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Rusty Runs Away. Author:Ruskin Bond. To kill a mocking bird. Author: Harper Lee. A Wrinkle in Time. Author: Madeleine. L'Engle. The Count of Monte Cristo.





Main Course Book- Unit 1-A.4,A.7,A.11,

Unit-2 A.1,A.2,A.3,A.4,C.1, C.3, 6-10 chapters

Grammar worksheets will be send in fliplearn

IV Grammar worksheets will be send in fliplearn

Write the summary of 11-14 chapters 15-19 chapters. the chapters of Three Do it in a scrap book. Draw Men In A Boat. a cover page of it. 1-5 chapters ACTIVITY Write three short stories of any genre of your choice ( fantasy, thriller, social, sc.- fic.) Illustrate your stories and make a beautiful cover page for it. Use a scrap book. Story writing       HINDI     ’         MATHS To make a cross word To do Questions Roll No. (1 to 12) : Draw different types of PPT based on -Lines Each from – To explore criteria of angles and the pair of and angles /Herons Polynomials,Herons congruency of triangles angles formed, when two formula or formula and Lines using a set of triangle cut parallel lines are Polynomials.(GROUP and angles. outs intersected by a ACTIVITY-AS PER THE transversal, on an A3 sized Roll No. (13 to 24): CLASS GROUPS) sheet. ( As per the given To explore the following worksheets) activities using a geoboard :1)Find the area of any triangle. 2) Find the area of any polygon by completing

the rectangles. Roll No. (25 to 38):To show that area of a trapezium is equal to half the product of its altitude and the sum of its parallel sides , using paper cutting and pasting. (Prepare a separate file showing the procedures being followed for above activities) SCIENCE

Phy-Do NCERT q/ans of ch-motion in notebook and solve the worksheet (For all the sections)

Phy:Class IXA (1-12)Any working model based on ch-work enrgy and power Phy: Class IXB (1-12)Any working model based on ch-Sound. Phy: Class IXC(1-12)Any working model based on ch-Gravitation Phy:class IX-D(1-12)any working model or chart on ch-Force and laws of motion Chem: Class IXA-IXD(137):Study the chapter ‘Matter in Our Surroundings’

Class IX A(13-25): Make a working model of ‘Water Purification’ Class IXB(1325):Make a model of a molecule of ‘Graphite’ Class IXC(13-25) Make a model showing forces of attraction between solid, liquid and gas. Class IXD(13-25): Make a working model of an Electrolytic apparatus

Phy-Do NCERT question and answers Of ch-force and laws of motion in notebook. Chem:Class IXA-IXD(137)- Study the chapter ‘Is Matter Around Us Pure’. BIOLOGY-(Roll no. 26-38) Prepare a model on cell (PLANT/ANIMAL)

Make a working model showing a modern irrigation technique to save water in agriculture. Chem:Class IXA-IXD (1-37) Complete the NCERT questions of ‘ Is Matter Around Us Pure’ BIOLOGY-(Roll no. 26-38) Study the chapter ‘The fundamental unit of life’ and solve the ques-ans given in Exempler Science text book of class IX.

BIOLOGY-(Roll no. 2638) Make a project report on Genetic engineering including information on gene cloning, what is biotechnology and application of biotechnology.


BIOLOGY-(Roll no. 26-38) Make a project report (ppt)on Biofuels. (Must include-What are biofuels, How are they made? , pros and cons of biofuels.

Choose any man made or natural disaster which your country is vulnerable to.e.g.gas leaks, building collapse, rail or road accidents, terrorist attacks, earthquakes ,cyclones ,floods ,drought etc .and prepare a detailed project on it covering the following aspects in your project : • Meaning of Disaster, Disaster Management and the various causes and mitigation measures of the disaster chosen by you. • Your project should be supported by the map of the area affected by the disaster and relevant and suitable photographs and paper cuttings. • Collect the data and prepare report on any one of the recent disaster that has taken place in your country (last 5 years). Design a poster using A4 size sheet with an eye catching slogan to create awareness among people related to that disaster. • Define the role of citizens during that disaster. • Define the role of government agencies during disasters. The projects must be based on the guidelines mentioned by CBSE. For the guidelines refer to the CBSE website. The format of the Project should be as follows: • Topic • Index • Acknowledgement • Introduction • Main Content


SANSKRIT ART Computer Science


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Conclusion Bibliography


Make a chart on any one topic : Les saisons La France


Worksheet-1,2 and extra questions of section- D given in class.

Worksheet- 3, 4 and write 10 proverbs with their meanings.

Worksheet- 5,6 And once revise the syllabus done till date.

H.w. has been given in class Make a table cloth or dupatta with block printing. Write down the steps for the following activities: Using Shape Tween, convert a star shape into the word “STAR”.

Using Motion Create a button of any shape and apply these features : tween, move a red UP= Green color color ball from top Over= Red color to bottom and Down= Write “Happy Mother’s Day” bounce back from Hit= Increase the Button size. bottom to top. WRITE AN ESSAY ON THE TOPIC: SOMETIMES THE HEART SEES WHAT IS INVISIBLE TO THE EYE. FONT SIZE SHOULD BE 12 ,STYLE: CALIBRI ON A4 SIZE PAPER OR HANDWRITTEN WITH BLUE OR BLACK INK IN ENGLISH OR HINDI. WORD LIMIT: 1000 WORDS ( COMPULSORY FOR ALL) WRITE AN ESSAY ON ‘WHY I LIKE SOUTH KOREA?’ WORD LIMIT: 150-200 WORDS ON A4 SIZE SHEET ( HANDWRITTEN) ( COMPULSORY FOR ALL)