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English as a Foreign. Language. TOEFL Preparation. We offer a range of different EFL/TOEFL preparation courses depending upon your level and needs.

Schedule of courses We offer a range of different EFL/TOEFL preparation courses depending upon your level and needs.

Mandatory Fees (In AED) Tuition Fees Supplies, Equipment and Other Expenses Sundries (books, equipment, materials, Laptop lease and IT support etc) TOEFL Examination Fees *Safety Deposit Total Mandatory Fees Optional Fees

6 month English Foundation and TOEFL programme 36,000

4,500 500 3,000 44,000

Accommodation (125 AED per day for 6 months)


Student Residence Visa (applicable to international students only)


Total Optional Fees


Mandatory Fees (In AED)

TOEFL 1 month programme

Tuition Fees (including books) TOEFL Examination Fees


Total Mandatory Fees Optional fees


Accommodation (125 AED per day for 1 month) Visit Visa (applicable to international students only) Total optional fees



English as a Foreign Language

1,400 5,150

The UAE Dirham is pegged to the US$: 1USD=3.66AED All fees are subject to change without prior notice. *Safety deposit— Payment of this deposit guarantees a space for you in the class. This amount is refundable to you once you successfully complete the course. The safety deposit is nonrefundable if you complete the registration process and then subsequently cancel.

We offer a 48 Hour TOEFL Preparation Course that gives students the testtaking strategies they need to succeed on the paper - based TOEFL (ITP). The course takes place during the last month of each 6 month intensive EFL programme, plus we also give this course at other times during the year depending on the demand. Please call for details regarding dates and times.

Our six month courses begin in February and in September. The EFL course consists of 20 classroom hours plus a minimum of 10 supervised independent study hours per week. Your independent study is geared specifically toward your personal needs to maximize class performance, succeed in TOEFL the very first time you take it, and prepare you for the language demands that are part of any university curriculum taught in English.

Our 6-month EFL sessions begin in February and September. Contact us now to register We are also an ETS Authorized TOEFL iBT Center for the purpose of administering the iBT TOEFL at our location. Please contact us for further details.

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management LANGUAGE CENTRE PO Box 29662 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Telephone +971 4 315 5555 Mobile +971 5 552 7297 Fax +971 4 315 5556 E-mail: [email protected] www.emiratesacademy.edu

TOEFL Preparation

Study English in Dubai Stephanie Morris, J.D. Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Language Centre

Stephanie Morris comes from San

Dubai has witnessed tremendous growth, particularly in the hospitality, travel and tourism sectors. It is now firmly established as a high quality destination for business and leisure travellers alike. Although Dubai is located in the Middle East, the population is truly international and the vast majority of people speak excellent English. Dubai is a fun and wonderful place to study, live and work.

Francisco, California where she was

English as a Foreign Language

a practicing attorney specialising in

If you are planning to undertake a course of study in a college or university that conducts its classes in English, you must first raise your English proficiency level in order to succeed both academically and professionally.

the areas of commercial and consumer law. In addition to her legal experience, Stephanie has a diverse background in training, development and teaching English as a foreign language. Prior to Moving to Dubai, she spent a year in North Africa where she taught English to students of all ages and levels in Tunisia and Morocco. She also developed an Arabic cultural immersion programme for an independent language centre during her stay in Morocco and is a dedicated student of Modern Standard Arabic. She took her Juris Doctoris from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.

Are you ready to succeed?

Study English in our beautiful, elegant, relaxed surroundings under the tutelage of native speakers. Our classes are truly multi-cultural as our students come from all over the world to study with us. Our unique international environment allows you to join communities of students from your own country as well as make new friends from other cultures, culminating in an extraordinary learning experience. English is the international language of commerce. By learning English you are not just opening the doors of communication with people from native English-speaking countries, but with people from all over the world. Our native-speaking English teachers use a dynamic and modern approach utilising course books, audio-visual aids, games, role-plays, written assignments and specially-created materials. Our focus is on developing the four language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking plus building your confidence in real-life situations. Our goal is to help you reach the required proficiency to do your very best on TOEFL, the very first time you take it. We are pleased to announce that The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management is an approved ETS Authorized TOEFL iBT Center for the purpose of administering the iBT TOEFL. Please contact us for more details.

Special attention is given to: • • • • • • • •

Communication and conversation Grammar, spelling and punctuation Writing/sentence structure Reading/Listening comprehension Pronunciation Colloquialisms and idioms Culture, customs and etiquette Getting you up to speed for your TOEFL preparation course

Campus Living During the course of your study with us, you may live here on our student campus in one of our fully furnished studios. Our secured facilities include a swimming pool, gym, tennis and basketball courts, 3 restaurants, internet access and library. The Academy is within walking distance of the beach located on the beautiful Arabian Gulf. All EFL/TOEFL students who are under the age of 21, who require visa sponsorship by The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management, and who are not residing within the UAE with a parent or approved guardian must live on The Academy’s campus in designated student accommodations for the duration of the time they are under said sponsorship

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