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24 Feb 2007 ... anjing dog anjung projecting facade (of a building) anjungan bridge (platform on a ship) .... berawalan: having a prefix awam ...... buta huruf: illiterate membuta: ...... gambar picture; photograph; drawing; illustration gambar rajah: diagram ..... H haba heat habis finished; completed; done berhabis: to squander.
mengabdikan: to enslave pengabdian: slavery; enslavement acu

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to direct weapon at target abjad alphabet

mengacukan: to aim weapon at target mengacu: to test; to try on acuan: a mould

A abu ash




mengabui: to cheat; to deceive

to care for; to heed

berabad-abad: for centuries

mengacuhkan: to care for; to heed acuh tak acuh: to show indifference abuk dust

abadi eternal; immortal


keabadian: immortality mengabadikan: perpetuate; immortalize

provoke or instigate abung

mengacum: to provoke or instigate acuman: provocation pengacum: instigator pengacuman: agitation


abah father

acah tease mengacah-acah: to tease

ada have; possess; contain

abah-abah harness

adakala: sometimes adakalanya: sometimes adalah: is; are; am; was; were adapun: with regard to berada: (1) rich (2) to be diadakan: to be held keadaan: condition; situation; circumstances mengada-ngada: to boast; to pretend mengada-ngadakan: to concoct an excuse mengadakan: to hold or conduct; to convene

acapkali often abai neglect mengabaikan: to disregard; to neglect

acar pickle

abang elder brother

acara event; item in a programme

abang angkat: foster brother abang ipar: brother-in-law abang tiri: stepbrother

adab politeness; good manners; courtesy

mengacarakan: to compere or host a programme pengacara: master of ceremonies; compere


beradab: courteous; polite peradaban: civilization; culture

aci slave

Bahasa Melayu

shaft 24.02.2007

adang obstruct; block http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

murmuring sound mengadang: to obstruct or block mengagah: (1)to gurgle (2)to confront adu (1)complain (2)compete adas fennel (yellow-flowered fragrant herb)

beradu: (1)to report (2)to compete aduan: complaint mengadu: to report; to accuse pengadu: complainant pengaduan: complaint peraduan: a contest or competition

adat custom; social tradition or practice beradat: polite; customary; ceremonious mengadatkan: to make it a practice or custom teradat: has become a custom

agak guess agak-agak: (1)to guess (2)approximately agaknya: perhaps; maybe beragak: not sure mengagak: to guess; to estimate teragak-agak: to hesitate; to be undecided

aduh exclamation of pain agam mengaduh: to groan; to wail

immeasurable; immense

adegan scene aduhai

agama exclamation of sorrow



beragama: having a religion keagamaan: religious

well-mannered aduk mix; stir adik

mengaduk: to mix or stir

younger brother or sister

agar so that

adik-beradik: brothers and sisters beradik: having siblings adun knead (dough)

agar-agar jelly

adunan: dough mengadunkan: to mix together

adikung assistant officer

agas gnat; sandfly afiat

adil fair; just


keadilan: justice mengadili: to judge mengadilkan: to judge; to evaluate pengadil: judge; referee pengadilan: judgement

mengafiatkan: to restore to good health

agih distribute diagihkan: distributed mengagihkan: to distribute pengagihan: distribution

afrit goblin; mischievous elf or spirit

adinda younger brother or sister (esp. in letter-writing) Bahasa Melayu



aguk http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pendant ajuk imitate mockingly; tease ais agung

mengajuk: to imitate mockingly; to tease ajukan: mockery; ridicule; teasing

ice supreme aiskrim: ice-cream keagungan: supremacy mengagungkan: to honour; to revere akad

contract; promise

ajaib baffling; inscrutable; miraculous

mengakad-nikahkan: to promise marriage

ah exclamation of surprise

keajaiban: miracle mengajaibkan: miraculous akaid religious dogma

aha exclamation of triumph

ajak invite mengajak: to invite ajakan: invitation


akal ability to think and reason


akal budi: common sense akal-akal: to pretend or feign berakal: intelligent; smart mengakali: to outwit; to deceive mengakalkan: to think up a plan

ajal doom; death

ahli (1)member (2)expert keahlian: membership ajar



will; shall

kurang ajar: disrespectful ajaran: teaching belajar: to learn berajar: educated; courteous mempelajari: to learn in greater detail mengajar: to teach mengajarkan: to teach pelajar: student pelajaran: lesson: education pengajar: teacher pengajaran: something serving as a lesson or warning terpelajar: educated; learned

ahmak stupid

aib (1)disreputable; shameful (2)blemish; flaw; defect keaiban: shame mengaibkan: shameful


akar root berakar: having roots




newspaper moot; bring up for discussion; propose

air batu: ice berair: watery mengairi: irrigate pengairan: irrigation Bahasa Melayu

akan tetapi: but akan-akan: as if seakan-akan: like; similar; as though

mengajukan: to propose; to put forward for discussion akhir final; conclusive; at the end; last 3/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

address; sign akhir-akhir: lately; recently akhiran: suffix akhirnya: finally berakhir: ended mengakhiri: to end pengakhiran: process of ending terakhir: last one

beralamat: addressed to mengalamatkan: to address to

aku me; I akuan: confession; acceptance memperakui: to certify memperakukan: to certify; to recommend mengaku: to confess; to admit mengakui: to admit: to accept; to acknowledge pengakuan: acknowledgement; confession; admission perakuan: recommendatory

akhirat eternity; the next world; life after death


alang (1)crossbeam (2)of little account alangan: obstacle alangkah: how mengalangi: to obstruct mengalangkan: to put crosswise

akur behaviour; character; morals

agree; consent; approve

alas foundation; basis; framework; underlayer

mengakuri: to agree; to consent; to approve keakuran: agreement; approval

alasan: excuse; reason; explanation beralasan: well-founded beralaskan: to base on; to line with mengalaskan: to base on; to place an underlayer

akibat consequence; result akibatnya: as a result berakibat: resulted in mengakibatkan: to cause; to result in

akusaksi attest alat appliance; instrument; tool alabangka crowbar


alat ganti: spare part alat kelamin: genital organs alatulis: stationery alatan: various tools peralatan: various tools beralatkan: to equip memperalatkan: use as a tool

belief; faith; confidence

alah akikah

(1)allergic (2)lose; defeated head-shaving of an infant


alahan: allergy beralah: to surrender mengalah: to surrender mengalahkan: to defeat


(1)nature; world; universe (2)experience


hangman; executioner

clever akil baligh: grown up; adolescent alam

berpengalaman: experienced mengalami: to experience pengalaman: experience sealam: having the same nature

akrab intimate in relationship

displace; oust; shift; change beralih: altered; shifted mengalih: to shift; to alter; to change; to displace pengalihan: displacement peralihan: transition; alteration

akta act; law passed by legislative body Bahasa Melayu

alamat 4/216

alim http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

learned; pious; religious

alpa negligent

aman peaceful

kealpaan: negligence mengalpakan: to neglect


keamanan: peace mengamankan: to pacify pengamanan: act of creating peace pengaman: peace-maker

flow aliran: current or flow; trend of opinion mengalir: to flow mengalirkan: to direct or channel the flow pengaliran: process of channelling the flow of

alpukat avocado amanah trust alu


mengamanahkan: to entrust pengamanah: trustee

pounder (rice) eyebrow mengalu-alukan: to welcome or greet ceremoniously dialu-alukan: welcome or accepted amanat



alliteration alun billow; great wave alunan: act of billowing or rolling beralun-alun: wavy; billowy mengalunkan: to billow; to rise and roll like big waves

alkisah the story is that

amar command; order mengamarkan: to order



Muslim name for God

groove; furrow

amaran warning

allahyarham the late; the deceased

am general (not detailed or specific); common

amat very; extremely

almarhum the late (for male royalty)


almarhumah the late (for female royalty)


mengamati: to scrutinize pengamat: controller pengamatan: observation; scrutiny

female housekeeper; maid

almari cupboard

ambang practice; good deed

(1)threshold; lintel (2)bob; float

amalan: practice; good deed beramal: to do good work; to perform good deeds mengamalkan: to practise pengamal: practitioner pengamalan: performance

ambang pintu: doorway; doorstep mengambang: to hover in the air

ambil take; obtain; fetch Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengambil: to take; to obtain; to fetch ambilan: derivation from pengambilan: act of taking or fetching

keampunan: forgiveness; pardon mengampunkan: to forgive; to pardon pengampun: one who forgives or pardons pengampunan: amnesty or pardon

andai if; suppose andainya: suppose andaian: assumption berandai: to discuss; to debate mengandaikan: suppose

amboi oh!

amuk amuck; violently out of control; state of murderous frenzy mengamuk: attack without thinking pengamuk: person who runs amuck

ambul bounce; rebound

andam beautician who does the make-up for the bride and bridegroom

mengambul: to bounce or rebound mengambulkan: to cause to rebound

anai, anai-anai termite


mengandam: to make-up the bride and bridegroom

andas back-basket


anvil; chopping block child anak angkat: adopted child anak bulan: new moon anak dara: virgin anak merah: newborn anak-beranak: together with the children anak-anak: many children; still a child anak-anakan: doll; puppet anakanda: son or daughter (in letter-writing) beranak: to bear a child; to give birth keanak-anakan: childish peranakan: native

amin amen; so be it

amir emir (Muslim ruler or commander)


anduh suspend by means of a sling

aneh bizarre; odd; unconventional; funny; strange

aneka (1)hang (2)tall and slim

multifarious; varied; all sorts of

ampai-ampai: jellyfish mengampaikan: to hang clothes out to dry terampai: hung to air or dry ampaian: clothes-line


anasir jahat: bad social element



ampu ingratiate; bring oneself into a person's favour mengampu: to ingratiate pengampu: sycophant; supporter

ampun Bahasa Melayu

menace; threaten


mengancam: to threaten ancaman: a threat terancam: threatened

angan-angan: imagination; a day-dream berangan-angan: to day-dream mengangan-angankan: to wish for; to day-dream about terangan-angan: to constantly wish for


pardon; forgiveness; amnesty

you 6/216

aneka ragam: variety show beraneka: having a variety of anekarama: concert

an element; a distinct social group

angau http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris



assume; deem

berangin: windy; breezy mengangin: to winnow menganginkan: to put in a windy place peranginan: holiday resort


menganggap: to assume; to regard as anggapan: assumption; opinion beranggapan: of the opinion

angsa goose



maltreatment; abuse; injustice; tyranny

numerical figure

menganiayai: to oppress; to do injustice penganiaya: oppressor penganiayaan: oppression; tyranny; abuse

perangkaan: statistics anggar estimate anggaran: estimation; budget menganggarkan: to estimate

angkara bad or nasty behaviour

anjak shift position slightly


beranjak: to shift position slightly menganjakkan: to change the position of

angkasa orchid

space (beyond earth's atmosphere) angkasawan: astronaut anjal


elastic; flexible (1)limb (2)member angkat beranggota: (1)having limbs (2)having members anggota badan: part of the body keanggotaan: membership menganggotai: to be a member of

keanjalan: flexibility; elasticity menganjal: to be elastic or flexible

lift; raise angkatan: troops; armed forces berangkat: to depart; to leave keberangkatan: departure; act of leaving

anjing dog

angguk nod

angkuh haughty; arrogant; proud

anggukan: act of nodding mengangguk: to nod terangguk-angguk: to keep nodding

anjung projecting facade (of a building)

keangkuhan: arrogance


angkup anggur

bridge (platform on a ship)

callipers; pincers; forceps (1) grape (2) jobless menganggur: unemployed penganggur: one who is unemployed pengangguran: unemployment

convey; transport; transmit mengangkut: to transport berangkut: to transport several times pengangkutan: transportation; means of transport

angin Bahasa Melayu




to jut out menganjur: to jut out anjuran: proposal; sponsored by menganjurkan: to propose; to advocate penganjur: organizer; sponsor; promoter http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


squeezed between two surfaces so and so berapit: wedged in between; closely situated mengapit: to squeeze between two surfaces pengapit: best man (at wedding); maid of honour

ansur progress or move in stages anugerah beransur: to progress in stages ansuran: instalment mengansurkan: to pay by instalments

award; honour; grace menganugerahi: to bestow an award; to confer an award menganugerahkan: to bestow; to confer penganugerahan: bestowal

April April

antah rice grains left unhusked after pounding

apung anut

float; drift embrace; accept; profess; adopt (religion) berapungan: floating or drifting in great numbers mengapungkan: to allow to float terapung: floating or drifting about

menganut: to follow or profess (a religion) anutan: adherence (to a religion) penganut: follower or convert (religion)

antan pestle




among; between

fig weave; plait

mengantarai: to mediate; to separate perantara: mediator perantaraan: mediation; medium

menganyam: to weave; to plait anyaman: product of plaiting or weaving; act of plaiting or weaving

antarabangsa international

arah direction arahan: command; order; instruction; direction berarah: having a direction mengarah: to direct mengarahkan: to direct towards pengarah: director searah: in the same direction

apa what apa-apa: whatever; anything apakah: what apalagi: above all apabila: when apakala: when; if berapa: how much; how many mengapa: why mengapa-apakan: to harm

antero whole; totally seantero: the whole; totally

arak (1)liquor (2)procession berarak: to walk or march in procession mengarak: to walk in procession pengarak: participant in a procession perarakan: procession arak-arakan: cortege; procession; pageant

anti opposed to; counteracting; against api fire anting

berapi: on fire berapi-api: fiery mengapikan: to provoke; to instigate

pendulum anting-anting: ear-ring

aral obstacle; hinderance; difficulty

apit Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

arang charcoal batu arang: coal


asar hope


aras a level


arca image; picture

asas sharpen; grind; whet

foundation for a theory; basis; principle

mengasah: to sharpen asahan: act of sharpening pengasah: sharpener; grinder pengasahan: act of sharpening or grinding berasah: whetted

asasnya: in principle berasas: founded or based on mengasaskan: to base on pengasas: founder

ari abdomen

asasi asak

ari-ari: abdomen

basic; fundamental pack; cram berasak-asak: packed; crammed mengasak: to pack; to stuff asakan: crowd; jam; cramming


asin salty

learned; wise mengasinkan: to preserve in salt kearifan: cleverness asal origin; source asing

asalkan: provided that asalnya: originally berasal: originated

arkib archives


foreign; separate asing-asing: separately berasingan: separate mengasingkan: to separate terasing: isolated; separated pengasingan: segregation; exile


clock; watch

sour asam jawa: tamarind mengasamkan: to preserve in vinegar or tamarind (as pickle) asam-asaman: sour fruits preserved in salt

arnab rabbit




current (flow) of water, air or electricity

berasap: emitting smoke mengasap: to become smoke; to vapourize mengasapi: to fumigate pengasapan: fumigation perasap: censer

arwah late (no longer living)

askar soldier

asli indigenous; native; natural; original keaslian: originality

asmara love; passion

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

awalan: grammatical prefix berawalan: having a prefix

berasmara: to be in love; to make love atuk grandfather asrama

awam hostel

civil; public; common; general atur arrange


awan pavilion

mengatur: to arrange atur cara: programme aturan: regulation; arrangement; rules; procedure; order beratur: arranged: to queue up beraturan: orderly mengaturkan: to arrange peraturan: regulations teratur: orderly; arranged

asuh bring up (a child); educate mengasuh: to bring up (a child); to educate; to nurse (an infant) asuhan: up-bringing; care (of a child) pengasuh: baby-sitter

cloud berawan: cloudy merawan: to be high in the clouds

awas caution mengawasi: to supervise; to watch closely berawas-awas: to be cautious pengawas: supervisor; monitor pengawasan: supervision

aum roar asyik

mengaum: to roar

besotted; infatuated; in love; engrossed asyik maksyuk: infatuated; besotted mengasyikkan: engrossing; occupying one's attention fully

awet aur

conserve; preserve; embalm bamboo mengawet: to preserve pengawet: preservative pengawetan: preservation

atap roof aurat beratap: having a roof beratapkan: to have as a roof mengatapi: to roof

parts of the body that should not be exposed according to Islamic belief ayah father berayah: having a father ayahanda: father (in letter-writing)

auta atas

bluff; deceit above; up; upon atasan: superior or upper class mengatasi: to overcome teratas: the highest


awak you


perawakan: personality; posture

mengayak: to sieve pengayak: a sieve; a person who sieves pengayakan: act of sieving

atau or awal

ataupun: or Bahasa Melayu

early; beginning 10/216

ayak-ayak http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

crane-fly berazam: to be determined keazaman: determination baca ayam

read chicken; fowl azan ayam belanda: turkey ayam denak: jungle fowl ayam sabung: fighting cock

membaca: to read bacaan: act of reading; material to be read membacakan: to read for pembaca: reader pembacaan: act of reading

a Muslim call to prayer

azimat talisman ayan tin; corrugated iron

bacul cowardly; timid kebaculan: cowardice


ayat sentence (set of words) bab




ayatullah senior Muslim religious leader babad




ayu pretty babak act or scene(of a play); episode; section of a long piece of music

badam almond

ayun oscillate; swing babas

berayun-ayun: to swing mengayunkan: to swing


drift; sweep away

(1)body (2)organization

terbabas: driven out of its course; driven away from from one's goal or principle

berbadan: having a body berbadan dua: pregnant memperbadankan: to corporatize perbadanan: corporation; institution

azab suffering mengazab: to torture keazaban: sufferings

babi pig badik dagger



from time immemorial

embroil; involve (in argument or quarrel) membabitkan: to involve; to implicate pembabitan: involvement

azam determination; firmness of purpose Bahasa Melayu


badut clown; comedian


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

heat Badui

bah Bedouin

deluge; flood


bahagi as if; like

allot; distribute; divide

bagaikan: as if berbagai-bagai: of various types kepelbagaian: variety pelbagai: various

bahagian: division; part; portion; section membahagi: to divide membahagi-bahagikan: to distribute; to give away membahagikan: to divide; to distribute pembahagi: divider pembahagian: allotment terbahagi: divided

bagaimana how

membahang: to heat

bahantara medium (environment)

bahari ancient

baharu new

bagaimanapun: however; no matter how or what sebagaimana: as; like


membaharui: to renew pembaharuan: renewal

blissful; lucky; blessed berbahagia: fortunate; blissful kebahagiaan: bliss; happiness membahagiakan: to cause to be happy

bagasi baggage; cargo

bahas debate or discussion berbahas: to debate; to discuss membahaskan: to discuss; to debate; to criticize pembahas: debater perbahasan: a debate or discussion

bahak guffaw

baghal mule

terbahak-bahak: to laugh loud and long




(1)for (2)give



membagi: to give

berbahasa: courteous; cultured; using a language perbahasaan: speech; customary etiquette

membaham: to gobble



His or Her Majesty

substance; matter; material

bahawa that

bahan api: fuel bagur large and clumsy

bahaya danger

bahana loud noise or sound bagus

berbahaya: dangerous membahayakan: to endanger

nice; pleasant; good bahang Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


membajak: to plough moreover bakat baji


talent; flair; aptitude a wedge

inane; silly

berbakat: talented membaji: to split using a wedge


bakau shoulder


mangrove welfare kebajikan: welfare


bakawali opal

a medicinal herbal plant bajingan scoundrel; rascal


bakhil good; all right; fine

stingy; miserly

baik-baik: carefully berbaik: to be on good terms kebaikan: goodness; benefit membaiki: to repair memperbaiki: to repair pembaikan: correction; improvement sebaik-baik: as good as; just sebaiknya: better; as it should be terbaik: the best

baju clothes; dress berbaju: dressed membajui: to put on clothes

baki balance; remainder berbaki: having a balance or surplus

bak like; similar

bakti devotion; dedication

bait a poem with two lines; couplet

berbakti: to be devoted or dedicated membaktikan: to dedicate

baka heredity kebakaan: hereditary




standard bakal

membakukan: to standardize pembakuan: standardization

future (adj.); aspirant; destined to become baja fertilizer membaja: to fertilize


bakul burn kebakaran: a fire membakar: to burn terbakar: on fire; burnt pembakaran: act of burning

bajak a plough Bahasa Melayu



bakung amaryllis (lily-like plant) http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

membalas: to reciprocate balasan: reciprocation; response; reply; revenge berbalas-balasan: exchange



disaster; calamity

comb (of fowl)

baldi pail; bucket




wrap; envelop; bandage balutan: wrapping; bandage berbalut: bandaged membalut: to wrap; to bandage membaluti: to wrap pembalut: wrapping; bandage

baldu velvet

balah bicker berbalah: to bicker or quarrel membalah: to oppose or defy

baligh puberty banci census

balai hall; station

bancian: census

balik (1)return (2)behind

balai raya: community hall berbalik: to turn back; to return kebalikan: contrary to membalik-balik: to flip over membalikkan: to invert; to reverse to position menterbalikkan: to turn upside down pembalikan: act of turning upside down; act of returning sebaliknya: on the contrary terbalik: upside down; reversed

balak log (timber) membalak: to log pembalakan: logging

bancuh mix; stir membancuh: to mix; to stir bancuhan: mixture pembancuhan: act of mixing or stirring

bandar baling



spotted-neck dove

throw; fling

berbalam: unclear; vague; hazy

membaling: to throw; to fling

balang flagon (vessel with lid, lip and handle for serving wine)

baling-baling propeller; wind-vane

bandaran: municipal perbandaran: municipality bandaraya: city

bandela bale; large bundle







balas reciprocate; reply; avenge Bahasa Melayu


bulwark; stone wall of defence 14/216

membandingkan: to compare berbanding: compared with perbandingan: comparison http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

sebanding: comparable

pembangkang: the opposition; one who is opposing

banjar banduan


row; range

convict; prisoner

evoke; bring to one's mind; get up


berbangkit: to get up kebangkitan: awakening; resurgence; emergence membangkitkan: to evoke; to awaken; to raise; to arouse a feeling in one's mind


membandul: to swing like a pendulum

banjaran: range of mountains berbanjar: forming a line or row membanjarkan: arrange in a row

banjir flood bangku bench; stool

membanjiri: to flood

bangang duff; stupid bangsa bangat fast; quick

bangau stork; flamingo

bantah race; nation of people

protest; disobey; oppose

kebangsaan: national sebangsa: of the same race

membantah: to protest; to oppose bantahan: a protest pembantah: opposer

bangsal barn; shed

bantai slaughter; beat up

bangga elated; proud

membantai: to slaughter; to beat up; to thrash pembantaian: act of slaughtering pembantai: butcher

bangsat vagrant; scoundrel

berbangga: feeling proud kebanggaan: pride membanggakan: to arouse a feeling of pride


bangsawan high class or rank; nobility; Malay opera

pillow berbantalkan: to use as a pillow bantal golek: bolster bantal peluk: bolster

banggul hillock; mound bangsi bamboo flute bangkai



fight against; eradicate; exterminate

bangun stand; get up; wake up bangkang oppose membangkang: to oppose bangkangan: protest; objection; opposition Bahasa Melayu 15/216

bangunan: building membangun: to get up; to rise; to develop membangunkan: to awaken someone; to develop; to construct pembangunan: development; construction

membanteras: to fight against; to eradicate pembanterasan: eradication



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

lambaste; reprimand severely

berbarah: having cancer membarah: cancerous

baru-baru: recently membarui: to renew memperbarui: to renew pembaruan: renovations; reforms

membanting: to beat; to lambaste; to thrash membanting tulang: to work hard baran grumpy; ill-tempered bantu help; assist; back; aid

barut diaper; dressing; bandage

membantu: to help; to assist bantuan: assistance pembantu: assistant; helper

barang goods; things barangan: goods; commodity sebarang: whatever; any sembarangan: whatever; any

basah wet


basah kuyup: drenched basahan: daily used items or clothes membasahi: to wet membasahkan: to wet

stunt; hinder; stop membantutkan: to stunt; to hinder; to stop terbantut: stunted


barangkali perhaps; maybe



much; many

stale; mouldy (of food)


banyak-banyak: in large quantities banyaknya: amount; a large number of kebanyakan: most of; majority of membanyakkan: to increase sebanyak: as much as; as many as sebanyak-banyaknya: at the most terbanyak: the most

kebaratan: westernized kebarat-baratan: westernized pembaratan: westernization

basmi eradicate; destroy membasmi: to eradicate pembasmian: eradication

baring lie down berbaring: to lie down; to recline membaringkan: to place in a recumbent position terbaring: in a recumbent position

bapa father bapa saudara: uncle berbapa: having a father sebapa: having the same father

basuh wash basuhan: something that is washed membasuh: to wash

baris line; row barisan: line; front; troops berbaris: to line up membariskan: to arrange in rows pembaris: ruler perbarisan: parade

bara embers membara: furious; smouldering

bata brick

batal invalid; null; cancelled barah


cancer Bahasa Melayu

new 16/216

membatalkan: to cancel pembatalan: cancellation http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

smell; aroma; odour

baya age

bau-bauan: scent; fragrance; perfume berbau: to emit an odour terbau: got the smell

batang bar; strip; long solid piece; numerical coefficient for cylindrical objects

sebaya: same age group

batang hidung: bridge of the nose

bayam bauk

spinach sideburns; whiskers

batas (1) limits; confines; boundaries (2) vegetable bed

bayang baur

membatasi: to limit pembatasan: limitation perbatasan: border area; frontier area terbatas: limited; restricted berbatas: having a border

shadow; reflection mix bayang-bayang: shadow; reflection; imagination bayangan: shadow; image berbayang: shadowy; to cast a shadow membayangi: to form an image; to follow and spy on membayangkan: to suggest; to imply terbayang: reflected; pictured terbayangkan: imagined; reflected

berbaur: mixed (with) bauran: mixture; hotchpotch

bawa batik

bring; carry type of textile print membawa: to bring; to carry membawakan: to bring something for someone terbawa: taken unintentionally terbawa-bawa: to be involved; to be influenced pembawa: bearer; carrier pembawaan: talent

batin of the inner feelings; mental

bayar pay membayar: to pay bayaran: payment membayarkan: to pay pembayar: payer pembayaran: payment

tok batin: Proto-Malay tribal chief batiniah: spiritual kebatinan: inner self bawah below; under bawahan: subordinate; of lower rank or position; inferior terbawah: lowest terkebawah: lowest

batu (1) stone; rock (2) mile batu api: instigator batu asah: whetstone berbatu-batu: stony membatu: to keep silent batuan: rock

bayi baby

bayu bawal

breeze ponfret

bazir batuk





terbatuk-batuk: to cough uncontrollably

bawang merah: shallot bawang putih: garlic

bau Bahasa Melayu

membazirkan: to waste pembaziran: wastage

bebal 17/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

imbecile; idiotic; silly; foolish; stupid


headstrong; hard; firm muddy


begini burden; responsibility


like this fond of chatting; talkative

bebanan: burden; responsibility membebani: to burden someone membebankan: to burden someone

begitu bedah

like that; so operate; dissect


membedah: to operate pembedahan: surgical operation

free; independent

beguk mumps

kebebasan: freedom membebaskan: to liberate; to release bedak powder bebat

bejana canister

bedak sejuk: powder made from rice berbedak: powdered membedaki: to powder

bandage; dressing membebat: to apply a dressing to a wound

bekal cater; supply food bedal

bebawang bulb (of plant)

bekalan: provisions; stock; supply; ration berbekal: having a supply of membekalkan: to supply; to provide; to furnish pembekal: supplier pembekalan: that which is supplied

whip; beat membedal: to whip; to beat

bebel incomprehensible utterings

bedek aim at

membebel: to utter incoherently

bekam seize; grip

membedek: to take aim at

membekam: to draw blood from beberapa several

bedil gunpowder; gun

bekas (1) former; ex- (2) container (3) traces

bedilan: shooting; firing membedil: to shoot


bekas darah: blood stain bekas luka: scar berbekas: having marks or traces

flange; projecting rim

beduk big drum used in the mosque

beca trishaw; rickshaw

bekat full begar

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


belanja frozen; hardened; solidified

expenses; expenditure

otak beku: stupid person membekukan: to cause to freeze or solidify membeku: to coagulate or clot pembekuan: coagulation


belanjawan: budget berbelanja: to spend membelanjakan: to spend perbelanjaan: expenditure


belaka altogether; entirely; quite bekuan

belantan hot

club; bludgeon; truncheon belakang back; rear; behind


belakangan: recently membelakangi: to ignore; to disregard membelakangkan: to ignore; to disregard; to place at the back terkebelakang: out-of-date; far behind

