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18 Dec 2012 ... In the Class X and XII exams 3-5 marks in each of the core subjects will ... Summative Assessment II of 2012-13. ..... them to speak in English.

Quarterly Bulletin of the Central Board of Secondary Education Vol. 51, No. 2, April-June 2012 ADVISORY COMMITTEE Vineet Joshi, I.A.S Chairman Dr. Veera Gupta Secretary M.C. Sharma Controller of Examinations Dr. Sadhana Parashar Director (Training) Pitam Singh Director (Spl. Exams.) N. Nagaraju Director (Academic)

EDITORial Board R.P. Singh Assistant Education Officer Niti S. Sharma Report Writer The views expressed by any author in his/her article /contribution published in Cenbosec do not represent the views of the Board. Published by the Secretary, Central Board of Secondary Education, ‘Shiksha Kendra’, 2, Community Centre, Preet Vihar, Delhi-110092, © CBSE , Delhi-92 and Printed at India Offset Press, A-1 Mayapuri Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110064, Ph.: +91-11-28116494, 9811526314.



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From the Chairman We remember our school days when we were given a project - ‘Each One Teach One’. A simple initiative that made the students take the role of teachers for those ‘chosen few’ who did not even dream of ‘school education’. It is surprising to hear that a lot of kids who got initiated into reading and writing pursued education from open schooling etc., and grew up doing well in life. This is a simple example of ‘Community Outreach’. The term ‘Community Outreach’ can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on the need, requirement and modes of providing the outreach. According to me the Community Outreach can be simply explained as an event or program that benefits a specific community/population. It can be any activity that brings the work, experience, knowledge, information, innovations of the institutions/organizations out into the community, the nation or the world. And when we talk of a Community Outreach programme in the field of education, it involves students, teachers, schools, academic institutions, educationists, academicians, society and most importantly, the outreach audience. The Community Outreach can take on many forms like service to others, teaching and taking up various community concerns. Outreach projects commonly take place in settings outside of the school/ institution that directly or indirectly benefit community partners. Management, faculty and student engagement with community audiences and partners in both formal and informal settings are the types of activities that are most commonly associated with outreach. It describes all projects, assignments, workshops etc., which are offered outside the regular premises. On the other hand teaching the students weaving, handcrafts, traditional arts, crafts, painting and other folk arts etc. to the young generation so that these ancient art forms do not die out, can be categorized as Community Outreach too. Continuing with its efforts in the area of ‘Values Education’, the CBSE is bringing out a Values Education Kit (VEK) that contains Values Education: A Handbook for Teachers, Values Cards and a CD of songs symbolising values of peace, harmony and respect for nature that can help in bringing education for values in schools. We all know that this is not something new. Teachers everywhere are attempting this in their own way. What is required at this stage is to review all possible strategies which could lead to a comprehensive approach. In the Class X and XII exams 3-5 marks in each of the core subjects will be allotted for ‘Values Education’ in the form of Values Based Questions. The idea is to prepare and nurture students to live in a multilingual, multicultural, and multi-religious country. It is believed that heritage education is important for a child’s understanding of the beliefs, values, history and socio-cultural context and it should not be confined to the study of physical survivals only. In this context CBSE has recently extended its horizon in the field of education with the incorporation of Heritage Education Programme in schools. The main initiatives under the programme are inter-school Heritage India Quiz, initiating Heritage Walks, annual celebration of World Heritage Day on 12th January,

April-June 2012


Adopt a Monument Programme, functioning of Heritage school clubs and conducting cultural events to enrich every learner’s overall experience. The Board has also initiated a micro site on Heritage Education at which will help teachers to explore, learn and empower their students with local heritage and connect them to National and World Heritage Sites. The country would be celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda on 12th January 2013. It has been decided to commemorate the event in the schools affiliated to the Board so that the teachers, students and various stakeholders can understand the life, philosophy and teachings of this great reformer. In order to excel at a job, a sport or any discipline, a person must acquire and master certain skills. Living a healthy, accomplished and productive life is no different. Taking the lead, CBSE has introduced Life Skills Education as an integral part of the curriculum to inculcate self awareness, empathy and critical thinking skills among young learners. In this context, the first International Life Skills, School Health and Wellbeing Summit, 2012 was held between 19 and 21 April 2012 at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. A soft launch of the CBSE Academic website was also done by the Honourable Minister of Human Resource Development during the summit. The website provides an insight not only into the academic activities which otherwise might not be easily accessible to all. It is a sincere effort from the CBSE Academics and Training Unit and aesthetic and visual appeal, navigation and accessibility are the major focus points that were kept in mind while designing and developing this website. The CBSE honours 15 mentors and 32 teachers from across the country on the eve of the Teachers’ Day for their innovation and contribution in the field of education. Introduced for the first time, the Mentor Award is being given for efforts to promote Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The Mentors are identified by the CBSE, who helped schools implement CCE effectively. Keeping in line with CCE and the other Examination Reforms, the CBSE has decided to discontinue the practice of providing a Blue print, Sample Question papers and Marking Schemes in classes IX and X w.e.f. the Summative Assessment II of 2012-13. The Board has been propagating life skills, health, hygiene and sanitation, disaster management, vocational education, environmental education, values education etc., which are intrinsic to reaching out to the community, nation and the world. The Community Outreach also creates awareness among children, develop life skills and train the young growing minds to look beyond academic and global boundaries.



Community Outreach

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Community Outreach

As stake holders,teachers- lets welcome the new pedagogy with an open heart and embark upon this new era by reconstructing the present routine and extinguish the previous mode of teaching. So the digital learning is here to take the educational world with a storm. Lets brave ourselves to create an appropriate environment for the digital natives- and open new opportunities this for them and make the education of 21st century relevant and real life and project based education. Lets pledge to “RE-IMAGINE, RECONSTRUCT, REFLECT, RECHARGE OURSELVES TO BRING ABOUT AN EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION”. Mrs. Raj Rani Principal Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School, Janakpuri, New Delhi

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." – Rabindranath Tagore

April-June 2012


What other teachers say… In this era of competition and everyday innovation, India is also moving at a fast pace towards the modernization of the education system. In recent times a number of new steps have been taken by the Honourable Ministry of HRD that has let the ship set sail in the sea of MODERN EDUCATION SYSTEM. The recent implementation of CCE system in the Secondary Level is one such step. However, the point that is to be noted is whether this system pertains to Indian society or the school practicals, projects, assignments and other activities – everything is fine – but a plethora of queries are to be answered - Are they being implemented properly? Have they really reduced the pressure of studies? Are the students really benefiting from the system? Was the optional Board Exam for the Class X students fruitful? – and several such questions. Apart from CCE, Education in India has also undergone other changes. But it is to be remembered that teaching is a noble profession and it cannot be forced by anyone. India is developing at a fast pace but proper care has to be taken so that the base is not weakened. Society's view towards the teachers should also be modernized. We all want our country to prosper in every field. So proper needs be taken in the education sector. Mr. Animesh Acharya PGT English, HOD English Assam Rifles School Agartala, Tripura West We talk, talk and talk of preparing global citizens, better individuals etc. We, the teacher community, shoulder the maximum and the most vital responsibility of doing so. If the strength of a class is 50-60, then one cannot and in no case be able to impart the subject knowledge, diminishing values, ethos and the much sought after life skills/soft skills. In my opinion, and many may also agree with me, that in a classroom of 60-70 students, a teacher cannot do justice with teaching as well as with the students. A professional teacher must understand that it is not only the teaching of subject content which is important but it is equally important to impart the life skills, values etc. to produce better citizens. It is suggestive that if the number can be restricted to maximum 30, then a teacher can take care of each and every pupil very well. The teacher can without difficulty identify the shortcomings and other obstacles pertaining to learning process. Affiliation should only be given to those schools which fulfill the board norms as far as number of students in a classroom are concerned. It is high time now that the teachers and the individuales who run the schools think over the importance of this issue. Mr. Chetan Chauhan HOD-English Language, DPS-Gandhidham


Community Outreach

Education is one of the most important aspects of Human Development Index, for me it’s not a data for comparing with other parts of the world, which we are now integral. Where the world has moved up is less important than where we are, and obviously we are at the dark side. Education in terms of quality as well as quantity is not visible clearly far and wide. This is not in the state due to myopic vision and mission, this is only due to lack of hands, the all elements concerned with functioning and translation seem handicapped. The role of schools is crucial when it comes to the implementation for new policies and programmes, for example CCE, there is a tendency of more paper work than the real work. Schools are unable to create an atmosphere where a child can feel a drive for cognitive, behavioural, emotional, social and life skill development. A clear instance of RTE Act, 2009 is relevant here, which reflects the deep seated motives and desires of schools. The Supreme Court upheld the constitutional validity of Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 and directed every school, including privately-run ones, to give immediately free education to students from socially and economically backward classes from class-I till they reach the age of 14 years. Here my main concern is not whether the law is being followed or not, but my chief concern is to say that the spirit of the law is not there in action. Further, the RTE, 2009 says that schools shall constitute School Management Committees (SMCs) comprising local authority officials, parents, guardians and teachers. The SMCs shall form School Development Plans and monitor the utilization of government grants and the whole school environment. The RTE Act also mandates the inclusion of 50 per cent women and parents of children from disadvantaged groups in SMCs. Such community participation will be crucial to ensuring a child friendly “whole school” environment through separate toilet facilities for girls and boys and adequate attention to health, water, sanitation and hygiene issues. The community as a whole and the school in this community along with the law of the land, need to be in harmony with each other. We need to work together as we, the people of India. Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh PGT/TGT, Psychology/Social Science, Tarawa, Deoria

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April-June 2012


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Community Outreach

News From Schools

Face Painting Competition Swarnprastha Public School, Sonepat

to make children aware about contemporary social evils and ways to curb them.

An Inter House Face Painting Competition was organized at Swarnprastha Public School on 21 April, 2012. Students from Classes VI-VIII and IXXII participated in the sub-senior and senior category respectively. The competition was held in the spacious and well-ventilated Assembly Hall. Students participated in pairs, where one had to paint the face of the other. Students chose a variety of themes and painted them. Themes such as Global Warming, Female Foeticide, Educating, Educating the Girl Child, Save Tiger- The National Treasure, Grow More Trees, Smoking is Injurious to Health, Save Water- The Elixir of Life, India- Unity in Diversity, Communal Harmony, Harmony between India and Pakistan, etc. were highlighted. The artistic presentation reflected the students imagination where was captivating. They also painted relevant quotations to give their paintings an extra edge. The colours used were vibrant and apt for the themes. Some students presented their themes in black and white, which were equally appreciated. The competition was a step ahead

April-June 2012

The colourfully painted faces depicted the themes of the Face Painting Competition

The Face Painting Competition was organized as part of the school’s mission to not only focus on the academics, but also ensure the all round development of childern where they can display their talent. To achieve this goal, the competition was open to all the students. The three best entries from each House were taken into consideration while choosing the winning house. Individual prizes and consolation prizes were awarded to the students to motivate them.


Research, Experiment and Innovation with A Dose of Persistence - Maharaja Agarsain Public School Today, when the world is turning towards Science and IT, schools need to visualize and plan for the present day students to establish themselves as great achievers. Here, Project based learning promoted by the Buck Institute for Education is an instructional method that provides students with complex tasks based on challenging questions. The core idea of PBL (Project Based Learning) in school is that real world problems capture student’s interest and provoke serious thinking as they acquire and apply new knowledge is a problem capture solving context. Using their own investigation, students develop valuable research skills. This project was conducted under the able guidance of Ms. Sonika Verma (teacher guide & mentor).

Fair 2011’ where 12 projects were chosen to participate in the ‘National Science Fair 2011’ at Chandigarh. Agarsainians have raised the by winning gold, silver and bronze medals bar. Though the concept started by the Science Department, this year the Mathematics and Social Science Departments have also joined in and one Mathematics project has made its way to the National level. The project representing ‘INDIA’ at the International level in May 2012 Project

Teacher Students Incharge P r o d u c t i o n o f B i o Ms. Pallavi Saral Baweja, Fertilizers, Biofungicide Goel Nishi Paliwal & a Bio Soil Enhancer by action of bacillus, Subtilus on bones.

Graduation Ceremony Bhavan's SL Public School, Amritsar

A young scientist being awarded by the Principal of Maharaja Agarsain Public School

Agarsainians at ‘MISSIVE INTERNATIONAL’ held last year had brought laurels to their alma mater. They had to struggle for resource and facilities, but more importantly they became capable individuals. In the academic session 2011-12, a synopsis of 35 projects in different categories were sent to the ‘Intel Science


Bhavan’s SL Public School, Amritsar Kendra organized a cultural programme respectively on the occasion of Graduation Ceremony. Dr. K.N. Kaul, Principal, DAV College, Amritsar and Colonel Rajbir Singh Batth, Group Commander NCC Group were the guests of honour. NCC and Band of the school escorted the guests. Chairman, Sh. Avinash Mohindru, presented a floral welcome. The programme commenced with lighting of the lamp. The students gave a marvelous dance presentation with “Saraswati Vandana”. The convocation makes students realize their responsibilities. The students who are promoted from Pre-wing to Main-wing i.e. from class I to II in 201011 were declared Graduates. Chairman Sh. Avinash Mohindru, Principal Dr. Anita Bhall, Vice-Chairman

Community Outreach

Sh.Anil Singhal along with the Chief Guest distributed the certificates. This was followed by “Bamboo Dance”. Students of 2009-10 were declared Graduates and certificates were distributed, followed by Rhythmic Gymnastics and “Qawwali”. The importance of the Girl Child in Punjabi Culture and tradition, was brought out. Principal, Dr. Anita Bhalla, gave the vote of thanks. A memento was presented to the guests followed by National Anthem.

dance to pay tribute to the mothers. The Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla gave a presentation based on the same theme. Vindhaychal House also extended a token of love to Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla. The mothers participated in various events organized by the house, and the winners were awarded with gifts.

A token of gratitude for mothers

The young graduates of Bhawan’s Public School, Amritsar

Mother's Day Celebration Bhawan’s SL Public School celebrated Mother’s Day on 12 May, 2012 in Hari Har Hall under the supervision of Chairman Sir Mr. Avinash Mohindru, Vice-Chairman, Mr. Anil Singhal and Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla. Mother – the idol of selfless love, sacrifice, innocence whose place is the highest one in the whole universe was emphasized in this programme. With this theme, the Vindhaychal House of the school conducted the whole programme and honoured the mothers. Chairman Mr. Mohindru welcomed all the mothers and enlightened them regarding their significance in the upbringing of the child and encouraged them to give their maximum time to their children. Vindhaychal House teachers presented a

April-June 2012

150th Birth Anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore Maharaja Agrasen Model School, New Delhi As per the guidelines given in the CBSE Circular No. 35/11 dated 5th May, 2011, to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. The following programmes have been organized in Maharaja Agrasen Model School, New Delhi school during the session 2011-2012:1.

An afforestation programme launched on 08 August, 2011 in the School under the efficient guidance of the Head, Mrs. Pratibha Kohli.


An article and a set of G.K. Questions based on the life of Gurudev were put to the students during the School Assembly.


Rbi Awards In the State Level school Essay Competition, 2012, for students of Rajasthan, organized by the Reserve bank of India towards awareness of the importance of financial literacy and country’s economic development, Pooja Kumari of MKB Sr. Sec. School, Jaipur, stood Second and won a cash prize of Rs. 3000/-. Avneesh Pandey of TVB of Mansarover, Jaipur stood Third winning a cash prize of Rs. 2000/-. Director, Mr. P.D. Singh, felicitated the students. A student along with the exhibits during the school exhibition 'Sanskriti'


Class X students prepared collages on the life of Gurudev which were assessed as a part of FA in Social Science.


During the School Exhibition, ‘Sanskriti’, students displayed various items like life sketch, quotations and collage on the life of Guru Rabindranath Tagore.

Tagore Jayanti Celebrations Tagore Jayanti Celebrations on 5 May, 2012 in the school campus was marked with various inter-house competitions, including debate and extempore speech. The participants of Sanga, Pratap, Raman and Tagore Houses painted ‘Tagore - an Expression’ with the aid of natural colours and creative imagination.

Tagore Public School Shastrinagar, Jaipur Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award Garima Kumawat of T.P.S. Shastrinagar bagged the First Prize securing in the Kalpana Chawla Memorial Award-2012. She was Honoured and awarded a Merit Certificate, Memento and a Cash Award of Rs. 5100/- by Mr. B.L. Chawla, father of Kalpana Chawla. The Award function was organized by Biyani Girls College, Vidyadhar Nagar, Jaipur. It was an Inter School Activities in which a large number of schools of the city participated. 360 students were awarded in all categories. Director, Mr. P.D. Singh and Principal, Mrs. Jayanti Sen felicitated Garima Kumawat for her achievement.


The young students paying homage to Shri Rabindranath Tagore through a dance recital

Offering their salutations to the Nobel Laureate, students of TPS Shastrinagar or Vaishali chanted to the tunes of “Ekla Chalor Re”. Musical recapitulations of “Hey Prakash, Prakash Bhuwan Bharey” made a deep impression on the audience. Inaugurating the ceremony, Principal Mrs. Mridula De, lit the lamp and garlanded

Community Outreach

the portrait of Rabindranath Tagore. She felicitated the students for their participation and inspired them to follow the path of learning lit by Gurudev.

