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Nov 4, 2013 ... Name of First Horse. Reg. No. DOB MM/DD/YY. Sex. NSH#. Sire. Dam. USDF#. USEF ... 941-266-1356 Gulf Coast Equine Dr. Whitney Van Winkle. Video www. horsevideosinc. ...... (Versace x Sanegors Lady D). Moonshadow ...

AHAF Post Office Box 508 Lewisburg, OH 45338





3 1 20 Tampa, Florida November 27~30, 2013


Make new memories Gather together in refreshingly upscale, pet-friendly surroundings. Enjoy a great location just 1.5 miles from the Florida State Fairgrounds, a complimentary shuttle to/from the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center, our new restaurant, Panfilo’s, and the plush comfort of a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper® Bed. Find out more at or call 800 325 3535

©2013 Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Preferred Guest, SPG, Sheraton and their logos are the trademarks of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., or its affiliates. *Taxes not included. Must book on or before November 17, 2013. Additional restrictions may apply

Special Arabian Horse Show Rate* per room $ per night




44th AHAF Thanksgiving Arabian/Half Arabian Horse Show Tampa, FL Entries close November 4, 2013 (after this date bring to show)

Greetings AHAF Members and Fellow Exhibitors, Here we are, getting ready for the AHAF 44th Annual Thanksgiving Horse Show. Cindy Clinton is

Horse information – Photocopy of Registration papers REQUIRED with your entry

returning as our Show Manager and is bringing her wonderful crew with her. If you would like to be part of the show as a volunteer, contact Laurie Salmi by email or Facebook. She is coordinating the volunteers.

Name of First Horse

Reg. No.








Rider 1 /Class Information Photocopy of all membership cards REQUIRED with your entry. PLEASE do NOT use AHA class codes numbers when entering classes.

Again this year to celebrate Thanksgiving we will be hosting the Thanksgiving Extravaganza on Thursday. We can’t wait to see what Cathy Perryman has planned for this year. Last year was a blast! So plan to


Class#/test# Class fees Rider 1

join us for a great time.


We have new happenings! Our Youth Coordinator, Lyric Hersh is planning mini clinics and activities for








$ $ Amateur Certificate Yes Relationship to owner





Exp. date

our youth throughout the show. These will be posted and announced on the show grounds. Adults are welcome to join in too. As always check all the class lists for new classes. I’m sure that some of you will be happy to see the addition of Western Dressage! We will be holding our Annual AHAF club meeting Thursday after the last Class of the day and before the Extravaganza Most likely a Sport Horse class will be the last one of the day. The meeting will be held in the Dressage covered arena across from Barn E.




Rider 2 /Class Information Photocopy of all membership cards REQUIRED with your entry. PLEASE do NOT use AHA class codes numbers when entering classes. TOTAL FEES

Class#/test# Class fees Rider 2






Exp. date



$ $ Amateur Certificate Yes Relationship to owner








Rider3 /Class Information Photocopy of all membership cards REQUIRED with your entry. PLEASE do NOT use AHA class codes numbers when entering classes. TOTAL FEES

Class#/test# Class fees Rider 3

Wishing you great rides and wonderful friendships!





Exp. date


$ $ Amateur Certificate Yes No Relationship to owner



Each person signing this entry form acknowledges that he/she has read the front and reverse of this Entry Form and agrees to the applicable terms, conditions, waivers ALL OWNERS, TRAINERS, RIDERS, DRIVERS & HANDLERS MUST SIGN ON THE BACK. Minor entrants must also have parent/guardian signature(s) on the back., releases, indemnification and consent as set forth herein. Each person agrees that the information is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.







Suzie Cook, AHAF President

I have the privilege of returning as your show manager this year. I had heard for years what a great

OWNER INFORMATION As it appears on registration papers

show this is, and found out for myself last year that it truly is a special show. Not only does the AHAF

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________

Show Committee want this show to be successful, they are very involved themselves to insure a

AHA# _____________ ____ USEF/EC#_________________NSH#_______________USDF#__________________

successful show.

Farm/Ranch_____________________________ _____________ USEF Farm# _______________________ ______

I want to thank all the members of AHAF for helping me thru the first year, especially LaRue Allen,

City _________________________________________________________ ST ______ Zip _________________

Susie Cook, the Wilson Family and Eric Wolfe. In my opinion, I was not hired to make changes, but to

TRAINER INFORMATION (must be filled out, if there is no trainer, owner may write same in trainer information

insure a continued success, so won’t you help us make this show live up to the reputation it once had as

Name ________________________________________________________________________________________

one of the best in the country by participating this year.

AHA# _____________ _____ USEF/EC# ________________ NSH__________________USDF#________________

Address _______________________________________________________ Phone ________________________

We did grow last year; however after

experiencing my first Thanksgiving Show I cannot see any reason that this show should not be one of the most successful shows in our industry.

Address _______________________________________________________ Phone ________________________ City _________________________________________________________ ST ______ Zip _________________ Email Acknowledgement to _____________________________________________________________________

I am always available to listen to suggestions, and or criticisms, so please feel free to call me, and while at the show make sure to introduce yourself. I am so looking forward to the show this year and cannot wait to meet those of you I have not yet the pleasure of meeting. Hope to see you there. Cindy Clinton, Show Manager 2013 AHAF Thanksgiving Show Committee: Eric Wolfe Show Chair, LaRue Allen, Suzie Cook, Lorrie Mikosz, Toni Robinson, Mike Wilson

Stable with ___________________________________________________________________________________

ENTRIES must be postmarked by November 4, 2013 Make Checks payable to AHAF Send Entries to: Donna Auber Dressage Copy to Cheryl Tobey 12550 St. Rt. 44 527 Squirrel Run Rd. Mantua, OH 44255 Rincon, GA 31326 330-274-2039



_____Office Fee _____USEF Drug Fee ($8 D&M $8 USEF) _____AHA Resolution Fee $4 _____AHA Fee $3 _____Post Entry Fee $30 (per horse after Nov 4) _____Post Entry Fee $50 (During Session) _____Horse Stall $120 _____Tack Stall $120 _____Early Arrival $25 (per stall, per day) _____USEF Non Mem Fee $30 _____USEF Ama Cert. Fee $30 _____AHA Single Event $35 _____Dressage Office Fee $10 (cross overs only) _____Patron VIP Box $450 _____Extra Patron Seating & Food Pass each $150

$25.00 $16.00 $ _______ $ _______ $________ $__ _____ $________ $________ $________ $ _______ $________ $________ $ _______ $_______ $_______

(max of 2)


Entries close November 4, 2013 (after this date bring to show) 2




     AHAF 44th Annual Thanksgiving Horse Show     November 27‐20, 2013     Florida State Fairgrounds, Tampa, Florida  813-621-7821 ext. 390 Show Office

Stalls wil be available from Noon, Monday. Early arrivals $25.00 per stall per day.

Please Print or Type Owner/Trainer’s Name:_____________________________________________ Phone Number:____________________________ Owner’s Address:__________________________________________________ E.Mail:___________________________________ Farm Name: Requests:_________________Box Stalls__________________ Tack Stalls__________________ Total Stalls Location:______________________________________________________ Anticipated Arrival Time:_________________________________________ Departure Time:______________________________ If possible stable me with:_________________________________________ / ___________________________________________ Name Farm Name THOSE WISHING TO STABLE TOGETHER MUST SEND IN THEIR ENTRIES TOGETHER TRAINERS – LIST ALL CLIENTS NAMES TO BE STASLLED WITH YOU. Owner_______________________ Horse Name_________________________________________ # of Stalls/Horse/Tack ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ ____________________________ /__________________________________________________ /________ /_______ /_______ For Office Use Only TOTAL Stalling Fee

Enclosed: $________________

____________________________________________________________________________ Acceptance of this stall card is subject to stall availability and payment in full of the stabling fee.

