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Jul 14, 2013 ... NORD SUD HONDA IS #1ON THE NORTH SHORE ..... thuringiensis israelensis) will be used in rivers, lakes and wetlands in ...... Crystal Beaven, .... interceptors is planned for the short term, on the streets Madeleine et Dazé.



FASS: Ballet BC’s “Aniel” dance. Photo by Michael Slobodia.

WATERFRONT FOR SALE 5 RE/MAX officEs to sERvE you bEttER St-Sauveur: 286, Principale Ste-Agathe: 217, Principale, suite 201 St-Donat: 530, Principale St-Adolphe: 1745, Chemin du Village Ste-Anne-des-Lacs: 6G, Chemin des Lilas

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“LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!” A STUNNING HIDDEN TREASURE! Captivating & charming, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath vibrant bungalow is surrounded by beautiful perennial blossoms! Simply enchanting & gorgeous with a beautiful gazebo overlooking the in ground pool! DON’T MISS THIS REALISTICALLY PRICED BUNGALOW AT $298,500!

FRED FORTIER Erlinda Quintos July 2013 Main Street Ad: front cover Real Estate Broker

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Louis-Charles Menard: July 2013 Main Street Ad (front cover)


Fred Fortier Front Cover Ad July 2013 Main Street DES SOMMETS


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Courtier immobilier - Real Estate Broker

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Murray Cover Feb13 Ad We all need Pippa a break sometime! A quiet get-away!

License for wine and spirits Best terrace in Saint Sauveur

One night including a 6-course gourmet supper & a country breakfast starting at $120.00 per person, double occupancy

Reservations: 450 227-0245 179, rue Principale, St-Sauveur, Qc J0R 1R0

(taxes/service not included)

Casa Blanca Restaurant: Front Page July 2013 Main Street Ad

July 2013


NORD SUD HONDA IS #1 ON THE NORTH SHORE 325 boulevard J. F. Kennedy Saint-Jérôme 1.877.644.1345 Accumulez Come visit us on

Jason Hamilton General Manager


Christian Légaré Sales Director New Vehicles

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*For more details, see your Nord Sud Honda dealer *For*For more details, *For see more your details, Nord Sud see Honda your Nord dealer Sud Honda dealer more details, see your Nord Sud Honda dealer *For more details, see your Nord Sud Honda dealer *For more details, see your Nord Sud Honda dealer *For more details, see your Nord Sud Honda dealer

July 2013

des points sur vos achats! Nicolas Coulombe Representative

Dave Carrier Representative

Mario Labonté Representative

Jean-Philippe Dame Representative




WHAT’S ON MY MIND.... Susan MacDonald, Editor

From a late and cold spring into a wet and humid summer, everyone has been severely complaining about the weather. Turn an eye to Calgary, folks, things could be a lot worse and my heart-felt sympathies go out to our fellow Canadians who will continue to suffer the physical and emotional trauma caused by the flood devastations of this year for a long time to come. In comparison, we have little to complain about so let’s count ourselves lucky and look ahead to what’s coming up in our picturesque Laurentians over the next few months. Ilania Abileah has done a wonderful job compiling an extensive repertoire of local festivals, theatre presentations, art exhibits, live music shows and several other cultural events that will be happening throughout every region of the Laurentians. Not a day goes by when she does not send in another email saying, “here is something else that must go in Main Street.” God bless her, she doesn’t want to miss one single event in her column, Out and About (starting on page14). Well, unfortunately, we can’t list them all in the newspaper, but we can still share them with you on our facebook page If you haven’t already signed in, and given the old “thumbs up,” now would be a good time to do so. Elsewhere in the pages, you will find a few writers have shared their points of view on some political issues in their columns, Youthful Perspective (Yaneka McFarland- p. 34), Ramble On (Barry Young - p. 36) and Run for Cover (Frans Sayers - p. 35). The topics all differ, but their perspectives are interesting. Oh, and by the way, don’t let the headline of Simply Words, “Order Pizza - While You Still Can” fool you (Jim Warbanks - p. 10). Although a personal favourite, great pizza is not what this article is all about. Residents facing the Hydro-Quebec high-tension wire project will be happy to read the open letter from Mayor Réjean Gravel from St. Adolphe d’Howard on page 7. It seems,

that for the moment at least, the project has been put on hold, much to everyone’s relief. While evident that a continued population growth and a higher energy consumption rate in the area is causing a demand for an increase of energy supplies, it is hoped that an alternative solution to the present project will be found, one that will be more suitable to the residents and the environment. While that remains to be seen, quoting the mayor, “the initial battle has been won.” As I well know, the Laurentians has been a hot spot for several film shoots and the Harrington Valley, my home, is one prime location. Even as I write this, a film is underway in the area and others are planned for later this year. It was interesting to check out how many of the “screen stars” have visited our area. There is a short article mentioning some of the films shot in our hills and valleys along with the website where you can peruse them all; it’s always fun to see familiar scenes from home on the big screen.

is your in the Laurentians. Come for a relaxing drink or try your luck at Sainte-Adèle’s premium luxury café-bar & casino. Joe’s is the ideal complement to a night at the movies or a gourmet dinner.

On a final note, there are a few anniversaries worth mentioning this month. La Grange, Morin Heights celebrated its first anniversary in June, Route des Arts is geared up for its 14th edition and Arts Morin Heights reached its glorious 30th anniversary; what a milestone! Congratulations to all and best wishes for continued success. That’s the wrap-up for this month. Grab your coffee, relax and enjoy this month’s read.

Writer’s Profile

This month, June Angus has a few words to share. Main Street’s founder Jack Burger was a close friend so we often had passionate discussions about community newspapers and occasionally I wrote about local activities for the paper. Jack also knew I had written gardening articles for a few magazines so he encouraged me to do a regular column for Main Street, which I began in 2009. Since gardening and writing are two of my passions, writing about gardening for Main Street is a labour of love.

TERRACE LOTTERY VIDEO 19, rue Morin, Sainte-Adèle Across the street from Cinema Pine.

450 229-5555

Café Bar Joes: June 2013 Main Street Ad

While I don’t have formal horticulture training, I’ve lived with avid gardeners all my life, taken seminars, read lots of books and regularly scour the Internet for answers to gardening questions. Handson experience comes from my home and cottage gardens in the Laurentians. I also share a joint-venture vegetable garden with a friend. I’m a big fan of public gardens, so no matter where I travel - I love to travel too - I have my camera ready. Born in BC and raised in southern Ontario, I have lived all my adult life in Quebec, most of that in the Laurentians. I love walking the rolling hills in summer and snowshoeing in winter. I have a journalism degree and worked in corporate communications and marketing for over 30 years for companies large and small including a decade as a freelance writer/editor while raising two sons with my husband in Morin Heights. Now that my children are grown up and I work just part-time, I can pursue my many other interests. These include helping Theatre Morin Heights, running the English Cancer Support Group, singing in Joyful Noise Choir and taking time to breathe with yoga. And of course, writing for Main Street and helping out as associate editor too.

July 2013



economy heralds very bad news for asset prices around the world.” In short, Kyle Bass is taking shelter and protecting his billions.

Run for the Hills

How, one might ask, has all this come to pass? Why are we in such a sorry state? The US is still the world’s lone superpower with military and political tentacles encircling the globe, the dollar is still the reserve currency, the US, EU, China and Japan are the leading economic engines driving production and consumption, the Dow and S&P are flirting with all-time highs, the banks are flush with cash, and the rich know no limits - in fact, there is a waiting list for $50 million, 200-foot luxury yachts - so what could be wrong?

David MacFairlane - Main Street

This statement was made by Jim Rogers on a recent CNBC programme, “Squawk On The Street” in reference to the growing banking and sovereign debt crisis relentlessly strangling the global economy. He points As Kyle Bass pointed out, most large and complex problems do not have a single out that now that Cyprus cause. Washington’s arrogance and venality have has successfully seized depositors’ bank accounts as a “What more do you need to know? Please, upset the global apple cart and destroyed the mutual condition of the country’s recent EU bailout and bank trust upon which international commerce is based. you better hurry, you better run for the rescues, the precedent has been set for similar confisAccording to Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, of the Institute hills. I’m doing it anyway. I want to make For Political Economy, (former editor, Wall Street Jourcations in the event of future bank failures anywhere sure that I don’t get trapped. Think of in the world. Investors beware; avoid intermediaries nal and Asst. Secretary, US Treasury) the US Governbetween you and your assets!! The deposit insurance ment has bullied its allies for six decades, requiring all the poor souls that just thought they funds simply do not have enough money in them to them to salute and say “Yes, Sir” in order to receive had a simple bank account (in Cyprus)… bail-out all insured bank accounts, so there will be the generous subsidies (bribes) and aid packages If you’re going to listen to government, nowhere to turn for relief if the worst comes to pass. that have bought their loyalties in the past, but now That’s what Jim Rogers meant when he referred to not you’re going to go bankrupt very quickly.” they have tired of prostituting themselves for increas- Jim Rogers. US Investment banker, being trapped. He meant that you should get out of ingly diminishing returns and the unremitting pain of the markets while you still can. He lives in Singapore, enduring Washington’s ego-tripping sense of its own co-founder of the Quantum Fund with his kids learn Mandarin, he has no investments in US exclusive, universal relevance and invincibility. billionaire George Soros which, famously, markets and little cash in US and EU banks. The EU is busy dealing with enormous economic

broke the Bank of England

He is not alone in issuing warnings to investors that asset prices are over-valued; the stock markets are dangerously over-priced, as are the Sovereign Bond and real estate markets, due to the flood of cheap, fiat currencies sloshing around the world. Due to the absence of foreign buyers, for the past couple of years the Federal Reserve has been the buyer of last resort, purchasing US Treasury Bonds in order to finance the enormous deficits of the US Government. At the same time, through collusion with the TBTF Wall Street criminal banking cartel, the stock market has been kept at absurdly high levels in order to dupe retail investors into believing in the strength of the US economy when, in fact, it is buckling at its knees and 50% of workers are subsisting on government payouts in one form or another.

Shadowstats is an organization well-respected in financial circles for providing independent analysis of US Government economic and labour statistics and exposing the flaws in current government economic data. Its CEO, John Williams, just issued a special report containing an ominous warning of an approaching major turning point in domestic and global markets. It does not mince words. It says: “US economic and systemic solvency crises of the last two years are just precursors to a Great Collapse: a hyperinflationary great depression. Such will reflect a complete collapse in the purchasing power of the US Dollar, a collapse in the normal stream of US commercial and economic activity, a collapse in the US financial system, as we know it, and a likely realignment of the US political environment.” The report goes on to warn about the likely panic in the markets, the inevitability of hyperinflation and the deteriorating expectations for domestic political stability. The entire report is available to subscribers on the Shadowstats website, but the overall message is unequivocal: “Be warned. Trouble is ahead. Protect your assets while you can or you could be impoverished.” Elsewhere, another iconic investor and financial wizard, Kyle Bass, CEO of the hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management L.P., warns in his latest investor letter of June 5 that..…. “The combination of rich valuations and further threats to growth has led us to dramatically reduce risk in the portfolio and actively position ourselves to withstand the uncertainty and instability ahead.” His report was issued following a recent trip to Japan, where he “met with ….. the metaphorical Zen priests of finance in Tokyo. … Unfortunately, I had this overriding feeling of sorrow and empathy for most of the people with whom I met because my conclusions regarding their potential financial fate were reinforced on this trip. … Most large and complex problems do not have a single cause. … Japan and its leadership face an unsolvable equation in my opinion. … but it is fascinating to observe the progression of the decline over time and the recent broad acknowledgement of their plight. … I was introduced to a Japanese phrase that encapsulated their strangely fatalistic viewpoint … a willingness to submit to this unfortunate reality, rather than fight a seemingly inevitable or impossible challenge … ‘Shikata ga na’ … ‘It cannot be helped’ ” Another morsel of analysis regarding China is very informative …”China’s direct contribution to global growth is enormous. … A slowdown, whether significant or extreme, in the Chinese

Published by Les Éditions Main Street Inc. P.O. Box 874, Lachute J8H 4G5

1 866 660-6246 • 819 242-2232 email: [email protected] 4

problems of increasing sovereign and banking debts, plunging economic activity, skyrocketing unemployment and spreading civil unrest in the periphery countries. Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal are bankrupt, France’s economy has stalled and civil unrest is simmering as well as extreme dissatisfaction with the Hollande government. Germans are tired of bailing out the EU and Chancellor Merkel’s hold on power becomes tenuous. In short, the US-EU alliance is shredding because US money is diminishing, both in quantity and value, as the dollar declines in influence and purchasing power and China and Russia become more important to Europe in strategic and economic terms. Egypt is in total political disarray, while Syria struggles to survive a civil war supported by the US and allies. Israel is being threatened by Iran, Islamic fundamentalists are stirring up trouble wherever they can in the region and the US is widely maligned for its covert attempts to influence the outcome of political events to its advantage. The US is losing influence and credibility fast around the world, because the perception is growing that the US is a bully, is a liar and exclusively concerned with its own interests only. As Dr. Roberts says, “When, in human history, has Washington told the truth about anything? When has Washington’s reassurance meant anything? It is a proven fact that the US Government lies every time it opens its mouth.” Dr. Roberts concludes by saying, “By now the entire world must know that Washington is not merely lawless, but also totally out of control, reveling in arrogance and hubris, driven by desires for hegemony over the entire world. Washington is so paranoid and distrustful that it doesn’t even trust its own citizens or the (“allies”) that it has bought and paid for.” If one was to search for the real news out there, the true story of a world in deep crisis will appear and give cause to any serious observer to be concerned about the fragility of the structures underpinning our society today. So, be careful dear readers, this hapless, terminal behemoth might crush you in its dying struggles, as it flails around trying to find stable ground to stand upon, while all that surrounds it is only quicksand. The uncertain allegiances of its few “allies” are secured only by veiled threats and the continuance of payouts and not by genuine, mutual commitments. The US gives no genuine affection, loyalty or commitments to any entity, so it receives none in return. What a sad state to exist in, don’t you think? This beast is terminal, the markets are terminal, and the hills are where to run to.

Founder: Jack Burger Co-owners: Steve Brecher, Susan MacDonald Advertising Sales: Steve Brecher Editor: Susan MacDonald Associate Editors: Jim Warbanks, June Angus Art Director/Management Consultant: Anne Secor Sales & Special Projects: Colette Couvrette

Contributing writers: Ilania Abileah, June Angus, Joan Beauregard, Peter Cloutier, Steve Brecher, Grace Bubeck, Lys Chisholm, Chris Collyer, Dale Dawson, Sheila Eskenazi, Beth Farrar, Steve Friedman, Christopher Garbrecht, Ac, Michael Gevers, Ron Golfman, Joseph Graham, Grif Hodge, Marion Hodge, Michel Labreche, L.L.B. D.D.N, Rosita Labrie, Efrat Laksman, Jim Lawson, Lori Leonard, Lisa McLellan, Yaneka McFarland, Craig McVeigh, Jessica Million, Marcus Nerenberg, Claudette Pilon-Smith, Michael Dubois, Frans Sayers, Michèle St. Amour, Christina Vincelli, Barry Young and countless other contributors from the Laurentian community at large.





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Want todes haveconnexions up to ous en avez assez lentes 100 times ou faster par ligne téléphonique par satellite?

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t maintenant à : Brownsburg-Chatham, Mont-Tremblant, Mont-Tremblant-Nord, St-Faustin-Lac-Carré, Brébeuf, Ivry-sur-le-Lac, Agathe, Lantier, Sainte-Lucie, Val-David, Val-Morin, Saint-Adolphe-D’Howard, Sainte-Adèle, Estérel, Sainte-Marguerite, Prévost, Anne-Des-Lacs, Saint-Sauveur, Morin-Heights, Lac-des-seize-Isles, Wentworth et Wentworth-Nord, Saint-Calixte, La Conception, au, Labelle, Arundel, La Minerve, Montcalm, Weir, Gore (Lac Barron, Grace Park, Lakeview), Mille-Îles, Lachute, Saint-André d’Argenteuil, on, Brownsburg-Chatham, Val-des-Lacs, Grenville, Rigaud. entôt disponible à : Entrelacs, La Macaza, Piedmont, St-Remi-d’Amherst, Saint-Colomban, Saint-Donat, Saint-Hippolyte, Val-Durn.

z notre site web à et remplissez notre demande d’information

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GAC serves:

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and fill out our request form 1-866-530-7777 extension 232

Groupe-Acces July 2013 Main Street Ad

Moving fast. So should you.

OFFER ENDS July 30th, 2013 Stock Number: DF942085 THE 2013 C 250 SEDAN EQUIPPED WITH SPORT PACKAGE. TOTAL PRICE1: $41,640** FINANCE APR


0 9 1,9 * , %







Franke Ste-Agathe






1751 Rue Principale, Ste-Agathe • Tél. : 819-326-9075

Open saturdays

© 2013 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 2013 C 250 Sedan stok number DF942085, National MSRP $39,425. **Total price of $41,640 and 0$ down payment include freight/PDI of $2,045, RDPRM fee of up to $52.49, air-conditioning levy of $100 and a $15 fee covering EHF tires. 1 Taxes extra. *Lease offers based on the 2013 C 250 Sedan equipped with Sport Packages. available only through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit for a limited time. Lease example based on $399 per month for 48 months. Down payment or equivalent trade of $0 plus security deposit of $500 and applicable taxes due at lease inception. MSRP starting at $41,485. Lease APR of 1.9% applies. Total obligation is $22,520. 18,000 km/year allowance $0.20/km for excess kilometers applies). Finance offer based on the 2013 C 250 Sedan. Finance example is based on a 60-month term and a finance APR of 0.9% with a price of $45,755. Monthly payment is $699 (excluding taxes) with $0 down payment or equivalent trade in. Cost of borrowing is $945 for a total obligation of $41,658. Vehicle license, insurance, registration are extra. Offers may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer ends July 30, 2013.

July 2013


New Candidate Joins Team Boisvert I am pleased to announce that Ghislaine Boisclair has joined the team, replacing Dr. Judith Lamoureux, who had to withdraw for personal reasons. We are very proud to welcome Ms. Boisclair, who is an active woman in various associations plus a staunch volunteer. A dynamic woman, Ms. Boisclair fully shares the vision of the Boisvert team. She is responsible, honest and open with the citizens of Val-David. We are very encouraged by the widespread support we continue to receive. Please feel free to contact us for more information at 819 3239178 or email equipe.boisvert @ or

Preventive Interventions Against the West Nile Virus The Laurentian region has or will be undergoing operations to reduce the number of mosquito larvae as part of a controlled effort by the Ministry of Health and Social Services to fight the West Nile virus. The West Nile virus is transmitted to humans by the bite of a mosquito that has become a carrier from infected birds. This is why controlling mosquitoes reduces the risk of contracting the virus. In most cases, the infection caused by this virus is harmless. However, it can cause complications, especially among people aged 50 and older and those with weakened immune systems. “Just as in the rest of Quebec, an increase in human cases of West Nile virus has been observed in recent years. Last summer, 18 people were infected in the region. This is why the National Institute of Public Health recommends taking concrete steps to stop the spread of this virus, “said Dr. Eric Goyer, Director of Public Health in the Laurentians.

The preventive use of larvicides: The preventive use of larvicides in wetlands is no risk to the population. In the Laurentians, the sectors targeted by the larvicide are St. Jérôme, Mirabel, Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Blainville, Lorraine, Bois-des-Filion, Left to Right: Jean Quintin, Christian Lachaine, René Boisvert, Ghislaine Boisclair, Mario Chartrand and Alain Tousignant. Ste. Thérèse, Boisbriand, Rosemere, St. Eustache, Two Mountains, Ste-Marthe-surle-Lac, St-Joseph-du-Lac and Pointe-Calumet. The biological larvicide Bti (Bacillus Rest assured that Team Boisvert will continue to make every effort to work with thuringiensis israelensis) will be used in rivers, lakes and wetlands in different you, the citizens, so that Val-David continues its evolution in a climate of trust, places and will be sprayed directly on the water where mosquito larvae live. transparency and harmony. . I wish you a wonderful summer and encourage you to make the most of the many Methoprene is an option that can be used in sumps, cesspools and wells. summer activities including those of Val-David. Preventative measures: The best way to protect yourself from West Nile virus is to fight against mosquitoes daily. Since mosquitoes breed in water, the first thing to do is to take the necessary steps now to reduce the accumulation of stagnant water around the home. It is particularly recommended to: Home for film, television and advertising, the Laurentians is well-positioned • remove water that accumulates in outdoor objects such as children’s toys, when production teams are researching filming locations outside of Montreal. barrels and old tires. For 15 years, the region has relied on the efforts of the Bureau du cinéma et de • properly maintain pools and the operation of the filter as the flow of water will la télévision des Laurentides (BCTL) to promote and host services regarding the prevent mosquitoes from settling there. film industry. “The Laurentians hosted thirty shoots in 2012 and 2013 is well underway,” confirms the Commissioner of BCTL, Marie-Josée Pilon. In the coming • remove water that accumulates on the protective pool liner. months, a dozen titles should be added to the list of locations that BCTL hopes to • cover the garbage and install screens on rainwater barrels. attract to the Laurentians. • Install screens on windows and doors of the houses and outdoor shelters. Since 1997, over 300 production teams chose to shoot in the country, generating significant economic benefits in addition to offering the region an enviable It is advisable to use insect repellent containing DEET, icaridin or lemon media visibility. BCTL is pleased to count among its partners: Développement eucalyptus, and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also advisable to économique Canada (DEC), le ministère de la Culture et des Communications, wear long clothing and light colors. le ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation, For more information: la Conférence régionale des élus des Laurentides et Laurentides Économique, la index.php?accueil_en. MRC d’Argenteuil, Tourisme Laurentides, les Caisses Desjardins des Laurentides, Intrawest Tremblant, l’Association villégiature Tremblant, Hybride filiale d’Ubisoft, Star Suites, IASTE, the 8 CLDs des Laurentides and a dozen other private partners.

Laurentians on the Big Screen

Need a family doctor? NEW PROCEDURE The Centre de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS) d’Argenteuil wishes to advise orphan customers (those without a family physician) that a new procedure has been put in place for the point of access.

If you are interested in viewing the entire list of films with locations in the Laurentians, go to

Sharing a Lifelong Passion at Distribution Y.D.M.

The new procedure is designed to accelerate and facilitate an application by any person wishing to register on the waiting list. Access has become much simpler. Today, simply complete an identification form and then send it by fax or mail to the CSSS. This form can be downloaded from the home page of the CSSS website, or at the following address: It is also available at the Yves De Montigny, owner of Distribution Y.D.M. reception desk of the establishment. developed his interest in wood, particularly in Point of access flooring, during the time he held the position as director of a 25-year residential construction The point of access handles any information request from a person in the territory project. With such vast experience behind him, of Argenteuil wishing to have a family doctor. This service receives and makes he and his wife, Diane, enthusiastically started an assessment of the requests. To better understand the allocation process for doctors and to learn all the information on this topic, you are invited to consult a flooring store in Vaudreuil in 2000. Together, along with their two daughters, they continued the brochure Looking for a family doctor? available on the Internet website, at various CSSS service points, in community pharmacies, as well as in offices of Yves De Montigny, the owner of this family-oriented business until 2009 when Distribution Y.D.M. Yves decided to retire and sold the business. At physicians in the territory, including the Polyclinique d’Argenteuil. that time, he had no idea he would return to the industry and start all over again. Yves and his family had spent many memorable vacations together in the Laurentians and because it held such a special place in the family’s hearts, it was here where he chose to restart with a second flooring store on the main street of St. Sauveur (158, rue Principale, 450 227-4123). A lifetime of experience, an amazing showroom, heated warehouse and an inventory that includes a wide variety of Canadian and exotic wood flooring, as well as some specialized just for stairs, is what Yves has successfully provided for his clients since the doors to Distribution Y.D.M. opened two years ago. If you are looking to beautify the floors in your home, Yves will be pleased to share his passion and experience with you. Centre de santé et de services sociaux d’Argenteuil

Come participate in a music activity specifically designed for seniors! The New Horizons International Music Association (NHIMA) is a worldwide organization comprised of over 200 New Horizons groups, whose 9,000 members are over the age of 50. For over twenty years, the New Horizons Music program has helped groups form to give seniors an opportunity to learn (or re-learn) how to play an instrument or become active in other musical endeavors. The New Horizons philosophy, “Your best is good enough,” is the overarching umbrella that captures the positive spirit necessary for senior musicians to engage and succeed.

The following services will be temporarily closed1

Currently, no New Horizons groups exist in Quebec, but this is about to change! In September, the 4 Korners Family Resource Center of Deux-Montagnes will launch a new initiative, a choir specifically designed for seniors. As a PhD candidate in Music Education and award winner of the Melinda Jacob’s grant from New Horizons International Music Association, Audrey-Kristel Barbeau will act as the musical director and will study the positive effects of seniors’ participation in this community music ensemble.

•S  ervices without appointment: Specimen collection test centre (+Grenville Sector) Electrocardiograms and Radiology

Research has confirmed that actively putting music in your life improves mental health, lowers blood pressure, exercises the brain and provides a sense of satisfaction and well-being. It can also be a transforming experience as new friendships are formed with fellow musicians.

•O  ut-patient clinics (except hemato-oncology, pneumology and surgery)

If you would like to join the 4 Korners community choir, you may contact AudreyKristel Barbeau: [email protected] Everyone is welcome!

CSSS d’Argenteuil Summer Break, July 21 - Aug 3

• Operating room With possible exceptions


The Diabetic Clinic will be closed from August 12-16.


New Horizons Music for Seniors

If you are interested in making a donation to support the project, please contact Rola Helou: [email protected], Executive Director of 4 Korners Family Resource Center. For more information on the New Horizons Music Program, visit www.

