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Plus MCQs for MRCGP (1993), MCQs for Finals (1987), More MCQs for Finals ( 1989). Peer Reviewed Papers - selection since 2002. · Focus on Agomelatine ...

Curriculum Vitae Professor Ben Green Consultant Psychiatrist



Expert in Psychiatric Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence

Director of Undergraduate Medicine and

Responsible Officer, Institute of Medicine . University of Chester Programme Director, University Of Chester Medicolegal Practice MSc Programme Responsible Officer and Hon. Senior Lecturer Psychiatry The University of Liverpool


CurriculumVitae Professor Ben Green

Expert in PTSD, Adjustment Disorders, Depression, Medical Negligence, Medical Education

Consultant Psychiatrist FRCPsych FHEA MB ChB

Qualifications PhD, FRCPsych, FHEA, MB, ChB,

Recent Appointments · · · · · ·

Lead Consultant Psychiatrist, Cheadle Royal Hospital (Low Secure Service) Royal College Examiner Editor in Chief, Psychiatry On-Line and Priory Medical Journals Appointed by Lord Chancellor to the Mental Health Review Tribunal 2003-2011 University of Liverpool Examiner Professional Adviser and Hospital Inspector, CQC

Additional Recent Roles · · · · ·

Clinical Tutor, Cheadle Royal Hospital and Chair of Research Governance Committee Consultant in Neuropsychiatry to Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust Clinical Director Mental Health, North Cheshire Hospitals. Director of the Undergraduate Course in Medical Ethics, University of Liverpool. College Tutor, and Postgraduate Clinical Tutor for Halton and Winwick Hospitals.

Further Courses · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Bond Solon Expert Witness Civil Procedure Certificate 2011 Diploma in Occupational Health Manchester University 2007 Understanding Law – Open University W200 - 2002-2003 APIL Advanced Report Writing 2004 Court Room Skills – Bond Solon (2002) HCR-20 Training, Thornford Park Hospital, (2011) Interview Skills, University of Liverpool 2009 Training the Trainers, April 1999 Handling the Media, June 1999. GMS/HAS Computer Training Course, University of Liverpool (1989) MRCPsych Course, University of Liverpool and University of Surrey. Family Therapy Course over one year, Alder Hey Hospital (1990) Time Management, University of Liverpool (1993) Effective Teaching Course, University of Liverpool (1992) Effective Negotiation Course, University of Liverpool (1993) Team Building Course, Team Technology (1995) Grammar of Psychotherapy, University of Liverpool (1989) Three Day Psychopathology Symposium Leeds (1990) Neurolinguistic Programming Course, St. George’s Medical School (1987) College Tutors Course Breakaway Techniques Workshop (Two days) Royal College Examiners’ Workshops Introductory Management Course Residential Management Course

Past Professional Experience · 1995-2003. NHS Consultant Psychiatrist at Halton Hospital, Cheshire. · 1992-1995. Lecturer in Psychological Medicine, Liverpool University and Hon. Senior Registrar, Mersey Regional Rotational Scheme. With experience in Psychotherapy, General Adult Psychiatry, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders and University of Liverpool Student Health. · 1988-1992. Registrar, Mersey Regional Rotational Scheme. Full time Registrar Attachments in General Adult Psychiatry, Alcohol and Opiate Psychiatry, Learning Disability, Psychiatry of the Elderly, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. · 1986-1987. Full time Senior House Officer post Cardiothoracic Medicine (Regional Cardiothoracic Unit, Wythenshawe) · 1985-1986. House Officer, Manchester University Rotation.

Undergraduate Career · Victoria University of Manchester Medical School (October 1980-June 1985) · President of Medical School, Editor of Mediscope, Manchester Medical Gazette and · Founding Chairman of the Association of Provincial Medical Schools.

Approval · Approval under section 12 of Mental Health Act since February 1989. Current Approval till 2014 and then requires renewal. · Assessments for Section of inpatients, police cells, casualty, and city patients on Liverpool Central and East teams over six years. Experience of joint emergency visits and Wirral duty social work teams to homes and police cells.

Research · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Beck Depression Inventory Scores in Adjustment disorder and PTSD (research in progress) Psychiatric Impact of Needlestick Injury (Submitted) Psychopharmacology – papers on agomelatine, zotepine etc (published 2011, 2010) Symptom Profiles in PTSD - published PTSD in the Police - published Referrals to a teaching hospital outpatient department. Patients presenting to casualty in the wake of Hillsborough. The impact of ‘Working for patients’ on an alcohol service. Anterior Pituitary Function in Major Depression with Dr M Abou-Seleh Risk factors for Major Depression in a community Survey of the Elderly using the GMS, HAS and AGECAT. (Part of the Liverpool MRC study). Risk Factors for Relapse of Major Depression. Epidemiology of Abnormal Involuntary Movements in the Elderly. Relationship with Children of Depressed Mothers in Primary Care (with Professor Jonathan Hill). Devised Relationship with Children Instrument (RCI) with Professor Jonathan Hill – based on Parental Bonding Instrument and devised to measure parents perceptions of their relationship with their children.

