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Dear colleagues, Dear business partners and friends of GROB, financial year we are expecting to hit a new record of around 1.1 billion euros. Over the same period the workforce at the Mindelheim plant alone has risen to more than 2,900. The GROB Group therefore now employs more than 4,200 people around the world.

Burkhart Grob, Margret Grob, Christian Grob (right to left)

Over the past three years GROB has succeeded in maintaining a steady level of growth. In the past two years in partic-

ular the growth of the GROB Group has once more gathered momentum, and productivity was doubled. In the current

This growth was made possible by largescale investment and the expansion of production facilities. Investment was mainly concentrated at the company‘s headquarters in Mindelheim, where the footprint of the production plant has been doubled to more than 110.000 m² and new, state-of-the-art manufacturing systems have been installed. At the same time expansion of the subsidiary plants in the United States, Brazil and the People‘s Republic of China was also driven forward.

However, this tremendous growth was not only the result of investment activity alone, but also of a host of technological innovations, some of which we will be exhibited at the EMO 2013 in Hanover for the first time. With these innovations we at GROB are in the perfect position to face the special challenges of tomorrow‘s markets. These innovations prove - as almost always in the history of our company - that our outstanding team repeatedly succeeds in setting technical milestones, in particular in time for the EMO in Hanover. See for yourself and visit us at stand 18 in hall 12. The Grob family

EMO 2013 highlights The GROB trade fair booth reflects the company‘s innovation and process optimization This year, at the company‘s largest EMO trade fair booth in its history, GROB-WERKE will be presenting a host of new technologies and developments – not only for the requirements and demands of the automotive industry. Of the twelve machines on show, eight alone are used for universal machine applications. The highlights in the automotive sector include the hydraulic-free, flexible manufacturing system with its new automation and loading features. On all machines at


the show the axis and clamping operations are carried out exclusively by NC controlled servo-motors. The motto of the EMO 2013 is „Intelligence in Production“. This motto shows how the emphasis in mechanical engineering has shifted in recent years and how it is still in flux. In addition to the tremendous cost pressure and high efficiency and environmental specifications, production capacities around the world must be economical and flexible. These are the challenges of

an industry that is geared to international markets to which machine tool manufacturers are attempting to react by means of intelligent production. At GROB this development was recognized at an early stage and the company responded on a global scale to the needs and demands of the automotive industry. Largest EMO trade fair booth in GROB‘s history At the EMO in Hanover, the world‘s leading trade fair for the machine tool indus-

try, the GROB-WERKE will be presenting its latest developments in machine tools and the most innovative processes from the world of system and automation technology at a booth that extends over an area of 1,650 m2. GROB-WERKE will be presenting a wide range of highly-interesting and innovative assemblies, machines and automation solutions in a star-shaped arrangement around a generously sized central conference and hospitality area. A total of twelve machines will be on show, eight of which



EMO 2013 highlights The GROB trade fair stand reflects the company‘s innovation and process optimization will be demonstrating applications in the 5-axis universal machine sector and four of which are linked in a flexible production system configuration with the latest automation and loading technology. GROB-WERKE therefore offer its customers a wide selection of products for a variety of different applications, ranging from a highly complex production system through to an individual 5-axis universal machine. GROB highlights and new developments at the EMO At the EMO GROB-WERKE traditionally presents milestones in the world of system and automation technology. This was the case in 2005 when the G-series was launched in Hanover,

motive industry. The main focus is on the fully newly-developed GROB linear gantry with new drive technology and the completely hydraulic-free G modules on which all axis movement and clamping operations are carried out by NC-controlled servo-motors. In the universal machine sector GROB is presenting the newly-developed G750 with and without a pallet changer that rounds off the top range of the successful G-series as well as the further development of the G550T turning and milling machine. But these aren‘t the only new features on the GROB universal machine landscape. Therefore the existing series has undergone all-round further development with the G350 and the G550 that now feature