July 2013

MRC Pays d’en Haut Companies Commit to Invest in Staff Training

Open Letter: Invitation to Sign Petition Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, June 13, 2013

In the framework of the “Regional Tour-investment skills,” Steve Gauthier, Director of Business Services at North Central Regional Branch Laurentides, stressed the involvement of 24 companies and organizations in the region with regard to the training of their staff, by giving them the Skills-Investment Certificate of Commitment. Gauthier argues, that “the development of skills for the labor force is not an expense, but an investment that allows workers to adapt to changes in the labor market and increase their competitiveness.” He also pointed out that more than 300 Laurentian companies received their certificate, a total of more than 3,000 companies in Quebec. Emploi-Quebec Laurentides welcomes companies in the MRC des Pays d’en Haut that are interested in investing in training in the workplace and contributing to developing the skills of workers in the region.

The initial battle won What a week, my dear citizens of Saint-Adolphe d’Howard! What twists and turns! First, I announced that Hydro-Quebec had backed down and agreed to review the route of the “North A variant,” and then last Wednesday, accompanied by the advisory committee, I submitted both the electronic and written petitions to the National Assembly. A total of over 3,500 names greatly sensitized our national elected officials, and hopefully, it will put an end to this savage violation of our great territory, which is so dear to us. The national media subsequently became interested in our noble cause and two interviews were conducted, both on RadioCanada and RDI MATIN and I invite you to view them, as they are available on the website. Why all these actions?

In order to demonstrate that this proposed line would be just as imposing an infrastructure as a 315 kV line; that is to say, the pylons would have a height of 60 meters, which is the equivalent of a 20-storey building, and would require a 60-meter corridor. I also took the opportunity to ask the Minister of the Environment directly, to seriously scrutinize this projected power line in the For more information on Investment-skills or to complete the online entry form for Laurentians region in order that it be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Bureau companies, go to www.i-competences.gouv.qc website d’audience publique en environnement (BAPE) the Environmental Public Hearing Office, and to act quickly to revise the list of projects subject to the assessment procedure and review of environmental impacts, in order to include this new type of 120-kV line with pylons that can receive 315 kV lines. Currently, the regulation Susan MacDonald regarding the evaluation and examination of environmental impacts specifies only Jack Flax, and his wife, Ann Melville were not well-suited for that “the construction or the relocation of a power line that carries or distributes retirement and when the opportunity presented itself, they 315 kV or more, and spans a distance of over 2 kms, is subject to this said took over the keys of Petites Pattes (27, de l’Eglise, St. Sauveur, procedure of evaluation and examination of the environmental impacts,” which 450 227-6402), a store supplying quality pet food. Being animal lovers, and Hydro Quebec is attempting to avoid. owners themselves, they recognized the importance of feeding pets a healthy, The municipality of Saint-Adolphe d’Howard understands the need for this project balanced diet. That was six years ago, this past June. due to the population growth in the region, however, we want to ensure that Over the years, many select brands have been added to the shelves and on my Hydro Quebec respects the Quebec Law regarding development in the MRC des recent visit I was introduced to A Taste of the Wild (dry and canned), a new, Pays d’en Haut, the Saint-Adolphe d’Howard Urbanization Plan and, finally, that grain-free brand. Impressed with the ingredients, I was also pleased that it was they change their planned route that was proposed at the information session held available for cats. The animals all loved it and suffered no digestive upsets. On in Saint Adolphe on March 22, 2013. the Internet, at, I found the rating to In closing, I sincerely think that it is essential for an efficient democracy be 4.5 stars and highly recommended (for active dogs, not the couch potatoes). to have citizen participation. In participating, a citizen becomes Thank you, Jack, for the great suggestion! engaged in public life, rather than just performing a simple Like humans, pets are what they eat, and Petites Pattes has several quality electoral duty. I invite those who have not yet signed the brands of pet-food. It also carries the best kitty litter, World’s Best! Always a petition online to do welcoming smile when you step through the door, a visit to Jack’s is a pleasure. so at the website: Congratulations, Petites Pattes, for offering the community the best in pet nutrition. Best of luck for many more years to come! Réjean Gravel, Jack and Ann thank you for your continued support and would love for you to stop by. Mayor of Saint-Adolphe d’Howard The 1st edition of the “Regional Investment Skills Tour “ ran from June 11 to June 18. The tour, which passed through four MRCs, recognized companies that invest in training their staff.

Petites Pattes Celebrates 6th Anniversary

a tribute to your good taste THE PREMIER SHOPPING CENTRE IN







Galeries des Monts - TechSpa Ad: July 2013 Main Street



Dance & Music Graces the Big Top Stage Ilania Abileah - Main Street

St. Sauveur has been dressing up for the big event that brings over 25,000 people to the village. Once again, the Saint Sauveur Arts Festival brings us a remarkable program including free outdoor shows in the park. Here are some highlights of the festival. Ballet BC - Thurs & Fri, July 25 & 26, 8 pm: Contemporary dance group with artistic director, Emily Molnar, is coming with a vibrant program featuring Aniel, choreographed by Molnar herself; Petite Cérémonie, created for Ballet BC by French choreographer, Medhi Walerski; a pas-de-deux from Herman Scherman, by the great William Forsythe; and an excerpt from Muse, by the inventive American Nicolo Fonte. International Ballet Showcase - Sat July 27, 8 pm & & Sun, July 28, 6 pm: Top dancers from prestigious ballet companies share the stage: Herman Cornejo and Luciana Paris, of the American Ballet Theater; Benjamin Pech and Alice Renavand, of the Paris Opera Ballet; Étienne Lavigne and

mance, and $250 for the fundraiser = total $300. A tax receipt for the maximum eligible amount will be issued. 450 227-0427 [email protected]

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, one of America’s most cherished cultural treasures, is performing on Wed July 31 at 8 pm. Founded in 1961 by Allan and Sandra Jaffe, the band has travelled worldwide. Its current director, Ben Jaffe, the son of Allan and Sandra, plays tuba with the ensemble. Italy’s famed Aterballetto will be performing a program by choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti on Thurs & Fri, Aug 1 & 2 at 8 pm. Under the direction of Cristina Bozzolini, ten dancers of Aterballetto will present excerpts from Come un respiro, Romeo and Juliet, Almost Blue, Rossini Cards and Cantata. BJM - Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal closes the festival on Sat Aug 3 at 8 pm, with a dynamic program: Harry, created for the BJM by the Israeli-American wunderkind Barak Marshall; Fuel, by the Spanishborn Cayetano Soto; and Closer, by the French-born Benjamin Millepied. Hear all the

passion of a custom built steel-string guitar...

FASS is one of the most important artistic and cultural events devoted to dance and music in the country. It is the only major dance festival in eastern Canada and for us who live here, it is a wonderful treat!

Own one...

Ballet BC “Aniel” dance, photo by Michael Slobodin

Greta Hodgkinson, of the National Ballet of Canada; and Andreas Kass and Ida Praetorius, of the Royal Danish Ballet. Joining them will be Canadian contemporary dance icon, Louise Lecavalier, and Cesar Corrales, the young prodigy of the Toronto production of Billy Elliot.

Joseph Hart

A rendezvous with vintage wine and remarkable dancers! Sun July 28, 8 pm: Dinner Cocktail and Silent & Live Vintage Wine Auction, where dancers will assume the role of auction referees, at the Chalet PaulineVanier, 33 rue de l’Église, St. Sauveur. The Cesar Corrales, International Ballet Showcase, number of tickets is limited: $50 for perforphoto by Gregory Batardon


July 2013

Luthier Since 1999 Mont-Tremblant [email protected] 819-429-5731 519-546-6609

Nordest June 2013 Main Street Ad

Repairs to most stringed instruments.

Courses to be offered in guitar building and maintenance.



Digital Privacy


Steve Friedman (Vice President, COO, TECHSPA) - Main Street


World Wide Web privacy is a fallacy. The Internet is not a place where you offer things up, to be kept private. Publishing things on the Internet, by definition, is to publish them to the world. At least, that’s what it’s all about. We’re living in a whole new space when it comes to the Internet. It’s a place to get the word out, a place to promote ideas, the opposite of somewhere to protect something from inquiring eyes. Let me also clarify that when I say “publish,” I mean making things available on the “web,” as opposed to writing and sending an email message from a “private” email account destined for another “private” email account. Posting messages on a bulletin board or blog, LinkedIn or Facebook page is different from sending a personal email or text message. There’s a major distinction here, which I hope is clear. There are supposed to be public places as well as private places on the Internet. Rules exist to, at least in a general way, isolate the private from the public Internet spaces. One way to test this is to do a search on Google or Bing for the subject or contents of one of your email messages. Or do a search of your email address. Hopefully, your email messages are not found, except for anything you intended to be public and that a search of your email address only turns up any of these intentional email postings or listings of your email address itself.

433, Principale Saint-Sauveur QC J0R 1R4 Tel: (450) 227-5099 Fax: (450) 227-5636 [email protected]

Paul Jolicoeur Ad April 2012 Main Street

At least this is theoretically the way it’s supposed to be. But recent events in the U.S. are revealing how the entire concept of privacy is in flux. The reality of how private your “private” information truly is may be becoming a matter of semantics. This spring, whistleblower NSA (National Security Agency) infrastructure analyst, Edward Snowden, leaked that the US government has enormous communications monitoring programs in place, challenging the notion that privacy is still a right. This is very discomforting. You might well think that monitoring and storing all that information would take up too much space to be a reality and that it’s absurd! It would be absurd if it weren’t a fact that the US government has been building humungous storage facilities, way beyond anything anybody had ever imagined, holding billions and billions of gigabytes of information. The U.S. government has responded, claiming that it’s all for the sake of public safety to prevent terrorist acts. And this is the way to do it! A new phrase parodying the name of the NSA is Never Say Anything. FYI, according to a article “its (the Pentagon’s) worldwide communications network, known as the Global Information Grid, to handle yottabytes of data.” To store one yottabyte (YB) of data on terabyte-sized hard drives would require “a million city-block sized data-centers, as big as the states of Delaware and Rhode Island,” to quote’s article “The One Hundred Trillion Dollars Hard Drive.” So it’s looking more and more like privacy is a thing of the past, particularly Internet privacy. When I’ve asked people under 30 years of age what they think of this monitoring and interception of everything we say or do, a common response has been that they have nothing to hide, and if anyone wants to take a look, who cares? But when I ask if they understand what the real-world ramifications are, coaxing them to recall how in recent years, that on many occasions, public figures have been quoted as saying something which, when taken out of context, completely devastated their careers, they acknowledge that it could be a bad thing. There are ways to make the communications you wish to be private, more private, by using encryption. Encryption requires that the sender have tools to encode and save the information and the receiver have tools to decode and save the information. Certainly, everyone should use these tools, at least to protect the privacy of your passwords. But as far as emailing, Skypeing and texting are concerned, I believe most would think that encrypting these communications might be acting paranoid and going too far. What do you think?

- Health records and Plan to Stay in Shape Today (PSSST!) - Emergency contraceptive pill - Pill dispensation (Dosette and Dispell systems) - Accurate blood pressure assessment (with BpTru), personalized follow-up, and printed report with chart of readings - Glycemia monitoring - Asthma control education - Insulin shot preparation - Recovery of used needles with approved containers - Orthopedic and homecare device sales and rentals - Stoma care products - Enterostomal therapy (by appointment) - Anticoagulation (NR) monitoring - Onsite INR testing with Coagucheck

If you have any questions regarding the topic of this article, please call TECHSPA at 450 227-4118 or email [email protected]

The City of Lachute is continuing its efforts to save water and is offering offering 200 rain barrels at a reduced cost to its citizens. Normally $100, the cost of these barrels will be a mere $30. Anyone wishing to obtain one may go to City Hall to make their payment Monday to Thursday from 8:15 am - 4:30 pm (closed noon to 1 pm) and Friday from 8:30 am noon. The barrels may then be picked up at the municipal garage. Arrangements for delivery may be possible, but it is necessary to confirm first. To be eligible for an economy rain barrel, citizens must be homeowners in the urban sector of Lachute. For more information, call the public works department at 450 562-3475.

Monday to Wednesday: 9am to 7pm Thursday and Friday: 9am to 9pm Saturday: 9am to 6pm Sunday: 9am to 5pm FREE DELIVERY SERVICE * * Details in store

Danielle Gauthier Pharmacist/Owner

707 Chemin du Village, Morin-Heights tel: 450-226-5222 fax: 450-226-7222 [email protected]

If you would like to access my previous articles, please go to www.facebook. com/ or

Save Water!

Business hours:

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July 2013


Simply Words on Paper

Geezer’s Corner

Order Pizza While You Still Can!

Alarming Bozos and Yodeling Hounds

Jim Warbanks - Main Street

Dale Dawson - Main Street There has been widespread concern expressed over Internet e-mail, search engine, social media, photos, video and telephone snooping / surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA) in the United States. This was revealed by a former consultant, Edward Snowden, who is resisting extradition from Russia after his passport was summarily revoked. A limited, but similar initiative, has been undertaken in Canada. The effects of such invasions of privacy were foreshadowed by an award-winning, faked audio recording of a pizza order, released by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The hapless gent on the phone simply wants to order a pizza on his way home from work. What transpires during the call is truly chilling. As the Pizza Palace operator takes the call (Guaranteed Hot in Thirty Minutes or it’s free), she has immediate access to the phone number and the person’s National Identification Number. She checks that this ID Number and address for Mr. Kelly are both correct. Noting that he is using his cell phone, she asks if he is at home.

Ring!!! Ring!!! Ring!!! “What in *^#*%*@# is that?” I yelled as my butt bounced off the floor at three o’clock in the morning. Stumbling to my feet, I tumbled over Hugo Bassett who was running to my aid in one of his lucid moments. I assumed it was Hugo by the size of the squirming lump grumbling in the darkness. The phone in the living room was screaming as the turmoil continued. Then my chief advisor dryly suggested that, in her opinion, the phone was ringing. Duh! I don’t know about you, but when I get up in the night I immediately have to answer the call of nature and so does Hugo. I leaped over my confused hound and landed on the cat’s tail. I must say that Buster reacted poorly to this treachery. Without apologizing, I skidded into the john, whacking my shin against the door jamb. Did you ever try to pee at 3 am while the phone was screeching and your hound was crooning “Orange Blossom Special” in a fine baritone voice outside the bathroom door? No? So, this doesn’t happen to everyone? I had no success - my motor had stalled.

The phone was still bawling and Hugo was still yodeling, so I chased him outside where he began sharing his indignation with our neighbours. I searched for the Wired phone with the intention of throwing it at Hugo; let him answer it. Unfortunately, in my chaotic state, I managed to knock it onto the floor where it began pleading He admits that he is leaving work, and she offers to deliver to his place of with me. “Allo, mister! Allo - I’m so sorry to bother you, but your neighbours’ business, quoting the correct address. Somewhat confused, he inquires how she alarm has gone off.” I managed to find the light switch and then locate the evil knows this much. “We just got wired into the system, sir,” she responds. device that had caused such a ruckus and put a choke-hold on it. The irritating He places an order for Double Meat Specials, but is advised that there will be voice repeated, “Mister, your neighbours’ alarm has gone off.” I yelled, “Now a $20 surcharge because…his medical records indicate that he has high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. If he persists with the order, he must also sign a you look here, I don’t much care what has gone off. Why are you waking me up at three in the morning?” He said, “Could you please run over to Mister Ryder’s waiver of future liability. The charge for processing this inflates his bill to $67. house to see if he’s being robbed?” “Yeah, sure, just stay on the line,” I mumbled Tofu sticks as I hung up the phone and went to negotiate with Hugo, who had just finished Startled, he then learns that there has been a $15 fee added because he now lives an off-key rendition of “Ring of Fire.” in a zone where a robbery occurred…last night. This will compensate for the Call display: I’d dragged Hugo inside when the phone squawked again. I grabbed added risk to the delivery person. She then suggests that he can save a whopping it and said, “You have reached the Irish embassy, but there is no one here, please $48 by substituting the special sprout submarine combo, which comes with tofu call back tomorrow.” He wasn’t buying that and mumbled something about call sticks, and picking the order up himself. display. The guy was starting to lose his composure. He even threatened to call someone else. My answer to that can’t be printed here. Then he had a wonderful He protests petulantly that he really wants Double Meat Pizza. She then acknowledges that he can likely afford the $67 charge, since he just bought tickets idea; he would call the cops. I commended him on his intellectual, if somewhat limited, thought processes. The rude fellow didn’t even wish me a goodnight. to Hawaii, which weren’t cheap. He acquiesces somberly to the healthy Sprout Subs substitution, and she comments that it is a good choice since he is planning Apparently, according to my chief advisor, I had agreed to be part of an anti-theft a beach trip and has a….42-inch waist! organization whose sole purpose in life was to keep the Ryders’ possessions safely inside their domicile while they cavorted blissfully on other continents. I may have Flabbergasted, the poor devil inquires how much the order will now cost. She agreed to such an unrewarding assignment, but it doesn’t sound like me. helpfully suggests that he can use a $3 off coupon in a Total Men’s Fitness Magazine…that his wife, Betty, subscribes to. Gasp! Contractor working: I had nearly forgotten the previous episode when my chum from the alarm company decided to renew our friendship. It was a rainy afternoon Tagline when I answered the phone. “Allo mister, could you run over to Mister Ryder’s With the coupon, the order is under $20, but she now notes that all his house to check the alarm, please?” I looked at the rain hammering my driveway and credit cards are maxed out, so she advises him to bring cash to complete the answered, “NO!” “But the alarm needs to be shut down,” He pleaded. “You shut it transaction. The tagline closing the clip is, “Want to stop this from happening? down, because I happen to know that there is a contractor working on the premises Take action!” Do you think that the ACLU was being unnecessarily alarmist? and he likely set the alarm off.” Then he really annoyed me when he said he’d The clip is admittedly fictitious, and intended to shock. In this country, we phoned the house and someone had answered and had given him his name. He are indeed far from this level of blanket interventionist surveillance of global said that a robber could have done that just to trick him. “Right! They do that all international communications. There is much we do not yet know about these the time,” I growled. I undiplomatically convinced him to shut off the alarm. programs, how collected data is exploited by government agencies, nor the Twenty minutes later my phone rang again. “Hello, sorry to bother you, but present and future implications for civil liberties and privacy in the United States your neighbours’ alarm has gone off. Would you kindly trot over and check it?” and globally. This wasn’t the same fellow that I had yelled at previously so I had to yell at this Even those among us who profess little concern over the inherent loss of privacy person all over again. It seemed that every time the carpenter went outside for in everyday transactions would likely feel uncomfortable with the pizza order another tool, the alarm would start caterwauling and the bozos at alarm central process outlined above. It implies not only an expanded volume of personal felt it was necessary to call me and discuss whether he’d gone for a screwdriver information being gathered, but also that links between your personal business or a drill. It was unbelievable. The carpenter and I both needed tranquillizers. (including health issues), family, financial and travel interests are being forged to What an alarming situation. scrutinize your entire life profile. Guilty pleasures When the information gathering extends to your guilty pleasures, such as placing an order for an unhealthy pizza on the way home from a hard day’s work, or even enjoying a second drink before dinner to aid in relaxation, even the most jaded will shout, “Enough!” The tipping point will be long past by then.

Mayor’s Golf Tournament Huge Success More than $20,000 to benefit the Mont Avalanche

On June 19, over 140 golfers participated in the Mayor’s Golf Tournament in St. Adolphe d’Howard, a fundraising event to benefit area students. Since the municipality acquired the Sports Station Mont Avalanche, Mayor Réjean Gravel and Even in a benevolent democracy, which some will already dispute exists, it is best his team, have wanted to offer students in the area season tickets, free of charge. never to give the government of the day a tool, and blithely expect that tool not to For the third consecutive year, the tournament accumulated in excess of $20,000, be used. Examples, both past and present, abound. which allows over 140 season-passes to Mont Avalanche to be given to young “Adolphins” aged 17 and under. On thinking over this weighty issue, I confess that I feel less inclined to mount my white charger and ride off on a valiant quest for justice. I am decidedly more The Management Company of Mount Avalanche and the municipality of St-Adolphe tempted to order my ‘special’ pizza and open a bottle of decent red wine. Care to d’Howard would like to thank the organizing committee, chaired by Mr. Gaëtan join me? Chartrand, volunteers and the many sponsors who made this event a great success.


MORIN-HEIGHTS Indoor Storage Space Rental

24 hours/ 7 days • Individual alarms • 50 square feet and up



543 du Village, Morin-Heights Office at 591 du Village

10 Stewart Entrepots Ad April 2013 Main Street

Custom deCks ANd feNCes TreaTed wood and chain link. Masonry, General repair and MainTenance. reasonable raTes.

Call John: 450 451 4745 July Ad 2013 Thriepland Main Street May 2013 • • •

News Wire From Weir

News From Sainte Agathe Jessica Million - Main Street

Claudette Pilon-Smith - Main Street The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat. From Laurentian Branch of Victoria’s Quilts Canada Summer has arrived and the ladies are still working as diligently as ever. Summer vacationers, if you would like to see what we do, you are more than welcome to attend our next workshop on July 19. You will witness a beehive of busy bees cutting, ironing, sewing, sandwiching and assembling, among all other things that go on in one day. One of our busy bees is Maria Broeckx who works on the bags we use as fundraisers for our cause. These bags are pretty, useful and in some cases, washable. They come in many bright colours and can be thrown over your shoulder. This lady is an angel and a busy bee. Thank you Maria. Blood Donor Clinic - Héma-Québec August 13: 1:30 pm - 7:30 pm at the Community Center of Montcalm (Weir), located on Rte. Lac Rond N. facing the Library. Activities in our area July 13: 8 am - 3 pm -  Artisans and Flea Market next to Library, 30, ch. du Lac Rond Nord. Space Rentals: 819 687-2170 July 13: 9 am - 2 pm - Art Exposition at Community Center 819 687-9938 August 3: 4 pm - Family Fest with hamburgers, hot dogs, beer and wine and fireworks at the Community Center in the Village of Weir. Come one come all! All summer long: Guided, educational visits for all at Morgan Farm. Please reserve at 819 687-2434 WEDDING BELLS ARE RINGING correction: A 7th generation Beaven, descendant of Steven Jake Beaven, gets hitched in Weir. The ceremony was performed by Mayor Steven Larose at City Hall on May 18, 2013. Crystal Beaven, daughter of Kathryn and Ralph Beaven of Weir married Steve Diamond, son of Judy Diamond. The picture of the Happy Couple was taken by Ralph Beaven. Please forward any comments, news or topic to: [email protected]

The Summer 2013 season begins! Kids are out of school, vacations are around the corner and soon, weather permitting, it will start to feel a lot more like summer! Activities kicked off last weekend with a “Fête Nationale” party at Place Lagny. A large crowd came out for the musical show hosting Offenbach. Ending the evening with fireworks, the thunderstorm held off until the very end. The whole of “Vieux Ste. Agathe” was bustling with activity. There are many events planned starting in July, including the Classique de Voile Franke Volvo, at the beach Major on the 27th and 28th. Another sports event is the beach volleyball championship, again at the Major beach from July 12 -14. Ste. Agathe residents (and visitors) are fortunate to have three municipal beaches to enjoy. The two big beaches are Tessier, on Major Street, which is a good choice for families with young children, and Major, the main one near the municipal Parc des Campeurs campground at the intersection of St. Venant Street and Chemin du Lac des Sables, which provides a range of activities for people of all ages on one of the biggest freshwater beaches in Quebec. Ste. Lucie beach, on Larocque Street, is a smaller, quieter beach for those looking for a peaceful place to read and just relax. Residents can purchase season passes for $10. These can be obtained at the ticket counter at Tessier beach. Daily passes are also available at the following rates: children 0-5 free, 6 -17 years $4 and 18 years & over $6. We are so fortunate to have such an amazingly beautiful lake, right in the heart of town and that is why, since 2008, the city has invested more than $575,000 in the installation of sediment interceptors. A recent report received by the mayor, confirms beyond doubt, that for the protection of our jewel, Lac des Sables, the financial effort was well worth it. The installation of two more sediment interceptors is planned for the short term, on the streets Madeleine et Dazé. LUMIÈRES SUR LE LAC-2103 Note in your calendar of activities: August 2-11, 10 days of live music festivals and various family activities will take place at the park Lagny, down by the lake. Activities start at 1:30 - 7:30 Entertainment from 7:30 Mulitmedia show at 9:00 - music and lighting projects, spectacular show on the lake.

PASSPORT - 10 days of access to the site for $45, taxes included. DAY PASSES $20 taxes included per day CHILDREN 0-12 years enter for free

Budweiser Presents scenes at 9:30

About Sainte Adèle

Like this event on facebook and enter your chance to win prizes.

Chris Lance - Main Street As the rains and storms tear through summer, we wonder about climate change and spending too much time inside. Mosquitoes abound and the grass is greener than it was this past spring. Tom, the owner of the Pine Theatre, loves this weather as people fill his theatre night after wet night.

Jessica Million: / [email protected]

Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon 3,000 participants expected for the 4th edition on Sunday August 11!

There is Bingo at 555 blvd Ste. Adèle on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. You can call for information at 450 229 7095. Shopping during the bad weather should be great for Diane Gattuso, owner of Collections Campagne. Her wonderful shop is on Pierre-Peladeau near the corner of Blvd Ste. Adèle/Route 117 just behind the Farandole. Diane has house furniture, accessories and terrific fun objects for your home.