Principal, Sri Gurukulam Secondar y School, Presided.

The activities culminated with floral tributes to this great Poet of India.

Junior Annual Day Celebration Sishya School, Hosur On 1st April, 2012 Sishya School celebrated their Junior School Day based on the theme “The Glittering Galaxies”. Efforts were made to ensure that the cultural fest was a memorable one for the tiny tots. The programme began with a tribute to the state. The Principal Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan, who was the master mind behind the fest, welcomed the gathering. The Annual Report of the Kindergarten for the year 2011-12 was read by Mrs. Sujatha, the Co-ordinator, following by Mrs. Kavitha Sasun, Coordinator, Primary Section who presented the Annual Report of the classes. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Valli. The students enthralled the audience with their sparkling pageant of cultural items and the auditorium. The cultural fest had an array of events such as the Invocation song, a Tamil skit, The Ramayan, The Food Pyramid, the Polly Wolly Dance, an English skit- The Stone Soup among others.

Academic Day Celebration 2011-12 28 April, 2012 was the most awaited day of the year for the students and teachers of Sishya School that celebrated the achievements of the students. Mr. Mohan Sundar, the Correspondent, Sri Gurukulam Secondary School, and Mrs. Sarojamani,

April-June 2012

A proud moment for the young students as they receive prizes by the Chief Guest

The day began with a tribute to the state through ‘Tamil Thai Vazthu’, followed the prayer song invoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty, by the school choir. The dignitaries let the lamp. The former Principal, Dr. Vasanthi Thiagarajan, greeted the guests with fruit baskets. The choir gave a melodious rendition of the ‘Season of Love’. Prizes were distributed by the honourable Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour, to students who received the Proficiency Award, the Special Award, 100% Attendance Award and the Chatrapati Shivaji All Rounder Award. The ‘Popular Teacher Award’ was given to teachers nominated by students and they also received awards sponsored by the management for their extraordinary work. The 7th edition of the newsletter ‘Voyager’ was released by the Chief Guest followed by the presidential address.


The Guest of Honour, Mrs. Sarojamani addressed the gathering and the function came to a close with the the National Anthem.

The artists made the audience conversant with the pristine Indian culture and the rich legacy of the folk lores and dances with its undiluted traditions.

Spic Macay Programme Gail Dav Public School, Dibiyapur

Mother's Day Celebration Lions Public School, Gurgaon

The Rajasthani folk artists enthralling the audience during a cultural evening

A cultural evening was held at GAIL DAV Public School, Dibiyapur, Auraiya on 23 April 2012. A troupe of eight Rajasthani artists under the aegis of SPIC MACAY i.e. Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth playing conventional instruments enthralled the audience. Mr. M.R. Meshram, GM (OPER.) Gas Authority of India Ltd. PATA and other eminent GAIL dignitaries graced the occasion.

Mother’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Lions Public School, Gurgaon. The Junior Wing presented a heart warming dance to the beat of ‘Tu kitni acchi hai, tu kitni bholi hai, pyari pyari hai O maa’. A dance competition in which Mother and child together competed as a team enthralled everyone. ‘Cooking without Fire’ competition was also organized for Mothers. An interactive session ‘Me and My Child’ was conducted by Art of Living teacher Ms. Seema Chawla. The session ended with a promise to create awareness and work for Female emancipation and empowerment.

Spectra 2012-One Step Beyond Vision International Indian School Dammam, KSA

Mr. Awad Al Maliki, Deputy Director of Foreign and Private Education, Ministry of Education, Dammam inaugurating ‘SPECTRA-2012’

The Rajasthani folklores being rendered


SPECTRA 2012, the two day educational exhibition with the theme ‘ONE STEP BEYOND

Community Outreach

VISION’got off to a colourful start at Prof Rasheeduzzfar Hall in the Girls Campus of International Indian School Dammam on 30 May 2012. Mr AWAD AL MALIKI, Deputy Director of Foreign & Private Education, Ministry of Education inaugurated the event. The Chairman of the School Managing Committee, Mr Thirunavukkarassu, Mr Khalid Al Ruwaie, Supervisor, Ministry of Education, Mr Raju Kurian, Member, Managing Committee, and Dr E K Mohammed Shaffe, Principal & Head of the Institution attended the programme. More than 300 exhibits were displayed and over 1000 students participated in the fair. The exhibits revealed the innovative and creative skills of the students covering all major subject areas - Science & Technology, IT & Computer Science, Mathematics, Social Sciences & Humanities, Languages & Literatures, Commerce & Management, Biology & Bio-Technology, SUPW & Arts. Special pavilions depicting Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil languages and cultures were major attractions in the fair. World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) had set up a special stall for Saudi Arabian Culture and Islamic Studies. Special Effect shows on ‘Dancing Waters, The Awesome Deep portraying the deep marine life, and Heal the World’ attracted the audience in a big way.

New Session Begins The new academic session 2012-2013 began with Investiture ceremony of the Student Council followed by Labour Day celebration as a part of SEWA students. The Library week was celebrated from 19 May 2012 to 23 May 2012.As part of Library Week celebrations various activities were organized highlighting the importance of reading. To promote

April-June 2012

reading among students “DEAR” hour- Drop Everything and Read, was observed. ‘Princess of Reading’ was crowned in the morning assembly to motivate the student who read the maximum number of books within an academic year and make the maximum use of the school library.

The new academic session brings hopes and aspirations for all

Co-Scholastic activities are conducted by the Dramatics and Literary Clubs. The Literary club organized Mock sessions demonstrating live news coverage on topics such as ‘Bhoja Air Crash’, ‘Prime Ministers Visit to Burma’ etc. Miming on ‘Environmental pollution’ and ‘No to Mobile Phones’ were also well presented. The World Environment Day was celebrated with students presenting skits, songs and a lot of activities focusing on the theme of caring & protecting the environment. The ‘Go Clean’ march by the Kindergartners in the school campus touched the heart of every one spreading the strong message of reducing, recycling, reusing and keeping the surrounding clean.


Fancy Fete (Charity begins at home) Sri Seshaas International Public School, Salem.

An exhibition-cum-sales event organized by Sri Seshaas International Public School, Salem

A programme based on the democratic principle 'OF' the children, 'BY' the children, amd 'FOR' the children in organized on Republic Day, every year. This 'Fancy Fete' of the wizards of 'Sri Seshaas' is an exhibition cum sales of craft works made by them during their activity time. The entire proceeds is donated as required materials to the homes of unfortunates. Children are taught to make and sell things on their own with the guidance of their teachers. This programme helps students to realize the value of money, have marketing skills and make them confident in earning their livlihood.

Exhibition on International Day of Biodiversity Kamla Nehru Public School, Chak Hakim, Phagwara The Go-Green Club of Kamla Nehru Public School, Chak Hakim, Phagwara organized a Science Exhibition to celebrate World Biodiversity Day on 20 May 2012. The Chief Guest were Mr. K.K.Sardana, Joint Managing Director, Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Ltd and Mr. I.K.Sardana, President, School Managing Committee. Students exhibited models on Biodiversity


in plants and animals in Brazil & India, gave demonstrations on Biodiversity in Turkey, presented models & projects on Biodiversity of vegetables and fruits in Nigeria & Phillipines, biodiversity in Polar Region, tropical rain forests & deserts was displayed, exhibited models on Endemic species and Extinct species in the World, exhibited models on Forest Biodiversity in China and India, displayed models on Biodiversity-Life insurance for the changing world and presented a Forum Theatre. 839 students participated in this exhibition. Around 1470 parents, guests and students of different schools visited this exhibition. The School Principal Ms.P.K.Dhillon thanked all the guests and visitors.

The member of Go Green Club of Kamla Nehru School, Phagwara talking about the project on Biodiversity of vegetables and fruits

Adventure Day Camp Silver Line School, Ghaziabad A special Adventure Day Camp full of fun, masti and mazaa was organized for class V students. These adventure activities help them to become self reliant, productive individuals with clarity, precision and independence. The main attractions of this camp were Rappelling, Burma Bridge, Tunnel Crossing, Commando Net, Rock Climbing, Tyre Crossing,

Community Outreach

Stepping Stone, Commando Bridge etc., and concluded with songs and games. The range of activities enhanced team building during a adventure day out.

about the location, History and architectural details of these heritage sites.

A creative depiction of the World Heritage Sites by school students Glimpses of the Adventure Day Camp at Silver Line School, Ghaziabad

Knowledge Confluence is an initiative to start collaborative learning with overseas partners to give students global exposure by adding an international dimension to the activities based on curriculum. Parents, guests and members of the press were invited.

The center of attraction was an artistic artificial brick wall made of thermocol which innovatively displayed the posters of the world heritage sites and travel guides prepared by students.

On this occasion students exhibited their creative work on the topics such as:•

Fibre to Fabric-which included a comparative study of types of fabrics used in different countries, dressing up in traditional costume of China, France, Scotland, Qatar and India to share information about the fabrics used in these nations along with the processing methods and unique features of the fabrics. World Heritage Sites-showcased models and posters of world Heritage sites of Jordan, Italy, China, Egypt and India.

Students made beautiful replicas of the world heritage sites of the countries, selected for the project. Students fluently delivered important information

April-June 2012

The 'Fibre to Fabric' exhibit was accompanied by the students dressed in traditional costumes of diferent countries dipicting unique aspects of the fabrics used.

This initiative of collaborative learning experience was beneficial for students as well as teachers. Even the parents and visitors also found the event highly informative and interesting and appreciated the effort of the school.


“Face to Faith Day” extends the mission of Tony Blair Faith Foundation Programme and Interfaith Foundation India. Face to Faith programme gives young people the opportunity to learn about the cultural and religious backgrounds of others. School works in close association with a NGO Shaurya the Brave Hearts, where underprivileged children of diverse religions and cultures. They are taught as well as given vocational training by the school teachers to secure their independent and bright future. The programme for Faith Day started with Sarv Dharm Sadbhawna prayer followed by a beautiful dance performance depicting the harmonious co-existence of different religions in India on the song ‘HE ISWAR, YA ALLAH’……….. Followed by the performance was an activity class in which students showcased their talent in applying Mehndi, decorating diyas and by decorating the school for the upcoming most important festival of India “DIWALI”. There existes a strong bond of Unity in Diversity among the students.

The Knowledge Resource Development and Welfare Group (KRDWG) expert panel awarded the Educational Excellence Award to SNVP. Dr. Alisher Uma Rai, presented the award to the Principal of the school Mr. Vishal Jain & Vice Principal at an award distribution function held in New Delhi on 13 May, 2012 . SNVP was selected from 140 schools across 5 Countries & 17 Indian states. SNVP was adjudged as the best on the basis of its performance in imparting education , availability of the IT infrastructure, trained faculty and participation of the school in events at the District, State and National level.

International Bio-Diversity Day D.A.V. Centenary Public School, Hardwar

Educational Excellence Award 2012 Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth, Meerut

The participants during the Workshop-cum-Seminar on Bio-diversity

Dr. Alisher Uma Rai, presenting the Educational Excellence Award 2012 to the Principal Mr. Vishal Jain


Workshop-cum-Seminar was organised on the occasion of “International Day for Biological Diversity ” on 22 May 2012. The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Jeet Ram (Prof. Kumaun Univ. and MLA of Uttarakhand Govt.), and Mr. P.C. Purohit, Principal DAV School Hardwar. Dr. Jeet

Community Outreach

Ram delivered the key note address and stressed on the support of bio-diversity that can ensure food and nutritional security for the world. He also explained the methods of conservation of biodiversity and its importance. Speaking on the occasion, Principal, Mr. P.C. Purohit reviewed Indian culture that adheres to the principle of shared membership of all living organisms. Bio-resource engineering must be rooted in ethics so that humans do not kill the proverbial hen which lays a golden egg. As a part of Workshop-cum-Seminar an exhibition on flora and fauna was displayed, poster making, declamation, power point presentation, skit, quiz and a choreography etc., were held to explore students understanding of the MECHANISM AND METABOLISM of this LIVE PLANET Earth.

Start Club Activities EmmAar International School, Jalandhar With the onset of the new session 2012-13 in the school, a unique concept of Skill Based Club activities has been started 12 clubs based on important skills that must be acquired by students have commenced operating with all students of the school having been allotted clubs according to their aptitude and ability. The clubs are Drama, Elocution, Drawing, Sports, Music, Dance, Science, GK, Abacus, Entertainment, Computers and Business. Zero periods twice a week have been specifically reserved for this important activity. The clubs have a clear mandate to produce events for the School Annual Day as well. This saves a lot of time as the number of hours of practice to drastically reduced. The school intends to increase the number of clubs for which Teacher’s Training continues in the school.

April-June 2012

Skills based club activities being conducted in the school

Summer Camp Maharaja Agrasen Model School, New Delhi A summer camp for the students of classes IVVIII from was 17 May to 23 May, 2012 organized from a number of interesting activities like origami, folk dances, art, conversation skills, painting etc. were organized. Participation of children in various fields like Instrumental Music, Dance, Computer Animation, Craft, Drawing & Art, Mental Ability, English Conversation & Dramatics was praise worthy. The ‘Summer Camp’ focused on learning through activities, where students were actively involved in ‘learning by doing’. On 23 May, 2012 the school marked the culmination of the Summer Camp with various competitions which showcased the talents participants.


Community Outreach with a Difference! Summer Fields School, Delhi In an endeavour to realize the significance of faith, the Face to Faith Day celebration was held in the school. The celebrations started with a talk by Mrs.Razia Sultan Ismail Abassi, Coordinator, Global Network of Religions for Children (G.N.R.C.) and Founder and co-convenor, India Alliance for Child Rights.

Field Service (AFS) International, Pranav Sukhija,Teach For India Fellow,National Finalist (Top 15 shortlisted) Faith Fellow, The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and an alumnus of Summer Fields School and Kanishka Rai, an outstanding student of Summer Fields School who has overcome his physical challenge to come out a winner in all spheres of school life.

A blend of intellect and experience, Ms.Ismail urged the children to develop respect for all creation, emphasizing on ‘Learning to Live Together’.

Coming together for faith and harmony

The Principal, Mrs. Rema Alex Daniel, believes that spiritual transformation and growth leads to holistic development of the youth.

The students participating in the cycle rally displaying slogans/ placards on Interfaith Harmony

After this spiritually enlightening experience, the students geared up for the Cycle Rally. They had specially hired bicycles for the event and displayed placards on them, with quotes on Interfaith Harmony, designed and drafted by the students themselves.The T-shirts donned by the students had interfaith slogans painted by their themselves. The Cycle Rally was flagged off by Ms.Sunita Godara, Asian Marathon Champion, 2008 and Social Activist, Ms.Divya Arora,National Director,American


Then came the much awaited Faith Fund Raiser Canteen. The Face to Faith students contributed food ingredients. The proceeds from the canteen, a sum of Rs.13,700 went to the Mother Teresa charity. Next day, the students set out on a spiritual quest marked by a visit to the Buddhist Vihar, Transfiguration Church and Baha’i Temple.

Trip to Hong Kong MVN Aravali Hills, Haryana Edutainment is in vogue at MVN. A special five day educational trip to watch the Annual Solar Eclipse at Hongkong was organized for the students on 17 to

Community Outreach

24 May, 2012.The itinerary for this educational trip included city tour, Symphony of lights at the Harbour Victoria peak, Disneyland, Ocean park, and top of the list was watching the Annual Solar Eclipse from the Harbour point of Hong Kong on 20 May, 2012

The Indian Cultural Heritage Witty International School, Udaipur

Ms. Monisha Naik giving a lecture cum demonstration on 'Kathak' to the students of Witty International School, Udaipur

A fun-filled educational trip for students of MVN Aravali Hills, Haryana

Experiments were given by the Space organization New Delhi who have been promoting Astro tourism since last many years. Students geared up for the moment with their recordings of wind speed before and after the solar eclipse. Temperature too was recorded before and after this natural phenomena .The first contact of this event was to be viewed at 5:08 am but this could not be done due to dark clouds in the sky. The second contact happened at 6:15 am and temperature recorded at 6:00am was 29.9C but at 6:15 am was 26.8C at the onset of solar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse viewed by the students was rememberable. Students also had the opportunity to meet the Consulate General of India in Hongkong Mr. Gaddam Dharmendra. Along with the experiential learning students had an adventurous experience on the thrilling rides of Disneyland and Ocean Park. The 4D-animated Disney show 'The Lion King' and the fire works were moments to be CHERISHED.

April-June 2012

“The physical language of the body is so much more powerful than words.” This saying was proved true at Udaipur when the renowned artist and Sangeet Kala Ratna Ms Monisha Nayak visited the school premises on 19 April, 2012 under aegis of SPIC MACAY which promotes Indian Classical music and dance amongst youth. She enlightened the students with various tales of this Indian Heritage through her dance performance Principal, Ms Shubha Govil, gave the vote of thanks and Director, Ms Preeti Sogani, felicitated, Ms Monisha Nayak and her troupe.

