April 2010

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Apr 11, 2010 ... free Ty Howard Level 3 School at a ... Manual Scoring - Kim Walker [email protected] clearwire.net .... ished seventh overall on a Kawasaki ZX-7R.

April 2010 Issue 3


Moto Ace Tops TWS Dominguez & Howard Top Sprints

First Turn From Christopher Corder (President): “The CMRA Board of Directors would like to thank all the new and returning endurance teams to our series. The CMRA has the strongest endurance program in the country which would not be possible without the tireless support of the racers and teams. Additionally, the Board of Directors would like to thank our track partners for helping us develop our 2010 schedule. Your efforts to accommodate the CMRA and the continued willingness to welcome us is greatly appreciated. Also, the CMRA will be hosting the 12 Hours of Texas Mini Endurance presented by Shogun Motorsports. This unique event will test both rider and machine and offers a combined purse of over $5000. Christopher Corder President, CMRA Board of Directors”

By Nancy Selleck

Armando Mejia, Miguel Menchaca, Jason Mollet, Kirk Myers, Taylor Myers, Curtis Perry Jr., Kelly Persell, Peter Porr, Lisa Posevina, Richard Schiller, Hayden Schultz, Paul Seeman, Carlos Segovia, Raya Serrato, Jose Silva, Dean Sims, Mark Sneed, Christopher Sparks, Challen Tennant, Joseph B. Toner, Joseph C. Toner, Bradlee Wilcox, Calib Williams and Grant Wright. A Round of Applause for Our Newest Novice Racers – No More Yellow Shirt! William Anderson, Thierry Bareille, James

Bestwick, Richard Bevis, Dwayne Brown, Brad Feltes, Axel Johansson, Hunter Kimbrough, Todd Larson, Irak Leon, Robert Lingo, Sammy Olivarez, Brandon Persell, Joe Rodriguez, Michael Ruhnke, Christopher Stone, Edward Thornton, Jonas Valentine, Robert Whyte and Scott Zimmerman. Congratulations to the TWS Winner of the Ty Howard Rookie Expert Award Cameron Kirk is the lucky recipient of one free Ty Howard Level 3 School at a RideSmart event!

Purse Payouts for the 12 Hours of Texas presented by Shogun Motorsports: $1250 - Overall Champion (plus class win) $800 - 2nd overall (plus class win) $600 - 3rd overall (plus class win) $400 - 4th overall (plus class win) $300 - 5th overall (plus class win) $250 - 1st in class $100 - 2nd in class $75 - 3rd in class (Don’t forget to add Shogun Motorsports to your Sponsor List so you can collect your cash!) A Big Welcome to our New Provisional Novice Racers for 2010 Luis Aguero, Colt Anderson, Shanika Beatty, Clayton Brink, Orison Bullard, Jason Burton, Melanie Cahilly, Jason Contreras, Bruce Crone, Kevin Cronin, Kirk Cudd, Christopher Cullen, Thomas Delaney, Brandon Dennis, Marcus Earl, Joe Erwin, A.J. Flores, Dave Gallagher, Chaun Goins, John Gray, Rob Green, Joseph Guajardo, Justin Gustofson, Chris Hamilton, Ryan Kilburn, James Klein, Jorge Lara, Blake Loehr, ON THE COVER: Moto Ace Racing won the Big Bike Endurance race at TWS. Photo by Barry Nichols.


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First Turn

2010 CMRA Schedule February 19-21 Texas World Speedway College Station, Texas

March 12-14 Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur, Texas

Friday: LSTD Track Day/CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints/4 hr Big Bike Endurance/2 hr Mini End. Sunday: Big Bike Sprints Friday: LSTD Track Day/CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints / 6 hr Big Bike Endurance Sunday: Big Bike Sprints

April 9-11

Friday: LSTD Track Day/CMRA License School

Texas World Speedway College Station, Texas

Saturday: Mini Sprints /6 hr Big Bike Endurance

April 30-May 2

Friday: LSTD Track Day/CMRA License School

Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur, Texas

Saturday: 12 hr Mini End. (TMGP C/o Event)

Sunday: Big Bike Sprints

Sunday: Big Bike and Mini Sprints

May 28-30

Friday: CMRA Racer Practice / CMRA

Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (CCW direction) Hallett, Oklahoma

License School

July 9-11 MotorSport Ranch (CCW direction) Cresson, Texas

Saturday: Mini Sprints / 4 hr Big Bike Endurance/ 3 hr Mini Endurance

Friday: LSTD Track Day / CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints / 6 hr Big Bike Endurance Sunday: Big Bike Sprints

August 6-8 Hallett Motor Racing Circuit (CW direction) Hallett, Oklahoma

Central Motorcycle Roadracing Association PO Box 101177 Fort Worth, TX 76185-1177 Office Phone: 817-570-9779 FAX: 1-888-334-0166