(1) advocate; defend; avenge (2) rear or breed membela: to defend; to avenge; to look after pembelaan: defence; protection belaan: that which is taken care of

belantara forest

belas (1) compassion; pity; mercy (2) numerals from eleven to nineteen

belalai elephant's trunk; proboscis


belasan: teenager; numerals from eleven to nineteen kesebelasan: eleventh berbelas: having sympathy or pity

shrimp paste belalang grasshopper

belacu calico

belasah flog; whip Belanda

membelasah: to flog; to whip


belah to split; to bisect; to cut in half belahan: cleft; cleavage berbelah bagi: half-hearted membelah: to split menyebelahi: to take sides; to side with sebelah: half; beside; towards sebelah-menyebelah: on both sides bersebelahan: side by side; near terbelah: apart; separated




stripe berbelang: striped belati

European belanga clay cooking pot belau



cherish; coaxing; caress belangkas king-crab

belaian: coaxing; caress membelai: to cherish; to caress membelai-belai: to cherish; to caress Bahasa Melayu


belauan: diffraction of light


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

belebas ledge; lath


belulang he or she

hide; untanned leather; patch of hardened skin

belek scrutinise


belum shoulder-blade

not yet

membelek: to scrutinise sebelum: before belimbing starfruit

belengas sticky

belut eel belit


circumlocutary; twisting; twining manacle; handcuff; shackle

bembam membelit: to coil or twine around belitan: a coil berbelit-belit: coiled; twined; twisted membelitkan: to entwine pembelit: swindler; deceiver terbelit: coiled; twined

membelenggu: to handcuff; to shackle terbelenggu: handcuffed; shackled


roast in hot embers membembam: to roast in hot embers

benak sulphur

silly; stupid beliung hatchet; small axe; adze


benam buy

embed; immerse in water

membeli: to buy belian: the purchase membeli-belah: shopping membelikan: to buy for pembeli: purchaser pembelian: the purchase terbeli: able to buy


terbenam: immersed in water; embedded membenamkan: to immerse; to embed

turn (in direction) membelok: to turn (in direction) membelokkan: to change the course or direction belokan: a bend or curve; a change of direction

benang thread

belot belia

betray youth

benar genuine; true; real; correct

membelot: to betray pembelot: traitor pembelotan: betrayal; treason

benar-benar: really; truly; very kebenaran: truth; permission; approval membenarkan: to allow; to permit sebenarnya: in fact

beliak dilated; wide open (of eyes) terbeliak: wide open membeliakkan: to dilate

belukar bush; shrub; secondary forest bencana (1) harmful; very unpleasant (2) disaster

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


bendi hate; detest

lady's finger

kebencian: hatred membenci: to hate; to loathe pembenci: one who hates


bengkarung newt

bengkel cross-beam


benda thing

bendung barrier; dyke

kebendaan: materialism

bengkeng cantankerous; irritable

membendung: to barricade; to dam

bendahara chief minister of a Malay State


membengkengi: to scold; to irritate

bengkok temporarily deaf; stubborn

perbendaharaan: treasury

bent; crooked membengkokkan: to bend


bendahari treasurer; bursar

buzzing or ringing in the ears bengkung sash for the waist; corset; girdle bengis


cruel; harsh


benguk membengis: to act cruelly


bendang wet rice-fields


benih (1) swollen; bloated (2) swelling


membengkak: to swell bendar ditch or moat

bening transparent; clear; limpid bengkalai unfinished

bendela bale; package

terbengkalai: unfinished

benjol bump or swelling, esp. left by a blow


bengkang zig-zag


bengkang-bengkok: zig-zag Bahasa Melayu


bentak snarl; snap http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

berani mati: not afraid of death membentak: to snarl; to snap bera blush; flushing of face



how much; how many relapse seberapa: any amount; as much or as many as berahi amorous; feeling sexual love

bentang spread out (carpet or mat)

keberahian: passion memberahikan: to arouse passion

membentang: to spread out (carpet or mat); to put forward (a proposal) membentangi: to spread out or unroll (carpet or mat) terbentang; spread out or unrolled

beras rice beras kunyit: saffron rice beras pulut: glutinous rice

berak defecate terberak: to defecate



heavy; tough moment sebentar: a moment sebentar-sebentar: at short intervals

beratnya: weight keberatan: reluctant

beranda gallery; verandah; terrace

berenga bentara



herald; state proclamation officer

disgruntled; discontented; annoyed

beres benteng

in order; settled


stronghold; fortress


berbentengkan: use as a fort membentengi: fortify berbenteng: fortified

berangsang pep; vigour

membereskan: to settle; to arrange pemberesan: settlement; arrangement

Berhad Limited

memberangsangkan: to fill with vigour; to enliven

bentuk form; shape; appearance berbentuk: having the form of membentuk: to form; to create; to mould pembentukan: formation; creation; establishment sebentuk: numerical coefficient for curved objects terbentuk: formed; established




berani benua continent Bahasa Melayu


idol; image; fetish; worshipped object




keberanian: bravery memberanikan: to encourage

memberi: to give memberikan: to give http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pemberian: gift; allowance pemberi: one who gives

rebel; revolt

berus brush

memberontak: to rebel; to revolt pemberontak: a rebel; an insurgent pemberontakan: a rebellion; a revolt

memberus: to brush

beringin banyan tree besan beroti

parents of a married couple batten

berita news besar berita angin: rumour berita kilat: newsflash memberitakan: to inform pemberita: reporter; journalist


big clean besar hati: proud; elated besar kepala: stubborn; conceited; big-headed besar mulut: boastful besar-besaran: grand; on a large scale berbesar hati: grateful kebesaran: greatness membesar: to grow big membesar-besarkan: to exaggerate membesarkan: to enlarge membesarkan diri: to brag memperbesar: to enlarge or expand pembesar: dignitary terbesar: largest

kebersihan: cleanliness membersihkan: to clean pembersih: cleaner pembersihan: act of cleaning

beritahu inform memberitahu: to inform pemberitahuan: announcement; notification


bersin sneeze

bersut bundle

glower; scowl besi

memberkas: to bind; to arrest memberkaskan: to bind; to fasten

iron (metal) bertih

besi baja: steel besi berani: magnet

rice fried in the husk berkat

bertih jagung: popcorn boon; benefit; blessing besok

memberkati: to bless


beruang bear berlian



well-bred; intelligent

berudu tadpole bernas full (of grain); highly spirited (of speech); factual and convincing (of writing); fertile and productive (of cultivation)

besut refine metal

beruk monkey

membesut: to refine metal; to spurt (of water or blood)

berontak Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

difference beta I; me (used by king)

berbeza: to differ; to be different berbeza-beza: differently membeza-bezakan: to differentiate; to discriminate; to distinguish between membezakan: to differentiate perbezaan: difference; dissimilarity pembezaan: differentiation; discrimination; classification

betah recovered; accustomed

biasiswa scholarship

biawak iguana



how (emphasising the degree)

impolite; discourteous

biaya cost; expenses

kebiadaban: rudeness betik

dibiayai: defrayed membiayai: to defray; to subsidise pembiayaan: financing; subsidisation pembiaya: the person who pays for the expenses

papaya biak prolific; productive; fertile betina female

membiak: to multiply; to reproduce membiakkan: to breed; to rear pembiakan: breeding; reproduction


let; allow



beting sandbar; sandbank



membiarkan: to allow; to neglect; to ignore terbiar: neglected; ignored


berbicara: to discuss membicarakan: to discuss; to deliberate over; to preside over a court case pembicaraan: discussion perbicaraan: court hearing or trial

calf (of leg)

biara betul

convent; monastery correct; true betul-betul: truly; exactly; really kebetulan: by coincidence; by chance; incidentally membetulkan: to correct; to rectify pembetulan: correction sebetulnya: in fact

bicu jack (for lifting heavy objects)

bias deflect; refract biasan: refraction; diversion membiaskan: to deflect; to refract


habitual; usual; ordinary



betung a large type of bamboo


pembetungan: sewerage

houri (beautiful woman of the Muslim paradise)

biasanya: usually kebiasaan: custom; habit; practice membiasakan: to accustom; to familiarise beza Bahasa Melayu


bidai http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

blinds; screen

bijak bidak

bila judicious; smart; wise

when; if

kebijakan: intelligence; smartness

bila-bila: whenever


bidal thimble

bijaksana judicious; smart; wise

bilah blade (of knife or sword); lath; numerical coefficient for weapons of sharpened metal

bidalan: proverb kebijaksanaan: wisdom; prudence


bilal midwife


muezzin sesame seed


bilang domain; field or range of activity; numeral coefficient for things that are spread out and flat


calculate; count; tell; repeat seed; grain; pip; numerical coefficient for fruits and small spherical objects

bilangan: number; amount; quantity berbilang: several; numerous membilang: to count; to call out; to say sebilangan: a number of terbilang: counted; included; famous

berbiji: having seed biji-bijian: cereals

bidas criticise; spring back or rebound membidas: to criticise; to spring back or rebound bijih


bilas rinse; wash; cleanse

bijih besi: iron ore bijih timah: tin ore

bidik aim at

membilas: to rinse or wash bilasan: cleansing; rinsing

membidik: to aim at bijirin cereal

bilik room

biduan male singer bikin make

bilis bloodshot eye


membikin: to make; to manufacture bikinan: product; creation

pageboy; valet

bimbang fearful; worried; anxious; nervous



female singer

Bahasa Melayu

edging; trimming 25/216

kebimbangan: anxiety; worry membimbangkan: to cause anxiety http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

membincangkan: to discuss perbincangan: discussion bimbing

bingung lead; guide

bewildered; confused bincut

bimbingan: guidance; tuition; advice membimbing: to lead; to guide pembimbing: a guide or leader; adviser

lump; swelling

kebingungan: bewilderment; confusion membingungkan: to confuse; to puzzle; to perplex

bingal stubborn



wife carry dangling in the hand berbini: married (for a man) membimbit: to carry dangling in the hand

bingit deafening membingitkan: to deafen tmporarily



star son of berbintang: starry sebintang: compatible membintangi: to act in a film perbintangan: astronomy; astrology

bingka a type of cake made from tapioca bina construct; build binaan: something built or constructed membina: to construct; to build pembina: builder pembinaan: construction

bingkah nugget; chunk




daughter of

bingkai binasa

spot; dot

destroyed; ruined berbintik: spotted; dotted membinasakan: to destroy pembinasa: destroyer pembinasaan: destruction

bingung bewildered; confused bintil nodule; pimple bingkas

binatang animal

bounce; rebound

kebinatangan: animalistic characteristics; bestiality

membingkas: to bounce; to rebound



parcel; package


berbincang: to discuss; to deliberate berbincang-bincang: to discuss

bingkisan: a gift or present membingkis: to send a gift or present accompanied by a letter




Bahasa Melayu


blind or screen, esp. on roller, for window; balustrade


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


bisu relationship between two brothers' wives or between two sisters' husbands

mute or dumb membisu: to remain silent

bohong lie; bluff

biri-biri sheep

berbohong: to lie membohongi: to lie to; to deceive membohongkan: to denounce as a lie; to deny pembohong: liar pembohongan: a lie

bisul boil; abscess

biru blue

bius anesthesia

biru lebam: blue black biru muda: light blue kebiru-biruan: bluish kebiruan: blueness

bola membius: to anesthetise pembiusan: anesthetisation

bolak-balik vacillation

bobok bisa


sleep venom; malice

berbolak-balik: to vacillate; to hesitate membolak-balik: to twist and turn

membobok: to gurgle membobokkan: to put a child to sleep

berbisa: venomous; malicious

boleh bisik


can; able to; permitted to


leaking; a leak

bisikan: a murmur; a whisper berbisik: to whisper membisikkan: to whisper

kebocoran: leakage membocorkan: to cause a leak; to puncture

boleh jadi: maybe berkebolehan: capable; talented kebolehan: ability membolehkan: to permit; to allow seboleh-bolehnya: to the best of one's ability

bodoh bising

stupid noisy

bolos kebodohan: stupidity memperbodohkan: to make a fool of

kebisingan: noisiness membising: to make noise

pierced; penetrated; stripped off (hair, feathers, clothes, etc. membolos: to abandon; to desert

bogel biskop

nude; naked



wrap up berbogel: nude; naked membogelkan: to undress

membolot: to wrap up; to bundle together; to win

bistari expert; skilled boh

bomba cow's moo

Bahasa Melayu


fire brigade http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

borong wholesale bomoh

memborong: to buy wholesale memborongkan: to sell wholesale pemborong: wholesaler

bongkok Malay medicine-man

hunchback membongkok: to stoop; to humble oneself membongkokkan: to bend; to stoop; to bow terbongkok-bongkok; doubled up



sponger; ride pillion


membonceng: to get a lift from; to sponge on somebody memboncengkan: to give a lift to pembonceng: passenger


youngest (of children); lowest (of rungs of ladder or steps)

bonjol mother

a bulge; a lump


memboroskan: to waste borosan: extravagance pemboros: spendthrift


bosan bored kebosanan: boredom membosankan: to bore pembosan: one who is easily bored

boo doll; puppet

exclamation of disapproval



bopeng hump



membotakkan: to make bald

berbonggol: having a hump bor tool for drilling bongkah

boyak drab; dull; uninteresting; tasteless

block or solid piece berbongkah-bongkah: in large chunks or pieces

borak talk idly

boyot pot-bellied

berborak: to talk idly bongkak arrogant; boastful buah

borang form (document) bongkar unpack; unload membongkar: to unpack; to unload bongkar-bangkir: in disorder membongkar rahsia: to expose a secret membongkar sauh: to raise up the anchor terbongkar: forced open; exposed pembongkaran: disclosure; upheaval Bahasa Melayu


borek speckled; spotted

(1)fruit (2)numeral coefficient for large objects buah fikiran: opinion; thought buah hati: sweetheart buah-buahan: fruits berbuah: to bear fruit membuahkan: to produce; to yield; to cause buah pinggang: kidney


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

buai swing; rock; sway buaian: a cradle; a swing berbuai-buai: to swing membuai: to make something swing terbuai-buai: swinging; swaying; rocking


budaya crocodile


buaya darat: thief; scoundrel

budayawan: cultured person kebudayaan: culture



disband; disperse; scatter


budi kindness; good deed

membubarkan: to disperse; to liquidate pembubaran: liquidation; disbandment

budi bahasa: good manners budi bicara: discretion; common-sense budi pekerti: disposition; character berbudi: kind; wise; sensible

bual converse bualan: talk; chatter; conversation berbual: to converse perbualan: conversation

bubu fish-trap made of bamboo and rattan budiman wise; generous bubuh put; add; affix

buang discard; throw membuang: to throw membuangkan: to throw away; to discard terbuang: discarded buangan: something that has been discarded

membubuhi: to add; to affix membubuhkan: to add; to affix


bugar strong and healthy

buih woodworm

foam berbuih: foaming

buas savage; uncivilised; wild

bubul cobble; mend roughly

membuas: act savagely

bujang (1)celebate (2)unmarried man; bachelor bubur



pile; haemorrhoid

bujuk persuade; coax bujukan: persuasion



corner; angle

make; do or perform membuat: to do; to make; to cause buat sementara: temporarily buatan: brand; manufactured by; product of perbuatan: deed; act pembuatan: manufacture; production buat-buatan: pretence Bahasa Melayu 29/216

bujur oblong; oval; longitudinal

budak child kebudak-budakan: childish

membujur: to stretch out lengthwise terbujur: stretched out lengthwise http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris





band; strip; head-dress

(1)earth (2)dry land

membuka: to open membukakan: to expose; to open; to reveal pembukaan: opening terbuka: not covered; unlimited; public bukaan: an opening or aperture

bulangan: ribbon

mengebumikan: to bury pengebumian: burial

bulat circular; round; spherical

buncit distended; bloated

bulatan: (1)circle (2)traffic roundabout membulatkan: to make circular or round sebulat: unanimous

bukan non-; not; does not

membuncitkan: to inflate

bukan-bukan: absurdity; nonsense bundar bulbul

round; globular nightingale


membundarkan: to make something round hill berbukit: hilly berbukit-bukit: hilly membukit: to pile up; to heap up

buli-buli (1)small flask or jug (2)small gland

bunga (1)flower (2)interest (monetary) bunga api: sparklers bunga-bungaan: all kinds of flowers berbunga: to produce flowers berbunga-bunga: floral; flowery membungai: to decorate



fur; body hair; feathers

evidence; proof

berbulu: hairy; feathery bulu babi: sea-urchin bulu kambing: wool bulu kening: eyebrows

membuktikan: to prove terbukti: proven

bungkal lump; weight buku (1)book (2)loaf (of bread) (3)knot (in wood) (4)node

buluh bamboo

buku lima: fist membukukan: to record; to note; to put into book form pembukuan: an entry in a book

bungkam quiet; speechless membungkam: to gag; to silence pembungkam: silencer

bulur hungry bulan

kebuluran: starvation

(1)moon (2)month


bulan madu: honeymoon bulan purnama: full moon bulan sabit: crescent bulanan: monthly berbulan-bulan: for several months Bahasa Melayu

wrap up bumbung roof membumbung: to rise; to ascend 30/216

bungkusan: parcel; package membungkus: to wrap pembungkusan: packaging http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

berbungkus: wrapped up pembungkus: wrapper

membunuh: to kill pembunuh: killer; murderer pembunuhan: murder; killing terbunuh: killed

burut hernia

bunian invisible forest elf or spirit bunyi sound

busa froth; foam

bunyi-bunyian: music berbunyi: to sound membunyikan: to produce a sound sebunyi: of the same sound

buntak short and stout

berbusa: to froth; to foam membusa: to pant; to puff

buntal (1)bloated; pot-bellied (2)globe-fish



rotten; bad; putrid

hunt berburu: to hunt memburu: to hunt pemburu: hunter pemburuan: a hunt perburuan: prey terburu-buru: in great haste

buntang wide open and staring (of eyes) membuntang: to stare wide-eyed

membusuk: to give out a strong bad odour membusukkan: to disgrace or defame; to putrefy kebusukan: decay; badness

busung bloated; distended

buntil cloth knapsack

buruh labourer; worker

busur bow (for shooting arrows)

perburuhan: labour bunting pregnant (of animals) busut


molehill; anthill

constellation of stars buntu blocked or closed kebuntuan: deadlock



buntut bottom or buttocks membuntuti: to trail; to follow

bad; ugly


buruk laku: ill-mannered buruk makan: gluttonous buruk sangka: prejudiced buruk siku: to take back what has been given keburukan: ugliness; badness; wickedness memburukkan: to worsen; to aggravate

buta huruf: illiterate membuta: (1)to sleep soundly (2)to act blindly

butang button

bunuh kill

burung bird

berbunuhan: killing of one another Bahasa Melayu


butir (1)item; fact; point (2)numeral coefficient for small round objects http://mementoslangues.com/ Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

cabutan: a draw (as in a lottery) mencabut: to pull out; to extract by pulling mencabut nyawa: to take a life mencabut undi: to draw lots tercabut: has been pulled out

buyung earthenware

cadang intend bercadang: intend cadangan: proposal; suggestion mencadangkan: to propose; to plan; to suggest pencadang: proposer

cacah tattoo


bercacah: tattooed mencacah: to tattoo

cadar bedsheet

cabai chilli cacak

caduk upright or erect (for pole)

lift up (e.g. snake's head about to strike)

mencacak: to plant upright mencacakkan: to plant upright tercacak: upright or erect

mencaduk: to lift up (e.g. snake's head about to strike)

cabang branch bercabang: having branches bercabang-cabang: having many branches

cagar deposit; mortgage cacar cabar


cagaran: a deposit mencagarkan: to pawn; to mortgage; to deposit as security

challenge bercacar: vaccinated against smallpox pencacaran: vaccination against smallpox

cabaran: a challenge mencabar: to challenge pencabar: challenger

cagut peck or eat with beak cacat defective; handicapped; deformed

mencagut: to peck or eat with beak

cabik tattered; ragged; torn

cacat akal: mentally retarded kecacatan: a handicap or defect mencacati: to abuse; to deface; to deform

mencabik: to tear or rip mencabikkan: to tear or rip

cahaya light; radiance bercahaya: giving out light

caci cabul

scorn; abuse indecent; disgusting cacian: an abusive remark bercaci-cacian: to exchange abusive remarks mencaci: to scorn; to abuse

mencabul: to molest mencabuli: to molest pencabulan: violation; molestation

cair liquid cairan: solution; dilution mencairkan: to liquefy; to melt; to dilute pencairan: liquefaction

cacing cabut

worm (1) to pull out (2) to flee

cabut lari: to leave immediately Bahasa Melayu

cakah 32/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

obtuse; blunt

mencalit: to smear or smudge mencalitkan: to smear or smudge

campur mix campur tangan: interfere campuran: mixture; combination bercampur: to be involved; to associate bercampur baur: mixed (feelings) bercampur gaul: to mingle mencampur: to mix mencampuradukkan: to mix up; to muddle up mencampuri: to mix with; to associate with mencampurkan: to mix tercampur: mixed; blended

cakap talk; speak

calon candidate

bercakap: to talk; to speak bercakap-cakap: to chat percakapan: conversation; talk

mencalonkan: to nominate pencalonan: nomination


calung (1) a claw (2) claw or scratch

dipper; ladle; cup for collecting latex canai

bercakar: to argue mencakar: to scratch; to claw pencakar langit: skyscraper

grind; polish cam

batu canai: whet-stone; grinding wheel roti canai: a flat Malaysian bread made from wheat mencanai: to roll out the dough; to grind; to polish

recognise; identify mengecam: to recognise; to identify mengecamkan: to ascertain the identity of pengecaman: identification

cakera wheel; disc cakera padat: compact disc

canang gong

camar seagull

mencanangkan: to announce

cekerawala universe; firmament cambah


burgeon; begin to grow rapidly


cakup catch something by using hand or mouth

bercambah: germinate; sprout mencambahkan: to sow percambahan: germination

mencakup: to catch something using hand or mouth

candu opium


camca abrasion; scratch


cangak look up

calar-balar: badly scratched bercalar: having been scratched mencalarkan: to scratch tercalar: injured by being scratched

mencangak: to look up

campak (1) throw; fling; hurl (2) measles mencampak: to throw; to fling mencampakkan: to throw away; to fling; to hurl; to cast away tercampak: thrown

calit smear or smudge calitkan: to smear with Bahasa Melayu


canggah (1) fork (2) dissent

bercanggah: in opposition; conflicting; forked bercanggahan: in opposition; conflicting; forked percanggahan: opposition; conflict http://mementoslangues.com/ Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


canggih (1) sophisticated (2) excessively talkative

cari beautiful


kecantikan: beauty mencantikkan: to beautify

mencari: to search; to look for mencari-cari: to search; to look for mencarikan: to look for tercari-cari: looking for; searching pencarian: livelihood

kecanggihan: sophistication cantum coalesce; join together; come together canggung gauche; awkward; clumsy

bercantum: to join together; to coalesce; to come together mencantumkan: to join; to merge; to bring together percantuman: merger; union tercantum: joined together

carigali exploration mencarigali: to explore

cangkat hillock cap cangkir small cup

carik stamp; print; trade mark

tear or rip

cap jari: fingerprint cap mohor: royal or official seal mengecap: to imprint; to stamp a mark or brand

mencarik-carikkan: to tear into small pieces



chart; map; table; diagram


capai achieve; attain; accomplish

mencangkuk: to hook mencangkukkan: to attach hooks to tercangkuk: hooked

mencapai: to achieve; to attain; to accomplish pencapaian: achievement; accomplishment; attainment tercapai: achieved

cangkul hoe

caruk gorge; eat greedily



fee; subscription


mencangkul: to hoe; to dig

caruman: fee; subscription


cangkung squat

lame; limping

carut obscenity

tercapik-capik: limping

mencangkung: to squat

mencarut: to talk obscenely



way; means; method

to prune, trim or lop

cas electrical charge

secara: by way of; like; resembling

mencantas: to prune, trim or lop

cat Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

paint bercat: painted mengecat: to paint

cawangan branch (e.g. of office)





catat note down; jot down


mencatat: to note down; to jot down catatan: a note mencatatkan: to note down; to jot down pencatat: registrar


bercawat: to wear a loincloth cecekik noose cebik pout; jeer; mock

catu ration

mencebik: to pout; to jeer; to mock mencebikkan: to pout

catuan: a ration; a fixed allowance mencatukan: to ration pencatuan: rationing

cedera injure kecederaan: injury mencederakan: to injure; to hurt tercedera: injured; wounded

cebis bit; piece catuk

cebisan: a small piece or quantity

peck with beak

cedok scoop up

mencatuk: to peck with beak cebok

mencedok: to scoop up pencedok: a scoop

(1) water dipper (2) wash up after defaecating or urinating catur

mencebok: to wash the lower part of the body after defaecating or urinating


cegah deter; prevent catut

mencegah: to deter; to prevent; to hinder pencegah: something that prevents; preventive pencegahan: prevention

pincers cebur plunge cauk

mencebur: to plunge menceburi: to get involved in; to plunge into menceburkan: to plunge into; to get involved in


cegat stand erect or upright tercegat: stand erect or upright

cawak dimple

cecah dip lightly mencecah: to dip lightly mencecahkan: to touch something lightly


cekah to crack or split

cup Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

cekak amount one can hold with thumb and finger secekak: amount one can hold with thumb and finger bercekak: with arms akimbo bercekak pinggang: standing with arms akimbo mencekak: to hold between thumb and finger


celaru cover or catch something with the palm

disorganised; disorderly

mencekup: to cover or catch something with the palm

bercelaru; disorganised; disorderly mencelarukan: to disorganise



fault; blame; flaw; misdeed

resolute; firm; determined

celepa metal containers for cigarettes, tobacco, etc

celaan: criticism; rebuke mencela: to blame; to criticise; to rebuke mencelakan: to blame; to criticise; to rebuke tercela: despicable

cekal hati: stout-hearted; steadfast

celik open (eyes); wake up

cekang stiff; taut; tight

mencelik mata: to open the eyes mencelikkan: to open the eyes

celaan severe criticism and rebuke cekap efficient; proficient; competent

celopar celah

kecekapan: competence; efficiency ketidakcekapan: incompetent

talkative; out-spoken; very frank interspace; slit; crevice; cleft mencelah: to interrupt celoteh chat

cekau clutch at; grasp at


berceloteh: to chatter eye-liner

mencekau: to clutch at; to grasp at

celungap celaka


eat greedily fatal; fateful; inauspicious; damn

choke; strangle

kecelakaan: misfortune; accident mencelakakan: to cause misfortune; to ruin

mencekik darah: daylight robbery tercekik: choking; to be choked

celup dip in liquid; dye mencelup: to dip; to immerse temporarily mencelupkan: to dip; to immerse temporarily pencelup: dye pencelupan: act of dipping




hold with the hand mencekuh: to hold with the hand celapak


celur immerse in boiling water; scald


mencelapak: to straddle

concave Bahasa Melayu

mencelur: to scald 36/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


bercendawan: mouldy whip

celus penetrate or slip in

cendekia cemik

mencelus: to penetrate; to slip in

intellectual; learned pout lips to sneer cendekiawan: an intellectual mencemik: to pout one's lips to sneer or tease mencemikkan: to pout; to sneer