The Educational Excellence Award St. George's School, Alaknanda The school and the Principal were recognized and felicitated with the Educational Excellence awards at a glittering ceremony held at IIT, Delhi on 13 May, 2012 by the Knowledge Resource Development and Welfare Group for providing “Inclusive and Holistic Education”. The awards were presented by Dr. Alisher Uma Rai, Chief of Education Unit and Programme Specialist for Education UNESCO, New Delhi, Cluster Office for Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives


and Sri Lanka. It was a closely contested competition with over 170 schools/institutions from India and abroad competing for the same.

young brains. To acquaint the students with the fun this subject has in store, the Mathematics department organised an interesting activity on 4 May 2012 by Shri Vikas Sharma, Mathematics teacher who demonstrated various tricks and riddles related to the subject. He made the students participate and calculate as if they all were playing a game.

Dr. Alisher Uma Rai, Chief of Education Unit and Programme Specialist for Education UNESCO, New Delhi giving the Educational Excellence Awards

The quality driven education system of St. George’s School also enabled the school to sweep top honours across all categories. Navita Jain received the prestigious award in the student category and Ms. Sunili Bhatia bagged the award in the Teacher’s category. The luminaries present were Dr. D. S Muley, Consultant, Council of Boards of School Education, AEP, Delhi, Dr. Kuldeep Agaarwal, Director (Academics), NIOS, Delhi, Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Programmme Director “Expressions India”- The Life Skills Education And School Wellness Programme And Incharge – Instt. of Child Development and Adolescent Wellbeing, Moolchand Medicity, New Delhi, and Dr. Manoj Kulshreshtha, School of Engineering and Technology, IGNOU, Delhi.

Lecture by Mathematician BVB Vidyashram, Jaipur Mathematics has always been like a puzzle whose parts seem to be ill-fitting or confusing to many


Mathematics is fun and can be learnt through games and riddles

The Principal, Shri S.V.S Bhandari and VicePrincipal Smt. Lalita Vohra, congratulated the Mathematics department for organizing such an interesting and motivating activity.The students promised that they will not be scared of Mathematics anymore.

Rendezvous with Malta Indus Public School, Rohtak A student delegation f rom Indus Public School, Rohtak visited the Island of Malta on a ten day Educational Exchange Programme organized by the Embassy of Malta in association with the University of Malta. It was the school’s privilege to have been selected along with seven leading schools of Haryana. Principal, Mrs. Annie Williams, was the Co-ordinator of the Exchange programme. The ten day programme began with a visit to the University of Malta. This programme was organised in collaboration with the High Commission of Malta.

Community Outreach

for Humanity’. The students raised awareness about the importance of blood donation through their poetic compositions and dramatic presentation. The play ‘Serve Humanity-Save a life’ was the highlight of the programme. The students also brought forth the importance of eating various fruits and enlightened everyone about the significance and use of First Aid Kit. The programme got fitting finale as the students sang ‘We shall overcome’ with the whole school joining the chorus.

The students of Indus Public School, Rohtak during their educational trip to Island of Malta

The underlying motive of the Exchange programme was the exchange of culture and ideas of study patterns of Malta with the outside world. The programme was a rich source of information related to culture, tradition, habits and food of the exotic island. The food festival was a platform where various delegations showcased their food and flavours. The festival was an extravaganza of traditional recipes and exotic food ingredients. As part of the programme, the delegation visited various departments of the University. The outstanding feature of these departments was that the concepts of Science were being explained through a practical technique - live examples! Students were given live demo which leads to complete understanding of the concepts. The Department of Engineering and Technology acquainted the students with the tensile property of metals and thermal imagery used for bio-medical purposes.

World Red Cross Day Vspk International School, Delhi The School organized a special assembly to celebrate ‘World Red Cross Day’ and ‘World Thalassemia Day. This year’s chosen theme is ‘Together

April-June 2012

The students of VSPK International School, Delhi spreading the message of ‘Together for Humanity’

The students presented the ‘Red Cross’ symbol, badges of benevolence to the Manager, Principal, staff members as well as the students. They also displayed beautiful and informative charts prepared by them. The special assembly ended with the words of praise by the Principal who also shared tips for being healthy, wise and happy and encouraged the students to take care of their life by little contribution by pledging to take care of one life (person) as well as to denote blood after the age of 18.

Mother's Day Celebration Mount Carmel School, Chandigarh The students of the Social Science and NSS Club celebrated Mother’s Day on 2 May, 2012, with great


fanfare. A beautiful cultural programme was organized on this occasion with self composed poems praising their mothers and a couple of dances choreographed on songs related to mothers theme. Students also presented hand made cards and flowers to their mothers, who were specially invited for the occasion. The programme culminated with a speech by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Annie Charles, where she stressed the pivotal role of the mothers in shaping a child’s future. The mothers appreciated the effort of the Clubs for arranging such programmes which inculcate good values in the students.

on family, using shapes, colours, parts of the body, fruits and vegetables were presented using phonetics butterfly song. The Toddlers of playgroup stole a million hearts with their dancing and swaying to the song Lakdi Ki Kaathi. The grand finale of the event was the graduation ceremony...where children wearing graduation caps were awarded certificates by their proud parents.

The graduation ceremony of Anand Niketan, Maninagar was accompanied by song and dance programme

Preservation of Indian Culture Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur

An ode to mothers by Mount Carmel School, Chandigarh students

The Computer Club celebrated Labour day on May 01, 2012. Three students of class X of the School – Khushboo Dhiman, Nimish Goel and Anubhav Gupta conducted a training session for the workers of the School. They taught them the basics of computers, parts of computers, working with Paint Brush and MS Word. After the training session, the workers painted and wrote in MS-Word on their own. It was a joy to see happy faces of the students as they learnt how to use a computer to paint and write.

Milestones Anand Niketan, Maninagar The toddlers presented Milestones, year end programme of the Playgroup and PreKG. The concepts


The School has taken a step forward to sensitize the students to the needs to preserve our culture. On the occasion of World Dance Day the Heritage Club organized a special dance programme in co-ordination with SPIC MACAY, an organization which promotes Indian classical music, dance and other aspects of the Indian Culture. Ms. Madhavi Mudgal, Odissi dancer of International fame, commenced the programme with an invocation to Mother Earth and Lord Ganesha. A dance drama depicting the love of Radha-Krishna mesmerized the students. Ms. SudhaMukhochatopadhyaya, disciple of Ms. Mudgal, performed ‘Moksha’ to conclude the dance session. In the Interactive Session with the students she threw light on this 2000 year old Indian dance form that has survived till date and inspires the present day generation. She explained the various ‘Mudras’ and impressed upon the students the need to preserve and encourage this ancient dance form.

Community Outreach

Outstanding Achievements DLDAV Model School, Pitampura Ankur Jain of class XII, is among 80 students selected from India by CBSE to visit Japan under JENESYS- the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for students and Youth programme 2012. Muskaan Mehta and Ajitesh of class VII have been selected for the final round to be held in UK in an International School Essay Writing Competition organized by ‘The Living Rainforest’ on the topic ‘How can we contribute to Make Earth a Sustainable Planet’. Saloni Mittal of class XI qualified for The Times NIE Summer Training Programme 20122013. She will get a chance to work with the editorial team of The Times of India- Students Edition to gain hands on the experience in journalism. Principal, Mrs. Anita Wadehra, congratulated the students for their outstanding achievements.

JENESYS- Exchange Programme to Japan Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar In an education-cum-cultural visit to Japan, conducted and organized by JENESYS and funded by the Government of Japan, Akhilesh Sudhakar and Keerthana Unnithan of class 11th, ChinmayaVidyalaya Annanagar, were the students selected by the Ministry of HRD, CBSE wing, to represent India as a delegate. Schools all over India nominated 2 students each and the final selection of participants were based on merit certificates, credentials and academic-cumextracurricular performances. Among the students chosen from across the country, 4 were selected from Chennai. The entire programme was fully sponsored and the food, transport and accommodation facilities provided were exemplary. In the 10-day exchange programme f rom 13 to 23 May 2012, students

April-June 2012

were given an opportunity to visit Japanese school, witness prominent cultural events and learn about the functioning and development of different system in Japan. A two day stay with a host family was also on the agenda, and was the highlight of the trip. The visit was intended to be a platform for global interaction and international awareness with participation from different countries.

JENESYS- Exchange Programme to Japan students along with the Officials

The Major outcome of the exchange was that the delegates learnt to appreciate and imbibe the pros of a new culture and tradition, and also to adapt to a different lifestyle, outlook and specifically, diet. “We are thrilled when we saw our dinner table laid with exotic seafood, which an Indian meal would never provide. The people were extremely kind and hospitable, and went out of the way to make us comfortable in a new land. With the younger generation beginning to display an increasing interest in the happenings at the international level, exchange programmes such as these are sure to provide the much needed exposure and experience. Right f rom the predeparture orientations at New Delhi, the visit kept its promise of being an eye-opener, and proved to be an opportunity of a lifetime.


28th Founder's Day Mother Teresa Public School, New Delhi

the show was an enthralling performance by the tiny tots of the pre-primary, which received wide accolades from the huge gathering. The Principal, Mrs. Neeta Jethy apprised the audience on the accolades achieved by the school during year through the annual school report. The occasion also witnessed the students being awarded for their Scholastic & Co-Scholastic excellence & the release of the school magazine “Memories 2012”. The founder Chairman of the school Shri Ashok K. Jethy proposed the vote of thanks to the guests & the parents.

Shri Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE presenting an award at 28th Founder's Day Function of Mother Teresa Public School, New Delhi

Mother Teresa Public School, Preet Vihar, Delhi celebrated its 28th Founder’s Day on April 10, 2012 at Siri Fort Auditorium with huge cheers, spectacular theatrical and dance performances & lively speeches. The day also marked the Birth Centenary of the true inspiration & visionary behind the school Smt. Shakuntala Devi Jethy. The occasion was graced by the presence of Hon’ble Mr. Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE as Chief Guest and Hon’ble Padmashree Mrs. Geeta Chandran, Renowned Bharatnatyam Dancer as Guest of Honour. Amidst other distinguished guests was Shri Y. P. Purang, Retd. Additional Director of Education. The highlight of the programme was a theatrical performance “Magic Years” on the theme of stress & strain faced by the growing teenagers which was directed by renowned theatre personnel Mr. Feisal Alkazi. The medley of cultural programme commenced with a soul stirring instrumental performance which was followed by a mesmerizing ballet ‘Levitat’ presented by the students of primary classes. Adding charm to


The evening came to a close with the solemn tribute to Smt. Shakuntla Devi Jethy, followed by the reverential rendition of the school song and the National Anthem.

Topper's Day Celebration Jeevan Jyothi Public School, Thalikode, Kerala

The Toppers of Jeevan Jyothi Public School, Kerala with their Principal Sr. Blessy Peter

23 June 2012 was one of the most remarkable days in the history of Jeevanjyothi Public School Thalikode. It was celebrated as the Toppers Day. Six students of Class X 2012, who secured A1 was awarded on that day. Each winner planted a sapling in the school garden as a symbol of their victory. They were

Community Outreach

all dressed in university merit gown. The programme started with a prayer dance. The Principal Sr. Blessy Peter expressed the words of welcome. Presidential address was by Rev. Fr. Baiju Kanjirathinga, the parish Priest of Chirakkacode. The function was inaugurated by Dr. Joy Mathew, the Professor and Head of Central Training Institute Kerala Agricultural University. As an entertainment programme, we had an instrumental music. After that all the six winners received award from invited guests.P.T.W.A. President Sri Reji Mathew and Sir Harish K felicitated the awardees. Those students who had full attendance in the last academic year 2011-12 were also awarded. Sandra Shaju, the Head girl proposed the words of gratitude.

sponsored to travel between paired Rotary districts in different countries. We, at Synergy had lot of interesting things to share and learn. Since the members were from all walks of life, our interaction was peppered with a variety of topics.

Learning Beyond the Classroom Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram Synergites interact with group study exchange teams, Rotary Foundation, USA Sri Prakash Synergy School, which operates with a vision of synergizing a community of learners, leaders and innovators, bridged all distances when the members of the recently launched Sri Prakash Synergy Interact Club had an awesome opportunity to host two Group Study Exchange teams from the Rotary Foundation, Michigan and West Virginia. A brainchild of the Rotary Foundation, the GSE promotes International goodwill and understanding. Many Non-Rotarians are

Sri Prakash Synergy Interact Club hosted two group study exchange teams from the Rotary Foundation, Michigan and West Virginia

Julie Nowakowski, an ayurveda enthusiastic was really interested in knowing the ‘mantra’ as to how Indian families remained so close-knit! Kristin Horstman, who works in a Community Health Centre, was able to provide a lot of insight on the same. Mr. Todd Belcher, with a Masters in Agriculture, had interesting career suggestions for us. With Jennifer Hudson, we exchanged notes on sustainable energy production. The session was fun and learning was redefined!

I prefer you to make mistakes in kindness than work miracles in unkindness.

– Mother Teresa

April-June 2012


Green Page

Environment Awareness Drive Sharjah Indian School, Sharjah, Uae

Creation of awareness of the environment and surroundings has become imperative among the student community as they are the future custodians and caretakers of the environment. Keeping this in mind, effective steps were taken to spark awareness about environment conservation and its management.

Best out of waste

Book marks with go green messages


The initiative was taken by the students of grade VIII, IX, X and XI. To take steps for effective waste management through survey and video presentations. An exhibition was conducted to exhibit the best out of waste products and received a great response. Students made paper out of the used notebooks, keeping the recycling concept of environment conservation in mind. T-shirts were designed with green messages

Community Outreach

and circulated among the children. Used cans and papers were collected in the recycle bins placed in the school campus. These practical steps taken towards environment awareness definitely went a long way in changing the mindsets of the student community in general.

World Earth Day Subodh Public School, Jaipur On 21 April, 2012 World Earth Day was celebrated by Performing and Creative Art Club. Various activities were conducted based on the theme “The Earth”. The motto of the world earth day is “Planning the tree”. The programme began with the Principal planting a sapling. After this school band presented a medley of songs based on environment. A documentary “Life on the Earth” was shown followed by presentation of dance by Scholars Ist and mime presentation with message “save environment”, was followed by a quiz based on different aspects of the Earth and environment. The winners were given the photo frames made from best out of waste. A pledge was taken by the students to save the Earth.

The planting of sapling by the Principal during the 'World Earth Day'

World Heritage Day The World Heritage Day celebrated in Subodh Public School

April-June 2012

Activities: Written Quiz Contest Grade: 6 – Know our North East India

Grade: 7 – Know our neighbouring countries (SAARC) Grade: 8 – Know our South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

Since ours is a diverse culture, where the principle of accommodation i.e. “VASUDHAIV KUTUMBKAM” does work. To make the children aware of the rich cultural. Heritage of our ‘seven-sisters’ i.e. N.E. India, and glimpses of South East Asain countries were examined through a written quiz competition.

World Earth Day Tagore Public School, Jaipur Students took out a rally to create awareness in the neighbourhood about harmful effects of global warming, deforestation and wastage of natural resources.

The students of Tagore Public School, Jaipur taking part in the ‘Earth Day Celebration.’

All the four Houses of Middle Wing marched out enthusiastically singing motivational song, placards


in hand and shouting slogans to save Mother Earth from pollution and ruthless urbanization. Earth Day was celebrated in the morning assembly also. Students showed their concern and care for healthy environment by delivering speeches and enacting a skit exhibiting various ways of water conservation and afforestation. Inter House Clay Model Competition and Recitation Competition were organized by Senior and Junior Wings respectively. Mridula De, Principal appreciated the efforts of the youngsters and motivated them to adopt ecofriendly ways of life.

Paper Bag Making Competition Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara

paper bag culture. This competition was conducted by the Global Citizens Club of Kamla Nehru Public School. Police D.A.V. Public School, Jalandhar got 1st Prize, Mayor World School, Jalandhar got 2nd Prize, Innocent Hearts School, Jalandhar got 3rd prize, DIPS Tanda and Sant Sarwan Dass Model School shared the consolation prizes. Kamla Nehru Public School got special award of appreciation. The School Principal Ms. P.K. Dhillon gave away the medals, certificates and trophies to the winning teams. She stressed on the need to use paper bags, cloth bags and jute bags and to avoid using plastic bags to save the environment.

Kapsian Green Drive : Eco Club Activities Kamal Public School, New Delhi During the academic year 2011-12, the Eco Club (The Green Brigade of the School) was active with mass participation by both students and teachers :•

Painting Competitions on various topics like ‘Save Power’, ‘Caring for Mother Earth’, ‘I Love my India’ were organised in all the three wings, Primary, Secondary & Senior Secondary classes.

Art of making paper bags and minimizing plastic bag usage were taught to make them aware regarding pollution free environment.

Project Work for Summer Vacations included Conservation of Bio-diversity, hazards of smoking and preservation of wild life. The topics like, ‘Earth Day’, ‘Vanmahotsav’ & ‘Preserving the Ozone’ were also motivating and exciting for the students to undertake.

Rallies were organized in the local area of Vikas Puri to raised awareness about the importance of rainwater harvesting. Activities like Poster Making, Extempore etc. on 'No Use of Plastic Bags', Conservation of Energy, Preference for Organic Food etc. were organized.

