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partnership with FIAMP, Fiera Milano, Micam, Mido, Mifur, Mipel with patronage of Camera di. Commercio di Milano and Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca  ...
COMPETITION First fashion video festival during Milano Fashion City program, organized by IUFF Srl, in partnership with FIAMP, Fiera Milano, Micam, Mido, Mifur, Mipel with patronage of Camera di Commercio di Milano and Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca and in collaboration with Lombardia Film Commission and Promos-Camera di Commercio di Milano. Technical sponsors are Biblioteca della Moda and Centro di Produzione Multimediale-Università degli Studi MilanoBicocca, and media partner is L’Officiel Italia. IUFF is reserved only for young video-artists aged between 18 and 36 years for creation of fashion-videos on accessory touch theme. Every video will be played considering artistic view with presence of the following accessories: bag, shoes, glasses and fur (or fur accessories). All of them, if using designers or famous brand have to be unrecognizable in every details; if not, you will be excluded from the contest. Video artists must choose one of the following categories for the accessory touch theme:

1) Shoes 2) Bag 3) Glasses 4) Fur (or fur accessories)

VIDEO SUBMISSION Video must be sent by email to [email protected] using, together with application form completely filled out by January 18, 2013. Material must have the following technical features: Duration: min. 60 sec, max. 180 sec. (not including credits, which are separated from video and not over-impressed on it) Audio Stereo (ch1 and ch2): 48 khz Video format and size: .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mpg

IUFF Srl corso plebisciti, 9 - 20129 milano +39 3277471555 - [email protected] [email protected] p.iva 07998460963

Size between 100 and 300 MB. Afterwards, finalists will have to send their files, saving high-definition. Technical requirements (just for finalists): only .mov files, with H.264 compression, 1920x1080 or 1280x720 resolution. File must not exceed 2 GB size.

APPLICATION FORM Application form has to be downloaded from; it has to be duly compiled and signed, then scanned and sent to [email protected] going with video; if not, it will be excluded from the contest.

SELECTION METHOD AND JUDGMENT A panel of judges consisting in IUFF members will choose thirty final videos, with unquestionable/final evaluation of the appeal. They will be examined by a IUFF JURY composed of audiovisual, fashion, photography, journalism and styling professionals and by an INSTITUTIONAL JURY composed of institutional partner members.

IUFF JURY Marco Angelillis – Centro Multimediale Università degli studi Milano-Bicocca, Director Guido Bovolenta – New Media Agency Medialab, Director Monica Codegoni Bessi –, Journalist Alberto Contri – Lombardia Film Commission, Director Andrea Di Biase – MF-Milano Finanza, Journalist Anna de Falco – Amica, Head of Service Rita Fatiguso – Il Sole 24 Ore, Journalist Elisa Furlan – IL, Il sole 24 Ore, Journalist Giovanni Gastel – Photographer Jolanda Granato – Radio speaker journalist Maria Luisa Lavitrano – Università Milano-Bicocca, Deputy Rector of International Relations Luca Lucini - Director Carlo Mazzoni – L’Officiel Italia, Editor in Chief Silvia Motta – Grazia, Fashion Director Diana Seclì – IUFF, Creative Director Maria Tatsos – Elle Italia, Journalist IUFF Srl corso plebisciti, 9 - 20129 milano +39 3277471555 - [email protected] [email protected] p.iva 07998460963

Diego Valisi – Biblioteca della Moda, President

INSTITUTIONAL JURY Fabio Aromatici – Micam Director PierCarla Delpiano – Fiera Milano Communication Director Francesco Gili – Mido Marketing Director Mauro Muzzolon –Mipel General Director Elena Salvaneschi – Mifur General Secretary

If, for any reason, one or member of the jury, above-mentioned, could not participate to the final evaluation, IUFF can decide Srl can decide to nominate other judge any time. Any form of claim or recourse by participants is therefore ruled out. Such juries will choose five winners according with the following categories criteria: creativity and development of accessory touch idea within parameters of photographic and technical quality (image, sound and editing), original scenic design and best style to represent fashion accessories. Judgments will be based, in any case, on the component taste, and they are confidential, unquestionable and final. Finalists and winners will be directly notified. Only winners will be announced during award ceremony.

AWARD Five prizes will be awarded during award ceremony. Every prize is constituted of the commission by each member of IUFF, Micam, Mido, Mifur and Mipel in order to achieve one short fashion video following the video technical requirements of the contest, within four next months maximum. Every author will receive a total amount of € 1500,00 for above-mentioned commission. Let it be known all legacy rights concerning the commissioned video will belong to the purchaser that will commission the work.

IUFF AWARD Best Concept IUFF MICAM AWARD Best Accessory Shoe Performance IUFF MIDO AWARD Best Accessory Glasses Performance IUFF MIFUR AWARD Best Accessory Fur Performance IUFF MIPEL AWARD Best Accessory Bag Performance IUFF Srl corso plebisciti, 9 - 20129 milano +39 3277471555 - [email protected] [email protected] p.iva 07998460963

Official award ceremony will be held on February 25, 2013. Video screening will take place from February 26 to March 04, 2013 at the location in Milan. IUFF organization will keep in contact with finalists and winners within February 12, 2013. Winners have to confirm their presence to IUFF organization within February 17, 2013 at 12 am (local time) to [email protected] and they are not allowed to make such announcement public. In case of weaver, next winners will be announced in the final classification.

REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION 1. Work has to be original and never presented to any other contest; if not, it will be excluded from competition; 2.Organization reserves the right to verify the existence of such requirements through the appropriate channels; 3. Participant must be the original manufacturer and the owner in Italy and abroad without distinction of all the film rights, phonographic and editorial rights using the work and must have obtained all waivers and licenses for any, and every use of work about subject and object shot, and photographic, video and musical contents, for the whole work; 4. Contest organizers and their employees cannot participate in such competition.

TRAVEL EXPENSES IUFF organization will pay for only winners, the following expenses: cost of 2 nights hotel (February 24-25, 2013) nearby festival and roundtrip for Milan. IUFF will give travel expenses back up to a maximum of € 500,00 each, upon presentation of supporting bills.

STORAGE OF MATERIALS Video sent to IUFF will become part of its archive and may be used at any time.

ACCEPTANCE OF RULES Participation in such competition implies acceptance of above-mentioned rules. The following Italian Law – D.P.R. 26 ottobre 2011 ex art. 6, comma A - will not apply to IUFF festival which is an activity aimed to award the artist. Competition and application form are written in Italian and English. In case of any difference between two version, will prevail the Italian one. IUFF Srl corso plebisciti, 9 - 20129 milano +39 3277471555 - [email protected] [email protected]t p.iva 07998460963