Class-IX - CBSE

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The Test Booklet contains 60 questions divided into three Sections A,B and 9 AStudent.isreq.uire{to attemPt all the three. Sections. There are Zri-q,i"rii"ir l. S".tlo " ...

Booklet code

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Series : HRL -TFtTe[rd3iltffiFT/Problem Solving Assessment Trcr€€n i5'qt -D(/Class-IX Code No. 091 P

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Maximum Marks : 90

Time Allowed : Two Hours

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This Test Booklet contains32 fages, Do not open this Test Booklet until you are asked to do so' rgfeqvi fttU/tmportant Instructions !

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and fill in the The Answer Sheetis inside this TestBooklet. When you directed to open the Test Booklet,take out the Answer Sheet particularson side - 1 and side - 2 carefully with blue/blackball point pen only. - -

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attemPt all the three The Test Booklet contains60 questionsdivided into three SectionsA,B and 9 AStudent.isreq.uire{to C. Sections.There are Zri-q,i"rii"ir l. S".tlo" A, 18 questionsin_section_Band 18 questionsin Sec.tion zil, SectionB : Qualitative Reasoning(Questions25 to 42) SectionA : LanguagJd;;;;;tl;;; iq""iii..'N"rl1-1" 60) 43 to SectionC : Quantitative Reasoning(Questions

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