cemar contaminated; impure; polluted

cendera (1) moon (2) deity

mencemari: to contaminate; to pollute mencemarkan: to dirty; to tarnish pencemaran: pollution; contamination tercemar: contaminated; polluted

cempaka a type of tree with sweet-smelling flowers cenderamata souvenir cempedak a fruit resembling the jackfruit

cemara wig; artificial hair

cenderawasih bird of paradise cemuh flout or disobey openly; ridicule

cemas dreaded; frightened; worried; desperate

mencemuhkan: to ridicule

kecemasan: emergency; urgency mencemaskan: to cause fear

cenderung inclined or sloping kecenderungan: tendency; inclination

cencaluk prawn pickle cembul


container; receptacle

a drink made of jelly-like strands of dough and coconut milk cencang chop or mince


mencencang: to chop or mince convex

cengang amaze tercengang-cengang: amazed

cencorot cemburu

musk-shrew or shrew-mouse jealous cengkadak praying mantis cendana

cemerlang excellent

sandalwood cengkam

kecemerlangan: excellence; glory; glow; radiance

grasp or clutch tightly cendawan mushroom

Bahasa Melayu


cengkaman: grasp; grip; clutch; stranglehold mencengkam: to grasp; to clutch http://mementoslangues.com/ Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


a lecture or talk club-footed berceramah: to lecture penceramah: speaker

cengkeram deposit cepu small ornamental casket cerana cepudebunga: anther

cengkerama amuse

metal box

bercengkerama: to amuse cepumas

cerang jackpot


cengkerik cricket or cicada (insect) ceracap

cerat castanets


cengkih clove (spice) ceracau

cengkung sunken or hollow (of eyes or cheeks)

cerca mutter or talk nonsense

scorn; insult

menceracau: to mutter or talk nonsense; to cry in one's sleep

mencerca: to scorn; to insult


cerdas bright; fair (light-coloured); fine (weather); promising


apt; intelligent


kecerdasan: intelligence cerai divorce; separate; scatter



quick; fast; early

ceraian: section of a written law or agreement bercerai: divorced; to part bercerai-berai: scattered; broken up menceraikan: to divorce; to separate perceraian: separation; divorce tercerai: separated; scattered

kecepatan: quickness; speed mempercepatkan: to quicken; to speed up secepat: as quickly as

bright; clever; intelligent kecerdekan: intelligence

cerek kettle

cepiau hat with strings that tie under the chin; bonnet

cerakin to analyse mencerakin: to analyse mencerakinkan: to analyse

cepoa abacus

ceramah Bahasa Melayu


cereka story; fiction

cerewet fussy; fastidious http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

cergas energetic; alert; full of initiative

cerompong muzzle (of firearm)





kecergasan: agility; alertness



cerita story

bercetai-cetai: tattered

bercerita: to tell a story menceritakan: to narrate penceritaan: narration of a story

cerpen short story cetak cerpenis: short story writer


pile driven into the ground

cetak rompak: piracy (in printing) cetakan: edition; print (noun) mencetak: to print percetakan: printing

cermat careful; cautious; thrifty


mencermatkan: to economise






mirror cermin mata: spectacles cerminan: reflection bercermin: having a mirror mencerminkan: to reflect; to give an impression of



money lender

to pound (rice) menceruh: to pound (rice) cetus


outburst (of feeling); outbreak



cetusan: outburst; outbreak mencetuskan: to cause an outburst

nook; corner

mencernakan: to digest pencernaan: digestion cerun

steep slope (at edge of plateau)

ceroboh (1) trespass; gatecrash; intrude (2) graceless

kecerunan: gradient; steepness


(1) cheroot (2) to tie tightly; to strangle with rope



menceroboh: to trespass penceroboh: trespasser; intruder pencerobohan: intrusion cerut

mencerut: to tie up tightly; to strangle mencerut leher: to strangle

cerobong ship's funnel; chimney Bahasa Melayu


great grandchild mencicit: to squeak http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

cipta create; invent ciptaan: creation mencipta: to create; to invent pencipta: creator; author penciptaan: the creation of tercipta: created; composed

cicir drop or fall out berciciran: dropping scatteredly keciciran: drop-out mencicirkan: to scatter little by little tercicir: left behind; dropped out; lagged behind

coklat brown; chocolate

cokmar ceremonial mace ciri characteristic



bercirikan: featured; characterised mencirikan: to characterise


a bit secolek: a bit mencolek: to touch; to scrape up




diarrhoea coli brassiere



sapodilla (fruit)

ambition colok

bercita-cita: ambitious citarasa: taste; flavour



Chinese comel



(1) kiss (2) smell

cincin ring

bercium: (1) to kiss (2) to smell ciuman: (1) a kiss (2) a sniff; a smell bercium-ciuman: to exchange kisses mencium: (1) to kiss (2) to smell; to sniff tercium: (1) kissed accidentally (2) sniffed; smelt


comot dirty; grubby

love bercinta: in love; having feeling of love mencintai: to love pencinta: lover; fan; admirer pencinta alam: nature lover percintaan: love affair tercinta: loved

compang-camping in rags or tatters (clothes)

cocok suitable; agreeable; compatible secocok: suitable; agreeable; compatible; identical; similar

condong incline; slant cogan



(1) battle-axe (2) tapir

kecondongan: inclination mencondongkan: to slant; to incline

cogan kata: slogan; motto

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


coreng-moreng: full of streaks and scratches bercoreng: streaked

count mentally


mencubit: to pinch secubit: a pinch (very small amount) cubitan: a pinch

coret conceited; proud

scribble or scrawl

cuci (1)wash (2)develop (a film)


mencuci: to wash cucian: laundry or washing

corong doodle

funnel; chimney; microphone

menconteng: to doodle on mencontengkan: to doodle

cucu grandchild

corot hindmost

cucu-cicit: grandchild and great grandchild

contoh example; sample; model cota

mencontohi: to take as an example percontohan: specimen; sample


cucuh ignite mencucuh: to ignite mencucuhkan: to set fire to pencucuh: igniter



weather; climate

pickpocket mencopet: to pickpocket pencopet: a pickpocket



prick; inject; pierce

careless; negligent

mencucuk: to prick; to inject; to poke tercucuk: pricked; pierced; stabbed

kecuaian: carelessness; negligence mencuaikan: to neglect; to act carelessly

corak design; pattern; colour bercorak: having designs and colour mencorakkan: to design




afraid; nervous corat-coret sketch; scrawl



flow; trickle; sprinkle

try; attempt





scratch or streak Bahasa Melayu

bercucuran: to flow; to gush mencucuri: to pour on; to sprinkle on mencucurkan: to sprinkle

cubaan: an attempt; an experiment mencuba: to try; to attempt; to test percubaan: act of trying


pinch 41/216

beckon with finger http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mencuit: to touch with the fingertips

menculik: to kidnap penculik: kidnapper penculikan: kidnapping curam


steep vinegar cuma cuka getah: formic acid

kecuraman: steepness mencuram: to steepen

only; merely percuma: free (without any charge)


curang tax

insincere; disloyal; dishonest cumbu

cukai pendapatan: income tax cukai pintu: assessment cukai kepala: levy cukai tanah: quit rent mencukai: to tax

praise; flatter; caress; kiss

kecurangan: dishonesty mencurangi: to deceive

cumbuan: smooch; flattery; caress; kiss bercumbu-cumbuan: smooch bercumbuan: to flirt curi steal


cungap enough; exactly


cukup bulan: end of the month cukup letih: exhausted cukup umur: having reached the required age mencukupi: enough; sufficient; adequate mencukupkan: to supplement; to make sufficient

tercungap: panting tercungap-cungap: panting

mencuri: to steal kecurian: stolen; theft pencuri: thief

curiga suspicious; questionable cungkil pick; dig out; extract


kecurigaan: suspicion mencurigai: to suspect; to distrust mencurigakan: to arouse suspicion

mencungkil: to pick; to dig out; to extract shave bercukur: to shave mencukur: to shave pencukur: shaver; person who shaves




horn of rhinoceros

leave; holiday; vacation cuti am: public holiday bercuti: to be on holiday percutian: vacation; holiday



cigar; cheroot

cuti ear-lobe


pour mencurah: to pour curahan: downpour; outpour mencurahi: to pour on mencurahkan: to pour out

culik kidnap Bahasa Melayu

curut a cubic measure


D http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


dagang to beat or thump

mendahulukan: to advance or bring forward pendahuluan: a preface; an advance (of payment, etc.) terdahulu: earlier

foreign; alien; trade dagangan: merchandise berdagang: to trade memperdagangkan: to commercialise; to trade in something pedagang: trader; merchant perdagangan: trade; commerce

dacing weighing scale or balance

daif weak; feeble; humble; lowly kedaifan: weakness; incompetence




meat; flesh

mendada: to walk proudly; to strut

dajal mischievous dagu chin

dadah drug

dakap embrace or hug dahaga

berdakap: to embrace or hug dakapan: a hug berdakap-dakapan: embracing one another mendakap: to embrace or hug


dadak sudden; abrupt

mendahagakan: to cause thirst




daki hum; clear throat

(1)dirt or stain (2)climb

berdaham: to hum; to clear throat especially to attract attention

pendakian: a climb mendaki: to climb or ascend pendaki: climber terdaki: to manage to climb

dadu dice dahan branch (of plant) daerah




kedaerahan: regionalism




dakwaan: summons; accusation; indictment mendakwa: to accuse; to indict; to charge pendakwa: prosecutor; complainant pendakwaan: prosecution; summons



horrible; awful; terrible

berdaftar: registered mendaftar: to register or enrol mendaftarkan: to register or enrol pendaftar: registrar pendaftaran: registration

dakwah sermon or preaching dahulu before; former; of the past; earlier

berdakwah: to preach pendakwah: preacher

dahulu kala: long ago mendahului: to be ahead Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

damai dakwat

dangau peace; tranquility

small temporary hut (in rice-field or orchard)

ink berdamai: to make peace kedamaian: peace; tranquility mendamaikan: to pacify pendamai: peacemaker; mediator perdamaian: peace

dakyah propaganda

dangkal shallow; unintelligent kedangkalan: shallowness; superficiality



dart (for blow-pipe)

fee or commission

dansa dance




(1)inside; in (2)deep

dapat earn; get as reward; gain as interest; can (be able to)

dalamnya: depth; profundity mendalam: profound; detailed mendalami: to probe further mendalamkan: deepen pedalaman: hinterland; interior sedalam: as deep as sedalam-dalamnya: as thoroughly as possible

mendapat: to receive; to obtain mendapati: to realise; to discover mendapatkan: to get; to communicate pendapat: opinion pendapatan: income sedapat-dapatnya: if possible; as far as possible terdapat: found; discovered

dampar cast ashore; stranded terdampar: washed ashore; stranded

damping dalang

intimate (friendship) mastermind

dapur berdampingan: adjacent; adjoining; side by side; close to mendampingi: to stand next to; to flank

mendalangi: to mastermind

kitchen; stove

dara dalih

dan equivocation; pretext

maiden; virgin and

berdalih: to give excuses berdalih-dalihan: to blame one another mendalihkan: to feign; to pretend

darab danau

multiplication lake mendarabkan: to multiply pendarab: multiplier

dalil proof

dandan coiffure; hair-style darah dandanan: coiffure; make-up; outfit berdandan: adorned mendandan: to adorn

dam draughts (board game)

Bahasa Melayu


blood darah daging: blood relation darah muda: youthful darah panas: hot-headed darah tinggi: hypertension http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

berdarah: bloody; bleeding pendarahan: haemorrhage sedarah: of the same family line


memperdayakan: to cheat or deceive berdaya: to have the ability sedaya: to the extent possible terdaya: capable of terperdaya: tricked; deceived

come or arrive mendatang: to come or appear suddenly kedatangan: arrival mendatangi: to pay a visit; to attack; to invade mendatangkan: to bring about pendatang: immigrant

darat land daratan: mainland mendarat: to land mendaratkan: to bring something to land pendaratan: landing

dayang court maiden datar flat; even dayu

dataran: plain; area of flat land mendatar: horizontal; level or flat


rumble; moan

from (place or time)

mendayu: to rumble; to moan

datin a title of distinction for woman



from (person)

oar berdayung: rowing (boat) mendayung: to row pendayung: oarsman

datuk (1)grandfather (2)title of distinction for man and woman

darjah degree; standard; class


dayus majesty; kingly power

darjat status; rank

man whose wife has committed adultery

berdaulat: sovereign; supreme kedaulatan: sovereignty

berdarjat: of high rank or status sedarjat: of equal status

debar palpitation or throbbing daun

debaran: throbbing or palpitation berdebar: to throb or palpitate mendebarkan: to cause to palpitate


darurat emergency

berdaun: having leaves




gun or rifle shot

dust; dirt wire berdebu: dusty mendawaikan: to connect wires in pendawaian: wiring

dasar base; policy; underlying principle

debunga pollen

berdasarkan: based upon

daya power; capacity; ability

Bahasa Melayu


mendebungakan: to pollinate http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pendebungaan: pollination delima

dengar (1) ruby (2) pomegranate

hear or listen mendengar: to hear or listen kedengaran: audible mendengarkan: to listen to; to overhear memperdengarkan: to let someone hear pendengar: listener pendengaran: sense of hearing

debus whistling or rustling sound demam fever dedah divulge; expose; reveal demi mendedahkan: to introduce; to expose; to reveal pendedahan: revelation; exposure terdedah: exposed


(1) for (2) when (3) one by one (4) by (for oath or vow)

dengki jealousy; envy

berdemi: to swear by the name of God

berdengki-dengkian: jealous; envious mendengki: to envy; to spite kedengkian: jealousy; envy

demikian bran

thus; hence; therefore dengking


squeal; yelp (of a dog)

denai stubborn; obstinate

spoor; track or scent left by an animal

berdengking: to yelp; to squeal mendengking: to yelp; to squeal

kedegilan: stubbornness denda fine (imposed for offence) dekah

dengkur snore

guffaw; loud laughter

berdengkur: to snore dendam revenge; grudge; spite dekan dean

berdendam: having a grudge mendendami: to have a grudge against pendendam: the person who has a grudge

dengung buzzing sound berdengung: to buzz

dekat near dendang berdekatan: nearby kedekatan: proximity mendekati: to come close to berdekat: to be nearby terdekat: nearest

singing happily and for fun

dengus a snort

berdendang: to sing gaily dendangan: singing mendendangkan: to sing for someone dengut

emit a long murmur delapan

dengan eight

with denting

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

a tinkling sound berderam-deram: to rumble menderam: to growl

menderita: to suffer penderitaan: suffering

dentum an explosive sound derap dentuman: a loud bang berdentum: to make a loud bang

derma (1)footstep (2)pattering sound


rapid; quick; swift

dermawan: philanthropist menderma: to donate mendermakan: to donate something penderma: donor

deras denyut beat (heart) or throb denyutan: a beat (heart); a throb; pulsation berdenyut: to pulsate; to throb; to beat (heart)

depa fathom; length measured by outstretched arms



wharf or dock

sound of wind in the rain



mendepakan: to stretch the arms out sideways


row or line


deretan: rows (of houses) berderet: in rows berderet-deret: lined up in rows berderetan: lined up in rows sederet: in a single row or line

menderu: to roar deruan: a roar


desa countryside

di depan: in front ke depan: to the front berdepan: face to face mengedepankan: to bring forward; to propose terdepan: foremost terkedepan: first in line

derhaka disloyal; treacherous desak menderhaka: to betray penderhaka: traitor penderhakaan: betrayal; treachery

insist or urge; jostle; press desakan: pressure; compelling force mendesak: to push; to urge terdesak: desperate

dera punish

deria sense (e.g. sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch)

deraan: punishment mendera: to punish; to abuse

desas-desus heresay; rumour dering a chime or burr




berdering: to ring (of phone); to chirp



a growl Bahasa Melayu

desir suffering or distress


whistle of the wind

rustle of leaves; hissing or sizzling sound http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

desiran: rustle; hiss


dif at


destar turban


dikau he or she; him or her; it; his


desur babbling sound


detak throbbing or thumping

detik second or moment; tick berdetik: ticking terdetik: ticking

dikit (1)silent or quiet (2)inhabit or live

a few; a little

diam ubi: quiet but diligent person diam-diam: secretly; quietly kediaman: residence mendiami: to reside or inhabit mendiamkan: to silence mendiamkan diri: to become silent pendiam: quiet person terdiam: become speechless or silent

berdikit-dikit: bit by bit

dinding wall pendinding: a screen or partition berdindingkan: walled mendindingi: to enclose within a wall

dian candle dingin cold

dewa male deity or god


kedinginan: coldness bask

mendewa-dewakan: to show excessive devotion

berdiang: to bask dewan


hall; council


before dawn boil

Dewan Negara: Senate Dewan Rakyat: House of Representatives (Lower House of Parliament)

mendidih: to boil diraja royal didik

dewasa adult

educate or train; bring up (children); breed

kedewasaan: adulthood

didikan: educational training; upbringing berpendidikan: educated mendidik: to educate; to train; to teach; to nurture pendidik: teacher; educator pendidikan: education terdidik: educated; well brought up

dewi female deity or goddess

Bahasa Melayu


diri (1) oneself (2) stand berdiri: to stand mendirikan: to build; to erect pendirian: standpoint terdiri: to consist of


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

Disember December

duduk-duduk: sit around duduknya: situation berpenduduk: populated bersekedudukan: to live together kedudukan: situation; position menduduki: to occupy for residence mendudukkan: to place; to seat terduduk: to flop down penduduk: inhabitant

mendongak: to tilt the head upwards mendongakkan: to tilt the head upwards


dongeng prayer

fable; myth

berdoa: to beg; to pray mendoa: to beg; to pray mendoakan: to pray for

dongengan: fable; myth

duga guess

dorong impel; urge into being interested; motivate

menduga: to guess dugaan: anticipation; conjecture; trials

dobi laundry or dhobi

mendorong: to impel; to urge; to motivate dorongan: urging; motivation; encouragement pendorong: one who impels terdorong: motivated duit



lullaby mendodoikan: to sing to sleep

dosa sin duka berdosa: to be sinful

sadness; grief; sorrow


duka lara: sorrowful kedukaan: sorrow

a sweet Malay delicacy dua two dogol

dua sejoli: lovebirds berdua: both berdua-dua: two by two berdua-duaan: the only pair kedua: second menduakan: to make two of

bald kedogolan: baldness mendogolkan: to make bald


dukacita feeling sorry; sad berdukacita: to grieve mendukacitakan: to aggrieve


purse; wallet


medicine man anus





carry astride the back or waist widower

dondang-sayang: a traditional Malay song sung alternately by two persons

mendukung: to carry astride the back or waist berdukung: to be seated astride the back or waist pendukung: one who carries something or someone astride the back or waist

duduk (1)to sit (2)to stay or reside

dongak tilt the head upwards Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

envoy; ambassador dulang tray

kedutaan: embassy eja

mendulang: to pan for ores

spell duyun

mengeja: to spell ejaan: spelling

in a swarm or crowd duli your majesty; dust

berduyun-duyun: in a swarm or crowd ejek jeer; mock


duyung stupid


mengejek: to mock; to jeer ejekan: mockery

kedunguan: stupidity dwi dual



one; sole world

dwibahasa: bilingual dwibulanan: bimonthly dwimata: binocular dwipihak: bipartite dwitahunan: biennial

duniawi: worldly keduniaan: worldliness sedunia: the whole world

ekanada monotone






berduri: thorny edar circulate; distribute

ekasuku monosyllable


beredar: to circulate; to distribute mengedar: to circulate; to distribute edaran: cycle; circulation; rotation mengedari: to revolve around mengedarkan: to distribute; to ciculate pengedar: distributor pengedaran: distribution peredaran: circulation; rotation; revolution; orbit

evil; wicked

dusta a lie; untrue statement

ekor tail; numeral coefficient for animals ekoran: consequence; result berekor: having a tail mengekor: hang like a tail mengekori: to tail; to follow closely

berdusta: to lie mendustai: to lie to eh exclamation of enquiry dusun



yard (measure of length) ehwal matters; affairs

duta Bahasa Melayu


elak http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

dodge; evade; avoid

centrifugal; off course

mengelak: to dodge; to avoid; to evade mengelakkan: to evade; to dodge; to avoid

emparan: centrifuge

Encik Mr.

empat elok

endah four

heed; pay attention to

berempat: group of four keempat: fourth

mengendahkan: to heed

beautiful; good mengelokkan: to beautify memperelokkan: to beautify seelok-eloknya: the best or most appropriate way

endap emper

ambush penthouse


mengendap: to wait in ambush mother emping flake (e.g. of snow); sweetmeat made from unripe rice fried and pounded flat


endul cradle

gold keemasan: golden empuk

enggan soft; tender

unwilling; reluctant


keengganan: unwillingness; reluctance cry of a sheep, goat or calf empulur

mengembek: to bleat

pith (of stem or fruit) enggang hornbill




delicious engkau

berembun: wet with dew

you; your enam six



raise a fishing-line slowly

crank of a machine enapan sediment





empangan: dam

enau kind of palm engsot move slightly and slowly

empar Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

persefahaman: mutual understanding sefahaman: sharing the same view enjal

Eropah cram or stuff

Europe; of European origin faharasat

mengenjal: to cram or stuff (as of food into the mouth)

index to a book erti meaning


fajar don't know

bererti: having a meaning dimengerti: understood mengerti: to understand pengertian: understanding seerti: synonym

entah-entah: maybe


fakir religious beggar

enteng light; easy esa keentengan: ease; lightness

sole; only one

falak universe; astronomy


esak apple


falsafah philosophy


esok epicentre


fana ephemeral; short-lived

keesokan: the next day eram brood; sit on eggs to hatch them; incubate

faraj vagina

mengerami: to sit on eggs to hatch them pengeraman: incubation

F fardu


duty; obligation

benefit; interest (on money)

erang a groan or moan

berfaedah: beneficial; useful

mengerang: to groan or moan erangan: a moan or groan

fasal (1)clause in a treaty, law or contract (2)about faham understand


fahaman: understanding; comprehension; doctrine berfahaman: school of thought kefahaman: understanding memahami: to understand pemahaman: understanding

tight; firm mengeratkan: to tighten; to strengthen Bahasa Melayu


fasih fluent; eloquent kefasihan: fluency http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menggadaikan nyawa: to sacrifice one's life tergadai: mortgaged; pawned Februari

fitnah February

libel; slander; defamation gadang memfitnah: to slander; to libel memfitnahkan: to slander; to libel

(1)colossal; immense (2)large round tray used for winnowing

fikah law based on Muslim theology gading foya

ivory; tusk revel; enjoy oneself


berfoya-foya: to relax; to enjoy oneself


gadis fikiran: opinion; thought berfikir: to think berfikiran: having the ability to think and to form opinions memikirkan: to think over; to ponder pemikiran: thinking terfikir: remembered sefikiran: having the same opinion

girl; virgin furak

kegadisan: virginity; purity difference; dissimilarity


gado-gado (1) a Malay dish made from vegetables (2) mixed up; disorderly



join together; unite; combine

of the Philippines

gaduh (1) quarrel (2) noise; uproar

gabungan: affiliation; combination; merger bergabung: to affiliate; united menggabungkan: to affiliate; to combine

bergaduh: to quarrel pergaduhan: a quarrel

firasah hunch; intuitive feeling; premonition gabus cork



gallant; brave; strong; mighty clairvoyance kegagahan: strength; might; bravery menggagahi: to force; to compel; to conquer

gada club used for fighting Firaun Pharaoh gagak


gada-gada pennant firdaus paradise; heaven gagal

failed; unsuccessful

gadai pawn; mortgage firman divine decree

Bahasa Melayu

gadaian: a pledge bergadai: to mortgage; to pawn menggadaikan: to mortgage; to pawn 53/216

kegagalan: failure menggagalkan: to fail (another person)


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


galur handle; cradle (of telephone); stem

furrow; groove gajus

manggalurkan: to explain

cashew nut gagap stammer; stutter gamak


tergagap: stammering


caw (e.g. of a rook)

menggamak: to estimate tergamak: willing; able gagas


to have an idea

a type of resin

gagasan: idea; plan

gamam nervous; stunned galah

tergamam: nervous; stunned


gagau grope

bergalah: using a pole sepenggalah: a pole's length

menggagau: to grope

gamang suffering from acrophobia (fear of heights)




of royal descent

gamat noisy; unruly; chaotic

galakan: encouragement menggalakkan: to encourage penggalak: one who encourages gaharu sandalwood

gambang xylophone galang obstruct

gait hook; connection

gambar picture; photograph; drawing; illustration

gaitan: hook; connection penggait: hook; connection


gambar rajah: diagram gambaran: impression bergambar: illustrated; to be photographed menggambarkan: to illustrate; to depict; to imagine tergambar: depicted; reflected

carry on the back menggalas: to carry on a pole over the shoulder; to vend

gajah elephant gali dig gaji salary; wages bergaji: salaried menggaji: to employ Bahasa Melayu

gambus an Arab musical instrument with six strings

menggali: to dig galian: mineral penggalian: act of digging; excavation gambut 54/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

peat; soft and loose (of soil) ganjak move or budge slightly gandin gamelan

berganjak: to move or budge slightly menganjak: to shift

mallet Javanese orchestra

ganding gamit

alongside; close beside


berganding: alongside bergandingan: alongside gandingan: coupling menggandingkan: to place beside


base; stand; wedge

beckon menggamit: to beckon

reward; gratuity gampang

ganjaran: reward; gratuity mengganjarkan: to reward

easy gandum wheat ganas


ferocious; fierce; savage; violent

odd; queer; strange

gandung keganasan: savagery; ferocity; violence mengganas: to terrorise; to rampage pengganas: terrorist

bamboo or wooden outrigger on the sides of a Malay boat menggandung: to load things onto a boat using bamboo or wooden outriggers

gantang a cubic measure

gancu long hooked stick

ganggang dry over a fire

ganti substitute berganti: in substitution for berganti-ganti: taking turns mengganti: to replace; to compensate menggantikan: to replace; to substitute pengganti: replacement gantirugi: indemnity; compensation

ganda double

ganggu to bother; to trouble; to disturb; to disrupt

berganda: doubled berganda-ganda: many times more menggandakan: to double gandaan: multiple of a number

mengganggu: to bother; to trouble; to disturb; to disrupt gangguan: disturbance; disruption; inconvenience; interference mengganggu-gugat: to bother; to disturb terganggu: disturbed; mentally or emotionally unstable gantung

hang or suspend

gandar axle

gangsa bronze

menggandar: to carry

ganja gandik

cannabis; hemp

bergantung: to depend on bergantungan: hanging in great numbers menggantung: to hang; to suspend menggantungkan: to hang up pergantungan: dependence; support tergantung: hanging

(1) gold ornament on bride's forehead (2) decoration on hilt of kris Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

crisp ganyar

gasar tough (not tender)

fierce and rough garis line


gasing chew up; devour; destroy

menggaris: to draw a line menggariskan: to draw a line penggaris: ruler garisan: line

mengganyang: to chew up; to devour; to destroy

a top

gatal (1) itchy (2) lewd (of person) gapah hurriedly; hastily


gatal-gatal: itching all over line; scratch menggarit: to scratch; to move; to stir


gaul stretch out the hand

mix (in society); associate

menggapai: to reach for; to clutch at


bergaul: to be together in a friendly way menggaul: to mix; to blend menggauli: to associate with; to mingle with pergaulan: mingling (in society); association (with other people)


gapura arch

garu (1)a rake (2)scratch gaung menggaru: to scratch tergaru-garu: scratching repeatedly


