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L-3,4,5,6 & FA-1+FA-2. HINDI. WRITTEN EXAM. SPARSH B-L-1,2,3; POEM-1,2,3 . SANCHAYAN B-1,2,3; GRAMMER-L-1,2,3,4,5,8. UNSEEN & SEEN PASSAGE ...

CLASS IX :- 2016-17 Subjects Social Science

Moral Science Science

FA1 History ch-1 Geo ch-1 Eco-ch1

FA2 Geo ch-2 Civ ch-1 Eco ch-2

Phy: Ch-8 Che: Ch-1 Bio: Ch-5

Phy: Ch:9 Che:Ch-2 Bio: Ch-6

Catechism Hindi


FA3 Geo ch-5 Eco ch-3

FA4 Multidisciplinary

Phy: Ch-10(Half) Che: Ch-3 Bio: Ch-13

Phy: Ch-10,11 Che: Ch-4 Bio: Ch-7,13,14

Ch: 1-7 +common prayer Mode1: L-1 Mode2: Unit test L1,9 Sanchyan : L-1 Vyakran: varns vichheda, anuswar, anunasik, nukta, anuchedda lekhan Mode3: Flow Chart (non formal letter)


FA1+FA2+ Ch-5,6,7




Mode1: 10 mark MCQ’s based on the poem The Brook Mode2: Unit Test Fiction: 1- How I taught my grand mother Poem: 1-The Brook and 2- The road not taken Grammar: Edition, gap filling Witting Skills: Notice/ Diary writing Mode3: Listening Skills (unseen passage)

Mode1: Group discussion on drama “Villa for sale”

FA1+FA2+SA1 & Debate, Speech, News paper report and sentence reordering sentence transformation

Mode1: Paraphrasing of poem Mode2: Unit test (written) Fiction: man who knew too much & 4- keeping it from Harold. Poem: 5 – the seven ages & 6- oh I wish I’d looked after me teeth seminar

Mode1: Role play based on drama- the bishop’s candlestick

FA3+FA4++SA2 & Debate, Speech, News paper report and sentence reordering sentence transformation , Editing, gap filling notice/diary entry formal/informal letter, article , story





Mode2: Creation of dictionary L2,3,4 Mode3: Copy Assesment

Mode2: Multidisciplinary Mode3: Reading


Mode: PPT(L-6 sanchyan) Mode2: Designing News paper (L-8) Mode3: Copy Assesment(SA2)

Bishop Test+ Ch:115+Common Prayer Gadya Khand: 5,6,7,8

Mode1: Skit L-7 Mode2: Unit Test 5,12,13 Mode3: Slogan Writing Mode3: Slogan Writing (L-13)


Mode1: Film Analysis

SA2 History-Ch- 4,5,8 Civ- ch-4,5,6 Geo: ch-4,5,6 Eco: Ch-3,4 Ch: 8-14 Phy: Ch-10,11,12 Che: Ch-3,4 Bio: Ch-7,13,14

Gadya Khand: 1,2,3,4 Padya Khand: 9,10,11 Sanchyan: 1,2,3 Vyakarna: varna vicheda, anuswar, anunasik, nukta, upsarg, pratyaya,sandhi,viram chinha Rachanatmak lekhan: anopcharil patra lekhan, anucheda chitra varnana, samvad lekhan, vigyapan lekhan, apathit gadyansh evm kavyansh



SA1 His-ch 1-3 Civ-ch 1-3 Geo ch 1-3 Eco- ch 1-2 Ch: 1-7 Phy: Ch-8,9,10 (Half) Che: Ch-1,2 Bio: Ch-5,6,15

Padya Khand: 12,13,14,15 Sanchyan: 4,5,6 Vyakran: full SA1 portion

Mode2: Worksheet 10 one word or sentence question from the poem: song of the rain Mode3: Grammar Exercises