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2009.10-2010.03 Web Real-time Communication Tool Using XMPP Protocol ... written by Flex, which is advantageous for flow media, combining XMPP protocol.

LIU Shali Email:

[email protected]







APT 722, 2060 Quingate Place Halifax, NS, B3L 4P7


Computer Science

I am a Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) member of GRAND ( Education Sept. 2011- Present

Master of Computer Science, Dalhousie University, Canada

Sept. 2007- June 2011

Undergraduate in Department of Software Engineering, Software College, Northeastern University, China

PROJECT EXPERIENCE 2012.05-present

Visual Analytics for Academic Opinions on Social Media

This is an ongoing research project aims at how social media helps students and marketing office of universities make decisions and analysis on a visual approach. The challenges for this problem locate at digging the properties of social media data, encoding the tasks to visualizations and evaluating the credibility of information and proficiency of different kinds of user interactions. Relevant Technologies: D3 library, HTML5, AJAX 2012.01-2012.08

Gadgets for Sciverse Platform

Three gadgets have been developed for Sciverse Platform owned by Elsevier, under the support of Social Media Lab in Dalhousie University. The technical challenges for these three projects are the adoption of D3 visualization libraries with HTML5 canvas knowledge, cross-domain AJAX request and geo-location services. Introductions and screenshots are available on (under “project” tab). Relevant Technologies: D3 library, HTML5, AJAX 2011.01-2012.04

Visualization and Sentiment Analysis of Movie Review

This project aims at facilitating user to get the general opinion from a big amount of movie reviews. The main work divides into two aspects. One is the NLP side, which is to calculate the sentiment score for reviews and movie. The other aspect is the visualization. A relation graph has been adopted to represent the relationship between movies and shows the different sentiment polarity of them. Word-pair tag cloud is used to give user the general opinions towards a specific movie, in which different sentiment polarities are marked in different colors. 2010.11-2011.06

Research on Sentiment Analysis in Tsinghua University

Two projects have been done on sentiment analysis. One is the product review system, in which I took responsibility of visualization and web project building. Another one is sentiment analysis on Chinese micro-blog. I am responsible for text classification, word segmentation, search engine building and web development. 2010.06-2010.08

Logistics Management System for Neusoft Corporation

This system is mainly implemented by Struts + Hibernate + Spring frame, managing

the three different kinds of streams in logistic requirement. I scored 96 out of 100 in internship performance evaluation, ranking 2nd among 120 interns. Responsibility: Primary team member, design and code for financial module, managing financial stream and making financial report chart. Relevant Technologies: Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Flex 2009.10-2010.03

Web Real-time Communication Tool Using XMPP Protocol

The application is mainly designed to implement web real-time function, including sending messages, checking, web-cam. It is also convenient for clients to communicate with tools like MSN, Gtalk, AIM through a common gateway. It is written by Flex, which is advantageous for flow media, combining XMPP protocol. Responsibility: Team leader in charge of design of the project, implemented part of XMPP protocol independently, integrated and revised open-source frame, and completed the communication module. Relevant Technologies: XMPP Protocol, Flex, Openfire Server, Red5 Streaming Media Server PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Research and project experience on Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis and Visualization; Proficient in Java, Javascript and Flex, rich experiences in Java EE and Flex projects; Strong background of object-oriented analysis and programming ability; Proficient in C and C++, good knowledge of data structure and algorithm; Proficient in web technologies like HTML5, Struts+Spring+Hibernate, AJAX, PHP and CSS; Good knowledge and practice on mobile development (iOS); Skillful user of Eclipse, FlexBuilder, Visual C++, good at debugging program; Good knowledge of database, familiar to common SQL, and familiar with using MySQL; Good understanding of software development process and some design patterns. HONORS & REWARDS Full scholarship from Dalhousie University


First-class of Neusoft Scholarship, Neusoft Co., Ltd, China


Second Prize of International Mathematical Contest in Modeling


“Ten, Hundred, Thousand Excellent Students” in Shenyang


Medal of Technological Innovation, Software College, Northeastern University


Third Prize in "The Challenge Cup" Contest of Liaoning Province


Third Prize of National English Contest for College Students



Volunteer for the Girls Tech League in Halifax;

September 2009- June 2010

Leader of Flex Technology Group in IBM Club of Northeastern University, CN;

September 2008- July 2009

Head of Planning Department in IBM Club of Northeastern University, CN.