(1) deep ravine (2) echo bergaung: to echo

salt menggarami: to add salt garuk hoarse, deep or husky (of voice)

gawal confused; mistaken

garang fierce gasak menggarang: to rage

(1) strike (2) eat gluttonously

gawang waving with both arms

menggasak: to strike; to eat gluttonously garau hoarse (of voice)

gaya gasal

style; manner odd gaya hidup: lifestyle bergaya: having style; stylish menggayakan: to show; to parade

gari handcuffs gasang lecherous person garing Bahasa Melayu

gayat 56/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

feeling dizzy looking down from a high place

big and loose

gejala gayung

gedung water dipper

symptom or sign storehouse; office; large building

gejolak gayut

gegabah hang

big flame wildly impulsive (person) bergejolak: to flare up

bergayut: to hang bergayutan: to hang in large numbers menggayutkan: to hang

gegak noisy

gelabir dewlap; wattle

gegak-gempita: noisy; clamorous gebar blanket geladak gegancu

(1) deck of ship (2) stray dog (3) crook; criminal sprocket

gebu soft; delicate in texture; fluffy gelagat gegap

indication; habits noisy

gecar (1) saliva (2) watery gelak gegar

laugh jarring; jolting; shaking

gedabir dewlap

gelak ketawa: laughter tergelak: laugh unintentionally

gegaran: jarring movement bergegar: to shake; to rumble menggegarkan: to shake


gelambir huge; massive

dewlap gegas hurry bergegas-gegas: to hurry

gedempol fat

bangle gelang-gelang: ring-shaped objects pergelangan tangan: wrist

gegat worm that lives in books

gedempong very fat

gelanggang arena; court

gegua cavern

gedoboh Bahasa Melayu




Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menggeledah: to search; to ransack

gelangsar slide; glide; slip



geleman cur

scared; afraid

gelap dark; secret

geledang stretch out both arms

gelap hati: sinister gelap pekat: dark gelap-gelita: pitch dark kegelapan: darkness; caught in the dark menggelapkan: to embezzle

gelembung bubble gelembung-gelembungan: bubbles

geleding warp gelempang sprawling


bergelempang: sprawling



boil; seethe

gelaran: alias; title bergelar: titled

menggelegak: to boil; to seethe gelendong spindle gelegar




geleng shake the head menggeleng: to shake menggelengkan: to shake



a skin condition; urticaria




(1) a kind of dance (2) roll over

double blade paddle

gelentang roll over and over

menggelek: to roll over gelepai gelecah

dangling slip

gelekak peel off gelepar


flounder; flutter slip; lose one's balance


menggelepar: to flounder; to flutter


geledah search; ransack Bahasa Melayu

gelema 58/216

gelepik dangling; hanging down limply http://mementoslangues.com/ Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menggeliat: to stretch oneself tergeliat: sprained

gelintir pellet; pill


segelintir: a small part; a small group

leaping up flapping its wings geliga (1) sharp-witted; ingenious (2) bezoar gelisah


bergeliga: sharp-witted; ingenious


nervous; restless; anxious; jumpy kegelisahan: restlessness; anxiety menggelisah: to worry; to be anxious

gelimpang sprawl

geleser flap the wings; start turning (of wheels)

bergelimpangan: to sprawl tergelimpang: sprawled

gelobor too long or baggy (for clothes)

geletar tremble; shiver menggeletar: to tremble; to shiver


tickle; incite


gelodak covered (with blanket)



gelodar sprained; rebound


menggeletek: to tickle


gelojak derail; slip; skid

geletuk making a sound like the teeth chattering

big flame

menggelincir: to slip; to skid tergelincir: slipped; skidded gelojoh greedy

geli amused; ticklish

gelincuh stumble

geli-geman: tickled geli hati: amused; tickled kegelian: amusement menggelikan: to amuse; to tickle penggeli: one who is ticklish

gelombang wave gelinjang

bergelombang: in waves jump about menggelinjang: to jump about

geliang-geliut wriggling

gelongsor slide gelintar

menggelongsor: to slide search all over

geliat stretch oneself Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


menggelupas: to peel

kegemaran: hobby; favourite menggemari: to like very much penggemar: lover; fan; devotee; interested person

storm; great wave bergelora: to rise or move like waves; stormy menggelorakan: to inflame; to arouse emotionally

gelupur flutter menggelupur: to flutter

gemawan fleeting of clouds

gelosok rub menggelosok: to rub



gembala struggle; wrestle


bergelut: to struggle to get free pergelutan: struggle; scuffle

penggembala: herdsman

shiver; chatter (of teeth) gembereng cymbal

gema geluh

echo loam; rich soil bergema: to resound menggema: to resound

gembira happy; pleased; cheerful

gelulur slide down

bergembira: to rejoice menggembirakan: to cheer someone up

gemal a handful; a bunch gelumang dirty

gembar-gembur mere talk; bragging; pandemonium

gemala bergelumang: dirty

bezoar stone menggembar-gemburkan: to create an uproar


gemalai slip or slide down


gembleng unite

menggeluncur: to slip or slide down menggembleng tenaga: to unite penggemblengan: unification

gemam to hold (sweet) in mouth gelung bight; loop of rope; coil; knot of hair gembung bergelung: coiled up menggelungkan: to coil


gemap shocked

gembur gelupas peel Bahasa Melayu


gemar have a liking; desire 60/216

menggemburkan: to loosen http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menggendalakan: to disrupt; to interrupt tergendala: disrupted; interrupted gementar

gempur tremble

attack in a blitz menggempur: to attack; to storm penggempur: destroyer; assault troops penggempuran: an attack; an assault


gendak mistress

splattering sound gendang gemuk

drum fat

gemerencang loud clash (e.g. of cymbals)

menggemukkan: to fatten up genderang big drum

gemerlap iridescent; shining; glittering; shimmering

gemuruh thunder

bergemerlapan: to glitter gemerlapan: shining; glittering

bergemuruh: to thunder; thunderous

genggam grasp in the fist genggaman: a grasp menggenggam: to grasp in the fist menggenggam erat: to grasp firmly segenggam: a fistful; a handful




glorious; magnificient; brilliant kegemilangan: splendour; magnificance; glory genang

suffuse gempa

genggang apart

bergenang: stagnant; filled with tears

tremor; earthquake

genit cute and petite genap


complete; even

sturdy; chubby; plump

menggenapkan: to round up a figure segenap: all

genjang (1 )parallelogram (2) askew; awry

gempar pandemonium; uproar gencat

menggemparkan: to shock tergempar: urgent

cease; stop; discontinue

genjot askew; awry

gencatan senjata: ceasefire gempita

genjur noisy


gendala obstacle; disruption

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


bergerak: to move menggerakkan: to cause to move penggerak: motivator tergerak: shifted; moved suddenly

gepuh large bell


geram gentar


gera (1) vibration (2) afraid

alarm; scare; frighten

menggentar: to quiver menggentarkan: to cause to vibrate

menggera: to scare; to frighten; to alarm; to give a warning signal penggera: one who causes a fright; an alarm penggera kebakaran: fire alarm

menggeram: to growl

gerangan perhaps

gentas (1) severed (2) end or finish gerabak railway coach

gerantang din of voices; outburst of noise

hook for catching crocodiles


gentat dented geragai causing teeth to chatter gentel pellet geragas menggentel: to roll in the fingertips

comb one's hair in anger

gerbang gateway


geragau fibre

a small shrimp

gerecak sound like water boiling


geraham (1) crucial; decisive (2) pass or gap in mountains (3) roof tile


gereja church

genting bukit: mountain pass kegentingan: crucial gerai stall

gerek perforated

genyeh rub gerak

menggenyeh: to rub

move gerak hati: intuition gerak laku: behaviour gerak-geri: movements gerakan: action; movement

gepok bundle Bahasa Melayu

gerenyam lustful



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

gergaji saw

gerombong group or party

menggergaji: to saw

gerinjam (1) grindstone for teeth (2) ear scoop geronggang hollow

gergasi giant

gerlap sparkle menggerlap: to sparkle; to glitter



throbbing eclipse gerlip twinkle



dry; uninteresting; dull swarm

menggerlip: to twinkle; to flicker

gertak gericau

germut screeching sound

threat swarm gertakan: intimidation; threat menggertak: to threaten


gerenyut glitter; sparkle

squirm; throb gerudi a drill


menggerudi: to drill penggerudian: act of drilling

gerobak serrated

coach or cart



gerobok unevenly serrated





gerodak drizzle


rattling sound


geromboi group together

a drill

geruk to wrap

bergeromboi: to group together geromboian: group or gang gerun


frightened; terrified

sick (for king) Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menggerunkan: to terrify; terrifying


bergiat: working eagerly kegiatan: activity menggiatkan: to activate; to inspire; to encourage mempergiatkan: to activate; to inspire; to encourage

menggetap: to grit gerutu rough to the touch getar menggerutu: rough to the touch

tremble; vibrate

gigi tooth

getaran: vibration bergetar: to tremble; quivering menggetarkan: to cause to vibrate


gigi air: edge of water meeting land gigi kacip: incisor gigi rongak: gap between teeth bergigi: toothed

hurry tergesa-gesa: hurried gesaan: urge menggesa: to hasten; to urge

getas brittle; sensitive gigih determined; obstinate


kegigihan: determination

getil grate or scrape


bergesek: to grate; to scrape gesekan: a fiddle menggesek: to play the violin

menggetil: to pinch gigil tremble or shiver menggigil: to tremble; to shiver

getir bitter gesel rub gigit bergesel: to rub each other geselan: a rub menggeselkan: to rub tergesel: rubbed against


ghaib disappear; vanish; mysterious

gigitan: act of biting; a bite menggigit: to bite tergigit: bitten accidentally

mengghaibkan: to cause to vanish



rub; shift

strong desire or passion

bergeser: to rub; to shift geseran: friction

keghairahan: strong passion, desire or enthusiasm mengghairahkan: to arouse passion or desire





bergetah: sticky; having latex

gila mad; insane gila angau: infatuated gila bayang: crazy about someone gila pangkat: crazy for power kegilaan: craziness; craze menggila: act like a mad person; infatuated with or crazy over someone tergila-gila: mad; crazy tergila-gilakan: driven crazy by someone or something

giat energetic; active

getap Bahasa Melayu


gilang-gemilang bright; glittering http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

bergolak: to boil; disturbed or confused pergolakan: disturbance; agitation; turbulence gilap

giring shine brilliantly

to herd golek

menggilap: to polish

roll bergolek: to roll

glur voluptuous gilas crush; run over golok


gobek tool for crushing betel leaf, areca nut, etc giling grind; roll

mengobek: to grind or pound areca nut golong

menggiling: to grind; to roll

classify menggolongkan: to classify golongan: group tergolong: relevant

gocoh haste; hurry gilir take turns

tergocoh-gocoh: hastily; hurriedly

bergilir: to take turns giliran: a turn bergilir-gilir: to take turns

gomol wrestle

goda temptation

bergomol: to wrestle menggomol: to hug or embrace tightly

godaan: temptation; lure; enticement menggoda: to tempt; to lure; enticing penggoda: seducer tergoda: seduced; enticed

gilis run over by a train

goncang shake gincu lipstick

bergoncang: to shake menggoncangkan: to shake something

godam large mace

bergincu: wearing lipstick menggincu: to apply lipstick gondok


(1)short and fat (2)goitre

base of skull ginjal kidney gondol

gogok a gulp girang

bergondol: bald; leafless menggondol: to carry off; to win; to gain

glad; cheerful kegirangan: happiness; joy menggirangkan: to cheer up someone Bahasa Melayu

(1)bald; leafless (2)carry off; win

golak disturbed or confused 65/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

gonggong carry in the mouth

cooperation bergotong-royong: to cooperate

menggonggong: to carry in the mouth

gubuk hut goyah


loose (not firm) munch

gudang godown; warehouse goyang


unsteady; shaky scrub bergoyang: to shake; to sway menggoyangkan: to rock or jerk lightly

menggonyoh: to scrub

gugat accuse; claim; criticise menggugat: to accuse; to claim; to criticise tergugat: threatened; jeopardised; to be at stake

gopoh-gapah hastily

gua cave gugup

tergopoh-gapah: in a hurry

panicky guam

kegugupan: state of panic disagree; dispute

goreng fry; fried gugur

menggoreng: to fry


drop; miscarry; abort disagree; conflict; dispute berguguran: dropping in large numbers keguguran: miscarriage; abortion menggugurkan: to abort; to drop

guaman: disagreement; conflict; quarrel perguaman: disagreement; conflict; quarrel peguam: lawyer Peguam Negara: Attorney-General

gores scratch goresan: scratches bergores: scratched menggores: to scratch menggoreskan: to scratch something tergores: scratched

gugus bundle or bunch gubah arrange; compose

segugus: a bundle or bunch of gugusan: group

menggubah: to arrange; to compose gubahan: (1) composition (2) garland penggubah: composer

gosok brush; rub; polish


gosokan: something that has been ironed menggosok: to brush; to rub; to polish menggosokkan: to rub something penggosok: a cleaner; an iron; a brush

sugar gubal

gula-gula: sweets draft (legislation) menggubal: to draft (legislation) penggubal: legislator penggubalan: act of drafting; legislation

gotong-royong Bahasa Melayu


gulai curry http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


thunder concubine guruh-gemuruh: thunderous

guli marble guni jute bag or sack

gurun desert

guling roll gunting berguling: to roll bergulingan: rolling over and over menggulingkan: to roll something; to topple; to overthrow terguling: overthrown; toppled


scissors; shears

gus simultaneously

menggunting: to cut with scissors or shears mengguntingkan: to cut something

guntur roll

sekaligus: simultaneously

gusar thunder

gulungan: a roll bergulung: rolled up; rolling; winding menggulung: to roll menggulung perbahasan: to conclude the debate menggulung ucapan: to conclude the speech

angry; worried menggusarkan: to anger; to cause worry

gunung mountain gusi gunung berapi: volcano gunung-ganang: mountains menggunung: to soar like a mountain pergunungan: highlands; mountainous

gumpal clod; lump

gum (dental)


gumpalan: a clod; a lump of; conglomeration bergumpal: lumpy bergumpal-gumpal: in clods or lumps; in clots

wrestle gurau

bergusti: to wrestle joke gurauan: the butt of a joke bergurau: to joke



use; purpose guna tenaga: employment guna-guna: charms berguna: useful kegunaan: use; function menggunakan: to use; to consume pengguna: consumer; user

gurindam a proverbial verse

guru teacher berguru: having a teacher perguruan: institute; education

gundah depressed

guruh Bahasa Melayu


haba heat

habis finished; completed; done berhabis: to squander berhabis-habisan: to the best of one's ability and effort kehabisan: exhausted; depleted penghabisan: conclusion; last sehabis: immediately after http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

ritual impurity

berhajatkan: to wish for menghajati: to wish for

hablur crystal

hadiah present; gift; prize

berhablur: to become crystallised menghablur: to crystallise terhablur: in a crystallised state

haji a Muslim man who has fulfilled the pilgrimage to Mecca

menghadiahkan: to present a gift

hak hadir habuan

right; entitlement to be present

share (e.g. of prize)

hak cipta: copyright hak milik: proprietary rights berhak: having the right; to be entitled

kehadiran: attendance; presence menghadiri: to attend menghadirkan diri: to be present hadirin: those present

habuk dust

hakikat berhabuk: dusty

truth; reality hafaz memorise menghafaz: to memorise




true; real

berhad: limited mengehadkan: to limit terhad: limited

haid menstruation

hakim judge


kehakiman: judicial menghakimi: to judge menghakimkan: to judge penghakiman: judgement

hairan digest

astonished; amazed; surprised

menghadamkan: to digest penghadaman: digestion

kehairanan: amazement; astonishment menghairankan: to astonish; to amaze hakis erode


haiwan front; direction


berhadap-hadapan: face-to-face hadapan: forward part; in front berhadapan: to face menghadap: to have an audience with the king menghadapi: to face; to meet menghadapkan: to cause to meet or face terhadap: about; toward

menghakis: to erode hakisan: erosion

hajah a Muslim woman who has fulfilled the pilgrimage to Mecca

hal matter; situation hal-ehwal: affairs menghalkan: to talk about

hajat purpose; intention; desire hadas Bahasa Melayu

berhajat: to have the intention 68/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

hala direction

menghambat: to pursue or chase

menghala: in the direction of menghalakan: to aim at

halkum larynx; Adam's apple hambur scattered


berhamburan: scattered menghamburi: to fill up menghamburkan: to scatter



greed; greedy



rightful; permissible; legitimate

(1) bow of boat (2) direction; course

menghalalkan: permit; allow

hambus go away

berhaluan: to follow a course sehaluan: following the same course

berhambus: to go away

halaman (1) compound (2) page



halang block; obstruct; hinder menghalang: to block; to obstruct; to hinder halangan: obstacle penghalang: obstacle; hindrance

fine; soft; gentle; refined


halus-halus: finely menghalusi: to find out in detail; to treat gently memperhalusi: to find out in detail; to treat gently

kehamilan: pregnancy

hamis stink halwa fruits preserved in syrup

devoid; lacking; disappointed; frustrated



chase or drive away

hampa beras: husk hampa hati: frustrated; disappointed kehampaan: disappointment; frustration menghampakan: to frustrate; to disappoint


menghalau: to chase or drive away hamba slave

halia ginger

memperhamba: to enslave; to treat as a slave perhambaan: enslavement

hampagas vacuum

halilintar thunder


hambar tasteless; insipid

halimunan invisible

hambat pursue or chase

Bahasa Melayu


spread out (a carpet) menghampar: to spread out (a carpet) hamparan: carpet; mat menghampari: to cover menghamparkan: to spread out (like a carpet) http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

hanya kehandalan: cleverness

only hanya satu: except one; only one

hampas dregs hangat hampas kelapa: coconut dregs; coconut husk

hot hanyir stinking; fishy


hangit near; close; almost

having a burning smell hanyut

hampir-hampir: nearly; almost berhampiran: to be near; near by menghampiri: to approach menghampirkan: to bring close to

drift; wander; carried away by a current berhanyut-hanyut: to drift menghanyutkan: to cause to drift away

hangus burnt; scorched





drifting movement

(1) hit or punch (2) finish all at once

menghamput: to scold

menghantam: to beat violently hapak musty; stale-smelling



chide; scold; abuse

send; pass (a ball)

menghamun: to scold; to berate

hantaran: dowry; something that is sent menghantarkan: to send off; to bring; to escort penghantar: sender; deliverer penghantaran: delivery

hapus vanish; disappear menghapuskan: to wipe out; to abolish; to eradicate penghapusan: abolition; eradication terhapus: eradicated; abolished

hancing stinking; foul-smelling hantu ghost; phantom; spectre hancur

harafiah destroy; dissolve; shatter

berhantu: haunted menghantui: to haunt

hancur luluh: destroy (of marriage, friendship); devastated kehancuran: destruction; ruin menghancurkan: to destroy; to shatter


haram hantuk

unlawful; forbidden; illicit bump or knock into


mengharamkan: to forbid; to ban pengharaman: banning

berhantuk: to bump or knock into menghantukkan: to knock terhantuk: to knock or collide accidentally hantukan: bumping or knocking sound

friend; associate

harap handal

hope reliable; strong; clever

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

harapan: hope; expectation pengharapan: hope; expectation berharap: to hope; to wish berharapkan: to hope for mengharap: to hope; to wish; to expect mengharapkan: to hope for; to wish for

mengharum: fragrant mengharumi: to make fragrant mengharumkan: to make fragrant; to make famous

penghasut: instigator

hati (1) liver (2) heart (in emotional sense) harung wade


berhati binatang: cruel berhati-hati: cautious memperhatikan: to pay attention pemerhati: observer perhatian: attention sehati sejiwa: one heart and soul (togetherness)

mengharungi: to wade price; value berharga: valuable menghargai: to appreciate penghargaan: honour; appreciation

harus necessary; inevitable; must; fitting mengharuskan: to compel; to permit seharusnya: necessarily; inevitably; actually

haus (1) thirsty (2) worn out

hari day

kehausan: (1) thirst (2) abraded menghauskan: to cause thirst; to yearn for

haribulan: date harian: daily berhari-hari: day after day sehari: one day sehari-hari: every day sehari-harian: all day long

hasad jealous; envious; malevolent hawa atmosphere; air; climate hasil product; result hasil bumi: natural resources hasil jualan: sales returns hasil negeri: state revenue hasil pertanian: agricultural products berhasil: successful; fruitful menghasilkan: produce

harimau tiger

hayat life menghayati: to appreciate; to experience penghayatan: appreciation

harta property hebah

harta tanah: real estate hartawan: wealthy person; magnate berharta: having property; wealthy


announce; broadcast desire; ambition; object of desire juruhebah: announcer; broadcaster penghebah: announcer; broadcaster menghebahkan: to announce; to broadcast penghebahan: announcement

berhasrat: to have a desire

haru-biru uproar; chaos

hasta length from elbow to tip of middle finger

mengharukan: to plague terharu: upset; grieved

hebat grand; great hasut instigate

harum fragrant haruman: fragrance; perfume Bahasa Melayu

kehebatan: power; awe memperhebatkan: to intensify

menghasut: to instigate hasutan: instigation 71/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


stamp (of feet) noisy

hempap crushed

menghentak: to stamp (of feet) hentakan: stamping of the feet menghentakkan: to stamp (of feet)

menghebohkan: to cause an uproar; to publicise menghempap: to crush by falling on top of menghempapkan: to cause something heavy to fall on hegeh flaunting; swagger

hentam hempas

bash; strike; batter; beat slam; throw; lash menghentam: to bash; to strike; to batter; to beat hentam keromo: to finish all at once

menghempas: to slam; to throw; to lash berhempas pulas: to work very hard terhempas: thrown; tossed

hela drag or haul menghela: to drag or haul

henti stop hempedal gizzard


berhenti: to stop memberhentikan: to cause to stop menghentikan: to cause to stop pemberhentian: stoppage perhentian: a place for stopping terhenti: stopped

contrivance; trick; excuse

hempedu bile

helai piece


hendak helang eagle

hemah manners

want; desire; need; wish


berkehendak: to wish for berkehendakkan: to want; to require kehendak: a wish menghendaki: to require; to ask for sekehendak hati: according to one's wish

menghenyak: to stamp menghenyakkan: to throw oneself upon terhenyak: sit down suddenly

herdik scold; find fault hendap


herdikan: scolding mengherdik: to scold

lurk; latent; spy

frugal; careful and economical

menghendap: to spy; to lurk terhendap-hendap: to lurk; to be latent

berhemat: to be careful; to be thrifty menghematkan: to economise

heret drag hening


mengheret: to drag

calm; clear; pure

blow; exhale

keheningan: quietness; clearness

hembusan: a puff; a gust of wind; exhalation menghembus: to blow; to exhale menghembuskan: to blow out

herot crooked hentak

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menghidu: to smell hias

hilir adorn; make-up; decorate

downstream hidung

menghias: to decorate menghiasi: to decorate menghiaskan: to decorate perhiasan: decoration; adornment


hilir-mudik: up and down menghilir: to go downstream

hidung tinggi: snobbish

himpit hidup hiba

squeeze or crush live; alive; life

sorrow; longing

himpitan: act of squeezing or crushing; crowd berhimpitan: pushing; pressing; squeezing; crushing menghimpit: to squeeze or crush; to press terhimpit: squeezed; crushed; pressed

hidup-hidup: alive hidupan: living things kehidupan: life menghidupkan: to start; to switch on penghidupan: livelihood

berhiba hati: sorrowful menghibakan: to arouse feelings of sorrow


himpun entertain; amuse

assemble; collect hijau

menghibur: to entertain; to amuse; to cheer up hiburan: entertainment; amusement menghiburkan: entertaining penghibur: entertainer terhibur: entertained

(1) green (2) immature

berhimpun: to assemble; to gather himpunan: accumulation; collection menghimpunkan: to assemble; to collect perhimpunan: assembly; gathering

kehijauan: greenish; greenery menghijau: to appear to be green; to become green

hijrah hidang

hina (1) Muslim era (2) migrate

low-down; contemptible; dishonourable; mean

berhijrah: to migrate penghijrahan: migration

menghinakan: to insult penghinaan: humiliation; insult terhina: scorned

serve; present (food) menghidangkan: to serve; to present (food) hidangan: a dish of food

hikayat hidap

story; history


suffer from (an illness)


menghidap: to suffer from (an illness) menghidapi: to suffer from (an illness)

terhincut-hincut: limping hikmat wisdom; magical powers hindar


avoid guidance

hilang lost; lose kehilangan: loss; disappearance menghilang: to disappear menghilangkan: to cause to disappear

hidu smell Bahasa Melayu


menghindar: to avoid; to pull to the side menghindari: to avoid; to evade menghindarkan: to avoid terhindar: averted


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

terhormat: respected

hingar-bingar noisy

hisab calculate

hubung communicate

ilmu hisab: arithmetic hubungan: connection; ties; link; sexual affair berhubung: regarding; in respect of berhubungan: having regards to menghubungkaitkan: to interrelate menghubungi: to contact menghubungkan: to connect perhubungan: connection; relationship

hingus mucus from nose hisap suck menghisap: to suck; to smoke penghisap: smoker; sucker; drinking-straw hisapan: suction

hingga till; until

hujah argument; debate; quarrel




berhujah: to wrangle; to contend; to argue menghujahkan: to contend


menghinggapi: to perch on; to attack (by illness)

kehitaman: very black menghitamkan: to blacken hujan



shake; sway


hujan rintik-rintik: drizzle berhujan: to expose oneself to the rain kehujanan: caught in the rain menghujani: to rain upon

count; enumerate; consider berhitung: to count menghitung: to count memperhitungkan: to take into consideration perhitungan: consideration

hirau pay attention to; feel concern for menghiraukan: to pay attention to

hujung end; edge hodoh


hujung minggu: weekend hujung tahun: end of the year penghujung: conclusion; ending


slice; subdivide hirisan: a slice menghiris: to slice terhiris: be offended; be hurt; be touched emotionally

honar chaos; deceit; fraud

hukum law

hiruk-pikuk clamour; uproar

respect berhormat: respected kehormat: honourable kehormatan: honour menghormati: to respect penghormatan: honour; respect

hirup sip; suck menghirup: to sip; to suck Bahasa Melayu

hukuman: punishment; penalty; sentence hukuman maut: death sentence hukuman penjara: jail sentence menghukum: to sentence for punishment



hulu (1) butt; handle (of tool or weapon) (2) upstream http://mementoslangues.com/ Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

hulubalang commander; warlord

huru-hara uproar; chaos

iaitu namely; that is to say

menghuru-harakan: to create chaos hulur

ialah stretch

is; are huruf

menghulur: to stretch menghulurkan: to stretch; to release

letter of alphabet huruf besar: capital letter huruf kecil: small (lower case) letter

iau mew (cat's cry)


mengiau: to mew dry field hurung cancel ibadat


pious duties; worship fling; throw; hurl hutan menghumban: to fling; to hurl; to throw

forest ibarat

perhutanan: forestry

example; parable


mengibaratkan: to liken to inhabit hutang berhuni: inhabited berpenghuni: inhabited menghuni: to inhabit penghuni: inhabitant; dweller

debt hutang lapuk: bad debt hutang-piutang: all kinds of debts berhutang: to owe

iblis dickens; deuce; Devil (in exclamation)


hunjam bore vertically; dive; plunge down


huyung stagger terhuyung-hayang: to stagger





menghunus: to unsheathe ia it; he; she hurai expound; elaborate; untie huraian: elaboration; explanation; description menghuraikan: to untie; to separate; to settle; to decide Bahasa Melayu



beria-ia: truly; really mengiakan: to assent to seia sekata: agreeable

ibu ayam: pimp ibu jari: thumb ibu kota: capital city ibu negara: national capital ibu mentua: mother-in-law ibu sawat telefon: telephone exchange keibuan: motherly


