is also an editor at Found Magazine and the executive director of the urban gardening organization We Patch. Sunday, March 3 7:00 pm - Kickin' it With Found Magazine (Main Lounge) Who drives the baddest Nissans in the Northwest? Why do clairvoyants make such fine web designers? Who spends more on liquor than rent? Will the booty ever stop? Find out the answers to these questions and many more as Davy shares his favorite hilarious and heartbreaking notes and letters from the pages of Found Magazine, Peter belts out beautiful and ridiculous tunes based on these finds, and the two discuss the 'zine's origins. 9:00pm - The Burnet, Texas Game You've got half an hour to take 24 pictures. Go! WHAT TO BRING—the best camera you can get your hands on. Monday, March 4 7:00 pm - Everything You Wanted To Know About 'This American Life' But Were Afraid To Ask (South Rec room)Davy shares his favorite stories from the popular public radio show as well as behind-the-scene insights and strategies for how to make great audio documentaries. 9:00 pm - I Am Extracting Lint From My Belly Button Right Now (guest apartment)A wild, interactive audio scavenger hunt. WHAT TO BRING—a recording device of any kind. Tuesday, March 5 7:00 pm - How to Write Like I Do (south rec room) Love writing but not sure what to write about? Writer's block got you stumped? Join Peter and Davy for insights about the creative writing process, including how to separate writing from editing, how to free yourself from self-criticism, and where to find inspiration. We'll also do some exercises to help you write like a boss, and play the funnest game ever! WHAT TO BRING--a pen 9:00 pm - Fun With Label makers (guest apartment) Vandalizing children's books and calling it “art.” Wednesday, March 6 7:00 pm - How To Get Your Shit Out Into The World (south rec room)Okay, you've recorded your album, written your book, painted your masterpiece, or started your rad non-profit organization. Now what? How do you get people to check it out? Davy and Peter share a very practical primer to DIY publicity and grassroots community-building, followed by a discussion and two in-class exercises. WHAT TO BRING—a pen. 9:00 pm - All Eyez on Me (guest apt) Sometimes the hardest part of doing what you do is doing it in front of other people. Learn how to take the stage with reckless abandon as Peter offers strategies for performers of all types. Be ready to act a fool! WHAT TO BRING--a smile and an open mind. Leave your reservations and criticisms at home. Thursday, March 7 7:00 pm - On The Mic, I Believe That You Should Get Loose (main lounge)Davy and Peter close out the week with a rowdy and reflective hourlong performance.WHAT TO BRING—cash or checkbook to buy cool Found stuff. DROP-IN: 1-on-1 Songwriting Tutorials Get personal feedback from Peter on your latest tunes. We'll make your songs shine!PEEP THIS-www.poemadept.comWHAT TO BRING--your instrument and lyrics to your songs.