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Sep 4, 2013 ... Three Weeks with My Brother: Student Guide by Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks. (Novel Learning Series). This book may be purchased ...
Dear Student and Parent: In Midland ISD, incoming students enrolled in Pre-AP and AP courses are required to complete a summer reading assignment in order to prepare them for the rigorous curriculum of a Pre-AP course. A summer reading program not only will allow students to maintain critical reading skills and improve independent learning, but it will also build the framework for learning throughout the year. You have chosen to participate in the Pre-AP / AP English II Program for the 2013 - 2014 school year. For the summer of 2013, incoming students in Pre-AP English II will read the following title: Three Weeks with My Brother: Student Guide by Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks (Novel Learning Series) This book may be purchased on-line or at one of the local bookstores. Students may also contact their school campus or call Midland ISD Advanced Academics at 689-1000 for additional help in locating copies of these books. We will begin the school year with this book, so it is imperative to do the work before school begins. DUE DATE: The written assignment over the reading will be due Wednesday, September 4, 2013. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Sincerely, Debbie Byrd or Shannon Griffith Pre-AP English II Midland Senior High School

Shelley McGlothlin or Dana Daniel Pre-AP English II Lee Senior High School

English II Pre-AP Advanced Placement Summer Reading 2013-2014 Three Weeks with My Brother by Nicholas Sparks and Micah Sparks (Novel Learning Series) ISBN-13: 978-1455515615 “As moving as his bestselling works of fiction, Nicholas Sparks's unique memoir, written with his brother, chronicles the life-affirming journey of two brothers bound by memories, both humorous and tragic. In January 2003, Nicholas Sparks and his brother, Micah, set off on a three-week trip around the globe. It was to mark a milestone in their lives, for at thirty-seven and thirty-eight respectively, they were now the only surviving members of their family. Against the backdrop of the wonders of the world and often overtaken by their feelings, daredevil Micah and the more serious, introspective Nicholas recalled their rambunctious childhood adventures and the tragedies that tested their faith. And in the process, they discovered startling truths about loss, love, and hope. Narrated with irrepressible humor and rare candor, and including personal photos, THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER reminds us to embrace life with all its uncertainties...and most of all, to cherish the joyful times, both small and momentous, and the wonderful people who make them possible.” --from back cover of book

The Novel Learning Series student editions, with learning guides interspersed throughout the text, provide checks for the students while introducing and familiarizing them with SAT and ACT style question-and-answer formats. Step-by-step essay writing prompts and evaluation rubrics guide students in developing their writing skills.

Assignment: Read and work through the “Questions and Explanations” in the book. The literary terms and skills discussed in this book will be important to know and understand. Choose one “Short Answer Question (paragraph response)” and one “Writing Assignment (essay response)” from pages 539-540. Use the helpful information in the book, and notice the rubric for grading the essay. Turn in a typed (double-spaced) copy of your paragraph and essay. The assignment is due no later than September 4, 2013. At the time of this writing, the book is available from Barnes and Noble as a paperback ($10.98) or ebook ($9.99).

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