First Class Book Reader Rental Order Form -

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Tinryland National School - Parents Association. Reader Book Rental Scheme. First Class Order Form: Website to view/read books -  ...

Fr Cullen Memorial National School - Parents Association Email: [email protected]

Reader Book Rental Scheme First Class Order Form: Website to view/read books - Student(s) Name (s):

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Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________ Address:

Phone No: ____________________


Email Address: ___________________________________________________________ This email will be used for correspondence from the Parents Association throughout the year, keeping you up to date on school, Parish and Community News of interest to parents and children. A second email address can be given also. This supports the “Green” Schools paper recycling Green Flag Commitment.

First Class Wonderland Readers

Rental Fee €12.50

Looking for Zara Book 1 The New Suit Book 2 Dance Shoes Book 3 Camper Van Fun Book 4 Feena's Book of Facts 1 Book 5

Cost to Purchase €30.85

Rental Fees also include a supplement fee for the use of additional “Classroom Library Reading Books” given by the teacher for First Class, in conjunction with the literacy program for Primary Schools. Fees must be paid in the first week of September. Please place the completed form and the monies in an envelope marked “Parents Association – Reader Rental” These can be given to Margaret in the School Office or any of the Parents Association. Fees can be paid in advance of school closing if preferred. Fee Paid Total: ________(cash/cheque) _________________________________Date: ___________ (Circle as relevant)

(Parents Association Signature)

Cash or Cheque (made payable to Tinryland National School Parents Association) __________________________________________________________________________________

Senior Infant Book Rental Receipt: Child Name: __________________________________ Fee Paid: € _____________ (cash / cheque) Parents Association: _______________________________ Date: ______________________