3 4 5 6 7 8

Steel demonstration workpiece: High-performance machining on a G350 with Heidenhain control Steel ring (turned part) and designer stainless steel goblet: Highperformance milling & turning on a G550 with Siemens control Aluminum aircraft part: Machining on a G350 with Heidenhain control Ring and steel workpiece: Milling & turning demonstration (air cut) on a G750 with Siemens control Aluminum integrated component: Machining on a G350 with Fanuc control and chip-in-spindle detection Cylinder head: Machining demonstration (air cut) on two G350s with Siemens control as part of a flexible production system With a wide range of workpieces from the extensive range of applications of the

and also two years later when GROBWERKE presented the G350, its first universal machine, and dared to take the first step away from system business and firmly establish its know-how in the universal machine sector. At the subsequent shows in 2009 and 2011 GROBWERKE also presented an impressive range of technical innovations such as the modular special machine, the newly-designed assembly technology and the G550, another universal machine. These new developments as well as a number of individual features, that in particular contributed to the enhancement of energy efficiency in the automotive industry, was met with great interest from the market. Comprehensive information on the innovations in 2013 This year GROB-WERKE will also be presenting particularly interesting highlights and new developments, not only for the auto-

improved and innovative machine axes with regard to dynamics, speed and acceleration.

In the system business section GROBWERKE shows the linking of a twin-spindle G-module with a single-spindle G module and two universal machines. The system is equipped with a fully newly developed linear gantry and new drive technology. In addition, finished workpieces produced on GROB machines are displayed, such as a BMW cylinder head and an NG4 cylinder crankcase, a ZF transmission housing type 8HP, a Daimler diesel engine type OM651 and transmission type NAG2, a Porsche V8 and boxer engine block as well as a VW cylinder head. GROB service network with information booth Traditionally the customer service sector has always been very high on the GROB priority list. GROB is renowned for not only standing out from the crowd with high-tech solutions, but also demonstrates its competitive strength when it comes to quality assurance,

machine monitoring and servicing and other support activities that are part of the GROB service portfolio.

The following workpieces and machining operations are demonstrated on the universal machines at the GROB trade fair booth: 1 Closed radial compressor: Complex 5-axis simultaneous machining on a G550 with Siemens control 2 Steel demonstration workpiece: Heavy machining on a G550 with Siemens control

Airbus aluminum structural components, an assembled Aesculap medical pliers, a Gühring stepped tool and a Trumpf laser unit.

universal machines GROB demonstrates the versatile applications of the successful series. These include a Liebherr titanium hydraulic component,

Visitors to the Service Corner at the GROB booth will be brought up to date on the latest tools and communication options such as the web-based diagnostic systems, teleservice and hotline concepts used by the GROB service team.




GROB system Heart of the GROB trade fair booth To effectively demonstrate the core competence of the GROB technology in large-scale manufacturing, at the EMO GROB-WERKE is presenting a flexible machining line equipped with the very latest equipment that GROB has to offer.

As usual all components of the system were developed and manufactured by GROB. These include the automation and the loading devices, the fixtures and overhead gantry and the machines. GROB also takes care of planning and the complete software for the entire system.

It is a long-standing tradition at GROBWERKE to present a flexible machining line at the EMO trade fair booth that on the one hand reflects the core competence of the GROB engineers and on the other demonstrates the current state of the art in largescale manufacturing. This year GROB will be presenting a system with four G-modules that are linked with a linear gantry with incoming and outgoing conveyors at both ends. The G-modules are a twin-spindle G325A with a linear part changer, a single-spindle G315AB with a rotating part changer and two G350 universal machines with pallet changer.

The linear gantry is a completely new, highly dynamic development (Vmax: 450 m/min, amax: 7.5m/s²) – even more dynamic than its already fast predecessor. This additional dynamization was made possible by the use of a linear motor on the longitudinal axis. Two independent carriages mean that a single gantry can carry out parallel and serial processes at the same time. Both single and twin-spindle G-modules can be loaded.

G325 with linear part changer

All G-modules are independent of the running time of the loading gantry. This is yet another demonstration of the high

G315 with rotary part changer

Note: All machines are equipped with electro-mechanical zero-point clamping


level of competence of the GROB engineers. In addition to conventional loading methods with a linear part changer or a rotating part changer, loading to the machine setup station is also shown with a pallet changer. A new feature is clamping of the workpiece adapter on the exchangeable pallet by a GROB zero point clamping system that is driven by electromechanical nutrunners.

