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FanFiction is a fictional story created by a fan of a film, book etc. ... FanFic = A abbreviated way of saying FanFiction .... even watch me (Cookie-Fairy-Narnia.).

How to write FanFiction What is FanFiction? FanFiction is a fictional story created by a fan of a film, book etc. If you have ever written an alternate ending to your favorite book, guess what? That was FanFiction. Get the point? So this is a guide to help you write FanFiction, and will also help you get started on some websites where to can upload your FanFiction for others to read (and will explain how to get views.)

So, how do I get started? To write FanFiction (and for this guide) you will need:    

Knowledge of a book, manga, anime etc. Fluent understanding in English. Somewhere to write on (I do not recommend walls.) e.g. Notepad, MS Word, a Notebook (although you will need a pen… duh.) A story idea.

Right, before you carry on reading, write down the thing book (or anime etc.) that you’ll be writing about. My example: Kuroshitsuji Why did I chose that? Because I, personally, love the manga, and think it’s well-known enough for me to use it was an example. So, you then need to think of an idea for your FanFic. FanFic = A abbreviated way of saying FanFiction ^ Algebra used for writing! (It’s a miracle!)

Idea examples:  

An alternate ending to the book, film (or in my case manga) Shipping some of the characters

For those who don’t know, shipping is where you want two characters to be in a relationship. It doesn’t have to romantically, but it’s up to you. So for my example I’ll be creating an alternate ending for Kuroshitsuji.

What next? Decide who’s going to be in your FanFic. Is the main protagonist in it? Or maybe a side character that wasn’t really in the original very much? You can chose, and if you want, you can also add a original character of your own. So, basically, you can have a character that you invented within your FanFic. However, do not make your character perfect without any flaws. I wrote a guide for Mary-Sues and GaryStus that’d help. I’ll put the link in the description. So, now that you have an idea, and know which characters, plan it out. How? It’s up to your preferences, but a mind map would be could or you could list down what will happen in a list. Example:  

Ciel sits at his desk. Sebastian tries to kill Grell.

Yes, the about isn’t very interesting, but you get the idea.

How do I write it out? Even when writing FanFiction, there is an element of skill involved. So, no, you can’t shove random words into a sentence and hope it works. You will have to plan things out, and make sure you’re sentences aren’t boring. Example of a boring few sentences (I don’t class it as a paragraph): He walked in the room. Sebastian smiled and bowed. Ciel walked to his chair. Then Grell jumped through the window whilst screaming “Sebas-chan!” So, not much happened in that. To be honest, it wasn’t a very good description, or (part of a) Fanfic. Why? Because a) I didn’t describe anything in depth b) There was nothing to distinguish Ciel c) Used boring simple sentences. Short sentences are boring. They can be used to build tension. To be honest, I don’t particularly think anyone writes like that – well I hope not. I doubt anyone who does write like that is under 13, and hence, should properly not be on dA (no offence.) To improve:   

Use a variety of connectives. Vary sentence length. Make sure to describe things.

So, this is an example of the improved version: The boy walked in the room, head held high, like he was higher than anyone else. “Sebastian, make me dinner.” He ordered, glancing at the butler, but turning his head toward his oak desk. Sebastian smiled

and bowed. CRASH! Glass shattered, and a woman shrieked. Then the sound of a chainsaw roared through the room. “Was that Elizabeth, what on earth is she doing here?”

What was the difference? Well – I consider that a massive improvement. I also unintentionally put a cliffhanger at the end of it. So, do you think you could do that? Try, try, and keep on trying! Not many people are satisfied with their first attempt, and normally edit things. Keep persevering until you achieve a standard that you’re happy with.

What if I want help? Surprisingly enough, not everyone bites peoples’ heads off when asked something. Don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinions. Not only that, but you could get a beta reader. A beta reader is someone who reads your work critically, then tells you what went well and how you could improve.

How do I get people to read my work? So, you’ve written a chapter, or maybe the entire FanFic, then what? Since you’re reading this on dA, I presume you have a dA account. Go on groups. There are a variety of groups for FanFiction. If it’s a popular series then there are specific groups that read that. Otherwise, there are groups that take in any and all FanFiction (my group FanFiction-Universe being one of them.) Within groups, they sometimes have competitions that people can participate in, and it can give inspiration for your writing. When you submit to groups, people are more likely to read your work. Not only that, but you can read their work as well. Reading is good! By reading you can expand your vocabulary! Be sure to be patient! Things don’t happen within seconds, they take time.

What should I do if I can’t write well? That’s up to you. Frankly, you have two major options: 1. Try again. 2. Give up. Personally, I would go with no.1, but yet again, it’s your choice.

What this useful? If you thought that this helped you write some FanFiction don’t be afraid to download this, favorite this, or even watch me (Cookie-Fairy-Narnia.) Thank you for reading and

Keep on writing!