The participants of the Inter-School Paper Bag Making Competition with their awards

An Inter- School Paper Bag Making Competition with the theme ‘Say no to plastic bags’ under Jalandhar Sahodaya Independent School Complex was held on 19th May 2012. 31 teams of CBSE affiliated schools of Jalandhar and Phagwara participated in this competition. The students made artistic paper bags. Each paper bag had a message written on it to develop


Community Outreach

“World Forestry Day” – Students were given vital information was given about the three key facts of forestry – protection, production and reforestation.

“Earth Day” celebration was organized by the students to make them aware about the conservation of various natural resources.

“Anti-Drug Addiction” campaign was organized by the students to make them aware about the demerits of taking drugs and chewing tobacco by celebrating Anti Tobacco Day.

“Environment Day” celebration was held to motivate the students to keep their surroundings green and clean by undertaking plantation of trees and organizing a cleanliness drive in and around school premises.

The UN Day was observed by way of delivering speeches in the school.

On the “Annual Day”, students displayed many Eco-friendly and health oriented items during the function. (An Environmental Ballet was presented on this occasion).

Story Narration (Title : Story of Mother Earth), Showing animated movie (Title : Deforestation), Visit to school garden (to identify parts of the plant to know the use and importance of plants etc.) was endeavoured for the tiny tots (Primary Wing).

The members of the Eco-Club of Kamal Public School, New Delhi during an environmental awareness rally

Other activities included Elocution Competition on ‘Mother Earth’, Collage making, Adopt a Plant Session, Bulletin Board (Wall Magazine) on ‘Animal Life in Danger’, ‘Depiction of Food Chain/ Food Webs’ in class rooms were among the most preferred themes. “Life in Deep Sea”, Making fish aquariums, Herbarium files etc. were also taken up by the students.

Special Assemblies on World Population Day, World Biodiversity Day, Ozone Day, Contamination Prevention Day etc. were observed.

Students were made aware about Earth Day and Earth Hour in association with WWF and rallies were organised to generate awareness among the public as well as students.

Awareness about Anti Littering and Anti-Plastic Bags was also generated through creation of class magazines and newspapers.

A presentation on ‘Clean Yamuna’ was given by the Eco Club Incharge alongwith various activities like workshops were organized among the students to generate eco-awareness.

A fancy dress competition on the theme ‘Biodegradable & Non-Biodegradable Waste’ was organized for the middle wing students.

PPT on Global Warming was shown to the students through Smart Class and it was aptly followed by Class Quiz on the same.

April-June 2012


Regular class demos on 3R's – Reduce, Recycle & Re-use were given in all classes to generate and transform the school into a sustainable school wherein the aim is to empower young people to take responsibility of their own future. Other activities included creation of awareness among students and faculty about wasting little, rain water harvesting, creation of zero tolerance zone to litter and graffiti. In regard of the above regular school workshops and faculty development programmes were organized.

Documentary on how waste is generated, its impact and handling was shown to senior wing students.

Enriching games like ‘Web of Life’ to bring out the relevance of food chain, food web and ecological balance were intrinsically made a part of science curriculum.

Field Trips to Organic Farm, Gobar Gas Plant, Poultry Farm & Eco Adventure Camps were organized throughout the year to bring the students closer to nature.

Students have been asked to prepare project reports as a part of their holiday homework this year (based on the topics : Go Green, 2012 – International Year of Sustainable Energy for all.

One Earth! One Chance! One Hope! M.M. Public School, New Delhi To emphasize and inculcate awareness about Mother Earth among the students and community the Eco Club of M.M. Public School, Pitam Pura celebrated The Earth Day on 23 April, 2012. The celebration began with The Special Assembly motivating the students to save the planet Earth. A Rally involving more than 50 students from Eco Club was organized to spread the message and awareness on Energy Conservation in the nearby Pitam Pura area. The students enthusiastically


prepared banners with paintings and slogans depicting various ways to conserve energy. The celebration also included The Exhibition “Best out of Waste” in which the students showcased their talents by preparing various eco-friendly products like pen-stands, flower pots, sculptures, bags etc from the waste material. Posters on Green House Effect, Climate Change and Global Warming etc with motivating messages were prepared too. The Principal, Ms. Rooma Pathak, also extended her warm support to the students and encouraged them to come up with the similar eco friendly events in the future also. It was indeed an earnest Endeavour of the students who truly emphasized and spread the message “TODAYS WASTAGE IS TOMORROW'S SHORTAGE” So “SAVE MOTHER EARTHReduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

An enthusiastic participation of the kids in the environmental awareness drive

Earth Day Celebration Jindal Vidya Mandir, Vidyanagar Earth Day is an annual observance held on 22 April every year to increase public awareness on the environment related issues. Keeping in mind the importance of Earth Day, the school active by collaborated with the Environment Department of JSW Steel Ltd.

Community Outreach

regular basis to increase the current awareness among the students, Gandhi Nagar Public School, Muradabad celebrated the World Earth Day on 22nd April in a unique manner. The Students communicated their concern for “Green and Pollution Free Earth” by painting balloons and their faces. They appealed to cure our ailing planet by removing environment pollution.

Almost 1000 students of Jindal Vidya Mandir took part in the Earth Day Celebration

Students have the biggest stake in environmental protection. Keeping this in view, the school celebrated Earth Day on a grand scale and huge participation of almost 1000 students and other stakeholders. The day started with Awareness Rally covering JSW Vidyanagar Township, depicting their concerns in the form of beautiful tableau. Rally added extra glamour to our picturesque township. Event followed by Special Assembly & Exhibition. The occasion was graced by Hon’ble Shri. Vikas Sharma, Sr V.P. (C&S) as a Chief Guest and other senior officials of JSW Steel Ltd. All the classes decorated their display boards to show their concern for their environment, religious values of trees, HAWAN, deforestation, best out of waste, energy conservation, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and our forest. Program concluded with the screening of documentary on our ‘Mother Earth’ and ‘Earth Day’ Pledge by all present on the occasion.

Green and Pollution free Planet Gandhi Nagar Public School, Muradabad Following the rich tradition of observing various days of national and international importance on a

April-June 2012

The students of class III to XII set up valuable information on the display board of their respective classes highlighting the problem of global warming-the reasons an concrete suggestion to overcome the problem such as avoiding use of plastic bags, reducing air and water pollution, rain water harvesting etc. Addressing the students and teachers the Principal, Mrs. Shashi Sharma pointed out that God has given us earth to satisfy our needs and not our greed and urged them to leave a legacy for the future generation by following 3 Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.The event was covered by the local press.

Observance of World Environment Day Aiswarya Public School, Kollam Aiswarya Public School, Kollam district in Kerala state has observed the World Environment Day on 5 June 2012 under the auspices of Nature, Eco and SEED (Student Empowerment for Environmental Development) club. Various programmes were organized. In the school assembly the Principal Mr. V. Sundaresan has delivered a speech on the NEED AND IMPORTANCE OF PROTECTING THE ENVIROMENT. Students sang nature songs. A seminar was conducted in the school library hall which was inaugurated by the school chairman Mr. R. Ramachandran Pillai. Papers were presented by


teachers as well as students. More than 100 saplings were planted in the school ground around 1000 saplings were distributed to the students. A painting competition also was conducted on the topic “Protect the ailing Earth”.

The sapling plantation drive during the 'World Environment Day'

Cleanliness Drive to Inculcate the Habit of Shramdaan Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi

groups to clean. They were provided with required material of cleanliness. Everybody was quite excited to do their best. They cleaned some of the specific areas of school premises enthusiastically. The drive was a great success. It was really a good experience for the participants. They understood how much everybody is dependent on servants/ maids. All the warriors of campaign were honoured by the Principal, Mrs. Raj Rani with a certificate and prizes as a token of appreciation in the assembly on 2nd May 2012. She congratulated and encouraged all the participants for their hard work and dedication towards the cleanliness drive. She said that there is always dignity in fair and honest work and cleanliness is a part of our behaviour. The Principal also emphasized SHRAMDAAN which is a part of co-scholastic area in CCE. She added up by her motivational words that more and more students should take part in such drives and imbibe the spirit of Responsibility, Hard work And Efficiency in their assigned work.

DAAN means donate something for the noble cause without any monetary benefit. Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School, C-3, Janak Puri took a step to inculcate a habit of “Shramdaan” among its students by organizing a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ on 1st May on the occasion of International Labour Day. The volunteers of Eco Club, NCC and Scouts and Guides actively came up for the social cause of the school cleanliness. The motive behind the campaign was to make the students realize the importance of each labourer in their lives. They should not look down on any kind of work at school, their places and respective communities but learn to respect that ‘WORK IS WORSHIP’. All the members were allotted different areas as per their


The glimpses of the ‘Cleanliness Drive’ taken up by children of Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi

Community Outreach

Earth Day Celebration Samta Shisha Niketan, Ratlam (M.P.) Samta Shisha Niketan celebrated the Earth Day. The celebrations was started by lighting the tradition lamp ceremony. The lamp was lighted by the Hon’ble chairman of the school Mr. Madanlal Kataria. Many competitions like poster and slogan making competitions, essay and speech competitions were held. The centre of attraction was a huge message giving rangoli of ‘Save Earth’ which was made by the students of class XII. There was an exhibition of posters and slogans also held. On this occasion, all the students along with the staff took oath to save the mother earth. Principal Mr. A. K. Mishra and Secretary Mr. Anandilal Murar also addressed the students. At last, the VicePrincipal of the school Mr. Tousief Iftekhar Ahmed Khan proposed the vote of thanks.

Shankar Vidya Peeth, Mount Abu guided by the few teachers went to Sant Sarover and helped the good cause of environment protection and conservation by cleaning the Sarover and the adjacent area. They took tags along with them from the School and collected all the waste like plastic, polythene and other type of waste material which harms the environment and compost it away from the town. they did it with enthusiosm keeping in mind the importance of environment for its entire beneficiary…

The wastes like plastic, polythene etc., were collected in a huge bag

A March for Mother Nature on World Environmental Day Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Sr. Sec. School, Chennai

The World Environment Day Adarsh Vidya Mandir Shankar Vidya Peeth, Mount Abu

It was just another droning, sultry Tuesday morning and the many people in the wonderful city of Chennai got ready to reluctantly drone into the monotone of daily routine. But we the senior students of PSBB KK Nagar had different plans. About 40 students, accompanied by our teachers, quite literally “walked the last mile” to save the only home that we had: Planet Earth.

On the occasion of the World Environment Day 5 June the students from Adarsh Vidya Mandir

The chants of PSSB, Go GREEN..!! HOMO SAPIENS, GO GREEN..!!!” reverberated the

The class XII students with their Rangoli on 'Save Earth'

April-June 2012


Eco Week Celebration Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar

thresholds of our campus. The neighbourhood resounded throughout with the sensitivity for splendid Mother Earth. Our passionate march was for about 15 minutes, proudly and loudly reiterating to the locality, the importance of painting the whole place green. In an enthusiastic attempt to encourage a safe vision about our environment, we should slogans for the entire marches are vitally important as they make everyone understand the importance nature and further evoke a sense of responsibility and duty towards the environment.

A cultural activity depicting environment awareness during 'Eco-Week Celebration'

‘Walk the Mile’ for saving our Planet Earth

Besides this, the students participated in the green Walk on the Marina organized by the U.S. Consulate General Chennai, in collaboration with Make my Earth Smile Again (MESA) a social enterprise working in the area of environment management. But just like all good things come to an end, this seemed to be no exception, but at the end of the day we went home with the satisfaction of telling everyone around us that, “When you start to smoke, the world starts to choke…!” …well whether the global community realizes to respect nature or not, we sure, did and so did K. K. Nagar and after all is said and done, it is quite right to say “Modern technology owes ecology an apology”.


The Eco Club, took a Green Initiative and celebrated Eco Week from 16 to 20 April, 2012. On the inaugural day, the school launched its Herbal Garden amidst the resonating sound of Sanskrit Shlokas chanted by the students. The occasion was graced by Dr. B.C. Sabata (Senior Scientific Officer, CEE) and Mr. Bibhu Tripathy (Project Officer, CEE) Each day during the week was filled with plethora of activities for the students of junior and senior wing:

Movie Screening and a talk by Mr. Bibhu Tripathy

Workshop on Bird Nest Making by Mr. Rakesh Khatri (Head, Nature Foundation India)

Water Quality Monitoring Workshop

Art Workshop utilizing paper pulp

Talk Show with Mr. Prabhjot Singh Sodhi on ‘Low Carbon Lifestyles’

Community Outreach

Quizmozz – The Eco Quiz

Cleanliness Drive

Apart from this the students prepared ‘paper’ in the Recycling Unit of the school and took a pledge to save our environment. The colourful week ended with a Grand Closing Ceremony in which the Photography Club of the school presented a short documentary highlighting the activities undertaken during Eco-Week. Students also presented cultural items creating awareness for the environment.

School Activities Subodh Public School, Jaipur

Mr. Milind Soman, an International model and Bollywood personality at Subodh Public School, Jaipur during GREENATHON, an NDTV and CEE initiative

Greenathon – Green Marathon started on April 20 –May 20, 2012 covering Delhi, Gujarat and Rajasthan under a project by Center for Environment Education CEE and NDTV. It was a priviledge to have Mr. Milind Soman along with his team in the school premises on April 24, 2012. Mr. Soman is an International Model and Bollywood Personality. He interacted with the students and made them cautious and aware about the environmental issues. He also

April-June 2012

played snakes and ladders game which portrayed various messages like: to save electricity, save water etc. The students presented street play on the water problems of Rajasthan and how to overcome it. Finally, the day ended with “Parinda Bandho Abhiyaan” which is usually organised in Rajasthan during Summers to water and feed the birds. Mr. Milind Soman actively participated in the activities and was really excited to interact with the students of the school. The programme was conducted under the banner of Bharat Scouts and Guides.

Paryavision Celebrated DLDAV Model School, New Delhi

The dignitaries planting a sapling at the Earth Day Celebration

DLDAV Pitampura, celebrated ‘Paryavision – Earth Day Celebrations 2012’ by organizing different activities and competitions for different classes over a period of three weeks. The closing function was graced by Shri Shrideep Omcherri, Chairman of the school. Mr. Anil Kumar, Director, NCT, Bhagidari, Mr.SushilSrivastav, General Manager TPDDL, Dr. Ashok Chawla, Senior Scientist, CSIR and Mrs. Gitanjali, Coordinator, TPDDL Club. The guests participated in Open House Forum- an interactive session with class XI students, admired and appreciated


entries of such as Rangoli Display, Melange- Best posters and paper bags, news square- Green Journals on display. A cultural programme Rasrangwas presented before them which included Bhoomi Mangalam –Vandana and nukkadnataks on save environment and save monuments. A power point presentation entitled ‘Changing Paradigm of Biotic and Abiotic factors’ was presented before them. The guests also planted saplings. Principal, Mrs. Anita Wadehra, asked the students to remember that each day is earth day. Chairman Shri Shrideep Omcherri urged the students to launch a campaign against use of polythenes – a widely used environmental hazard. Shri Anil Kumar, Director, NCT, Bhagidari conveyed that besides planting trees, claiming ownership of the plant was equally important.

World Environment Day Bhavan's Public School, Doha Bhavan’s Public School inaugurated an Ecoclub to mark the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June at its Matar Qadeem campus. Chief Guest K M Arunan, Director board member of BhPS in his environment sensitive inaugural speech, cited the adverse effects of nitrates, chemical pesticides and chemical manure in the agricultural green fields. The Eco- club conducted a Seed Exhibition and another exhibition related to World Environment Day. A Seed identification competition was conducted for students and the winners were distributed with certificates. Musthafa, an odd job employee of Bhavan’s Public school was chosen for the Green Man of the year 2012 award. An album titled “My Album on Extinct and Endangered Species" was released. The event presided over by the Principal Dr. G.Manulal was attended by school Vice Chairman, R.O. Abdul Kadar, The programme was concluded with vote of thanks by Mrs. Suja, Coordinator, Department of Science.


The children ready to plant saplings in their school premises

Vegetable Garden of the School Bhavan’s Public School,Doha. The first school registered with the UNESCO, Doha Bank ‘The Green Drive’ project. The school has already undertaken two projects: 1.

The vegetable garden in school campus


The water conservation through the usage of waste water in irrigating the garden.