G350 with pallet changer

Almost state of the art at Grob: All machines are hydraulics-free, even the grippers for the linear gantry are of electro-mechanical design. We are confident in saying that this exhibit shows all the features that GROB as the market leader has to offer in the systems sector.

G350 with pallet changer



GROB motor spindle New motor spindles extend the GROB spindle range successfully entered the HSK-A100 class and the milling-turning sector.

A newly developed motor spindle for combined milling and turning with a HSK-T100 tool holder and a further-developed motor spindle with chip-in-spindle monitoring are the GROB-WERKE spindle highlights at the EMO. The development of intelligent motor spindle systems is an element of the GROB core competencies in the field of machine tools and is therefore continuously extended. In the mid-1990s the company produced spindles in small batches using asynchronous motors, HSK-A63 with 15,000 rpm. In 2007, following a strategic pause, during which reliable suppliers produced synchronous motor spindles for the G-series, GROB once again resumed development and production. In the meantime GROB engineers in the design and R&D departments are working constantly on the optimization and new development of the GROB motor spindle technology. Spindles in many options GROB motor spindles are considered to be extremely reliable, robust when used continuously and of high quality. In the last six years alone more than 2,500 motor spindles were manufactured and installed. The spindles manufactured by the company range from synchronous motor spindles with maximum speeds of up to 18,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 47 or 83 Nm (40% ED) to motor spindles with an asynchronous motor, 223 Nm (40% ED) and 16,000 rpm. These spindles all have a HSK-A63 tool holder. The tools can be released either hydraulically or optionally electromechanically. The electro-mechanical version is the most energy-efficient and time-saving solution that also minimizes the impact

on the spindle bearing due to the electro-mechanically controlled movements during the releasing operation.

High-tech spindle with intelligent spindle nose Achieving chip-free tool changes has been a much-discussed topic in largescale automotive production for many years. There have been a number of different approaches to deal with the problem of chips during tool changes. Initially attempts were made to detect the chips by means of imbalance measurement or external sensors for measuring concentricity. This approach did not really produce the expected results, as the time for tool changes - the so-called chip-tochip time - was prolonged. GROB engineers also searched for an intelligent approach to finding a solution for many years and found it in the motor spindle

deformation of the tool clamping point caused by chips. The information is communicated by high-frequency wireless signals to the machine control that then indicates the faulty tool change. The power supply to the sensors in the spindle nose is ensured by one stationary and one rotating induction coil. Measurement is carried out when the spindle is stationary directly after the tool is clamped. At the same time as measurement the advance axes move to the new machining position. The system reliably detects chips that cause a change in concentricity on the tool of only 0.01 mm at a distance of 150 mm to the face of the HSK-A63 tool holder. It is irrelevant whether the chips are located in the area of the tool taper or the face. As this chipin-spindle monitoring is carried out regard-

In-house spindle manufacturing of the highest quality level

Motor spindle for first steps with the HSK-A100 version Against the backdrop of the market launch of the G550T milling-turning machine, last year a fully newly developed motor spindle was presented at the AMB that combines the features of a milling and turning spindle. Another or respectively new development is the motor spindle for combined milling and turning with a HSK-T100 tool holder. As a result it is possible to use the conventional HSK-A100 tool holders for milling. The more precise HSK-T100 tool holders are only used for turning. The motor spindle achieves a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm and has a maximum torque of 340 Nm (40% ED). The clamping system that holds the spindle shaft for turning is designed so that it also protects the main bearing from the machining forces. With this new motor spindle GROB has

with chip-in-spindle monitoring with an intelligent spindle nose. After automatic tool changes it inspects the tool interface exactly for any chips with a high degree of precision. Sensors in the spindle nose detect and evaluate the asymmetric

less of the length of cycle and does not require any preparation in the working area of the machine, it is a very effective supplementary feature for enhancing the process safety on machining centers during automatic tool changes.





