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ESTACODE Chapter 14 related to FPSC and all amendments to the. Law, Rules and Procedures effective from time to time. 2. Practices & Procedures followed ...


FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION Syllabus for the Promotional Examination for the posts of Assistant Director (BS17) The examination shall comprise of the following subjects and each subject will carry marks mentioned against it:Paper I.

Subject GENERAL PROFICIENCY IN ENGLISH AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Part-I General Proficiency in English (Subjective Type Exam) 1. English Essay 2. Precise Writing 3. Grammar, Sentence Construction and Word Meanings, Translation from Urdu to English and from English to Urdu. Part-II General Knowledge (MCQ Type Exam)

Marks 100

Duration 03 Hours



1. Basic Arithmetic (percentage, average, ratio etc.) 2. Pakistan Studies 3. Current Affairs (Covering important national and international events of the last two years including the year of Exam II.

GENERAL OFFICE MANAGEMENT & FPSC SPECIALIZED FUNCTIONS Part- I General Office Management A. MCQ Type Exam covering:1. Secretariat Instructions and Office Procedures 2. Civil Servants Act, 1973 3. Civil Servants (Appointment, Promotion & Transfer) Rules, 1973 4. Civil Servant (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 1973 5. Revised Leave Rules, 1980 6. Civil Servant (Seniority) Rules, 1993 B. Subjective Type Exam covering:1. Secretariat Noting & Drafting 2. Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 1973 Part-II FPSC Specialized Functions A. MCQ Type Exam covering:1. ESTACODE Chapter 14 related to FPSC and all amendments to the Law, Rules and Procedures effective from time to time. 2. Practices & Procedures followed by the Commission related to:a) Recruitment in CSS b) General Recruitment c) Methodologies & Process of Advertisements

04 Hours 100 60


100 60





d) e) f) g)

Calculation of Provincial/ Regional Quotas and Rules thereof Scrutiny of Requisitions Scheduling & Conduct of Examinations Appointment of Examiners, marking of Scripts and disposal of marked answer sheets. h) Medical Examinations i) Formulation of Merit Lists & Award Statements j) Allocation of CSS occupational Groups to Selected Candidates k) Rules & Procedures for Representations, Review Petitions and Appeals l) Handling of Ad-hoc & Irregular Appointments

m) Conduct of FPO and other exams conducted by FPSC. 40

B. Subjective Type Exam covering:-

3. General Subjects of Research related to FPSC working i.e. a) Methods and Techniques of Job Specifications/Job Description/Job Analysis. b) Budget processes and reconciliation of accounts.

c) Nature and types of Audit, Audit Reports and handling of Audit Objections. d) Preparation of Pay, TA/DA Bills, Contingent Bills, Medical Reimbursement Bills and Income Tax Returns.

e) Preparation of Pension Papers. f) Office maintenance and processes involved therein 4. Use of FPSC Website and understanding of Computer software related to internal functioning of FPSC. Total


Note: The written examination will consist of two papers. Paper-I will consist of 100 marks having subjective portion of General Proficiency in English with a weightage of 60 marks and MCQ portion of General Knowledge having 40 marks. Paper-II will be divided in two parts each consists of 100 marks. Part-I, which include General Office Management, will comprise MCQ type of 60 marks and subjective portion of 40 marks. Similarly Part-II, which includes FPSC Specialized Functions, will comprise MCQ type exam of 60 marks and subjective portion of 40 marks.