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JFLR | Journal Information. Editors-in-Chief | Prof. Dr. Dr. S. Herzog. Prof. Dr. M. Müller email | [email protected] web | www.jflr.org doi | 10.13141/JFLR. JFLR.org ...

JFLR | Aims and Scope

t s e r o F f o l Journa e p a c s d n a and L Research

JFLR is an international open access journal presenting current research into forest ecosystems and forest management in a landscape context. The journal publishes • original research papers, • short communications, and

Open Access

• review papers presenting findings from • experimental and empirical studies, • modelling studies, and • conceptual studies of forest ecosystems, plantations and trees in urban environments worldwide.

JFLR | Scientific Subject Areas Bioenergy & Biotechnology Ecology & Conservation

Double-blind peer-review Scientific statement Post-publication discussion

Economy & Management Planning Engineering & Utilisation Human Dimensions Risks & Health Silvicultural Systems Soil Biology & Chemistry

Particular emphasis is given to inter- and transdisciplinary approaches and studies with a focus on the interactions between forests and other landscape components.

Urban Forestry Wildlife Ecology and Management

JFLR | Publishing Information Technische Universität Dresden (TUD) Faculty of Environmental Sciences Department of Forest Sciences PF 1117, D-01735 Tharandt, Germany



JFLR | Journal Information

Editors-in-Chief | Prof. Dr. Dr. S. Herzog Prof. Dr. M. Müller email | [email protected] web | www.jflr.org doi | 10.13141/JFLR

JFLR | Peer-Review Process

JFLR | Submission

The JFLR double-blind peer-review process ensures rapid, transparent and fair reviews, high quality manuscripts, and an ongoing scientific discussion of published articles. JFLR strives to complete the entire review and publication process within 3 months.

Why publish in JFLR ? Rapid open access publication: doubleblind peer-review and publication within 3 months


JFRL double-blind peer-review reject Give reasons for rejection

Promotion of high quality reviews: publish reviews as citable Scientific Commentaries

Going beyond: presenting and discussing forest science in a landscape context

Open access: paper will be available online for free Cost-effective: lower costs for publishing in comparision to other open access journals

Activity of

Author Administrator Editor Reviewer

Go to www.jflr.org • to access the JFLR Author Guidelines • to submit manuscripts • to track the status of submissions

Assign 2 reviewers

Suggest whether to accept or decline Review: suggestions for improvement


Scientific statement (optional)

Science is dynamic: discuss and comment on any published JFLR article

Counterbalancing the publication bias: authors are encouraged to submit excellent studies presenting non-significant findings

Initial screening of content

JFLR only supports full online submission via Open Journal Systems.


Accept/decline based on reviews

Page layout

Final approval of proof

Paper and scientific statement(s) online on www.jflr.org (Open-Access)

Abridged version of the review flow chart, full version available online

JFLR | Fees JFLR will not charge any publication fees for manuscripts submitted as LaTeX files. Authors cover the costs of English language proofreading and editing services. For more information please visit our website.

JFLR | Publishing

Manuscript submission

JFLR | Hosting

Hosted by SLUB Dresden


General compliance check Cost information Access review & editor assignment Double-blind peer-review Editing & proofreading Online publication