Atmospheric Seasonal Trends and Environmental Fate of ...

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and advection to the Atlantic Ocean accounted for 40 and. 26% of the removal .... Science Center (LSC, Jersey City, NJ, 40.71°N,74.05°W) is an urban/industrial ...

Environ. Sci. Technol. 2000, 34, 2410-2417

Atmospheric Seasonal Trends and Environmental Fate of Alkylphenols in the Lower Hudson River Estuary DARYL A. VAN RY, JORDI DACHS, CARI L. GIGLIOTTI, PAUL A. BRUNCIAK, ERIC D. NELSON, AND STEVEN J. EISENREICH* Department of Environmental Science, Rutgers University, 14 College Farm Road, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-8551

The atmospheric occurrence of nonylphenols and tertoctylphenol has been assessed at three sites in the lower Hudson River Estuary (LHRE). The samples (n ) 186) were taken from June to December of 1998. Gas-phase nonylphenol (NP) concentrations at a coastal site (Sandy Hook) ranged from below the detection limit (DL) to 56.3 ng m-3, while concentrations at a suburban site (New Brunswick) ranged from 0.13 to 81 ng m-3. Gas-phase concentrations of tert-octylphenol (tOP) ranged from

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