The 4th edition of the MontTremblant Half-Marathon will take place on Sunday August 11, in the streets of Mont-Tremblant. The municipal clay tennis courts are in great shape. Greg, our tennis pro, and his Open and accessible to all, the crew keep the courts clean and rolled. The tennis gang arrives every morning at event can be enjoyed by avid 9 am until noon for the “daily doubles” match. Every year the matches and runners as well as beginners in players are getting more exciting. Tennis is the best exercise and a wonderful way the sport. The various categories to meet old and new friends as Greg introduces everyone every day. He pairs you offered allow participants to join up to play tennis with someone of similar skills. Regarding the weather conditions individually by age category, and if the court is open, Greg says when the pavement is dry, come over to play. or in teams with the ParentChild category, or, the Corporate Good news for cyclists - all the P’tit Train du Nord trails are now open. Just Team Challenge. The event offers the following distances: 1km (kids run), 5km remember to bring rainwear as it seems everyday brings a bit of inclement weather. (walk or run), 10km and 21.1km. Participants are invited to register online on The same situation on the golf courses in our region - lots of greenery, but wet-wear the event website until August 9 at noon. No shoes are needed so you don’t wrinkle-up your feet tiptoeing through the fairways. registrations will be accepted on site. NEW THIS YEAR: Seems la Ville de Ste. Adèle has a surplus budget for the year ending 2012. If you • 2  013 Event Exhibit: The event exhibit will take place over two days, on August want to see the information and figures, go to www.ville.Ste.adè Does 10 (10 am - 5 pm) and August 11 (8:30 am - 1:30 pm) at the Parc au fil de l’eau, that mean we all get a tax refund from our Mayor Charbonneau? Don’t hold behind the Mont-Tremblant library. The organizers are currently accepting your breath. Somebody mentioned to me that our new cultural building, dubbed reservations but space is limited. Chateau Charbonneau, looks like an oversized wooden gas station you’d see on •G  uided training sessions: Several preparatory activities are offered throughout the the 401. summer to get everyone ready for the event. 5km lunch runs are held every Tuesday It seems there is no opposition political party for Mayor Charbonneau in the and Thursday from 12:15 - 1 pm, starting at Rona Forget Mont-Tremblant. Group upcoming November municipal elections. Does this mean everyone is happy with trial runs will also be organized for participants who are interested in the Château country politics or is it just indifference as it is throughout our dominion? Beauvallon (10km) and the Mont-Tremblant Casino (21.1km). Visit the event website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for dates and details. Le Chateau Ste. Adèle has reopened near Chantecler’s Mountain Four. A group of investors has spent 3 million dollars sprucing up the hotel. Wishing them the best THE MONT TREMBLANT HALF-MARATHON, ALREADY IN ITS FOURTH YEAR of luck. Their doors were reopened on June 7. Of This & That - If you are a golfer, there are great deals to be had at Golf Chantecler. In only three years, the Mont-Tremblant Half-Marathon has become the largest The Marche Public d’Ete is open on Saturdays - this year. There is an increase of local road-running event in the region, reaching over 2,300 participants in 2012. This number far surpassed the 430 participants who came out for the first edition, as artists displaying items for sale. L’Aspria restaurant has re-opened; you can check well as the 1,021 participants who joined in the second, which was an impressive their specialties at The Soirees Nostalgia Ste. Adèle has fun jump. With over 2,000 participants already registered for this year, the organizing entertainment July 13 - the Blushing Brides; July 20 - Hit Parade; July 27 - Coeur de committee is expecting over 7,000 participants and spectators on site. Pirate and August 3 - Alfa Rococo. On Fridays at Hotel Mont-Gabriel, you can hear Gilles Caplan on the terrace from 7 pm to 11 pm. All Ste. Adèle restos are listed on Ste. Adèle web site. Check it out before you go to your regular eatery. Try something new this summer. Stay safe - will write for you in August. Have a great July and if you see Mayor Charbonneau, honk and wave!

For further details on registration, babysitting services, contests, preparation activities and more, visit Follow the event on: Facebook - Twitter - @demimaratremb or Instagram - @demimarathontremblant.

July 2013



English-speaking Community Needs Formal Presence in Provincial Government, say QCGN Members

Actor Frank Schorpion

The Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) ended its annual meeting in Montreal recently with a new Board of Directors, a renewed Strategic Plan and a consensus that Quebec’s English-speaking community needs formal representation in the provincial government.

Steve Brecher - Main Street

It’s uncommon for an actor almost anywhere in the world to be able to earn a decent long-term living exclusively from that profession. It’s even more unusual for an Anglophone from Western Canada to be able to manage this feat as a full-time resident of the Laurentians. Against those odds Frank Schorpion is such a case in point, with 79 titles in his filmography while living in Prévost since 1997. Frank’s Flemish-speaking parents emigrated from Belgium to Winnipeg in the early 1950’s in search of a new way of life. Frank was born there in 1955, and grew up in a household that included his sister and his grandparents. Although he was told by his teachers that he was quite intelligent, he struggled at school due to ADD (attention deficit disorder). He took on the role of class clown, which got him into trouble. But his antics and story-telling became an outlet to ease his tensions. He excelled at all sports and was inspired by his high school gym teacher to pursue a degree in Physical Education, which he received from the University of Calgary. Prior to obtaining his Teaching Certificate, Frank was determined to learn French (which his parents and sister spoke). He enrolled in a “French for non-Francophones” course at Laval University and remained in Quebec City for three years, before returning to Winnipeg, where he taught physical education in a French Immersion school for six years. Although he was comfortably ensconced in a solid career, Frank felt unfulfilled. The class clown and the story-teller in him were percolating below the surface. He had dreamed of becoming an actor since his early 20’s, a profession that his family pooh-poohed as too risky. Somehow he mustered the courage to give up his entrenched lifestyle and travel to Montreal, which he had visited once, but where he had no connections. He gave himself one year in a city with a burgeoning film industry, believing that his bilingualism would be an asset. Frank hit the ground running. He quickly found a talent agent and began playing small parts in T.V. commercials, series and films on the big screen, in both languages. In 2002 he was nominated for a Gemini Award for “The Last Chapter,” a T.V. series shot in both English and French (on CBC and Radio Canada). Actor Frank Schorpion In 2004 he landed a key role in a 4-star film entitled “Monica la Mitraille” (Machine Gun Molly).

“We did not discuss what form that representation should take - perhaps a dedicated minister, a commissioner or an ombudsman - but our members were clear that our community needs a government body that is designated to advise the provincial government on the development of strategies, priorities and programs for English-speaking Quebecers,” said QCGN President Dan Lamoureux. His comments followed a presentation on how the federal government and several provinces and territories have ensured such representation for their minority communities. During one debate, social psychologist Richard Bourhis, remarked that institutions of the English-speaking community were in decline and that, for the sake of social cohesion, the dominant French majority in Quebec needs to find ways to support its minority communities. Later, Bourhis argued that a dedicated bureaucracy would show real support for the English-speaking community. “A presence in the provincial government could propose policies and programs that support the vitality of Quebec’s English-speaking minority,” said QCGN Director General Sylvia Martin-Laforge, noting that an inside presence would have the potential to build a better government understanding of the needs and challenges of the English-speaking community and dispel some of the myths that surround it. During the meeting, the QCGN acclaimed a handful of new Board members; Anne McCracken Fitzpatrick, a former Associate Academic Dean at Marianopolis College; Lisa Montgomery, a graduate student in Public policy and Public Administration; Juan-Carlos Quintana, a Project Development Officer at the ACCESS Adult Education and Career Training Center of Riverside School Board; Kate Shingler, Managing Editor of Global Montreal’s evening newscast; and Richard Tardif, Executive Director of the Quebec Community Newspaper Association. Returning to the Board with President Dan Lamoureux, who begins his second year at the helm of the organization, our new Vice-President - James Shea, Treasurer - Joseph Rabinovitch and Secretary - Walter Duszara. Also back on board are Brian A. Garneau from Voice of English-speaking Quebec in Quebec City; Cheryl Gosselin from Townshippers’ Association in the Eastern Townships; Clara Ann Labadie from Coasters’ Association on the Lower North Shore, youth representative Matthew Rosenberg, a commercial real estate agent; Irene Tschernomor, C.E.O. of Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Health Complex. The Quebec Community Groups Network ( is a not-for-profit organization bringing together 41 English-language community organizations across Quebec. Its mission is to identify, explore and address strategic issues affecting the development and vitality of English-speaking Quebec and to encourage dialogue and collaboration among its member organizations, individuals, community groups, institutions and leaders.

Oh, Canada!

Ilania Abileah - Main Street

Soon after his arrival in Montreal, Frank met and fell in love with well-known, Lachute born actress, Brigitte Paquette, a two-time Gemini honoree who is currently appearing on stage at the Théâtre Saint Sauveur in “Presence D’Esprits,” a Noel Coward play. They have resided since 1997 in their charming log home in Prevost, close enough to the Montreal film industry, yet far enough to savor their attraction to the Laurentians. Having gained extensive experience in the creative process, while learning to manage the stress and pressures of the acting business, Frank has designed both a conference and a workshop for the public on “…learning to connect with one’s deep roots.” He endeavors to apply his acting skills, his storytelling and his humor, in a way that is entertaining, informative and practical to his audience. Specifically, he incorporates “The Work,” a remarkable method of finding happiness and freedom, developed by bestselling author Byron Katie. In addition, he explains Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a self-administered form of therapy that draws on various theories of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming and energy medicine. Throughout, Frank utilizes his acting techniques to access what he refers to as “…the true intelligence of the body.” Readers can learn more about Frank Schorpion from his Facebook page, Peace Now, or by e-mailing him at: frankschorpion

Garden Visit St. Sauveur Due to public demand, an additional tour of “Le jardin de François” was added on Sunday, July 14. Funds will go to the “Société Alzheimer des Laurentides.” Places are limited. A donation of $25 per person (minimum) should be paid to Société Alzheimer des Laurentides: 1 800 978-7881,,then contact the office to reserve your place. Call Gina Frostat Jardin de François to reserve at 450 227-2628 Ext., 5260. www., [email protected] The gardens are located at 301, chemin Benoit, St. Sauveur - only those on the reservation list may be admitted. (IA)


Each year, Morin Heights hosts the most impressive celebrations for Canada Day and this year was no exception with thousands of people milling in and out of the Ski Morin Heights grounds. There were activities for all ages and tastes. The children had a very funny magician who kept them spellbound. Adults were decked in white and red for the occasion, with decorated red hats and high spirits. Volunteers from the community and the local firemen kept the parking spaces moving and the grounds safe. Upstairs, people wearing red and white T-shirts served sumptuous Strawberry Shortcake (with generous dollops of whipped cream), coffee and tea. There was a bake sale fundraiser and the people of the Morin Heights Historical Society were recruiting new members. The festivities stretched throughout the day, and continued well into the evening with Brian Tyler with his Bluestorm band and spectacular fireworks. And what a show they both were! It’s nice to know that there is one village up here that maintains its tradition and provides one of the best Canada Day celebrations in the Laurentians. A heartfelt thanks goes to all those who supported or volunteered at the event. You made our Canada Day memorable.

July 2013








Summer Sales Event






%* VEHICLE PRICE $41,275*. $6,000 DOWN* Follow us on Facebook

Franke Volvo • 180 rue Principale, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Exit 86, Route 15 • 1 800 454-4775 • Open Saturdays *Limited time offers through participating Volvo Retailers on approved credit (O.A.C.) to qualified retail customers only. Lease example based on the 2013 S60 T5 AWD. 0.9% lease APR for 48 months. Monthly payment is $349 (includes $1,895 freight and PDI) $71, 69 RRPMR, $499 admin fees and $100 air conditioning tax (where applicable) extra. With $6,000 down payment or equivalent trade-in, first month's payment including tax, and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Taxes, license, and insurance are extra. Lease has a 16,000 km allowance per year ($0.16 per km on excess). Purchase at end of lease for $18,337.35 plus taxes. Delivery must be taken no later than July 30th, 2013. †Volvo Carefree Coverage offer is available on the purchase, finance or lease of only a new 2013 Volvo. With the lease of a new 2013 Volvo, Volvo Carefree Coverage is available only for up to 4 years from the date of original purchase or up to 64,000 km (whichever occurs first), and is determined by length of lease. Warranty does not cover, without limitation: damage to vehicle resulting from improper maintenance or abuse, vehicles severely damaged/and or declared to be a total loss by insurer, severe operating conditions requiring additional services, and customer requested services not specified in Volvo Warranty and Maintenance Records Information booklet. See your local Volvo Retailer or visit for more details, including a complete list of exclusions and items covered under the Volvo Carefree Coverage warranty program. Excluding Fleet vehicles. Offer is subject to change without notice. Retailer may sell/lease for less. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Some terms/conditions apply. Offers may vary by region. See for full details. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. ©2013 Volvo Cars of Canada Corp. Always remember to wear your seat belt. Visit

July 2013


Out & About

Pierre Tanguay and Frank Lozano; 7 pm: Dan Thouin with Adrian Vedady on bass. 9 pm: Opening Concert! Rachel Bonneau sings Ilania Abileah - Main Street Abbey Lincoln. Thurs, Aug 8, 1 pm: Olivier Grenier Bédard Quartet local artists: Olivier Bédard, Gabriel Forget, Eric Kappauf and Dave Croteau. 3 pm: Homage to Ray Charles with Laurentian artists: Alain Boyer, Guy Seguin, Mario Cadotte, David Gauthier, Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur and Pascal Andrus. 7 pm: Éric Harding July 26 to Aug 3 (See page 2) with Fraser Hollins on bass. 9 pm: Free shows at Park Filion 6 & 9 pm: Jazzlab Orchestra: John Roney, Alain Thurs, July 25: Mafrica - Percussion Bédard, André Leroux, Erik Hove, and African Dance. Fri, July 26: Danza Samuel Blais, Aron Doyle, Jean- Tango and Gypsy Music. Sat, July Nicolas Trottier and Kevin Warren. Fri, 27: Pérez Como Nieva - Flamencos Aug 9, 1 pm: Trio Jerome Beaulieu with José Luis Perez. Sun, July 28: 1(Radio Canada discovery 2013-2014) 4 pm - Tohu Bohu for the young and Jerome Beaulieu, Philippe Leduc and their families! Wed, July 31: Studio William Côté. 3 pm: Michel Donato Shake - Hip Hop Dance. Thurs, Aug & Pierre Tanguay. 7 pm: Pianist Matt 1: Jeff Rogers - R&B music. Fri, Aug Herskowitz. 9 pm: Vic Vogel Quartet: 2: M’Michèle - Electric Harp & DJ Vic Vogel, Dave Gelfand, Richard Irwin accompanied by a DJ and bass player, and Dave Turner. Sat, Aug 10, 1 pm: composer and harpist M’Michèle. Sat, François Jalbert Quartet. 3 pm: JeanAug 3: Les Sortilèges - A world tour François Groulx Trio - Jean-François of traditional dance and music styles. Groulx, Yvon Plouffe and Adrian Free Zumba! 30-minute sessions: Sat to Vedady. 7 pm: Taurey Butler. 9 pm: Thurs: 5 pm. Ranee Lee - Ranee Lee, Richard Ring and Taurey Butler. Sun, Aug 11, 1 pm: 6th Festi-Jazz Mont Tremblant Vincent Lachaine Quartet - Vincent Lachaine, Gabriel Bertrand Gagnon, Aug 7 - 11: Five jazz-filled days Gabriel Drolet and Étienne Mason. 3 featuring over forty free concerts on pm: Fish-Lachapelle-Cormier - Axel two outdoor stages, in the downtown Fish, Magella Cormier and Normand (St. Jovite sector) and the old village Lachapelle. 7 pm: Geoff Lapp & Adrian of Mont Tremblant. New this year! Vedady. 9 pm: Mont Tremblant Jazz Master classes each day at 11 am with Project - Paul Brochu, Alain Juteau, renowned artists at the Jazz Lounge. André Leroux, Normand Lachapelle, Also, each day at noon features Jazz Karl Desforges and Alain Labrosse. Manouche by Trio Cardinal and a [email protected] festive Jam Session at 10:30 pm. Wed 514 994-0543. Aug, 7, 3 pm: Gary Schwartz with

Summer Festivals

15th Classical Upper Laurentian Festival

Festival de la Chanson des Laurentides - Ste. Adèle

Most of the concerts feature refreshments and the opportunity to meet the artists after the concert. Sat, July 20, 8 pm: Thirteen Strings & Alexandre Da Costa - Outdoor concert Domain St. Bernard, Mont-Tremblant. Sun, July 21, 7:30 pm: The New Orford Quartet, Église Notre-Dame de Lourdes, 15 chemin de l’Église, Lac du Cerf. Sat, July 27, 7 pm: Alexandre Da Costa with the L’Orchestre de la Francophonie, at the Mont Laurier Cathedral, rue du Pont, corner of rue de la Madone, Mont-Laurier. Sun, July 28, 7:30 pm: Juno Award winning Trio Gryphon at the Mont-Tremblant Village Church, 1829 chemin du Village, Mont-Tremblant. Sun, Aug 4, 12:30: “Guitare Nomade” (from Rag Time to Vivaldi) a free concert at the Eco-touristic Park of the Laurentians, 647, rue de la Pisciculture, SaintFaustin-Lac-Carré. Fri, Aug. 9, 7:30 pm: Marc Hervieux and the Sinfonia de Lanaudière (Bal en blanc - Festa Italiana) Centre sportif et culturel du secteur de l’Annonciation, 1550, rue du Rapide, Rivière-Rouge. Tickets: $50 (table of 6) or $35. Fri, Aug 16, 7:30 pm: Pianist Michel Fournier who has a unique way of creating a bond with his audience plays Clair de Lune of Debussy and other romantic pieces. Also playing, the talented Yogane Lacombe, Notre Dame du Laus Church, 68 rue Principale, Notre Dame du Laus. Tickets: $32 or $29 for students and golden-agers. If you are purchasing tickets for multiple concerts, you can get 3 concerts at a 10% discount; 5 concerts at a 15% discount; or 9 concerts at a 20% discount. 1 877 545-3330. Village Windigo 1 866 946-3446, Pourvoirie Cécaurel: 819 275-2386.

This is a singing competition that includes both French and English singers. There are the following various categories: ages 12-14 yrs, 15-17 yrs, 18 & over, Singer-songwriter 15 yrs and over, Vocal Duo or Trio 15 yrs and over. Semi-Finals; Mon. Aug 5 to Thurs. Aug 8, 7 pm. On Aug 9, there will be a special performance of a group of contestants in conjuction with Elizabeth Blouin-Brathwaite who is the spokesperson for this event. Final event is Aug 10, 7 pm. Aug 5 to Aug 10. Tickets: $15 or passport for the week $60. Auditorium A.N Morin, 258, boul. Ste. Adèle. 514 947-9278. www.

Music Sunday Brunches Cammac Harrington Sun, July 14: The renowned Alcan Quartet: Laura Andriani, violin; Nathalie Camus, violin; Luc Beauchemin, viola; David Ellis, cello. July 21: Jean-François Normand, clarinet and Pascale Beaudin, soprano: playing music by Schubert and more, accompanied by pianist Olivier Godin. July 28: Jazz with the Adrian Vedady Quartet: Adrian Vedady, doublebass; Kate Wyatt, piano; Erik Hove, alto saxophone; and Jim Doxas, drums. August 4: QW4RTZ, a cappella vocal quartet - sing pop hits from the Colocs to Jacques Brel. They will make you laugh and cry, with their voices. August 11: Eric Abramovitz, clarinet, and Roslyn Abramovitz, piano. Eric Abramovitz was a finalist at the Trois Rivières competition and first prizewinner at the OSM Standard Life Competition.


OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING to the members of the Société d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADC) des Laurentides inc. You are hereby called to the SADC des Laurentides Annual General Meeting, to be held Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 8:30 a.m. at the Club de Golf Val-Morin | 4500, 5e avenue, in Val-Morin | to read and discuss the 20122013 annual report as well as the action plan for next year. A continental breakfast will be served at 8:00 a.m.

July 22nd to August 4th

Four positions are up for election this year: three regular and one for the Youth Representative for the MRC des Pays-d’en-Haut region. Any member wishing to stand for election must submit their candidature by August 2, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. | to the SADC office located at | 1332 Ste-Adèle Blvd, Suite 230, Ste-Adèle, J8B 2N5. The present notice was issued by the Board of Directors in Saine-Adèle on May 22, 2013.

During the finest days of summer, local artists are stepping up to surprise and delight us! Songes d’été is a unique cultural event offering art exhibitions, painting and sculptural happenings, visual art workshops, storytelling and wonderful music and dance performances. All activities are free! Come join us at the Gare de Val-David, 2525, rue de l’Église. On very rainy days the major events will be held at the community church 2490, rue de l’Église.

Please consult our blog for complete details and events schedule:

Martine Paiement Secretary

4 5 0 2 2 9 - 3 0 0 1 | To l l F r e e : 1 8 8 8 2 2 9 - 3 0 0 1 | s a d c l a u r e n t i d e s . o r g C a n a d a E c o n o m i c D e v e l o pm e n t o f f e r s a f i n a n c i a l s u p p o r t t o t h e S A D C .


July 2013

Karen Young Ste. Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson

Ça me dit Concert Series - Park Filion - St. Sauveur

Sat July 13, 6:30 pm: Karen Young, Normand Lachapelle & Paul Boudreau. Sat July, 27: Blues & Folk (Les portageurs) Émile Livernois & Derek Falls. Sat, Aug 3, 6:30: Trio Jazz Gary Lindner, Normand Lachapelle and Alain Plouffe. The Café features

July 13 - 14. Sat, July 13, 7:30 pm: Tribute to Cat Stevens with Pierre Trépanier. Sun, July 14, 7:30 pm: Tribute to Jean-Pierre Ferland with Alex Bay. Sun, Aug 4, 7 pm, performance by Geronimo Circus. Fri, July 19, 7:30: Voice Quartet with Perry Canestrari and invited guests, Raphaëlle Paquette, Claudine Ledoux, Sebastien Ouellet, and Steven Farrell. Sat, July 20, 7:30 pm: Groove Inc., pays tribute to James Brown - Soul and R & B. Sun, July 21, 7:30: Stéphane Montanaro - Lounge Blues Quintet and invited guests. Aug 9 - 11: Triptic Exhibition. Sun, Aug 4: Jonas & Corey Diabo 8 pm. Sat & Sun, Aug 10 & 11: Sat, 7:30: Djembé Weekend Zale Seck. Sun, 7:30: Hans Longpré. Weekend Aug 17 & 18. Sat, 7:30: Just Ladies. Sun, 7:30: MarieChristine. Carisma Cubano - Morin Heights

Karen Young. Photo by Marcel Dubois

dinner-shows $35 or show only $12. Reservations are required, as places are very limited. Café O’Marguerites 12, chemin Ste. Marguerite, Ste. Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson. 450 2284888 Beatles Story - Ste. Agathe The Beatles Story: a chance to relive or discover Beatle-mania, through narration, costumes and instruments that marked the Beatles Era. Fri, & Sat, from Aug 9 to 31! 8:30 pm, $46. Get your tickets early! Théâtre le Patriote, 258, rue Saint-Venant, Ste. Agathe. 819 326-3655 [email protected]éâ Free Concerts on the Lake Ste. Agathe Sat, July 20: Tocadéo, first act Ophélie Weldon; Sat, July 27: Kevin Parent, first show Michel Robichaud. Opening show 7:30 pm, Featured artist 8:30 pm. Also at the same location on July 18 & 25 - free Latin Dance sessions. Place Lagny, 2, rue Saint-Louis, Ste. Agathe. www.ville.sainte-agathe-des-monts. - 819 326-4595 ext., 3340. Nostalgia Evenings - Ste. Adèle Free concerts at 8 pm, Sat, July 20: Hit Parade - review of music from the 60s to 2000. Sat, July 27: Coeur de Pirate. Sat, Aug 3: Alfa Rococo http://www. diffusionsteadè 450 229-9605 ext. 244. Rain or shine - Parc de la Famille, corner Morin & Émile Cochand, Ste. Adèle. 1st Baroque Music Festival St. Adolphe d’Howard Sat, Aug 10 at 10 am, at “Parc des ainés,” music for older dancers with Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves (voice, flute, pipes and other ancient instruments) and Jean-Philippe Reny (oud and bouzouki). A quintet will play a free concert at the big top of Parc Adolphe-Jodoin the same day at 1 pm. The group, Alkemia, presents “Amor y Guerra” voice and period instruments telling the history of Spain. Musicians: Mélisande Corriveau (viola gamba and flute), Jean-François Daignault (voice and flute), JeanPhilippe Reny (oud), Pierre-Alexandre Saint-Yves (vocals) and Dorothéa Ventura (vocals). The closing event: a picnic at the Bistro l’Ange Vagabond, 1818 Ch du Village, Sun, Aug 11. The duo Tria will present Baroque violin art with music by Vivaldi, Telemann, Leclair, Bach, and Biber, accompanied by Émilie Brûlé, and Mélanie de Bonville (baroque violins).

These musicians originate from Cuba and will play at O’Petit, Sat, July 27. Dinner menu starts at $15. Please reserve your table. O’Petit, 139, Watchorn, Morin Heights. 450 2268848.

Linda Dubois - St. Sauveur During the summer, Wednesdays Jazz on the terrace from 4 to 7 pm with singer, Linda Dubois accompanied by pianist, Brigitte Leclerc. Creperie l’Armorique, 231 Rue Principale, St. Sauveur 450 227-0080.

