Amanda Charlton, Specialist Training Programme

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Government Specialist. Training Program project grant. ... eCases library: 1000 free online ... virtual slide workshop in an excel spreadsheet, and distributes this ...

eCases library: 1000 free online digital microscopy cases for efficient teaching and learning Amanda Charlton, STP eCases Project Officer.

Amanda Charlton, Specialist Training Programme eCases Project Officer.

Sam the supervisor is asked to give a slide workshop to the trainees. Sam sighs as he thinks of the hours required to assemble a glass slide workshop. Sam wonders, is there a faster, easier way? Tips for Sam Sam decides to go digital. He use the ecases library. He enters ‘placenta’ into the ecases search bar and finds 30 cases. Sam selects 8 cases and creates a virtual slide workshop in an excel spreadsheet, and distributes this via email. It takes 40 minutes.

The trainees value looking at slides before the multiheader session, but for those not at the main centre, travelling in to see glass slides is time inefficient. Trainees are delighted to receive a virtual workshop able to be viewed online anywhere and anytime. As a bonus, the workshop can be reviewed indefinitely after the multiheader session, with integrated diagnoses, commentary and references. Inspired, the trainees are motivated to make their own virtual slides sets and distribute these in their study group.

Scan the QR codes to watch a short video on 1. the trainee workshop experience and 2. how Sam creates a virtual slide workshop.

eCases project team collaborators and contributors:

A collaborative project between QAP and RCPA to provide a searchable online library of archived QAP Anatomical pathology cases. Free to all RCPA members. Funded by Australian Government Specialist Training Program project grant.

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