The first Vegetable Garden project in the state of Qatar started on 6, February 2012. Around 400 seeds of fifteen varieties of vegetables were sown two months back. The first harvest of the vegetables like beans, tomato, spinach etc. was done by the students as well as the guests.Mr. Harold Moris inaugurated the harvest in the presence of Mr. R.O. Abdul Kadar, Chairman, Bhavans Public School and Mr. Randy of Doha Bank. They praised the efforts taken by the students, teachers, the Principal and the management in this regard. Also the second vegetable harvesting activity at Bhavan’s public school in connection with the Green Driver projects initiated by UNESCO – Doha Bank, took place on 5 of June at Bhavan’s Public school. The harvest of vegetables like spinach, cucumber, beans, and tomatoes were picked by

Community Outreach

the students with great enthusiasm under the scorching sun. Around 50 students participated in the harvesting ceremony. The reaping activity inaugurated by A.O. Abdul Kadar, Vice Chairman Bhps in the presence of Dr. G. Manulal, Principal Bhavan’s Public School.

was given to the students by providing opportunity to them by forest walk. Many activities were organized like poster making competition, Essay-writing and Forest walk for students. The students learned and enjoyed a lot from these activities. The pledge issued by government of India and Centre For ‘Environment Education’ was taken by students and school authorities. The same is an under for student and readers:

The participants of the 'harvesting ceremony' at Bhavan's Public School

International Biodiversity Day Doon Valley International School,Rajban Doon Valley International School, Rajban CCI Ltd.(H.P.) celebrated ‘International Biodiversity Day’ on May 22,12. It was organized with “Yamudha” an NGO and under the Patronage of CEE supported by ‘Centre for environment education’ whose environment ambassador is our Ex President Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad. Students of class VI to XII took active part. On this occasion, School principal Mr.S.K. Kala along with Dr S.R. Parwal (Project officer of Yamudha) inaugurated the function at “BAWARI” a place in forest area. On this occasion, School Ecolab in charge Mrs Manju Thakur explained the importance of biodiversity conservation and that the solution of these problems lie in planting more and more trees and safeguarding the natural habitat of animals and birds and a live demo

April-June 2012

I will plant 10 trees and take care of them.

I will keep my home and surroundings neat and clean.

I will use only organic products.

I will encourage the use of renewable energy resources.

I will spread awareness among public to conserve environment.

I will save water and adopt the technique of rainwater harvesting and spread message to others also.

The `International Biodiversity Day’ was celebrated in Doon Valley International School, Rajban


Health & Wellness Clubs

Balanced Diet Education Programme Bhavan's SL Public School, Amritsar

Activity of Health and Wellness Club Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, New Delhi

The School organised a balanced diet education programme under Bal Vihar on 12 May, 2012 on the school premises under the supervision of Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla. Classes I and II students participated in this event where they were to prepare Bhelpuri. This activity was organized so that the students can become aware regarding the hygienic value of bhelpuri that they buy from the market. They presented this bhelpuri to their mothers as a their token of love.

Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute took up a project in the academic session 2011-12 of Health & Wellness Club. The aim of the project was to investigate the effects of Vitamin-D fortified milk on serum levels and other bone mineral metabolic parameters. International Life Science Institute (India) with Maj. Gen. R. K. Marwah (Retd.), Scientific Advisor projects in collaboration with Deptt of Endocrinology, AIIMS and PR Hospital spearheaded the Vitamin-D fortified milk projects in three schools of Delhi including AFGJI. 300 students (11-14 years) participated in the project on a voluntary basis. Blood sampling and urine analysis was done in the beginning (October 2011) and end of project (May 2012). The students were provided with fortified milk. Milk was available in two flavours – Elaichiand Strawberry. Instructions were given to parents and students about and periodicity to be followed for the consumption of milk during holidays also.

Creating awareness amongst the students for the hygienic value of food


The observations and results obtained are under process and will be made available to the students and the school. The project could not have been

Community Outreach

completed the active co-operative of staff and student volunteers.

slogans and spread the message how to lead healthy life.

The Principal, Shipra Sarcar, observed that the school feels proud to have participated voluntarily for a scientific project which will have a lot of significance in improving the health of children.

Health Week Lions Public School, Gurgaon Lions Public School, Gurgaon celebrated a fun filled ‘Health Week’ in April. Through out the children brought nutritious food items as specified by the health and Fitness Club. The first day of the week was celebrated as Apple Day followed by Green Leafy Day, Milk Day, Salad Day, and Food of my choice. The children brought delicious, luscious items and shared them with everyone. They also informed their peers about the nutritious value of their food items by reciting poem, slogan or speech. During Assembly primary wing presented skits highlighting the need to have well balanced diet and the importance of breakfast. The students were motivated to shun junk food and adopt healthy eating habits. Mothers were also invited and competitive activities ‘Salad Dressing’, ‘Sandwich Making’ and ‘Quick hands’ were organized for them. In ‘Sandwich making’ the children enjoyed themselves thoroughly by participating with their mothers as a team.

World Health Day Bhakt English Medium School, Gujarat The School celebrated the ‘World Health Day’ with more than seventy students from Ashoka, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap & Kanishka houses rallied with placards through the main market and residential areas to create awareness on keeping good health. They aired

April-June 2012

The rally to commemorate the `World Health Day’ by Bhakt English Medium School, Gujarat

They visited the main hospitals of Bodeli and showed their concern by sharing their views with patients and also distributed biscuits, glucose powder, fruits to the patients. The students also interacted with the local residents to educate them to keep their surrounding clean, not to compromise with the quality of food, water and medicines in their day to day life to remain healthy. They also tried to know more about the fatal diseases like Swineflu, Cancer, Aids, etc., They also brought the adverse effects of consuming alcohol and tobacco to their notice.

Mothers felicitated on Mother's Day Rainbow English Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi Mother’s Day was calebrated with the unique theme “Health and Hygiene”. Dr.Sudhir Gupta, a renowned counsellor was the guest of honour of the day. The highlights of the program were Healthy Recipe Competition, Talent Show, Regional Dress Competition and Musical Statue for mothers. The


mothers witnessed the event and applauded the efforts of school management and teachers. Many actively participated in various competitions and displayed their skills. Around 25 talented mothers emerged as winners.

The students of Greenland Public School lined up for the YOGA session The winners with their awards during `Mother’s Day Celebration’

The Principal, Mrs. Raj Rani, in her motivational speech laid emphasis on the importance of mother’s health as the mother is the back bone of not only her family but society also. Dr. Sudhir Gupta counselled mothers to develop the healthy eating habits in the family. Mothers were acquainted with some healthy tips on self carethrough an interaction with him.

Yoga is believed to be more than 5000 years old. Yoga exercises consist of chanting, postures, controlled breathing exercise that has been practised for centuries as a form of meditation. But these are styles of Yoga that teach one how to move your body in new ways. Choosing one of these styles offers the greatest health benefits by enabling you to develop one's flexibility, strength and balance.

Various aspects of mother’s life were showcased through a power point presentation that highlighted their achievement. Teachers of Rainbow also entertained parents by presenting a skit titled “Personal health and Care”.

Yoga Camp Green Land Public School, Surajpur, H.P. "To Keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom and keep our minds strong and clear. Water surrounds the lotus flower, but does no wet its petals."


A ‘mudra’ (pose) of Yoga

The 'Health Club' organised a well planned, well managed - Yoga Camp, which was held on Oct 2011 for a week. A group of three Gurus from Pathankot

Community Outreach

executed the whole camp to inculcate the benefits of Good Health. The students and even the teachers took activity participated in the Yoga.

Balanced Diet Competition Royal Convent School Nihal Singh Wala, Punjab

The AEP training-cum-motivational lecture being delivered to the students

The training-cum-motivational activities were conducted through lectures, practices of FAQs, through students’ involvement & play demonstrations by a group of trained students.

The dishes being displayed along with their 'food value chart'

A Balanced Diet competition organized on 5 May, 2012 was marked by the display of various dishes made by the girls of RCS who recorded their food values. The activity worked in not only getting awareness about healthy food, but also motivated the children to conscious by eat only nutritious home made healthy food and stay away from harmful junk food.

AEP as a Life-Skill Training Patna Central School, Patna The Adolances Education Programme AEP activities have been taken up in a series involving over 2,500 students from Std VIII to XII separately for boys and girls by mentors and AEP trained teachers during the months of November, December and January (2011-12).

April-June 2012

The motivational lectures by the Principal, Psychological Instructors, Physical Education Teachers and other Mentor Group of trained teachers during panel discussions were mainly focused on life-skills, behavioral etiquettes, emotional and intellectual response to the peer groups. This was part of ‘Community Outreach’ programmed activity among our students to train them as tools the peer groups of the communicating to those who really do not understand the problem and fall prey to misconceptions and taboos of social evils.

Health Fair KIIT World School, Pitampura ‘A healthy mind and a healthy body are necessary for great enterprise, boundless energy and upright thinking’. Keeping this in mind, the school organised a Health Fair with the motto ‘Commit to be fit’ on Saturday, May 14, 2012. The honorary guest list included pioneers from different walks of life. The whole school throbbed with health activities with the


aim to making society and city a better and a healthy place to live in. This event served as a stepping stone for the project related health activities in the area and also a platform for spreading awareness about the government health related programmes. The Health Fair comprised of a plethora of activities like Invocation, Health Song, Street Play on Emotional Health, Medico Masti (Qawwali),Puppet Show on consequences of Obesity, Health Quiz-o-Mania, Color Canvas(Poster Making Competition on Healthy Practices) and Youth Health Parliament wherein the participants discussed health related issues of four countries normally Bangladesh, USA, Pakistan and India. The ambience of the school was filled with health- breeze.

Parade was flagged off to the nearby societies. Three groups performed Street Plays wherein participants focussed on the ill effects of unhealthy lifestyles. Their energy level during the performance grabbed the attention and appreciation of the onlookers.To add flavour to the event, a Healthy Food Court was exhibited where students presented different recipes as Summer Coolers, Sandwich Café, Salad Bar and Granny’s Home Remedies. To keep the students entertained, various Health games ‘Fun in the Sun’ were organised by the students in the school premises. The Blood donation camp organised by The Red Cross society was the highlight of the day where parents and teachers contributed by donating blood for the noble cause. It was a healthy affair in which not only the school but also the society and the parents participated whole-heartedly.

Street Play on Emotional Health

The school also took the help and support of the private health practitioners of the area. A panel of eminent doctors, Dr. Shruti Sharma (Eye Specialist), Dr. Bhanu Ahuja (Dentist), Dr. Ravi Prakash Singh (Physician) and Dr. Krishan Nandan (Physician) graced the occasion bytheir presence. Dr. Shrivastav (Urologist) and Ms. Sushma Kaushik(Health educator) from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital conducted the Cancer Awareness Programme.Interacting with the visitors the doctors resolved their health related issues. To spread awareness in the vicinity of the school, the Health


Dental check up for all

Thus, the Health Fair emphasized the great thoughts of Aristotle, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference”.

Health Hazards Round the World MPGS Shastri Nagar Health Hazards Round the World was international initiative designed not only to encourage

Community Outreach

the whole school, but also parents, visitors etc. for the preservation of health.

The presentation on ‘malnutrition’ being shown to the school kids

This generic concern was a learning resource for the students and helped them analyse countless pieces of information, texts and activities which made them aware of the problems related to health being faced by the World over. Teachers and parents also understood the serious concerns of students regarding health hazards around the world and appreciated their innovative ideas, research work, projects and models which they prepared with the joint efforts of their mentors.

the day, a 5km Cycle Rally was organised to spread the message. The Rally was flagged off by Shri. E. Ramankutty, Director of BharatiyaVidyabhavan Kochi Kendra and saw an enthusiastic participation of over 100 students and 20 NCC Cadets accompanied by teachers. The zealous student shouted slogans against the use of tobacco and held placards showing the harmful eff ects of tobacco use. The rally was also accompanied by an open van bearing students in a tableau depicting the malaise caused by the consumption of tobacco in various forms. The rally and the tableau sparked a buzz amongst onlookers. The following days saw many programmes and competitions being held in connection with the same. Talks were held for students to create awareness and students tool classes on the same. A poster designing competition was conducted as a house wise competition and prizes were awarded. Principal, Ms. Jaya Jacob and Vice principal, Ms.Girija T. S. unveiled the posters designed by the various houses.

Anti-Tobacco Week Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara In connection with the International Day against Drug abuse and Illicit Trafficking, Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara observed an Anti tobacco week from 25th June to 29th June as a way of expressing their solidarity and support in the drive against this social evil. The drive began with the students taking an oath against the use of tobacco and pledging themselves to fight whole heartedly against this curse. Later during

April-June 2012

A tableau depicting the malaise caused by the consumption of tobacco taken out by the students of Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Elamakkara

The event has definitely been an eye-opener for all students and this noble venture is expected to create an awarenessand to eradicate this social evil from the society.


No Tobacco Campaign Bhavan's Public School,Doha

members, friends and more importantly to practice selfrestrain from tobacco. Dr. G.Manulal, Principal, also emphasized the theme of the event in his speech and advised the students to take the message to home. The students actively participated in an essaywriting competition and an interactive quiz on the subject. A presentation session on “Harmful effects of Tobacco” was conducted by Chaitali Shetty, the school counsellor at the end. Abdul Kader, school vice chairman, gave away the certificates to the winners of quiz.

Talk on Drug Abuse A talk on ‘Say No to Tobacco’ being given to the students

Bhavans PublicSchool organized a “No Tobacco” campaign on 31 May 2012 to mark the occasion of 'No Tobacco Day'.The campaign in the campus involved the students as well as the teaching and all the support staff of school. Supreme Council of Health, Qatar supported the program by providing educational and campaign related literature highlighting the harmfuleffects of various forms of Tobacco, which was distributed to all the students and staff. School President Saleem Ponnambath, inaugurated the session and shared his own experience of deteriorating effect on health owing to the evil habit of smoking. As an ideal he urged the students to take up the responsibility of spreading the message against harmful effects of tobacco to family

Bhavan’s Public School observed the International day for Drug abuse and Trafficking on 26 June 2012 under its banner of the school's. The Health and Wellness club which organized a presentation for the students. Dr. G. Manulal, Principal, delivered a welcome address and Ms. Chaitali, Counselor, gave educational presentation on “DRUG ABUSE”. The presentation aimed at empowering the students with the knowledge of drug and drug abuse. The presentation also focused on educating the children on assertiveness to build their ability to say “NO” ;when faced with such tempting circumstances and under peer pressure. The team urged the students to build self awareness and protect themselves from the future destruction to their life. Through an interactive session, Principal clarified the doubts raised by students on the related subject.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. – Mahatma Gandhi


Community Outreach

Sahodaya Updates

CCE Workshop on Co-Scholastic Domain Sahodaya Schools Complex, Lucknow CCE pattern as introduced by CBSE includes Scholastic & Co-Scholastic domains. Co-Scholastic domain includes Life Skills, Attitudes & Values, Literacy & Creative Skills, Scientific Skills, Aesthetic Skills, Performing Art & Club and Health & Physical Education. These play a vital role in shaping a child’s personality. But indentifying and evaluating these domains is a challenge for teachers. For enhancing and equipping teachers with in-depth knowledge of creative and cognitive Public Collegiate, Ruchi Khand, Sharda Nagar, Lucknow.

The participants of the CCE workshop at Lucknow

April-June 2012

O verall, the event saw an enthusiastic participation of 42 schools and more than 150 teachers. The workshop was methodical, systematic and highly informative. It successfully conveyed the role of skills related to personal, interpersonal and ethical dimensions of human life. The event was graced by Mr. S. K. Bajpai, Retired Principal of HAL School and Chairperson of Sahodaya Schools’ Complex, Lucknow Chapter Lucknow, Secretary –Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan and Treasurer- Mrs. B. Singh. All the co-scholastic domains were highlighted by eminent resource persons from various schools i.e. Life Skills – Lucknow Public Collegiate, Sharda Nagar, Attitudes and Values – Navayuga Radiance Senior Secondary School, Rajendra Nagar, Work Education & Visual & Performing Art – APS Academy, Senani Vihar, Co-Curricular Activities – Manipal Public School, Health & Physical Education- Lucknow Public School, Sec-I, LDA. It was an ensemble of intellectuals who contemplated on the deteriorating values and deviating attitudes of our youngsters. Through activities, videos, illustration, discussions, the topic were interwoven, concluding with suggestions for modifying attitudes and strengthening values. Suggestive tips on observation and assessment were an important part of workshop.


The concept of Life Skills has become popular particularly in the context of Adolescent Health. With this view in the forefront, Resource Persons focussed on sharpening and assessing the thinking. Social and emotional skills of the students that will enable to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. The role of Work Education and Visual and Performing Arts which is honed by literacy and creative skills were to be carved. Various Clubs play an important role in activating and channelizing these skills, was well elucidated by the resource persons.

The next phase was the inauguration of the Hosur Chapter of Sahodaya Schools at Sishya School. After a colourful welcome dance by the students of all the HSSC member schools, the Chairman inaugurated the HSSC chapter by formally unveiling the plaque that represented the logo and motto of the HSSCSHARING TO LEARN AND LEARNING TO SHARE.

The domain of co-curricular activities plays a pivotal role and as be promoted by inculcating the aesthetic skills among the students. ‘Healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ was well explained and the resource person urged that Health & Wellness Clubs focus on the overall development especially of the health of a child. The event came to an end with an impressive Valedictory Ceremony which saw the presence of all the officer bearers of Lucknow Sahodaya and a large gathering of teachers. Participation certificates were given to all who attended the 2 day workshop.

Expo of Best Practices of CCE Hosur Sahodaya Schools Complex The Hosur Sahodaya Schools Complex was inaugurated by the Honourable Chairman of CBSE, Shri. Vineet Joshi on 17 April. As part of the Chairman’s visit, an Expo of the best practices of CCE of all the 9 Schools of HSSC was put up at the Ashok L eyland School.The Chairman and Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director  (Training) expressed their appreciation at the variety in the Assessments as well as in the creativity of design by the Schools.