On Stage “Présence d’esprits” Théâtre St. Sauveur Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” adapted to French and directed by Jean-Guy Legault. The plot: writer Charles Condomine invites an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to his house to conduct a séance. Later, he is haunted by his first wife, Elvira, disturbing his marriage with Ruth, who is unable to see the ghost and thinks her husband is hallucinating. The cast: Steve Laplante, Isabelle Brouillette, Sophie Faucher, Brigitte Paquette, Henri Chassé, and Geneviève Bélisle. Not to be missed! Throughout the Summer until Aug 31. Thurs, Fri & Sat, 8:30 pm. $42 (tax incl.),

Jeanne Fabb - Nathalie Levasseur Val David Exhibit Centre On display is the work of two artists who demonstrate a deep concern with regards to humane contact with nature, expressing it through contemporary Art in Nature. “Limen”- in memory of Jeane Fabb who recently passed away. The collection includes photography, videos and sculptures dealing with the relationship of women and nature in the past and today. Also shown are photos from a series she did during the summer of 2012, titled “Attending to Beauty.” Jeane Fabb came to Montreal from England. She has lived in the Macaza in the Upper Laurentians since 1975 and has created numerous projects in situ in Quebec, Mexico, England, Iceland, Germany and Argentine, received many awards and grants, and was invited to do art residencies. She founded the Boreal Art/Nature project. The second exhibition is “Pourvu qu’il pleuve” by Nathalie Levasseur, who does installations “in situ” which are recorded digitally in photographs and video by Pierre Paiement. Meet the

4th Annual Garden Concert - Prevost Musicians are Sébastien Deshaies (guitar) and Denis Doucet (clarinette) forming Duo Contra-Danza. Tickets: $20, avaiable at Bibliothèque JeanCharles-Des Roches or the Prévost Municipal “service des loisirs.” Dress code: a straw hat for everybody, a dress or long skirt for ladies and shirts and leisure pants for men. Bring your own folding chair. All tickets have to be purchased in advance - space is limited! The program includes music by Ravel, Bartok, Manuel de Falla, Mozart, Debussy and more. Sun, July 14, at 2 pm. In case of rain, the event will take place at the SaintFrançois-Xavier Church Hall, 994, rue Principale, Prévost. 450 436-3037. [email protected] Matinée Concerts- St. Placide Jazz Trio Jérôme Beaulieu - Since playing in St-Placide, this trio has had great success. They come with a program based on their new album, “L’Homme sur la lune.” Sun, July 14, 11 am - 1 pm. Folklore in Tuxedo - this is a trio: Amélie Lamontagne (violin), François Vallières (alto), Dantonio Pisano (piano). They present a program inspired by folklore music from many countries, presenting their gig with class on the shores of Lake of Two Mountains. Sun, July 21, 11 am. Trio Lou Boustani Jazz Manouche Guitarists Lou Boustani and François Jalbert, accompanied by Alex Bellegarde on bass. Jazz Manouche is a style of jazz that originated in France during the 1930s, created by immigrant gypsies. Jazz Manouche uses rhythms of walse, bossa nova, bolero and tango. Sun, July 28, 11 am - On the shores of Lake of Two Mountains, in case of rain the concert will be held at the St. Placide Church. Tango Festival - For amateurs and beginners - free “Milonga” dance session. Tango course given by professionals indoors ($15). Followed by a BBQ (bring your own or buy foods) and participate in an evening of “Milonga” indoors with free demonstrations. Sat, Aug 10, 2 pm. Initiation to Argentine Tango - Free. Sun, Aug 11, starting at noon. Picnic foods available on location. Performance concert with violin, contrabass and piano. Contributions appreciated. After the concert there will be a tango course ($10) indoors and at 7 pm, a masked ball (Free).

“Présence d’esprits” - Théâtre St. Sauveur

Théâtre St. Sauveur, 22, rue Claude, Saint-Sauveur (Exit 60 Autoroute 15 N). 450 227-8466, 514 990-4343. [email protected] Théâ

Visual Art

artist, Nathalie Levasseur on Sat, July 20, at 4 pm. Exhibition continues until Sept. 2. Centre d’exposition de Val David, 2495, rue de l’Église, Val-David. Opening hours: 11 am - 5 pm. Wed Sun. 819 322-7474.

7th Art Symposium - Domaine St. Bernard - Mont Tremblant

1001 Pots - Val David

Artists create works inspired by the Domaine St. Bernard on location. Aug 3 & 4. Holly Friesen “ Lumen Naturae” Mont Tremblant Exhibition by painter, Holly Friesen Aug 7 to 25. Open: Wed, 1 - 5 pm, Thurs & Fri. 1 - 9 pm, Sat, 10 am 3 pm, Sun, noon - 5 pm. AlphonseDesjardins Hall: 1145, rue de St. Jovite. 819-425-8614, Ext., 2500 Annual Artists’ Competition St. Faustin Exhibition continues to August 4 when the winners will be announced. Maison des arts et de la culture de St. Faustin, 1171, de la Pisciculture, SaintFaustin-Lac-Carré. Open: Tue to Sun, 11 am to 5 pm. 819 688-2676. www. International Art in Nature Symposium - Val David Trails open to the public throughout summer, until October. Artwork done on location in nature, as well as music and poetry combined. 1301, Montée Gagnon, Val-David. 819 322-7167 / 1 877 858-1222 www.jardinsduprecambrien. com [email protected]

July 2013

As in previous years potters and ceramists display their new collections. This is a traditional, annual summer destination, where one finds beautiful handmade gifts, and can learn all about pottery through workshops and demonstrations. There is also a lovely tea house on site. Fri, July12 - Sun, Aug 11: 10 am to 6 pm daily. 2435, rue de l’Église, Val David. 819 322-6868 [email protected] Espace Fresque - Val David Church A group of eight artists exhibit at the Val David Church until Oct 6. Open Sat, 10 am to 4 pm; Sun, noon to 4 pm. Artists are: Sylvie Tisserand, Agnès Guay, Nathalie Frenière, Claude Savard, Lisa Carney, Delphine Henly, Marian Baril, and Lorraine Galarneau. Outdoor Summer Art Festival Val David There will be artists painting on location, sculptors, music, dance, storytelling, and public participation in art creation. On Aug 3, Alan Gerber will play. On from July 24 to Aug 4 at the Val-David Station, 2525, rue de l’Église, 9 am to 5 pm: Vernissage; July 25, 5 pm. In case of rain, activities will be held at the Val David Church, 2490, rue de l’Église.


Afternoon Tea with the Artists Piedmont The old Piedmont Station is where bicycle trails and art meet again this year. This season’s exhibits at the Piedmont station started with a wonderful display of artistic digital art on canvas and watercolor paper by Denise & Pieter Mayer of Morin Heights, along with stone sculptures by Jacques Corbeil of St-Hippolyte. This was a perfect match of two different types of art that enhanced each other. Denise and Pieter Mayer have been showing their creations for a few years. They have developed a unique style and create images charged with colours and at times, their digital images suggest movement, and music. They have shown their work and won prizes in numerous shows in Quebec and Ontario and are continuing to make art through their camera lenses. In July, two visual artists will be featured on July 20 & 21, 1-4 pm: Suzanne Jean, and Colette Gendron.

daily from 10 am to 5 pm. St. Eugene Hall, 148 Watchorn Road, Morin Heights. [email protected] 450 2263236 or 514 913-2087 Montfort Art Gallery A summer exhibition of works by local artists with watercolour, acrylic, pastel, oil and other media. Open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 pm, until July 28. Everyone is welcome! Recreation & Community Pavilion, 160, rue Principale, (Montfort) Wentworth-Nord. 450 226-7898. BGL - Laurentian Museum of Contemporary Art - St. Jerome The three BGL collective of artists, Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère, and Nicolas Laverdière, attended the opening of their show comprised of a few installations, one of which, they created on location (in the small hall) the day before the exhibition opened. It is a room with a fence and gate reminiscent of either a cemetery, church or cloister. The fence is made of cut-up styrofoam with the Quebec fleur de lys symbol, yet there are other subtle symbols incorporated into the work, such as a heart shape with a dollar sign within. In the large hall, there is a Mercedes car made of wood, standing amidst green pegs representing grass. There is a little bridge made of wood but no one can

“meet the authors” session where you can meet forty-five writers, exchange ideas and hear them read from their books. July 19, 20 & 21, 1 pm to 7 pm: Park Georges-Filion de St. Sauveur. Fri, July 19 is devoted to young readers who can meet the authors, enjoy a puppet show and participate in creative workshops. Most writers are French, however, there will be English too! 450 744 0123. 7th Sentier Art 3 St. Scholastique Mirabel The Bois de Belle-Rivière Regional Park, the Laurentian Museum of Contemporary Art and the artist/ director of the project: Suzanne Ferland, present the 7th Sentier Art3. The project will take place Aug 2 to Aug 4. Two Laurentian artists will welcome the public: Marie-Andrée Côté, who will create a new piece integrated into the Hemlock grove of the park, where 16 other artworks already exist and Sylvie Tisserand who will be creating art at the shelter on the Hemlock trail of the park, Fri & Sat, Aug 2 & 3, starting at 1 pm. Sylvie Tisserand will apply metal wiring on peoples’ body parts (hands, arms, feet

Theatre Morin Heights Update •T  heatre Morin Heights hit the road with its production of ENCORE (by Marc Prescott), starring Corina Lupu and Dave Potter. ENCORE played to a full house at S’Granary Beizli in Vankleek Hill, where Lisa prepared a delicious multi-course dinner. Everyone enjoyed the evening, and we are thankful to the members of Theatre Morin Heights, who were willing and able to help out: Noël Burton, Director; Donna Carroll, Sound Technician; Wendy Potter, Light Technician and Penny Rose, Producer. TMH hopes to take ENCORE to other welcoming venues in the future.

ICI par les arts - St. Jerome

•S  ome fine readers from Theatre Morin Heights also took part in a dramatic reading of The Diary of Anne Frank at St. Mungo’s in Cushing, near Brownsburg/ Chatham. The church exhibited a complete replica of the small attic in Amsterdam where Anne Frank, her family and friends, hid from the Nazi occupiers during the secondworld war. It was well received and we will bring this dramatic reading, with most of its original cast, to Morin Heights; wait for Journée de la Culture (September 28 at 4pm, Restaurant O’Petit).

Painter/sculptor Diane Maisonneuve presents “Un Reg’Art sur le Cheval” during the month of July. This artist’s specialty is painting horses. She has been inspired by 19th century painters such as Géricault, and De Lacroix and paints large-size romantic, realist,

•F  inally, Theatre Morin Heights is the proud sponsor of Repercussion Theatre’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, August 3, at 7:30 pm in Parc Bellevue, Morin Heights. More details are included elsewhere in this issue of Main Street.

Afternoon Tea with the Artists, Piedmont

BGL - St. Jerome

Marie Andrée Cote, Sentier3

and legs). On Fri, Aug 2, at 2 pm, the public is invited to a ceramic workshop with material collected on site. Sun, Aug. 4, starting at noon, visitors are invited to join a community luncheon offered by the project director and a 2 pm vernissage with artist Marie-Andrée Côté. Fri to Sun, Aug 2-4, Park Bois de Belle-Rivière, 9009, route Arthur-Sauvé, (Ste. Scholastique) Mirabel. Route des Arts - Argenteuil Region (See page 17)

Folk Festival on the Canal 2013 Penny Rose

It was ONE gorgeous day followed by ONE very rainy day in Montréal. Despite the challenge, the FOLK FESTIVAL ON THE CANAL (June 12 -16) was fantastic and went on without a glitch! It began with three great evening events held at various locales throughout the city: Roger McGuinn, Tim O’Brien

Route des Arts begins with its gallery displaying samples of artwork by thirtynine member artists. Christ Church, 163, Route du Long-Sault, St-André “Un Reg’Art sur le Cheval,” Diane Maisonneuve

figurative canvases in oil and acrylic. She also does bronze sculptures. Opening hours: Mon - Wed, 9 am - 5 pm.; Thurs, 9 am - 9 pm; Fri 9 am 5 pm; and Sat 11 am - 4 pm. Closed Sundays! ICI par les arts, 712, rue St. Georges, St. Jerome. 450-569-4000 Arts Morin Heights 30th Anniversary (See page 17) Twenty-seven artists from the Paysd’En-Haut and surrounding areas will present their newest works in watercolour, oils, acrylic, wood and ceramics, including a mosaic of fiveinch by five-inch originals, and a display of large format artworks. New this year will be demonstrations of pottery, wood-turning, various painting techniques, painting on non-traditional materials, framing and other subjects of interest to the general public, as well as the artists themselves. They are free, and require no reservation. The full schedule is available in the Arts Morin Heights brochure and on their website. July 26 - Aug 11,


reach the car. There is a pool made of wood, with a patterned wooden floor, another installation on the floor has the image of Darth Vader, and a large hanging installation with colourful metal flags and running shoes constantly moving by air from a large fan. When asked if there is a division of tasks with regards to concept, material choice, and creation, they all answered, “We do it all together.” They use recycled material making a statement about ecology. Their installations are unique and subtle. They make art more accessible to the public, while taking the opportunity to humorously criticize social malaise. Exhibition continues until Sept 8. Musée d’art contemporain des Laurentides, 101, place du Curé-Labelle à St. Jérôme. Opening hours: Tue to Sun, noon to 5 pm. 450 432-7171. Laurentians Authors Meet at Park Filion St. Sauveur The “Association des Auteurs des Laurentides” is holding a three-day

Jacqueline Chartrand Cauden, Artist

d’Argenteuil. Open Studio Art Tour: Sat, July 27 to Aug 4: 11 am to 6 pm daily. 11th L’En Verre du Décor - St. Sauveur This is an event gathering artists who work with fire, glass and clay. As in past years, the public will meet the artists with their interesting creations in the park. July 12, 13, & 14: 10 am - 6 pm, Park Filion, next to the Church of St. Sauveur.

Please submit items for inclusion in the next edition (covering the period Aug. 9 Sept. 13), by July 24 to: [email protected], or call me at 450 226-3889.

July 2013

with Corinna Rose; and The Travelin’ McCourys. Sunny Saturday gave us the fine music of Lakes of Canada (one of my personal favourites) and a classic performance by Old Man Luedecke, an award-winning songwriter. Additionally, there were four other different acts, something for everybody. Despite the cold and rain on Sunday, sound streamed out from the stage with varying styles of music; Gumbo-EclecticFolk, Folk Rock - some in French others in English - it was all there, a wonderful tapestry of rich musical talent. Keep your antennae up for next year’s 7th Annual Folk Fest brought to you by Hello Darlin’ Productions and Hyperbole Music!

14th Route des Arts  

Arts Morin Heights 30th Anniversary

Ilania Abileah - Main Street

Joan Beauregard - Main Street

The new brochure of Route des Arts is out in full force with a charging horse proudly signifying that the team is meeting the challenge Head On! There are over thirty artists represented in the gallery this year, which opened on Saturday, June 22 with a festive event combining a celebration of art making with children and merry music with Michael Nerenberg and Kevin Sullivan.

In 1983 a group of 10 local artists presented a show of their works. Meeting with much success, the following year a few more artists joined in and Arts Morin Heights held its second show. Who knows if any of them envisioned, that 30 years later, the group would still be flourishing and playing an important role in the cultural vitality of the area! By 2013 over 150 artists from the Pays d’en Haut have been members. To celebrate, the exposition has been extended to two weeks with demonstrations planned throughout. One evening is set aside for a reunion and a chronicle of its members across 30 years is to be published. This year’s exposition will be from July 26 to August 11, daily from 10 am to 5 pm, with a vernissage on Saturday July 27, from 5 pm to 7 pm. The location is St. Eugene Hall, 148 Watchorn Road in Morin Heights, just south of Hwy 364, about a half-mile west of the main village intersection. Twenty-seven artists from the Pays d’en Haut and surrounding areas will present their newest artworks in watercolour, oils, acrylic, wood and ceramics. In addition the popular “five-by-five mosaic” is being repeated. Each mosaic piece is an original artwork, which can be purchased individually and is a great option for art-lovers needing smaller pieces as gifts or to decorate areas of their home or office. Grouping the pieces into a mosaic is fun for the artists, as they see their works as part of a larger composition. It is also interesting for visitors; they are greeted by wALK TO ACCESS OF a sampling and then can browse the exLAC CARRé, 5 MIn. to Mont BlAnC skI HIll. hibit for larger pieces by the same artists. Well MAIntAIned New this year, is a display of large-format BungAloW. FInIsHed BAseMent on lARge art, three feet by four feet and larger. lot, BeAutIFully

An Oil Painting by Monique Cyr Laframboise, member of Route des Arts in Ste. Scholastique.

It was raining “cats and dogs,” as they say, yet visitors, artists, artisans and the children all had a grand time. The gallery, located in the historical Christ Church, 163, Route du Long-Sault, Saint-André d’Argenteuil, is open Saturdays and Sundays until September 2, from 10 am to 4 pm, and every day during the nine-day Open Studio Tour, July 27 to August 4. The gallery contains an eclectic display of artwork and artefacts including paintings, sculptures, stained glass, jewellery, ceramics, pottery, textile-wearable art and more. While you tour the display, a slide presentation provides images of each artist and artisan. This is Route des Arts’ 14th year of promoting art in the Argenteuil and surrounding regions. There are many new artists, some of whom are young and being mentored by one of the veteran artists, others who have been absent and are now returning and, some who have previously participated in the administration, are presenting new collections this year. The artists work in a variety of techniques, from painting peaceful country scenes on canvas, to sculptured wood and furniture, pottery, jewellery, etchings, stained glass and more. The brochure is available in tourist information offices, from merchants in the region, the website and on Facebook where you are welcomed to “LIKE” Route des Arts.

Demonstrations on several afternoons will be of interest to the general public as well as artists. They are free and require no reservation. Topics include pottery, wood-turning, various painting techniques, painting on non-traditional materials, framing and other subjects. The full schedule is available in the Arts Morin Heights brochure and on their website. In 2012 Arts Morin Heights started encouraging visitors to make a contribution to the local food-bank at its events. This resulted in a contribution of almost $350 plus several grocery bags of donated food items. Judged a success, this is being continued. Info: or email [email protected] Phone: 450 226-3236 or 514 913-2087.

lAndsCAped WItH FloWeRs. QuIet Cul de sAC stReet. enjoy youR oWn BACkyARd petAnQue gAMe. MLS

19346290. PRICED TO SELL AT $145,000.

LILLIAN LALONDE Real Estate Broker

Cell: 450 565 7780 Ofc: 450 229-6666 Mtl: 514-334-6666 422, route 364 Morin Heights QC

DES SOMMETS Agence Immobilière. Franchisé indépendant et autonome de Remax Quebec Inc.


Lalonde July 2013 Main Street Ad

July 2013



July 2013


Branch 171 Filiale Morin Heights July 19: 6 pm TGIF Smoked Meat Supper ($8) July 20: 6 pm - Barney’s Famous Roast Beef Roast Beef Done On The Spit ($15) Aug 3: 9 am: Flea Market #3 (Rain date - Aug 4) For more information on any event call 450 226-2213 (after 12 noon)

Branch 70 Filiale Lachute July 20: Golf Tournament & Steak Dinner. Pre-registration at legion ($75). Tournament will be held at the St. Andrew’s Golf Course. Enjoy the summer everyone, we’ll be back with our upcoming events next month! For more information on any event call: 450 562-2952 (after 2 pm)

Branch 71 Filiale Brownsburg Aug 3: Brownsburg Legion Golf Tournament will take place at the Oasis Golf Club. Please get your foursome teams together and pre-register by calling Trevor or Sheila Holmes at 450 562-8728. The Brownsburg Legion wishes you a great summer. See you in September! New members welcome. For information call Trevor or Sheila Holmes: 450 562-8728.

Branch 192 Filiale Rouge River July 19: 6 pm - T.G.I.F. July 27: 5:30 pm Vacation time Supper - Christmas in July Aug 2: 6 pm - T.G.I.F. Aug 3: 11 am District meeting Rouge River Branch 192 Sept 12: 2 pm - next L.A. Meeting Cribbage every Tuesday night 7:30 pm. No L.A. Meeting in July & August. For more details please call 819 687-9143

To find out what is going on in and for the English community in the Laurentians, go to: to see the Community Calendar of meetings and other events across the territory. Check it also to help you set the date for your own meetings to make sure that there is nothing else scheduled for that date. Instructions are on the site for having your events posted too.


Join this group of ladies Mondays and Fridays at 9:15am at the St. Adolphe d’Howard Community Center on Rue de College. For more info call Betty Reymond at 450 226-6491 or Robin Bradley at 819 327-2176.


R E L I G I O U S HILLSIDE CHAPEL 755 Village Road, Morin Heights We are known as a singing church so if you enjoy country gospel and like to sing, or just listen, come and enjoy our Sunday evening services. Your instruments will also be welcomed. Services will be held at 6:30 pm until the last Sunday in August and everyone is welcome! Terry Sheahan - 450 229-5650. Aug 25: 6:30 pm - will be hosting John Reid and the Eagle Band from Belleville, Ontario. MORIN HEIGHTS UNITED CHURCH 831 ch. Du Village Sunday services will be held at the regular time at 10:30 am CHABAD OF SAUVEUR Jewish educational & social events Call Rabbi Ezagui 514 703-1770 or visit DALESVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH 245 Dalesville Road, Brownsburg-Chatham Pastor Eddie Buchanan - 450 533-6729 Sunday School: 10 am Worship service: 10:45 am Hymn Sing: Every 4th Sunday of the month - 7 pm BROOKDALE UNITED CHURCH, BOILEAU Info: 819 687-2752 TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH 757 du Village, Morin Heights Worship Service Sundays 11 am Rector: Rev. Bryce Sangster 450 226 5307 e-mail: [email protected] Please join us. Visitors very welcome. ST. FRANCIS OF THE BIRDS ANGLICAN CHURCH 94 Ave. St. Denis, St. Sauveur 450 227-2180 Service Sundays 9:30 am. Rev. Bryce Sangster 450 226-5307 [email protected] ANGLICAN CHURCHES ALONG THE OTTAWA RIVER Holy Trinity, Calumet and St. Matthew’s, Grenville- Holy Eucharist on Sundays at 11:15 am. Alternating locations: Holy Trinity, Hawkesbury - Holy Eucharist on Sundays at 10 am. Please call 613 632-9910 for more information MARGARET RODGER MEMORIAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 463 Principale Lachute 450-562-6797 Minister Dr. D. Robinson Sundays: 9:30 am. Worship service followed by coffee hour & fellowship. July 15: 9 am to 11:30 am DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL with the theme “Table Set For FiveThousand.” Ages 6 to 12 yrs. Aug 10: 7:30 pm - Concert with classical theme in the church. Freewill offering. Come and join the fun. Everyone welcome! LOST RIVER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5152 Lost River Road, Lost River Services start 11 am: Eveyone is welcome.


LACHUTE BAPTIST CHURCH 45 Ave. Argenteuil - 450 562 8352 Pastor Rénald Leroux Sunday School 9:45 am - Worship Service -11 am Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study - 7 pm UNITED CHURCH OF CANADA Rouge Valley Pastoral Charge Lee Ann Hogle, Worship Leader 819 687-3331 Everyone welcome. HARRINGTON UNITED CHURCH & ST. ANDREWS UNITED CHURCH, AVOCA Alternating Sundays - 11:30 am Everyone is welcome. ST. ANDREWS EAST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 5 John Abbott Street, St. André d’Argenteuil Information: 450 537-8560 Please call for schedule of services. VICTORY HARVEST CHURCH 361 des Erables , Brownsburg-Chatham Sunday Service 10:30 am Pastor Steve Roach 450 533-9161 Call to confirm: Wed. 7 pm Prayer/Bible Study CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CENTRE OF THE LAURENTIANS (CFCL) Chalet Pauline Vanier 33 de l’Église, St. Sauveur 450 226-7621, 450 229-5029, 450 229-7858 Please join us every Sunday at 10 am ARGENTEUIL UNITED PASTORAL CHARGE Rev. Georgia Copland Sunday Worship Services: Please note that Wednesday Worship replaces Sunday Services, which are “out & about” in July. Please call 450 562-6161 for locations and times of services. HOUSE OF ISRAEL CONGREGATION 27 Rue St Henri West, Ste. Agathe Office: 819 326-4320 Spiritual Leader: Rabbi Emanuel Carlebach Cell: 514 918-9080 • [email protected] Services every Sabbath, weekend & holidays HOLY TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH 12 Préfontaine St. West, Ste. Agathe (corner of Tour du Lac and Préfontaine) Rev. Canon Ralph Leavitt: 819 326-2146 Services every Sunday at 8 am (Breakfast afterwards in a restaurant) And also at 10 am (Music, Sunday school, coffee hour). Christians of all denominations are welcome. Dress is casual. Parking and elevator for handicapped. SHAWBRIDGE UNITED CHURCH 1264 Principale, Prévost (corner de La Station) is seeking members for the congregation. Sunday service time is 9:15 am You are welcome to join us after the service. MILLE ISLES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Services to be held at 9:30am the last Sunday of May and June and every Sunday in July and August. Please come and join us.


THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES NOTRE DAME DES MONTS PARISH Huberdeau 10:30 am Laurel 9 am Montfort 9 am Morin Hts 10:30 am 16-Island-Lake 10:30 am Weir 9 am Please call 613 632-9910 for more information. ARUNDEL UNITED CHURCH 17, du Village, Arundel, 819 687-3331 Sunday Worship Service 9:30 am As well as alternating services at 11:30 am at Harrington and Avoca During winter, no wheelchair accessibility ANGLICAN PARISH OF ARUNDEL & WEIR Grace Church - Arundel Sunday services in Grace Church at 10 am every week followed by coffee & fellowship. ST. SIMEON’S ANGLICAN CHURCH 445, rue Principal, Lachute The Rev. Paul Tidman: 450-562-2917 Please note that for the month of July, we will be joining the Argenteuil United Pastoral Charge for our services. Please call 450 562-6161 for locations and times. In August 6 at 10 am, we will resume our regular services. PARISHES OF THE LOWER LAURENTIANS ST. AIDAN’S - LOUISA 86 Louisa Rd - Louisa July 21: 10 am - Holy Communion Aug 4: 10 am - Morning Prayer Aug 18: 10 am - Holy Communion ST. PAUL’S - DUNANY 1127 Dunany Rd. Gore July 14: 7 pm - Evening song July 21: 7 pm - Evening Song July 28: 7 pm - Holy Communion Aug 4: 7 pm - Holy Communion Aug 11: 7 pm - Evensong Aug 18: 7 pm - Holy Communion Aug 25: 7 pm - Evensong HOLY TRINITY - LAKEFIELD 4 Cambria Rd, Gore July 14: 9:30 am - 11:30 am - Special Note Holy Trinity Church will be open for a quiet service - just soft music and time to sit in silence in this lovely little church by the lake. Folks are welcome to wander in and stay for as long as they wish. There will be coffee and cookies available in the hall if anyone wants to chat and have a snack. July 28: 10 am - Holy Communion Aug 11: 10 am - Musical Celebration Aug 25: 10 am - Holy Communion CHRIST CHURCH - MILLE ISLES July 14: 10 am - Holy Communion July 28: 10 am - Morning Prayer Aug 11: 10 am - Holy Communion Aug 25: 10 am - Morning Prayer


Annual Summer BBQ

Friday, July 19, 2013 at 6 pm For information call 450-226-3641

Next general meeting for cancer patients, families and caregivers is

Saturday afternoon August 17, 1 pm

St. Eugene Hall (rear entrance) 148 Watchorn, Morin Heights

Meetings are conducted in English

SAVE THE DATE! REPERCUSSION THEATRE with the Municipality of Morin Heights & Théâtre Morin-Heights bring you SHAKESPEARE IN-THE-PARK’s A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM Saturday, August 3rd 7:30pm PARC BASLER, (MONT BELLEVUE) MORIN-HEIGHTS, QC


For more information about meetings and the group's other services call June Angus (450) 226-3641 Email: [email protected] PO Box 2645, Morin Heights QC J0R 1H0

Resource library available. Bring a friend or family member.

July 2013

TMH/Shakespeare: June 2013 Main Street Notice


July 2013


Argenteuil United Pastoral Charge

Vacation Bible School

Grand BBQ, Bake Sale & Silent Auction August 9: 5 pm - 7:30 pm St. Mungo’s Church. Please bring your own lawn chair. Info: 450 562-8365

Big Book Sale

July 20 & 21: 8 am - 4 pm Parking lot of St. André d’Argenteuil’s catholic church.

Gore Seniors Network

EAT & GREET: Takes place every last Monday of the month at 12:30 pm at the Trinity Community Centre, 2, Cambria Road in Gore. For more info contact Cécilia at 450 562-2161.

Dany’s Book Club A monthly meeting including lively discussion and exchange of ideas about books. General area of Ste. Anne des Lacs. 450 224-5469.



Lachute Baptist Church - 45, Argenteuil July 15 to July 19: Come and join the fun on our Journey to Egypt. Games, Bible Story, games, snacks and a whole lot of fun! Contact Hannah Pollock: 450 562-3558

for our production on November 1, 2 & 3

Information: Corina Lupu, 514 865-5356, [email protected] Auditions held between July19 & July 30

Quilt Show in St Sauveur Laurentian Quilters’ Guild invites you to the 2013 Quilt Show, “My Laurentians,” on Sept 28: 10 - 5 and Sept 29: 10 - 4 in the Ski Chalet at Mont-Habitant in Saint Sauveur. Bed quilts, wall hangings and other creations, quilted by guild members, will provide a feast for the eyes. In addition, visitors will be able to purchase unique treasures at the craft table and supplies to create their own projects from the on-site vendors. Drawing for a hand quilted Queen-size bed quilt will be held Sept 29 at 2 pm. Tickets will be available on site. ADMISSION: $5

Join the friendly, fun competition at Lake Louisa on Sat, August 3 at Lake Louisa Social Club (132 ch. Lac Louisa South). Teams of 6 to take on a 6.5 km bike ride, 4.5 km run, 2.5 km canoe sprint, 1.5 km kayak paddle and a ½ km swim. The canoe is tandem and the runner must be included in the canoe, but may participate, or not, in any capacity. There are categories for every age, gender and ability level, open to all Laurentian residents and beyond. Enjoy a BBQ and medal / trophy presentation to the lucky winners. Registration is at 8 am the day of the race and the event gets underway at 10 am. Info: 514 825-9255 or 450-533-4713 or email request to [email protected]


Small School Making a BIG Difference!! Carolynn Roberts

Part 2: Last month I shared some of the exciting activities and programs our

young students are involved in and highlighted some of their amazing accomplishments. This month will cover the staff, supporting families and some of the great programs on the schedule for this year. Staff is Passionate

The 27th Great Relay Race!



2 013

Ste. Adèle Elementary School operates an elected Student Council (Ms. Chicoine), a Green Team (Ms. Losier), and runs numerous extra-curricular activities (Variety Show, cosom hockey, etc.). There is also Social Skills Lunches (Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Laurie) and a variety of lunch-time activities (board games, knitting, book club, basketball, jewelry making, hockey) with Ms. Walshe, Ms. France, and Ms. Chedel. This year, through a grant with the Sir Wilfrid Laurier Foundation, our kindergarten students (Ms. Loiser) paired with Morin Heights kindergarten students (Ms. Lee-Ann) to collaborate on an art project that culminated in a vernissage at Morin Heights Elementary School in March. Through a Culture a l’École grant, the whole school participated in a medieval theme, and attended a Geordie Theatre production in Montreal, participated in various arts activities with Ici Par les Arts (under the guidance of Jennifer Cooke) and will attend a year-end field trip to Parc du Domaine Vert for Medieval activities. The staff and families of Ste. Adèle Elementary School would like to wish their dedicated and hardworking caretaker, Art Dennis a wonderful and well-deserved retirement! Mr. Dennis spent many years working in Laurentian schools and he will be missed very much! 21st Century Teaching and Learning Within classroom teaching, Ste. Adèle Elementary teachers are using the latest technology such as the new Smart Board in Ms. Sallie’s Grade ½ class that was funded by M. Charbonneau, the mayor of Ste. Adèle. Ste. Adèle Elementary School has almost a 1-1 student/computer ratio and by 2013-2014 expects to have Smart Boards in all regular classrooms.

Marché Découvertes d’Argenteuil: Saturdays, June 21 and 28: 4 to 8 pm. Corner of des Érables and Principale, Brownsburg-Chatham 514 979-5104 / www. Le Marché Découvertes d’Argenteuil is a public market moving from one city to the next to better serve the population of the region. Ste. Adèle Public Market: Saturdays, June 22 to September 28: 8:30 am - 2 pm. Parking lot on de la Forge and rue Valiquette, Ste. Adèle 450 229-2644 / www. Reserve your own table: 450 821-3231.

Supportive Families Ste. Adèle Elementary School benefits from an incredibly dedicated group of parents who actively participate on the Governing Board, Parent Participation Organization, and volunteering during the school day. The Governing Board, staff and families, worked hard this year to implement a solid plan to address and prevent instances of bullying within the school community. The P.P.O. celebrated another successful Spaghetti Dinner/Silent Auction fundraiser, which made over $5000 (a tremendous amount of money for a school this size). This money traditionally goes to fund the exorbitant costs involved with sending Laurentian students on enriching and cultural field trips. Parents are always welcome to help with the Terry Fox Run, Winter Activity Program, reading, computer time or baking with students.

Éco-Gourmet Market: Sundays, June 23 to September 29: 10 am - 2 pm. Church parking lot on 1, chemin Fournel, Ste. Anne des Lacs, 450 821-3231 / Reserve your own table: 450-821-3231. Mt. Tremblant Outdoor Market: Saturdays, June 29 to August 31: 9 am - 1 pm. 1875, Chemin du Village, Mt. Tremblant - 819 322-6419 / St. Eustache Market: Saturdays, June 29 to September 7: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. 220, boul. Arthur-Sauvé, behind Complexe Walter-Buswell 450 491-4444. Val-David’s Summer Market: Saturdays Until October 5: 9 am to 1 pm. École Saint-Jean-Baptiste, 2580, rue de l’Église, 819 322-6419 /

Summer Programs This summer, Ste. Adèle Elementary is again hosting the Story Makers Summer Workshop. Operating for over 10 years, this literacy-based initiative has been supporting students’ reading and writing efforts through fun themes during the mornings in July. This three-week program will run from July 2 to July 19 and spaces are still available. Please contact Frances Di- Gironimo at 450 229-7520 for more information or contact the school directly at 450 229-3226.

Morin-Heights Market: Fridays until October 11: 2 pm to 7 pm. 148, ch Watchorn, Morin-Heights, 450 226-2789 / St. Jérôme’s Public Market: until November 30 Tues: 6 am - 5 pm, Fri: 6 am - 9 pm, Sat: 6 am to 4 pm. Place de la Gare (Centre-Ville), 450 436-1511 /

TO POST A COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT OR EVENT FREE OF CHARGE, EMAIL: [email protected] FAX: 819 242-2022 The 4 Korners Family Resource Center is now open in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts

PAIX: To fend off violence!

You love your children, your partner, your family! You want to avoid exposing them to violence! So stop and think... Do you need help? PAIX is there to help you. To register for a group: 819-326-1400 or 1-800-267-3919

Visit the office on Tuesdays from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm to find health and social services in English. Do you want to stay informed about what is happening in the English Community? Send us your email address. 4 Korners We are a cornerstone of the community! Family Resource Center 50, rue Corbeil, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts



Centre de ressources familiales

Serving families, youth, and seniors in the community since 2005

L’Alcool est-il un PROBLÈMECall us anytime at 819-324-4000 ext. 4330 or 1-888-974-3940 kim pour vous? Is alcohol L’Alcool est-il un PROBLÈME a PROBLEM pour vous? for you?


Is alcohol

a PROBLEMes ¿El Alcohol ALCOOLIQUES ANONYMES Gam-Anon might help parents and for you? ANONYMOUS Aide téléphonique • Helpline • Ayuda telefonica un PROBLEMA ALCOHOLICS ALCOHÓLICOS ANÓNIMOS friends of compulsive gamblers. ¿El Alcohol es para usted? Aide téléphonique • Helpline1 • Ayuda877 telefonica 790-2526 un PROBLEMA 514 484-6666 - 1 866 484-6664 para usted? 1 877 790-2526



July 2013


Our Menu: soup & salad bar, a variety of dishes including steaks, roast beef, seafood, chicken and a children’s menu. We have five reception rooms and a beautiful bar; we continue to host many weddings and special occasions. The seating capacity in the restaurant is 200. HOurS: Winter season: Fri - Sun, 5 pm to 10 pm Summer season: Wed - Sun, 5 pm to 10 pm This beautiful restaurant welcomes you. You can enjoy a casual dinner in a warm and beautiful atmosphere in the Laurentian mountains in the town of Arundel, Quebec. Please feel free to contact me by phone 819-687-2557 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Beefeater March 2013 Main Street Ad

MLS 10866365 Large lot of approximately 7 acres, situated on Chemin du Lac Echo at a short distance from the village of Morin Heights and the famous aerobic corridor. Municipal aqueduct is easily assessable. Ideal for an integrated project or private residence.

Allan Vaillancourt Real Estate Broker

Chartered Real Estate Broker


A real estate broker who has your interest at heart! $169,000

MLS 10866365 Large lot of approximately 7 acres, situated on Chemin du Lac Echo at a short distance from the village of Morin Heights and the famous aerobic corridor. Municipal aqueduct is easily accessible. Ideal for an integrated project or private residence.


MLS 9577909 Location, location! Newly renovated with gourmet kitchen and antique wide plank pine floors, soapstone fireplace, much more! New 3-boat boathouse, bunk house and guest house on beautiful property with lots of waterfront. Sit on the deck and watch the sun go down... It’s the best!


MLS 10887319 Beautiful spot on Lac des Seize Iles facing the sunset. Authentic log cabin, cathedral ceiling and fabulous fieldstone fireplace. Log boathouse with room above. Over 120 feet of lakefront with great view of the lake and surrounding mountains. Large lot for privacy around the house.


MLS 10822125 Lovely Canadian style house on a cul-de-sac street(2 houses only). Wood floors, fieldstone fireplace and lots of bay windows. Located only minutes to ski Morin-Heights and all the local services. Attached garage with a large basement and lots of storage room. This is a good one!


MLS 10792640 Waterfront lot with more than 1000 feet of shore line and over 3.25 acres of property on which to build your private domain with the potential of a main house and a guest cottage. Only 5 minutes to the village of Morin-Heights. Rare find!


MLS 10851050 Waterfront property with approximately 210 feet on the lake. Very natural setting with mature trees and an area to build. Lovely stream flows down along the lot to the lake. Water well already on the site. 20 Allan Vaillancourt Ad July 13 Main Street

July 2013

A Youthful Perspective

Turbans Not Invited Yaneka McFarland - Main Street

Today, in 2013, we live in a society based on acceptance and equality, but all too often those qualities are forgotten and lost in our own hypocrisy.

  not believe my ears when I first heard the news I could that sparked outrage across the province; the Quebec Soccer Association had banned players from wearing turbans, claiming they are a danger to other players. A piece of fabric wrapped around one’s head is now considered dangerous? Unfortunately, the reason behind why they wear them awakens the question of whether or not our own government has xenophobic motives.

Although only a tiny percentage of the population wears turbans, I believe it is an issue that affects us all in some way or another. Being an English-speaking citizen in Quebec comes with its obstacles, as many of you may know, and now, it seems that religious differences have their complications as well. Moreover, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes it illegal to discriminate against religion and declares that all persons have the right to freedom of religion and belief. Wearing a turban is part of a culture and faith; taking away the right to wear one, while playing soccer in a Quebec league is, without a doubt, an injustice that should not be silenced. In addition to the many people strongly opposing the decision, others took actions against the ban. One Quebec soccer team wore bandanas to a game in order to demonstrate their opposition to the ban. It may have seemed to be a small act but it was one that was heard across the province and inspired others to follow. Thankfully, the Canadian Soccer Association reminded Pauline Marois that they hold ultimate power over the rules, and took a stand by suspending the Quebec Soccer Federation from national and international competitions. Subsequently, the FIFA (Federation International Football Association) put an end to this outrageous rule by pointing out the absurdity of Madame Marois and her government’s decision to back up the Quebec Soccer Federation. Despite the ban being lifted after FIFA confirmed that players were permitted to wear turbans as long as they met certain conditions, it does not change the fact that it was attempted in the first place. I felt ashamed to be a citizen of a province that imposed such a ban and could not understand why they (QSF) would attempt to disallow players from wearing religious headpieces. I certainly do not see how a turban could be dangerous. Ironically, I am able to think of numerous ulterior motives, and I am sure you can too. The values we promote as a province are those we frequently disavow. This issue only proves, in my opinion, why Quebec should not stand alone, because we are Canadians and Canadians do not discriminate, or so I thought.


jUNE 23 to AUg 11

514 894-0084 RE/MAX LAURENTIDES INC., Real Estate Agent 286 rue Principale, Saint-Sauveur, QC, J0R 1R0


A UNIQUE MUSICAL FAMILY CAMP! Whatever your age or level, experience a true musical immersion!


Choose from our theme-based weeks to enjoy a vacation filled with music on the shores of majestic Lake MacDonald. 1 888 622-8755

$675 000


$650 000

MORIN-HEIGHTS High quality custom home. 2 car garage, huge family room with bar, sunken living rm, office, gorgeous kitchen, 3 bedrms, hardwood floors and 3 season solarium overlooking hole No. 2. MLS 10816946


MORIN-HEIGHTS Charming, view of mountains and ski hills! Magnificent land with southern exposure, in ground pool. Open plan with 35 ft terrace with spectacular view. Garage. MLS 9994448


$189 000 ST-ADOLPHE-D’HOWARD View & legal access with dock! Swiss chalet reno’d in 2001! Flat, landscaped 10,400 sq ft land.Wooden cathedral ceilings! 10 mins to Ski Morin-Heights and cross-country trails! MLS 9836031


$385 000

$719 000

$885 000

SAINT-SAUVEUR Next to Mont-Habitant on a private street! Open spaces with 3 bedrooms, on 15,000 sq ft land! Top quality windows opening up to bright light! Come and appreciate that lovely home! MLS 9151078

SAINT-SAUVEUR Creative design, fine craftsmanship, open plan. Magnificient view overlooking Lac Breton and mountains! Ideal for family, 6 bdrms, possibility of apartment on same level as house. 3 garages! MLS 9378256

SAINT-SAUVEUR Creative design and fine craftsmanship throughout. Open concept, pine flooring throughout, large beams, many windows, modern kitchen, 2 sided gas fireplace, 2 car garage. MLS 9748384




85, chemin Cammac Harrington, Québec $425 000

$350 000

SAINTE-ADÈLE One-level open plan home overlooking Sainte-Adèle village! Decks on two levels with southern exposure, very private land. Great kitchen with island open to living and dining room. 3 bedrooms. MLS 10889299

SAINTE-ADÈLE In the middle of a very private location, situated 10 minutes from Autoroute 15. Open space design and very bright with 3 bedrooms. Over 1 acre of land!! MLS 10439899

$325 000 SAINTE-ADÈLE Multilevel, gorgeous, peaceful setting. Classic decor, bright, spacious, wooden floors of rare quality. Plenty of storage, garage. Lac Rond access. Large terrace. MLS 10730239

I N F O @ P AT R I C I A L A F O N D . C O M

W W W . P AT R I C I A L A F O N D . C O M CAMMAC_prog'13_eng_5x7.75.indd 1

July 2013

2013-05-28 5:20 PM

Patricia Lafond July 2013 Main Street Ad


La Grange Morin Heights Celebrates its First Anniversary! This is an all-in-one country store, restaurant and café, with a beautiful sunny terrace. La Grange officially celebrated its first anniversary on June 22, but held the celebrations July 5-7. It has become a choice location for lunch meetings, evening meals, Friday night live music, Theatre Morin Heights readings, and simply cheering with others during popular sports events. The Café offers a daily choice of salads and luncheon specials, such as quiche or wraps with a soup or a salad, for about $10. Pierrot Tremblay and his staff invite you to choose your delicacies and then deliver it to your table with a smile. The Café and country store operates daily 9 am - 5 pm (Fri until 6 pm, closed Mondays). The Restaurant La Grange menu includes original Ilania Abileah dishes and old time favourites, prepared by Chef, Craig Main Street McKenzie. The décor features old barn-beams and a fireplace. On Wednesdays, there is a Table d’hôte dinner menu; Wed, Thurs & Fri, there is Happy Hour and, on Friday nights, there is live entertainment. July 12: Ryan Kennedy (vocals & guitar) with a guest lady singer from the UK. July 19: Leo (vocals & keyboards). July 26: Back by popular demand, Sebastien De Francesco (vocals & guitar). You may join La Grange on Facebook or register on their website for their newsletter! The restaurant is open: Wed to Sun, 5 pm - 11 pm. There are daily specials such as Fish & Chips on Thursdays ($19), and the Sunday roast beef dinners including soup or salad, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and the chef’s choice of dessert ($27). Upon arrival, a truck from yester-year, as well as a nice garden surrounding the terrace, welcome you to La Grange. Inside, it is tastefully decorated with a huge array of gifts available from the Gourmet du Village Boutique. La Grange, 2 Meadowbrook, Morin Heights. 450 226-5005 The Main Street team congratulates La Grange and wishes it continued success!

Dining Out

Lunch plate of chicken wrap and salads

View of the terrace at La Grange

Pierrot Tremblay, supervisor of the Café

Lunch Plate of quiche & salads


Join us for Tremblant’s Fine Arts Event of the Year!

By Lori Leonard

Do you need to rent a U-HAUL or tools for renovation or seasonal cleanup? Location Daniel Boivin has a large selection available for rent. They also sell Stihl power tools and chain saws and can refill your propane tank. Daniel, his wife Diane, and son Samuel have been in this business for over 21 years. Open Monday to Friday 7 am - 5:30 pm and Saturday 7 am -5 pm. 270 rue Principale, St. Sauveur. 450 227-0079, U-HAUL 450 227-8174, Happy 1st anniversary to Anne-Marie and Paul, owners of Manger Santé. The restaurant offers healthy meals, sells health food and natural products plus several varieties of tea and gluten-free products. 411, rue Principale, St. Sauveur. 450 744-1919. Happy 30th anniversary to the owners of Restaurant Le Jardin Lee, Sammy Chan and Shelley Lee. Their son, Jackie, is the new chef-owner and is carrying on the family tradition. A novel section in the restaurant offers homemade sauces, cooking ingredients, ready to serve and frozen meals. To commemorate 30 years, the restaurant will draw 30 gifts from July 1 to September 30. Clients may participate when purchasing over $30 of food (before taxes). 163, rue Principale, St. Sauveur, 450 227-2888, Happy 50th anniversary to the Piedmont Golf Club, 201 de la Montagne, Piedmont. Originally built in 1961, they featured a 9-hole golf course and, two years later, added 9 more holes. Many more happy golfing years! 450 227-2562 Happy 60th anniversary to Santa Claus Village, 987 rue Morin, Val Morin. This wonderland began in 1953. To commemorate this special occasion, grandparents can enjoy free admission from August 26 to August 31. There are now 40 funactivities (and Santa himself) for children aged 2 to 8 years to enjoy. If you plan a visit, bring your bathing suits. 819 322-2146, Congratulations to Liliane Bruneau who has re-opened Villa des Arts and Boutique Liliane Bruneau. Beautiful artwork and clothing are the focus of this unique store. High-end ladies’ fashions designed by Simon Chang and Kokomarina are highlighted. 2, chemin Tour du Lac, Ste. Agathe, 819 326-1041, Original owners, Nathalie and Dimitri Tiligadis of Aspria Auberge & Grilladerie, 430 Pierre Péladeau, Ste. Adèle rented out their restaurant last year and have now decided to return. They celebrated their re-opening on June 6. Authentic Greek cuisine is offered. Greek and Mediterranean music are played for your enjoyment. 450 229-6939, Congratulations to Marie-France Belso and Karinne Poirier, from Karma Création, who organized the 2nd edition of “La Nuit des Toiles,” which took place in Ste. Adèle on June 15. Outstanding art, music and dancing were the order of the evening. Literally thousands of people attended the lively celebration. Resto Bar Grill Chez Philippe, 90 ave. de la Gare, St. Sauveur opened its doors on June 20 and features Mediterranean cuisine for lunch and dinner and soon, live musicians. Live dinner shows are planned for the future. 450 744-1560, Best of luck Philippe! There is a new Greek restaurant called Le Relais Grec located inside Le Relais St. Denis, 61 St. Denis St., St. Sauveur, featuring pizza and a variety of Greek specialties. 450 744-0266 If you are looking for a place to enjoy a “delish” breakfast or family brunch, check out the new Ben & Florentine’s, 555 boul. Ste. Adèle, #133, Ste. Adèle. They have an early bird special Monday to Friday from 6 am to 8:30 am. 450 2297767, Erratum: Please note that in the June issue there was a spelling error regarding Yves De Martigny, the owner of YDM Distribution Inc. The correct spelling should have been Yves De Montigny. We apologize for the error and any inconvenience.


Arts Symposium Domaine Saint-Bernard (7th edition)

Mont Tremblant August 3-4 2013 35 artists, painters & sculptors on site Saturday 10 to 4:30 Sunday 10 to 4:30

Free admission information 819 425-3588 [email protected] 539, chemin Saint-Bernard MONT-TREMBLANT 819 425-3588

July 2013

Domaine Saint-Bernard: July 2013 Main Street Ad

Zach Factor

The Global Monsoons: A Carbon Dioxide Disaster Lys Chisholm & Marcus Nerenberg - Main Street

Early this summer, we watched amazed as the Bow and Elbow Rivers in Calgary under the effects of melting glaciers and excessive rainfall became lakes that submerged the suburbs and downtown core. Elsewhere, in the space of one short month, monsoon rains drowned a thousand Indian citizens in the deforested foothills of the Himalayas, and in Southern China hundreds of people and thousands of cattle drowned, while 5 million people were displaced due to rapid, intense rainfalls. In Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Hungary rainswollen rivers have burst their banks. It is time to connect the dots and realize that we are responsible for the mess that is occurring worldwide. Increased atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) is changing our climate dangerously. 91% of the increase in CO2 is related directly to the burning of fossil fuels. Burning oil, gas, and coal causes increases in temperature in the atmosphere. Water evaporation occurs due to heating and creates cloud-cover, further trapping the heat. The sun’s heat is reflecting back to the Earth’s surface rather than being radiated back into space. Consequently, more rain falls, there is more cloud cover, more violent storms, more glacial melt, higher sea levels, more flooding, more extreme property and infrastructure damage, more ruined crops, more drowning, more starvation, more unnecessary deaths. In short, we have a global disaster. Safe CO2 levels were established back in 1988, when multidisciplinary scientific teams poured over millions of years of geological data to establish the safe level of 350 ppm, or parts per million, of atmospheric CO2. Today, on Mauna Loa, Hawaii, the Scripps Global CO2 Surveillance Observatory has indicated that we are at a record-breaking 398 ppm and rising. In 2005 we travelled to the Colombia Ice field in Alberta. Visitors are taken onto the glacier by a specialized bus. That rainy day, a university undergraduate geologist guiding our group lamented the melting ice field and the fact that other students, in the near future, would be out of a summer job due to the exceedingly rapid melt. Stone markers leading to the foot of the glacier indicated how rapidly it had retreated in the last 100 years compared to the previous thousand, and with each subsequent decade, how that rate had increased exponentially. Our guide was not lamenting alone; all over the world, glaciers, that hold 77% of the world’s fresh water, are melting into the oceans at alarming rates; raising sea levels in some places and creating droughts in others. Soon, it will not be water that will be a concern in Calgary and Alberta. When the South Saskatchewan River no longer gets its annual melt from the Colombia Ice-field, its flow will be greatly diminished and there won’t be enough water to go around.

in the Journal of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences a paper on their development of a method to extract hydrogen fuel from seawater while reversing ocean acidification and sequestering atmospheric CO2. Hydrogen is the cleanest fuel we can use. Pure water is the only by-product of hydrogen combustion. We could fix the climate-change challenge in a hurry. After all, we mobilized all our resources and it took us only five years to defeat the Nazis. If we used the global military budget (more than a trillion dollars), we could convert every car, truck, plane, train, ship and power plant to run on hydrogen. Engines that couldn’t be converted would be scrapped, along with all the military hardware. CO2 emissions would drop to almost nothing and the retooling of world industry would replace all the military-related jobs with ones that benefit humanity. Crude oil is very useful. The numerous hydrocarbon molecules, which are already manipulated into countless products will prove more versatile as nano-technology rewards us with the strongest and most remarkable materials that we can barely envision today. All the products made from crude oil could be recycled and re-engineered over and over again. Almost all of our leaders today are locked in a competitive adversarial dynamic. Due to our fear and hostility towards each other, we are armed to the teeth with unhelpful weapons that are bankrupting us financially and morally, and the alternatives appear quite bleak. Love for our planet and love for each other may be the only global warming that can be acceptable going forward.