GROB universal machines New generation of universal machines A fully revised drive concept for the part-carrying „A“ and „Y“ NC axes and a resulting even higher degree of accuracy are the core features of the new generation of GROB universal machines. The multi-coupling system at the transfer point of the fluid media to the motor spindle and the fact that the G350 and G550 are now available as fully hydraulics-free versions are both new features. With their universal machines GROBWERKE has now completed what is referred to in the automotive industry as a facelift. Six years after the launch of a G350 at the EMO in Hanover, GROBWERKE is now presenting the new 2013 generation of the universal machines with a further enhanced performance of their G350 and G550. The drive concept of both machines has been fully revised on the part carrying „A“ and „Y“ NC axes. The A axis is now designed with a wear free torque motor and as a result it is possible to increase the acceleration by the factor 2. The drive of the Y

Y-axis with two ball screws

axis was divided among two ball screws positioned symmetrically in relation to the A axis center, and its force application points were therefore shifted to a considerable degree in the direction of the spindle axis centerline. As a result it was possible to significantly increase the static as well as the dynamic rigidity of the work piece carrying assemblies. An advantage that was already proven in practical tests by a shorter main time with 5-axis simultaneous machining. Details of further innovations Other machine elements have also undergone revision. The magazine locations of the tool magazine are of sandwich design. The accuracy-determining pockets for the V groove of the tool holders are milled directly in the magazine disk, the basic accuracy of the magazine locations in relation to one another is enhanced and the time required for setting up the transfer positions is reduced. Lasered spring steel plates will in future hold the tools in the magazine. Analog sensors are now used for the „tool gripper closed“ signal in the tool change arm of the tool magazine and therefore error diagnosis and elimination simplified considerably. Service-friendly further developments A so-called multi-coupling system at the transfer point of the fluid media to the motor spindle is also a new feature. As a result the time required for replacing

a motor spindle if servicing is required is shortened significantly. It was possible to do without the energy cable track for line installation in the X axis. The supply lines now hang moving without wear. The G350 and G550 machines are now also available as hydraulic-free versions. The setup station of both machines permits free access to the entire center section of the pallet for part clamping from below. This creates space to permit hydraulic-free clamping and releasing of the parts on the pallet with various electro-mechanical drive solutions.

Hydraulics-free G-module with pallet changer

Higher degree of accuracy especially for tool and die construction Customers of the G350 and G550 universal machining centers demand an increasing degree of workpiece accuracy, especially in the tool and die sector. To meet these demands the GROB engineers have evolved a multi-level approach for the electronic compensation of geometric and thermal displacement. The basis is the volumetric com-

pensation of shifting of the tool touch point in the working area supplied by leading control system suppliers. Each NC axis can be corrected in the three translatory and rotational directions of movement specifically for any machining position in the space. It is important in this context how the universal database is supplied with information. This is a central question on which GROB engineers have focused on in detail. As a first step a measurement strategy with a probe was used to optimize the geometric basic alignment in the assembly process. This geometrically aligned machine then undergoes a second measurement operation with different table loads up to the maximum workpiece weight. The generated correction data are saved as a so-called weight compensation in the control unit and subsequently used in the NC program. Assignment to the actual workpiece weight is carried out automatically by evaluation of the holding current in the vertical Y-axis. The third component serves to increase the machine accuracy to compensate for thermal displacement. This is measured at the GROB plant for the individual machine types and then saved in the control system where it can be activated by the user. All these innovations significantly enhance the overall performance of the G350 und G550 machines and therefore ideally meet the demands of the market.

GROB universal machines Extension of the G-series with the G750 What customers have been looking for a long time is now available. With the G750 GROB has rounded off the top range of its innovative universal machine concept and with the G750 and its working area size of X, Y, Z 1000 x 1100 x 1170 mm advances to even greater dimensions. The track record of the GROB universal machines is impressive. The GROB engineers have succeeded in transferring their technological know-how from systems business to the universal machine


sector with regard to both quantity and quality and launched the sister modules G350 and two years later the G550 to great market acclaim. It was therefore a natural conclusion to move forward to even greater dimensions with this innovative machine concept. The G750 has an outstanding working area of X, Y, Z 1000 x 1100 x 1170 mm. The machine is available with the spindle versions 340 and 575 Nm (40 % ED) with a tool holder type HSK-A100. The tool magazine contains 60 tools that can be extended to 212 tools with an additional magazine.

Variable tool holder In addition GROB supplies the version with a HSK-A63 tool holder with 46 and 206 Nm (40 % ED) as well as a spindle with a speed of 30,000 rpm and 63 Nm. In the milling and turning version with an HSK-T100 interface the motor spindle has a performance of 340 Nm and can be locked for turning. The special feature is that the spindle bearing is additionally protected from the machining forces. The rotary table permits a maximum speed of 500 rpm with a workpiece diameter of 1,280 mm and generates a maximum drive torque of 4,050 Nm.