Shri Vineet Joshi, Chairman CBSE and Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director  (Training), CBSE visiting the expo of the best practices of CCE

In his presidential address, the Chairman pointed out that teachers should identify the inherent talents of each student and help them achieve their goals with determination. It was heartening to know that CCE system introduced by the CBSE two years ago had reached small cities like Hosur,he added and went on to add that the exhibition on CCE BEST PRACTICES put up by collaborating schools of the HSSC vouched for this. As the third phase of this momentous, a Mentoring and Monitoring Programme for Mentor Principals across Tamilnadu had been arranged at the Titan School. Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director  (Training), CBSE, conducted the programme for over 60 Principals. The question and answer session proved beneficial to all the principals who attended. The Chairman, Shri. Joshi, expressed his satisfaction about the manner in which mentoring was being conducted by the Principals to strengthen the CCE system.

Community Outreach

Dr.Vasanthi Thiagarajan,Chairperson of Hosur Sahodaya Schools Complex and Principal of Sishya School, pointed out that the nine member schools are working with a lot of synergy and collaboration and this would be further strengthened in the years to come.

Address by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex

Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India addressing the Principals and teachers of the Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex

On 18 December 2011 His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India addressed the Principals and teachers of the Hyderabad Sahodaya Schools Complex at the Mariott Hotel. Speaking to the gathering, the former President of India said that Innovative Methods of imparting knowledge were the need of the hour and that the future of the country lies in the hands of the teaching fraternity. He thus made the teachers to take and oath that they would impart their duty as a teacher in the right spirit and attitude required to meet the demands of today's educational system. At the end of the meet Dr. Kalam, released the HSSC Calendar for the year 2012.

Leadership Summit -2012 CBSE Sahodaya School's Complex, Lucknow The Sahodaya Schools Complex Lucknow Chapter, Lucknow was established with the vision of bringing a revolution in the field of education by nourishing

April-June 2012

the spirit of collaboration and to initiate sharing and experience & skills. For providing a common interactive platform to the stakeholders of education and for enhancing quality education. Leadership Summit was organized on 27th February, 2012 at Ravindralaya Auditorium, Charbagh, Lucknow. The summit was an ensemble of all the Sahodaya School’s Complex Core Committee members i.e. Dr. S. K. Bajpai-Chairperson, Dr. Jawaid Alam Khan- Secretary, Mrs. B. Singh – Treasurer & Assistant Zonal Secretaries Mrs. Hema Kalakoti, Mrs. Anupma Shukla, Mrs. Manjula Khare, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Mr. Kevin A Decosta, Mrs. Rupali Patel & Mrs. Indu Nair. The principals from various districts of U.P. Kanpur, Raebareilly, Varanasi, Faizabad, Sitapur, Moradabad and Baraeilly graced the occasion. Eminent speakers & educators from different fields like education, management and corporate sector shared their wisdom. The entire conference was designed along the theme Redefining Education for Global Opportunities. The event commenced with lighting of the sacred lamp by Mr. Rajbir Singh, Joint Secretary AIEEE (formerly, RO, Allahabad Region) which was followed by a wellrehearsed CCE song sung by the students. How education should be improved andchannelized was well defined by the speakers. Ideas collated on Mind Mapping, Multiple Intelligence, Addressing Resistance to Change, Tools of Learning Technology, Developing Creativity and Lateral Thinking. Transformative Learning Conditioning to Kinesthetic, Human Management & Motivation were highlighted by the spokesperson. Mrs. Urvashi Sahni, an academician and social entrepreneur, Founder of Study Hall the hour. Inclusive education should be empowered in the present scenario. Dr. Amrita Dass, Founder Director of ICS International Lucknow, distinguished Career


Counsellor, insisted on understanding the psychology of a chid where educator should keep the attitude in the forefront. The portals of opportunities should be opened for the students. Interest of the student & parents should be incorporated with the institution. Mr. G. Balasubramanian, Former Director of Academics, CBSE highlighted the significance & role of a leader in an institution. In the present scenario, the head of the institution faces many challenges. How he should overcome these challenges, was well explained by him. Mr. Dheeraj Mehrotra an educational innovator, threw on the knowledge updation & enlightened everyone to keep themselves abreast with constant innovative information.

Milaan, an NGO highlighted the role of educator in uplifting the education status of dropout children especially the girl child. It’s a matter of great pride for Navayuga Radiance that it is has come forward in collaboration with Swarachna for this noble cause. Through this institution, the school initiates in bridging the gap between rural & urban children. Mrs. B. Singh, the Principal of Navayuga Radiance Sr. Sec. School, Rajendra nagar, Lucknow enriched the audience with her thoughts on “Conditioning to Kinesthetic”. She insisted on the dictum “Teacher is not merely a guide but a sculptor.” CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) is the continuous growth of students ensuring their physical, emotional, intellectual & social developments. It is not only assessing the scholasting area but also non-scholastic domain. The concept was well explained by Mr. K. A. Decosta, Principal of Study Hall, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Principal of Chiranjeev Bharti School shared valuable information regarding any changes that have taken place in the last year vide CBSE circulars.

Mr. Rajbir Singh with the Office Bearers of CBSE Sahodaya Schools' Complex, Lucknow at the Leadership Summit 2012

Mr. Sanjay Mohan Johri, HOD of Mass Communication, Amity University highlighted the significance of creative and lateral thinking among the pedagogues. Presentation on‘Mind Mapping-Multiple Intelligence was well defined by the Principal of Sunbeam School, Varuna. One more praise worthy presentation captured the audience on the topic ‘Smart Technology’. Use of internet, computers is the keyword of success in the present scenario was well defined by the spokeperson. Mr. Dhirendra Pratap Singh of 'Swarachna', run by


The conference was summed up by Mrs. Anupama Shukla, Principal of Manipal Public School & vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Hema KalaKoti, Principal of APS Academy, Senani Vihar. The conference came to an end with valedictory ceremony. All delegates were presented with a Sahodaya Memento and participation certificates. Overall, it was an endeavour of Sahodaya School’ to contemplate upon new strategies in various aspects of School education including curriculum design, evaluation, pedagogy & also in providing support to teachers by regular capacity building exercise. It was a great collaborative efforts of dignitaries, spokesperson and intellectuals with their sublime ideas & thoughts. It was a well synchronized event which would definitely prove a milestone for teachers. It was indeed a memorable event. It was a great success in achieving its goal of redefining education. Community Outreach

Sports Arena

Reaching out through Basket ball R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka Sports play a significant role in strengthening bonds among youth. It is with this clear cut objective that R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka hosted the ‘Young Achievers’ Basketball Tournament’ during April 2012. The event provided a platform to young players from 32 well-known schools in Delhi and NCR. The excitement that was built up through the week reached a fever pitch on Saturday.

match between G.D.Goenka, Vasant Kunj and Mount Carmel, Anand Niketan, the former became the winner, who later attained the position of 1st Runner-Up in the final match. At the closing ceremony, Principal Alka Kshatriya recalled the efforts of Mr. Ishwar Rajpal, Chairman and Mr. Subhash Rajpal, President of the School for their untiring support and constant improvement measures to realize their vision of establishing an ideal institution of learning. She praised the excellent sportsmanship exhibited by the players. The members of the school orchestra enlivened the atmosphere and the school choir rendered a captivating song. The dancers presented a lively Japanese Dance. Special prizes for the Best Player, Best Defender, Best Rebounder and Best Up-Coming player were awarded. A special cash prize of Rs.1100 was given to the two best players of the tournament.

The ‘Young Achievers’ Basketball Tournament being hosted by R.D. Rajpal School, Dwarka

Sports Academy of International Standards BRJD Public School, Bhorugram

Both the semi-final and the final matches presented tense moments. In the first match between R.D.Rajpal and I.T.L, the latter won, and was also the winner of the tournament. While in the second

Known for its innovative programs, BRJD Bhorugram, Rajasthan has always been in the frontline news. Its latest innovative activity is the vision of a Sports Academy in this rural area where children have

April-June 2012


the potential of becoming great sports persons and also brings the sports maestros of national & international repute here to train the budding talented young adults. The foundation of 'Urmila Sports Academy' will help the children to discover their talents to significantly contribute to not only in the development of sports in the country, but also help India to win more medals in the International sports arena. The Chief Minister who was the Chief Guest, accorded floral welcome the students applied tilak on his forehead amidst chanting of Vedic Hymns. Hon'ble Chief Minister Mr. Ashok Gehlot wished for the success of the sports academy and laid its foundation stone.

Honourable Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Gehlot interacting with officials of BRJD Public School, Bhorugram

Students demonstrating their dancing skills on the ocassion


Dr. J.S. Rajput, Former Director (NCERT), Mr. Sharma (Sec.UGC) lighting the lamp

SYNERGY-The Annual Sports Meet Witty International School, Udaipur Witty International School organized Synergy, it’s Annual Sports Meet. The opening Ceremony of Synergy was a grand show by the students. It was inaugurated by the great cricket legend, Prof. R.S Rathore of Udaipur. Synchronized march-past enthralled the audience. Principal, Mrs. Shubha Govil, welcomed the guests and administered the Oath. The attraction for the day was The FUSION of fitness from the ancient era to the modern era i.e. from Yoga to Aerobics and Calisthenics. The students showcased this FUSION and formed Om and Swastik in the center. Parents participated in the Fun Races like The Patriot, Harmonize the Letters etc. Students enjoyed the Hurdle Races. Synergy wound up with the distribution of Certificates and Medals by the CEO, Mrs. Preeti Sogani.

Students of Witty International School, Udaipur performing Yoga Drill

Community Outreach

Academic Updates

Teacher Workshop DAV International School, Amritsar, Punjab A three day workshop for designing and developing Sample Papers and Marking Scheme of Economics for class XI was organised on the premises of DAV International School, Amritsar on 11, 12 and 13 of May 2012.

Delhi and Sh. J.K. Kapurji, Secretary DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi graced the inaugural programme as the special guests. The inaugural lecture was given by MS. Vandana Sunej. She gave the participants the detailed blueprint of the sample paper guidelines. Discussions were held on various topics relevant to the syllabus.

49 teachers from 40 DAV Public/ Model Schools from all over India participated in the workshop. Sh. J. K. Kapur, Secretary DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, Ms. Sreshtha Sharma, Education Officer, DAV Education Board, New Delhi, Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta from Hans Raj College, New Delhi and Ms.Vandana Suneja from Darbari Lal, DAV Public School, New Delhi were the resource persons. Day-1 (11 May 2012) The deligates were registered between 9 a.m. and 9.30 a.m. They were provided the necessary stationery and study material required for the workshop as instructed by the DAV Education Board, New Delhi and were issued Identity cards. Sh. J.P. Shoorji, Director (PS-I) and Aided Schools, DAV College Managing Committee, New

April-June 2012

Sh J.K. Kapoor, Secretary, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi lighting the divine lamp to give an auspicious beginning to the workshop to develop Sample Question Papers of Economics of Class XI. Also seen in the picture are Sh. J.P. Shoor, Dr (Mrs) Neelam Kamra, Principal Anjana Gupta, Ms Shreshta Sharma, Resource Person Ms Vandana Suneja and Dr Ashok Gupta

In the afternoon session, the participants were divided into 11 groups. Each group was entrusted certain topics on which they prepared sample questions


along with the detailed answer key and marking scheme. The session lasted till 4o’clock in the evening. Day-2 (12 May 2012) The sample questions were shown to the resource person who provided suggestions. A power point presentation was given by the Resource Persons on Project Making in Economics for Class XI. The choice of questions was made by the Resource Persons after discussions with the participants. The difficulty level was taken into consideration to balance the papers and the selected questions were analised for printing.

designing and developing Sample Question Papers and Marking Scheme of Chemistry for Class XI for the session 2012-2013. This workshop was organized by DAV Education Board, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. Forty teachers from various DAV Schools participated in the workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Shri Mohan Lalji, Secretary DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. The workshop was presided by Mrs. Shrestha Sharma, Assistant Education Officer, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi. Subject experts in this workshop were Mr. V.B. Aggarwal, Retd. Professor Hansraj College, Delhi and Mr. K. K. Arora, Assistant Professor, Zakir Hussain College Delhi. Teachers participated enthusiastically and views and opinions were shared amongst each other.

Workshop in progress in the Seminar Hall of the DAV International School, Amritsar

Day -3 (13 May 2012) The opening session on the third day was interactive session about the whole sample paper and future changes in the marks distribution related issues. Resource Persons also answered the queries related to classes XI and XII.

Chemistry Workshop DAV Public School, Ballabhgarh DAV Public School, Ballabhgarh, Faridabad hosted a three day workshop on 20-22 April, 2012 for


The participatants during the three days Chemistry Workshop at DAV Public School, Ballabhgarh

On the last day of workshop certificates for participants were issued.

Leadership programme Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School, Jaipur To promote and develop leaders and leadership as one of the aspects of Life Skills, Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh School has taken up a Leadership

Community Outreach

Programme with tGELF (The Global Education and leadership Foundation). It is an endeavour by the school to create new generation of leaders trained with leadership skills who would help communities and be committed to act morally. The programme was initially started for Classes VIII and IX. Nine teachers have been trained to conduct the programme which was undertaken to inculcate crucial Life Skills and aim at emphasizing the ‘fullness’ of education of body, mind and spirit.

A cultural show during the Leadership Programme with tGELF

Shantiniketan gets Stars Through CCA Shantiniketan Montessori Se. Sec. School, Hosangahad

the whole class. The basic idea underlying this is that a student who can remove his hesitation in front of his classmates, then he can perform in front of everybody. This will boost up the morale of the children. Different activities of CCA Drama, Dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, Debate, speech, mono acting, Drawing, story telling, Quiz competition, cookery show, handicraft exhibition etc. All these CCA Program were carried by making the parents as the Chief Guests along with the respective class teachers. In this way the parents of our children could also see. The talents of their children and the standard of the school. This CCA program had produced many talents in various fields and students also got the platform to come forward to take part in various activities. This initiative is appreciated by all the students, parents and teachers and they have suggested tocontinue this programme in the coming years also. All the CCA programs were judged by the Music teacher Mr. Ashok S. & Librarian Mr.Kishor M.

As we all know CBSE has launched C.C.E. i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and accordingly to our school has started CCA (CoScholastic Curricular Activities) in Shantiniketan Sen. Sec. School Hosangabad (M.P.) This year under the guidance of Principal Dr. K. M. George and Chairperson Mrs. Grace George, we gave the platform to the students who have talent but of hesitated, did not come out. Every child is blessed with some special qualities and thus in the CCA programme it was made compulsory for all the students to perform in front of

April-June 2012

The awardees of CCA programme with the Principal Dr. K. M. George and Chairman Mrs. Grace George

On 11 April 2012 prize distribution was organised which students who excelled in this through


out the years have been awarded by the gracious hands of our Principal. On this occasion Principal Dr. K.M. George said that the CCA program was an excellent initiative and many students got a platform to showcase their talent.

The students participated in an Inter School Painting Competition at American Public School on 20 April 2012 to mark the Earth Day Celebration creating magnificent images to show their concern on issues related to conservation of resources on earth like ‘Less Pollution Is The Best Solution’, ‘May The Forest Be With You’ and ‘Stop the drip to save the drop’. Shristi Punia of class VI A bagged the First Prize, Monal Bhardwaj of class VIII A got the Second Prize and Raunak Yadav of class VII A received the Consolation Award.

The students participated in the District Table Tennis Championship at Heritage School from 14th to 16th April 2012. The students of about thirty schools from Delhi & NCR participated in the Competition. Anmol And Nishtha bagged the Silver Medal in Under 10 Level and in the same Level Dhruv, Aman and Priyanshi got the Bronze Medal and Harshita received the Bronze Medal in Under 12 Category.

A Life without Hope is a Life without Possibilities Blue Bells Public School, Gurgaon The true essence of adolescent life lies hidden in the above quote i.e. is to find newer possibilities and if the choices are made in a well informed and aware manner, life becomes easier and happier. We at Blue Bells believe in honing the latent skills and potentialities of the child so that he or she is aware of the rights and responsible about the duties. That’s the true essence of LIFE SKILL EDUCATION. Adolescence is a transient phase in the life of every youngster full of trials and tribulations. Life skills education program me helps the youth to tide over this period and grow as Empowered, Empathetic citizens who will be the leaders of tomorrow. In keeping with the concerns and CBSE objectives, our school under the able guidance of Dr Alka Saxena, Consultant, Healthcare and Awarness, Blue Bells Group Of Schools, has initiated the Life Skills program. As per the CBSE's directives objectives ,the programme is imparted in the form of modules and the pedagogy used is interactive and experiential. Similar age specific and need based modules are being imparted as the part of curriculum from classes VI to XII.The school has a full fledged Life Skills club called ‘ZEAL’, an initiative of students and facilitators. During past 2½ various seminars, debates, street plays and campaigns have become a constant feature of the club. Goals as excellence is the motto be it academics, sports or extracurricular involvement.