LOST in Wentworth Last seen on Dunany Road between Glen and Lachute on May 24. Tricolor, male beagle with a white lightning stripe on his back. Four-years-old named Uber. Vaccination tag #252. Please call Daniele or Patrick at 450-990 5492.

Recently, scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory published

IntroducIng NEW

You sell, you save. We sell, you still save.

Tim Hortons Partnership Blend Coffee. Only available at Tim Hortons! $1 from every purchase helps support our Coffee Partnership

The real estate industry site


It’s really quite simple:

our goal is to offer an alternative to “FOR SALE BY OWNER” by offering a new range of services with better rates for the consumer, with all the services of a broker.

Learn more at

If another broker finds the buyer, a pre-determined retribution will be allocated; as determined at the signing of the brokerage contract. Tax applicable.

Francois Girard-Plouffe

Visit our new location at 770, des Laurentides blvd. in Piedmont Tim Hortons (Simon) June 2013 Main Street Ad

514 220-8540 facebook/François G.-Plouffe R E A L E S TAT E B R O K E R , V E N d i R E c T


July 2013

Francois Girard-Plouffe July 2013 Main Street Ad


About Food

The Notary Knows

Home Occupation and Rental Agreement

Niçoise Salad Tiffany Rieder - Main Street

Nicoise salad is light, yet hearty, and satisfies even those who consider salad “rabbit food”. Prep the entire salad earlier in the day so that you can go out, and play before dinner instead of schlepping away in a Michel Labrèche - Main Street hot kitchen. Serve the salad with focaccia or crusty bread. I used fresh tuna filets DID YOU KNOW that when you buy a property (which I seared), but canned tuna is what this salad traditionally calls for. it is important to establish a proper compenIn this version I used mache instead of Boston lettuce. Apparently there is debate sation that the vendor will pay you, correraging among purists about which lettuce should be used, but since no purists sponding to the time he will stay in the propwere present I used what I preferred. In France, cooked vegetables are a no-no in a erty until his departure after the deed of sale? nicoise. I happen The buyer, having signed a mortgage, begins to to enjoy the new pay interest as soon as the loan is disbursed. Consepotatoes and quently, if the buyer does not take possession at the time of the deed of sale, he green beans, and will start to pay his mortgage from this date nonetheless. The first payment to the many in North creditor is generally made one month later. The rent paid by the vendor must be America expect fixed at a price, and include the monthly payment to the creditor, municipal and these 2 cooked school taxes and the house insurance, for that period of time. Without any agreevegetables to be ment, the vendor will occupy “your new house” for free. When the vendor has a present spemortgage similar to your mortgage in value and rate, then, instead of paying his cifically in this bank, the vendor will pay you, “the buyer,” a rent that you will use to pay your salad. own mortgage. In this case, the monetary arrangement is equitable, stable and fair for everybody. But, when the amounts of the mortgages differ, or if the rates are Nicoise Salad very different from one another, any compensation can be part of the negotiation, (Serves 6 as a and indirectly will affect the sale price. Be on your guard and try to be as fair as meal & 8-10 as a possible in your compensation negotiation. salad) For more information regarding the topic of this article please contact Michel Labrèche at 450 227-7077 or by cell phone, 514 688-3131.

Vinaigrette: • 250 ml (1 cup) extra virgin olive oil • 30 ml (2 tablespoons) fresh lemon juice • 45 ml (3 tablespoons) apple cider or white wine vinegar • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) chopped fresh basil • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) chopped fresh parsley


lot consultation information:

• Salt and pepper to taste


• Salt and pepper to taste


• Sufficient quantity canola oil • 20 cherry or grape tomatoes, • 15 small new potatoes, boiled, halved • 250 g (1/2 lb) green beans, blanched • 4 hard boiled eggs, halved or quartered • 125 ml (1/2 cup) Nicoise olives or other black olives • 16 anchovy fillets • 30 ml (2 tablespoons) small capers • 3 green onions, thinly sliced • 2 large heads of Boston (or other lettuce such as mache, watercress or romaine), washed, leaves left whole.


Tuna steaks: • Generously salt and pepper the tune steaks. Heat a pan on medium high. Add a little oil to the pan, and sear tuna steaks for 60 seconds on each side. Remove, and let cool slightly before slicing. Assemble salad: • Cover a large platter with an even layer of lettuce. Lay all the ingredients, (except capers and green onions) over top the lettuce side by side (or in any equally visually pleasing arrangement). Sprinkle with capers and green onions. Serve vinaigrette alongside.


The Morin Heights History Association recently hosted Dr. Louise Johnston’s fascinating and wellattended talk on “Settling the Gore.” The association presents 4 speakers annually who address topics of historical interest. The exciting new possibility of a museum for our artifacts is under discussion. To open and/or renew memberships or purchase issues of The Porcupine, visit us at local Canada Day events, the Legion’s August 3 flea market, or at [email protected]

Whisk the vinaigrette ingredients until emulsified. • 2 small tuna steaks or 2 cans of tuna packed in olive oil (drain if using canned)

Recent News From Morin Heights Historical Association

July 2013

2nd Annual Auto Expo Staged on Main Street in downtown Lachute on June 30, it wasponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Though participation was down from the previous year, due to the uncertain weather, the cars on display, among them this immaculate 1930 model, delighted onlookers.

  Voie  ie  :  

  28  spot  7  rangées  de  4  colonnes  tel  que  dans  le  layout  word  doc.     Spot  Grande  photo  le  plus  que  possible   Texte  en  dessous   L F | rligne   r $7,900,000gsauche   g c et  |P m rix  aligner   a $5,750,000+ 565 F $4,950,000+ b | s -a ’ $4,900,000 Premiere   Ville  aligner   droite   4 km shoreline on Lac Lacoste & 1200 acres MLS 10214006 18-hole course, 34 room auberge, 300 yard MLS 10095241 Sold as is on the Lac Tremblant shore MLS 10615151 512 acres, private lake. Mins to Morin Heights. MLS 10960063 c 450.694.0678 Deuxieme   ligne  texte  a819.429.9019 ligner  Mgauche   et  numéro  M450.694.0678 LS  à   H r H r c 819.429.9019 M droite   Troisieme  ligne  nom  de  l’agent  aligner  gauche,  son   numéro  de  telephone  aligner  droite     Voir  ie    à  droite:     t c | t $3,999,000 m -t |L c $3,250,000 e r |w -n $2,985,000 159 L’e $2,495,000 4 acres on shore of lac Ouimet MLS 10656927 Authentic log cabin 5 mins to Tremblant ski MLS 10288842 12 acre domain. A Zen masterpiece. MLS 10012151 Access to Lac Tremblant, walk to resort MLS 10865915   M H 819.425.0619 J H 819.425.5878 M c 450.694.0678 H r 819.429.9019             88 m |a $1,995,000 L r |m -t $1,695,000 786 s |p $899,000 a t $699,000 of a kind property on lac Bevin MLS 23054708 Stunning golf & mountain views MLS 8551560 Ski in/ski out Tremblant , 4 bdrm townhouse MLS 8631155 Built in 2010, mins away from the slopes MLS 10459141   One M H 819.425.0619 J H 819.425.5878 H r 819.429.9019 r d 514.378.8630   Si  il  y  a  une  bannière  en  haut  ce  mois  si  un  spot  a  Recently   Reduced  il  doit  apparaître  dans  un  bannière  aligner  gauche  en   haut  de  la  photo  :  voir  ie  :         e L |m -t $549,000 L b |a $515,000 440 F |m t $500,000 r |m -t $419,900 MLS 10442219 13 bdrm boarding house, walk to services MLS 10359280   Refined 3 bdrm, 3 bthrm condo in village MLS 1458487 Spacious 3 bdrms, 2 baths, incl. lakefront lot MLS 10533541 11 acres with amazing views of valley 819.425.4568 r d 819.425.4568 M H 819.425.0619 P c 819.429.1888   r d   Bannière  du  bas  mettre  les  photos  d’agents   Ils  sont  tous  Real  estate  broker  sauf  pour  Raymond  Dalbec  :  Certified  real  estate  broker   Et  Herbert  Ratsch  et  Marsha  Hanna  doivent  être  Sotheby’s International Realty Québec HR | Courtier Ne pas mettre les QR Code car je ne l’ai est pas: +mettre l’adresse du bureau Mont-Tremblant: L F |m -t $387,500 v p |m -t $349,000 o v |m -t $329,000 L 5 | m -t $329,000 1944, duft ofVillage, Mont-Tremblant, J8E 1K4 | 819.681.0166 3 bdrm. 2chemin garage cottage, 114 shoreline MLS 9928795 Townhouse, 4 bdrms, 3 baths,QC renovated, views MLS 9425691 Near Circuit Mt-Tremblant MLS 10171581 Very peaceful area, heart of Mont-Tremblant MLS 8771461 P c 819.429.1888 r font d mettre le disclaime: 819.425.4568Real P c Estate Agency | Canadian 819.429.1888 r Owned d 514.378.8630 Centrer dans le bas En plus petit and Operated   acoste































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1944 chemin du Village, Mont Tremblant, QC J8E 1K4 | 819.681.0166 Real Estate Agency | Canadian Owned and Operated

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Piedmont VeteRinARY HoSPitAL 750, Rue PRinciPALe, Piedmont, Qc, J0R 1K0

dr. david mance dr. Lyne Farmer dr. madeleine tremblay dr. Lisiane Rivest

450 227-7888

26 Vet Piedmont Feb 2013 Main Street Ad

...At the heart of your home!

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Nature’s Gift

Bird Species Facing Extinction Rose Labrie - Main Street

In the October 2012 edition of Main Street I wrote an article on Turkey Vultures and in April 2013, one of my pictures was posted on the Internet site of Bird Protection Quebec. Since I am so fascinated by this particular species, I was shocked to hear on the CBC news on June 20, 2013 that 1300 species of birds are facing extinction worldwide. Here is a breakdown of what was discussed: The biggest problems are caused by large, industrial agriculture spreading around the world and climate change. Scientists say that this is happening so quickly that many of these species will become extinct within our lifetime. Though the situation in Canada is not as bad, more birds are decreasing in this country than are increasing. Common birds, like the barn swallow and purple martin, have declined by 80 to 90 percent. In Canada, 70 bird species are now on the endangered list.

Part of the reason for this is because 80 percent of our birds migrate to another country for the winter and scientists think they may be running out of safe habitats or facing food shortages along their migratory routes. One solution is setting up important bird sanctuaries along the way so that birds have safe places to rest and feed during their migration. It is believed that some of our species may bounce back if action is taken quickly enough.

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In the Laurentians, there is a magnificent park, named the Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve, which runs five square kilometres from Piedmont to Prévost. This area provides an opportunity to observe some 80 percent of all birds-of-prey species recorded in Quebec. The area is protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, in the honour of Alfred Kelly, who bequeathed an adjacent property 25 years ago to ensure its protection. A “nature reserve” status is granted by the Government of Quebec to sites that have significant ecological value. Bird Protection Quebec has an article written by Jane Cormack called Keeping Land Safe for Birds, which may help you to get better acquainted with the Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve. The mayor of Piedmont, Clément Cardin, has announced that this year the municipality has signed a partnership with the Nature Conservancy with plans for developing Kelly Reserve. Partners in the conservation of the nature reserve are the Municipality of Piedmont, Ville de Prévost, CRPF (Regional Comity for the Protection of the Escarpments, Bird Protection Quebec, The Escarpments Laurentians and the Nature Conservancy. The solution of setting up sanctuaries, suggested by scientists, has already been well-developed in the Laurentians, giving our children and grandchildren the chance to enjoy our birds of today.

Obélix: Affectionate and good with children, cats and other dogs especially females. He’s a real Casanova with beautiful blue eyes.

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Ryder: Active and intelligent, a true Husky! No one has ever taught him how to walk so he can pull a lot. He walks better with a “Gentle Leader” type of head collar. Chases cats and is selective with other dogs, particularly with males.

our showrooM: 515 des Laurentides, piedMont, Qc J0r 1K0

450 227-4567

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 5:00 or by appointMent

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Obélix and Ryder are both retired sled dogs. They have been at the shelter for some time, which has been difficult for dogs used to the outdoors. Both are over 5 years-old but friendly and ready for forever homes.

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Fenestration des Sommets March Main Street Ad


LRHS Art Show

Katharine Morrill - Main Street During the school year at LRHS, Ms. Scapino`s art students are always hard at work sketching, moulding, cutting, gluing and painting. However, it is not until the end of the year that their efforts are recognized. From the 3rd to

the 7th of June, our library acted as a showroom, displaying projects ranging from pointillism to papier-mâché and everything in between. Students were proud to see their creative expression admired after so many hours of work. Many of these pieces required extreme precision and care, and the time invested was evident in the finished product. Congratulations to the artists; we are looking forward to next year and the new talent that will surely be discovered.

Lachute has so much to offer! Come see for yourself by taking part in any of our many activities throughout the year. Expo LachutE Fair

Lachute Fairgrounds

July 11 to 14 • 450-562-3741 [email protected] •

14th routE dEs arts: Mrc argEntEuiL

Map online for visiting artists’ studios

JuLy 27 to august 4, 11 am - 6 pm 450-562-3298 [email protected]

FEstivaL dE La FaMiLLE d’argEntEuiL

Lachute Fairgrounds

JuLy 27 to august 4, 450-613-0288 [email protected] •

FEstivaL WEstErn d’argEntEuiL

Lachute Fairgrounds

JuLy 31 to August 4 • 450-613-0288 [email protected] •

LE cEntrE-viLLE En FêtE

principale street

JournéEs dE La cuLturE

Maison de la culture 378 principale street Lachute

August 24 • Info: Chantal Rioux (sDC) 450-562-5676 • [email protected]

sEptEMbEr 27, 28 & 29 info: dominique Legault, 450-562-3781, ext. 233 [email protected]

haLLoWEEn candy gathEring

carrefour d’argenteuil

oCtoBER 26 • 450-562-5205

santa cLaus’s arrivaL in LachutE

carrefour d’argenteuil

NovEmBER 30 • 450-562-5205

details to come at

santa cLaus paradE

FoirE dE noëL, savEurs Et cuLturE d’argEntEuiL

Location to be confirmed.

novEMbEr 29

novEMbEr 29-30 & dEcEMbEr 1 info: catherine Lapointe, 450-562-2474, ext. 2311


Ville de Lachute: July 2013 Main Street Ad

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July 2013

Loving it All

News from Holy Trinity Church, Lakefield


Beth Farrar - Main Street

Grace Bubeck - Main Street

I am writing this on “St Jean Baptiste Day,” the Quebec national holiday. In a week’s time, it’ll be Canada Day. I admit I have very mixed feelings about nationalism; Quebecois, Canadian or any other form. Having grown up and lived the first twenty-five years of my life in Germany I can’t help but carry the burden of grief and guilt about the Nazi atrocities on my soul’s shoulders. My own family wasn’t involved, except for a maternal great-grandfather, who was a card-carrying member of Hitler’s party. But, even if my own family is clean, the heritage is there, because I am German. I arrived in Québec 14 years ago, when the PQ was strong. Although I lived in Montreal, in a very Anglophone NDG, there was always a vague sense of dread that eventually I became used to, not that Quebecois nationalism is in any way comparable to the murderous extremes of German National Socialism in the 1930s. Please don’t misunderstand me. Maybe I am overly sensitive because of my own background, but nationalism turns oppressive so easily. The danger is always there, and it is those at the receiving end who will tell us about it, if we care to ask.

Starting July, and appearing quarterly, we present various activities and programs that the church is supporting for the congregation and community. The Schoolbag Program will be gearing up early summer for its 3rd consecutive year. Last year, supplies went to a total of 30 children from 16 French and English families, high school and elementary school, all residents of Gore. If you would like to help out, please contact the program coordinator, Rose Manconi at 450 562-3397. This program is funded by private donations and supplies are bought from Papeterie Memo in Lachute who also assembles the appropriate bundles for the program. A Building Committee has been created to plan and execute the maintenance and repair of the church in a planned fashion. Chimneys, eaves, windows, exterior lighting and ramps are a few of the items on the list. Volunteers are welcome to help the committee members in their efforts. A Cemetery Committee was formed to map, maintain and repair the cemetery. Volunteers are also welcome to help the committee members in this endeavor. The Eat & Greet program, which Holy Trinity supports financially, has just successfully concluded its second season. On the last Monday of each month, at 12:30 pm in the Trinity Community Centre, seniors can gather for a lunch of soup, dessert and coffee for free! Donations requested and will be gratefully accepted. This program is organized by Cecilia Gionet and her small band of helpers and will start up again in September.

Very early on in my life, I remember feeling that I was really a citizen of the world. These days, I would say I am a citizen of life. And, more importantly, the language that I pledge my allegiance to is that of the heart. It’s the most universal of languages, recognized and understood everywhere. Simple gestures of kindness, Another concert is planned for August, so watch for more details to follow. generosity, and care transcend national boundaries and sectarian interests. What comes from the heart touches hearts across any border and any separation. It New donors have committed to contribute $1,200 annually, to be allocated to operating gives rise to openness, joy, gratitude and a sense of being understood and cared funds for the church, following an article in the Gore Express. about. It unites and includes. It creates one big nation of all that is alive. Holy Trinity is an active part of our community. Anyone wishing to volunteer their time Human beings are not the only ones to understand this lingo; animals know is most welcome, and monetary donations are always welcome and greatly appreciated. it and probably even plants. Plants thrive with loving care, and there are very interesting videos circulating on Facebook and YouTube these days about care and friendship between animals of different species. And, of course, those who have ever had companion animals will agree that they understand and speak the language of love, too. To bring this back to Quebec, as I found out with time, traditional francophone Quebecois culture is actually warm and open-hearted. The way of the heart is a well-known currency around here.

Fit Tip

Are You Sitting Too Much?

So, here is what I am happy to celebrate any day of the year: the language of love and the nation of life. Please join in with me; all nationalities, all colors and all cultures are welcome. No passport needed, just a willingness to follow your heart! Grace: 450 226-3251,,

“Pretty Is As Pretty Does” or “The Other Quebecois” Claudette Hay - Main Street

I was happy, years ago, to cross into Quebec from the United States. Brought up and educated there, I missed the distinctiveness of my parents’ province and longed to permanently put into practice the language they spoke to me at home. The beginning was friendly with communication between FS (French-speaking) and ES (English-speaking) people bantering around to find “le mot juste.” (I prefer the warmer, less technical, tone of ES and FS instead of referring to us as “phones”). It was an exciting mix of languages, containing many words that could never be understood outside of Quebec. At the start, I got to know the “other Quebecois,” ES ones, who were also rooted deeply to Quebec’s distinctiveness, if solely from a language perspective. The two intermingled after the Conquest of the Plains of Abraham, and developed love affairs across language lines. They intermarried, shared faiths and, together, settled the Quebec heartland, creating one of the most beautiful places to live, bordering the St. Lawrence River, in valleys, amongst mountains, forests and rich natural resources.

Lisa Mclellan - Main Street Are you aware that sitting for hours on end behind a computer, in front of a TV, reading a good book or driving in traffic is really bad for you? Mounting research suggests that sitting, in and of itself, is a risk factor for poor health and premature death. Your body declines rapidly when sitting for long periods, even if you are very fit. Exercising as much as five times a week for half an hour to one hour still falls far short of optimum fitness, if you sit most of the rest of the time. Dr. Joan Vernikos, former director of NASA’s Life Sciences Division and author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals, was one of the primary doctors responsible for ensuring the health of astronauts by investigating the health ramifications of space travel and how to counter them. Her research shows that you get close to a 10-fold acceleration of the aging process when you live in a gravity-free environment! Chronic, uninterrupted sitting mimics a low gravity situation because you do not exert your body against the forces of gravity. She discovered that the act of standing up is actually more effective than walking for counteracting the ill effects of sitting. The change in posture is what has the most beneficial impact on your health, not the physical act of standing. The key is to repeatedly interrupt your sitting. Standing up 35 times at once will provide only a small percent of the benefit of standing up once every 20 minutes. Get this: it is not how many hours of sitting that is bad for you, but how often you interrupt that sitting that is GOOD for you!

Gradually though, animosity appeared, not unlike the one still present between the northern and southern US, due to the Civil War. ES people became “Maudis Anglais” or “Tetes Carres” resulting in contentious feelings. Discriminating, revengeful government measures, turning ES people into second-class citizens, were enacted, alienating the two. Making friends was hard enough for the xenophobes, but became harder with thoughtless suspicions aroused by legislation Fit Tips for countering the ill effects of prolonged sitting: separating them into language compartments. 1. Stand up around 35 times over the 5. You can do four jump squats or four period of a day to counteract the lunges to augment the exposure to Recently, an entire page of the travel section of a Florida newspaper invited cardiovascular health risks associated gravity. Jumping up and down gets visitors to Quebec City. Nice, I thought. But, how will they fare if they don’t or with sitting. you up to six times gravity. can’t speak French? Better than ES people from around here who have a hard time of it? The very ones who pay taxes to the “Ministere du Tourisme” of Quebec? 2. Move (bend, reach, twist) and shift 6. If you squat and stand, you can (Hiring very few ES people by the way). The very ones being deprived of the position often. get the maximum benefit of worksame linguistic niceties strangers receive? Shouldn’t you treat visitors as nicely as ing against the force of gravity. By 3. Program an online timer, your watch you treat your own at home? “Pretty is as Pretty Does,” goes the old saying. adding jumping to it (going from a or cellphone to go off every 20 squat to a jump, landing into a squat minutes. When it goes off, stand up. The true changing Quebec culture that the Parti Quebecois wants won’t survive again), you end up with about 6.5 without its ES brothers and sisters. No matter how well the needed and welcomed 4. Alternately stand up and sit down G’s. Who cares what you look like at newcomers speak French, interest in the evolution and distinctiveness of really slowly five times. the office! French culture won’t be the same as that shown by Quebec’s best friend, the “other Quebecois.” The void they leave is casting doubts on future economic development here. In the meantime, young minds are being dis-serviced and brainwashed by the negative propaganda. Most ES people speak French; can the same be said for FS people needing the English language to stay connected to the world’s global society? Recent political comments and references to English colonialism in Quebec are hateful. Interestingly enough, Quebec started as a French colony; most FS newcomers to Quebec are products of French colonialism.

Moving against gravity stimulates our physiological functions. Lipoprotein lipase is an important enzyme that attaches to fat in your bloodstream and transports it into your muscles to be used as fuel. Lipoprotein lipase is dramatically reduced during inactivity, and increases with activity. The most effective activity is to stand up from a seated position. Simply by standing up, you are actively helping your body to burn fat for fuel. Research proved that standing up once every hour was more effective than walking on a treadmill for 15 minutes for cardiovascular and metabolic changes!

Remaining French only, renders Quebec distinct unto itself, instead of globally so. “On se souviens” keeps us in the past forever, scaring people away. As the ad showed, it’s pretty in Quebec City, but “pretty is as pretty does.” home.

The human body is astonishing. It’s never too late to reverse the damage that has already incurred and delay aging. Get Up! Stand up for your right to be healthy. You can do this. It’s easy.

