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May 15, 1980 ... Published Jointly by the Office of Research Administration and the Research Development Center. July 1980. Volume X/No. 1. ORA ISSUES ...
Published Jointly by the Office of Research Administration and the Research Development Center

July 1980

Volume X/No. 1


The Office of Research Administration has prepared a report entitled, "Levels and Trends in Sponsored Programs at the University of Minnesota." This report provides information concerning fiscal year 1979 expenditures for sponsored research and- training programs by college and sponsor; and information on proposal and award levels during fiscal years 1978 and 1979 by collegiate unit and source. The report is being distributed to deans and department heads. A limited number of copies are available in ORA and can be obtained by calling

376-7353. The following policy has been developed to provide guidance to departments and collegiate officials in reviewing research and/ or training applications to be submitted .for sponsored support by academic employees who are either of faculty rank or who hold other academic class titles. It was approved by the University Senate on May 15, 1980 and supersedes the policy approved by the University Senate on February 28, 1974. The policy is being transmitted from the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to deans, directors and department heads. The policy sets forth minimum standards which must be followed by all units of the institution. Units may develop additional or more restrictive standards regarding this matter. However, the minimum standards of this policy must be incorporated into departmental or collegiate policies and procedures. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the ORA. POLICY ON PRINCJPAL INVESTIGATOR ELIGIBILITY ON SPONSORED PROJECTS

SECTION I: Faculty members who hold regular appointments, as defined in Attachment A, may serve as principal or co-principal investigators on research grants and contracts and other sponsored projects subject to Items 1, 2, and 3 below. Nonregular faculty and other academic employees as defined in Attachment A may serve as principal or co~principal investigators subject to all of the following conditions: (l) Responsibility for the approval of all research and training project proposals rests wi~h department heads, deans (or comparable University officer), and the Office of Research Administration. The Office of Research Administration will not forward any application for sponsored support without the approval of the appropriate department head(s) and dean (s). A number of fact6Ts may enter into the decision of department heads and deans when approving or disapproving the BA Form 23. Primary among these are the status of the faculty member, the merit of the project, the space available to house (continued)



the project, the ·proposal's relationship to th~ misdon or the &~ment .·or college or its compatibility with such mission, and the equipment necess~ to conduct or complete the project. · · \



· '-..


( 2) Grants and contracts ·for sponsored re.search and training projects are normally awarded to the University of Minnesota, rp.t)ler th~ to_ fndividual investigators. Should the faculty member, of vbatever' rank, leave the. ~~r­ si ty prior to the completion of the project, the future of that pl'qJect sJ;iall be . governed by the terms of that contract/ grant agreement, the Wishes' of .the ' sponsor, or negotiations 9etween the sponsor~ the University, and '-b.P_e'C p1·~.ne'lp,aJ. investigator, as is appropwiate in the specific _cfrcum:stances. · '· t;:·· , · _ . (3) The relat"ionship bf academic empldyees to thEt Uni~r~:ii~~;~~,~~d by the appointment document. The approval of academic empl.oyees;;;~~t(·pr-Ul,c!;P.Sl investigators in no way affects the rights, claims-,. and· duties such p$r~s as may be specified in the tenure code or elsewhere. In particular,r respo~i~ _ bili ties as principal investigator do not imply any: .commitment on the part crf' the University of Minnesota to any subsequent appointment_ beyond the term .Qf appointment then in effect. , ·

ot .

( 4) The BA Form 23, "Approval of Application for, Sponsored Research cir Training Support," must be marked irt the place pr9vided to ~ndicate whethe'r the proposed principal investigator is a regula:r~6r :rionregular academic staff.