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


advertisement crave; longing for idaman: desire; craving; longing mengidam: to crave; to long for mengidamkan: to crave for

mengiklankan: to advertise; to publicise pengiklanan: advertising periklanan: advertising

ikan fish perikanan: fisheries iklim


climate display the feathers

ikat tie; bind; bunch; bundle

mengigal: to display the feathers

ikat jamin: bail ikatan: string; union; band; ties; restriction ikatan kasih: love ties ikatan keluarga: family ties ikatan perkahwinan: matrimonial ties mengikat: to tie; to bind; obligatory pengikat: fastener perikatan: alliance; union; confederation

igau sleep-talk; nightmare mengigau: to talk in the sleep; to have a nightmare igauan: incubus (nightmare); burdensome person or thing

ikrab (1) inflexion (changing of the form of a word grammatically) (2) intimate

ikrar promise; pledge berikrar: to promise; to pledge mengikrarkan: to promise


ikhlas good deed

candid; unsophisticated; sincere; frank keikhlasan: honesty; sincerity

iktibar example; teaching

ijab answer to a prayer; tender for goods ikhtiar ijab kabul: formalisation of matrimony

endeavour; attempt; effort

iktikad faith

berikhtiar: to endeavour mengikhtiarkan: to devise; to plan

beriktikad: having the intention

ijazah degree (academic) ikhtisar compendium; summary; digest

iktiraf recognise; acknowledge; accept

ijtihad study

mengiktiraf: to recognise; to acknowledge; to accept pengiktirafan: recognition; acknowledgement; acceptance ikhtisas professional

ijuk black fibre of enau palm

iktisad economy ikhwan brothers

ikal curly

ikut follow

ikal mayang: long curly hair Bahasa Melayu

iklan 76/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengikut: to follow ikut angin: moody; temperamental ikut serta: participate ikut-ikutan: follow blindly; trend berikut: next; following berikutan: following that mengikuti: to shadow; to follow pengikut: follower terikut-ikut: imitating

menginap: to lodge; to reside penginapan: lodging

seimbang: equal; balanced berimbang: balanced; equal; matched; to balance keseimbangan: equilibrium imbangan: balance (noun) incar

gimlet (a tool for boring) imbas glimpse imbasan: a glimpse mengimbas: to glimpse


inci inch

laugh loudly; scream mengilai: to laugh loudly; to scream



lame; crippled

augment; increase; supplement; extra ilham

imbuhan: affix; addition; augmentation inspiration; sudden brilliant idea

indah beautiful

mengilhamkan: to inspire; to instil an idea into imla

keindahan: beauty mengindahkan: to beautify

dictate (words) ilmiah erudite; learned; scholarly impi dream; have visions ilmiawan

India of India or Indians

impian: a dream scholar indik trample

imsak ilmu

the time of commencement of fast knowledge; learning inding

berilmu: learned

covet; desire eagerly

inai henna imam

berinai: to have henna applied Muslim spiritual leader who leads the congregation in prayer

induk mother (animal)

inang iman

nursery maid piety

inframerah infra-red

inap imbang

lodge; reside balance

Bahasa Melayu


ingat http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

remember; memorise; recall

ipar Injil

ingat-ingat: be cautious; remember ingatan: memory; recollection; remembrance beringat-ingat: to be careful; to be aware mengingat: to remember; to think mengingatkan: to remind; reminiscent mengingati: to remember; to recall memperingati: to commemorate peringatan: reminder; warning seingat: as far as can be remembered teringat: being reminded teringat-ingat: recalling repeatedly; picturing in the mind

brother- or sister-in-law Bible ipar duai: in-laws

insaf disabuse; realisation; repentance

irama rhythm

keinsafan: realisation menginsafi: to realise; to repent


berirama: rhythmic

iras mankind



English insang

iri gill (of fish)


(1) catty; spiteful (2) jealousy

agog; eager; desirous; want; wish

iri hati: jealous; envious

keinginan: desire; want; wish menginginkan: to wish for; to desire; to yearn for teringin: craving

intai peep iring mengintai: to peep; to spy

escort; accompany iringan: accompaniment beriringan: walking together; followed by mengiringi: to escort; to accompany pengiring: an escort; entourage seiring: side-by-side

ingkar disobedient

intan diamond

mengingkari: to break a pledge; to disobey


ingus mucus from the nose



peek; peep; glance


slice or thin broad piece

beringus: having a runny nose intip ini this


terisak-isak: sobbing




intisari kernel; central or important part

menginjak: to step on; to trample

Bahasa Melayu


mengintip: to spy on pengintip: a spy; a secret agent pengintipan: act of spying


isi hati: feelings isi padu: volume berisi: to contain http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengisi: to fill up; to occupy mengisikan: to fill perisian: programming

jabal (1) mountain (2) rob istirehat rest; relax; interval


jabang kernel

baby isyak evening prayer (of Muslims)


jabar of the Muslim religion

almighty (for God) isyarat cue or signal


mengisyaratkan: to signal



sphere attained by the mystic

isytihar istana

declare; proclaim; announce



shake hands (in greeting) mengisytiharkan: to declare; to proclaim; to announce perisytiharan: declaration; proclamation

sejabat: colleague jabatan: department berjabat: to shake hands (in greeting) menjabat: to occupy a post pejabat: office

isteri wife itik isteri muda: second wife isteri tua: first wife beristeri: to be married (of a man) memperisteri: to take a wife memperisterikan: to give in marriage


jabel nab

itu that


jabhati ceremony; ceremonial


izin permission; consent; authorisation keizinan: permission mengizinkan: to permit; to consent



term (word or phrase); terminology

sac; pouch; small cloth purse

peristilahan: terminological


jabing prominent or large (of ears)

istimewa special; extraordinary

jaat a kind of bean

keistimewaan: specialty; peculiarity teristimewa: most special Bahasa Melayu

jabu billowy (of dust, smoke, etc)



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris



jah billowy (of dense foliage)


respect; honour be awake; be alert; guard; take care of jagaan: custody; care; charge; supervision berjaga: to guard berjaga-jaga: to be on guard; to be careful; to be alert menjaga: to look after penjaga: watchman; guardian; caretaker penjagaan: care; supervision terjaga: woke up jagabaya: village-police

jabung glue; resin

jabur mixed up; psalm

jahanam destroy; ruin; hell; scoundrel menjahanamkan: to wreck; to destroy; to ruin

jahang (1) to abuse angrily (2) dark red jagal


(1 )deal in small wares (2) slaughter (as a butcher)


jagalan: small wares; merchandise




(1) world; universe (2) blackhead; blemish



jadam a kind of medicine


low-class scoundrel; pariah

jadar a kind of plant


bad; evil; immoral

sejagat: worldwide; universal

kejahatan: badness; wickedness penjahat: villain sejahat-jahat: however bad

jadi make; happen; become; be born jadi-jadian: apparition menjadi: to become menjadikan: to make; to cause; to create kejadian: incident; happening terjadi: happened jadi-nya: so; therefore jadilah: thus

jagoan fighting cock; champion; candidate jahi ginger jaguh champion jahid ascetic



programme; schedule; list; table

maize; corn

menjadualkan: to schedule penjadualan: scheduling

jahil ignorant; stupid; uneducated jagur robust; burly

jae Bahasa Melayu


kejahilan: ignorance


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


jajal blazing (of hell)

jalar try or attempt

creep menjalar: to creep; to crawl


jajan sew or stitch

buy sweets jalin

menjahit: to sew or stitch tukang jahit: tailor jahit-menjahit: needlework menjahitkan: to sew something

plait; braid menjalin: to plait; to braid; to establish menjalinkan: to establish a relationship terjalin: woven; plaited; established

jajar parallel; on same level; row or line berjajar: in a row; next to each other sejajar: parallel; in line with; in alignment

Jahudi Jew

jalur stripe; strip jajat

jaluran: stripe berjalur-jalur: striped

mimic jail (1) rod with noose of fibre (2) sneaky; nagging jaksa judicial officer; justice

jam clock; watch; hour

jais unreceptive; inattentive

berjam-jam: for hours jala fishing net

jaiz lawful or permitted (of Muslims)

jala-jala: hairnet menjala: to fish with cast net penjala: fisherman


Jamadilawal fifth month of the Muslim calendar

hawk; peddle goods jalad berjaja: to hawk; to peddle goods menjaja: to hawk; to peddle penjaja: hawker

Jamadilakhir sixth month of the Muslim calendar


jamah touch; taste; eat in small amounts

jalan (1) road; street; way; route (2) walk

menjamah: to touch; to taste; to eat in small amounts

jajah colonise

berjalan: to walk berjalan-jalan: to take a walk menjalani: to undergo menjalankan: to perform; to carry out pejalan kaki: pedestrian perjalanan: journey

menjajah: to colonise jajahan: colony; district penjajah: coloniser; colonialist penjajahan: colonialism Bahasa Melayu


jamak plural (in grammar)


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

jamu jambak

(1) a meter (measuring device) (2) expect; anticipate (3) period of time

(1) herbal medicine (2) feast bunch of flowers; bouquet; compliment jamuan: a feast; party; reception berjamu: to feast menjamu: to feast; to entertain

jangka angin: anemometer jangkamasa: duration of time jangka suhu: thermometer jangkahayat: life expectancy jangkaan: expectation; anticipation menjangka: to expect; to anticipate menjangkakan: to expect; to anticipate

jamban latrine; toilet; lavatory jana life jambang

janakuasa: generator menjanakan: to generate penjana: generator penjanaan: generation of energy

(1) sideburns (2) flowers arranged in a vase jambangan: flowers arranged in a vase

jangkau reach out with the hand jangkauan: the reach of one's hand menjangkau: to reach out terjangkau: reached out




a widow

jambatan: bridge

janda berhias: childless widow menjanda: to be a widow

jangkit infectious berjangkit: infectious; infected menjangkitkan: infectious; communicable (of disease) jangkitan: infection menjangkiti: to infect

jambu guava

jangan don't jangan-jangan: maybe jangankan: let alone

jambul crest; tuft on head; plume on helmet

jangkung heron janggal



guarantee; promise

janin kejanggalan: awkwardness

jaminan: a guarantee menjamin: to guarantee terjamin: guaranteed penjamin: guarantor



janji a type of tree bearing edible fruit



janji temu: appointment berjanji: to promise menjanjikan: to promise perjanjian: agreement; contract

jampi incantation; magic spell


berjanggut: bearded

jampuk owl

jantan male jangka

Bahasa Melayu


kejantanan: masculinity http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

jarum peniti: pin

jauhari jeweller; expert

jantina gender; sex jasa merit; service

jawa tamarind

jasa baik: good offices berjasa: to fulfil one's duty

jantung heart

asam jawa: tamarind

jantung hati: sweetheart jasad

jawab body

answer; reply; respond


jawapan: an answer berjawab: answered menjawab: to answer; to reply

pillage; plunder; rob jasmani physical jarak

jasmaniah: physical


jawat colleague

berjarak: to be at a distance menjarakkan: to space out

sejawat: colleague jawatan: post; appointment; job jawatankuasa: committee berjawatan: holding a post menjawat: to hold a post perjawatan: post; job

jata blazon

jaram a compress or pad to stop bleeding, etc

jati (1) pure; genuine (2) teakwood sejati: real; true (of friends)


Jawi Arabic characters

(1) seldom (2) transparent (of material) (3) thin (of hair) jarang-jarang: rarely; seldom

jatuh fall

jaya successful

kejatuhan: a fall; a collapse menjatuhkan: to cause to fall or drop terjatuh: dropped or fell

jari finger

jayanya: successfully berjaya: to succeed; successful kejayaan: success menjayakan: to make successful


jaring net

far; distant

penjaring: scorer (of goal)

berjauhan: far apart kejauhan: afar menjauhi: to stay away from; to shun sejauh: as far as

jebak snare; trap menjebak: to trap terjebak: trapped

jarum needle Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

berjela-jela: to trail


jelik interval


ugly; bad; repulsive soot


jeling stare with bulging eyes


ogle flirtatiously legible

menjegilkan: to stare in horror or astonishment

jelingan: a glance through the corner of the eye menjeling: to ogle flirtatiously; to look through the corner of the eye jelajah


explore footstep; trail; track menjelajah: to explore menjelajahi: to explore penjelajah: explorer penjelajahan: exploration

menjejak: to trail menjejaki: to trail

jelir stick out (tongue) menjelir: to stick out (tongue) menjelirkan: to stick out (tongue)

jejaka bachelor; young man

jelak fed up; bored jelita pretty; beautiful

jejambat flyover

jelitawan: beautiful girl kejelitaan: beauty

jelang eve of

jejantas flyover



incarnate; materialise

granary; rice bowl

menjelma: to incarnate; to materialise jelmaan: metamorphic; incarnation menjelmakan: to create penjelmaan: incarnation; materialisation; metamorphosis

jejari radius

jelas clear; well-defined; evident; obvious menjelaskan: to explain; to clarify; to settle penjelasan: explanation; clarification

jejas affect

jeluas gory; bloody

menjejaskan: to affect; to act upon in an adverse manner terjejas: affected; acted upon in an adverse manner

jelata commoner; ordinary people

jelujur baste; temporary stitches

jela trail

jelatang nettle

berjela: to trail Bahasa Melayu


jemaah http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pilgrim; assembly; congregation

menjengkau: to reach out jenaka banter; joke berjenaka: to joke



chump; block

annoyed; irritated menjengkelkan: to annoy; to irritate jenama brand; trade mark

jembalang gnome

berjenama: branded

jengket tiptoe

jempul superfine




berjengket: to tiptoe menjengket: to tiptoe window or door frame; jamb



look with head thrust forward crime

menjemput: to invite jemputan: invitation sejemput: a pinch of

menjenguk: to look with head thrust forward menjengukkan: to thrust head forward

penjenayah: criminal


jenggul corpse

jemput-jemput dumpling made from mixture of flour and bananas

protrude menjenggulkan: to protrude

jendela window



bored; weary

type; sort; kind

menjemukan: to bore

berjenis-jenis: of many types; a variety penjenisan: classification sejenis: of one type; a type of

jengah peep; glance menjengah: to peep; to glance

jemur sunbathe; bask


berjemur: to sunbathe; to bask jemuran: clothes hung out to dry menjemur: to dry in the sun

machinery; machine

jengkal span between the tips of stretched thumb and little finger sejengkal: a span between the tips of stretched thumb and little finger jentik

(1) snap or flick with finger (2) larva

jenak moment sejenak: a moment

jengkau reach out

Bahasa Melayu


menjentik: to snap or flick with finger jentik-jentik: larva jentikan: fillip http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

menjerat: to snare or trap


jerjak bulldozer


trellis; lattice pimple


jerkah satisfied; full


snarl; yell haze menjerkah: to snarl

jera discourage; dishearten; dissuade

jerekit cohere

jernih clear; transparent; pure kejernihan: clarity; purity menjernihkan: to make clear; to purify

jeram rapids

jerembat fall headlong terjerembat: to fall headlong jeruk



hay; straw jerempak meet by chance jerumat


terjerempak: to meet by chance




to darn

jerumus tired


cause to fall menjerumuskan: to cause to fall terjerumus: to fall forward

menjerang: to boil menjerangkan: to boil jeriji a grate jerung

jerangkap booby trap

shark jering a type of tree and its malodorous fruit jerut

jerangkung human skeleton

constrict; tighten a knot; strangle with rope jerit

menjerut: to constrict; to tighten a knot; to strangle with rope

scream menjerit: to scream terjerit-jerit: screaming jeritan: act of screaming

jerat a snare or trap Bahasa Melayu


jidal thimble http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

jirat non-Muslim grave jihad

jin holy war

spirit jirus douse; pour water on


menjirus: to douse; to pour water on

jinak margin; border; edge

tame; domesticated berjinak-jinak: to familiarise with kejinakan: tameness menjinakkan: to tame; to domesticate


jisim body; mass

distasteful; disgusting menjijikkan: revolting; loathsome; to cause disgust jingga

jitu orange (colour)

correct; accurate; exact kejituan: accuracy menjitukan: to correct

jika if jinjang long and slender (of neck) jiwa


soul; spirit

if jinjing

berjiwa: to be alive: to have the spirit menjiwai: to put more life or spirit into; to enliven

carry light objects in the hand menjinjing: to carry light objects in the hand

jilat lick; lap


menjilat: to lick; to lap

marriage partner or match

jintan herb with spicy seeds

berjodoh: to take as a spouse menjodohkan: to marry off

jintan manis: aniseed jintan putih: cummin

jilid binding; volume (of printed material) menjilid: to bind (printed material) penjilidan: binding (of printed material)

joget a Malay dance

jiplak copy or trace

berjoget: to dance the joget

jimak copulation jiran



thrift berjimat:thrifty; prudent menjimatkan: to save Bahasa Melayu


berjiran: to have as a neighbour; neighbouring; neighbourly kejiranan: neighbourhood



kejohanan: championship


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


comestibles; things to eat

perjudian: gamble

poke or thrust menjolok: to poke; to thrust menjolok mata: shameful; unsightly


judul court page

title; subject berjudul: having a title

jong junk (sailing ship)

jual sell juga berjual: to sell berjual beli: to trade menjual: to sell penjual: seller jualan: sale

jongang protruding (of teeth)

also; too

juita lovely; sweet

jongkang-jongket see-saw juang fight; struggle

jujuh trickle

berjuang: to fight; to struggle memperjuangkan: to fight for pejuang: fighter perjuangan: a fight; a struggle; war seperjuangan: a common fight or struggle

jongkok cringe;cower


berjujuh: to trickle

jujur (1) ingot; bullion (2) large dug-out canoe

honest; trustworthy juara

kejujuran: honesty

champion joran

kejuaraan: championship menjuarai: to become the champion

fishing rod

Julai July



a small piece or shred

robe; chasuble

julang boost; push upwards; soar








gamble berjudi: to gamble memperjudikan: to gamble penjudi: gambler

juadah Bahasa Melayu

menjulang: to boost; to push upwards; to soar julangan: upward thrust


(1) betel leaf container (2) funnel


juling squint http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


junam nickname; pet name; epithet

jurubina dive; nosedive


menjunam: to dive; to nosedive terjunam: plunged head first julung

jurucakap spokesman

primary; the first julung kali: the first time

junjung (1) respect deeply (2) carry on the head menjunjung: (1) to respect deeply (2) to carry on the head

jurugambar photographer

dangling; pendulous

juruhebah announcer

julur protrude menjulur: to protrude menjulurkan: to cause to protrude


berjuntai: dangling; pendulous Jumaat

jurukamera cameraman

Friday jurang ravine; gap jurang generasi: generation gap

jumbai frill

jurukira accountant

juru expert

jumlah total

jurulatih coach; trainer

berjumlah: having a total of menjumlahkan: to total up sejumlah: a total of; a sum of

juruacara master of ceremonies; compere


jurumasak chef

juruaudit (1) meet (2) find ; discover


berjumpa: to meet jumpaan: a finding; a discovery menjumpai: to meet; to find; to discover perjumpaan: meeting terjumpa: found

jurumudi helmsman

juruazan muezzin

juruoptik optician

jurubahasa interpreter

Jun June Bahasa Melayu


jururawat http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


mengabulkan: to fulfil; to grant terkabul: fulfilled; granted juruwang

jurusawat mechanic

cashier kabung mourn berkabung: to mourn perkabungan: mourning; expression of grief

jurus juruselam diver

moment sejurus: a moment jurusan: department; direction; stream menjurus: in the direction of

kabur blur; dim; unclear; vague

jurusolek beautician

mengaburkan: to make blur mengaburi: to make blur

justeru hence; for this reason jurutaip typist

kabus mist

juta million juruteknik technician

jutawan: millionaire berjuta-juta: millios of

kabut fog berkabut: foggy kelam-kabut: chaos; chaotic

jurutera engineer


kejuruteraan: engineering




cubic black stone building in the mosque in Mecca juruterbang air pilot kacak


handsome; smart-looking

leap year jurutrengkas stenographer kacang



cotton tree juruukur surveyor

kacang bendi: lady's fingers

kekabu: cotton tree



kabul commentator

fulfil; grant

(1) harass; disturb (2) stir kacau-bilau: chaotic

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kekacauan: disturbance mengacau: (1) to harass; to disturb (2) to stir mengacaukan: to stir; to mix pengacau: trouble-maker; one who disturbs

method; procedure


pengail: angler; fisherman

kain shroud


kacip nutcracker kafilah

kais caravan; convoy of travellers

scratch with the claws


mengais: to scratch with the claws cross-bred kafir

kacukan: offspring of cross-breed

infidel; person with no religious faith kait mengkafirkan: to consider as an infidel

(1) crochet; knit (2) metal hook (3) correlate


mengait: to knit; to crochet kaitan: correlation; relationship; relevance berkaitan: having a connection or correlation mengaitkan: to connect; to associate; to correlate perkaitan: connection

mantis kaget startled kadam

mengagetkan: to startle sole of foot kajai collar

kagum kadang-kadang sometimes

impressive; amazing; astounding mengagumi: to amaze; to astound mengagumkan: to amaze; to astound

kadang kala: sometimes; now and then

kajang awning; roofing (for boat or cart)


kahak rate; ratio; proportion


kaji study

berkadar: proportional sekadar: just; only

mengkaji: to study; to do research into kajian: a study; analysis; scrutiny mengaji: to read the Koran pengajian: pursuit of knowledge; academic study pengkajian: research pengkaji: researcher

kahwin marry kadi

kahwin lari: elope mengahwini: to marry mengahwinkan: to marry off perkahwinan: marriage; wedding

Muslim judge

kaji bintang astronomy

kaduk fool (of Malay folklore) kail fishing-rod kaedah Bahasa Melayu

mengail: to fish with a rod 91/216

kaji bumi http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


kaki (1) foot; leg (2) measure of length equal to one foot (12 inches) kakisama: isosceles; having two sides equal (of triangle) kakitangan: staff; personnel; employees

kaji cuaca meteorology

kaji haiwan zoology

kaji hayat biology

kalam writing pen

kaki ayam barefoot


kaki bangku one who cannot play football


kaki bola


transverse support

circle or group with similar interests

one who loves football

kaji purba archaeology

if kalau-kalau: maybe

kaki gaduh trouble-maker

kaji selidik survey or study

kalbu heart kaki judi gambler

kaji tumbuhan botany

kaldu broth kaku stiff

kakak elder sister


kaku lidah: tongue-tied

kakak ipar sister-in-law

times; multiply kali-kali: multiplication table berkali-kali: repeatedly sekali: once; at the same time; superlative sekali imbas: glance sekali-sekala: once in a while sekalipun: although sekalian: all

kala length or period of time kala jengking: scorpion berkala: periodical

kakaktua cockatoo; parrot kalah

kalimantang fluorescent light

lose; defeated

kakanda elder brother or sister

Bahasa Melayu

kalah mati: knock-out system (in sporting competition) kekalahan: a defeat mengalah: to concede defeat mengalahkan: to defeat 92/216


sentence; period http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

gembala kambing: goat-herd kancil mousedeer kalis proof; able to withstand

kambus engulf; cover kancing mengambus: to engulf; to cover terkambus: covered with earth

kalis air

buckle; fastener berkancing: to have a fastener mengancing: to fasten terkancing: fastened


kami we; us

kalis api fireproof

kandang cage; pen; fold kamir

mengandang: to cage


kalis karat rust-proof



(1) run aground (2) fail

portable case; sack

kalis peluru bullet-proof

terkandas: failed; stranded; aground kampung village

kaloi carp

kandung contain

berkampung: to assemble perkampungan: a group of villages

mengandung: pregnant kandungan: contents mengandungi: to contain; to consist of; filled with

kalung necklace

kamu you; your

mengalungkan: to garland kalungan: a garland

kangkang straddle; astride kamus

mengangkang: to straddle terkangkang: with legs wide apart


kalut muddle; confusion; disorder

kanak-kanak child


kanji starch

room berkanji: starched; starchy menganji: to starch kanan (1) right (2) senior

kambing goat

kanta Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris



kanta cekung: concave lens kanta cembung: convex lens kanta pembesar: magnifying lens

kapur kapal korek dredge

lime; chalk mengapuri: to white-wash

kantuk sleepiness; drowsiness

kapal perang battleship

mengantuk: sleepy; drowsy

kara all alone

kapal selam submarine

kantung pouch; purse

karam sink (of ship); submerge

kapal terbang aeroplane

kanun code of law

karang (1) coral (2) compose batu karang: coral mengarang: to compose karangan: composition pekarangan: front portion of house pengarang: author



scattered; sprawled

gasp; tremble

berkaparan: scattered terkapar: sprawled kapai to flap the arms to stay afloat

karat (1) rust (2) carat

kapas cotton

berkarat: rusty; to rust karatan: rustiness

kapak axe kapit

mengapak: to cut with an axe

flank; escort

karau churn

mengapit: to flank; to escort pengapit: bridesmaid terkapit: flanked

kapal ship

kardus perkapalan: shipping

hardboard kapuk a type of cotton

kapal angkasa spaceship

kari curry kapung afloat

kapal induk Bahasa Melayu


karib http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


katuk kasih sayang: affection; love; fondness kasihan: pity berkasih-kasihan: to be in love with each other kekasih: lover; sweetheart mengasihani: to pity mengasihi: to love someone pengasih: lover ubat pengasih: love spell

karkas crabbed (of handwriting)

to knock; to tap

katung float terkatung-katung: floating

karung sack kasuari ostrich

katup (1) closely held (2) cover


berkatup: closed terkatup: shut tight

nonsense; ridiculous kasut

karut-marut: nonsense

shoe kau you (abbreviation of 'engkau')



literary work; masterpiece

word; say

karyawan: writer

kasa gauze

kata hati: intuition katakan: tell; say; suppose katanya: he or she said berkata-kata: to chatter mengata: to gossip mengatakan: to tell memperkatakan: to talk; to discuss; about perkataan: word sekata: even



kaus kaki

small; short; stunted




community; group perkauman: racial

kaus hose

kasap craggy; rugged katak


kasar rough; crude; rude kekasaran: coarseness; rudeness; roughness mengasarkan: to make rough