OUR COVER designed and created by SUMMER FROST OF SUMMER FROST DESIGNS Summer was born and raised in Mankato, Minnesota. She left to go to Purdue for a double major in Interior Design and Fine Arts and later moved to the West Coast where she worked as an Interior Designer for the next 5 years. She then went on to Graduate School at the University of Idaho to earn her Computer Science degree. Somewhere in between Idaho and Kentucky where she now resides with her horses and of course SCARLETT her 3 year old Yorkie, Summer was married to a non-horsey man. For the last 14 years, Summer has been developing her nationally recognized Equine Art business. We are so very pleased that she was able to design the cover of this Prize Book and will be at the Show as she has been for the past 15 years selling the OFFICIAL SHIRT of the SHOW and will also put the design on the WALL OF CHAMPIONS. Thanks for your Support Summer The AHAF Show Committee


Show Judges:

Pepper Profitt Johnstown, OH Western, Hunt, Western & Hunt Seat Equitation, Showmanship, Arabian Costume, Arabian-Halter Open, Half Arabian Halter AOTH, Florida Futurities, Show Hack, Walk Trot Western, Hunt Seat,& NSH Kevin Price New Berlin, WI English, Park, Country, Driving, Saddleseat Equitation, Walk Trot English, Country, & Saddleseat Equitation, UPHA, Half Arabian Halter Open, Arabian Halter AOTH, Half Arabian Costume Thomas Poulin St Charles, IL Sport Horse and Dressage Show/Barn Manager Cindy Clinton [email protected] 937-962-4336 937-935-1753 cell

Show Secretary Donna Auber 12550 St. Rt. 44 Mantua, OH 44255 330-274-2039

Show Steward/Technical Director Announcer Main Ring & Music Announcer Sporthorse & Dressage Ringmaster Paddock Master Gates & Ribbons Trophies & Awards Farrier Veterinarian Video EMT Center Ring & Prize list Ads Commercial Exhibits & Sponsorships Show Photographer Show Treasurer Patron info Robin Petzold Catering & Patron Catering

Dressage/Sporthorse Secretary Cheryl Tobey [email protected] 527 Squirrel Run Rd. Rincon, GA 31326 912-658-8561

Joyce Hamblin Tony Shubert Linda Roberts Bob Bennett Paul DeVroomen Linda & Ben Smith Horse Show Charlie 941-266-1356 Gulf Coast Equine Dr. Whitney Van Winkle Horse Video’s Inc. Mary Chauvin LaRue Allen LaRue Allen Tracy Kelsey Photography Dot Olinger Cindy Clinton or LaRue Allen Dressage/Sporthorse Advisor Country Catering Cathy Perryman


AHAF Officers & Board President: Suzie Cook, VP: Sue Rothman, Secretary: Lyric Hersh, Treas: Dot Olinger, Past President: LaRue Allen, Northern District: Nancy Sims, Mike Wilson, Central District: Bob Burton, Toni Robinson, Southern District: Christy Higman-Clements, Matt Murray. www. for all updates


Show Fees & Awards Entry Fees:

Show Fees:

Lead Line ----------------------------------------------------0 Halter ---------------------------------------------------------$35.00 Performance -------------------------------------------------$35.00 Equitation -----------------------------------------------------$25.00 Equitation Championships --------------------------------$35.00 Performance Championships ----------------------------$45.00 NSH District Championships -------------------------------- $40.00 Dressage -------------------------------------------------------$35.00 Dressage Championships ----------------------------------- $45.00 FEI Classes ----------------------------------------------------$50.00 Sport Horse ----------------------------------------------------$35.00 Sport Horse Championship --------------------------------$45.00 Post Entry Fee (after closing date, per horse ---------$30.00 Post Entry Penalty ( horses not entered session ahead) $50.00 TBA Fee ----------------------------------------------------------- $75.00 All Stalls (Barns A,B,C,D,&E) ------------------------------- $120.00 Office Fee (per horse) ---------------------------------------- $25.00 Dressage Office Fee (cross over’s only) ------------------ $10.00 USEF Drug Fee (per horse $8 D&M $8 USEF) --------- $16.00 USEF Non Member Fee (per person) ---------------------- $30.00 USEF Amateur Certification Fee ---------------------------- $30.00 AHA Single Event Non Member Fee ------------------------ $35.00 AHA Resolution 9-90 Fee (per horse)----------------------- $4.00 AHA Fee (per horse) ------------------------------------------- $3.00 Early Arrival Fee (before Monday per stall, per day ----- $25.00 Shavings (order thru facility) Stall moving fee -------------------------------------------------- $100.00 Bad check fee ---------------------------------------------------- $100.00 Camper Space (call facility ask for Camper Reservations) Patron VIP Boxes (per box,4 passes extra 2 on request $450.00 Extra Patron Seating & Food Passes (per seat 2 max) $150.00

th th Awards: Ribbons through 6 place will be awarded in Halter and Performance and through 8 place in all Equitation classes. Medals will be awarded in AHA Medal Classes. Ribbons, Awards through 6th place, and Prize Money will be paid through 4th place. **in designated Championship Classes**, except Equitation as follows:

$50 Stake 5 or more entries $20, 15, 10, 5 4 entries $15, 10, 5 3 entries $10, 5 2 entries $5

$75 Stake 5 or more entries $40, 20, 15, 10 4 entries $20, 15, 10 3 entries $15, 10 2 entries $10

$100 Stake 5 or more $40, 30, 20, 10 4 entries $30, 20, 10 3 entries $20, 10 2 entries $10

Directions to the Show Grounds: The show will be held at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center at the Tampa State Fairgrounds in Tampa, Florida. Horse Van and Exhibitor entrance is on Orient Rd. at I-4. Traffic Traveling on I-75 can either exit on I-4 west and follow the directions or exit on CR 574 (Mango, Martin Luther King, FLA. State Fair Grounds.) Go West on Orient Road. Turn Right and follow to Fairgrounds entrance on the right. The phone number is 813-621-7821 ext. 390 Show Office. After hours when answering machine comes on dial 390 immediately. PLEASE SEND PATRON RESERVATIONS TO LaRue Allen or Cindy Clinton BY NOVEMBER 4th, 2013. PO Box 508 Lewisburg, OH 45338 [email protected]





Dressage Division  Friday November 27 – Saturday November 30, 2013  Closing Date:  November 4, 2013  Intro – FEI Levels for Arabian, Half‐Arabian, Anglo‐Arabian   Dressage Judge:   Thomas Poulin “S”  Dressage Secretary:  Cheryl Tobey  .      Friday November 29,2013    CL#/AHA#      301   902                   USDF Intro Level Test A  302  902                    USDF Intro Level Test C  303  790                    Tr. Level Test 1 Nov. Horse  304  792                    Tr. Level Test 1 JTR   305  790                    Tr. Level Test 1 ATR   306  792                    Tr. Level Test 1 Open  307  792                    Tr. Level Test 2 JTR   308  790                    Tr. Level Test 2 ATR   309  790                    Tr. Level Test 2 Open  310  801                    First Level Test 1 JTR  311  801            First Level Test 1 ATR  312  797                    First Level Test 1 Open  313  801                    First Level Test 2 JTR  314  801                    First Level Test 2 ATR  315   797                   First Level Test 2 Open  316  1810  Second Level Test 1 ATR$  317  1807  Second Level Test 1 Open$  318*1810  Second Level Test 2 ATR  319  1807  Second Level Test 2 Open  320    815   Third Level Test 1 Open  321    815                   Third Level Test 2 Open  322    823   Fourth Level Test 1 Open  323    823   Fourth Level Test 2 Open    401    882                  Prix St George Open  402    884                  Intermediare I Open  403    885                  Intermediare II Open  404    886                  Grand Prix Open      600      WDAA  Intro Level Test 1   Open  601      WDAA  Intro Level Test 1   ATR  602      WDAA  Intro Level  Test 3  Open  603      WDAA  Intro  Level Test 3  ATR   604      WDAA  Basic Level Test 1   Open  605      WDAA  Basic Level Test  1  ATR  606      WDAA  Basic Level Test 3   Open       607      WDAA  Basic Level Test 3   ATR   

  Saturday November 30,2013    CL#/AHA#  TOC=Test of Choice    324   902                 USDF Intro Level Test B  325   902                 USDF Intro Level TOC  326   792                 Tr. Level TOC JTR    327   792                 Tr. Level TOC ATR    328   790                 Tr. Level TOC Open    329   789                 Tr. Level Test 3 CH JTR  330   795                 Tr. Level Test 3 CH ATR  331   795                 Tr. Level Test 3 CH Open  332    801                 First Level TOC JTR    333    801                First Level Test TOC ATR  334    339                 First Level TOC Open  335    805                 First Level Test 3 CH JTR  336    805                 First Level Test 3 CH ATR  337    798                 First Level Test 3 CH Open  338    790                 Second Level TOC ATR  339  1807                Second Level TOC Open  340  1814                Second Level Test 3 CH ATR  341  1808                Second Level Test 3 CH Open  342    815                 Third Level TOC Open  343    816                 Third Level Test 3 CH Open  344    823                 Fourth Level TOC Open  345    824                 Fourth Level Test 3 CH Open      501     882  Prix St George Open  502     884  Intermediare I Open  503     885  Intermediare II Open  504     886  Grand Prix Open      608      WDAA  Intro Level Test 2  Open  609      WDAA  Intro Level Test 2  ATR  610      WDAA  Intro Level  Test 4 Open  611      WDAA  Intro  Level Test 4  ATR  612      WDAA  Basic Level Test 2  Open  613      WDAA Basic Level Test  2  ATR  614          WDAA Basic Level Test 4   Open       615      WDAA Basic Level Test 4   ATR       

  A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA         


                 A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA 


  A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                     A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA+‐    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA                   A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA 



                  A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA                    A/HA/AA 

  Each competitor is responsible for supplying management with correct association numbers (USDF USEF) for horse, owner, rider and  trainer before the day of the competition.  The scores of competitors who fail to supply correct numbers may not be counted toward  national awards.    DRESSAGE CLASSES WILL NOT RUN IN THE ORDER LISTED   

Attention competitors:  This year we will be offering Western Dressage classes. These classes are unrecognized and run in  accordance with the WDAA rules. 