( 5) The Office of Research Administration Will not accept fixed-price specific performance based contracts whE;!re·· the principal investiP,tor is !,lOt a regular faculty member, unless· the appropriate --de~~t .~d.;and,:dean (or comparable. University officer} h~ve certi;fied that the proJect ca):f pe · com-. . pleted as required by the contract. · ·. · ·· · · '

,. ~'



Individuals holding "student-only". academic appointments such as. ·.reeaehi.l).g:~ Associates, Teaching Assistants, .Research Assistants, Project AsSistant$~ Administrative Fellows, Medical Fellows, or Medical Fellow Specialists, may serve as principal investigators on research projects for which the funding agency specified a program for which students are eligible. Application 'in this category must receive the approval of the department head and dean of the college or school in which the student is r~gistered,'-who will i~orm the applicant that his/her position·as principal investigator in no va,y.attects his/her status as a student, nor does it commit the -University to any fUt~ position. .~ · · · ·


SECTION III: Appropriate affirmative'action/equa.l oi)portll.llity.polic~es and pr~~du]:'esapply to hiring nonregular academic staff' on sponsored research and training . projects. Regardless of the a~ilability or presumed availability of sponsored support, staff may not be hired independent of' ~ppropriate ~~ti-l'ml!;ti ve action policies and procedures. · · · ·· (continued)


FACULTY RANKs The faculty ranks are: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor (including Research Associate), and Instructo~ (including Research Fellow) • Faculty members hold either "regular" or "nonregular" appointments. A :!'regular" appointment is one in which the faculty member has achieved indefinite tenure or is on probationary appointment leading to a decision -concerning indefinite tenure. A "nonregular" appointment does not have tenure nor the right to a decision concerning tenure. Such appointments are for a fixed period of time with specified beginning and ending dates of employment. Subject to annual review and approval, nonregular appointments may be renewed. All appointments which carry the prefix of Visiting, Adjunct, or Clinical before a faculty rank are nonregular.


NON-FACULTY RANK ACADEMIC INSTRUCTIONAL OR RESEARCH TITLES There are four instructional or research titles which are not faculty They are: Lecturer, Research Specialist, Teaching Specialist, and Bermel Fellow. Appointments in these titles are' restricted to the University's fiscal year. Specified ~eginning and ending dates of employment must be given. Subject to review and approval, these appointments may be r~newed. r~s.


NON-FACULTY RANK ACADEMIC STAFF TITLES . There are a number of non-faculty rank titles which are collectively called· "academic staff" positions. These titles are identified in the· ·anpual Budget Index and Account Listing book under the 93XX Academic Administrative and 97XX Miscellaneous Academic class titles. Agri. cultural Extension Service titles, 96XX series, are also academic staff. Persons may hold an academic staff title without faculty rank. Rowever, regular or nonregular faculty rank may also be held if appropriately accorded by an academic department. Academic staff titles and positions must be distinct and severable from faculty rank.


STUDENT...;.9NLY ACADEMIC TITLES These titles may be separated into two groups. All titles are identified by the 95XX class series. The first group are the seven graduate assistantship titles which require admission to or good standing in a Graduate School degree program or a post-baccalaureate professional degree program. The titles are: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Teaching Associate I and II, _ Graduate Research Assistant, Project Assistant, and Administrative Fellow I\and II. (continued)


The second group of titles are for persons completing training requirements in a professional field who may or may not also be registered students in a Graduate School program or post-baccalaureate protessional degree program. These titles include Medical Fellow, ' Medical Fellow Specialist, Dental Fellow, and Psychology Fellow Specialist. USE OF FORM HEW 596, "PROTECTION OF HUMAN SUBJECTS"

This notice is .inte~ded to clarify that ·the submission of form HEW 596, "Protection of Human Subjects" is not required in instances where the applicant has properly checked the "No" box on the application form, indicating that no studies involving human subjects are planned. NIH staff still have the responsibility of resolving instances in which they believe that the "No" box may have been checked inappropriately. The instructions to the revised application form PHS 398 state: "In studies involving human subjects, contain personal identifiers or which are neither planned nor contemplated, HEW 596 provided with the application

or derived materials or data which can be linked to personal identifiers, check the box marked "No"; the form need not then be submitted."


Special directives bave been issued by NICHD for investigators submitting applications for Program Project Grants (POI's) which are likely to be assigned to NICHD for support. Copy may be obtained from ORA at 373-5925.