The certificates and awards are a big motivation for young kids

The school not only provides a platform to the students, but also gives them the practical exposure to the competitive world. They proudly hosted the Delhi NCR City Finale of HDFC Life Spell Bee- India

Community Outreach

Spells 2012, fourth edition of India’s largest spelling Competition for school students on 7 April 2012. The students of twelve premier schools of Delhi NCR fought this exciting battle of words Sanskarshala - a unique value based examination by Dainik Jagran was conducted in 33 states wherein students enthusiastically participated. The Annual Prize Distribution of the same was organized in the School on 30 April 2012. Prachi Soni, Paras Sisodia and Ashmita Raipuria were the achievers from the school.

Wadehra thanked the Management for holding such remunerative forums for discussion and work which would benefit students at large.

Capacity Building Training Programme Shree Gurunanak Vidyalaya, Giridih, Jharkhand

Workshop to Develop Sample Papers DLDAV Model School, Pitampura

A glimpse of the Capacity Building Training Programme at Shree Guru Nanak Vidyalaya, Giridih

The dignitaries at the start of the three days workshop to develop Sample Papers of Accountancy

DLDAV, Pitampura, organized a three days Workshop to Develop Sample Papers of Accountancy for Class XI. Nearly 85 teachers f rom all over India participated in the workshop. The event was innuagrated by Shri Mohan Lal, Secretary, DAVCMC, Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director, Public Schools, Shri G.R. Sawhney, Subject Experts, Hansraj College, Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Manager and Mrs.Sreshta Sharma, Education Officer, DAV Education Board. The three days were interspersed in vital discussions on the subject content and new methodologies, besides designing and framing of sample papers. Principal Mrs. Anita

April-June 2012

A One Day Capacity Building Training Programme was organized at Shree Gurunanak Vidyalaya, Giridih, Jharkhand. CBSE’s agency M/s Core Education & Technological Limited, Mumbai conducted it. Mr. M. L. Sharma was the Chief Trainer of the programme/ workshop. They explained what is the C.C.E. system in detail during the eight hours workshop. They trained 100 teachers of affiliated and non affiliated schools surrounding the eighty kilometre area around which C.B.S.E. pattern is followed. All the participants were satisfied and appreciated the workshop.

Life Skills Training Workshop Hanifa School, Borsad Hanifa School, Borsad recently organized a two day Life Skills Training Workshop which was


conducted by Ms. Arti Vyas, a prolific columnist in ‘The Times of India’ and a Life Skills Consultant, Anand on 6 and 7 June, 2012”. The teachers were orientated regarding the ten different Life Skills as laid down by the WHO which is deemed to be inevitably important for the holistic development of the children in the recent times. She also touched upon the varied ways and techniques through which these skills can be taught to the kids by way of Self-Learning.

Furthermore, possessing life skills enables one to deal with the life's inevitable difficulties and adversities more effectively. It lessens the chances of overusing prescription drugs, engaging in addictive behaviours, and experiencing overall despair and hopelessness. When one has proper tools and strategies at disposal, there is more control over life and is therefore happier and more productive. In order to excel at a job, a sport or any discipline, a person must acquire and master certain skills. Living a healthy, accomplished and productive life is no different. Taking the lead CBSE has introduced `Life Skills’ Education’ as an integral part of the curriculum to inculcate self awareness, empathy and critical thinking skills among young learners. Since the inception of Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP) in 20062007, CBSE has played a key role in spearheading the cause of holistic education with Life Skills, Health and Wellbeing in schools. "Life skills"

The Life Skills Training workshop at Hanifa School, Borsad

It was decided to integrate the ten skills in an innovative manner for all subjects in the daily teaching-learning process. In all, a regularized follow up schedule was set up that would monitor the efforts of the teachers; cater to their needs and observing the learning outcomes of the learners realizing the set of specific goals to be attained.

International Life Skills School Health & Wellbeing Summit 2012 : CBSE and Expressions India One thing is certain. If we want to accomplish anything in life and realize our full potential, we must have some skills - one of the most important one being life skills.


This term refers to a large group of psycho-social and interpersonal skills which can help people make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop coping and self-management skills that may help them lead a healthy and productive life. Life skills may be directed toward personal actions and actions toward others, as well as actions to change the surrounding environment to make it conducive to health. 


CBSE introduced Life Skills’ Education as an integral part of the curriculum in class VI from 2003-4 and in class VII in 2004-5. Subsequently it was also introduced in classes IX and X. The objective is to empower learners with a sense of self-confidence, eco-

Community Outreach

sensitivity, and the ability to discern between the right and the wrong in life processes. In this context, CBSE held a first International Life Skills, School Health and Wellbeing Summit, 2012 between 19 and 21 April at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi. The Honourable Union Minister for Human Resource Development Shri Kapil Sibal inaugurated the International Summit on 19 April 2012. He congratulated CBSE and Expressions India for organizing such an interactive event. He also released `CBSE focus’, the inaugural issue of the CBSE Newsletter and Teachers’ Manuals on Life Skills for classes VI, VII and VIII.

as one grows up. Shri Vineet Joshi, Chairman CBSE expressed his sincere thanks to the HRD Minister and all the participants attending the summit for their enthusiastic presence and feedback.

Shri Vineet Joshi, Chairman- CBSE inaugurating the Global Health Exhibition

The glimpses of the International Life Skills Health and Wellbeing Summit where CBSE focus and Teachers Manuals’ on Life Skills for classes VI, VII and VIII were released by the Honourable Union Minister of HRD

A soft launch of the CBSE Academic website was also done by the Honourable Minister during the summit. The Honourable Minister appreciated the students for addressing various issues of life skills and wellbeing through a wide range of exhibit and displays. He commented that wellbeing is not learned through books and manuals, but something that one discovers

April-June 2012

Dr. Gilbert J. Botvin, internationally known expert in the field of prevention and developer of the highly acclaimed Life Skills Training (LST) substance abuse and violence prevention program, was an invited speaker at the International Summit. Dr. Botvin described the LST program, summarized the 25 years of research supporting its effectiveness, and discussed the merits of an evidence-based approach for preventing alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug abuse and violence. Prof. Kiran Walia, Honourable Minister for Education, Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Languages, Government of Delhi, Aruna Broota, Clinical Psychologist and Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Director (Training) were other dignitaries who graced the Summit, visited the exhibition and shared their thoughts and experiences with the participants, teachers and educators.


The other highlights of the International Summit were: 1. Global Heath Exhibition: The CBSE affiliated schools from all over India participated and showcased their activities and endeavours at Global Health Exhibition to promote health, wellbeing and life skills. The creativity of the young participants was valued and appreciated by everyone who visited the exhibition. 2. Cultural Programmes: The audience were mesmerized by the beautiful invocation and cultural programmes by Delhi and National Capital Region Schools during the opening ceremony and all the three days of the summit. The thought provoking performances included plays, folk dances and nukkad dramas. 3. Youth Health Parliament: The Youth Health Parliament had become one of the main attractions of the Summit not only for its interactive panel discussions which raised relevant social, health, moral, educational and policy issues impacting health, wellbeing, career, life skills and overall development of youth from schools but the panellists were amazed by the level of understanding and knowledge the students displayed in the forum. 4. Teacher Empowerment Programme: The Teacher Empowerment Programme for Inclusive education was a well attended forum where presentations on Leadership for Life Skills, Isolation to Inclusion,

Objectives of Inclusive Education, and Steps towards Inclusive Education etc. were taken up. The sessions conducted by Dr. Usha Ram, Principal, Laxman Public School, New Delhi and Mrs. Amita Mulla Wattal, Principal, Springdales, Pusa Road, New Delhi were appreciated by all.

On the second day of the workshop the participants were taken on a guided Heritage Tour of Delhi. The main sites covered were the Indira Gandhi Memorial, Humayun’s Tomb, the Lotus Temple and the Qutub Minar along with the Parliament House and India Gate. The summit witnessed the participation of 200 schools with 1, 400 students and 400 teachers from all over the country. In addition there were experts, councillors and other stakeholders who gathered to share experiences and develop life skills as well as improve health and wellbeing at schools all over India.

Man becomes great exactly in the degree in which he works for the welfare of his fellow-men. – Mahatma Gandhi


Community Outreach

Best Practices

Hawan at Arya Samaj Lohgarh DAV International School, Amritsar

as the Chief Guest. Principal K. N. Kaul was the other prominent guest of the day.

Believing in the dictum “Hawan prayer and Yoga purify the soul and guide us to imbibe the heavenly virtues”, maintaining the tradition of the School DAV International School organized a Hawan at Arya Samaj, Lohgarh on 29 April, 2012 under the able stewardship of Principal Ms. Anjana Gupta.

With a view to allow the amazing spirit of values to awaken the constructive energies, and to enable everyone to gain a mystical experiences by spreading the Vedic ambience, all the guests, the DAVIANS, staff and parents participated in the pious sacrament of the ‘Hawan ceremony’ by spreading the sweet aroma of the Holy smoke. The Principal, Ms. Anjana Gupta, congratulated and blessed all the students who had the privilege of having their birthdays on that auspicious occasion. She highlighted the fact that the school has ceaselessly strived to inculcate moral and spiritual education among its students. She thanked all the dignitaries, parents children for their valuable presence.

Chief Guest Sh. J. P. ShoorJi, Guest of Honour K.N. Kaul, Principal Anjana Gupta, members of Arya Samaj and other dignitaries performing the rituals during the holy Yajna

Sh. J. P. ShoorJi, Director PS-I & Aided Schools, DAV CMS, New Delhi, presided over the holy occasion

April-June 2012

Chief Guest Sh. J. P. ShoorJi stressed on the importance of religious ceremonies and inspired the youth to strengthen their inherent positivity in both thoughts & actions by drawing from reservoir of Vedic wisdom. Addressing the students, Principal Dr. K. N. Kaul Ji highlighted the fact that spirituality is a journey to find yourself to the innermost space in you. He congratulated Ms.Anjana Gupta for having made


possible to share & elevate the consciousness of divinity through these ‘value orientation activities’. On this special occasion Sh. J.K. Luthra, Member, DAV Managing Committee, New Delhi, Adv. Sh. Sudershankapoor, Architect S. Mohinderjit Singh, esteemed members of Arya Samaj, Sh. Hira Lal Kandhari, Sh. Padam Mehra, Sh. Rakesh Mehra, Sh. Darshan Lal, Sh. Satish Sood, Sh. Dinesh and Principals of various DAV Institutions Smt. Neera Sharma, Smt. Promilla Kamal, Sh. S.K. Luthra, Sh. Sanjeev Kochhar, Smt. Sunita Sharma and Smt. Meena Bhatia & other guests were also present.

& Safety fortnight to pay homage to the fire personnel who lost their lives while trying to control the fire that had broken out in the Mumbai dockyard. A team of four officials headed by Mr. T.K. Mohanty visited the school on 19 April 2012 to demonstrate the fire fighting skills. Students they were made acquainted with three types of fire and the strategies to be adopted in case a fire breaks out. Children were also given certain safety tips. It was a pleasant and exciting experience for the children to handle the fire extinguishers.

Keeping in view that ‘every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond’ a free ‘Dental Check upAyurvedic than yoga camp’ was also organized to keep the body & mind both in a healthy state. A team of highly skilled and qualified Doctors provided their valuable free services to every person and free medicines were served after careful examination.

Fire Fighting Demonstration at Gail Dav Public School, Dibiyapur

The students being given firefighting tips

Students from classes VIII to XII along with their teachers and Principal of the school Mr. A. Saraswat attended the session. It was a fruitful session as it deepened the insight of the children into real life situations and their alertness to combat them.

Enactment of Short Skit 'Mera Kya Kasoor' Bhavan's SL Public School, Amritsar

Firefighting team at GAIL DAV Public School, Dibiyapur

Every year GAIL i.e. Gas Authority of India Ltd. Observes the fortnight from 14 April to 30 April as Fire


Class IX students presented a short skit on 10 May, 2012 on the topic ‘Mera Kya Kasoor’ in the morning assembly. With this play, the girls skilfully enacted the dreams, hopes, fears, wishes and the troubles which are faced by women throughout their lives. 15 girls of class IX. presented this heart-touching play. They also highlighted the unbalanced sex ratio. They

Community Outreach

threw light on social evils like child marriage, that is till prevalent in Jharkhand, dowry system in Bihar and U.P., pathetic conditions of women's education in Rajasthan and many more. On the other hand, in some states, the condition of women is better like in Kerala where 91.1% are educated. At the end, they concluded the assembly by giving the message that if women aim to be powerful and be respected, then they have to come in forward and take strong steps to empower themselves.

students were awarded. Love and Rohan was the quiz competition. Pritish Bali won the Ist prize in painting competition. Bhavan’s SL Public School won four Awards of Honour for its incredible activities conducted under the supervision of Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla, in the form of Junior Red Cross Model School and for the donations were awarded by the Secretary, Mr. A.B.S. Brar of Punjab Red Cross.

The Red Cross oath being taken by the students The students enacting the play ‘Mera Kya Kasoor’ on women empowerment

Red Cross Day Celebration Bhavan's SL Public School, Amritsar Punjab Red Cross, Chandigarh celebrated 8 May, 2012 as World Red Cross Day on the birthday of Jean Henry Dunut who is the founder. Dr. J. P. Singh and Mr. K. K. Saini were the organizers of this programme. Finance Minister S. Parminder Singh Dhindsa was the Chief Guest who graced the occasion with his presence. Our Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Anita Bhalla (Bhavan’s SL Public School, Amritsar) also participated. Almost 30 Schools participated in this event. 22 students of Bhavan’s SL Public School participated in this programme. Competitions which were based on humanity, environment and social evils were the highlighted subjects at this event and Bhavan’s

April-June 2012

The school also celebrated this day on 9 May, 2012 as Red Cross Day. A special assembly presented the seven principles of Red Cross and the students and teachers took the oath of Red Cross.

Community Outreach Indira Ideal Sr. Sec. School, New Delhi Community Outreach at school level has been aptly practiced at ‘Indira Ideal Sr. Sec. School, Janak Puri’ by creating public awareness through community interaction. Students of the school organized ‘Gift Your Old Books’ campaign in the school in which the students along with their parents donated old textbooks, story books, novels magazines, etc for needy students. This campaign was an ideal process for creating awareness among the members of the community, to stress the need to help the deprived and disadvantaged,


and fulfil their duty towards the society. The school also organised “Save the Girl Child Campaign” in which Slogan and Essay Writing Competitions were held. This endeavour invoked the thought process of the students and focused their attention on the imbalance in the Boy-Girl Ratio in India. A poster making competition on ‘Save the Planet Earth’ was organized which stressed on the various measures to save the planet. A skit was also enacted during the morning assembly to celebrate ‘World Earth Day’ which explained diverse & easy techniques to directly or indirectly save our planet. These measures also enhanced the consciousness among the school children who are on future citizens.

Global Vote 2012 under the Aegis of WCPRC DLDAV Model School, Pitampura DLDAV Model School, Pitampura organized “Global Vote 2012” for the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child (WCPRC) on May 15 2012. WCPRC holds an annual vote for global candidates who have made significant contributions to protecting the rights of children. More than 57.982 schools with 27 million students in 104 countries have registered as Global schools of the World’s Children’s Prize.

Think Quest International Competition BGS National Public School, Bangalore Oracle Education Foundation, a charitable organisation conducts Think Quest International Competitions in Project Based learning every year. In this a team headed by a teacher and with her/his students have to develop an on line project based on any subject or issues. The winners are honoured by inviting them to Sansfrancisco. This year, they have introduced an award for the schools sending that maximum number of Project entries. As per the communication received from Colleen Casity, Executive Director, BGS National Public School, Hulimavu is one among the top ten schools globally in sending maximum Project. More than 2500 schools participated in this years competition. BGS National Public School stood out as exceptional. The school will receive an award of USD $ 5000. President of Adichunchanagiri Trust, Dr. Sri SriSriPadmabhushanBalagangadharaMahaswamiji and MD Sri SriParashnathSwamiji, congratulated the students and the faculty.


The participants of DLDAV Model School, Pitampura in the` Global Vote 2012’

The three nominees for Children’s Prize 2012, Ann Skelton from South Africa, SakenaYacoobi from Afghanistan and Anna Mollel from Tanzania were represented by three students from class IX. They are Garima Chhabra, Srishti and Mansha Arora. About 1200 students from Classes VII, VIII and IX voted for these candidates and results were compiled thereafter. These results have been sent to WCPRC and on the basis of results gathered from schools across the world, the actual nominees for the World’s Children’s Prize will be awarded in the award ceremony to be held in Sweden.

Community Outreach

SakenaYacoobi secured the 1st Position with 494 votes followed, by Ann Skelton with 390 Votes and Anna Mollel came third with 316 votes.

whole-heartedly to the program by singing 'bhajans' and reciting inspiring self written poems. The happiness on their faces was contagious.

Principal, Mrs. Anita Wadehra, congratulated the Teacher Coordinators Ms. Neeta Chhabra, Ms. Ashok Sharma, Ms. Mona Virmani and Ms.Neeru Lall for conducting the programme successfully and creating awareness about child rights.