July 2013


The Story Behind

no other record. His is the official account. Organized by year rather than by conventional chapters, his entry for 1907 allots four pages to the sanctification of the new Joseph Graham - Main Street, [email protected] church and one page to the fire, half of which describes the heroic Back in 1907, gasoline was a pretty cheap fuel and role of the archbishop, women and was often used for domestic heating. One spring children. God played a big role in those times and the good doctor could write afternoon, Joseph Saint-Louis found out just how of His intervention with complete conviction, never asking why God knocked dangerous it was. over the gasoline heater in the first place. There is a picture of the altar under the dome of the new church, a building modelled on Notre Dame Cathedral. It The month of June had started out with a few promising days, a trace of rain on cost the faithful $75,000, an enormous sum of money for the small parish. Sainte the first followed by three consecutive days of sunshine. It then became overcast Agathe had been experiencing an economic boom and had this sum been put into and a light, cold rain began to fall. The night of the 11th had been cold, and a public hospital it would have provided a state-of-the-art institution that could the 12th was one of those chilly, gusty days that make you want to find a cozy have been involved in professional training and stabilized the economy for the place to hole up. Saint-Louis decided to keep the gasoline heater going in his foreseeable future. But who would second-guess such a wise decision? After all, barbershop on Rue Principale in Sainte Agathe. The warmth might draw people hadn’t the prayers of the faithful turned the wind in for a haircut. around? There is no record of how many people were in Studying history, one is often tempted to imagine the shop or whether the heater got knocked over being there. Sometimes, when looking for details or just exploded at around 2:00 PM. The wind on an aspect of a story, I find the characters have had become violent and it may have simply blown become so real that I look longingly at the phone, the fire back down the chimney. Within minutes, thinking maybe I should call to double-check my the whole building was engulfed in flames, fed by facts. Of course the characters who could so simply gasoline that exploded from the stove. It licked its answer my questions, long dead, may never have way out of the building and the wind carried it seen a phone or even conceived of one. The world south along the street, away from the lake. By the changes enormously through time and the reference time the volunteer firemen arrived on the scene, it points we take for granted become irrelevant. Had was working its way along both sides of the street. I been there then, I would likely have accepted that Four buildings had been lost as the fire raged in God’s intervention was very real. Standing there view of the new stone church that had not yet after the 1907 fire, I would have believed that the been sanctified. archbishop’s prayers had induced God to redirect Around four o’clock, Archbishop Duhamel arrived the wind. with the parish priest from a pastoral visit to Saint This kind of fire was not a unique incident and Donat. Seeing the state of affairs, they joined the most of us have heard of the most famous ones, women and children in the old wooden church to such as the Great Chicago Fire, the Fire of London and the San Francisco lead them in prayer, asking God to intervene. Mayor Bélisle was more practical Earthquake Fire, but even Sainte Agathe experienced more than one, and the 1907 and used the telegraph to send an emergency message to Saint Jérôme. fire was not even the worst. On May 25, 1923, fire again struck Rue Principale. Commandeering the railway, the Saint Jérôme fire brigade set a new record, Times and reference points had changed over the fifteen years that separated the making the trip in only 53 minutes, ready to fight the huge blaze. But according two fires. The War to End All Wars had come and gone and Sainte Agathe was to the record, the priests, women and children praying in the old wooden church much less insulated from the world. No trains raced to the rescue from Saint had the problem in hand. The winds stopped the advance of the fire, turning it Jérôme and, if the church was full of petitioners, it was not documented. This around and driving it north towards the lake. Their prayers had been answered. time the fire did much more damage, leaving 80 families homeless and destroying God had intervened. By the time the Saint Jérôme brigade arrived, all they had 150 buildings. It could have been much worse. It could have destroyed the whole left to do was help finish putting out the fire, which had consumed twenty town, but no one claimed to have invoked God or prayers to contain it, nor houses on its way to the lake. Dr. Edmond Grignon, who recorded the incidents even to explain it. Had Sainte Agathe come of age during and after the war? Had surrounding this devastating fire, makes no mention of casualties, although there people lost faith? Could their prayers have made a difference, or did Dr. Grignon must have been at least some injuries. The story he recorded is in the Album colour the 1907 story? Even if I could make that call, I would be thought a heretic Historique de la Paroisse de Sainte Agathe des Monts, the commemorative book for doubting. published in 1912 for the parish’s 50th anniversary celebrations. I have found References available upon request.

How God’s Hand Saved Ste Agathe

Main Street Money

Ladies’ Investment and Financial Education Developed by Christopher Collyer, BA, Certified Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Inc. Common TFSA mistakes: Things you might not know about Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs), but should. Tax-Free Savings Accounts have become a popular savings vehicle. While millions of Canadians have opened TFSAs, many are still making mistakes or missing opportunities that are costing them money. As a recap, a TFSA is a flexible, general-purpose, savings vehicle that allows you to make contributions each year and to withdraw funds at any time in the future. A TFSA provides a powerful incentive for you to save by allowing the investment growth to accumulate each year and be withdrawn tax-free. However, unlike a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), you cannot claim a tax deduction for contributions made to your TFSA and withdrawals are added back to your contribution room for the following year. Withdrawal or transfer? You can transfer from one TFSA to another, provided the funds go directly to the new plan without having been paid to you first. If the money is paid to you first, it will be considered a withdrawal and your TFSA room for the withdrawal amount will not be reinstated until the next calendar year. Recontributing to your TFSA in the same year as the withdrawal may result in an over contribution and you could be subject to a penalty. Spouse as beneficiary of successor holder? If your spouse (all references to spouse include common-law partner as defined in the Income Tax Act Canada) is named as the beneficiary of your TFSA, an amount up to the value of the TFSA at the time of your death can be contributed to his or her TFSA without affecting his or her TFSA contribution room if the contribution is made before the end of the year following the year of death and is designated as an exempt contribution. However, any income earned between the date of death and the contribution will be taxable to your spouse. It’s often recommended that, where permitted, you name your spouse as successor holder instead of as beneficiary. On your death, your spouse will automatically become the new holder of the TFSA. The TFSA continues to exist and both its value at the date of death and any income earned after that date continue to be sheltered from tax, with your spouse as the new holder. In addition, naming your spouse as successor holder avoids the administration and filing requirements necessary to preserve the tax-free status of the TFSA funds


when your spouse is named as beneficiary. U.S. Citizens with a TFSA: U.S. citizens, even those living in Canada, or other U.S. persons (e.g. green card holders) are required to report their worldwide income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) each year, including any income earned in their TFSA as there is no treaty relief for TFSAs. Whether U.S. taxes will ultimately have to be paid will depend on the particular facts and whether sufficient foreign tax credits are available. If you are in this situation, speak to a cross-border tax specialist before investing in a TFSA. Increase in 2013 TFSA contribution limit: Since TFSAs were made available in 2009, you have been able to make contributions of up to $5,000 per year. Beginning in 2013, you will be able to contribute an additional $500 to your TFSA, raising the annual contribution limit to $5,500. This means you will have had the opportunity to contribute a total of $25,500.00 including this year. Speak to your advisor: TFSAs are a powerful savings vehicle whose significance will only grow over time. To fully maximize the benefits, and avoid the pitfalls, contact your advisor to understand how they work. If you would like to discuss this with me, I can be reached at 514-788-4883 or my cell at 514-949-9058. Have a warm, happy July. The opinions expressed are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Manulife Securities Incorporated. Breakfast Served until 2 pm - 7 days a week: PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW HOURS Open: Mon. - Fri.: 7:30 am • Sat. & Sun.: 8 am CLOSe: Sun. - Wed. 3 pm • Thurs. - Sat.: 9 pm

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A Library Addict

Child Fitness

A pick of new books at the Jean-Marc Belzile Library in Lachute that can be borrowed for free by residents of Harrington, Lachute, Gore & Wentworth.

By Efrat Laksman & Robert Taylor, Owners of Gym Action Fitness in St. Donat - Main Street

Choosing Activities

Grif Hodge - Main Street


to wonder if you are reading a collection of short stories.

Block, Lawrence - Hit Me When we last left Keller, the murderer for hire, he was on the run after being framed for a political assassination. He now has a new trade; repossessing and flipping houses. But the economy is playing havoc and so when his old murder broker, Dot, gets in touch about a job, he’s ready to get back in the game. A new element is Keller getting deeply involved in the stamp trade in the last third of the book. Pamuk, Orhan -The Silent House I have been told that Turkish is an absurdly difficult language to translate into English. It lacks the verbs “to be” and “to have,” favors the passive voice and often places verbs at the end of long sentences. This might explain why it has taken since 1983 for this book to become available. The story of 90-yearold Fatma, is told through the rotating stream of conscious perspectives of five characters. Margaret Atwood, once called Pamuk, a “rock star, guru, diagnostic specialist and political pundit” He became Turkey’s only Nobel Laureate in 2006. Richardson, C. S. The Emperor of Paris The Toronto based author’s first book, The End Of The Alphabet, won the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize which is awarded for a best first book. Because of this I may have expected more from his sophomore novel. Also I read it just after having worked my way through Rutherfurd’s latest tome Paris: The Novel, which led me to make unfair comparisons, such as the skill with which both authors use short vignettes to introduce new characters. You start

There are so many activities for children these days, such as soccer, skating, swimming, martial arts, gymnastics and dancing; the possibilities are endless. Parents have to take into consideration important factors, such as budgets, schedules, required equipment and the location of the activity. Of course, weather is another factor, along with your child’s age.

Rutherfurd, Edward - Paris: The Novel

• Often forgotten is your child’s temperament. Is he outgoing, sociable, an extrovert or an introvert, is he aggressive or argumentative, intimidated easily or A massive, 800 page novel that follows open minded? An activity with an exam or a recital at the end may be scary for the fortunes of six French families from a child that is an introvert or is easily intimidated, but it can also be an excellent the 13th to 20th centuries as it weaves a opportunity to work on self-development and to overcome panic or fear. tale that captures all the major events of Paris. The de Cygne family is aristocrats • Consider your child’s personality. Is he overactive, shy, a natural-born leader, who are almost wiped out by the terror a team player or creative? Choose an activity that promotes a good habit. of 1794. By contrast the Le Sourds are Movement and dance classes are wonderful for self-expression and fostering medieval pickpockets and thieves, who creativity. Martial arts are great for building self-confidence, but are not a good become fervent champions of the Jacochoice for an aggressive child. Swimming is a great activity for a shy child, as it bins during the French Revolution. The is not a team sport and he can go at his own pace. Renards are merchants and artisans. • Bear in mind your child’s skills. Skills usually coincide with age. Basic skills, such The Gascons are working class, the as catching, throwing, lifting, and jumping are fully developed by age 3. More Blanchards represent the upper reaches difficult skills, such as balance, precision and body control vary with each child. of the bourgeoisie, while the Jacobs are a Jewish family that settled in Paris • Take into account your child’s abilities. When children start an activity that is in the Middle Ages and converted to too difficult or advanced for them, decreased self-esteem and loss of motivation Christianity. All the families cross paths are the main side effects of failing or not being able to keep up with others. with one another over and over through As parents, it is our role to encourage our children and not to thwart their the centuries. There is romance and natural desire to succeed. Some children need to be persuaded to get moving betrayal, courage and determination, and indicate their fear of failing as an excuse not to do something that seems a marriage and affairs. bit difficult or unknown to them. This is the perfect opportunity to inspire and stimulate them. To lessen their fears, remind them that everyone once started Young, Wm. Paul - Cross Roads out as a beginner. Sometimes it is best to gently push our children to continue This follows an egotistical businessman and not drop out of an activity. who believes he must win at all costs. If you feel like you are forcing your child to go to baseball practise every Saturday His cruel and ruthless lifestyle comes morning, most likely they don’t want to go. Try to find out why and be sure you to an end when he suffers a coma. He are not living your own childhood dreams through your children. Is the timing re-awakens to discover himself in a Purgatory-like-state where he is brought off? is your child is too tired after school? Is there a bully problem or is he missing face-to-face with God, who appears as a equipment? Even with very young children, take a moment to ask them what they young, raven-haired, olive-skinned girl, really want to do. Sometimes the answers are unreasonable, such as white-water rafting for a five-year-old, but most of the time, the answers are down to earth. Jesus, while the Holy Sprit has the appearance of a Lakota Indian, who sends My little three-and-a-half-year-old said he wanted to play soccer. Every Wednesday him back to earth to go over the actions when he sees me packing his soccer outfit in my workbag he gets very excited and can’t wait to go play. He is enthusiastic and talks about it for the whole day. he made before going comatose. He also is informed he will have the ability In conclusion, remember not to over-schedule your children. Prioritize the most to heal one person and one person only. important activities around school and homework. Remember that even the most active child can’t do it all. It is very important that parents and children understand the importance of downtime. Children are creative and can use their minds and bodies in creating activities, such as setting up their own track and field course in the backyard. Children need to be encouraged to think on their own and to create their own games too.




Life purpose coach for women over 50 - in the power years Val-David & Montreal 514.795.7702 • [email protected]

Olympian/Boston Marathon Winner -Lectures on total health/fitness -Life balance, well-being, energy, goals -Therapeutic massage and energy work -Year-round running and walking clinics EXCELLENT MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER FOR CORPORATIONS/SCHOOLS

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Office: (450) 562-0277

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July 2013


Obituaries Main Street considers it a community service to publish standard obituary notices at no charge. BINDON, Mary (nee: Cavanagh) In Arundel, Quebec on June 23, 2013, peacefully surrounded by her family, at the age of eighty-two years. Beloved wife of the late Kenneth Bindon. A wonderful mother, Mary leaves in mourning her children, Cheryl Jennings (John), James (Sharron), Kerry (Donna), Shawna Bindon (Jim Muir) and Christopher Neil, her sister Alice Patton (Bob) and her brother Frankie (Kay), her ten grandchildren and her two greatgrandchildren. A celebration of her life will take place on Saturday, July 6, at 12 pm at Chapelle du Christ-Roi, 32 rue de l’Eglise, Weir, Qc. Reception follows at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 192, 79 Village St., Arundel, Qc. In lieu of flowers donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated. Arrangements entrusted to the J.P. MacKimmie Funeral Home, 660 rue Principale, Lachute, Qc. HALE Burt, MD. Died the way he always wanted, taking his very last breath at his beloved Lake Louisa, on Monday June 24, 2013. Burt turned 89 years last month, and appeared on track to make it well into his 90’s and beyond, given his multiple trips to the gym per week. Lucky in love, Burt enjoyed three marriages: to the late Elinore Earle, to the late Dorothy (“Dot”) Liddy and to his bride since 1990, Anne Andersen, who survives him and who will miss hearing her name - “ANNIE!” - thundering throughout the house. Loving brother of Inez Hillen, the late Jack Hale and step-brother to the late Conrad Torget. Burt will remain forever in the hearts of his son John, his daughter Linda, and his stepdaughter Kathy Long, and their spouses Carol Ann Stockley, Tom Pelletier and Theo Garoufalis. Dear grandfather of David and Callum Hale, Oliver and Victoria Stockley Van Dusen, and Allison Stockley (and her husband

OWEN, William “Bill” Died March 28, 2013, in North York, Ontario, formerly of Weir, Qc. Family and friends are invited to attend the inurnment and committal service on Saturday, August 3, at 1 pm at the Glen Cemetery, Weir, Qc. ROWE, Perry Peacefully at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario on Monday, June 24, 2013 at the age of ninety-three. Beloved husband of the late Viola Jackson. Dear father of Betty (Wayne Berry), Connie (Peter Haldimand) and David (Jackie Arbic). Loving grandfather of five grandchildren, several great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchilren. Also survived by his brother, George. Predeceased by his brother, Frank, and his sisters, Rita Millette and Christine Ritchie. A private family memorial service will be held at a later date. Arrangements entrusted to the J.P. MacKimmie Funeral Home, 660 rue Principale, Lachute, Qc.

Emir Al-Khalili). A dog lover since childhood, Burt has enjoyed the company of many canine companions, including most recently his slightly insane dog, Sam. Burt touched the lives of many in his 89 years, including the staff and patients at the Royal Victoria Hospital and at Westplace Radiologists, which he co-founded as one of the first tenants at Westmount Square. An athlete, an inveterate yet harmless flirt, a big-band jazz fan, a lifelong kidder and prankster, an enthusiastic sharer of wisdom and opinions (which from his perspective were one of the same) and a devout Mac user since 1997, he has moved on to resume his political debates with George Myers and George Brabant, which were on a merciful histus. Funeral service and burial Sunday June 30 at 3 pm, at St. Aidan’s Church in Louisa, Qc. followed by a gathering at St. Aidan’s to celebrate his long and meaningful life. Funeral arrangements entrusted to the J.P. MacKimmie Funeral Home, 660 rue Principale, Lachute, Qc.

Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine, I’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wine. A million tomorrows shall all pass away, ‘ere I forget all the joy that is mine, today. Written by Randy Sparks.




BRENDA McHARDY We sincerely appreciated the outpouring of sympathy and words of condolence offered by family and friends at this difficult time. Thank you for attending the funeral services and for the many cards, flowers and generous donations. Your heartfelt words and memories of Brenda touched us deeply. It is comforting to know how she touched so many lives and how much she will be missed by all. With warmest regards, The McHardy & MacTavish Family

The English Link

Violence Hurts Kim Nymark - Main Street Violence may not always be striking, but it always hurts. Without denying the fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence, in most cases the victim is a woman and the abuser is her current or ex-partner. Victims and abusers have no particular characteristics. Most men who abuse their partners do not exhibit violent behaviour outside their relationships. They are often good work colleagues and friendly neighbours. Violence against women is most often associated with physical abuse. However, violence may take many forms, including psychological, verbal or sexual abuse. • In 2000, approximately 16,000 people in Québec were victims of crimes against persons in a domestic context; 85% of the victims were women. •W  omen are the main victims of domestic homicides. From 1995 to 2000, 95 women were killed by their partners, ex-partners or boyfriends, an average of 16.8 deaths per year in Québec. •Y  oung women from 15 to 24 have the highest risk of being killed by their partners or boyfriends. •O  ver a period of one year, over 100,000 women in Québec, or 6% of women over 18 who have a live-in partner, were victims of physical violence at the hands of their partners. •M  ost children, of women who are victims of domestic violence, are present during acts of physical abuse: 75% witness the violence; 20% participate in it and 11% are also victims of the abuse. Whatever form violence takes, talking about it is critical. Fear, shame or embarrassment can keep women and girls isolated in the grip of violence. It is vital to break the wall of silence, talk about violence and seek help. This applies equally to victims, abusers and witnesses.

PAIX If you believe that you may have violent tendencies, PAIX is a non-

profit organisation that can help you. PAIX’s mission is to modify behavior in order to prevent future acts of violence. Over the years, they have developed an approach that is specially adapted for people who are willing to make changes to avoid future domestic violence. Founded in 1987, this community service was initially created in response to family violence detected in the early 1980s through various social interventions. Then known as STOP, it welcomed the first group of men in 1988. Following the transformation of the Quebec health and social services network and the subsequent grant changes, in 2002 STOP became PAIX. For 25 years, PAIX has been answering real community needs and responding to people looking to help themselves fight against domestic violence. Just recently PAIX began offering their services in English and now an English men’s group answers to the population’s needs. A major cause of violence is hidden in the unconscious and in negative childhood experiences, therefore it is to this level that therapy is directed. Clients learn to mourn their suffering and losses while working on their immediate behavioural problems, and other issues including positive relationships, abandonment issues, positive self image and effective communication skills. You can reach PAIX ( toll free at: 1-800-267-3919 or at: 819-326-1400, by email at: [email protected] or in person at: 50B Corbeil Street, Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Many other resources exist in the community to help you deal with this and related issues. 4 Korners Family Resource Center is dedicated to assisting people of all ages to access information, resources and services in English. Please call or email us for any further information. [email protected] for the English Communities Committee of the CSSS des Sommets and 4Korners Family Resource Center. 1-888-974-3940.


July 2013

Healthy Channels

Frédéric Baësa

Jet Lag and Acupuncture

Parisian Chef & Caterer couleurs gourmandes

Christopher Garbrecht, Ac. - Main Street My family and I just returned from a trip to Asia. Before leaving, I researched various ways acupuncture could help keep my family healthy during our travels. As my wife and daughter suffer to varying degrees from motion sickness, I found a few points that I could massage during the ride. I also looked into various treatments for digestive issues, which might arise, as this sort of problem is quite common when travelling. Finally, this was the first trip I tried an acupuncture treatment specifically designed to help with jet lag on my family. As the high season of travelling is upon us, I thought it might be a good idea to give an idea of how acupuncture can help with various travelling complaints. For anyone travelling far away, that is to say more than five time zones from our own, jet lag can be a real problem. Jet lag occurs when the natural circadian rhythm in our bodies becomes disrupted due to crossing many time zones during flights. Symptoms can last from 1 to 10 days and may include fatigue, mental confusion, insomnia, headache, edema, nausea, disorientation, etc. Generally, flights to the east of the point

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val david: every saturday 9 am to 1 pm, June 1 to october 5 morin-heights: every Friday 2 pm to 7 pm, June 7 to october 13

Couleurs Gourmande May 2013 Main Street Ad • • •

of embarkation result in more severe symptoms than flights to the west. The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) estimates that this disturbance to the normal circadian rhythm of the body takes about one day of recovery for each time zone that is crossed. A shorter, one-week or two-week trip can be severely affected due to jet lag. In our bodies, there are many internal biological “clocks.” The ones following a 24- hour period are referred to as circadian cycles. The sleep/wake cycle is a good example. Light and darkness trigger this cycle. The hormone melatonin is secreted by the thyroid and produced in the dark as we sleep and fades at daylight as bright lights turn this hormone off. When we travel, our circadian rhythm is not in line with the new light/dark cycle. Hence we feel tired, confused, and often have some form of insomnia. Before leaving, I gave my wife and daughter an acupuncture treatment to help re-set this internal clock. After a 12-hour flight to Tokyo, we arrived in the evening and found our lodging for the night. The next day, everyone awoke as usual and we experienced no symptoms of jet lag. During my research, I discovered an interesting treatment, ( John Amaro, DC, Lac) that anyone can do during a flight. It involves stimulating various acupuncture points either with massage or the end of a closed ballpoint pen. Talk with your acupuncturist about the meridian times and horary points to use so that you will know where the points are and how to stimulate them during your flight. Acupuncture is a great tool to use just before or after a long voyage, as it can help the body return to its normal cycles quicker and help relieve fatigue. During long flights I recommend staying as hydrated with water as possible and humidifying your skin with a small water spritzer. Alcohol, beer, coffee, tea and soda should be avoided. Airplanes are not designed to encourage sleep, at least for the coach class however, it is important to get as much sleep as possible. When you arrive at your destination, it is best to stay awake until a reasonable time in the evening or night so that you are less likely to wake up in the middle of the night or too early in the morning. Next month I will continue with the travelling theme with suggestions about how to deal with motion sickness. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail me at: [email protected] or consult my blog at: Happy travels!

Laurentian Quilters’ Guild

55 rue Hochar, Saint-Sauveur J0R 1R6 • 450.227.2241 • 1-866-568-2241 [email protected]

Members of the Laurentian Quilters’ Guild have been very active and have accomplished a great deal throughout the winter and spring. Highlights included a workshop to create more cuddle quilts for children in distress, continued efforts towards completion of the 3rd Quilt of Valour and a wonderful dayretreat, held at La Grange in Morin Heights. We were very fortunate to receive two bursaries from the Courtepointe Quebec Quilts last fall. The first bursary, to be used for a community project, was put towards the creation of placemats to be donated to our local “Meals on Wheels.” The second bursary was to be used for education and we chose to invite Dominique Ehrmann as a guest teacher for two fabulous workshops.


The guild is also very busy preparing for their quilt show to be held on September 28 and 29 at Mont Habitant. Please check our announcement for further details. The guild meets in Piedmont on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. We always welcome and encourage all who are interested to join us. For more information, please contact Marlene Calder at 450 226-5946 or Kristen Kiel at 450 224-0208.

July 2013


Lori’s Lookout

Summer Activities Lori Leonard - Main Street

Mont St. Sauveur (MSSI) Water Park, 350 St. Denis, St. Sauveur offers fun for the entire family. The water park provides rides for all ages, plus pools of various sizes (including a wave pool) and water slides. The water park is open seven days a week from 10 am to 7 pm. Daily admission for adults (13+) is $39, children (6 to 12 years) $32 and children (3 to 5 years) $20. There is also a fun roller coaster ride called the Viking, which costs $6 per ride and The Dragon zip-line, which costs $6 per ride (once you have purchased a daily pass). 450 227-4671, www. Birds of Prey Show - At the Summit of Mont Tremblant - Bring your children to experience live raptors being trained and watch them take flight. Shows take place from June 22 to September 2: 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Adult rates (13+) $9.92, children (6 to 12 years) $6.54 and (3 to 5 years) $2.95. Admission for children 2 years and under is free. For more info, call 819 681-1779, www.