NIAMDD has issued a request that individuals planning to submit applications for · workshops or conferences, to be held between October 1981 and September 1982, for digestive diseases and nutrition provide a letter of intent on or before October 1, 1980. Complete information may be obtained from ORA at 373-5925.





NIH has recently providedORA with a supply of the revised application forms (NIH 398, Rev. 10/79) used for new and/or renewal research proposals. The old 398 kits may still be used for the July~' 1980 deadline •. STARTING WITH THE 10/80 AND 11/80 RECEIPT DATES, NIH WILL ACCEPT ONLY THE NEWLY REVISED FORM, PHS 398, WITH GRANT APPLICATIONS.


Applicants for the Research Career Development Award (RCDA) should continue using the existing form (PHS 2557-1) until special inst~uctions are issued for using Form PHS 398. After the instructions become available, Form PHS 398 will also be used for RCDA applications. r



NIH has issued a revised statement on the role of the principal investigator on research projects. The policy states that the single individual identified by the applicant institution as the principal investigator must be the person who has major responsibility for the scientific and technical direction of the project. Any proposal change of the designated principal investigator must be approved in advance in writing by the NIH awarding Unit. NIH ISSUES REVISED POLICY ON ROLE OF THE PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR ON RESEARCH PROJECTS SUPPORTED BY NIH GRANTS

policy further states that in instances where there are questions concerning the extent of participation or the relationship of the named principal investigator to the project, the application may be deferred by the initial review group and returned to the institution by NIH staff for clarification of such relationship to the project under review. If it is clear that the named principal investigator is not in fact primarily responsible for the scientific and technical direction of the project, the initial review group will make a recommendation for disapproval, or NIH staff will administratively withdraw the application on that basis. The complete policy statement is available fr~ ORA at 373-5925.


NSF's U.S.-France Cooperative Science Program seeks to foster activities between American and French scientists and insti.tutions. The cooperating agencies are NSF for America; and the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), or any other French agency supporting civilian research, for France. The program consists of four elements: Cooperative Research Projects, Binational Seminars, Exchange of Junior Postdoctoral Scientists, and travel support for Long-Term Research Visits of American Scientists to French Institutions. All program activities must be approved, in each instance, by the CNRS or another appropriate French institution. Deadline for submission of proposals for Cooperative Research Projects and Binational Seminars is May and November 1 of each year. Applications to the Exchange of Junior Postdoctoral Scientists Program may be submitted September 1 to November 1 of each year. Applications for travel support for Long-Term Research Visits will be considered throughout the year. Proposals or letters of interest should not be submitted to NSF prior to consulting the appropriate guidelines, available from the U.S.-France Program Division of International Programs (202) 357-7554. NSF - COOPERATION IN SCIENCE WITH FRANCE

The U.S.-Republic of Korea Cooperative Science Agreement is administered in the U.S. by NSF and in Korea Science and I Engineering Foundation (KOSEF). Joint advisory committees composed of u.1s. and Korean scientists have recommended that cooperative research activit~es be developed in areas of biochemical engineering, marine biology, and limited aspects of remote sensing. NSF - COOPERATION BETWEEN SCIENTISTS IN THE U.S. AND REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Summaries of committee recommendations for future research emphasis are available. Additional information may be obtained from workshop participants (names given with recommendations) or from the program associate, Dr. Maurice Edwards, U.S.-Republic of Korea Cooperative Science Program (202) 357-9539.


NSF - COOPERATION BETWEEN Through the' Ame:rican Institu~ in T$-iWQ.n, , SCIENTISTS IN U.S. AND TAI}VAN NSF supports c.ol.la.borative .scienti:f~c ... \ researcQ. betv-een scientists ,in the U.S.,, . and Twiwan. Although all areas of science and engineering /are supp()rte,d uP,der the U.S.-Taiwa.il C,ooperative Science program, joint adv:isory committees:. composed of U.S. and Taiwan scientists recommend that cooperative rtaseareh.. activities be developed· in the following priority areas : ferJ:Beiltat,.on. : .· · engineering, plant mycoplasma, plant virus diseases, :fish diseases;··~and :· environmental problems associated with pesti~ide usage. ' .