They appreciated the school authorities for encouraging the students to share and care for the elderly. They also expressed their desire to have more of such interaction and programs in the future. The Principal presented tokens of appreciation and wished a very senior member best wishes on her Birthday. It turned out to be a very joyous moment for her to be with the children on her Birthday. The students also presented them cards with special messages written on them as a mark of respect for the elderly grandparents. This visit helped the students realize that senior citizens are an indelible part of our society and it is our duty to reach out to them and give them a feeling that they are still wanted in our community.

Girls Safety Programme Maharaja Agarsain Public School, Delhi The Girl safety programme was organised on 30 April 2012 for classes IX-XII by Delhi Police in the School Auditorium. Ms. Usha from ASI Parivartan cell (DCP Office) and Ms. Ranu from the Women Cell, Pitampura apprised the girls about their safety on roads and other places. They gave them valuable tips and measures to be followed in case of molestation or any other harassment. The interactive and informative session of two hours with them helped girls to be more confident and vigilant.

Respecting Senior Citizens R.D. Rajpal Public School, Dwarka It was a proud moment for the students of R.D. Rajpal Public School, Dwarka to visit ‘Godhuli Old Age Home’ located in Sector 2, Dwarka. A group of 30 students were guided on this visit by the Principal, Mrs. Alka Kshatriya along with a team of 4 teachers. The students presented a number of programs starting with a dance ‘Saraswati Vandana’ followed by bhajans, guru vandana, melodious beats by school orchestra, street play on child labour, poems, 'dohas' and a magnificent dance on ‘Vande Mataram’. The senior citizens enjoyed this program and applauded the show. The inmates of the old age home also contributed

April-June 2012

Workshop for the Development of Sample Question Papers D. A. V. Centenary Public School, Hardwar 'Progress is a continuous process; therefore transformation is mandatory to let the brook of progress flow forever.' Under the aegis of dav cmc a two day workshop on “Development of Sample Question paper of physical education for class xi” was conducted at dav Centenary Public School, Hardwar on 02 May, 2012 and on 03 May, 2012. The following renowned resource persons graced their presence: •

Mrs. Shreshtha Sharma, Education Officer, DAV Education Board, New Delhi

Mr. P.P. Rangnatham, Associate Professor (Physical Education) P.G. DAV College, Nehru Nagar, Delhi


Dr. Pramod Sethi, Asstt. Professor- PG DAV College, Delhi

Assessment of the question paper itself by the resource persons

Mrs. Pawan Dagar, P. G. T. Physical Education, DAV Public School, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Mrs. Sukhbir Kaur, HOD Physical Education AG DAV Public School, Model Town, New Delhi

Need of a question paper that encompasses every topic of the subject to scour various layers of a learner’s mind for measuring the depth and vastness of his learning with the required weightage given to different units of syllabus keeping the individuality of each pupil in mind, etc

Mrs. Sharma addressed the gathering about the importance of Physical Education at the school level. Mr. Rangnatham also shared his experiences with the participants.

Resource Person, Mrs. Shreshtha Sharma, addressing the participants

Principal, DAV Centenary Public School, Hardwar welcoming the Chief guest Mr. M.K. Dhar, the Resource persons and all the participants of the workshop

The following key points were discussed: •

Importance of Physical Education at school level

Role of Physical Education Teachers in maintaining school discipline and as PERSONALITY ENGINEERS

Changes in certain rules of various sports

Preparation of blue print

Team work for developing different sections of a question paper


International Red Cross Day Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar, celebrated the International Red Cross Day with great fervor. A special assembly was organized by the school and all the major clubs such as the Eco Club, the Computer Club as well as the Hindi Club joined hands for the noble cause : Blood Donation Camp. Doctor Narendra Kumar Saini, held an engaging interactive session with the students was had everyone engrossed in his session. motto “ Clean Hands Save Lives”. He asked the students a number of interesting questions, such as the symbol of Red Cross, its use and identity with all doctors. He apprised the students about Red Cross Day.

Community Outreach

He also spoke about the need to donate blood and motivate them to ask the elders to donate, especially in cases of illnesses and accidents. He showed a special technique of washing hands. Since it takes 10-15 seconds to remove germs, so while we clean with soap we should sing happy birthday to our friend, atleast two times.

Orientation for Class XI Colonel's Central Academy School, Gurgaon `Vistas of Knowledge’ was the theme of this year’s Orientation Classes for XI. These classes were from 17 April till Friday, 25 May 2012. Last year the theme was `Voyage of Excellence’. Colonel’s Central Academy has been holding Orientation Classes for the last twelve years and subsequently CBSE also encouraged schools to conduct such awareness classes. OC at CCA is unique in itself as it exposes the students to a wide variety of experience ranging from Motivation, Leadership, Stress and Time Management to Career Counselling.

The visit of the team of Doctors and the blood donation initiative marked the Red Cross Day

The school is a hub of activity and a team of doctors headed by Dr R K Dutta of the Rotary Club, West End, set up their clinic in the seminar room with about 6 to 7 beds and various medical instruments. The blood donors were offered a small momento by the foundation and a donor's card. To round off the whole event the Computer Club announced an Inter Class Competition for the students of Class X and XI to design PPTs representing the International Red Cross Day. The whole atmosphere was charged with positivity. The teachers and the parents and relatives of their students had planned to donate blood. Although the students could not donate blood, but were like valiant soldiers who had encouraged their families to donate blood. That is how the school had 76 donors.

April-June 2012

Glimpses of `Vistas of Knowledge’ - the orientation classes for XI

A series of lectures and presentation cum talks were delivered by prominent dignitaries who have specialized in their respective fields. The Orientation Classes were flagged off by Chairman Col. Kr. Pratap Singh, by his talk on Personality Development and Decision Making. Lt. Gen. R K Gaur, gave an indepth presentation on one of our most beautiful states “Ladakh”. Mr. Prikshit Dhanda opened up the vistas of Careers in Law, Management and Hospitality sectors, Lt. Gen. P K Sehgal spoke on generic careers that will open up globally in future.


Mr. Kishore Asthana from MENSA India, renowned media celebrity Mrs. Joyoshree Arora, Mr. K K Muthu, ex-IIT, renowned actor & film maker Mrs. Lavleen Thadani, Cdr. Satish Yadav & Capt. R K Pandey from DIPR, Mr. Abhinav Verma from Rack the Brain also formed the galaxy of speakers.

follow the road safety rules strictly and will force the same to the others also.

The children got a rare opportunity to meet the Deputy High Commissioner of Bangladesh, His Excellency Mahbub Hassan Saleh, who spoke candidly about Indo-Bangla relations. To foster camaraderie the OC are common to all and the AC auditorium offers the most conducive environment. An hour is devoted everyday to English by the subject teachers in the form of communication skills, vocabulary building, reading comprehension and creative writing. Outdoors and adventure sports are also integral to Orientation Classes and is an annual feature where students visit Akshardham Temple and do White Water River Rafting beyond Rishikesh at Shivpuri. In the valedictory session, the Principal, Mrs. N Yadav, took a session on Adolescence Education.

Road Safety Week Dayanand Sr. Sec. School, Chopta Dayanand Sr. Sec. School, Chopta celebrated Road Safety Week on 21 to 26 May. The week commenced with a poster making competition and quiz competition. The key message was Stop, Revive, Survive. The aim was to reinforce the crash consequences of speeding. Contributed to an overall reduction in the road accidents toll develop community consciousness around the emotional and physical impact on others as result of road trauma and encourage community vigilance amongst peers to speak to their peer groups who don’t follow road rules. Students took a pledge to


The participants of the `Road Safety Week’ celebrations

Road Safety Week Bal Bhavan Public School, Mayur Vihar, Delhi Bal Bhavan Public School took a step forward to create awareness about the concept that Safety begins at Home, the school took a lead in sensitizing its students regarding the importance of following road safety rules. A large number of activities were organized for the students and the ultimate motive was to encourage students to take precautions and to follow traffic rules and road safety rules. Inspector Mrs. Seema Sharma, Assistant Sub Inspector, Mrs. Sarla Jain and Traffic Inspector, Mr. Shekhawat, were also present on the occasion to sensitize the students with their motivating words. The activities were as follows: •

Collage Making Competition

Seminar on Road Safety

• • • • •

Poster Making Competetion Film and talk Show

Road Safety Exhibition

Essay Writing Competition Debate Competition

Community Outreach

books and manuals and concept simulators. The premise of concept simulators is to assemble various curriculum based scientific concepts in the form of a toy.

Mrs. Seema Sharma, Inspector, Mrs. Sara Jain, Assistant Sub-Inspector and Mr. Shekhawat, Traffic Inspector, along with others sensitizing the students on importance of Road Safety

A Hands-on-Experience Lab to Explore the Realm of Science Shaheed Rajpal D.A.V. Public School, Delhi Experiential Learning is the quintessence of science education. The hands-on –experience science lab of Shaheed Rajpal D.A.V. Public School, Dayanand Vihar aims to promote out of box thinking among the students.

Students also participated in various State and National level science competitions and received commendations. Every year Mexus Education Private.Ltd. organises Iken-scientifica a national level competition with an aim to test scientific aptitude of children through hands-on activities. The competition comprises of three rounds- school round, city finals and national finals. Six students from our school qualified to participate in the national finals and two students won laptops in the final round. The depletion of non-renewable resources poses a great challenge to the world today. Young scientists study such issues and learn to engineer solutions themselves. An exhibition –‘The Wonders of Science’ was also put up. The exhibits were based on alternate resources of energy like hydraulic power and the wind energy. The hydraulic car elevator, the hydraulic bridge and the air - propelled car model were the eye-catchers at the event.

Road Safety Week SRN International School

A hands-on-experience makes science learning a fun activity

The students explore the world of science in a fun filled and innovative style to propel scientific thinking, spark curiosity and the learning in this unique lab. Students are provided with a lab kit, which comprises of

April-June 2012

SRN International School celebrated the "ROAD Safety Awareness WEEK" from 30 April to 5 may, 2012. Various activities were carried out to sensitize children towards rash-driving related problems. A seminar was held in which Mr. Banwari lal & Mr. Tarachand from traffic police department delivered an informative lecture on "ROAD SAFETY", which is emerging as a major social concern in the country. Students displayed sign boards with eyecatching captions like "license to drive not license to kill "which helped the" students to understand


the road rage can culminate in a fatality. Students participated in ‘Road Safety quiz' with full of enthusiastic zeal and program concluded with the 'Marathon'.

examination areas and photocopy rooms, to send all the discarded paper to recycling factories. Dr. Hameed and Dr. Malik congratulated the young proponents of the innovative idea and also acknowledged the teacher behind the initiative. The rally culminated with a message to follow and implement the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Students displaying sign boards with eye-catching captions on importance of safe driving

Silent Rally to Promote Paper Conservation International Indian School, Jubail, Saudi Arabia Students from the International Indian School Jubail, Saudi Arabia organized a silent rally to highlight and encourage paper conservation. Under the guidance and leadership of class teacher, Deepti Tamboli, Class VII - H students held the rally with the objective of developing an awareness regarding the conservation and recycling of the Earth’s precious resources. The students set their sights on paper, which is one of the most widely used commodities in schools. The students silently marched within the premises of the school building along with Dr. Syed Hameed, school Principal, and Dr. Zahra Malik, Vice principal. As the rally was in progress, they lifted wastepaper and noiselessly demonstrated how to keep nature and the surroundings clean. The students, held up banners and placards saying “Never refuse to reuse since it’s our Earth that we abuse.” The rally aimed to collect wastepaper from various sources and sections, including


A silent march by students to promote paper conservation

Interact Club Activity Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Hyderabad

Blood Donation Camp held at Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Banjara Hills in association with the Aarohi Blood Bank on the occasion of Martyrs' Day.

The Interact Club of Meridian School for Boys and Girls, Hyderabad was inaugrated in August 2011.

Community Outreach

Since then the club has undertaken many activities towards Community Service. Some of its activities during the year 2011-12 were visits to Old Age Homes and Orphanages, Vaaradhi - Reaching Out a Social Responsibility, Blood Donation and Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme.

Discover I Foundation Amity International School, Gurgaon Discover I, as the name suggests is an organization which tries to discover talent of the underprivileged. There is always something which each child possesses, which makes that human being special and different from others.

the capability to perform wonders. Considering the possibilities if her talent The project was inaugurated 8 months ago, and the progress has been rather Heart-warming. The project is under the guidance of the Principal. Mrs. Anuradha Handa. The members have visited slums, children of maid-servants, helpers of societies etc, and having held competitions and discovering some talent, a stall was in put up school on the 21 of October and all the articles displayed were made by the amazingly talented, children. It was a complete sellout.

Eco Green Campus Anand Niketan, Maninagar, Ahmedabad Anand Niketan in Ahmedabad is a school where happiness galores. The school is proud to have an Eco Green Campus with Rain water harvesting systems to save water and solar lights for saving energy consumption. We believe in being role models for our students and it is at the school that a child learns the most valuable lessons of his life.

The kids exploring their talents under 'Discover I Foundation' initiative

We believe that children have hidden talents our society cannot grow until these are recognized. The idea, the realization, whatever one may call it – came when one of the group members noticed the daughter of her servant, just a 10 year old girl – drawing some models from the newspaper and beautifying them with clothes that she designed on her own. That drawing was even better than some of the pieces made by the fashion designers. It was emrsaged that if she is given proper training and a proper platform, she had

April-June 2012

The school introduced a Fast day (Fix All The School Today) in the curriculum to teach the value of cleanliness and self dependence to the students who cleaned their classrooms every month. Market Day, celebrated in K2 to grade 2, gave an opportunity to understand the value of money and the importance of balancing everything in life. The students made their own currency and then went around the class to bargain for the things they need. The concept of Addition and Subtraction, too were applied during the Market day. The DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) has greatly improved the reading habits of the students who pick up a book to read as soon as Dear time is announced.


Anand Niketan is working towards making the journey of education delightful and meaningful for all its children.

in catching the action and preparing documentaries on topics as diverse as “stray dogs ” or “Hollywood connection”

Learning While Cooking J.K.G Sr. Sec. School, Ghaziabad

The children were asked to look for a news of local interest, write the script and go ahead with shooting which involved taking interviews, editing and finally uploading on the net. The first assignment was related to local community issues. The students, after much contemplation and consideration, zeroed in on “The misuse of ambulances in the city ” which centered around the use of ambulances for ferrying passengers thus causing peril to the lives of numerous patients, they also decided to talk about “stray dogs”, a bourgeoning problem in the vicinity.

The ‘Little Master Chefs’ during a Life Skills session in the school

The Students of J.K.G Sr.Sec.School,Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad had a unique opportunity to try out their culinary skills. The newly introduced Life Skills through the CCE system by CBSE actually saw children cooking and learning together. It was a great fun watching children enacting party preparations i.e right from designing an invitation card to planning party menu, decorations etc. Cooking snacks and preparation of ‘smiling face salad’. These were all meticulously planned by the students themselves. Napkin folding, table laying, table manners were all very informative to one and all. Such an activity sharpens students life skills as well as boosts their confidence to perform certain tasks. Thus they would become self dependent and self reliant their lives.

As regards both these issues the children did a wide survey, met the affected people, took interviews of both the public as well as the authorities.

The young reporters interviewing the public on the `Misuse of Ambulance in the City'

Tryst with BBC MPGS, Shastri Nagar, Meerut

They then turned their attention to Meerut’s Hollywood connection which was quite an eye opener.

MPGS, Shastri Nagar, Meerut in active collaboration on with the BBC has been involved

No one was aware that the complete war material of quite a few Hollywood films was exclusively


Community Outreach

manufactured in Meerut. The documentary thus prepared was both informative and educative. With India gearing for elections, the fervor caught on to our children too, so, they decided to aware the elders about voting as their right and duty. As MPGians prepared pamphlets, posters and took out rallies our team of reporters recorded and aired it all.

and the challenges they face. In order to promote an understanding of the issues related to disability and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities, the students of Grade XII, National Public School, Koramangala, Bangalore presented a thought provoking programme entitled ‘Inclusion not Seclusion’.

All the three activities were uploaded by 13th of December as per the directions of BBC.

The highlight of the programme was a skit written and directed by the students which aesthetically depicted how some of the most successful people in the world had the fortitude to overcome their physical impairment and went on to lead fulfilling lives while making a meaningful contribution to society. The play drove home the point that timely support and encouragement can work wonders in helping people look beyond their disabilities. The students also distributed yellow ribbons, symbolic of the theme ‘Inclusion not Seclusion’ to the audience. The other features of the event included a quiz based on the theme of the day and a speech emphasizing the need to provide equal opportunities for the physically challenged since they are often subjected to stigma and discrimination. The presentation came to an end with all the students taking a pledge, promising to work towards the inclusion of physically handicapped people in our society.

After the local news the focus now shifted to another news which was “Censorship of Face Book” that word talks of caught the attention of our budding reporters.

The students in association with BBC working on a documentary on ‘Stray dogs’

The students, they decided to talk about "Weird Diseases of the World". This activity not only honed their communication skills but also expanded their horizons . The students now no longer talk in terms of boundaries, it is a holistic view of the world for them now.

Empower the Powerless National Public School, Bangalore Most of us are unaware of the large number of people living with disabilities around the world

April-June 2012

Inclusion not Seclusion, Helen Keller is taught to speak!


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