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Bobby Watson. & Horizon Reassembled. “We are all older and perhaps wiser in our thinking and in our approach to the music and most importantly, we know ...

Bobby Watson

& Horizon Reassembled “We are all older and perhaps wiser in our thinking and in our approach to the music and most importantly, we know now that we are family and that the group is a platform that we can count on for our individual and collective expression. This is what Horizon now represents to all of us.” - Bobby Watson BOBBY WATSON, ALTO SAXOPHONE. The group’s co-founder and leader is one of the great voices of our time. Lyrical beyond believe, Watson first rose to prominence in the mid 1970s, joining Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers from 1977-1981. After his stint with Blakey, Watson led his own groups, finally settling on Horizon in 1985. For more than a decade the group toured the world and recorded regularly for the Columbia and Blue Note labels. Five years ago, Watson returned to his native Kansas City when he was asked to take an Endowed Chair and lead the Jazz Studies Program at University of Missouri-Kansas City. VICTOR LEWIS, DRUMS. The co-founder of Horizon and one of the greatest drummers of his generation. With literally several hundred recording credits to his name, Lewis has been on the forefront of jazz for the past three decades. Early on, he worked with the likes of Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz and a host of luminaries. Since establishing himself has remained a first-call percussionist known for his dynamic and tasteful sound. TERELL STAFFORD, TRUMPET. With an energetic and powerful trumpet sound, Stafford is now thought of among the best and brightest in his field. A double master’s candidate – classical as well as jazz – Stafford joined Horizon in 1988 and remained with the group. He launched his own career more than 10 years ago and currently leads a quintet, whose latest recording is “New Beginnings” (MAXJAZZ). He works regularly with the Clayton Brothers and other noteworthy performers and is a member of drummer Matt Wilson’s group, Arts & Crafts. He is director of Jazz Studies at Temple University and is considered among the foremost educators in the country. ED SIMON, PIANO. A native of Venezuela, pianist Ed Simon is known for his compositions as well as his technical ability and fluidity. Trained classically, Simon joined Horizon in the mid-1980s. For the past two decades, he has worked with a host of presentday artists including trumpeter Terence Blanchard and saxophonist Tim Ries who, after playing with the Rolling Stones has a project that puts a jazz interpretation on the Rolling Stones’ music. ESSIET ESSIET, BASS. The son of Nigerians and a native of Omaha, Neb., Essiet Essiet is also a first-call bassist who rose to prominence as a member of Horizon. He has remained with the group throughout, however simultaneously he has worked as a member of the Blue Note Records All-Stars, with drummer Jeff ‘Tain Watts, guitarist Dave Stryker and a host of other highly acclaimed jazz performers. Essiet, who lives in New York, also leads his own ensembles.

BOBBY WATSON – saxophone TERELL STAFFORD – trumpet EDWARD SIMON – piano ESSIET OKON ESSIET – bass VICTOR LEWIS – drums Bookings: NATIONAL PASTIMES PRODUCTIONS PH: (573) 449.3009 FAX: (573) 875.0356