  USEF/USDF APPROVED DRESSAGE DIVISION    BE SURE TO READ GENERAL RULES OF SHOW TO ENSURE PROPER ENTRY.    1) NOTE: Classes with fewer than three entries may be combined.  2) ENTRIES CLOSE: November 4, 2013    Post Entries at discretion of management, if time allows.  3) REFUNDS:  Same as other divisions at the show.  If due to severe weather or other emergencies and classes are cancelled, NO  refunds will be allowed.  4) RIDE TIMES:  May be obtained by calling Cheryl Tobey,   912‐658‐8561 [email protected] 527 Squirrel Run  Rincon, GA. 31326  5) ENTRY FEES:            AHA Dressage Class fee $35 per class, Championships $45.          FEI Dressage fee $50.00  A horse may be entered in only two consecutive levels.  IF A HORSE IS CROSS ENTERED INTO THE MAIN RING CLASSES, AND WESTERN DRESSAGE PLEASE ADVISE DRESSAGE SECRETARY  WITH YOUR DRESSAGE ENTRIES REGARDING SCHEDULING.  6) AWARDS:  Six ribbons for each class will be awarded.  Championship classes will be awarded an   award and ribbons.  7) HIGH POINTS: Will be computed from the average of your (2) highest scores per level in Training Level through Fourth Level.  Horse  and rider combination must ride Test 3 of that Level. There will be no FEI High Score.  Class 340 has been selected as the USDF/Dover  Adult Amateur Medal Class.  The USDF/DOVER Saddlery Medal will be awarded to the top scoring Second‐Level USDF member who is  a USEF adult amateur with a score of at lest 60% in the class.  To be eligible, a rider must be a USDF member in good standing, and  also have a USEF Adult Amateur Card.  The USDF/Dover Adult Medal winner will receive a custom USDF/Dover Pewter medal and  neck ribbon. The Adult High Score Award of the show will be awarded a Saddle Pad from Spectrum Saddle Shop and Suzie Cook and  a Junior High Score Award will be a awarded a Saddle Pad from Greta Wrigley of Greta Wrigley Training.  A Saddle Pad will also be  awarded to the High Score Western Dressage Horse from Spectrum Saddle Shop & Suzie Cook.   8) RIDERS ENTERING AMATEUR CLASSES must be in possession of a current USEF Amateur card or apply at the show through the  secretary.    9) STABLING: Stalls with metal doors will be available. Stalls are available will be available on Monday, with prior notice, additional days  are available at a per day charge.  Stalls will be assigned by a paid entry first come, first serve basis.  10) HOSPITALITY: Concession Stands on the grounds.  11) ARENA & FOOTING: Regulation size, sand and marl footing. Warm‐Up area, sand and marl footing.   12) ATTIRE:  Transparent or conservative color raincoat and hat cover allowed in inclement weather. In extreme heat (above 85 degrees)  management can allow competitors to show without jackets, however, competitors must wear a regulation hat and a solid white long  sleeved shirt without stock. **Only one (1) whip not to exceed  (47.2 inches) from end of handle to tip of lash is allowed on the  show grounds, warming up, and showing.  13) Attention Competitors:  Each exhibitor is responsible for supplying management with current association numbers (USDF, USEF, AHA)  for horse, owner, rider, and trainer before the day of competition. The scores of the competitors who fail to supply correct numbers  may not be counted toward National Awards.  14) INTRODUCTORY & NOVICE HORSE:  To be eligible to enter Introductory classes, either the horse or the rider must not have earned a  score of 55% or above at a recognized dressage competition in other than Walk Trot.  Novice horse class is limited to horses that have  not earned their scores of 55% or above at a recognized dressage competition.  15) DOGS:  DOGS MUST BE KEPT TIED OR ON A LEASH AT ALL TIMES!!!!!  16) ALL DRESSAGE RIDERS MUST HAVE A NUMBER ON HORSE WHENEVER IT IS OUT OF THE STALL, ON THE GROUNDS, AND WARM UP  AREAS.  17) ALL DRESSAGE RIDERS MUST WEAR APPROVED HELMETS, exception: riders in FEI classes may wear a Top Hat if competing only in  FEI classes.                      THESE CLASSES ARE NOT QUALIFYING CLASSES FOR THE USDF REGIONAL SHOWS                   HORSES MAY CROSS ENTER.    Each competitor is responsible for supplying management with correct association numbers (USDF USEF) for horse, owner, rider and  trainer before the day of the competition.  The scores of competitors who fail to supply correct numbers may not be counted toward  national awards.  WESTERN DRESSAGE: classes will run as exhibition classes, are unrecognized by USEF, and run in accordance with the WDAA rules.



Arabian Horse Association of Florida’s Annual


Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors! This annual event would not be possible without your continued support and dedication. PAST SPONSORS Seminole Feed Susan Buchanon & Compton Kane and Assoc. Zephyr’s Garden T&T Distributors Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply Advanced Auto Platinum Products RCC Western Tack Shack Double F Morgan & Transportation T&T Tack of Ocala Winning Edge Saddlery Kippy’s Belts Larsons Hay Blue Water Bay Royal Manor Winery Jeannie Glass Arts Light Feather Media Ocala Equine Medical Bryan’s Ace Hardware Arabian Blasts Hennessey Arabians Saddler of Orlando King Insurance, Dave King Spectrum Saddle Shop Country Affair Arabians Gwendolyn & Sydney Landers

Total Horse Channel Mikosz Show Horses Haymovers Medal Medic Inc. Hawk’s Flight Farm Brandy Johnson Three Oaks Arabians Equine Elite Products Cindy Clinton Wilson Training Center FranLins Rohara Arabians Renee Pelzman Law Lee Kidd Greta Wrigley Training Tocoi Feed Mill Sichini Training Barbara Aponte Tripple Crown Feed Larue Allen Realtor Rob Bick Training Debbie Dunkin Country Caterers Galloways Farm New Vision Farm Lilly’s Closet Colonial Downs Training Center Paul Welborn & The Bull

*Be sure to join in on the fun! There will be games, slides, moon bounces, door prizes, silent auction, and much much more! All proceeds will go towards the Thanksgiving Extravaganza with a portion being donated to the Horseman’s Distress Fund.

Happy Thanksgiving! 8

Arabian English Pleasure Section Arabian English Pleasure $ Arabian English Pleasure Jr. Horse Arabian English Pleasure ATR Arabian English Pleasure Champ * 33 Arabian English Pleasure Jr.Horse Champ.*88 Arabian English Pleasure ATR Champ. * 56

33 88 47 209 141 135

HA/AA English Pleasure $ HA/AA English Pleasure Jr. Horse HA/AA English Pleasure ATR HA/AA English Pleasure Champ. *18 HA/AA English Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ. *27 HA/AA English Pleasure ATR Champ. * 86

18 27 86 118 125 179

Costume Section Arabian Mounted Native Costume Arabian Mounted Native Costume Champ. *58 Arabian Mounted Native Costume ATR Arabian Mounted Native Costume ATR Champ *147

58 204 147 192

HA/AA Mounted Native Costume Champ. HA/AA Mounted Native Costume Champ. *91 HA/AA Mounted Native Costume ATR HA/AA Mounted Native Costume ATR Champ * 52

91 207 52 182

FUN CLASSES Dog Costume Class Pro Am Egg & Spoon Leadline

Arabian Western Pleasure Section Arabian Western Pleasure $ Arabian Western Pleasure Jr.Horse Arabian Western Pleasure AOTR Arabian Western Pleasure ATR Arabian Western Pleasure L & G Arabian Western Pleasure Select Arabian Western Pleasure Champ. *53 Arabian Western Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ*40 Arabian Western Pleasure AAOTR Champ. *99 Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR Champ. *99 Arabian Western Pleasure ATR Champ. * 23

23 40 99 53 76 145 139 180 201 178 123

HA/AA Western Pleasure Section HA/AA Western Pleasure $ HA/AA Western Pleasure Junior Horse HA/AA Western Pleasure AOTR HA/AA Western Pleasure ATR HA/AA Western Pleasure L&G HA/AA Western Pleasure Select HA/AA Western Pleasure Champ. *95 HA/AA Western Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ.*32 HA/AA Western Pleasure AOTR Champ. * 50 HA/AA Western Pleasure ATR Champ. * 89

95 32 50 89 21 43 142 172 133 193

Opportunity Section Arabian Country Pleasure Stage 1 Arabian Western Pleasure Stage 1 Arabian Hunter Pleasure Stage 1

166 37 174

HA/AA Country Pleasure Stage 1 HA/AA Western Pleasure Stage 1 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Stage 1

171 164 119

TBA CLASSES are available in the Arabian, Half Arabian, NSH, and Show Horse Alliance Divisions.

