HRR MM IBS 01 Introduction

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Page 1. Introduction to Human Resources Research. Week 1. W. Rofianto ... Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation. Business Research Process ... 1.3 Ruang Lingkup Penelitian. 1.4 Tujuan ... BAB IV ANALISIS DAN PEMBAHASAN.

Introduction to Human Resources Research Week 1 W. Rofianto

Business Research Defined

A process of determining, acquiring, analyzing, synthesizing, and disseminating relevant business data, information, and insights to decision makers in ways that mobilize the organization to take appropriate business actions that, in turn, maximize business performance

The primary purpose of research is to reduce the level of risk of a business decision.


Research May Not Be Necessary


Can It Pass These Tests?  Can information be applied to a critical decision?  Will the information improve managerial decision making?  Are sufficient resources available?

Two Categories of Research


Basic (Pure)

Business Research Process

Step 1: Problem Definition Step 2: Development of an Approach to the Problem Step 3: Research Design Formulation Step 4: Field Work or Data Collection Step 5: Data Preparation and Analysis Step 6: Report Preparation and Presentation

Deductive Reasoning The logical process of deriving a conclusion from a known premise or something known to be true.  We know that all managers are human beings.  If we also know that John Smith is a manager.  then we can deduce that John Smith is a human being.

Inductive Reasoning The logical process of establishing a general proposition on the basis of observation of particular facts.  All managers that have ever been seen are human beings.  therefore all managers are human beings.

Models An analytical model is a set of variables and their interrelationships designed to represent, in whole or in part, some real system or process.

In verbal models, the variables and their relationships are stated in prose form. Such models may be mere restatements of the main tenets of a theory. “improvement in job satisfaction can reduce turnover intention”

Graphical Models Graphical models are visual, used to isolate variables and to suggest directions of relationships.

Job Satisfaction

Working Environment

Turnover Intention

Mathematical models Mathematical models explicitly specify the relationships among variables, usually in equation form.

y =




a x

i =1



Where y = degree of preference a0 ,ai = model parameters to be estimated statistically

Generic Scientific Writing Outline BAB I PENDAHULUAN 1.1 Latar belakang 1.2 Masalah Penelitian 1.3 Ruang Lingkup Penelitian 1.4 Tujuan Penelitian 1.5 Manfaat Penelitian 1.6 Sistematika Penulisan

BAB II LANDASAN TEORI 2.1 Tinjauan Pustaka 2.2 Rerangka Pemikiran 2.3 Model Penelitian

BAB III METODE PENELITIAN 3.1 Tipe dan Objek Penelitian 3.2 Metode Penghimpunan Data 3.3 Operasionalisasi Variabel 3.4 Metode Analisis Data

BAB IV ANALISIS DAN PEMBAHASAN 4.1 Gambaran Umum Objek Penelitian 4.2 Pembahasan Hasil Penelitian 4.3 Implikasi Manajerial

BAB V PENUTUP 5.1 Kesimpulan 5.2 Saran

Assignment: HRR_01_NPM_NAME Choose a scientific article of interest from various international journals. Create a presentation of simple literature review consist of:  Purpose of Study  Reseach Model & Hypothesis  Operationalization of Variables  Reseach Finding Submit the presentation in pdf format via email address : [email protected] with subject and file name formatted as : HRR_01_NPM_NAME Submission deadline : 17 January 2014

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