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from the noblesse, so it can make RA Kartini will be concern. She is the ... The Kartini's hassel not only on the paper, but also she did useful thing. She opened ...

Developing Literature Appreacition In Takdir Works About Women In Past, Present, and Future At Senior High School Banten Introduction Women in the past are unfree like right now. There are many thing that cramp style them. Especially in educational world. The education just for the men from the noblesse, so it can make RA Kartini will be concern. She is the first woman who inspirate the emancipation of women, especially in educational world. The hassel type not only in her writing but also with the action. She wrote the letters. The cumulation of her letter are made in one book. The tittle of her book is “Door Duistermis tox Licht” or it is famous with “Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang”. She sent the letters to her friends in Belanda and it showed up the hopeful to decrease discrimination. That gave a motivation of Indonesia women to got their right. The Kartini’s hassel not only on the paper, but also she did useful thing. She opened the free school for the poor women in Jepara and Rembang. That motivated to other people, so they did the same thing. It was the first thing that started the emancipation of women and now many Indonesia women can get their dream. There is not diskrimination again between the men and the women now. They have the same right and duties. The women should say thanks to R.A Kartini. Because of her hessel, the women do not fell the diskrimination. It is easy

say thanks to R.A Kartini. We must remember the God's omnipotence. It does not means, the emancipation can make do everything over. We must remeber that the women have restrictiveness, not only in physic but also psycology. The emancipation effect is large, it is a way for the women to be the men’s partner in their life. The women not only serve their cople but also they need love from their couple. The women can be a friend and completing the weakness of their couple. It make a hope that the women understand how important they for their life. This is interesting topic because it give us as the women the lesson about the real life. In addition, we can learn it in Takdir Works “Layar Terkembang”. We get double learning. First is motivation to study literature and the second is emancipation of women. Many students think that study literature can make boring, but the fact, it is fun. We can get many learning from that. In this Takdir works we know how should the women do to be the best women in their life. It is difficult, but we can try it with understand the story. It make us imagine the story. If we were be them, will we do like that with all our weakness? Usually we give up because of our weakness. We won’t to try change our life. So, this topic give us the motivation to change our life. We make our life better than before, although we are the women that have the weakness. Discussion There are two characteristic women in this takdir works. First Maria is weak women. She like beautiful clothes and see her life happily. She always enjoy her good time. She seldom think her problem. If she have problem, she can not solve her problem by herselves. She is dependent women. It is different with her

sister. Her sister, Tuti is a teacher. She is active women. Active is mean that she do many useful activities. She join with many organizations. She is educated women. She is work hard, initiative and independent life. The characteristic of modern women is carier women. Women that work outside their house. They have income theirselves. That income to help their husband. It can help to suffice their daily need. To become the carier women, women must have high eduacation. Ability and education should be balance. So, they can be successful women. The modern women must have much knowledge. So, they can manage their life. Not only their personal life but also their social life. Acording to Kartini to prove the women’s ability and role as modern women, they should intergrate into the three characteristic. That are sovereignty, creativity, and self relience. The implication and the implementation of the characteristic of modern women are mirrored as follow: 1. It is found the democratic way in the living either in the society and the family. 2. It needs bravery to free from dependence, to go away a feeling that always wants to be protected. It is weak to decide something and it is always the commanding. These characteristics should be lost. 3. Whereas it needs creativity and initiate. Besides, it is brave to determine an attitude for deciding something which it is appropriate with the women nature.

Women present are different with the women past. They have their own foundation. They are demanded to do all thing by themselves. They must not hinge with the men. In the real life, women in past are only stay at home. They can not do anything. They are afraid to do the new activities. Everyday, they only do the same activities. They may not study high because it is unuseful. They can not expand their ability. Women in past will change if they have wishes. They have motivate to change theirselves. To be a wmen present and modern, women must educate. They are active people. It is like in Takdirs Work “Layar Terkembang”. Basri said that modern women should be educated, have a modern tought. It means that the tought has to develop and reach too far in the front time because of education and social intercourse in the modern living. If past women play up their ability and women present are good women, women future will be sucess women. Women future depand to women in present. If the present women are lazy, they have been put low with the men. The men have been put low the women because of the women. The weak women who take the men orders, although all orders are wrong. They are too afraid with the men. They think that they can not life with the men. They only trade on all their life to the men. It is wrong. It can make the women look be low people in the men sight. So, the men can subjected arbitrarily to the women. The women must have two character. First, they be housewife and the second they be carier women. Tuti characters in Takdir Works “Layar Terkembang” whose is responsible and full attention to her family and she sucess

as carier women. It is balance life for the women. Although, they have many activities in outside their house, they must do their main activities. It is take care their family. The women can not call the sucess women, if they only be sucess in their carier. Their carier are sucess, but their family are broken. It is unuseful. All activities of women that have husband must get permit their husband. Their husband must know what their wife do outside house, but the husband may not prohibit their activities when it still good activities. When the activities are not too good, the husband should give advice and the wife must listen then do that advice. There are one characteristic again in Takdir Works “Layar Terkembang”. She is Ratna. Tuti said to Ratna that she is the clever a women. She can describe the happiness of the farmers who see the beginning of growing race and rouse a hope to get the harvest. If they are prosperous, the people who live in the city will move to the village and are iterested in to be a farmer. Ratna is a village woman, but she have characteristics of modern women. She work hard. She give motivate to other women that they have education. She increase the educated of the women. She also train the women’s skill. She will not city people look the village women are weak. Although they live in village, they must expand their village. They give information to the other that the people of village can be sucess people too. Ratna character describe that the women at the village in the future time should be educated, work hard, and creative. They can help the men to expand the ricefield if they are aducated. To study high not only in formal education, but also

at informal education. There are many informal education for women. For example: PKK (the family prosperity founding organization), and DARMA WANITA (women organization of civil-servant). That organization can train the women skill. The women can study at that organization. So, the village women can better the the city women. Finally, many city people live in village and expand the village with green culture. There are not differenties between women in city and women in village. Both of them can sucess with their works. They can build theirselves with their method.