Summaries of advisory commj,ttee recommendations for tuture research available to interested scientists. Additional information may o~ained from individual committee participants, listed with the recommen4at~lls,'.~ from the program associate, Dr. Maurice Edwards; u.s.-Ta.iwan Coop~~$.tive Science Program, NSF (202) 357-9537. L · · • ·: · ·



f Research on Arteriosclerosis (Letter _of.Intent by.Jun~ 16) NCI, Smoking, Cancer and Health Program: Research Grants Program Project-..Grants Individual Postdoctoral Training Institutional Postdoctoral Training Research Career Development Awards . NCI, Preventive.Oncology Academic.Award (Annual Deadline)

. ~lo- .

October.·l october 1. BOI(em"b~r 1 October 1 November 1 octci'b~r'l '-'Octo~r


November: :1 $ep~b~r



·BQV'embe:r 1

October:l Noveraber l November i June 1 October 1 November 1 -NQvember 1 r· .Novem~r



.Tulle 1 ···- October ·1 · · Novetn~r 1 .Oetobe£ 1 October 1 October 1

September ·12 Noveni~r 1 $ep~r2

····.·November 1

·.. 9eiO'ber


\OCtober 1

·:: .Octo~~ 1 ;


•'.roposal has·been :declined may obtain:ari e:itplanation of the declination from the responsibie Program Officer. ·lf·this·



explanation does not satisfy the PI that the proposal was fairly handled and reasonably evaluated, the PI may also obtain reconsideration of the declination by the responsible Assistant Director. If the applicant institution is still.not satisfied after reconsideration by the responsible Assistant Director, it may obtain further reconsideration by the Deputy Director ot the NSF. If a proposal has been declined after review by the National Science Board, however, o~ly an explanation will be available. A PI whose proposal has been returned because it is inappropriate for consideration by NSF may also request reconsideration of this determination." For copies of NSF Important Notice No. 84 contact Judy



The Unviversity of Minnesota has been awarded a renewal of its Institutional Research Grant from the American Cancer ·Society (ACS) for 1980-·1981. This fund is intended to serve as n'seed" money permitting the initiation-of promising new projects or novel ideas, especially by junior investigators, in cancer-related research. Encouragement of cancer research may also' be fac:)ilitated by support.of seminars on cancer-related topics, and by graduate student research. The fund is administered by a Dean's'Committee of the Medical School with repressentation from other piologically-oriented colleges. The Committee.is now accepting ~pplications for individual grants not to exceed $4,000 from this fund with a deadline of November 1, 1980. AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY-INSTITUTIONAL RESEARCH GRANT


Instructions and application forms may be obtained from the Dean's Committee for the ACS Institutional Research Grant, Room 421 Masonic Hospital, telephone: 373-4318. · INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH AND EXCHANGES BOARD (IREX)

Several programs are available for faculty to participate in exchange programs with the socialist coUntries of Eastern EurQpe and the USSR. Applicants must be u.s. citizens, have a command of the l~:mguage of the host country sufficient for research, and hold the Ph.D. Further information is available from the Graduate Fellowship Office,

373-2833. Deadline:

November 1, 1980

GERMAN MARSHALL FUND FELLOWSHIP Fellowships are available to scholars PROGRAM - 1981 whose research projects may contribute _ to a better understanding of significant contemporary problems common to industrialized societies. Projects should focus on comparative political, economic, and social aspects of domestic and international problems. Further information is available from the Graduate Fellowship Office, 373-2833. Deadline: November 30, 1980



To be awarded to highly proiu.stng_ scholars in the Humanities.' -·tb~ non-' raoul ty one•ye;lr posi tiona wiil, carry department affiliation and half·~ime teaching duties. The award carries an· annual stipend or $16,000 and may be renewed for a second year. . Further information is available from .~be Dean. -of the School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. · · . Deadline: December 1, 1980 G~RMAN