(with the exception of working cow, jumpers, etc )

The Opportunity Stage 1 Section classes have been designed to allow riders to compete at an equal skill level. The requirements are that you have NOT won a Regional Championship in any division other than halter in the last 10 years. These classes will be run with the same class specifications as the Arabaian a Half Arabian classes for the appropriate classThese cclasses are not rated by USEF or AHA. All Specs for the Show Horse Alliance and AHAF futurity may be found on the appropriate website. or ahaflorida. Org.


Arabian Country Pleasure Section Arabian Country Pleasure Open $ Arabian Country Pleasure Jr. Horse Arabian Country Pleasure AOTR Arabian Country Pleasure ATR Arabian Country Pleasure L & G Arabian Country Pleasure Select Arabian Country Pleasure Champ * 45 Arabian Country Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ. *13 Arabian Country Pleasure AAOTR Champ *36 Arabian Country Pleasure JOTR Champ *36 Arabian Country Pleasure AATR Champ. *93 Arabian Country Pleasure JTR 18 Under Ch.*93,36

55 13 36 93 83 20 177 187 126 140 173 200

HA/AA Country Pleasure Section HA/AA Country Pleasure Open $ HA/AA Country Pleasure Jr. Horse HA/AA Country Pleasure AOTR HA/AA Country Pleasure ATR HA/AA Country Pleasure L & G HA/AA Country Pleasure Select HA/AA Country Pleasure Champ. * 38 HA/AA Country Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ. *24 HA/AA Country Pleasure AAOTR Champ. *10 HA/AA Country Pleasure JOTR Champ *10 HA/AA Country Pleasure AATR Champ * 77 HA/AA Country Pleasure JTR 18 & under Ch*10 77

38 24 10 77 97 44 161 205 143 138 199 176

Arabian Show Hack Section

Arabian Show Hack Arabian Show Hack Champ. *42 Arabian Show Hack ATR Arabian Show Hack ATR Champ. *15

HA/AA Show Hack Section

HA/AA Show Hack HA/AA Show Hack Champ. * 19 HA/AA Show Hack ATR HA/AA Show Hack Section ATR Champ. *128

42 185 15 116

19 202 124 163

Trail Section

Arabian Hunter Pleasure Section Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open $ Arabian Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR $ Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR Arabian Hunter Pleasure L & G Arabian Hunter Pleasure Limit Arabian Hunter Pleasure Select Arabian Hunter Pleasure Champ. * 46 Arabian Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ.*78 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR Champ. *14 Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR Ch.14-17 *41 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Champ. *92 Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR Ch 13& under *41 Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR Champ. * 17 *41

22 78 14 92 41 54 85 121 188 198 162 203 181 148 134 167

HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Section HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Open $ HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR $ HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AATR HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JOTR HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JTR HA/AA Hunter Pleasure L & G HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Limit HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Select HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Champ * 49 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ. *82 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR Champ. *55 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JOTR *34 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AATR Champ * 98 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JTR Champ. *8134

49 82 57 98 34 81 144 26 94 208 190 136 146 175 183

Arabian Park

HA/AA Park

Driving Section Arabian Country Pleasure Driving Arabian Pleasure Driving HA/AA Country Pleasure Driving HA/AA Pleasure Driving

Arabian Western Trail 128 Arabian Western Trail ATR 128a Arabian English Trail 129 Arabian English Trail ATR 129a HA/AA Western Trail 130 HA/AA Western Trail ATR 130a Arabian Side Saddle HA/AA English Trail 131 HA/AA Side Saddle HA/AA English Trail ATR 131a $ Breeders Sweepstakes ATR & Open Classes are eligible for the AAOTR, AOTH, & JTR Champs. if the ATR is an AAOTR or JTR. ATR, JTR, Ladies & Gentlemen classes also qualify for the Open Championships.


90 194

Our horses are AWESOME.

CAA The Kings Melodee (Heritage Bey King x April Melodee, by Triften) 2011 Arabian Stallion

So Berry Wild PCP (A Wild Fire x Butterfly Kisses, by Supreme Heir) 2008 Half-Arabian Gelding

Country Affair


Heys Carma PCP (Hey Hallelujah x Carmen LOA, by The Maestro) 2009 Arabian Mare

8 170 75 115

National Champion

Heritage Bey King

206 28

Country Affair Arabians

904.219.2059 | 352.235.6590


Available for Purchase. 9

HALF ARABIAN HALTER OPEN DIVISION CLASS ARABIAN HALTER OPEN DIVISION CLASS HA/AA Fillies Wean & Yrlg 149 Arabian Fillies Weanling 100 HA/AA Fillies 2 Year Olds 150 Arabian Fillies Yearlings 101 HA/AA Fillies Junior Champ. *149 *150 151 Arabian Fillies Two Yr. Olds 102 HA/AA Mares 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $ 152 Arabian Filly Junior Champ *100 *101*102 103 HA/AA Mares 5 & over $ 153 Arabian Mares 3 & 4 Yr. olds $ 104 HA/AA Mare Championship 150* 152 *153 154 Arabian Mares 5 & over $ 105 HA/AA Colts & Geldings Wean & Yrlg. $ 155 Arabian Mare Championship * 104*105 196 HA/AA Colts & Geldings Two Yr. Olds $ 156 Arabian Geldings 2 & under 106 HA/AA Colts & Geldings Jr. Champ * 155 *156 157 Arabian Geldings 3 & 4 Yr. olds 107 HA/AA Geldings 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $ 158 Arabian Geldings 5 & over 108 HA/AA Geldings 5 & Over $ 159 Arabian Gelding Championship *106 *107 *108 195 HA/AA Gelding Championship*156*158*159 160 Arabian Colts Weanlings 109 Arabian Colts Yearlings 110 Arabian Colts Two Year Olds $ 111 HALF ARABIAN HALTER AOTH DIVISION Arabian Colt Junior Champ. * 109 *110 *111 112 HA/AA Mares 2 Year Olds & under AOTH 60 Arabian Stallions 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $ 113 HA/AA Mares 3 & Over AOTH 61 Arabian Stallions 5 & over $ 114 HA/AA Mares AOTH Championship *60 *61 62 Arabian Stallion Championship *111 *113*114 197 HA/AA Geldings 2 Year Olds & under AOTH 63 HA/AA Geldings 3 & Over AOTH 64 ARABIAN HALTER AOTH DIVISION HA/AA Gelding AOTH Champ* 63 *64 65 Arabian Mares 2 Yrs. old & under AOTH 66 Arabian Mares 3 & Over AOTH 67 Showmanship AATR 160a Arabian Mares AOTH Champ. * 66 *67 68 Youth Halter Showmanship 59 Arabian Geldings 2 Yrs old & under AOTH 69 Arabian Geldings 3 & Over AOTH 70 Florida Futurity Halter Division Arabian Gelding AOTH Champion * 69 *70 71 HA/AA Mares 1 Arabian Stallions 2 Yrs. old & under AOTH 72 Arabian Mares 2 Arabian Stallions 3 & Over AOTH 73 HA/AA Geldings 3 Arabian Stallion AOTH Champ * 72 *73 74 Arabian Geldings 4 Arabian Stallions 5 Equitation Division Saddle Seat Equitation 17 & under 31 National Show Horse District Champ Hunt Seat Equitation 17 & under 45 NSH Mares all ages 6 AHA Hunt Seat Medal 96 NSH Stallions & Geldings all ages 7 AHA Saddle Seat Medal 127 UPHA Challenge Cup All Breeds 79 NSH Saddle Seat Equitation 165 Western Horsemanship JTR 169 NSH Country English Pleasure 16 Western Horsemanship AATR 9 NSH Country English Pleasure ATR 186 Walk Trot Division 10 & Under NSH Classic Country English Pleasure AOTR 122 Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure 30 NSH English Pleasure 137 Walk Trot County/ English Pleasure 39 NSH Hunter Pleasure 11 Walk Trot County/ English Pleasure Champ *39 184 NSH Hunter Pleasure ATR 117 Walk Trot Western Pleasure 80 NSH Show Hack 84 Walk Trot Western/Hunter Pleasure Champ. *80 *3 189 Walk Trot Saddleseat Equitation 12 Walk Trot Western Seat Equitation 25 Walk Trot Hunter Seat Equitation 87 Walk Trot UPHA Challenge Cup 120 * 1st & 2nd place horses eligible for Champ Walk Trot Saddleseat Equitation Champ * 12 168 $ Breeders Sweepstakes Class Walk Trot Western/ Hunter Seat Champ* 25 *87 132