They have different characters, works, and dreams. So, they have

different method to be a sucess women. The important things are the women may not make other women drop. For example, the women in city make drop the women in village. It is not true. They should give motivation between the women in city and the women in village. In addition, it is the best when they can work together in their works. Mine Discussion From the Kartini’s era, we have known emancipation women. Women must study high. Kartini give the example what should the women do to change their life. She is active women. She try to change her life with study high and work hard. She think women can be like the men. Women should not life that only be weak people. She give the suggest that women must get up. They may not be weak people because it can make the men do as their like. All thinking of Kartini are not change thinking of past parents. In this modern era, some of past parents still think that their daughter should not study

hard. They think it is unuseful. They said that although their daughter study hard, they will be the housewife. The housewife activities are only in home. They only cook, take care their child and husband. So, the women should not study hard. That is thinking of last parents. In addition, if their daughter socialize with the others, it can give the negative effect for them. They will give influence from their friends. The bad condition is the parents fell affection for her money. They like to safe their money than that money use for pay the school. There are some parents think like that. Their daughter only study until senior high school because their study free. Maybe if the senior high school were not free, their daughter will study until elementary school. The daughter can not do anything. They are too afraid to their parents. Some of them won’t try to get the knowledge. They just follow all their parents saying. They have dream, but they won’t try to make their dream become real. Their dream only will be dream. Then, parents will ask their daughter to married in tender years and they determine the husband for their daughter. The characteristic husband is the rich man. The parents think their will be happy with the money. Their life will change if the have much money. With money, they can buy everything that they want. All their daily need are enough and even more. They don’t think their daughter. Many of girl married with selection husband from their parents because of necessity. The other problems is hardness of women in home life. Hardness in home life not only in physic but also the physocology. Many men make her wife like

house mide. Their wife only serve their husband. Their husband fight their wife when they do the wrongness. The women can not reply it. They are too weak and too afraid. The hardness in home life have been a hot news in daily activities. It happen not only in village but also in the city. The women and their children become the victim. The victims of hardness in home life be increase every day, but the regulation about punishment for agents still be less. The law enforcer do not take ation against the agents. The fact, the hardness in home life come from the problems in their family. Every members of family do not know their right and obigation. It can make uncordinate in their famiy. For example, the children will do all thing that they like without instruction from their parents. So, the totality of family will be decrease. The hardness in home life happen in many family, but in general way the victims family do not have real information. They are uncertain to take their problem to the court. The people think that problems are the personal problems. They are shy to tell the others. They are afraid their reputation become bad. In addition, other people know their problem and become a issue. Conclusion Literature is the interesting lesson when we study it seriously. We can take many value from it. For example in takdir works “Layar Terkembang”, we get many information about the women. We can know example the modern women from the figure of that novel. The characteristic of women are sovereignty,

creativity, and self reliance. In this takdr works tell the Tuti’s character. She is the example of modern women. She is the active person. It is different with the Maria character. She is the weak women. From that example we can study, what can we do as the women. Emancipation have been at Kartini’s era. The fact many problems that happen in daily life. Many modern parents still think the past thinking. It is not agree with this era. We know that in this era, the technology have been modern. It is simple era. In the other hand, diskrimination still happen. Some of parents still forbid their daughter to study high. They only stay at home. At their home, their study to cook, and take care the baby. They become babysister. They do that all because their parents think that when they are adults and get married. They only need skill like that. They stay at home and be a housewife. That thinkng must be lost. All women can not be sucess women if their parents think like that. We as the women can change the thinking of our parents. Every difficulties have the method to finish it. The first, we must make our parents certain that we have the knowledge and study high. we can not only cook but also educate our children. To do all, we must have knowledge. So, we must study. If our parents still refuse it, we can give example to them. We study in school with our money. In the morning we study and in the afternoon we work. It is difficult, but it can be easy if we do it. That can make our parents understand sowly how important the education for their children. The other problems in this era is the hardness in home life. The men do hard action to the women. They torture the women. Then they become their

couple like housemide. the fact, the women do not reply it. They only be calm. They are afraid and shy to talk the other. They can not separate with their husband because of their children. Women should do not also like that. They can report it to the law enforcer in other to the law enforcer can take ation the against to the agents. The women do not to be shy. That problems not only the personal problems, but also the social problems. We can start this action, in other to other women do the same action. So, the hardness in home life will be lost. Suggestion This is interesting topic. we can take many lesson from this topic. This topic give me the motivation to study the literature. the fact, studying literature is not boring lesson. The key of study literature is read dilligently. We can understand the story if we read carefully. I think, there are not deficiency of this topic. The deficiency in this topic just only in content of story. I think the content is too short and too simple. This topic tell story of the part and the example from the Takdir works only few.

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