Several opportunit~es for study and research in· Germany are available· to u.s. citizens through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)• ~apt the Graduate Fellowship Office, 373-2833, for further informat1on. · . · - ' ApplicatiQn deadlines begin occuring in late October. ACADEMIC EXCHANGE


Recent Ph.D.s Or advanced candidates with teaching experience may app!y for Junior J,.ectureships in France., Germany, Italy and Portugal. Most of the' awards will be in American Literature and Studies. Applicants must be u.s~ citizens. Contact the Council for International Exchange or Scholars, Suite 300, Elev~n Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C. 20036 (202) 833-4950. Deadline: November 1, 1980 COMMITTEE ON SCHOLARLY COMMUNICA- ~ Three programs of ·scholarly exchange in TION WITH THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC the natural sc-ienc_es, engineering;. social sciences and ·the hUmanities · · OF CHINA between the u.s. and China. are being. . offered by the CSCPRC for the 1981-82 year. Applicants IIIUst be u.s. ~itizens. 1) The Graduate Program offers support fo~· indiv~duals_ beyond_ th~. bachelor's level who have not obtained a Ph.D. Applican~s atust. have a IJlini;. · mum of three years st{ldy of modern standard Chinese (for the humanit'iest · · social sciences and related fields) or a minimum of two years or study for applicants in the sciences and engineering •. Minimum tenure is ten months,· beginning September, 1981. .


2) The Research Program offers research support grants to scholar.s lfith the Ph.D. or equivalent. Tenure is 3 month.s to one ye~ in the. -.scienC.&a:' and engineering, and six months to a year in the sociai sciences ·:and buaaaniti•s, beginning as .early as mid-June 1981-. Futher inforuaati•n _,.d &pPli'Cat,io~s may · be obtained from the Graduate .Fellowship Of.fioe, .422.:Jobnston Ha.il. 3'13-2833. Application Deadline: November 1,. 1980 · · 3) Contingent on the availability of · funds, the CSCPRC will.· sponsor a limited number· of conferences in 1981 and 1982, involving Chin~,•·at14. ~~ican research scholars. The CSCPRC is particularly int,erested .in, !~~iy~tie:i which are likely to stimulate further substantive collabor-.tion, wtiicl'(are of mutual interest to Amerio~n and Cbiliese scholars,: and which .de~!lstr•te A.PJ.eri~n institutional commitment. For further tnf;ormat'ion- am.t. proposal. 'gtiidellnes contact the CSCPRC, National Academy of SciencAA, 2101 Coni!JtitutiOJL-lvenue



N. W., Washington D.C. 20418. Application Deadline: December 1, 1980 GRANT WRITING WORKSHOP

The Unversity's Department of Conferences is sponsoring a grant writing workshop, "ProposalWriting in Process," which will be held from October 15-17, at Nolte Center. The program is designed for people with limited grant writing experience. One unique feature is that participants will work on a proposal topic of their choice. They will leave the workshop with a complete proposal in-hand, as well as a specific strategy on how to apply for funding. The program will be conducted by Craig Smith, Director of GRANTSPEOPLE, Inc., and author of Getting Grants, a book recently published by Harper & Row. The registration fee is $195; enrollment is limited. For further information, write or call Anne Dickason, Program Director, 219 Nolte Center 376-2578. OFFICE OF INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS DEADLINE INFO~TION

The Office of International Programs has information~-including deadline dates--on fellowship and grant programs which support international activities. For fUrther information, please contact the OIP at 373-3793. SPONSOR DEADLINES FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS ~

Following is a list of some, but not all, agency deadlines occurring within the next few months. All grant· applications must be processed through the appropriate academic department, college, and the Office of Research Administration with a completed BA Form 23, "Approval of Application for Sponsored Research or Training Support•" ·'