BOARD OF DIRECTORS President: Christopher Corder - [email protected] Vice President: John Orchard - [email protected] Barry Nichols - [email protected] Norm McDonald - [email protected] Ronnie Hay - [email protected] Steve McNamara - [email protected] Ty Howard - [email protected] Administrator/ Club Secretary - Nancy Selleck [email protected] Director of Competition - Walter Walker [email protected] Chief Corner Working Marshall - Barry Nichols [email protected] Awards Official - Roxana Nichols [email protected] Manual Scoring - Kim Walker [email protected] Electronic Scoring - Jess Johnson [email protected] Track Chaplain - Tony Ta - [email protected] Rider School Instructor - Gabe McClendon [email protected] Newsletter - Shan Moore [email protected]

Friday: CMRA Racer Practice / CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints/5 hr Big Bike Endurance / 2hr Mini End. Sunday: Big Bike Sprints

August 27-29 Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur, Texas

Friday: LSTD Track Day/CMRA License School

September 24-26

Friday: LSTD Track Day / CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints / 4 hr Big Bike Endurance / 3 hr Mini Endurance Sunday: Big Bike Sprints

Saturday: Mini Sprints / 5 hr Big Bike Endurance/ 2 hr Mini Endurance

MotorSport Ranch (CW direction) Cresson, Texas October 29-31

Texas World Speedway College Station, Texas

Friday: LSTD Track Day / CMRA License School Saturday: Mini Sprints / 6 hr Big Bike Endurance Sunday: Big Bike Sprints



Around the Pits

Photos by Linz Leard


Around the Pits

Photos by Linz Leard



Dominguez, Howard top TWS

Dustin Dominguez won six races. Here he leads John Orchard (51), Carlos Lescale (224), and Baus Barker (16).

CMRA Championship Series: Round 3 April 11, 2010 Texas World Speedway College Station, Texas Photos by Barry Nichols Spring-like weather arrived just in time for the third round of the CMRA’s championship series at College Station, Texas, bringing with it a grid-filling 575 sprint and 35 big bike entries for two days of high-banked racing at Texas World Speedway.


Dustin Dominguez and Ty Howard took advantage of the perfect weather and great track conditions to top a strong field of expert riders on Sunday, with Dominguez taking home six wins, while Howard notched three victories and added a new track record to his resume. At the end of a long day of racing, Dominguez claimed wins in the LMSTrackdays.com B Superstock Expert, South Central Race Center C Superstock Expert, Lightweight Twins Expert, D Superbike Expert, D Superstock Expert, and

Island Racing Services C Superbike Expert races. The Oklahoma rider also took second in the EXEL Transportation Formula 2 Expert and the SASuperbike.com B Superbike Expert races, finishing behind Conner Blevins in the EXEL Transportation Formula 2 Expert race, and Derek Wagnon in the SASuperbike B Superbike race. Meanwhile, Howard’s victories came in the RaceworX A Superstock, AVTEQ A Superbike and Formula 1 Expert races. It was in the Formula 1 race where Howard turned his lap record, blistering the 2.9-mile course in a

Sprints time of 1:41.415 on his KTM RC8, eclipsing the previous lap record set in 2008 by Dane Westby. Blevins added a win in the GMAN Productions 125 Grand Prix race to go along with his victory in the Formula 2 race, making him the only other multiple winner in the Expert divisions. Other Expert winners included Ted Phillips with the win in Unlimited Motard, Craig Montgomery in the Heavyweight Twins, Pete Martins in the F40 Heavyweight, Rick Kirk in F40 Lightweight, Robert Bradlaw in Super Motard, Cameron Kirk in Unlimited Motard, Mike Petitpas in Clubman and Austin Gore in the E Superstock races. According to CMRA reporter and photographer Linz Leard, “one of the most entertaining and competitive races of the day was the Rookie Expert race, where the top three positions were traded over the course of most of the race between Alonzo Contreras, Blake Cochran and Tony Ta. Ta came from the last spot on the grid to lead the race on the first lap, but Contreras and Cochran locked on him and the battle ensued for several laps. Eventually Ta made a mistake, however, and Contreras and Cochran capitalized and took the top two spots, leaving Ta in third.” In the Novice divisions, Jeremy Louder was a three-time winner on his Suzuki GSXR1000, taking home impressive wins in the Road & Track Suspension Formula 1 Novice, A Superbike Novice and Road & Track Suspension A Superstock Novice races. Louder was able to catch and pass deep into the top 10 of the expert field from the second wave in each race. Other notable Novice winners included Derek Steptoe, who bagged wins in the Lone Star Track Days B Superstock Novice and Moto Liberty C Superstock Novice races; and Dominic Bethel, who took home first place in the Ridesmart Lightweight Twins novice and the Road & Track Suspension Formula 2 Novice races. Meanwhile, John Keene took the win in B Superbike race, Blake Loehr won the Road & Track Suspension D Superbike race, and Andy Burt claimed his first-ever win in the Ridesmart C Superbike division. Isachar Perez won the Road & Track Suspension Heavyweight Twins Novice race, while Jordon Scott won the OnRoad OffRoad Cycles D Superstock race.

