Case Study Case Study

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Dubai. 231 Accident. 36 Deaths. 3450 accident. 394 Deaths. 36 Deaths. 394 Deaths ...

Case Study

Presented P d by b : Muna Ahmed Ah d ID : H00126962

Outline € News € The €



The courts

€ Case


€ Facts € Discussion

News Important ™News important :

¾Traffic accidents happened pp a lot ¾Families lost their children & proprieties

The Case ™ Case Title : ¾ Death for a man who shot dead another in road rage ™ Location L ti : Aj Ajman St Streett ™ Defendant : Abdullah ™ Victim : Khalid

The Case € Ajman


€ Defendant € Another

was driving g

car came in his way

€ Defendant

flashed headlights to the other man

€ Defendant

follow the victim car

€ victim € pistol

told the defendant “ Ra ‘ weh “

and shot

The courts ™ The Court of First Instance ¾Death sentence ¾Send him jail to six months ™ The

public prosecution ¾ Appealed A l d against i t th the verdict di t

™The court of Appeals

¾Agree with the court of first instance ¾Death sentence by a firing squad ™The supreme p federal court

¾Upheld ruling of the Court of Appeal

Case Impact p ™The case impact p :

¾Society ¾Locals ™Type of law :

¾Public law ( criminal court)

Facts ™Traffic statistics issued :

¾Age group of 18 to 35 years ( 50%)



231 Accident

3450 accident

36 Deaths

394 Deaths

Discussion ™ If you are member in the Dubai Traffic & Roads

Agency : ¾ What Wh rules l will ill you apply l to reduce d the h road d

accident ? ™ Do you think the judgment was fair ? ™ What do you advice the youth emirates ?