Association of Implanting Abnormalities with Growth Performance of ...

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plant palpation models. (Key Words: Implants, Abnormalities,. Growth Performance, Feedlot Steers.) Introduction. Hormonal growth-promoting implants increase ...


Berry et Scientist al. The Professional Animal 16:128–133

of Implanting Association Abnormalities with Growth Performance of Feedlot Steers B. A. BERRY*,1, PAS, L. J. PERINO*, M. L. GALYEAN*,3, PAS, T. H. MONTGOMERY*, and S. BACHMAN*,4 *West Texas A&M University, Division of Agriculture, Canyon, TX 79016


initial BW, reimplant BW, pen, health status, liver status, lung status, and implant status as covariates. Average daily gain for the initial period did not differ (P>0.40) across implant status. In the overall model, there was a trend (P

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