    

    

     

  

               

                                           




      Saturday Evening – 6:00 P.M. 



Arabian Horse Association 10805 East Bethany Drive Aurora, CO 80014 303.696.4500 303.696.4599 fax

The Arabian Horse Association is a major equine association serving members in the United States and Canada. It registers and maintains a database of more than one million Arabian, Half-Arabian and AngloArabian horses and administers more than $2.5 million in annual prize money. AHA produces championship events, recognizes over 500 Arabian horse shows and distance rides annually and provides activities and programs that promote breeding and ownership. For information about Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses, call 303-696-4500, e-mail [email protected] org or visit

AHA Recognition Show/Recording Number: 31212016

Arabian Horse Association of Florida AHAF

Let us hook you up!

Competition Sponsor:

Shadow Trailers of Florida, LLC Tel: 352-629-0212 Fax: 352-237-5700 6785 W Highway 40, Ocala, Fl 34482

Arabian Horse Association Show Recognition

Renee Pelzman and National Champion, EXX RATED++/

Let’s find Cathy Perryman or LaRue Allen and get the details! Wonder who will win??

AHA 090032 (Rev. 2/13)

We offer great financing, parts and service as well as the best price for your trade. Plus, our sophisticated online marketing program and great location gets your consignments seen and sold fast. Stop by and see our extensive inventory of the Arabian Horse Association’s new official trailers anytime!

I bet they are having a contest for the trainers with the entry fees going to the Horsemens Distress Fund.

The Judges & Stewards Commissioner is responsible for handling written and signed complaints relating to judges’ and stewards’ conduct when filed by exhibitors, show officials, AHA members or others, and when accompanied by a ten-dollar ($10.00) filing fee [Resolution 5-90]. Other comments, compliments, questions, inquiries are encouraged when appropriate (no filing fee required). Write: Judges & Stewards Commissioner, 10805 E. Bethany Dr., Aurora, CO 80014; (303) 696-4539.

We love having visitors and take the time to teach you what to look for in a great horse trailer. An educated customer is a happy customer!

rumor about a mechanical bull being at the Thanksgiving Extravaganza?

Contact your local club:

“Service before, during AND after the sale” is our credo. Our customers are like family to us and we believe they deserve nothing less than the very best from their trailers and their dealer. Our staff has many decades of combined experience in building and hauling trailers, so we can easily help you select or build the perfect one for you.

psssst....did you hear the

Join AHA through your local club for the following great member benefits:

cala-based Shadow Trailers of Florida is owned by AHAF member and supporter Renee Pelzman. Renee and her daughter, Morgan, believe that Shadow offers the best in safety, technology and comfort for you and your equine family. Shadow trailers are manufactured just west of Ocala using local materials and vendors, and our proximity to the factory allows us to easily customize a trailer so you and your horses get everything you need and then some, at a very reasonable price.

• Discounted subscription to Modern Arabian Horse magazine • Reduced rate for competition privileges across a variety of disciplines for local, regional and national AHA-approved shows and rides • Peace of mind with 1 million in personal liability insurance through Equisure • Preferred rates on horse registrations and transfers • Preferred rates on ArabDataSource, the world’s largest online Arabian horse resource • Numerous opportunities to participate in award recognition and prize money programs • Show circuits for AHA members at local, regional and national levels


O hadow

  195.    27      Arabian Gelding Championship  196.    2        Arabian Mare Championship  197.    15      Arabian Stallion Championship                                                 10 Minute Break    198.   291   Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open Championship $75**         (In Honor of Dark Magic presented by Jean Cathrae)  199.    558   HA/AA Country English Pleasure AATR Ch. $50**  200.    2115 Arabian Country Pleasure JTR 18 & Under Champ $50**  201.    1643 Arabian Western Pleasure AAOTR Championship $75**  (Willis & Jimmy Flick Trophy)  202.    755   HA/AA Show Hack Championship $50**  203.    1644 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR Championship$75**  (Edna Owen Trophy)  204.    151  Arabian Mounted Native Costume Championship $75**  205.    557  HA/AA Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ $75**  206.    165  Arabian Ladies Side Saddle $75  207.    591  HA/AA Mounted Native Costume Champ  208.    734  HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Championship$50**  209.      76  Arabian English Pleasure Championship$75** 

  Friday Morning – 9:00 A.M.    100.         1     Arabian Fillies Weanlings  101.         1     Arabian Fillies Yearlings  102.         8     Arabian Fillies 2 Yr. Olds $  103.    3101   Arabian Filly Jr. Championship  104.         8     Arabian Mare 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $  105.         8     Arabian Mares 5 & over $          Arabian Mare Championship Sat. Evening    106.        26    Arabian Geldings 2 & under  107.        26    Arabian Geldings 3 & 4 Yr. Olds       108.        26    Arabian Geldings 5 & over            Arabian Gelding Championship Sat. Evening  109.        14    Arabian Colts Weanlings  110.        14    Arabian Colts Yearlings     110.        19    Arabian Colts Two Yr Olds $    112.    3105   Arabian Colts Jr. Championship  113.        19    Arabian Stallions 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $  114.        19    Arabian Stallions 5 & over $          Arabian Stallion Championship Sat. Evening      10 Minute Break    115.      561   HA/AA Pleasure Driving Open     116.      322   Arabian Show Hack ATR Championship     117.                NSH Hunter Pleasure ATR District Champ.  118.      516   HA/AA English Pleasure Open Champ.   119.                HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Stage 1      120.      904   UPHA Walk Trot 10 & under  121.      290   Arabian Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse   122.        NSH Classic Country English Pleasure AOTR                     District Championship  123.     199   Arabian Western Pleasure ATR Champ.   124.     759   HA/AA Show Hack ATR         125.     532   HA/AA English Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ.          126.     1646 Arabian Country English Pleasure AAOTR Ch  127.     924   AHA Saddle Seat Medal 18 & under  128.     210   Arabian Trail Western  128.a  216    Arabian Trail Western ATR  129.    179    Arabian Trail English         129.a 183     Arabian Trail English ATR    130.    645    HA/AA Trail Western  130.a 651     HA/AA Trail Western ATR  131.     691   HA/AA Trail English  131.a   695   HA/AA Trail English ATR                                   45 Minute Break                 132.     908   Walk Trot Western/Hunter Equitation Ch.    133      623   HA/AA Western Pleasure AOTR Champ.  134.     298   Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR 13 & under                     Championship $50**  135.       84   Arabian English Pleasure ATR Championship  136.     1639 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR Ch.  $50**   137.               NSH English Pleasure Open District Champ  138.     2150 HA/AA Country English Pleasure JOTR 18 & under                Championship   $50**  139.     191   Arabian Western Pleasure Open Ch.  $75**                               TOP DOG FASHION SHOW             

