conjunctiva pterigium

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conjunctiva pterigium. 6160. Eponyms: Inheritance: Group. Sub group. Signs: Super group: Super aggreg. Aggregations: Semeiological. Synthesis: Differential.

Copyright 1980 - 2007 V. Ventruto / A. Di Luccio

Genus database 6160

conjunctiva pterigium

Eponyms: Inheritance:

supposed autosomal dominant

Semeiological Ocular disorder, isolated defect. Wing-shaped thickening in the conjunctiva in the interpalpebral fissure area. Synthesis: Group Sub group Signs:

OCULAR DISORDERS conjunctiva, changes conjunctiva: nodules, lesions, oedema(chemosis) corneal defects not including dystrophy isolated ocular defects: adnexa/anterior segment

Super group: Super aggreg. ISOLATED OCULAR DISORDERS isolated ocular defects: adnexa/anterior segment Aggregations: Differential diagnosis: Bibliography

conjunctiva pterigium

6158 conjunctiva lipoma

OMIM ID: 178000

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