Teaching Experience · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·

Psychopharmacology Training on MSc course, University of Chester 2008, 2009, 2010 In-House CPD programme for Consultants and Staff Grades, Cheadle Royal Hospital (2003 to date) In-house Multidisciplinary Lecture Series on Psychopathology and Abnormal Psychology Unit training programme on Schizophrenia and Borderline Personality Disorder Liverpool Medical School New Curriculum (1996- ) Plenaries on Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Affective Disorders and PBL Tutorials Lecture Autumn 2008 on Somatisation to Hope Hospital Regional Neurology Conference Lecture February 2007 on Pain and Somatisation to Royal College of Physicians Course organiser in Psychiatry, Liverpool University (1992-1995). MRCPsych Course Group Supervisor (1994-2001) MRCPsych Course on Genetics, Epidemiology and Research Methods. Problem-based Teaching of Medical Students – SSMs from 1996 onwards. Lectures on History-taking, Schizophrenia, Depression, Exam Technique, Psychopathology, Psychiatric Classification and Psychopharmacology to Final Year Medical Students. Communication Skill Teaching. Workshops on Ethics and Psychiatry.


CurriculumVitae Professor Ben Green

Expert in PTSD, Adjustment Disorders, Depression, Medical Negligence, Medical Education

Consultant Psychiatrist FRCPsych FHEA MB ChB

Publications Editor · Psychiatry On-Line, First Web Medical journal in the world -1994 to date. Peer reviewed papers. · Papers in Psychiatry On-Line (see below for papers in other peer reviewed international journals)

Books & Papers Peer Reviewed Papers - selection since 2002 · Hospital admission and community treatment of mental disorders in England from 1998 to 2012. (2014) General Hospital Psychiatry.

· Prazosin in the treatment of PTSD (2013) Journal of Psychiatric Practice. · PTSD: New directions in pharmacotherapy (2013). Advances in Psychiatric Treatment. APT 2013, 19:181-190. DOI: 10.1192/apt.bp.111.010041 · Birth order and PTSD (2013) with Griffiths, E. Psychology, Health and Medicine. · Psychiatric Consequences of Needlestick Injury (2013) with Griffiths, E. Occupational Medicine. doi:10.1093/occmed/kqt006 · Prescribing in Mental Health Practice (2013). Chapter in ‘The Physical Care of People with Mental Health Problems’. London, Sage Publications. · Focus on Agomelatine Current Medical Research and Opinion (2011) · Paternal Mental Health: A Father’s Hidden Despair. Midwives (2010) · Zotepine: a clinical review. Expert Opinion. (2009) · PTSD and Police Incident Management (with David Powell) Police Professional Journal March 2008 · Paliperidone- a clinical review (in press) Current Drugs and Therapy · Green B. Pettit T. Faith L. Seaton K. Focus on levomepromazine. Current Medical Research & Opinion. 20(12):1877-81, 2004 · Green B. Post-traumatic stress disorder in UK police officers. (Comparative Study. Journal Article) Current Medical Research & Opinion. 20(1):101-5, 2004 · Somatisation (2003) The Practitioner, September 2003. · Focus on paroxetine. Current Medical Research & Opinion. 19(1):13-21, 2003. · Lamotrigine in mood disorders Current Medical Research and Opinion. 19 (4) 272 – 277, 2003 · Post-traumatic stress disorder: symptom profiles in men and women. Current Medical Research and Opinion. 19 (3) 200 – 204, 2003 · Focus on amisulpride. Current Medical Research & Opinion. 18(3):113-7, 2002. Professor Green is currently editing two books – one on PTSD and the other on Psychiatric Negligence and Risk Management, and contributing a chapter on psychopharmacology to a book on prescribing for Nurse Consultants. Problem-based Psychiatry (2nd edition) (2009) 250pp. Radcliffe, Oxford. The MRCPsych Study Manual Third Edition (2006) Radcliffe, Oxford. Focus on Antipsychotics (Revised Edition 2004) 160pp. Librapharm Publishers, London. Psychiatry in General Practice (1995) 284pp Plus MCQs for MRCGP (1993), MCQs for Finals (1987), More MCQs for Finals (1989)

Some papers prior to 2002 Green BH. Copeland JR. Dewey ME. Sharma V. Saunders PA. Davidson IA. Sullivan C. McWilliam C. Risk factors for depression in elderly people: a prospective study. (Journal Article. Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t) Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica. 86(3):213-7, 1992 B. H. Green, J. R. M. Copeland, M. E. Dewey, V. Sharma, I. A. Davidson Factors associated with recovery and recurrence of depression in older people: A prospective study.

Consult Consulting Rooms

Manchester 141 Gatley Road, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 4PD. Liverpool 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9AR.  Chester and North Wales 243 Chester Road, Helsby, Cheshire WA6 0AQ..

Instruct How To Instruct

By post: For all venues: 243 Chester Road, Helsby, Cheshire, WA6 0AQ. By phone and email: For Liverpool, Chester and North Wales: Ms Clare McMonnies: 01928 722414 [email protected] For Manchester and Yorkshire: Mrs Gillian Humphries: 07747064779 [email protected]

International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. Volume 9, Issue 10, Date: October 1994, Pages: 789-795