Friday Evening  ‐ 6:00 P.M.     Sportsmanship Awards    140.     2112 Arabian Country Pleasure JOTR 18 & Under                      Championship   141.       91   Arabian English Pleasure Jr. Horse Ch. $75**         (In Memory of Frank Cooper presented by Cooper Family)  142.     621   HA/AA Western Pleasure Open Championship $50**  143.     1641 HA/AA Country English Pleasure AAOTR Champ.  144.     733   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen  145.     202   Arabian Western Pleasure Select Rider  146.     1638 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JOTR Championship  $50**  147.     156   Arabian Native Costume ATR  148.     307   Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR Championship         EGG & SPOON CHAMPIONSHIP    Saturday Morning ‐ 9:00 A.M.    149.   400  HA/AA Fillies Weanlings & Yearlings  150.   400  HA/AA Fillies 2 Yr Olds $  151.   3095HA/AA Fillies Junior Championship  152.   422  HA/AA Mares 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $  153.   422  HA/AA Mares 5 & Over $  154.   401  HA/AA Mare Championship  155.   450  HA/AA Colts & Geldings Weanlings & Yearlings  156.   472  HA/AA Geldings 2 Yr. Olds $  157.   451  HA/AA Gelding Junior Championship  158.   472  HA/AA Geldings 3 & 4 Yr. Olds $  159.   472  HA/AA Geldings 5 & Over $  160.   451  HA/AA Gelding Championship  160a 1371 Showmanship AATR    10 Minute Break  161.   541 HA/AA Country English Pleasure Open Champ  162.   306 Arabian Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ 163.   760  HA/AA Show Hack ATR Championship  164.             HA/AA Western Pleasure Stage 1  165.             NSH Saddle Seat Equitation  166.             Arabian Country Pleasure Stage 1  167.   1636 Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR Championship   168.   911   Walk Trot Saddle Seat Championship  169.   951   Western Horsemanship          45 Minute Break 170.   116  Arabian Pleasure Driving       171.            HA/AA Country Pleasure Stage 1   172.   637  HA/AA Western Pleasure Jr. Horse CH  173.   113  Arabian Country Pleasure AATR Championship $75**           174.            Arabian Hunter Pleasure Stage 1      175.   750   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AATR Championship  176.   2152 HA/AA Country Pleasure JTR 18 & under Champ.  $50**  177.     96   Arabian Country English Pleasure Open Ch.  $75**  178.   1649 Arabian Western Pleasure JOTR Championship $50**   179.   2146 HA/AA English Pleasure ATR Championship $50**  180.   205   Arabian Western Pleasure Jr. Horse Champ.  181.  1179  Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR 14‐18 Champ $50**      (In Memory of Whitney Mathias)  182.   595   HA/AA Mounted Native Costume ATR Champ $50**   183.   1635 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JTR Champ. 18 & Under $50**  184.   1008 Walk Trot Country/English Pleasure Champ  185.   316   Arabian Show Hack Open Championship  186.             NSH Country English Pleasure ATR District Championship   187.   112   Arabian Country Pleasure Jr. Horse Championship               188.   303   Arabian Hunter Pleasure Select Rider  189.   1008 Walk Trot Western/ Hunter Pleasure Championship     190.   749   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse Champ  192.   157   Arabian Mounted Native Costume ATR Champ $50**  193.   630    HA/AA Western Pleasure ATR Championship $50**  194.   500    HA/AA Park $50 


Moonshadow Farm Nancy and Bob Sims of

Congratulate their mares... Moonshadow Rosie+++/ (Bey Berry Frost x Amber Tears+/)

on her

Legion of Supreme Merit


Real Joy (Premis x Winter Joy)

on being in foal to

Moonshadow Farm

KM Bugatti

(Versace x Sanegors Lady D)

Nancy & Bob Sims 850-668-4360

1247 White Star Ln, Tallahassee, FL 32312




Wednesday Morning – 9:00 A.M. 

SW Ranches, FL

Majestic Bloodlines. Extraordinary Destination. Creative Living.


Thursday Morning – 9:00 A.M.    59.   918  Youth Halter Showmanship 18 & under  60.   406   HA/AA Mares 2 & under AOTH  61.   406   HA/AA Mares 3 & over AOTH  62.   407   HA/AA Mares AOTH Championship  63.   456   HA/AA Geldings 2 & under AOTH  64.   456   HA/AA Geldings 3 & over AOTH  65.   457   HA/AA Gelding AOTH Championship  66.       3    Arabian Mares 2 & under AOTH  67.       3    Arabian Mares 3 & over AOTH  68.       4    Arabian Mare AOTH Championship  69.      28   Arabian Geldings 2 & under AOTH  70.      28   Arabian Geldings 3 & over AOTH  71.      29   Arabian Gelding AOTH Championship  72.      16   Arabian Stallions 2 & under AOTH  73.      16   Arabian Stallions 3 & over AOTH  74.      17   Arabian Stallions AOTH Championship    30 minute break    75.     575   HA/AA Country Pleasure Driving Open  76.     190   Arabian Western Pleasure Ladies & Gents   77.     549   HA/AA Country English Pleasure ATR  78.     305   Arabian Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse  79.     956   UPHA Arabian Challenge Cup 17 & under  80.     890   Walk Trot Western Pleasure 10 & under  81.     741   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JTR  82.     748   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Jr. Horse  83.       95   Arabian Country English Pleasure Ladies &                                 Gentlemen        84.               NSH Show Hack District Championship  85.      290  Arabian Hunter Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen  86.      524  HA/AA English Pleasure ATR    87.      907  Walk Trot Hunt Seat Equitation 10 & under    88.      90    Arabian English Pleasure Jr. Horse      89.      629   HA/AA Western Pleasure ATR   90.        60   Arabian Park Horse Open  91.      590   HA/AA Mounted Native Costume Open  92.      1631 Arabian Hunter Pleasure AATR  93.      104   Arabian Country English Pleasure ATR  94.      746   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Select Rider  95.      620   HA/AA Western Pleasure Open $  96.      938   Arabian Hunt Seat Medal 18 & Under  97.      540   HA/AA Country English Pleasure ‐ Ladies & Gentlemen               98.      1630 HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AATR  99.      192   Arabian Western Pleasure AOTR        LEADLINE        PRO AM CLASSIC      THANKSGIVING EXTRAVAGANZA!          KIDS CORNER, CASINO NIGHT, MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT        THANKSGIVING DINNER               The Thanksgiving Extravaganza is catered by Cathy Perryman’s               COUNTRY CATERERS!     You may purchase your dinner tickets in the show office, or contact                    Cathy @ 904‐219‐2059, or [email protected]         

  1.     HA/AA Mares Florida Futurity  2.     Arabian Mares Florida Futurity  3.     HA/Geldings Florida Futurity  4.     Arabian Geldings Florida Futurity  5.     Arabian Stallions Florida Futurity  6.     NSH in Hand Mares All Ages District Champ  7.     NSH in Hand Stallions & Geldings All Ages District Champ    10 Minute Break  8.     130   Arabian Country Pleasure Driving Open  9.     1357 Western Horsemanship AATR  10.   542   HA/AA Country English Pleasure AOTR  11.             NSH Hunter Pleasure Open District Champ.  12.   907   Walk Trot Saddleseat Equitation 10 & under  13.   111   Arabian Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse   14.   309   Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR $  15.   321   Arabian Show Hack ATR  16.             NSH Country Pleasure Open District Champ  17.             TBA  18.   515   HA/AA English Pleasure Open $  19.   754   HA/AA English Show Hack Open  20.   109   Arabian Country English Pleasure Select Rider  21.   620   HA/AA Western Pleasure Ladies & Gentlemen  22.   290   Arabian Hunter Pleasure Open $  23.   190   Arabian Western Pleasure Open$  24.   556   HA/AA Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse    25.   907   Walk Trot Western Seat Equitation 10 & under  26.   733   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Limit Horse  27.   531   HA/AA English Pleasure Jr. Horse   28.   605  HA/AA Ladies Side Saddle  29.            TBA  45 Minute Break  30.    890  Walk Trot Hunter Pleasure 10 & under           31.    925   Saddle Seat Equitation 18 & under  32.    636   HA/AA Western Pleasure Jr. Horse     33.      75   Arabian English Pleasure Open $  34.    735   HA/AA Hunter Pleasure JOTR  35.              TBA  36.      97   Arabian Country English Pleasure AOTR   37.              Arabian Western Pleasure Stage 1  38.    540   HA/AA Country English Pleasure Open $  39.    890   Walk Trot Country/English 10 & under  40.    204   Arabian Western Pleasure Jr. Horse  41.    292   Arabian Hunter Pleasure JOTR  42.    315   Arabian Show Hack Open   43.    634   HA/AA Western Pleasure Select Rider     Wednesday – 6:00 P.M.    44.     554    HA/AA Country English Pleasure Select Rider  45.     939    Hunt Seat Equitation 18 & under    46.               TBA    47.       83    Arabian English Pleasure ATR        48.     TBA  49.      733    HA/AA Hunter Pleasure Open $  50.      622    HA/AA Western Pleasure AOTR  51.                 TBA  52.      594    HA/AA Mounted Native Costume ATR  53.      198    Arabian Western Pleasure ATR  54.      299    Arabian Hunter Pleasure JTR    55.        95    Arabian Country English Pleasure Open $  56.                TBA  57.      752    HA/AA Hunter Pleasure AAOTR $             58.      150    Arabian Native Mounted Costume Open 


Sharps Containers: Competition management shall place a minimum of one sharps container per each competition, whether or not stabling is provided. Additionally, at least one sharps container per fifty occupied stalls for the disposal of needles and other disposable sharp instruments in convenient locations in barns housing competition horses. It is competition management's responsibility to replace such containers when full and dispose of them properly. Competition management may fine any individuals including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles or other sharp disposable instruments.