Red Riding Hood, not to mention the wicked wolf. Twelve acres of grounds are available to play, walk and run. There are giant slides, mechanical rides and inflatable games. There are also Alice’s giant maze, a heated wading pool and petting animals. Strollers are available for little ones with tired feet. Lunch boxes are welcome. Don’t forget your things for the water areas. Tickets are $16.74 (plus tax) 450 229-3141, Val-Va Go-Karting, 5285 Labelle, Val Morin - go-karting for all ages; kiddy jeeps for 4-8 years - $10 for 8 min., cougar rides for kids 12+ - $15 for 10 min. and extreme karting for teens 16+ - $30 for 10 min. and $75 for 30 minutes. 450 2294133, Martin, the Fisherman (le pecheur), 265 avenue de la Canadienne, Ste. Adèle - If you have youngsters who are yearning to “catch the big one,” this is the place to go. They are open seven days a week from 9 am to 6 pm. Worms can be purchased on site for $5 and the cost is $25 per kilo of fish. Fishing rods are provided at no charge. The center is located 6 km from the heart of Ste. Adèle. 450 229-7020, If you have any fun activities or suggestions that you would like me to include in my column next month, please send me an e-mail at [email protected]

“I’m Just Saying”

“Me and You and Rain on the Roof”

Falconer for a day at Mont Tremblant - Your children can spend a day with a special team of raptor specialists; meet the birds, help with different daily tasks and participate in the show. Reservations are required. Call 819 681-1779, www. Aquaclub La Source, Mont Tremblant - Fun for all - 1000 chemin des Voyageurs, Mont Tremblant Fitness center, recreational pool, Tarzan ropes, indoor and outdoor tubs, steam baths. Blocks of 3 hours are available for adults (18-64) $16, youth (13-17) $15 and children (6-12) $13. Passes for younger children (2-5) $7. 819 681-5668, details/aquaclub-la-source.aspx Pre-Cambrien Gardens, 1301 Montée Gagnon, Val David - Open seven days a week from July 7 to October 20, from 10 am until 5 pm. The gardens will introduce youth to contemporary and in situ art, Quebec poetry and culture in a natural setting. They will discover original artwork, sculpture, poetry and contemporary music. The gardens are great for all age groups (primary, secondary, college, university groups) and they also provide day camps. There are 3 kilometers of forest trails, a new infrastructure, a covered terrace and an outdoor picnic area. 819 322-7167 or 1 877 558-1222, www.jardinsduprecambrien. com. Au Pays de Merveilles, 3795 de la Savane, Ste. Adèle is a great place for parents or grandparents to spend time with children aged 2 to 8 years old. It is a unique theme park, which revolves around the magic and beauty of fairy tale books. Princesses and other live characters are hidden in the enchanted forest. Fun characters to see are Snow White, Cinderella, the Queen of Hearts and Little

The essence of nature Live the Japanese experience, live Ofuro Spa

Ron Golfman - Main Street

As I sit here and attempt to ignite emotion of some sort from you, dear reader, I am reminded that my own delightful editor sent out her monthly shot of encouragement, suggesting that we writers seize the opportunity, when it’s raining, to compile a few extra articles so as not to lose any “hot fun in the summertime” and be able to meet our deadlines. Given the auspicious wet start to the summer, she’d better get a big warehouse if we heed her advice. This month I have chosen to offer up a tossed salad of local tidbits for your perusal. For several years, I commented on the narrow road, our Main Street, in Morin Heights; one that was congested even further by good church-goers parking on the street and creating a single lane thoroughfare every Sunday morn. Well, the town has widened the road and provided parking lots off the main drag, making me think that our good mayor reads my articles. The only fly in the ointment is the creation of two protruding cemented peninsulas, presumed to be for flowers. A nice concept, except for the fear that in winter, these will be covered with snow, and whether it is a driver not remembering the new additions, or a well-intended snowplow, I can’t help but think that a recipe for disaster lies just ahead. I could go on, but most of you remember my classic Buick story. In keeping with a local flavour, O’Petit, the quaint restaurant many of us frequent for great breakfasts, delicious fish & chips, home made pea soup (Tommy Courte has been to the Betty Ford clinic due to his addiction to the pea soup), and more, has not only sponsored a team in the Morin Heights Mixed Softball League this year, they’ve become the “host with the most” for ball players post-game. Owner Jake, offers up a variety of freshly made pizzas fit for Crescent Street, a big smile, and between him and barkeep Natasha, the atmosphere is excellent. Another example of local participation in the community being a wonderful Laurentian tradition! I used to have a neighbour, directly across the road from me, whose big dog used to, how shall I say this without being edited by the boss, drop a deuce on my lawn or my driveway, whether I was watching or not, and within the view of its master. Those days and people are gone, but much like a Steven King script, the house lives on in its unique odd vibe. My new neighbour, of the past two years has, shared a wave and about four words with me in that time. I am always outside working on my corner lot, mostly on purpose, so that Arnie Hodge’s lovely wife, Rosie, can torment him about keeping up with the Golfman’s lawn, so I am visible. Well, my dilemma is that I haven’t seen my neighbour around for months and his yard is looking Munsteresque. As a good-will gesture I’d like to mow his lawn while he is absent. Aside from the aesthetics, I see this as a well-intended helping hand, but fear he’ll see this as an invasion of his privacy, or worse, get offended and buy a big dog and, then, it will be Ground Hog Day all over again. Any thoughts?

thermotherapy - massotherapy - body care esthetic care - lodging - meeting room.

Finally, and I am “Just Saying,” while summer brings out flowers, black flies, shorts, halter tops, cold beer and much more of what we spend the winter longing for, there is another phenomenon which is a tad irksome; the abundance of people collecting money for this and that. I’m glad to give for poppies, mental and physical health organizations and such, and I’m not a tight wad, but everywhere I go it feels as if I had better carry an extra bank roll to cope with the sheer volume of solicitors. In one morning, on street corners between here and St. Sauveur, I gave to two baseball leagues and a soccer program, went to the local grocery and was asked to contribute to a charity, win a painting, and got home to find a card on my door from another organization emulating Arnold’s famous “I’ll be back.” A Safe and Happy Summer to you all!

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July 2013

Lori’s Links Ad May 2013 Main Street

Anyone or anything...

Run For Cover... a Look at Shelter


Politics and Shelter Frans Sayers - Main Street Perhaps politics shouldn’t have anything to do with shelter, but it does. On the local level we know that permits are exacted for just about anything to do with building and shelter. There are codes and regulations to protect us from ourselves, and one another, and there are regulations that govern the look and impact of the built environment. There exists a subset of bureaucrats schooled to interpret the plans and designs we submit, as well as inspecting and signing off on the execution of these plans. Along the way to fruition, one meets a vast array of people who wish to bless a project with their intervention. This entire process is riddled with rules and innuendo leading to those who write and conceive these rules. There are laws governing labour, safety, proficiency, accountability and a legion of other disciplines, all constructed on models expressed in our houses of government, peopled by those who we have democratically elected to represent us, from the municipal to the federal level.



Amateur and Professional


Flute Choirs for Québec is searching for musicians for this unique ensemble This


Nomusic job too - enjoy making with other flutists






big or too - own an small! instrument

[email protected] WWW.THEMAINSTREET.ORG

- (optional) have interest in playing alto flute, bass flute or piccolo

- have basic skills (tone, fingerings, rhythm) CoNTaCT JuDy:


[email protected] 514 757-7002


Greig Steele March 2013 Main Street Ad

The political environment, within which we function, reacts through legislation Judy Diez d’Aux and influences the ways we shelter ourselves. The setbacks from other structures, roads and natural formations dictate just where we can place buildings.October The way 2012 we Main Street Ads reach these conclusions is political, in that all the decisions are voted onDouble in a process business card size: 3.25 x 4” involving municipal, provincial and federal bodies, created to guide this process. In Canada, we use the National Building Code, along with municipal regulations, MATTRESSES • BEDDING • PILLOWS to shape the spaces within which we build. Local regulations are more specific and take into account the peculiarities and regional identity within a territory. Our local municipalities rely on specialists to make the recommendations, but it is the local municipal council that must vote and adopt the necessary regulations. This hapUP pens after the population has had an opportunity to reflect and react to any and all proposals through public consultations and a transparent political process. A window into the bizarre world of politics and construction has been opened in Quebec with the “Charbonneau Commission.” This illustrates, that left to their own devices with little or no scrutiny, certain individuals have shown themselves to be less than honest. The money involved and the political fallout affect each and every taxpayer in the province. Substandard building practices, the underground economy, and the lack-lustre performance of certain politicians have undermined the quality of life as reflected in the built environment. This is unfortunate because there are many wonderful builders, architects and designers who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of excellence for the common good.


The construction strike in Quebec has successfully crippled an entire industry and all players surrounding it. The practice of “dénonciation” as used by the government has created an environment riddled with suspicion and mistrust. Citizens are encouraged to “rat out” those who are not playing by the rules, from black-market workers and EI cheaters, to those receiving kick-backs in order to secure lucrative contracts. We have “pasta-gate,” “spoon-gate,” “turban-gate” and a bizarre, legally mandated, official body entrusted with the task of bringing offenders to light. There is no other jurisdiction that has armed “language police” with such far-reaching powers. (Bill 14)





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The city of Montreal has seen the arrest of an interim mayor charged with fourteen counts surrounding land deals and zoning irregularities. Zoning, being the grouping of buildings and activities arising from economic, social, and environmental criteria, is an extremely important component in municipal regulations governing construction and land use. The re-zoning of a particular piece of land to suit one purpose or another can lead to significant challenges in the community. Realities not known in the past create pressure on the community to change and adapt. This process is very difficult because the people involved, both presently and historically, are not always able to define the “right” path to take. In many cases this is the result of intense political lobbying and influence peddling.


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In order to untangle this complex weave and ensure a future free of such strife there needs to be a dramatic shift in how we govern ourselves and the role the individual plays in determining the future.




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Ramble On

So, what happened? How could it be that this guy, who I knew to be nothing but honest as the day was long, become in any way involved in something like this? Is it possible that he changed so drastically? Unfortunately, there are really only three possible scenarios, none very pretty.

Barry Young - Main Street

Scenario one is that my old friend became the type of politician that we all hate, who cares only about power and the “benefits” that the position doles out. Scenario two is that the decisions made behind closed doors are made by those who leave no choice for our elected officials (making our democracy a farce). Scenario three is that powerful groups, that did not like Michael, managed to raise a smear campaign against him. Don’t forget, an actual trial could take years to be over and, in the end, even if Michael were proven to be innocent, his political career will have been ruined.

Sad State of Affairs On June 17, Michael Applebaum, the mayor of Montreal was arrested on 14 charges of fraud, corruption etc. The next day he resigned, claimed his innocence, and said he would now spend the time fighting to clear his name. Michael was a friend of mine from our early 20s. We played hockey together at MacDonald Park, across the street from his house. This actually turned out to be his entry into politics. In the early 90’s the boards at the park did not go up, because a hugely expensive marble bathroom for the mayor at city hall was being installed at the same time leaving no budget for the hockey rink. This led Michael to visit several city-council meetings, where he acted on behalf of his community to get what they deserved, and he won. Someone recognized his abilities, invited him into municipal politics where, ironically, at one point he became the member responsible for city parks and recreation.

Apparently, there is no good ending to this story! If it turns out that my old friend is innocent, which is my wish, it would mean that a far more nefarious plot took place. So where does that leave me? Well, fortunately, it leaves me up here in the Laurentians, in my wonderful Township of Gore. The decay of Montreal is what led me away in the first place, 5 years ago. The “Big Owe” traffic, high taxes and high fences have been traded in for being debt free, having Main Streets in Lachute and St Sauveur (where parking is free), and mountains, forests and lakes surrounding me. We have a balanced budget, and the local politicians get paid so little they can almost be considered volunteers! If I call the town hall to report a pot-hole, it is filled as soon as there will be 3 days without rain. Ok, so this year, the one that I reported in April had to wait until June 18. Thanks a lot Mother Nature! Seriously though, even though I listen to news and hear traffic reports and rejoice in my decision to be here, this news saddens me. Michael, if this finds you, I hope my instincts about you hold true. If this is the case though, my once-great city will find itself in a truly sad state of affairs.


LACHUTE Hawkesbu,ry

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LACHUTE Mon - Wed 11 am - 10 pm Thurs. - Sun 11 am - 11 pm

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Prepared meals and cold buffets Closed on Sunday

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Garden Talk

thin or eliminate plants later, so give them the room they will need right from the start. For example, beefsteak tomatoes need at least 24 inches between plants and 36 inches between rows. Shorter, bushy tomatoes may need an extra foot between plants because they spread outwards. While these spaces may look vast when the plants are small, rest assured the plants will grow to fill the area.

Crowd Control For Better Yields June Angus - Main Street

The first time I planted carrots I was so excited to see the green leafy tops appear that I didn’t have the heart to pull any out. I just let them grow because I wanted none of the plants to go to waste. But alas at harvest time my crowded carrots turned out to be very tiny and all tangled up. I ended up with mainly tops which the family’s pet rabbit enjoyed. But I learned the hard way the value of thinning plants and giving the strongest specimens room to grow. Overcrowding in the garden can significantly reduce your harvest as plants compete for water and nutrients as well as space to develop and mature. Plants also need space for sun penetration and air circulation. Crowded conditions can be a breeding ground for all sorts of pests and diseases too. The lesson is clear: sacrifice a few plants for the greater good of the entire crop. When transplanting young plants that were started in trays or pots, always follow the recommended spacing directions for the plant species. It’s best to avoid the need to

When planting seeds directly in the ground, keep the recommended spacing in mind, but it is not always practical to arrive at the final desired spacing at the time of sowing. Because not all seeds will germinate, hedge your bets by planting more than you’ll need. Expect most plants that are seeded will likely need to be thinned. The best time to start thinning is once seedlings produce one or two sets of true leaves. Most will be two to three inches tall by then. Thinning while the soil is damp will make it easier to pull out excess plants. Performing this task in the late afternoon or early evening gives the remaining plants a chance to adjust before being exposed to mid-day heat and sunlight. When thinning save the strongest seedlings. It’s best to do the job by hand. If seedlings are very close together and pulling disturbs the roots of the remaining plants, pinch out or cut the excess plants at soil level. The process of thinning also provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of pesky weeds when they’re small. However, if pulling weeds out by the roots will disturb your plants too much, simply cut their greenery off at soil level too. Seedlings of some vegetables, if carefully removed during thinning, can be transplanted to fill in empty places in your growing area. Or you can give them to fellow gardeners. Spacing depends on the variety and whether or not you want your vegetables to grow to full size. Seed packages generally list optimal spacing for mature plants so keep these instructions handy. Beets and chard, which grow from compound seeds that produce several plants, are especially prone to overcrowding. In the case of beets, if you don’t thin them, you will get all tops and no roots. They need space to develop underground. With chard, you will get many small, spindly leaves. Chard that hasn’t been thinned also has a tendency to bolt. Leafy vegetables such as lettuce and spinach that are grown in rows can be thinned by gently pulling the unwanted plants. But if you are growing in blocks, try simply running a flexible rake through the seedlings. Plants won’t be perfectly spaced, but it will open more area for them to grow. The young leafy greens that are pulled out can be tossed into a salad so don’t have to go to waste.

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Root vegetables, such as onions and carrots, are more sensitive to thinning because any disturbed roots may become deformed. The result at harvest time can be very oddly shaped vegetables. To minimize this outcome try to gently pull one seedling at a time or simply cut the unwanted seedlings at the soil line. As a rule of thumb, allow for the anticipated size of the mature vegetable plus an inch or so on either side. The spacing recommendations for beans, peas, peppers and eggplants allow for proper crop development as well as suitable access between plants for harvesting. Now that the benefits of preventing overcrowding in your veggie patch are clear, remember these principles also apply to trees, shrubs and flowers in the rest of your garden too. Good luck with your crowd control.


Health, Lifestyle and Today

[email protected] 613.306.0130

Health and Maturity I am observing a new phenomenon in people. Communities are maturing physically, but great pieces of their motor skills and psychological selves are remaining in childhood and adolescence stages. This seems to be linked to a form of latent spiritual starvation surfacing in western society; by spiritual, I mean “inner world” attention and gratification. As I observe those of my generation and their offspring, I note a great percentage of immature behaviors underlying exchanges and daily activities that should have been outgrown at a much earlier age. Boys and girls are physically but not psychologically maturing, that would naturally guide them to a fulfilling life. Psychological maturity is synonymous with the basic self-sustainable skills crucial for a specie’s continued survival. There seems to be fewer and fewer mature men and woman and more “boys” and “girls” trapped in adult bodies. What can this mean and what can be the possible future outcome? I can theorize, but common sense would decree that some of our lifestyles and activity choices might need revising. We continue to develop a technology that far surpasses the imagination of most people, but at what cost? People are becoming evermore spellbound to an imaginary world called social media. Actual physical skills are continuously put aside for mental stimulation, birthing a society of mental adrenaline junkies. Are we trading in crucial life-growth experiences for the luxury of the time to cyber play? Are we missing out on many vital life lessons that are a direct result of selfsustainable activities? Self-sustainable activities naturally bring the “apps” of common sense, ethical behaviour, a rich spiritual inner world ending in wisdom of life. Has technology taken crucial social and self-developmental experiences away from us, that we need to become aware of? A disassociation with self-sustainability has been a direct result of the growth and specter of technology. These self-sustainable activities include such things as gardening, building our homes, birthing and raising our children, and caring for our elderly.

July 2013

Taking care of our basic needs, protecting our family and managing our conflicts was once a great part of our endless life-growth experiences. This lifestyle was once a crucial part of man’s everyday self-development, resulting in growth opportunity, maturity and common sense. It is what turned boys into men and girls into women. Our technological advances have provided us with material comfort, but at what expense? Common sense results upon experience. By limiting our experiences of life, we limit the development of common sense. Is common sense lacking in the governing of our lives and the world? Is the luxury of time that technology has gifted us with being managed in a mature way with moral and spiritual foresight? Look at how you manage your luxury time. What are your daily activities and how is this affecting your overall health? Are you moving the necessary 9 + hours a day that is demanded for health? Are you eating a balanced diet for the time of year and weather you find yourself in? Are you spending quality-time with loved ones and physically interacting with others, as you should be? Are you connecting to Nature in a way that allows you sustainability? This was once a natural part of daily life with a result of common sense, health and happiness. There has been much we have lost by putting aside the old ways of living. As we re-integrate the old ways with our technology in a more balanced way, we will discover so much and will mature in ways we could never imagine. The more we become selfsustainable, the more we become self-empowered, and the happier we will find ourselves. Respect for life will emerge that would be non-existent without self-sustainability. You will clearly see why you were once the way you were. Naturalness is missing from life. I urge you to re-connect with your innate nature, to Life. Life is an amazing gift that we must appreciate. Do yourself a favor and live more fully, for you! I guarantee happiness will be a result of this, for happiness is a direct result of Life Living~ Life Moving! Oshtalo Michèle C. St.Amour©July2013



Lyndsay Wood Real Estate Broker


FIddLeR LaKe ReSORt: OnLy $399,000 amaziNg delUXe

3 bedroom home with large, flat lot iN the ceNter of towN. 2 sheds, wood stove, reNo’d eat-iN kitcheN + diNiNg room. close to park, ski hills, st-Jérôme, rte 15. MLS 9057084

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a large great area, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 powder room. wood floors, attached garage, corNer lot, hUge poteNtial. MLS 13050198


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A D S Chez Philippe July 2013 Main Street Number

Please note: rates for classified ads are $25 for 1 - 25 words and $50 for 25 - 50 words. Kindly forward all ad material to [email protected] All payments must be made by cheque and mailed to Main Street, CP 874, Lachute QC J8H 4G5. Payments must be received before publication. Thank you very much. COTTAGE FOR SALE Private - Craig’s Lake in the Laurentians. 140 ft. frontage, 430 ft. lot depth. 30,100 sq/ft. 2 bedrooms plus full bathroom. New plumbing, fieldstone fireplace. Very secluded. $190,000. Info: 819 242-8349. HOUSE FOR RENT Rang 4, Morin Heights Lovely 3,500 sq/ft house available for yearly rental. 4 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms, playroom & private lake. Furnished or not, $2,100 per month. Pictures at apa/3844630348html Call: 450 226-8669. LAKEFRONT HOUSE FOR RENT, VAL CARROLL, HARRINGTON 35 min from Mont Tremblant, Lachute, Hawkesbury. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, screened porch, propane hot water. Unfurnished $800.00 per month + utilities. Immediate occupancy. References required. Call 819 242-7041 HERITAGE SCHOOL HOUSE FOR RENT, VAL CARROLL, HARRINGTON 35 min from Mont Tremblant, Lachute, Hawkesbury. Unfurnished, $550 per month plus utilities. Immediate occupancy. References required. Call 819 242-7041 HELP ME, RHONDA! De-cluttering and re-organizing any part of your home. Moving-packing and more. Love to help! Call: 450 226-7586 or send email to: [email protected] RIDING LESSONS Experienced horseman/trainer with a lifetime of experience as ringmaster, steward and Olympic Game official available for private lessons, consultation and personal training at your barn. Call Joel: 514 898-4272.


FIREWOOD FOR SALE 100% hardwood, delivery available, payment plans possible. Call: 450 533-5103. LAND FOR SALE Looking to purchase a piece of “heaven on earth?” Look no further. I have beautiful waterfront, riverside and secluded wood lots. Lets talk. Call Diane: 450 562-4962. APARTMENTS FOR RENT IN LACHUTE Bright, spacious 3½ + 4½ + 5½ with parking. Special offer still available / NO animals For info and appointments, please call: 450 613-1214 FOR SALE - PARK MODEL RV Located in senior’s park overlooking Ottawa River. Furnished, includes A/C, TV, shed, deck and awning. 39’. Reduced to $30,000. Call: 450 226-8829. TRAILER FOR SALE Trailer 27¸¨ Serro Scotty 1990 - 27’. New retractable roof, freshly refinished interior. Double pull out bed, 2 bunk-beds,fully equipped (no air), 8x8 deck. Most beautiful campsite in the Laurentians Domaine Val Carroll (camp site extra). Calm and relaxing, nature at your door. $5,000 firm. Call: 819 713-0118 after 5 pm. 35 YEARS EXPERIENCE BUYING Coins, war medals, stamps, old paper money, sterling silver cutlery, watches, cufflinks, judaica, jewelry, vases, figurines, Olympic items & estates. Call Ron: 514 996-6798. ANTIQUE CAR FOR SALE 1969 Impeccable Chevrolet Belair, 4 dr, 6 cyl, standard drive. Black exterior, light blue interior, 12,800 original miles. Info: [email protected] or 613 679-2896.

July 2013

My Health in Mind

50 + Bouger + Committee

participated in those various activities and it is those very people that inspire the committee members to continue on with their noble endeavour.

Have you missed the previous column? You can find it at

The members are aided by two resources, the CSSS d’Argenteuil and the MRC d’Argenteuil, however, it is the volunteers Michael Dubois - Main Street who really make the difference by their The Committee 50 + willingness to give their time to this cause and this Bouger + A Great Team month’s column is dedicated to their remarkable Behind a Great Cause tenacity and endurance. “The whole community Since its inception in 2007, the 50 + Bouger + appreciates your efforts and would like to thank Committee has been devoting itself to the betterment you; Carmen Boisvert, Raymond Carrière, Jovette of senior’s health all around Argenteuil through a Labelle, Hélène Lewis, Jocelyne Louis-Seize, Denise multitude of different activities. Whether it takes Patry and André Therrien for your place in the snow or in a colourful autumn forest, commitment in helping to improve the whether the participant is 50 or 90-years-young, or quality of Argenteuil’s seniors’ lives. extensions, renovations, new homes, whether their motivation to partake in the activity is Congratulations! You really are a great to socialize, workout, or simply get out of the house, team behind a great cause!” mini-excavation the committee’s impact is felt both on a local and a Not to be missed regional level. Samedi Vélo: 8th Season Though the focus is undeniably dedicated to home upkeep, seasonal preparations Every Saturday until September 21: Enjoy Argenteuil and its vicinities, the committee’s cycling for the pleasure of it. Departure outstanding work with seniors and retirees has every Saturday morning at 9 am from attracted the spotlight quite a few times over in the Saint-André-d’Argenteuil elementary the last few years due to ambitious projects such school at 1, rue Legault. For additional as the Journée 50 + Bouger +, which is now a details: highlight of the fall season. The activity consists Coureur des bois Challenge in Gore of introducing the population to different physical Everyone in Argenteuil is invited to activities available in the area, which vary from a thrilling experience on July 27: the Pilates, Zumba, and pickleball to Tai Chi/Qi Gong Coureur des bois Challenge! and indoor curling. The goal and the purpose of the committee 50 + Bouger + is to promote • 2 km race for 16 and under the adoption of a healthy lifestyle and break the • 8 km race: 1/4 km swim at the mid-point isolation seniors too often experience. The project for adult singles or 2 person teams was presented at a symposium, where various • 2 km walk for seniors 70+ representatives of the Laurentians were present and received an overwhelming wave of appreciation There will be plenty of fun for the whole from the participants that only reinforced the will family (ball hockey, knife and tomahawk of the committee members to do even more towards throwing, WIXX zone, and more) bettering the quality of lives of their peers. Fee: $20. Activities & festivities all day at Craig McVeigh Over the last few years, the committee has hosted Gore’s Municipal Park. Registration (solo or more than 24 discovery walks, 5 Journée 50 + 450-226-7448 team): Tammy Hall, 450 562-2025, Ext. 21. Bouger +, 7 Plaisirs d’Hiver activities, 6 seasons RBQ 8313-0252-37 For any questions or suggestions, contact of weekly snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, Michael Dubois at [email protected] and 1 special event for the 2010 Winter Olympics or call 450 566-0530, Ext. 2305. in Vancouver. More than 2,500 seniors and retirees

LoCaL BuILdIng SoLutIonS gEnERaL MaIntEnanCE

Construction McVeigh Inc.

An inspection of

Craig McVeigh March 2013 Main Street Ad

your central system when the seasons change is a wise choice.

TOLL FREE Refrigeration MB January 2013 Main Street Ad

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Independent fans and sensors ensure tastier cooling and freezing and even temperature distribution for the ultimate in food care.

World’s first dishwasher in drawers offer the best ergonomics with the least amount of bending.


French Door Configuration*

ENERGY STAR® qualified with ultra quiet operation and uses as little as 1.95 gallons of water per drawer.

Offers unobstructed refrigerator access to wide internal shelving and a spacious freezer drawer.

Improved Racking

Humidity Control System

Fully adjustable racking system with independently movable racks and folding tines.

Ensures the safe removal of harmful water vapor from your fruit & vegetables and enables customized humidity storage of your produce prolonging the life and quality.

Superior Wash Performance

Counter Depth

Fan assisted dryer, the world’s first variable water pressure and flow through detergent dispenser and 163ºF sanitising temperature.

Fits flush with cabinetry orfreestanding with a silver cabinet.

Improved Capacity

Filtered Ice & Water*

DishDrawer® Tall holds large 13” plates and platters.

EZKleen Stainless Steel Enables easy cleaning without the use of a stainless steel cleaner.

and products.

Convenient external water and internal ice dispensing takes up no valuable storage space. The external electronic interface provides feastures such as bottle chill and freezer chill.


231, Main Street East Hawkesbury, Ontario Tel: 613-632-7202 1-800-267-1165 40

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