(1) give (2) castrate mengasi: to castrate

scoop up

cauldron; large pan; crater

katil bujang: single bed katil kelamin: double bed kawal

kasih affection; love Bahasa Melayu

control; guard; check 95/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

berkawal: on guard mengawal: to guard; to control; to watch mengawali: to guard; to escort; to control mengawal diri: to restrain oneself pengawal: a guard; a controller kawalan: state of being under control or under guard

wood kayu-kayuan: wood; timber kayu-kayan: wood; timber kayu api: firewood kayu balak: log perkayuan: logging; timber industry kayu manis: cinnamon

kecam criticise severely; reprimand mengecam: to criticise severely; to reprimand kecaman: criticism

kawan friend; companion kayuh berkawan: to be friends; to have friends berkawan-kawan: in groups of friends mengawani: to accompany

row; paddle; pedal berkayuh: to row; to paddle mengayuh: to row; to paddle pengayuh: an oar; a paddle; a pedal

kecamuk causing to feel stunned or bewildered; furious (of combat)

kecap taste; enjoy

kawasan area; region

mengecap: to taste; to enjoy

kebal impenetrable; immune; invulnerable; exempt kekebalan: immunity

kawat cable; wire

kecapi lute

kebas numb

kawat berduri barbed wire

kecewa disappointed; frustrated

kekebasan: numbness

kekecewaan: disappointment; frustration mengecewakan: to disappoint; to frustrate kaya


rich; wealthy

to blink (of eyes)

kaya anak: having many children kaya raya: very rich kekayaan: wealth memperkayakan: to enrich terkaya: richest

terkebil-kebil: blinking (of eyes)

kecil small kecil hati: hurt (of feelings) kecil-kecilan: small scale memperkecilkan: to belittle

kebun garden; plantation berkebun: to do gardening; to do farming pekebun: gardener; farmer perkebunan: gardening; farming

kayangan fairyland; very beautiful place


berkecimpung: to dabble; to plunge in; to be involved; to participate



shattered berkecai: to shatter; shattered

kayu Bahasa Melayu

kecimpung dabble; plunge in; splash; be involved; participate

kecoh uproar; outcry



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kedap udara: airtight

berkejap: to blink

kekecohan: uproar; outcry

kedek kecuali

kejar waddle (like a duck)


terkedek-kedek: to waddle (like a duck)

mengejar: to chase berkejar-kejaran: to chase one another terkejar-kejar: in a hurry

except; exempt berkecuali: neutral kekecualian: exception mengecualikan: to exclude; to exempt pengecualian: exemption

kedekut stingy keji despicable; contemptible

kecundang defeated; beaten

mengeji: to despise; to discredit

kedip blink; twinkle; flicker


Kejora mouth-watering


kedut crease; wrinkle kedutan: crease; wrinkle berkedut: wrinkled mengedutkan: to cause to be creased or wrinkled

kecut shrink; shrivel; contract kecut hati: afraid mengecutkan: to shrink pengecut: coward


keju cheese

kejur sprain


terkehel: sprained kedai shop

kejut shock

berkedai: to be a shopkeeper pekedai: shopkeeper

kejam cruel

terkejut: shocked kejutan: great shock mengejut: sudden mengejutkan: to shock; to startle; to surprise

kekejaman: cruelty kedal skin disease of hands and feet kejang cramp; inflexible; stiff

kekal everlasting; eternal; permanent


kekejangan: cramps outstretched (of limb)

berkekalan: to be everlasting; to be permanent mengekalkan: to perpetuate kejap


moment impervious; sealed

kekek sekejap: a moment

Bahasa Melayu


giggle; chortle http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

soon after


terkekek-kekek: to giggle; to chortle mengekek: to giggle

coconut kelapa kering: copra kelakar funny; antic; joke

kekang bridle; means of restraint

berkelakar: to joke; to jest

kelapa sawit oil palm

earthenware pitcher; flask


kekangan: constraint; restriction kelalang kekok

(1) nick; small cut (2) segment of centipede clumsy kelam dusky; gloomy; dim



sailor trestle

kelam-kabut: chaotic kekelaman: gloom kelat


bitterish in taste grey

kelambu mosquito-net kelawar


bat (animal) dregs; sediment

kelamin couple sekelamin: a pair; a couple



ass; donkey yam kelamun daydream


kelecek dribble (in football)

mengelamun: to daydream


mengelecek: to dribble (in football) berkelah: to picnic perkelahan: a picnic kelana wanderer berkelana: to wander


keledek sweet potato

quarrel berkelahi: to quarrel perkelahian: a quarrel

kelak Bahasa Melayu

kelangkang crotch; groin


kelek-kelek armrest


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kelemayar glow-worm

kelip blink; twinkle; wink berkelip-kelip: to blink; to twinkle; to wink sekelip mata: in a wink

keletah coquettish kelemayuh gangrene

kelip-kelip firefly

keli river catfish kelemumur dandruff



puzzled; confused; bewildered

to gallivant; to prowl kelengkeng little finger

kekeliruan: confusion; bewilderment mengelirukan: to confuse; puzzling; to bewilder terkeliru: puzzled; confused; bewildered

kelibat double-headed paddle kelenjar gland kelmarin


day before yesterday

sun-bird kelentang clanking sound kelok


crook; bend; curve

gravel; rattan ring kelenting

berkelok: bent; curved

clanging noise keliling around kelentong (1) to bluff (2) hawker's rattle


berkeliling: around mengelilingi: to encircle; to surround; to go around; to encompass pekeliling: circular sekeliling: surrounding

kelentit clitoris

organise mengelola: to organise; to manage kelolaan: management mengelolakan: to organise pengelola: organiser pengelolaan: organisation; supervision

kelim hem (of cloth); seam

kelepet lapel

kelompok batch; cluster; group berkelompok-kelompok: in groups; in clusters mengelompokkan: to put into groups

kelinci hare

kelepur flutter mengelepur: to flutter Bahasa Melayu

kelompong 99/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

part of telephone on which the receiver rests berkeluarga: having a family kekeluargaan: family; kinship

kemarau drought

kelonet measly; meagre kelubung

kemaruk veil; hood

rapacious; ravenous; very hungry or greedy

berkelubung: veiled; hooded

kelong fish tunnel net

kemas orderly; neat; tidy keluh sigh

kelongsong leaf or paper cone used as container or wrapper

kemaskini: update berkemas: to pack; to clear away mengemaskan: to arrange; to tidy up; to pack mengemaskinikan: to update

keluhan: a sigh; a moan berkeluh-kesah: to moan mengeluh: to moan; to sigh

kelontong haberdashery

kematu keluk

corn (hardened area of skin) curve; bend


berkeluk-keluk: winding

sepal; calyx

kembali return; over again

kelopak bunga: sepal; calyx kelopak mata: eyelid


mengembalikan: to return something pengembalian: restoration

steel kelu speechless


kemban morsel; very small amount

cloth tied above the bosom berkemban: to tie the cloth (sarong) above the bosom

keluang flying fox

kelupas peel off kembang


mengelupas: to peel off; to come off

expand; enlarge; blossom


berkembang: to expand; to enlarge; to blossom mengembangkan: to develop; to cause to expand memperkembangkan: to develop; to cause to expand perkembangan: development

go out; exit keluaran: publication; product; made in mengeluarkan: to bring out; to publish; to produce pengeluar: producer pengeluaran: production terkeluar: excluded; expressed


kemanakan nephew; niece

kembar twin

keluarga family Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kembara explore; wander kempas-kempis inflate and deflate

mengembara: to explore; to wander pengembara: explorer; wanderer pengembaraan: exploration; adventure

kenal know; recognise kenalan: acquaintance berkenalan: having acquaintance with mengenal: to know; to recognise mengenali: to know; to recognise; to identify memperkenalkan: to introduce pengenalan: identification; introduction perkenalan: acquaintance terkenal: famous; well-known

kempis shrink

kembiri castrate

mengempiskan: to deflate


kempunan longing for


kenan agree; assent


berkenan: to agree; to assent memperkenankan: to approve perkenan: approval; consent


creel; angler's basket

helm; rudder mengemudikan: to steer pengemudi: helmsman



flatulent; distended from pressure within

recall kemudian then; later; afterwards

mengenang: to recall kenang-kenangan: souvenir; reminiscence kenangan: memory; remembrance; nostalgia mengenangkan: to recall terkenang: reminiscent

kemeja shirt

mengemudiankan: to postpone; to delay terkemudian: last

kemelut crucial or critical; crisis; emergency

kemuncak peak; summit

kenapa why

kemenyan incense

kemuncup love grass

kencang boisterous; strong (of wind)

kemik dent; dented

kena incur; strike; touch kena-mengena: connection; relation berkenaan: in connection with; in relation to mengenai: in connection with; regarding mengenakan: to impose terkena: affected; tricked

kemis beg mengemis: to beg pengemis: beggar Bahasa Melayu


kencing urine

kencing manis diabetes mellitus http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kepak wing kendali

kenit conduct; manage; operate; hold the reins mengendalikan: to manage; to conduct; to operate; to handle; to hold the reins kendalian: operation; management

berkepak: winged berkepak-kepak: to flap (for wings)

tiny; midget; dwarf

kental thick (of fluid)







kendati although


kenderaan vehicle



(1) head (2) chief person

terkentut: passed flatus

kepala angin: moody mengepalai: to be the leader

kendi (1) cylindrical glass or earthenware jar (2) curlew kenyal pliable; elastic kendong

kepalang little

carry something in the folds of a sarong mengendong: to carry something in the folds of a sarong

kenyang sated (with food)

keparat non-believer

kekenyangan: fullness (of stomach) mengenyangkan: to satiate

kendur loose; slack; not taut mengendur: to slacken; to sag mengendurkan: to slacken; to loosen

kepialu typhoid

kenyit wink; blink mengenyit: to wink; to blink


kepil a feast

attach kepada to (person)

kengkang to walk with legs wide apart

keping piece; sheet kepah mussel

kepingan: pieces; sheet berkeping-keping: in pieces; fragmented

kening eyebrow Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


clerk (1) fasten with a clip (2) a clip (3) hold under the arm mengepit: (1) to fasten with a clip (2) to hold under the arm

keraian festival; entertainment

keranjang crate; basket

crust (e.g of bread)


kepiting soft-shelled crab

kerak frequent; close (of texture)

kepompong chrysalis; pupa

kekerapan: frequency kerakal pebble keras


hard; firm; harsh; stiff; loud rice barn


berkeras: to act harshly; stubborn kekerasan: force; power; might mengeraskan: to harden; to make loud keras hati: stubborn; indomitable

one having supernatural powers

kepul thick puff (e.g.of smoke)

kerambit small sickle with curved end

kepulan: a cloud of smoke

kerat cut; incise keran


mengerat: to cut; to incise keratan: a slice; a piece keratan akhbar: news clip

faucet; tap

besiege berkepung: to besiege kepungan: siege; blockade mengepung: to besiege pengepungan: siege; blockade terkepung: besieged; surrounded

kerana because; for the sake of

kerawang fretwork

coffin; casket


keranda kera monkey

pin-worm cacing kerawit: pin-worm kerang cockle; shellfish

kerabat kinship; relatives

kerbau buffalo kerangka framework; chassis; carcass; draft


kerbau pendek: pig

call up (into the armed forces) mengerahkan: to call up (into the armed forces) kerahan: conscription Bahasa Melayu



kerdil http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

(1) cretinous; dwarfish (2) cretin; dwarf



kerjasama: cooperation bekerja: to work; working bekerjasama: to cooperate pekerja: worker pekerjaan: occupation; work kerjatangan: handiwork; handicraft

kerikil twinkle; wink



kering apparatus for hoisting things




kering-kontang: parched; arid kekeringan: dryness mengeringkan: to dry something pengering rambut: hair dryer




crunch noisily with the teeth




whim; caprice

kerkap a crunching sound

berkeringat: to sweat; sweating kerengga


red ant


a short nap frizzy; a perm or artificial wave in the hair

kerepek fried chips of banana, tapioca, sweet potato, etc.

kerling kerip

glance sideways briefly nip with the front teeth mengerling: to glance sideways briefly kerlingan: a brief glance

kereta car; carriage

keris Malay dagger

keretapi: train kereta sorong: wheelbarrow kereta jenazah: hearse

kerlip flicker; wink kerlipan: a flicker

kerisik (1) dry old banana fronds (2) rustling of dry leaves keretek a type of cigarette containing tobacco and cloves

kernyih grin

keriting curly keria

mengeritingkan: to curl

crane (bird)

keroncong (1) a kind of traditional Malay music (2) rumbling sound from hungry stomach kerja

kericau Bahasa Melayu

work 104/216

keroncongan: a type of plant http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

authenticity; legality; legitimacy kerudung cowl kerongkong throat

kesak move on slowly

kerongkongan: throat

keruh cloudy (of liquid); turbid kekeruhan: turbidity


kerongsang brooch

regretable; deplorable; regret

kerumun besiege; throng; swarm keropok

(1) effect; impression (2) indelible (of a mark)

berkerumun: to besiege; to throng; to swarm mengerumuni: to crowd around; to swarm; to besiege

crackers or chips (usually made from shrimps)



barren; dry




kesan jari: fingerprint kesan sampingan: side effect berkesan: effective keberkesanan: effectiveness mengesan: to track down

scab; crust or clotted blood on a wound



(1) abusive; crude-mannered (2) coarse or rough in texture chair mengesat: to wipe mengesatkan: to make rough pengesat kaki: doormat

kerusi roda: wheelchair pengerusi: chairman mempengerusikan: to chair

kertak gnash or grind (one's teeth)

kesatria kerut


warrior frown


kerutan: wrinkle berkerut: wrinkled; to frown mengerutkan: to frown

kesot drag

kertau mulberry

berkesot: to drag mengesot: to drag kerutu rough to the touch

keruan certain; definite

ketak cackle (of hens) kesah restless

kerubung swarm

ketam (1) crab (2) reap or harvest (3) plane (of wood) kesahan

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengetam: (1) to reap or harvest (2) to plane (of wood) keting

ketumbit part of the leg just above the heel


ketap (1) clench; grit (2) plain; evident ketingting hopscotch

ketupat cooked rice packed in palm leaves

ketar doddery; trembling

khabar ketip

news sting of a mosquito bite; pinch khabarnya: it is said mengkhabarkan: to inform

ketara conspicuous; obvious ketitir turtle-dove khadam


household servant; subordinate assistant

tight; taut mengetatkan: to tighten memperketatkan: to tighten; to make more strict

ketua chief; leader; headman khalayak mengetuai: to lead; to head pengetua: principal

creature; mankind; God's creations

ketawa laugh; laughter khalifah mengetawakan: to laugh it out


caliph oven


khalwat meet


state of an unmarried couple being together in seclusion knock berketuk: to crow like a rooster; to rap (of engine) mengetuk: to knock; to strike ketukan: a knock

ketiak armpit



a lump

clack (short sharp sound)

Khamis Thursday

khas special

seketul: a lump berketul-ketul: lumpy ketika

khasiat juncture; point of time; moment; when

nutrient ketumbar

seketika: a moment

Bahasa Melayu



berkhasiat: nutritious


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pengkhianat: traitor pengkhianatan: betrayal; treachery

khat hand-writing

kiamat doomsday; day of judgement khidmat khatam

serve; work end; conclude; complete berkhidmat: to serve; to work perkhidmatan: service

kiambang water-lily

khatan circumcision khilaf mengkhatankan: to circumcise

blunder; mistake

kian this much sekian: that's all


khuatir preacher in mosque

worried; afraid kias analogy

khatulistiwa equator




mengias: to hint at mengiaskan: to make an analogy



daydream; fantasy; imagination

special; specific; exclusive

fly (of flag)

berkhayal: to daydream; to fantasise khayalan: daydream; fantasy; imagination mengkhayalkan: to fantasise

mengkhusus: to specialise mengkhususkan: to make special pengkhususan: specialisation

berkibar: to fly (a flag) mengibarkan: to wave or fly (a flag)

kibas khazanah treasury


fan vigorously; flap (1) engrossed (2) humility mengibaskan: to fan vigorously; to flap


khutbah camp; tent


berkhemah: to camp perkhemahan: camping

berkhutbah: to deliver a sermon pengkhutbah: preacher

kiblat direction of Mecca

kicap ketchup khianat

kial betrayal; treachery

struggling; having difficulty

mengkhianat: to betray mengkhianati: to betray

terkial-kial: to struggle; to have difficulty

Bahasa Melayu


kicau chirp http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengilatkan: to polish; to make shiny pengilat: polishing wax

berkicau: to chirp kicauan: a bird's chirp

kira (1) calculate; compute; count (2) regard as; suppose kilau kidal

glossy; sparkling; glittering

kira-kira: (1) approximately (2) arithmetic kiraan: calculation kiranya: in case; if berkira: calculated mengira: to calculate; to count; to compute mengira-ngira: to estimate pengiraan: act of counting; calculation; estimation

left-handed berkilau-kilau: to sparkle; to glitter kilau-kamilau: glossy kilauan: gloss; luminosity; sparkle; glitter kijang deer kili-kili spool kirai


shake out; winnow (rice)

(1) stingy (2) a file (for smoothening things) kilir sharpener; strop kiri


mengilir: to sharpen

scrape off


mengikis: to scrape off kimia

kirim chemistry



berkirim: to send kiriman: something that is sent; consignment mengirimkan: to send pengiriman: shipment; delivery pengirim: sender

dissatisfied; discontented terkilan: dissatisfied; discontented

kimpal solid kimpalan: welding

kilang (1) factory (2) gland


mengilang: to manufacture; to produce perkilangan: manufacturing


kincir water-wheel or wind-mill; spool; reel

mengisahkan: to narrate pengisahan: narration

kincir air: water-wheel kincir angin: windmill kilap lustrous


kilapan: lustre

rotate; revolve

kini now

berkisar: to revolve; to rotate mengisarkan: to grind; to grate pengisaran: rotation; gyration; grinding

kilat (1) lightning (2) brightness; shine

kipas a fan

berkilat: to shine; to flash berkilat-kilat: shining; glittering; glossy Bahasa Melayu

mengipas: to fan 108/216

kismis http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


kodok kita


kongkong pillory

we; us

kohong kitab

kongsi fetid; stinking

association; partnership

book berkongsi: to enter into a partnership perkongsian: partnership kokok kitar

crow surrounding berkokok: to crow


sekitar: surrounding

it is said

kolah kitaran

square stone or cement water tank


cycle of events

dry; parched

kolam kobar



ardent; full of enthusiasm; flare up

abrupt; sudden; curt

berkobar: to flare up

sekonyong-konyong: sudden; abrupt; curt kole mug


kopak agitate; shake briskly; stir

dilapidated; in disrepair kolek

berkocak: agitated; stirred kocakan: agitation mengocak-ngocakkan: to agitate

kopak-kapik: dilapidated; in disrepair mengopak: to break open


kolot old-fashioned; out-of-date


kopek peel

pocket mengopek: to peel terkopek: peeled off

kompang shallow drum

kocok to shake; to mix; to incite

kopi coffee

komplot conspiracy

kodi a score (twenty) Bahasa Melayu

komplotan: conspiracy 109/216

kopiah http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

Malay cap

menguasai: to dominate; to manage kekuasaan: power koyak


tear; torn sacrifice

kuat mengoyakkan: to tear terkoyak: torn

berkorban: to offer as sacrifice mengorbankan: to sacrifice terkorban: killed pengorbanan: a sacrifice

strong kekuatan: strength; power menguatkan: to strengthen

ku I; me (abbreviation of 'aku') kuatkuasa enforce; authority

korek dig

berkuatkuasa: to be in effect; to be enforced menguatkuasakan: to enforce; to implement; to impose penguatkuasa: enforcement officer penguatkuasaan: enforcement


mengorek: to dig pengorek: excavator; spade; digger

dried melon seed




a burrow

kubah dome



croak; bellow

empty; vacant

kubang mud-hole

menguak: to croak: to bellow

kekosongan: emptiness; vacancy mengosongkan: to empty; to vacate

berkubang: to wallow kuala estuary; confluence of rivers



fort; city


mengotakan: to fortify

kuali frying-pan

kubu fortress

kotak box

kuap yawn

kotor dirty kekotoran: dirtiness mengotorkan: to dirty pengotor: a dirty person kotoran: dirt


kubur grave

kuasa power; authority; strength berkuasa: having the power or authority

Bahasa Melayu


menguap: to yawn terkuap-kuap: yawning repeatedly


menguburkan: to bury (the dead) perkuburan: graveyard http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kuku nail; claw kucai

kudrat chive (vegetable)

God's might kukuh strong; firm

kucar-kacir in complete confusion




mengukuhkan: to strengthen



kukur grater; scraper


mengukur: to grate; to scrape pengukur: grater; scraper kucup

kudus kiss

holy; sacred; blessed kukus

mengucup: to kiss kucupan: a kiss

steam kugiran

mengukus: to steam

musical group kuda horse kuda lumba: race-horse kuda padi: short-legged horse for riding memperkuda: to use as a horse; to exploit



droop; dangle

cake; cookie

terkulai: drooping; dangling kuil temple

kuda belang zebra

kulapuk mildew

kuinin quinine

kuda-kuda trestle; easel

kulat fungus; mushroom

kuis kick aside; shove

kudap snack

kuli unskilled labourer

menguiskan: to kick aside; to shove

berkuli: to work as a labourer

kudapan: snack kuit touch with the fingertips


Bahasa Melayu

kuliah lecture

skin sore 111/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

kumparan bobbin

kundur wax-gourd

kulit skin kumpul menguliti: to peel; to skin

gather; collect; assemble

kuning yellow

berkumpul: to gather; to assemble kumpulan: group; collection mengumpulkan: to collect pengumpul: collector perkumpulan: association; union; assembly sekumpulan: a group

kulum suck (keep in the mouth) mengulum: to suck (keep in the mouth)

kekuningan: yellowish menguning: to turn yellow; to ripen

kunjung visit kumuh


berkunjung: to visit kunjungan: a visit mengunjungi: to visit pengunjung: visitor; tourist







kuno berkumur: to gargle

ancient; old-fashioned

kuman germ

kunang-kunang firefly

kuntum flower bud sekuntum: a flower

kumandang echo

kunci key; lock kunyah mengunci: to lock menguncikan: to lock; to fasten

kumat-kamit mumble

chew mengunyah: to chew

terkumat-kamit: mumbling kuncup close; contract

kunyit turmeric


menguncup: to contract menguncupkan: to close; to furl terkuncup: furled


kupang an old type of coin

kumis moustache

kundang a page boy kupas peel; analyse

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengutip: (1) to pick; to collect (2) to cite; to quote kutipan: citation; quotation

mengupas: to peel; to analyse kupasan: analysis kurun century kutu kuping

louse; flea ear; scab kurung confine; imprison kutub

kupu-kupu butterfly

kurungan: (1) prison; cage; coop (2) bracket (in writing) berkurung: confined; imprisoned mengurung: to confine; to imprison

pole (of earth's axis or magnet)

kutuk kura-kura tortoise

curse; condemn kurus thin; lean

kutukan: anathema; a curse; condemnation mengutuk: to curse; to condemn terkutuk: cursed; damned

kurus kering: emaciated kurang less; insufficient; deficient kurang-kurang: less berkurangan: lacking kekurangan: shortage; lack; deficit mengurangkan: to reduce sekurang-kurangnya: at least


kuyu matt or dull (of a surface)


dewy-eyed; sad

kuyup leprosy


kurap ringworm kusut dishevelled; ruffled; tangled; kinky kurma

kekusutan: confusion; complication mengusutkan: to entangle; to perplex; to confuse

(1) a date (fruit) (2) a spicy dish


kutak bestow; award

shake violently

mengurniai: to award; to bestow mengurniakan: to award; to bestow pengurniaan: bestowal; awarding

kutang bodice; brassiere

kursus course (of study)

kutip (1) pick; collect (2) cite; quote

berkursus: to attend a course Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

again; still; and; also; more; additional

lacur indecent; obscene

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris (2/2) http://dictionary.bhanot.net/


lagi-lagi again and again

lada chillies; pepper

lagipun moreover; besides

laba profit ladam horseshoe

lagu song

labah-labah spider ladang estate; farm; plantation

lahad niche for the corpse in a Muslim grave

labang hard of hearing laden to serve; to wait on

lahap (1)gluttonous; greedy (2)to eat greedily

labi-labi river turtle lading (1)a type of broad and curved chopper (2)a dug-out canoe

lahar lava

labu gourd lafaz utterance

lahir born

labuci sequin; spangle laga clash; collide; fight

laici lychee

labuh (1)hanging down; long (of dress) (2)to anchor lagak manner; conduct; behaviour; swank

laidaun blade (e.g. of grass)

labur to invest lagang to begin weaving

lain other; different

laci drawer lagi Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

lain-lainnya etcetera; others

laksa a preparation of noodles lali immune

lajak fast; outspoken

laksamana admiral lalu to pass; to make way; to elapse (of time)

laju fast

laksana to perform; to execute; to accomplish lalu lintas traffic

lajur column (e.g. of troops)

laku (1)to happen; to occur (2)marketable lalu-lalang passing back and forth

lakar to sketch; to outline

lakur fuse; blend laluan passage

lakaran a sketch

lala a type of sea mollusc lalut disjointed (of talk)

laki husband

lalah to gobble lama old; a long time

laki-laki male

lalai careless; negligent; indifferent lama-lama finally

laknat to damn; to curse; a curse

lalak to yell lama-lamaan in the long run

lakon to act (in a play or film)

lalang long-bladed grass lamar to put forward; to propose

lakonan an act; a play; a drama

lalat a fly (insect) lamaran

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

proposal; application

lampau abysmal; extreme; excessive

lancang (1)outspoken; cheeky (2)a swift-sailing yacht

lambai to wave

lampin napkin; diaper

lancar fluent; smooth

lambak disorderly heap

lampir to affix; to attach; to enclose

lancip tapered

lambang symbol; emblem;

lampiran attachment; enclosure; appendix

lancong to travel or tour

lambat slow; late

lampu lamp

lancung phoney; sham; false

lambat-laun sooner or later

lampung float

lancur to gush out

lambuk friable

lamun to day-dream

landa to enter forcefully; to hit; to strike

lambung (1)to lob; to toss up; to bounce up (2)bulwark

lamunan a day-dream

landai gently sloping

lamin bridal dais

lanar alluvium

landak porcupine; hedgehog

lampai lanky; slim

lanau silt

landas base; foundation

lampan tin mine

lanca rickshaw

landasan rail

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


lanjutan continuation

langah to open widely

langkas fall of the fruit; end of fruit season

lantai floor

langak to search

langkau to skip or omit

lantak hammer

langau bluebottle fly

langkup overturned or upside-down

lantang clarion; audible; loud

langgai the shell of leguminous seeds

langsai to settle or clear (of debt)

lantar to put forward

langgan to subscribe

langsing slender; slim and graceful

lantas forthwith; straight away

langganan subscription

langsir curtain

lantik to appoint

langgar to collide

langsuir a female vampire

lantikan appointment

langit sky

langsung direct

lantun to bounce; to rebound

langit-langit canopy

lanjur to expand

lantur to digress; to deviate

langkah a step

lanjut continuous

lanun pirate

langkan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to smoothen with a lathe; to carve lanyak to trample lapor to report

laris in damand; marketable

lap to wipe; to mop laporan a report

larut (1)dissolving; melting (2)late (of night)

lapah to skin; to devour lapuk mouldy; stale

lasak durable

lapan eight lara heartache; sorrow

lasam faded

lapang spacious; roomy; open and wide; free (of time) laram stylish; showy

lastik catapult

lapangan (1)field (2)sphere of interest larang to prohibit; to forbid

lata (1)to creep (2)cascade; waterfall

lapangan terbang airfield larangan prohibition

latah to say or do something unconsciously out of shock or fright

lapar hungry laras barrel (e.g. of gun)

latar setting

lapik underlayer; lining larat able; dragging on

latar belakang background

to run


lapis layered lari to train; to practise lapisan layer; class larik Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

latihan training; practice;

lawak comedy layur to parch

latihan asas basic training

lawan opponent; opposite lazat delicious; tasty

latuk a type of large knife curved at the top

lawan dalam infighting lazim habitual; usual

lau burung aviary

lawat to visit lebah bee

lauk a cooked dish of fish, meat, etc

lawatan a visit lebam bruise

lauk-pauk a variety of cooked dishes

layak qualified; fit; suitable; eligible; competent lebar wide; broad

laung to shout; to call loudly

layan to serve (food); to entertain lebarnya width; breadth

laungan a shout; a loud cry

layanan hospitality; service lebat dense (of foliage or hair); heavy (of rain)

laut sea

layang-layang kite lebih more; extra

lautan ocean

layar to sail; a sail lebihan excess

lawa pretty; elegant

layu wilted; withered lebih kurang

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

approximately; more or less

ledakan explosion; detonation

lekap to cuddle; to sit or lie close to; to stick to

lebih-lebih lagi especially

lega relieved (e.g. from pain, anxiety, discomfort)

lekar stand for cooking pots

lebuh avenue

legam pitch; dark; deep (of colour)

lekas quickly; fast

lebuhraya highway

legap opaque

lekat to adhere; to stick

lebur molten

legar to revolve

lekit sticky

lecah muddy; sloppy

legeh watershed

lekuk hollow; concavity; dent

leceh troublesome; worthless

legup-legap sound of heartbeat; throbbing sound

lekuk-lekak bumpy

lecek mashed

leher neck

lekung sunken

lecet footsore

leka lax; slack; not strict; absorbed; carried away

lelabah spider

lecur blistered; scalded

lekah crack; groove; crevice (e.g. in wood)

lelah (1)tired; exhausted (2)asthma; wheezing

ledak to blow up with explosives

lekang not adhering; cracking (from heat)

lelai droop (of branch, coconut leaf, etc)