A LITTLE SHOW RECAP: * Vendors welcome. Please contact Cindy Clinton or LaRue Allen * Patrons tables. 4 meal tickets and ring signage $450. contact Cindy Clinton or LaRue Allen

Halter: The in the ring Halter System will be used at the show. TBA classes may be added in the Arabian, National Show Horse, and Show Horse Alliance divisions.

* We are now offering Western Dressage Classes.

THE OPPORTUNITY SECTION ARABIAN & HALF ARABIAN STAGE 1 CLASSES have been designed to allow riders to compete at an equal skill level. The requirements are that you have NOT won a Regional Championship in any division besides Halter in the last ten years. These classes will be run with the same rules as the Arabian Division rules for each appropriate class. These classes are not rated by AHA or USEF. These horses may cross enter into the regular classes.

* Dog fashion show immediately after the last class Friday afternoon. Contact Barbara Aponte * Kids stick horse contest after last class Saturday morning. Contact Barbara Aponte. Barbara has also offered to help the contestants build their own stick horses. Thanks Barbara!

All Specifications for the Show Horse Alliance & AHAF futurity may be found on the appropriate website. or

* Class sponsorships are only $50. Call LaRue early to get your pick!

Western Dressage classes will be run as exhibition classes and according to the rules of the Western Dressage Association of America. These classes are not recognized by USEF or AHA.

* Thanksgiving Extravaganza is Thursday evening. Please join us with family and friends to celebrate. Cathy Perryman really goes the extra mile to provide fun and games for all.


AHAF Special Thanks

* There will be casino games, jousting, music, activities for the kids and more. Don’t forget the beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner that evening. It is always yummy! A portion of all the Thanksgiving will go towards AHDF. Thank you Cathy Perryman!

Suzie Cook & Spectrum Saddle Shop Donation of Saddle Pad High Score Dressage Award Greta Wrigley Training Donation of Saddle Pad Junior High Score Dressage Award

* Join us for the 2nd annual mechanical bull riding contest. Open to all but featuring our favorite trainers vying for the prestigeous trophy. Joe Alberti will be defending his title. Trainers call LaRue Allen to sign up.

Suzie Cook & Spectrum Saddle Shop Donation of Saddle Pad High Score Western Dressage LaRue Allen

* Let’s all support the vendors at our horse show!

For all her hard work & great job on the advertisements in the prize list

Have fun and best of luck! LaRue Allen 407-301-6681 Cindy Clinton 937-935-1753 Barbara Aponte 904-392-6706



any participant, owner, driver, trainer, groom, attendant or their equipment at this show.

emergencies and classes are cancelled, no refunds will be allowed. Dressage: If due to entries it is necessary to hire another judge and ring, there will be NO refunds for any classes cancelled after entries close.

STABLING: NO STALLS WILL BE HELD WITHOUT CHECK. NO EXCEPTIONS! STALLS NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MONDAY AT NOON! STALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE. No stall assigned to you may be used by another exhibitor unless approved by barn manager. Show Management reserves the right to limit tack stalls without notification. No stalls will be assigned without payment and will be assigned at the discretion of show management. Stalls are checked daily by Fairgrounds Mgt. All stalls must be paid for regardless of their use (tack, feed, dogs, etc.) Telephoned stall requests are not guaranteed without payment. All changes in stalls must go thru show management. EARLY ARRIVAL is $25.00 per horse per day. Stalls are 12x12 concrete stalls with metal grill doors. No initial bedding is provided. All shavings and feed orders need to be ordered directly from fair on forms included in this prize list.

RETURNED CHECKS: Any exhibitor who fails to settle his indebtedness to this show will automatically be barred from taking part whatsoever in any Recognized Show until settlement is made. In addition $100.00 will be assessed each time a check is returned unpaid. If management must avail itself of the remedies under the USEF rules, an additional $200.00 penalty will be assessed for a total of $300.00. After the second time a NSF check is received, exhibitor must have cash or certified bank check with entries. SHOW TABS: Any exhibitor wishing to make changes in entries at the show office will be required to leave a signed check payable to AHAF with the understanding that the check will be completed by the show office (at the end of the show) for the amount due unless the exhibitor closes out prior to the close of the show. For your convenience, we suggest that you audit your show tab and make settlement at the earliest possible time to avoid delays.

Shavings and Feed. No Shavings or feed is provided, please make arrangements with the Fairgrounds. Shavings can also be ordered from the Fairgrounds. Form included in prize list. HEALTH PAPER REQUIREMENTS: All horses must be accompanied by a negative Coggins certificate issued within the past 12 months. Out of state horses must have a current Coggins and a health certificate issued within the past 30 days. Coggins should be available for inspection if requested by the Show Vet or management, and upon arrival at the show. A copy of same must be presented at the show office upon arrival. All animals subject to physical inspection by the show vet free of charge, as a safeguard against communicable disease. All horses must be serviceably sound, except in Jumper and equitation divisions. In the case of suspected unsoundness, the Judge may, if so desired, have the animal examined by the Show vet, and the Show Vet’s decision shall be final. No exhibitor may use another veterinarian’s statement to contradict the decision of the Judge or Show Vet. The name and phone number of the Show Vet will be posted in the show office.

POST ENTRIES: You will not pay post entry fees if you have entered at least (1) class per horse by November 4, 2013. Horses entering after the closing date of November 4, 2013 will be charged a one time post entry fee of $30.00 per horse. All horses that are not entered at least (1) session prior to the class being entered will pay a additional $50.00 fee. ADD/SCRATCH POLICY: Classes must be added in the office at least one session prior to the class. Classes may not be added at the in gate. Classes entered at the in gate will be charged double entry fee. General Rules: every person who participates in the show is responsible for the knowledge of and is subject to USEF and AHA rules. The show committee reserves the right to cancel, combine and or divide any class and or to change scheduling as necessary. FINAL CLASS SCHEDULE WILL BE POSTED AT SHOW.

ARENA & FOOTING: Regulation size, sand and marl footing. Warm up area: sand and marl footing. Main Show Arena: 125’ x 247’ sand, marl & shavings. Grand Prix: 247’ x 265’ and warm-up sand & marl. Driving & Sport Horses 125’ x 200’ and warm up sand & marl. Dressage & warm-up sand & marl 150’ x 225’.

Championship Classes: Horses must have been entered, shown and judged in the appropriate qualifying classes as specified in the prize list in order to show in the Championships.

DOGS: All dogs must be kept on a leash or tied at all times. NO DOGS IN THE ARENA

Stallions: Stallions may be shown in any performance class except Walk Trot and Leadline

Motorized vehicles: Minors who do not have a valid driver’s license which allows them to operate a motorized vehicle in the state in which they reside will not be permitted to operate a motorized vehicle of any kind, including, but not limited to golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, or farm utility vehicles, on the competition grounds of licensed competitions. Minors who have a valid temporary license may operate the above described motorized vehicles as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid driver’s license. The parent(s) legal guardian(s), or

Class Calls: Due to unforeseeable problems with any mechanical device, the PA system and all class calls are considered a courtesy. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be sure that his horse is at the gate at the prescribed time. Classes will be called promptly. Two minutes will be allowed after the first horse in the class enters the ring after which time the gate will be closed. Exhibitors are cautioned that if entering the same horse in successive classes a tack change should be arranged with the paddock manager. *TACK HOLDS WILL NOT BE GRANTED UNLESS IN THE PRECEDING CLASS OR THAT CLASS HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

individual who signs the entry blank as a parent or guardian of a minor operating a motorized vehicle in violation of this rule are solely responsible for any damages, claims, losses or actions resulting from that operation. Violations of this rule will be cause

for sanctions against the parent(s), guardian(s), and/or trainer(s) who are responsible for the child committing the offense. Penalties may include exclusion of the child, parent(s), guardian(s), and or trainer(s) from this competition grounds for the remainder of the competition and charges filed against any of the above individuals in accordance with Chapter 6. Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance devices for individuals with disabilities are exempt from this rule.

