Handy TIG 180 AC / DC Aristotig 255 AC / DC

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Aug 30, 2002 ... Aristotig 255 AC / DC. √ Light weight - 11.5 kg ; easy to carry. √ The PFC technique - works on generators. √ Automatic and preset functions ...

Handy TIG 180 AC / DC For craftsmen and for repair and maintenance √ Light weight - 11.5 kg ; easy to carry √ The PFC technique - works on generators √ Automatic and preset functions - for ease of use √ Trigger interlock √ Welds almost any material including stainless steel & aluminium

The PFC technique The Handy TIG 180 AC/DC is designed with the PFC technique, which allows more power out of the voltage supply than conventional inverters. It is less sensitive to unstable voltage supply and can be run from a generator. Automatic and preset functions The slope down function can be set as a percentage of the welding current and will automatically be changed when you adjust the current. The time for post gas is also automatically changed together with the welding current. Some functions, such as time for gas pre flow, the AC balance and the AC frequency, are already set from the factory. The values are chosen to suit the most common applications. This means that the unit is ready to use - just start to weld.

Technical Data

DTF 180

Output Current, MMA Output Current, DC/AC TIG Input Voltage Recommended Fuse Mains Cable Duty Cycle MMA 30% TIG 25% Open Circuit Voltage Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)

3-160A 3-180/10-180A 230V 50/60Hz 1-ph 16A 3 x 1.5 mm2 140A/25.8V 180A/17.2V 75V 11.5kg 455 x 140 x 350mm

Ordering Information Handy TIG, DTF 180

0457 377 880

BTF 150 TIG Torch, 4m OKC 50

0458 218 882

In most instances a gas regulator is also required. Supplied with 3.5m mains cable, 1.8m of gas hose with 2 hose clamps, 4m of return cable with OKC and clamp.

Aristotig 255 AC / DC Pulsed TIG in AC and DC The Aristotig has a built-in pulse device, which gives better control of the weld pool. The lower heat input facilitates welding in thin materials. An alternative soft pulse reduces the sound. AC welding with true square wave When using true square wave you get deeper penetration. At the same time you can weld without continuous HF and thus work in electronic sensitive areas. AC welding soft square wave In TIG this gives a softer square wave to be used in the lower frequency area. In MMA it is useful for some electrodes normally made for DC. Stepless AC-frequency control Higher AC frequency is useful when welding in very thin materials. Stepless AC-balance control This feature helps you to control the oxide break-up and heat input when welding aluminium alloys. Pre-programming of weld parameters The trigger operation can be selected in 2-stroke or 4-stroke options, one of which allows you to switch between two preprogrammed current settings. Stepless Hot-start and Arc-force In MMA mode you can steplessly set Hot-start and Arc-force, and therefore adapt to different performance of electrodes.

For advanced welding and for the most demanding applications. Designed for quality TIG-welding in all types of materials. Pulsed TIG in AC gives easier control of heat and weld pool. True square wave - enables AC welding without HF for less electrical interference.

Technical Data

DTE 255

Output Current, TIG AC/DC, MMA Input Voltage Recommended Fuse, Slow Duty Cycle TIG 50% MMA 60% Max. working height with OCF 2D Weight Dimensions (LxWxH)

5-250A 400V 50/60Hz 3-ph 16A 250A/20V 200A/28V 7m 45kg 520 x 320 x 210mm

Ordering Information Aristotig DTE 255 0301 035 881 BTF 200 TIG Torch, 4m OKC 50 0458 218 886 BTF 250W TIG Torch, 4m OKC 50 0457 827 880 Cooling unit, OCF 2D 0457 216 881 Trolley for water cooling unit and gas bottles 10-50 0301 100 880 Supplied with 5m of mains cable, 2m of gas hose with 2 hose clamps, 1 OKC cable connector and 5m of return cable. In most instances a gas regulator is also required.

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