FEDERAL Questions regarding the following dealines should be referred to ORA at 373-5925. National Institutes ~Health Research Grants, new ·Research Grants, renewals NHLBI, Young Investigator Award-Research Grant NIA, Gerontological and Geriatric Dermatology-Research Grant NIA, Geront~logical and Geriatric Dermatology-Special Research NIA, Biomedical Research and Clinical Medicine NIAMDD, Research Interests of the Chronic Renal Disease Program NIAID, New Investigator Research in Clinical Immunology and Virology NINCDS/NIAID/NIAMDD/NICHD: Research Grants Related to Reye's Syndrome NIAID, Immune Mechanisms and Cutaneous Disorders NIDR, Craniofacial Defects NIAMDD, Research on Diseases of the Biliary Tract and Exocrine Pancreas


November February November November November November November

1 1 1 1 1 1 1

November 1 November 1 November 1 November- 1 November 1

NIA, Social and Behavioral Research on Aging: Special Research Award Research Grants Special Initi~tive Award DRR, Biotechnology Resources Program NIGMS, Burn and Trauma Research and Research Training: Research Grants Special Grants for New Investigators NHLBI~ Methods for Quantifyingthe .$1ze and Eval~ating the Function of Ischemic and lnfarcted Myocardium NICHD, Behavioral and Social ~cience Research in Mental Retardation NINCDS, Research Grants Related to Motor Neuron Diseases, Spinocerebellar and Systems Degenerations: · Program Project Grants Research Grants NIOHS, Research and Demonstration-Grants, Reproductive Effects from Occupational'Hazards NEY/NHLBI/NIAID/NIAMDD/NICHD/NIDR/NIEHS/NINCDS/NIA: . Studies of Diabetes Mellitus and Related· Problellls . NEY/NHLBI/NIAID/NIAMDD/NICHD/NIDR/NINCDS/NIA:.. The Epidemiology of Diabete~: Research Grants New Investigator Award NCI, Research Related to Genetic Susceptibility or Human Breast Cancer NC.I, S~oking, Cancer and Health Program: Research Grants NIH, New Investigator Awards NIH, Research Career Development Awards NIH, Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships NIH, In~titutional Training Programs NIOHS, Occupational Cutaneous Hazards and Diseases (Dermatology Program) NIOHS; Grants for Research and Demonstrations Relating to Occupational Safety and Health _ NIDR/NIA,. Geriatric Dentistry Academic Award . NIAID, Pseudomonas Infections in Cystic.Fibrosis: Research Grants · NHLBI, Biobehavioral Approaches to the Treatment of ijypertension (Letter of Intent .Required Prior to Deadline) · NICHD, Developmental Aspects of Behavior and Nutrition NCI, Experimental Research llelated"to ~ographic · Screening for Human Breast. Cancer . . · NIA, Cellular Aging Research; l>ifferentiated .Cells in Cultures: Research Grants · Special Research Awards NIAMDD, Liver Diseases Research NHLBI, Physiological and Pathophysiological Ef.fects of Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices · NIA, Suimnary- of ·Active Program ,Announce.nt,s .. . --·· NCI, Cancer Clincal Treatment 'R~'search · . · . . . NIAMDD, New Investigator Researqb A~ard in·A~thritis, Bone ·Diseases and Skin Diseases '

· Noveatber . 1


1 .Novem~r 1 February: 1

Noveliibf=r'. 1 November 1. ~November


.Nc:>veamer · 1 · Febr\iS;ry 1 · Novelliber 1 November, 1 Ner· 1 Noveaiber 1

;Fe~rijary. 1 .Febr~y


Febru'ary 1 . November 1 Novmeber 1 November 1 November 1 Noyem~l'


