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Log on to and get answers fast. ... Chevy Talk (a.k.a. “CT”) is a family-type atmosphere where ... Super Chevy Magazine. How about 40,000?

Ever wish you had a few more friends to help with your next project?

How about 40,000? You’re working on a special project and you hit a snag. You need advice, but don’t know who to ask. Log on to and get answers fast. Because we have members from all over the world, at just about anytime of day or night there will be people cruisin’ the forums that know Tri-Fives and will be willing and able to help. From stock to radical customs, these guys sure know their stuff.

“On hand and online are some of the most experienced Chevrolet enthusiasts in the world.” ~ Chevy Rumble Magazine

Chevy Talk (a.k.a. “CT”) is a family-type atmosphere where adults, as well as teens, can share stories and experiences with other Chevy lovers. But we’re not just about ‘55, ‘56 and ‘57 Chevys. There are forums for every type of Chevy made, from 1912 to present-day vehicles. Best of all ChevyTalk is free. Come join the largest online Chevrolet community in the world. Those 40,000 friends are waiting for you at ChevyTalk.

“ If it’s a Chevy and it’s a question, somebody will have the answer.” ~ Super Chevy Magazine © 2007 Custom Creations