Comparable basic characteristics of the sister modules The drive concept of the workpiece-carrying A, B and Y-axes corresponds to that of the smaller G350 and G550 machines. The Y-axis is driven by two ball screws arranged symmetrically in relation to the center of the A-axis. The A and B-axis drives are dynamic torque motors. The feed axes on the spindle of the G750 machine are equipped with linear motor technology. These wear-free drives ensure a constantly high degree of positioning accuracy and control pre-



GROB universal machines Extension of the G-series with the G750 cision. The rigidity of the entire machine construction was optimized by means of FEM simulation, whereby the guide systems and rotary table bearings are generously dimensioned. However, they are not only similar to the GROB universal machines with regard to the drive concepts. They also have the same genes when it comes to the basic characteristics: A compact design and therefore minimum space requirements, robust and very rigid design due to the crossslide arrangement as the basis for the working spindle, the horizontal spindle position and optimum free downward chip drop, use of long tools, fast retraction of the Z axis due to linear technology, motor spindle retraction possible in the event of errors from any workpiece angle, free, easy access to the workpiece

and working area and consistent use of servo motors for all axis and clamping movements that therefore enable a hydraulic-free machine design. Demonstration machine with and without pallet change feature At the EMO the milling and turning machine is on show both with and without a pallet change feature. GROB has therefore extended its universal machine range with the advantages of free chip drop, generously dimensioned access to the working area and long range of travel in the Z-direction for deep hole machining. The geometric accuracy of the machine - also with varying table loads - is electronically assisted by volumetric axis compensation. Modular design of the G750

GROB Service Global, closely-meshed service network Czech Republic

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The global GROB service network: Service and sales with trained partners

At home in the world of system and automation technology – at your service around the world; the GROB service network, the backbone of GROB‘s success, is becoming more closely meshed and customer proximity is being constantly improved. A globally networked service organization is an essential requisite for the success of a company with global operations such as GROB-WERKE. With the increasing

size of the company, customer proximity has been improved in particular in recent years and the service network has become even more closely meshed. The GROB service network is based on three pillars. It is centered on the well-equipped GROBWERKE service sites in Mindelheim/D, Sao Paulo/BRA, Bluffton/USA and since last year also in Dalian/VRC. A total of nine efficient global service centers have been set up around these four sites. They not only take care of service, but also pro-

vide expert assistance during installation of the GROB machines - especially during system start-up. The existing service centers in Mexico, England and China (2 centers) as well as in Korea have been supplemented by five additional service centers in the last three years alone: India, Russia, Hungary and with Salzgitter and Stuttgart two centers in Germany. Therefore more than 140 specialists are stationed near our customers and can discuss and solve any problems unbureaucratically and in the local language. Selected spare parts and tools are on stock at the plants and warehouses for service purposes and guarantee maximum efficiency. On the basis of this infrastructure, spare part concepts can be tailored exactly to customer requirements. This service network is supported by international communication between the partners and especially with service headquarters in Mindelheim. A globally maintained continuous improvement process (CIP) provides descriptions of problems and example solutions – with the aid of the very latest communication tools and a globally accessible CIP database. Three GROB workshops are available for the repair of the core element of the

GROB machines, the motor spindles, in Germany, Brazil and China. A separate repair center was set up in Mindelheim for overhauling machine assemblies – with its own installation experts, independently of the production process. At the center all components from the rotary tables to the entire machine can be overhauled. At the EMO two GROB service experts are at the disposal of our visitors to answer all service-related questions. They naturally also have all the available information on GROB products at their fingertips. Four spindle types are on show in the service area of the GROB trade fair booth for demonstration purposes: • HSK-A63, Ø 239, 159 Nm, 16,000 rpm, electro-mechanical • HSK-T100, Ø 310, 258 Nm, 10,000 rpm, electro-mechanical Clamping presentation • HSK-A63, Ø 150, 35 Nm, 18,000 rpm, electro-mechanical, oil-air lubrication • HSK-A63, Ø 150, 35 Nm, 18,000 rpm, chip-in-spindle


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