November 1' '•

NQVember 1 1Jovemtler'·l Noveill~r i ac;w~r


.N~1 NoHDI~1

November 1

No.vember 1


NINCDS: Research Grants Related to Movement Disorders: ' Program Project Grants Research Grants NCI, Cancer Centers Support Grant Program NHLBI, SERCA, Diabetes-Mellitus-Obstetrical, Perinatal and Pediatric Aspects (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NHLBI, Clincal Investigators Award (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NIAMDD/NIA, SERCA, Diabetes Mellitus in the Elderly (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NCI, Preventive Oncology Academic Award (ANNUAL DEADLINE) · NIH, NRSA for Short-Term Training of Students in Health Professional Schools· (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NHLBI, Preventive Oncology Academic Award (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NIH, Suppor.t of Meetings NHLBI/NIAMDD, SEBCA, Diabetes Mellitus-Cardiovascular, Metabolic.and Endocrinologic Aspects (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NEY/NHLBI/NIAID/NIAMDD/NICHD/NIDR/NINCDS/NIA: The Epidemiology of Diabetes: Special Emphasis Research Career Award (ANNUAL DEADLINE) NIH, Foreign Currency Awards Fogarty International Center, Research Fellowships to Sweden, Switzerland, France NCHCT, Assessment of Health Care Technologies NINCDS, Research Grants in Neurophysiology of Cognitive Processes ' NCI, RFA: Interspecies Comparisons in Carcinogenesis NHLBI, SERCA, Development of Investigators Blood Transfusion Sciences

February 1 November 1 February 1 June 1 August 1 October 1 May1 May1 April 1 Open June 1 June 1 November 1 December 1 November 1 November 1 November 1 February 1


Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Research Grants, new Research Grant.s ·, renewals Individual Postdoctoral Fellowships Institutional Training Grants, NRSA Research on Substance Use Small Grants Pr.ogram

November February February February November Open

Health ~ Financing Administration Grants for Research and Demonstration

April 6

National Center for Health Services Research Research Managemen't Series-Research Priorities aealth Resources Administration Research Scientist Development/Research Scientist Award Health Care~rs Opportunity Program and Drug Administration Research Grants, new Research Grants, renewals

1 1 1

1 1

·Open February 1 December 11


November 1 February 1


National Institute 2[ Education Program of Research Grants on Teaching and Learning Research Grants on Institutions of Postsecondary Education: Preliminary Final (Agency Request) Small Grant Research on Organizational Processes in-Education: Preliminary Final (Agency Request) Small Grant Program of Research Grants on Law and Government Studies in Education: Preliminary Final (Agency Request) Small Grant Unsolicited Proposals



October 21 March 25' October 21 December 11 April 9 Decemb$r. 11

Mar-Ch .3 September 1o March· Open

Department 2[ Education Field Initiated Research, CONTINUATIONS ONLY.

120 days prior ~o.current budget period ending date Student Research, FY 81 , Cycle 2 · March 17 Bilingual Education-Fellowship Program, CONTINUATIONS ONLY March 2 ~iiingual Education-Fellowship Program, New November 10 Pre-College Teacher Development in-Science Program October 20

Questions regarding the following deadlines should be referred to ORA at 373-2784. National Science Foundation Local Course Improvement (LOCI) Program (Announceme~t of Awards: mid-May 1981) - This program is ~ubject 'to the availability of funds in the pending NSF Appropriat-ion$ Bill ·To Public Understanding of Science(PUOS) Program - Preliminar;x . Proposals with the earliest starting date ot Jwie 1, 1981 U.S.-Australia Cooperative Scienc~ Program (for Seminars·with. starting dates between July 1, 1981 and December 31, 1981) U.S.-New Zealand-Cooperative Science Program (for LOg-Term . Visits to start between-June 1, 1981 and November 30, 1981) Unsolicited FORMAL Research Proposals for the Divi~ion of Policy Research and Analysis (Proposed Starting Dates: June through August 1981) - Areas of Interest inolucte: .1 Environment , Energy, and Resources; Innovation PrOC~$86• and their Management: Socioeconomic Efte~t~ of Sof.ence~- · and Technology; Technology Asse$saent; and, ·_ Cr~~utt~ Topics (Approval of previously submitted Pre~nary · . Proposal required) · · · · · Pre-College Teacher Development in Science Pro&ram


be announced October 1 October 1 October ·-1