Class Check In: In the interest of good sportsmanship, contestants are requested to always check in with the Paddock Manager. We appreciate your cooperation. The Show reserves the right to refuse any entry without liability or compensation. Neither AHA, USEF, NSHR, or the Arabian Horse Association of Florida, its officers, nor any of the sponsors of the show will be responsible for any accidents or damages done to



Horses entered in amateur owner and junior owner classes must be registered in the name of the competitor or a member of the competitor’s family, as defined in USEF GR 134. (Horses registered in a farm/ranch/syndicate/partnership/corporation name may be shown in the Amateur Owner classes provided the family is the sole owner of the farm or entity as designed by USEF GR 134. The sale of a horse does not eliminate this registration requirement. (Contracts of Sale or Bill of Sale will not be accepted.) Show packets cannot be picked up unless all of the information required has been given to the show secretary. A blank check is only acceptable at the show and MUST be left with the secretary before picking up numbers.

GENERAL INFORMATION RULES: This horse show is conducted in accordance with the rules of the USEF. “Every class offered herein which is covered by the current USEF Rule book will be conducted and judged in accordance therewith;” each participant in this show is responsible for knowledge of and is subject to the USEF Rules. Questions not covered by USEF Rules shall be decided by the Show Committee and its decisions will be final. THIS SHOW IS APPROVED BY USEF,USDF, AHA, & NSHR.

MEMBERSHIPS; AHA: All horses entered in any AHA approved Show shall be owned by a member of AHA and current cards must be presented or the owner/rider shall pay an additional fee of $35.00 per horse (single event membership fee) to AHA. A copy of your AHA membership verification should be included with your entry. An AHAF Membership application is included in this prize list.

Excessive use of the whip on any horse in a stall, runway, schooling area, show ring, or elsewhere on the competition grounds before or during a show by any person, constitutes a violation and renders the offender subject to penalty. Judges will be expected to enforce this in the arena. RESPONSIBILITY: All entries are accepted with the understanding that the Arabian Horse Association of Florida, (AHAF) including its officers and directors, and the Florida State Fairgrounds, will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any horse exhibited or any article of any kind. All horses shall be under the control and direction of the Show Committee but solely at the risk of the exhibitor who will be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any person, animal or property occasioned by him, his agents or employees, or by any animal owned or exhibited by him, and shall indemnify the AHAF and the Florida State Fairgrounds against any and all damages and liability thus occasioned, including but not limited to any and all legal costs; including attorney fees which may be incurred as a result thereof. Exhibitors, grooms, handlers, owners, etc. are hereby warned that they may not use any device or conduct which may cause harm to any other person(s), horses, or equipment. THE SUBMITTING OF ANY ENTRY FORM TO THE SECRETARY SHALL CONSTITUTE AN ACCEPTANCE BY EACH PERSON SIGNING SAME OF THE PROVISIONS HEREIN SET FORTH.


PROTEST: A protest must be filed as set forth in USEF, Rule GR 602. JUDGES: In the event that due to an illness or failure of a judge to attend the show or to perform their duties, the Show Committee reserves the right to substitute a judge for the one who is officially designated in the Premium List, according to the USEF Rules. No one shall approach a judge with regard to a decision unless he first obtains permission from the Show Committee, Steward, or Technical Delegate who shall arrange an appointment with the judge at a proper time and place. No exhibitor has the right to inspect the judge’s cards without the judge’s permission. ENTRIES: Entries must be submitted on the Official Entry Form for the show. Please include copies of ALL Registration papers and ALL membership cards required. All entries MUST include a copy of the following: USEF, USDF, AMATEUR, AHA, and NSH Membership cards, if required. Membership cards must be submitted at time of entry or a membership non member fee must be paid. Farm names will be used only if the stable or farm is the owner appearing on the horse’s registration papers. Pre-entries must be paid in full when submitted and no open checks for preentries will be accepted. A photocopy of both sides of the Certificate of Registration of each horse entered must be submitted with the entry forms. For open classes, if the owner shown on the registration papers is different from the person entering the horse, an affidavit, a copy of a sales contract or authorization form must be filed with the Show Office. Any corporation owning and showing a horse must be a member of AHA and that membership number must be on the entry form.

REFUNDS: All fees (except office fees) cancelled before November 4, 2013 will be refunded. Refunds for CLASS ENTRY FEES ONLY will be made after November 4, 2013 upon presentation to the Show Secretary (delivered, mailed or faxed) a signed and dated Vet’s Certificate on the Veterinarian’s letterhead, at time horse is scratched from class. OR in the case of an exhibitor, a medical note is required on a physician’s letterhead, less the Office Fee. STALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE AFTER NOVEMBER 4, 2013. NO REFUNDS MADE AT SHOW. All refunds will be made by mail within 30 days of the show’s ending date. No credit will be given for scratched classes unless another class is entered at the same time of the scratch. If due to severe weather or other



Ferrara photos

A tradition of excellence...

AFIRE IN MOTION (Baskafire x Grandeur Caprice) Sue Rothman up.

2012 U.S. National Reserve Champion & 2013 Region 12 Unanimous Champion Country English Pleasure AAOTR

David and Lorrie are pleased to announce the

opening of our very own stable in the heart of Ocala, Florida.

since 1980 !

Specializing in the Halter and English Divisions

We may have over three decades of show ring success but our focus is on the FUTURE! Please visit and find out how we can help you make more trips to the winner’s circle. Well trained horses always for sale and lease. 18

David Mikosz | 843.368.2115 Lorrie Mikosz | 843.368.4213 [email protected] 6455 SW 73rd St., Ocala, FL 34476

TRAINING INFORMATION CONTACT: ERIC WOLFE 2075 Haas Rd. ~ Apopka, FL 32704 407.880.4600 ~ 407.880.4625 fax emai l : wol fe ar ab [email protected] a ol. com w w w. e r i c w o l f e a r a b i a n s . c o m


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Susan Buchanon and Association of Florida Susan Buchanon and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network are proud to support The Arabian Horse Susan Buchanon and are proud to support The Arabian Horse Association of Florida Association Florida Network Wells Fargo AdvisorsofFinancial

are proud to support The Arabian Horse Association of Florida

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Arabian Horse Association Florida





“New Location, Same Excellence” Brookville Arabians and Ames Charisma are proud to

announce our arrival into the Sunny State of Florida!! We stand proud in our unique Arabian horse breeding program for TYPE & BEAUTY

Contact us for your next SUPERSTAR!!!

Owners: David and Annabella Gelbard ([email protected]) Head Trainer: Dimitri Delgado ([email protected]) [email protected]



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Arabian Horse Association of Florida Membership Application AHAF is affiliated with the Arabian Horse Association All AHAF members are eligible to participate in the AHAF High Point Awards and Futurity Programs



Address__________________________________________________________ City ______________________________ State________ Zip__________________ Home Phone________________________ Work Phone_______________________ Fax _______________________________ Email ____________________________ Birthdate _______________________Member of AHA since what year?___________ As a member if AHA you agree to be bound by all the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, BY Laws and Regulations of the Arabian Horse Association, as they may exist, or may from time to time be amended, knowledge of which you now have or will immediately acquire. Signature ______________________________________________________________________ (Parent of Guardian must sign for a junior member) Note: Your AHA membership now includes $1,000,000. Excess Personal Equine Liability Insurance benefit (per resolution 11-95_ • • • • • • •

One Year Adult AHA/AHAF* Three Year Adult AHA/AHAF* One Year Youth AHA/AHAF* One Year AHAF ONLY One Year Youth ONLY International Residents – ( foreign postage additional) Modern Arabian Horse Mag. Optional TOTAL SENT WITH APPLICATION

$75.00 $175.00 $60.00 $20.00 $10.00 $30.00 $10.00 $30.00 (for 3 yrs) $________

*Includes Subscription to AHA Horse and Arabian News

Please make check out to AHAF and send with SIGNED Application to: LYRIC HERSH 8871 Equus Circle Boynton Beach, Florida 33472      954‐464‐5652      Email: [email protected]



24 28643 Shirley Shores Road, Tavares, FL. 32778 • • Phone: 352-742-7775 • Mike Wilson’s cell: 352-267-5550 • Peri Wilson’s cell: 407-402-2116

For information contact Willson Training Center ~ Mike & Peri Wilson ~ Tavares, FL (352) 742-7775 ~ [email protected] ~