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Amplifex™ Keto Reagent Kit. 1 of 3. 4465986 Rev. A. April 2012. AmplifexTM Keto Reagent Kit. Product Information. The AmplifexTM Keto Reagent kit is ...

AmplifexTM Keto Reagent Kit Product Information The AmplifexTM Keto Reagent kit is designed to derivatize keto and aldehyde containing compounds. It has a permanent positively charged moiety which enables more efficient ionization and fragmentation in ESI/MS/MS, resulting in significant signal enhancement. The kit includes the following components: 1. 750 µL AmplifexTM Keto Reagent 2. 1000 µL AmplifexTM Keto Diluent

Chemistry The following Figure describes the AmplifexTM Keto derivatization chemistry of 7αC4 ketosterol as an example.

Preparation of reagent working solution Warning! CHEMICAL HAZARD. Before handling any chemicals read the safety data sheet (SDS). Always follow the safety precautions (wearing appropriate protective eyewear, clothing, gloves, etc.) presented in each SDS. SDSs may be found at

Pipette exactly 700 µL from AmplifexTM Keto Reagent into an empty 1.5 mL polypropylene vial and add 700 µL from the AmplifexTM Keto Diluent. 1.25 mL of the reagent working solution is enough to perform 25 assays (50 µL / assay). Any remaining of reagent working solution can be stored at 20˚C for future use.

Note Depending on the chemical structure and orientation of the keto functionality, some optimization of the reaction conditions might be required.

Amplifex™ Keto Reagent Kit 4465986 Rev. A

1 of 3 April 2012

Labeling of Standard Analyte and LC/MS optimization Prior to method optimization the instrument tuning and calibration should be validated. For method optimization, a concentrated solution of the desired analyte is needed. The following describes the derivatization procedure: 1. Transfer approximately 3 µg of the desired analyte from a concentrated solution in solvent into a polypropylene microcentrifuge tube (depending on the solubility of the analyte it is recommended to prepare a 1 mg/mL solution in solvent and transfer 3 µL for derivatization) 2. Dry the solvent using vacuum or nitrogen solvent evaporation system 3. Add 100 µL of AmplifexTM Keto Reagent working solution 4. Vortex mix and allow to derivatize for 1 hour at ambient temperature 5. Add 2900 µL of 70% MeOH/30% H2O, (not provided) to make a 1 µg/mL solution 6. Dilute a 200 µL aliquot of the derivatized analyte (1 µg/mL) from above with 800 µL of 70% MeOH/30% H2O to a final concentration of 0.2 µg/mL. The remaining derivatized analyte should be stored at -20◦C 7. Infuse the 0.2 µg/mL solution directly into the ESI source at 10 µL/min flow rate, using a syringe pump. For best results “T” infuse the sample while the desired mobile phase is flowing through the system. The M mass of your derivatized analyte should be Analyte mass +115 Da.


8. Look for the Q1 mass and obtain the accurate mass of the derivative, which is analyte mass +115, and then optimize DP and EP parameters. If necessary, dilute the sample so that the intensity does not exceed 2 x 106 counts. 9. Switch to Product Ion Scan method and optimize the CE value in which most specific and intense fragments are achieved (ramp the CE parameter) 10. Switch to MRM method, type the MRM transitions obtained from previous step and optimize the rest of the parameters for highest intensity (CXP, TEM, IS, Gas, etc.) Note: If the analyte of interest contains more than one keto or aldehyde groups, it may or may not form bis or tris derivatives depending on the position of the keto groups in the molecule. It is advisable to look for the multiply charged species of the bis or tris product as well as the mono derivative.

Amplifex™ Keto Reagent Kit 4465986 Rev. A

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Sample Preparation 1. Prepare biological sample according to your laboratory optimized protocol. Commonly used methods are solid phase extraction (SPE), protein precipitation and liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). 2. Dry the matrix obtained after sample preparation in a microcentrifuge tube. Commonly used methods are speed vacuum evaporation or drying using a stream of nitrogen.

Derivatization Procedure for an extracted sample 1. Dry the extracted samples in a microcentrifuge tubes or in a 96 well plate. 2. Add 50 µL of Reagent working solution to each tube or well. 3. Vortex mix the tubes for 1 minute spin shortly and let stand for 60 min at ambient temperature. If a vortex mixer is available, place the tubes or plate on the vortex mixer and incubate for 60 minutes at ambient temperature. 4. Spin tubes or plate at 3000 rpm for 5 min. 5. Add 10 µL of H2O to each tube or well and inject 15-20 µL onto the LC/MS/MS system.

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Amplifex™ Keto Reagent Kit 4465986 Rev. A

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