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


lembah valley

lelaki male; man

lelurah gully

lembap moist; humid; damp

lelangit palate

lemah weak; feeble; frail

lembar a strand; numeral coefficient for paper, thread

lelap asleep

lemah gemalai graceful

lembaran sheet (of paper)

lelas abrasive

lemah hati soft-hearted

lembik flaccid

lelasan abrasion

lemah lembut gentle; graceful

lembing javelin; spear

leleh to trickle; to ooze

lemah semangat weak-willed

lembu cow

lelong auction

lemak fat; fatty

lembung inflatable

lelopak chamber holding cartridges (in a gun) or slides (in a projector)

lemang glutinous rice and coconut milk cooked in bamboo

lembur overtime

leluasa unlimited; uncontrolled; unrestrained

lemas suffocation (in smoke, gas or by drowning)

lembut soft; gentle

lelucon humour

lembaga (1)board; governing body (2)embryo; foetus

lempang to slap; to smack; to hit

leluhur Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

a type of root resembling ginger lempar to hurl; to fling lendut sagging

lengkung curve; arc

lempeng a kind of cake; pancake lengah to dilly-dally; to dawdle; to idle

lengkungan curvature

arm; forearm


lempuk a cake made from durian or jackfruit cooked with sugar lengan to moo lempung soft and light lengan baju sleeve

lengung to brood

lena sound asleep lengang desolate; deserted; uninhabited

lentam-lentum loud sound like that of a cannon

moist; humid; clammy


lencana badge lengas somewhat curved lencong to divert; to detour; to deviate lenggang to swing the arms; to sway the head and body

lenting to rebound; to spring back

lencongan a detour; a diversion; a deviation lenggok gait

lentok to incline the head

lendap a clot lengkap complete; equipped

lentuk a bend

lendir mucus lengkok curve; bend; arc

lentur flexible; supple

lendung to sag lengkuas Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

lenyak sound asleep

lereng a slope letup to explode

lenyap to disappear; to vanish

leret too long and trailing letupan explosion

lepa plaster; mortar

lesap to disappear; to vanish letus to erupt

lepak (1)very white; fair (2)to sit in a lazy way

leset feeling depressed lewat late

lepas (1)after; past (2)to free

lesi looking drawn and sickly liang a hole; a burrow

lepasan a graduate or school-leaver

lesu listless; drawn liar wild; uncivilized

lepat a type of cake steamed in banana leaves

lesung rice mortar liat hard; firm

leper flat-surfaced

letak to place; to put; to lay libat to involve

lepuh blister

leter to nag libur holiday

lepur to die through suffocation in mud

leteran chatter licik cunning; crafty; shrewd

lerai to disengage; to break up

letih tired; weary licin

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


lima five

lincir smooth (in moving)

lidah tongue

limau orange; lime; lemon

lindung to take refuge or shelter

lidas itchy (of tongue) after eating sour fruit

limau gedang grapefruit

lindungan haven; refuge

lidi vein of coconut palm frond

limau nipis lime

lingga colossus

ligat spinning fast

limbang to pan (in search of gold ore)

lingkar a coil

lihat to look at

limbungan dockyard

lingkaran a convolution; a coil

likat thick and sticky

limpa spleen

lingkung to surround; to encircle

liku meandering or winding course

limpah to overflow

lingkungan encirclement; enclosure; sphere

(1)in layers (2)excessive debt


lilin candle; wax

limpap cover

lilit to entwine

linang to flow (for tears or sweat)

lintah leech

lilitan circumference

lincah nimble

lintang horizontal

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

oral; verbal

lodeh mixed vegetables cooked to pulp

lintang-pukang helter-skelter

lisut shrunken; soft

logam metal

lintas to pass by; to cross

litar circuit

logamaya mirage

covered and concealed


lipan centipede

litup dialect; slang

lipas cockroach

liuk to snake; to sway

lohong hole

lipat to fold

liwat sodomy

loji industrial plant; factory; industrial site

lipatan a fold

loba grasping; greedy for money or possessions

lok curve of a kris

lipit narrow hem

lobak radish

lokek mean; miserly; stingy

lipur to comfort; to console

lobak merah carrot

lolong a loud cry; a howl

liput to cover; to comprise

loceng bell

lombong mine for extracting metal, coal, etc

liputan coverage; inclusion

lodak sediment

lombong bijih tin mine

lisan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

a type of Malay food made of rice and gravy lompang vacant; empty; a vacuole; an air pocket longgar loose; diffuse

lopak puddle

lompat to jump; to leap longgok a heap or mass; a pile

lopong agape; empty

lompatan a jump; a leap longgokan a heap

lorek stripe; band

lompat bergalah pole vault longkah easily peeled off (e.g. flesh from the seed)

lori truck; lorry

lompat jauh long jump longkang drain

lorong lane; path

lompat kijang triple jump; hop, step and jump longlai swaying of body; weak

loteng attic

lompat tinggi high jump lonjak to gambol; to jump about playfully

lotong black long-tailed monkey

loncat to hop lonjakan gamboling movement

loya nausea

loncatan a hop lonjong oval; ovoid

loyang brass

londeh to slip off or drop (as for sarong) lontar to throw; to hurl

luah to eject; to spit out

long a bottomless coffin lontong Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

luak decreased in quantity

luas wide; broad lukis to draw

luang free

luat to feel nauseated; to feel disgusted; to despise lukisan drawing

luap to boil over

lubang hole luluh crushed to powder

luar outside

lubuk gulf; deep part of a river lulur to gulp

luaran exterior

lucah obscene; lewd lulus to pass

luar bandar rural

lucu funny; comical lumang

luar batas off limit

to smear lucut denude lumas

luar biasa extraordinary

to paint ludah saliva lumat

luar dalam inside out

fine (powdery) luhur majestic; noble lumayan

luar negara overseas; abroad

handsome (of amount); sufficient luka wound; injury lumba

luar nikah out of wedlock

to race lukah fish trap

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

lumba-lumba dolphin

lungkup upside down lusa day after tomorrow

lumpuh paralysis; paralytic

lungsur to slide down lusuh worn out; faded

lumpur mud

lunjur to stretch out the legs lut penetrative

lumrah normal

luntur to discolour or fade lutcahaya translucent

lumur to smear with fat during cooking

lupa to forget lutsinar transparent

lumuran a smear

luput expiry; termination of validity lutut knee

lumut moss; lichen

lurah valley; groove luyu sleepy

lunak mellow; soft

luru to dash

M lunas (1)main point; source (2)keel

luruh to drop

maaf forgiveness

luncur to glide

lurus (1)straight (2)frank; honest

maafkan saya excuse me; forgive me

lundi grub

lurut to rub; to smoothen with fingers

Bahasa Melayu


mabuk drunk http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mabuk asmara love sick


mahkamah court of law



maha royal crown

mabuk laut seasick

mahaguru great teacher; professor

mahligai palace

Mac March

maha kuasa almighty

mahsul products of a country

macam like; kind; sort; type

mahal expensive

mahu to want; to desire

macang horse-mango

mahar dowry

mahupun (1)although (2)either/or

madah eulogy

maharaja emperor

main to play

madat opium

maharani empress; queen

mainan toy; act of playing

madrasah Islamic school

mahasiswa university student

majal blunt (of knife)

madu (1)honey (2)woman sharing the same husband

maharajalela to rampage

majalah magazine

maghrib sunset

mahir skilful

majikan employer

maging Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

famous majlis council; meeting; assembly makbul fulfilled; answered (of prayers)

maksiat vice; immorality

majmuk compound; complex makhluk a creature

maksud meaning; purpose; intention

maju developed maki to abuse

maktab college

mak mother makian a curse; act of hurling abuse

maktub recorded in writing

mak angkat adopted mother makin increasingly

malah on the contrary; in fact; but

makcik auntie maklum to know

malahan on the contrary; in fact; but

mak tiri stepmother maklumat information

malaikat angel

maka then; therefore; hence; so makmal laboratory

malam night

makam mausoleum; tomb makmur prosperous; to prosper

malam minggu Saturday night



makan to eat makna unfortunate; unlucky makanan food makruf Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

malangnya unfortunately

mambang ghost; spirit mandul barren or sterile (of female)

malap dim

mampat compress mandur head of the labourers

malapetaka calamity; disaster

mampu able to; capable manfaat benefit

malar constant; continuous

mampus to die (unrefined expression) mangga (1)mango (2)padlock

malas lazy

mana where manggar base of coconut palm frond

malik lord

mana satu which one manggis mangosteen

malim expert

mana-mana anywhere; wherever mangkat to die (of royalty)

malu shy; ashamed; embarrassed

mancis matches mangkin catalyst

malung large sea eel

mancung high and sharp mangku acting (of official post)

mamah to munch; to chew

mancur to spout; to squirt mangkuk bowl

mamak maternal uncle

mandi to bathe mangsa

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

victim; prey; casualty

mantap established

marmut marmot; guinea-pig

mangu amazed; perplexed; bewildered

mantera magical charm or spell; incantation

martabak a kind of bread with meat fillings

mani semen

manusia human being

martabat prestige

manik bead

mara to advance

maruah pride; self-respect

manikam gem

marah angry

masa time; period; era

manis sweet

marak to flare up

masa depan future

to come

masa lalu past


masa silam past



manisan sweet dish


manja pampered; indulgent


manjur potent; effective

markah (1)to cook (2)ripe

mansit cuff (of sleeve)

markas headquarters

masakan (1)cookery (2)how could it be

mansuh to vanish; to disappear; to annul; to abolish

marmar marble

masalah problem

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

depressed; sad

mati-matian with full effort



masam sour

masyhur aim; objective; target

maserba omnivore

mata eye

maujud existing

masih still

mata air spring (water)

maun herbivorous

masin salty

mata hitam iris

maung unpleasant in smell or taste

masing-masing each and everyone

mata wang currency

maut death

masjid mosque

matahari sun

mawar rose

mastautin to reside

mata-mata policeman

maya illusion; delusion

masuk to enter

matang mature

mayam unit of weight for gold

masuk campur interfere

matarah beacon

mayang palm-blossom

masyarakat society; organized community

mati to die

mayat corpse

masyghul Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to win mazhab religious sect or school of thought Melayu Malay

menantu son-in-law; daughter-in-law

mazmur hymn meleset not precise; not to the point; irrelevant; non-specific

menara tower; minaret

medan field melukut broken rice grains

mendak sediment

medan perang battlefield melulu hasty

mendap to settle as a sediment

megah proud; conceited melur jasmine

mendapan sedimentation

of course; naturally

mendiang the late

contusion; bruise


Mei May memang

meja table memar overcast; cloudy mekar to blossom or bloom memerang otter; beaver

mengah breathless; dyspneic

melaka a type of tree with edible fruit mempelai bridegroom; bride

mengkal half-ripe

melarat destitute; needy mempelam mango

mentadak praying mantis

melati jasmine menang Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mentah (1)raw; uncooked; unprocessed (2)immature; inexperienced

merah manggis maroon meriah hilarious; joyful; happy

mentang-mentang just because

merak peacock or peahen meriam cannon

mentega butter

merana to languish; to live miserably or in ill-health merinyu inspector or supervisor

menteri minister

merbah thrush merosot in deteriorated condition

mentimun cucumber

merbuk turtle dove merpati dove; pigeon

mentua father or mother-in-law

mercu peak; summit; climax mersik shrill; piercing (of sound)

mentul bulb

mercun fire-crackers Mesir of Egypt

menung to ponder; to contemplate

merdeka independent; free meskipun although; in spite of

merah red

merdu melodious mesra amicable; hospitable; friendly; close

merah jambu pink

mereka they; them; their mesti must

merah lembayung magenta

mergastua wild animals of the forest mestika

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

jewel; bezoar

mingguan weekly

misai moustache

mesyuarat meeting

minta to ask; to beg; to request

misal example

meterai official seal

minum to drink

miskin poor

mewah luxurious

minuman a drink

modal capital

mi noodles

minuman keras liquor; alcoholic drink

moga-moga may it be

miang itchy

minuman ringan soft drink

mogok a strike

milik to own; to possess

minyak oil; fat; petroleum

mogok lapar hunger strike

mimbar rostrum; pulpit

minyak sapi ghee

mohon to apply

mimpi dream

minyak tanah kerosene

mohor official seal

minat interest; enthusiasm; liking

miring oblique; slanting; to tilt

molek pretty; attractive; lovely

minggu week

mirip to resemble

momok ghost; evil spirit; something causing fear

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


muflis bankrupt

mongel beautiful; attractive

muat having sufficient capacity

mufti Muslim religious expert

montel plump and healthy

muatan cargo; load

Muharam first month of Muslim calendar

montok chubby; plump

muazam majesty

muhibah goodwill

monyet monkey

muazin summoner to prayer

mujarab efficacious; effective (of medicine)

moyang great-grandparent

mubaligh preacher; missionary

mujur luckily; fortunately

mu you; abbreviation of `kamu'

muda young; not ripe

muka face

muafakat agreement

mudah easy; convenient

muka depan front page

muak nauseated; sated

mudah-mudahan hopefully; perhaps

muka-muka insincere

mual nausea

mudarat harmful; detrimental

muka pintu doorway

to go upstream

muka selamba poker face

mualim religious teacher


muara Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

walk to and fro muka surat page mulia noble; distinguished; honourable; respectable

mundur to retreat; to recede; backward or underdeveloped

muka tebal thick-skinned mulur ductile

mungil small and cute

mukah fornication mulut mouth

mungkar to disobey; to deny; sinful

mukim district mulut manis sweet-tongued

mungkin possible; maybe; perhaps

mukjizat miracle mulut murai chatterbox

mungkir to breach or default

muktamad definitive; final mumbang green unripe coconut

munsyi language teacher

muktamar conference; congress munafik hypocrite

muntah to vomit

mula beginning; to begin munasabah credible; reasonable; suitable

murah cheap

mulai to start muncul to emerge; to appear

murah hati generous

muzzle; snout; beak; spout


mula-mula at first; first of all muncung magpie mulas colic mundar-mandir Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

muram gloomy; dismal; glum

Muslimat Muslim women muzakarah discussion

murid pupil; student

musnah to destroy; destructible

N murka wrathful; angry

mustahak important





murni clean; pure; genuine

impossible; incredible

tone; intonation

murtad apostate

mustajab effective (of medicine)

nadi pulse

murung depressed

musuh enemy; foe

nafas breath bernafas: to breathe pernafasan: respiration

musafir traveller

Musytari Jupiter nafi


deny civet-cat

mutakhir modern; the latest

menafikan: to deny penafian: denial

musim season

mutiara pearl

nafkah maintenance; livelihood; subsistence; alimony

muslihat trick; stratagem

mutlak absolute; complete; categorical

nafsu lust; intense desire

Muslim one who believes and follows the teachings of Islam

mutu quality

naga dragon

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


nama mishap; misfortune; disaster

nasab (1) name (2) reputation nama samaran: pseudonym nama timang-timangan: nickname bernama: named menamai: to name menamakan: to name kenamaan: respectable; noble penama: person who nominates ternama: famous namaan: nominal; in name only

nahu grammar

naib deputy

lineage of ancestors or descendants

nasi cooked rice

nasib chance; luck; fate; destiny bernasib baik: lucky



catch sight of; see

ascend; rise; climb; ride

nampaknya: it seems; apparently menampakkan: to display ternampak: visible; seen

naik angin: bad mood naik darah: bad temper naik gila: driven mad kenaikan: an increase; a rise menaiki: to climb on; to ride on or in menaikkan: to raise

nasihat advice menasihati: to advise menasihatkan: to advise penasihat: adviser

namun yet; still naskhah


copy (of a book, etc); manuscript excrement; faeces; filth

nanah pus Nasrani


Christian; Eurasian want

nanas pineapple natijah


result; consequence; conclusion naughty

nangka jackfruit

kenakalan: naughtiness

naung aegis; patronage nanti


wait; later


menanti: to wait for menantikan: to wait for penantian: a state of waiting ternanti-nanti: keep waiting with hope

naluri instinct Bahasa Melayu


naungan: protection; shade; shelter; patronage bernaung: sheltered; shaded menaungi: to shelter; to shade; to protect penaung: patron; guardian; protector

nazak http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


neraka hell niat


intention; wish vow

nescaya certainly

berniat: to have an intention terniat: intended

menazarkan: to vow bernazar: to vow nganga open the mouth wide



marriage school inspector

menganga: to open the mouth wide mengangakan: to open the mouth wide ternganga: wide open

bernikah: married menikahi: to marry menikahkan: to give in marriage pernikahan: marriage; wedding

negara country; kingdom ngeri negarawan: statesman memiliknegarakan: nationalise pemiliknegaraan: nationalisation

appalling; eerie; horrifying; terrible nikmat mengerikan: frightening; terrifying

enjoyment; pleasure; bliss kenikmatan: pleasure; enjoyment; comfort; delight menikmati: to enjoy


ngiang country; state

buzzing sound (in the mind)

kenegerian: state consciousness

nila blue dye; indigo ngiau mew (of a cat)

nekad determined

mengiau: to mew (of a cat)

nilai value


bernilai: valued; worth menilaikan: to evaluate or assess penilaian: assessment; evaluation

ngilu fisherman

gnawing pain



nguak grandmother


bray like a donkey

nenenda: grandmother (usually in letter-writing) nipah


a type of palm

trade neraca a kind of weighing apparatus with hanging pans

Bahasa Melayu


berniaga: to trade memperniagakan: to trade; to barter peniaga: trader perniagaan: a business or trade

nipis thin http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

nombor ganjil: odd number nombor genap: even number bernombor: numbered


nirinsani dehumanize

nyahpecutan deceleration nona miss; maam


buah nona: sweet-sop

state of perfect bliss

nyala flame bernyala: ignited menyala: to flare up; to ignite menyalakan: to kindle nyalaan: ignition





November November

nisbah ratio

nyaman fresh; pleasant (of atmosphere, food) menyamankan: to refresh; to enliven penyaman udara: air-conditioner



prophet; fortune-teller

having no material or physical substance; abstract

nyamuk mosquito



motherland; fatherland

insult; abuse

nyanyi singing

Nusantara Malay archipelago

nobat Malay royal band

nyanyian: singing bernyanyi: to sing menyanyi: to sing menyanyikan: to sing for penyanyi: singer



his; her; its

spot of dirt; stain menodai: to stain; to disgrace ternoda: stained



dotage; senility with feeble mind

go away!; get away! noktah full stop



piercing and shrill (of sound)

release the electric charge of nombor number nyahjangkit Bahasa Melayu


nyaris almost; nearly http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

oceh nyata apparent; evident; clear; concrete kenyataan: notice; statement menyatakan: to state penyata: statement; report pernyataan: explanation; statement; announcement ternyata: obvious; clear; defined

oleh talk rapidly; jabber; chatter

by; because of

mengoceh: to chatter ocehan: jabbering talk

beroleh: to get; to obtain memperoleh: to obtain; to acquire; to achieve perolehan: earnings; gains

ogah hookah

oleng sway; rock


Ogos life


olok-olok jest; joke; make fun

bernyawa: alive; living; animate persenyawaan: fertilisation oh exclamation of delight, pain or emphasis



wave sound asleep berombak: wavy oi a shout for attention

nyiru triangular tray made from bamboo

omel grouse; grumble Oktober

mengomel: to grumble

October nyiur coconut omong


chatter; empty talk

attitude; manner nyonya term used for married Chinese lady

olah-olah: playfully seolah-olah: as if; as though memperolahkan: to make fun of; to play a joke on

onar commotion; uproar

nyunyut suck olahraga athletic (adj.); athletics (noun)

onde-onde sweet dumpling of flour and coconut

olahragawan: male athlete olahragawati: female athlete


ongkos cost; expenditure




Bahasa Melayu

convection; eddy


mengongkosi: to pay the expenditure; to finance


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

land (or jungle) leech



rice-plant; rice-grain with its husk exclamation of surprise, pleasure or pain pacul (1)hoe (2)to appear suddenly



(1)solid (2)united grandmother pada at; on; in; to; according to



excellency; majesty person or people orang rumah: wife orang-orangan: puppet; scarecrow keseorangan: lonely; alone perseorangan: individual seorangan: alone seseorang: somebody

padah omen; warning

pagar fence

padam to extinguish; to put off; to switch off; to rub off

pagi morning

oren orange

padan matched; fitting; suited

pagi-pagi early in the morning

otak brain; mind

padanan suitability;

otak udang: stupid berotak: brainy; clever

pagut to peck (of bird)

padang field


paha thigh

muscle padang pasir desert


pahala reward; merit



to erect a pointed pole in the ground

compact; packed; dense

pahat chisel



I; me (when addressing royalty)


pahit bitter

pacat Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

(1)the most; extremely (2)to turn away pahlawan hero; warrior pakat to agree; to conspire

palit to smear; to smudge

pajak lease pakatan pact; agreement; treaty; conspiracy

palsu false

pajak gadai pawnshop pakis fern

palu to hit; to beat

pak father; uncle paksa to force; to compel

paluan a knock; a blow

pakcik uncle paksaan compulsion

palung pool; trough

pakai to wear; to use paksi axis

palut wrapping; covering

pakaian clothes paku nail; ferns

pamah lowlands

pakaian seragam uniform pala nutmeg

paman uncle

pakal to caulk palam (1)grout (2)plug

pamer to exhibit

pakar expert; specialist palang crossbar

pameran exhibition

pakar runding consultant paling Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pampang to spread out; to stretch out

pancaindera the five senses




a spurt; an ejection

pampas compensation

pole or stake driven into the ground

pampasan compensation


clever; intelligent

pandang to gush out; to radiate; to broadcast; to emit

to look; to consider

panah bow (for shooting arrows)

pancaran spout; broadcast; emission; beam or ray

pandangan opinion; view

panahan archery

pancaragam band or orchestra

pandang-memandang to exchange looks or glances

hot; feverish



panas fishing hook; to fish

panas terik very hot; blistering; scorching



pandu a puncture

panas-panas hot


to guide; to drive; to pilot

panduan to behead

guidance; directory

panau pityriasis versicolor (a type of skin disease)


pancungan decapitation

pandu puteri girl guide

pancur five

pancalogam an alloy of five metals

to spurt out; to spout; to flow

panggang to roast; to toast; roasted

to gush out; to spurt


pancut to call

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

the lap

pantang prohibition; abstinence; to abstain

panggilan a call; a summon; name or title


panggung theatre; stage

warrior; commander

pantang larang prohibition; taboo

compartment; section (of fruit)


pangsa fast; quick; swift

panggung wayang cinema

pangsapuri apartment

pantat posterior or bottom; external genitalia

pangkah a cross; to put a cross

panitia commission; committee

pantul to bounce back; to bound; to spring

pangkal beginning; base

panjang long

pantulan reflex; rebound

pangkalan base; jetty

panjang akal resourceful; intelligent

pantun quatrain

pangkas to clip or cut

panjangnya length

papa very poor

pangkat rank

panjat to climb

papa kedana destitute

pangkin bunk

panji-panji bunting; streamer

papah supported; to support

pangku (1)to take on one's lap (2)to hold office in an acting capacity

pantai beach; coast

papan plank

pangkuan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to dress up papan catur chess-board parau hoarse (of voice)

pasang telinga to eavesdrop

ray; skate


papan hitam blackboard pari market papan iklan billboard pari-pari fairy

pasar borong wholesale market

ditch; drain

pasar gelap black market

papan kenyataan notice-board parit

papar flat paru-paru lung

pasar malam night market

papas (1)to take off; to strip off (2)to counteract paruh (1)bill; beak (2)half

pasaraya supermarket

para prefix denoting large numbers or large amount parut (1)scar (2)to grate or scrape

pasir sand

para-para rack; shelf pasak pin; peg; wedge

pasti definite; certain; sure

parah serious; critical (of illness or injury) pasang (1)pair; set (2)to install; to affix; to fasten (3)to rise (of tide)

pasu flower-pot; vase

parang chopping-knife pasangan couple

pasu-pasu cheek bones

paras face; level pasang badan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


umbrella team; unit of troops patut fair; reasonable; right and proper; appropriate



to break pillory; handcuffs paus whale



fraction (1)broken (of long objects); fracture (2)numeral coefficient for words paut to hold on tightly; to cling on

pecat to dismiss

patah hati broken-hearted pawagam cinema; theatre

pecut to accelerate

pateri solder pawah sharing of profits between tenant and landlord

pedang sword

pati essence; extract pawang Malay witch doctor

pedap to imbibe or absorb

patik I; me (used when talking to royal person) paya swamp

pedas hot (of chillies and curry); caustic

patuh obedient paya bakau mangrove swamp

pedati caravan; cart; carriage

patuk to peck; to bite (of snake) payah difficult

pedih smarting; sorrowful

patung statue; dummy; doll; idol payau brackish

pedoman compass; guide

patung-patung dragon-fly payung Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

peduli to bother about; to mind; to care

pejam to close or shut (of eyes) pelana saddle

pegaga a kind of creeping plant

peka sensitive pelanduk mouse-deer

pegang to hold; to control

pekak deaf pelangi rainbow

pegangan a hold; something that is held

pekan town; marketplace pelantar long bench; landing on stairs

pegawai officer

pekap to cover (mouth or ears) with the hand pelanting to scatter

peguam lawyer

pekasam fish or meat pickled in brine pelat faulty pronunciation; dialect; accent

peguambela advocate; barrister

pekat thick or concentrated (of liquid) pelawa to invite

peguamcara solicitor

pekerti character; disposition pelawaan invitation

pegun (1)petrified (2)silent in meditation

pekik to scream pelbagai assorted; variety

pejal solid; firm

pelamin bridal dais pelecok to sprain

pejalwapan condensation

pelampung float; buoy pelekat

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

gum; glue

peluk to embrace; to hug

pendekar warrior; expert in Malay art of self-defence

pelepah rib of palm leaf; rib of feather; frond of palm tree

pelukan a hug

pendita great scholar

pelesir to gallivant

peluru bullet

pengantin bride; bridegroom

pen (writing device)

pengaruh influence; authority



pelihara to rear; to take care of


peliharaan that which is being reared

penat (1)term (2)paragraph; chapter; volume (3)to behead

pelik strange; queer

penawar antidote

penggawa village headman

self-defence; to parry


pelita lamp

pencak village headman

pelopor pioneer

pencil to isolate

pengsan unconscious; to faint

pelosok corner; nook (of country)

pendam to hide or conceal (of feelings, emotions, secrets)

pening dizzy; giddy; feeling confused

peluang chance; opportunity

pendaman something that is concealed

pening-pening lalat slightly dizzy

peluh sweat; perspiration

pendek short

peniti safety pin

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

juice; that which has been squeezed out

perangai behaviour; character; nature; disposition

penjara jail; prison

perahu boat

perangkap trap



penjuru corner; angle

perajurit startled; shocked; surprised

pentas stage

perak silver

perap (1)to flap (wings) (2)to lock oneself up in the house

penting important

peraka a ship's hold

peras to extort; to extract

penuh full

peram to keep fruit till ripe

perasan aware of; conscious of

penyek flattened

peran clown; jester

perawan maiden; virgin girl

penyu turtle

peranan role

perca remnants of cloth

pepatah saying; maxim; proverb

Perancis French

percaya to believe

perabot furniture

perang (1)war (2)brown

percik to sprinkle

perah to wring; to squeeze

peperangan war

percuma (1)free of charge (2)in vain (of time or effort)

