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HEALTH RECIPE CONTEST NOW IN PROGRESS. Submit your ... 1/4 cup fresh lemon or orange juice. 3 - 4 apples ... Jack LaLanne (95 yrs. young) with Patricia  ...






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CHRISTMAS & 2010 PRAYER: For family, friends & our country – to stay healthy, free and prosper. Keep crime, crooks, illness & wars away!

The Holiday Season, which begins with Thanksgiving Day and carries through to New Year 2010, is a very special time for all. It’s a time to Celebrate Life, to recognize the Spiritual Forces of the Universe, to express Gratitude for our Blessings, and to share our Love with others by the Giving of Gifts. During this Christmas, let’s all think how we can be the Best We Can Be by improving all aspects of our Health – Physical, Mental, & Spiritual – and our capacity to Love and Serve others so that we each can do our part to make the World a Better Place. With Love and Blessings. – Patricia Bragg, ND, PhD. Please partner with our new Bragg Health Institute:

2010 Goals Bragg Donates to Local FoodBank Enjoy BRAGG •Healthy Live 100% Healthy Lifestyle and School Lunch Menus Vinegar Drinks! • Keep Smiling & Be Strong Patricia Bragg and Dr. John Westerdahl delivered Organic Apples and Bragg Health Products to the Santa Barbara County FoodBank. “We are committed to helping the FoodBank deliver healthy nutritious foods to our neighbors in need. It is also the Bragg mission to work with all the school lunch programs and teach children healthy nutrition,” says Patricia Bragg.

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Jack LaLanne (95 yrs. young) with Patricia Bragg

Bette Midler, famous singer

Katy Perry, famous singer

Do Windmill Exercise for Super Energy Takes 2-3 minutes. Stand up in space enough to swing arms around safely. Swing arms forward in big circles at your sides, individually and then together, 10 times each. Repeat in opposite direction. Do this exercise whenever you need energy. Bragg opened in New York City, Macfadden’s 7 famous “Penny Restaurants” during big Depression Era. They fed millions of hungry people with healthy vegetarian meals for only a penny each. Inspirational literature was given out to inspire and guide them.

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• Helps control & normalize weight • Rich miracle enzymes & potassium • Natural antibiotic & germ fighter • Improves digestion & assimilation • Helps relieve arthritis, UTI & PMS • Helps remove body toxins



• Promotes a youthful body • Promotes healthy skin • Helps reverse ageing & stiffness • Soothes sunburns, shingles & bites • Helps balance your body’s pH • Soothes tight, aching muscles & joints Hippocrates, (400 BC), the father of medicine, treated his patients with raw apple cider vinegar for its powerful cleansing and healing qualities. It is a naturally occurring antibiotic and antiseptic that fights germs & viruses to help keep you healthy.


Family & Friends More • Be Thankful for Your Health, Vitality & Wise Wisdom • Remember Each Day is a Fresh Challenge to Enjoy

Carrot, Apple, Raisin Salad From Bragg Vegetarian Recipe Book cup fresh or dried coconut, grate cup raw almonds, sliced (optional) cup fresh lemon or orange juice 3 - 4 apples, core, chop 1/ 2 cup raisins or currants 4 cups carrots, grate 1 1/4 tsp raw honey Mix carrots and apples with fresh lemon or orange juice and honey. Add coconut, almonds and raisins or currants. Mix thoroughly. Serves 4 - 6. 1/2 1/2 1/4

Contains 2 8 oz. Servings

Patricia is in Hawaii, enjoying the Free Bragg Exercise Classes and giving lectures. Then Austrailia, New Zealand and Asia for more lectures and Bragg Health Crusading.

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