Emergency Department Utilization by Pediatric Heart Transplant

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Emergency Department Utilization by Pediatric Heart Transplant. Recipients. C.A. Wittlieb-Weber ,1 J.W. Rossano,2 D.R. Weber,1 K.Y. Lin,2. C. Ravishankar,2 ...

Abstracts S399 1( 118) Functional Status of Children Supported on LVADs at Transplant: How Does It Compare to Children on Inotropic Support? A. Bulic , K. Maeda, S. Chen, D. Rosenthal, J. Murray, P. Shuttleworth, C. Almond.  Division of Pediatric Cardiology, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

provide a new perspective to understand thrombosis and acquired bleeding disorders in pediatric patients undergoing CPB. Thus reducing CPB component-induced receptor shedding will be an important aspect to eliminate bleeding associated with CPB.

Purpose: As survival with pediatric VADs has improved, decisions related to support strategies may depend more on quality of life and functional status rather than mortality. Limited data are available on the functional status (FS) of children supported with LVADs compared to children supported with inotropes. We sought to compare the FS of children supported with LVADs and milrinone to guide decisionmaking. Methods: Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network data were used to identify all US children age

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