Above: Carlos Lopez was fifth in F5 on Saturday. Below: Ty Howard leads Derek Wagnon at TWS.



Above: Jess Foltz (26) and Brandon Altmeyer (291) lead Marcus Beedle (591) and Joey Howells (98) in Saturday’s F4 race. Below: Brian Carter.


Linz Leard gave a great account of Saturday’s sprint action, and we will let him take it from here: The weekend's events kicked off in a big way with the small bikes on Saturday as 29 racers gridded up for the Formula 4/Formula 6 mini sprint race on the 1.8 mile road course, with 19 of those riders hoping to get a share of the newly posted Jon Broom/Zac Chapman Road to Recovery contingency money in Formula 4. When the green flag dropped, a massive battle for the lead ensued between Hunter Morgan on a GP-framed Honda RS80 twostroke and Austin Gore on a GPframed Honda RS150 four-stroke. Lap after lap the pair would cross the stripe virtually side by side, but after six laps, it was Morgan who edged out Gore by a scant 0.046 seconds. Jeff Mendelson rounded out the F4 podium. Roger Albert took home the win in the Formula 6 class on his Honda XR100, besting Garet Tomlinson and Jay Newton. Austin Gore was back on the grid in the Formula 5/Formula 7 mini sprint race on his Aprilia RS150, and again found himself locked in a fight for the lead, only this time with GP-framed Honda RS65 mounted Marcus Beedle. When this one was over, however, it was Gore who would claim the top spot by mere 0.074 seconds over Beedle. Roger Albert rounded out the F5 order on a Honda CRF150. Wyatt Sperry would take the top spot in Formula 7 on his Honda NSF100 over Rob Rundell and Jonas Valentine. The RentMyNinja.com Superstock E class took to the grid next, and, once again, Austin Gore was on the grid, this time on a Kawasaki EX250 Ninja. After the green flag dropped, Gore battled with initial leader Jess Foltz for the front spot, but Foltz faded and Gore took over the lead, keeping it until the checkered flag. Brandon Altmeyer steadily worked his way up from the middle of the field to capture second place while Joey Howells had a solid ride to claim the third spot.


Above: Elias Rodriguez (955) leads Toni Bui (232) and others in the A Superstock race. Below: Ryan Ambrose (275) and Mike Petitpas (13) battle in the Clubman class, while Robert Bradlaw (40) and Alan Phillips (62) duel in the Super Motrad class.


Endurance Series

Moto Ace Gets The Win At TWS!

The Big Bike Endurace race gets off the line at TWS.

CMRA Endurance Series: Round 3 April 10, 2010 Texas World Speedway College Station, Texas Photos by Barry Nichols After two straight wins by Ridesmart/RPM Cycle, Moto Ace finally broke into the winner’s bracket by winning the third round of the CMRA Big Bike Endurance Series, taking a five-lap margin of victory over fellow Suzuki GSX-R1000 riders Mini Haters after six hours of racing. As they had done in the opening two rounds of the series, Ridesmart/RPM Cycle, composed of Ty Howard, Ricky Jordan and Bryan West riding a KTM RC8, got off to a


fast start, leading the way until a crash during the second hour dropped them out of contention for the win. At that point, Moto Ace riders Derek Wagnon, Jeremy Kidd, Joe Prussiano, and Dustin Dominguez capitalized on the situation, pulling away to a comfortable lead over Mini Haters (William Shupak, Marv Esterly, Jack Vigneau, Pete Martins). Another eight laps back came the YZF-R6 of Village Idiots (John Orchard, Chris Headley, Chad Tieszen, Brandon Cleland), giving them the final step of the podium and first in the Superbike C division. Ridesmart/RPM Cycle managed to salvage enough parts off of Ty Howard’s sprint bike to land a fourth overall finish (third in A Superbike), two laps behind Village Idiots,

which also kept them firmly atop the series standings by over 100 points over Village Idiots. "We had everyone covered this weekend," said a frustrated Ty Howard. "Our bike was much better than the last race, and the tires were working great. We definitely should have won that race." Double D Express (Daniel Dominguez, Les Banta, Dewayne Davis, Darnell Dorsey) finished seventh overall on a Kawasaki ZX-7R to win the Classic Endurance. Meanwhile, Desert Rats (Stephen Guynes, Jeff Mendelson, Derek Thomas, Keith Hertell, Jess Foltz) won the Sonic Springs Formula 2 class on a Suzuki GSX-R600 with a 14th overall finish.

Endurance Series

Above: Desert Rats (47) won the F2 class. Below: Double D Express (14) and Undecided (67) go at it.


Endurance Hellcat Racing finished sixth in F2.


The Paddocks

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