perahan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

incident; event; happening perdana premier; principal; prime peribumi native

perit painful

perdu base of tree trunk perigi well

periuk cooking pot

perempuan female; woman; girl perigi buta disused well

perkakas instrument; tool; apparatus; equipment

perencah something used to add taste to a dish perihal matters; situation

perkara matter

perenggan (1)boundary (2)paragraph perikemanusiaan humanity; compassion

perkasa strong; brave; powerful

pergi to go periksa to examine; to check; to investigate

perkosa (1)brave; strong (2)to force; to rape

peri nature; manner (of feelings, situations) perinci to describe in great detail

perkosaan the act of forcing or raping

grade; stage


peri-peri fairy peringkat slow peria bitter gourd perintah command; order

perli to tease

peribadi private; personal perisai a shield

perlu necessary: must

peribahasa proverb peristiwa Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

permai beautiful; magnificent; wonderful

perwira hero; warrior petah eloquent; fluent

permaidani carpet

pesan message; order petai stinking edible green pod

permaisuri queen

pesanan message; order petak compartment; section

permata jewel

pesat quick; rapid (of development) petala layer; stratum; storey

pernah to (ever) have

pesawat machine petaling small hardwood tree

peroi friable

pesisir beach; shore petang afternoon; evening

peronyok to crumple (of paper)

pesona a spell or charm peti box; casket; case

perosok to sink or slip into

pesong to change direction or course peti sejuk refrigerator

persegi square

pesta festival peti surat post-box

pertama first

pesuruhjaya commissioner petik (1)to pluck (2)to quote

perut stomach

peta map petikan

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


picit to press; to squeeze; to pinch

pilu sad; sorrowful; mournful

petola loofah

pidato speech; lecture; talk

pimpin to lead; to guide

petir thunder

pihak side; party

pimpinan leadership

petua advice; ruling

pijak to step on

pinang (1)areca-nut (2)to propose (for marriage)

piagam charter; constitution

pijat bed-bug

pinar glowing; shimmering

piala cup

pikat to trap; to tempt; to attract

pincang (1)lame (2)unbalanced (of music)

piat to twist

pikul (1)a unit of weight (=133lbs.) (2)to carry on the shoulder

pinda to alter; to amend; to correct

piatu orphan

pilin to twist or wind

pindaan amendment

piawai correct; precise; accurate; exact; standard

pilih to choose; to select; to elect

pindah to move or shift from one place to another

picagari syringe

pilihan choice; selection

pindah milik transfer of ownership

picing to blink; to wink; to close the eyes

Bahasa Melayu

pilihanraya general election


pindah tangan change of hands http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

buttocks; hip

pipis to mash or grind

pindahan a transfer

pinjam to borrow

pipit sparrow

pinga astounded; stunned

pinjaman loan

piring saucer

pingat medal

pinta to ask for; to request

piring hitam gramophone record

to twist; to spin


pinggan plate; dish

pintal to be separated

pinggan mangkuk crockery

pintar cunning; sharp-witted; smart; clever

pisang banana

pinggang waist

pintas to cut short; to intercept or interrupt; to cut across

pisau knife

pinggir edge

pintasan short-cut

pita ribbon; tape

pinggir jalan roadside

pintu door

pitam dizziness

pinggir kota suburbs

pipi cheek

piutang credit; monies receivable

pinggir laut coast

pipih thin and flat

plumbum lead (metal)

pinggul Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

(1)a shoot or sprout (2)numeral coefficient for letter or gun pohon (1)tree (2)to apply; to beg; to request pramugari air-stewardess

pudar dim (of light); faded

pokok (1)tree (2)principle; capital prasangka prejudice; suspicion

puding an ornamental shrub

pondan transvestite prasejarah prehistorical

puisi poetry

pondok hut; booth; shed prestasi performance

puja to worship; to adore

ponteng (1)to play truant (2)to cheat; to swindle puak group; tribe

pujangga author; literary person

pontianak female vampire puaka evil spirit

puji to praise

porak-peranda chaotic; in disorder puan (1)lady; Mrs (2)plate for betel-leaf

pujian a compliment or praise

potong a piece; a slice; to cut puas satisfied; contented

pujuk to coax;to persuade; to entice

potongan the cut (of clothes) puasa fast

pujukan persuasion; enticement

prakata foreword pucat pale

pukal lump; block

pramugara air-steward pucuk Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pukang crotch

puluh ten pungguk Malayan hawk owl

pukat dragnet (for fishing)

pulut glutinous rice punggung buttocks; back; hips

pukau charm used (by burglars) to make people fall asleep

pun also pungut to pick; to collect; to harvest

pukul (1)to beat or hit (2)hour

punah to destroy pungutan collection

pula again; also; yet; too

punai pigeon; dove puntal coiled; wound up

pulang to go back; to return

punat (1)button (2)core of a boil puntung butt (e.g. of cigarette); stump

pulangan the act of returning

punca source; origin punya to have; to possess; to own

pulang kerahmatullah to die

puncak peak; summit; acme pupu degree of kinship

pulas to twist; to wring

pundi-pundi purse pupuk to manure; to nurture

pulau (1)island (2)to boycott

pundi-pundi kencing urinary bladder pupus extinct

pulih to recover; to restore

punggah to unload pura-pura

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


pusat centre; navel

putih kuning cream-coloured

to rotate; to revolve


purata average

pusing newly-formed fruit; pistil

purba ancient

pusingan rotation; a round

puting nipple; teat

purbakala ancient times

puspa flower

puting beliung whirlwind; tornado



purdah veil

pustaka to break off; to finish

puri castle; palace; city

pustakawan librarian

puyu whirlwind

purnama full moon

putar to rotate

puyuh quail

pusaka heirloom; heritage


putaran rotation qada


an action performed as a replacement to revolve

putera prince qari


a male Koran reader rotation

puteri princess qariah


a female Koran reader cemetary; graveyard

putih white; fair Quran

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

Koran (sacred book of Muslims)

(1) manner; way (2) bad behaviour (3) melody; tune (4) united; faithful rabun jauh short-sightedness


ragi yeast

raba rabung

to grope; to touch; to fondle

ridge of a roof ragu-ragu doubtful; dubious; suspicious rabak racik

large tear; ragged; tattered

cut into thin slices ragum pincer; clamp Rabiulakhir fourth month of the Muslim calendar

racikan finely cut slices ragut to grab; to snatch

Rabiulawal third month of the Muslim calendar

racun poison rahang jaw

rabik radak

torn; tattered; ripped

to stab rahim (1) womb (2) merciful (of God) rabit radang

torn at the edge

angry rahmat blessing; mercy (bestowed by God) Rabu radas


apparatus rahmati blessed rabuk raden


title of Javanese nobility rahsia secret rabun raga

poor eyesight

(1) basket (2) a kind of rattan ball (3) to show off rai to entertain; to celebrate rabun dekat long-sightedness Bahasa Melayu

ragam 160/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


rakan to buy up for resale

ramal friend; companion; comrade


to predict; to forecast

rakit king

ramalan raft

Raja Muda crown prince


raja sehari bridegroom





ramas mercury

to knead

rambang giant;demon

diagram; chart


random; uncertain (of feelings, aim, etc.)


rambang mata flirtatious; having a roving eye

people; public; citizen

rambu-rambu fringes; tassels

rakyat unripe rice-stalks left at reaping


ralat sparrow-hawk

rambut mistake; error

rajin hardworking; industrious; diligent


rama-rama butterfly




to sulk; to bicker

jute; hemp

ninth month of the Muslim calendar (the fasting month)


ramah to record

mixed; various

rampas friendly; cordial; amiable


ramai a recording

Bahasa Melayu


ramping many (of people)


to confiscate; to seize; to capture; to hijack

slim; slender (of waist) http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


rangkai to burgle


(1) a bunch; a bundle; a cluster (2) a unit of length

rantai leher necklace

to crawl

rantai tangan bracelet

rangkak to collect all sorts of material


rangkap ingredients

rantaian link lines of a verse; two-fold


rangking to flatten out; to level to the ground

rantau a type of large basket with lid


rangkul lively

bay; creek; region; colony

ranting to embrace


rangkum to plan; to prepare


ranum to embrace; to cuddle; to enclose; to include

rancangan a plan




over-ripe (of fruit)

rapat stimulus

to wade

close; intimate; compact

rapi brittle; crisp


ranjang (1) a draft; a sketch (2) fallow (of land)

neat; orderly

rapuh iron bed-stead

rang undang-undang bill (in Parliament)




fragile; brittle; friable

rasa mantrap; booby-trap

skeleton; outline Bahasa Melayu

connected series or sequence

rasi chain; series; sequence


(1) feeling; emotion (2) taste (3) opinion

compatible; suitable http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


raungan official; formal

rayuan loud weeping or wailing


an appeal; a plea

raup bribe

rebah two handfuls; to scoop up with both hands


to collapse

raut possessed (by evil spirits); obsessed

rebak to pare


to spread (for fire, news, epidemic)

rawak messenger of God; prophet

reban at random


a fowl's pen

rawan flat; level; even

rebas (1) anxious (2) numeral coefficient for articles made of cord


rawat to grieve; to wail

rebung to nurse


rawatan grief

bamboo shoot

rebus treatment; medical care


raya jewel


rebut large; main; principle; great


rayap queen

to snatch; to seize; to grab; to scramble for something

recih to creep; to crawl


rayau hundred

remnants; small change

recik to roam; to wander


rayu to wail or moan aloud

Bahasa Melayu


reda to appeal; to plead; to request


to sprinkle

(1) to decrease in intensity; to subside (2) willing; consenting http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


rekaan to take a direct way through (e.g. a forest, desert, flood, etc.)



rembesan secretion

to split or crack

remeh-temeh unimportant; trivial; petty

rekah editorial


rekahan obscured; clouded; gloomy

rempah a split, fissure or crack


rekat taut; tight; stretched

rempak to glue together


rela team; gang; group; pair



relau rest

(1) chipped (2) united

rempang-lempung injured; tattered

rempuh furnace


remah scraps; leftovers



remaja the seventh month of the Muslim calendar


remuk hati broken-hearted

(1) whip (2) trap

remuk-redam smashed; crushed


renang secrete; ooze


to smash; to shatter

fine body hair

rembat to invent; to create; to design; to compose

reka bentuk the design

rempuhan a stampede




to storm at; to stampede


to stone to death

Bahasa Melayu


to swim http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


rentak seasoning; condiment; flavouring

reput rhythm; beat


rentang article; feature; story

rotten; decayed

resah to stretch tight; to spread along


rentap stunted; retarded

fidgety; restless; uneasy

resam to pull violently; to snatch


rentas lace

custom; tradition

resap to take a short cut


rentetan low

to penetrate into; to seep into; to diffuse into

restu sequence; series


renung to soak


retak to stare; to gaze; to ponder

rendang food fried in coconut oil


to crack

renungan the act of staring or gazing; contemplation




small and short

a crack


to rip open

renggang far apart



renyuk-renyik crumpled




grumpy; sullen

renjis sprinkle; scatter Bahasa Melayu

rezeki to crumple

to talk nonsense 165/216

livelihood; luck

jovial; joyful; cheerful

exercise; recreation http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

riak (1) ripple on the water (2) vain; proud


rindu dendam passionate longing

rintangan barricade; obstacle



happy; cheerful; merry

light (in weight)


to moan; to groan (in pain)

ringan mulut friendly


(1) hold on one's lap (2) interest on money lent

ringan tangan helpful person



violent; storm

ringan tulang hardworking

rintik-rintik drizzle

Ringgit Malaysia Malaysian currency


dorsal fin of a fish






rimas uneasy (because of heat, etc.)

a groan or moan

speckle; spot

to clear a way; to open up; to pioneer

brief; concise



ringkasan summary


forest; jungle

ringkasnya briefly; in short


dense; thick (of hair, foliage, etc.)




rinci specify in details

to make discreet inquiries

to bend or stoop; to crouch


rintang to long for; to yearn for

Bahasa Melayu


riwayat to block with a barricade



story; tale http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

riwayat hidup biography




rongga fine body hair

to tear or rip


cavity; hollow space

a person's looks or appearance

ronggeng a dance (for couples)

to demolish; to reshuffle

rongkong throat

rombak to collapse

roda wheel


rombakan a reshuffle




to stab

(1) large basket made of palm leaves (2) to form a group

rogol to rape


damaged; spoilt

rombongan a group (of travellers)




spirit; soul

decline; deteriorate; diminish

to rob

rohani spirituality




ruam damaged at the tip; mutilated (of ear, nose, etc.)


ronda salad of mixed vegetables taken with sauce





to patrol

ruam panas prickly heat

gap (in teeth, fence)

ruam saraf shingles

rongak cigarette

rattan; cane

rompakan robbery


Bahasa Melayu

to struggle; to resist


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


rumah a space; a room

runcit house



rumah tangga household


ruang makan dining-room


rundingan discussion; negotiation

ruang waktu time frame






rungut Roman

to boil over; to bubble or foam over; to evaporate





to grumble; to complain


the section between two joints; internode

a complaint

runsing weed

rumpair to suffer a loss


runtuh a kind of sea plant; alga


rumpun staple food; basic; main

to collapse

runtun a clump; a cluster


rumput to refer

to drag; to pull violently

runtunan grass


rumus reference


rupa formula


runcing pillar; basic principle

Bahasa Melayu

to discuss; to negotiate

rupa kata tapered; pointed; sharp


appearance; form

adverb http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

sabar rupa nama adjective

patient; calm

saderi celery

sabda rupanya

saying; verbal expression



metallic plating or coating

sabit rupawan




a type of red seed

Sabtu rusa




to grate; to scrape

sabun rusa senggerik unicorn


sagu sago

sabung rusuh

to fight (of cocks)


to create trouble

authentic; genuine; legal

sabungan cock-fighting



a riot; a rebellion


sabung-menyabung flashing (of lighting)



(1)side; flank; edge (2)rib

only; merely; just




saham a share

saat sadai

second (time); moment

stranded; beached (of boat)

sahih true; valid; sure; certain

saban sadap


to tap a palm tree for its juice

sahsiah personality

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

ill; pain; painful

salangkan even if



sahur pre-dawn meal in the Muslim fasting month

sakit hati genealogy; pedigree

sahut to answer a call

saksama just; impartial; fair

salib cross for crucifixion

sahutan an answer; a response

saksi witness

salih pious; virtuous

saing compete; companion

sakti supernatural power

bersaing: to compete; in the company of; side by side pesaing: competitor; rival saingan: competition; rivalry menyaingi: to compete with; to rival; to accompany

salin (1)to change clothes (2)to give birth

saku pocket

salinan a copy

sajak poem

salah (1)wrong (2)guilty; at fault

saling mutual

saji to serve (food)

salai to roast; to dry over a fire

salir to flow off; to drain away

sajian a dish

salak to bark

saliran drainage

sakat to make fun of; to tease

salam peace; greetings

salji snow

saki-baki remainder; balance

salang a method of execution

salur to lead or channel into

sakit Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

garbage of all sorts saluran a channel sambar to swoop down and seize; to snatch

sampai (1)to reach; to arrive (2)till; until

salur darah blood vessel sambil while; simultaneously

sampai hati to have the heart to do something

part-time; subsidiary


salur kencing urethra sambilan small boat salur mani vas deferens sambil lalu incidentally; by the way

samping side; flank

salur nadi artery sambung to fasten or join together; to continue

sampingan a by product

salut to coat; to enwrap sambungan continuation; connection; extension

sampuk to interfere; to interrupt; to intervene

salut bunga calyx sambut to welcome; to receive; to celebrate or observe

sampul envelope; wrapper; cover

sama same; together sambutan reception; welcome; response; celebration

samseng gangster; hooligan

samak tannin sami Buddhist monk

samudera ocean; sea

rubbish; garbage; litter


samar dim; vague; obscure sampah to rob sambal spicy condiment sampah sarap Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

sana there

sangkut-paut involved; implicated

sanggah-menyanggah to oppose; to protest against

sanak saudara relatives

sangsi sanggama union; confederation

to doubt; to be suspicious


sanjung shoulder-strap


to praise; to flatter; to adulate coiffure; knot of hair

sandar to lean on; to rely on; to depend on

sanjungan flattery; adulation

sanggup willing; ready; able; capable

sandar-menyandar to depend on one another

santai sangka

relaxation to presume; to expect; to guess


santan prop; support; maintenance

sangkaan presumption; conjecture; guess; imagination; expectation

near; close; adjacent



coconut milk

santap to eat and drink (of royalty); to dine to hinder; to obstruct; to impede sangkal (1)to deny (2)handle (of hammer)

sandiwara stageplay; concert

santapan food; dishes; meal

sangkalan denial



honorific epithet


sangkar cage



very; extremely

heart; emotions

sangkut stuck; attached

sangga to support

Bahasa Melayu

sapa to greet; to speak to; to address



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

sarapan sapaan



greeting; salutation


sarat sapi

heavily loaded cow or bull

saribunga corolla; petals

sapu to wipe; to sweep; to rub gently sapu tangan handkerchief

sasterawan male scholar

sasterawati female scholar

saring to filter; to refine; to sift; to sieve; to purify

sasul overshot; gone too far

sara pension; allowance

saringan refinement; preliminary rounds of contest

satah plane; flat; level

sara hidup livelihood

sarjana scholar

satu one

saraf nerve

sarjana muda bachelor's degree



satu-satunya the only one

one by one

saran to suggest; to propose

sarong; sheath; cover; wrapper

saranan suggestion; proposal; propaganda


saudagar strong; sturdy

merchant; trader

sarang nest; web


saudara eccentric; odd; confused; crazy

brother or sister; relative; comrade

sarap to have breakfast

sasaran target

Bahasa Melayu


saudara-mara relatives in general


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

saudari female relative or friend sayat

sebal to slice

resentful; disillusioned; dissatisfied

sauh anchor sayu

sebar sad; melancholic

to spread; to

saujana spacious; extensive sayup

sebaran very faintly visible or audible


sauk a scoop sayup-sayup vague; indistinct




to whip; to cane; to steal

sawah rice-field vegetable sawan

whipping; caning

sayur-sayuran variety of vegetables


fits; epilepsy

sayur-mayur variety of vegetables






sawat belt

similar (of age, looks)

opposite side (of river, road); across

one; same; a; an

choked (of nose); full (of stomach) sebut to utter; to mention; to say; to pronounce


sebab I; my; me

reason; cause; because sebutan expression; utterance; pronunciation


sebab-musabab reason

love; affection

sedak to choke; to hiccup sayap

sebak wing

Bahasa Melayu

to shed tears; choked 174/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


sedutan (1)to be in the process of; while (2)medium (size); average; sufficient

inhalation; suction

segi tiga triangle

segak sedap

smart-looking; chic; elegant; stylish

segi tiga sama kaki isosceles triangle

all; entire; whole; every

segi tiga sama sisi equilateral triangle

pleasant (of taste, smell); nice (of voice); tasty; delicious


segala conscious; aware


segala-galanya everything


sejahtera peaceful

sederhana moderate; average; medium; simple

segan shy; bashful

sejak since


segan-silu bashful

ready; prepared; willing

sejarah history


segar immemorial; old; of long past


sejat to evaporate

sedih sad; sorrowful

segar-bugar fit; like new

sejuk cool; cold

sedu sobbing


sedu-sedan sobbing

without delay; urgent; quick

sekaligus all at once

aspect; angle; view; side; facet

sekalipun although


sedut to inhale; to suck up

segi empat square

sekam grain husk; chaff

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

interval; gap; opening

selang interval; pause

sekarang now

seladang wild ox

selaput membrane

sekat to block; to obstruct

selak (1)a bolt (2)to pull out a garment

selaput mata cataract



sekatan obstruction

selalu branding iron

sekerap scrap

selam to dive

Selasa Tuesday

sekoi millet

selamat safe

selasih a type of plant

sekolah school

selamat datang welcome

selat straits

sekongkol conspiracy

selamat jalan goodbye; farewell

selatan south

seksa to torture

selamat malam goodnight

selawat prayer for peace and prosperity

seksaan suffering; torture

selamat pagi good morning

selekeh stain; smudge

sekutu partner; ally

selamba poker-faced; shameless

selekoh curve; bend; twist

sela Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to ransack; to rummage selempang sash selinap to sneak away

seloroh comical; joking; humorous

selendang shawl selindung to hide; to conceal; to take cover

selsema a cold (medical)

selenggara to maintain; to look after; to keep in good condition seling alternate

seluar trousers; pants

selera appetite; zest selingan interlude

seluar dalam underpants



selerak scattered selirat cover; veil selesa comfortable; leisure selisih difference; dispute; disagreement

seludup to smuggle

selesai finished; settled; completed selit to insert

seluk to put the hand in the pocket

seleweng to divert; to deviate seliuh sprained

selumbar wooden splinter

selia to inspect selok intricacy

seluruh entire; whole

selidik to investigate; to study; to do research selok-belok intricacy

selusup to penetrate; to infiltrate

selimut blanket selongkar Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

selut mud

sembah to worship; to idolize sembilan nine

semadi (1)concentration (2)to bury

sembah salam good wishes semboyan signal; alarm

semai to sow; to plant seedlings

sembahyang to worship; to pray sembuh to recover from ill-health

semaian nursery; seedlings

sembam to fall in a prone position or on one's face sembul to protrude

semak (1)bush; undergrowth (2)to check (3)to revise

sembang chatter sembunyi to hide; to conceal

semak-samun undergrowth of all kinds

sembap to swell sembur to spout; to spray; to sprinkle

semangat spirit; zest; enthusiasm; soul; vigour

sembarang arbitrary semenanjung peninsula

semangka watermelon

sembarangan at random semenjak since

semarak splendour; excellence

sembelih to slaughter semenjak itu ever since

semat a pin

sembelihan slaughter; bloodshed sementara temporary; while

semayam To reside; to sit; to rest (of rulers)

sembelit constipation; constipated sementara itu

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


semuanya wholly; entirely

sendat tight; close-fitting

semerbak fragrant

semut ant

sendawa to belch; to burp

semesta all; entire; the whole

sen cent

sendeng slanting; sloping; leaning; askew

semesta alam the whole universe

senak tight; feeling stuffed

sendi joint

sempadan boundary

senak perut indigestion; feeling of fullness in abdomen

sendiri alone; on one's own

sempang hyphen

senam to do physical exercise

sendiri-sendiri each; individually

physical exercise


sempat having the time; early

senaman ladle

sempena in conjunction with; in commemoration of

senang easy; comfortable; free (from care)

sengaja purposely; intentionally

sempit narrow

senapang gun

sengal pain in the joints; rheumatism

sempurna complete; perfect

senarai list

sengat a sting

semua all

senda joke

sengau nasal (of voice)

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

fine language

senonoh proper; decent; well-behaved

senget slanting; inclining

seni bina architecture

sentak to jerk; to pull suddenly

senggugut dysmenorrhoea

seni lukis art of painting or drawing

sental to rub; to scrub; to erase

sengguk to nod

seni ukir sculpture

sentap to tug; to pull sharply

sengih to grin

seniman male actor

senteng short or scanty (of clothes)

sengihan a grin

seniwati actress

sentiasa always

sengit violent

senja dusk; twilight

sentosa peaceful; tranquil

sengkang a dash

senjakala evening

sentuh to touch

sengketa a dispute

senjata weapon; arms

sentuhan contact

sengsara suffering; agony

senjata api firearms

senyap quiet; silent

seni (1)art; skill (2)fine

senjata berat artillery

senyap-senyap quietly; without anybody's knowledge

seni bahasa Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

verandah; porch senyum to smile sepit tweezers; pincers; chopsticks

serampang a harpoon

senyuman a smile sepoi-sepoi gentle; mild

serang boatswain

sepah (1)to chew (of betel leaf) (2)scattered sepoi-sepoi bahasa soft breeze

serangan an attack; an assault

sepak (1)to slap (2)to kick sepuh gilt

serangga insect

sepanduk banner; placard serabut fibre

Serani Eurasian

separa a section only serah to surrender

serap to absorb

separuh half; semi serahan something that is submitted

serapan absorption

sepatu shoe serai lemon-grass

serapah a curse

sepatu besi horse-shoe serak hoarse (of voice)

seraya while; simultaneously

seperti like; such as seram terrifying; frightful

serba all

sepi quiet; desolate; deserted serambi Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

serba aneka various; all sorts

sergam conspicuous serong askew; crooked; unfaithful; insincere

serba-serbi various sorts

seri (1)splendour; brightness (2)royal honorific (3)a draw or tie (of a game)

seronok enjoyable; pleasant

serban turban Seri Paduka His Majesty

serpih a chip; a fragment; a splinter

serbu to invade; to attack serigala wolf; jackal

serpihan a chip; a fragment; a splinter

serbuan a raid; an attack serik to discourage

serta (1)together with; along with (2)as soon as

serbuk powder sering often; frequently

serta-merta immediately

serempak coming suddenly and unexpectedly seringkali often; frequently

seru to cry aloud; to exclaim; to call

serentak simultaneously seringai a grin

seruan an exclamation

seret to drag serkap conical fish-trap

seruling flute

sergah startling serkup conical coop

sesah beat with a cane

sergahan a snarl; act of startling serlah gleaming white against dark background; exposed Bahasa Melayu


sesak http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

congested; tight; crowded; packed

sewa rent; lease

siap ready; prepared; finished; completed

sesal regretful; repentant

sewaan rental

siap sedia ready; well-prepared

hire purchase


sesalan repentance

sewa beli who; whose

sesat lost; gone astray

sfera sphere

siar to stroll

sesuai suitable; appropriate

sia-sia useless; futile; in vain

siaran a broadcast

sesungut feeler; antenna

siak mosque caretaker

siasat to investigate

seterika iron (for clothes)

sial unlucky; unfortunate

siasatan investigative; investigation

seteru enemy; foe

siamang a gibbon

siat to tear into small pieces; to shred

setia loyal; faithful

siang (1)daytime (2)to cut up and clean (meat or fish)

sibuk busy

setiausaha secretary

siang hari daytime

setinggan squatter

siang-siang early

sibur-sibur dragon-fly

sidai to hang out (clothes)

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

a set-square

simpang junction

sidang council; board; meeting

sila (1)please (2)to sit cross-legged

simpangan cross-roads

the past

simpang-siur criss-crossing

a cross


sifar zero


sifat characteristic; feature; quality

silang a knot

sifir an arithmetical table

silap wrong; mistaken

simpulan a knot; a bond

sihat healthy

silau glitter; dazzle

simpulan bahasa an idiom



sihir magic; sorcery

silih a ray; a beam (of light)

sijil certificate

silu shy; bashful; timid

sinaran a ray; a glow; a gleam; a glitter; illumination

sikap demeanour; attitude

simbah soaked; wet

sindir to hint; to insinuate; to tease; to mock

sikat (1)a comb (2)a bunch (of bananas)

simpan to keep; to store; to save (money)

sindiran insinuation

siku elbow

simpanan savings

singa lion

siku-siku Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

scale (of fish) singgah to stop by on the way sipu shy; bashful

sisip to insert

singgahsana throne siput snail

sisipan insertion

singgung to insult; to offend siram to water

sisir (1)to comb (2)a comb (of bananas)

singkap to reveal; to expose; to lay open; to lift (skirt) sirap slightly raised

siswa undergraduate

singkat short; brief sirat netting; mesh

sita forfeited; confiscated

singkatan abbreviation sirih betel leaf

sitaan confiscation; confiscated goods

singkir to expel; dismiss sirip fin

situ there

singsing to roll up (sleeves; trousers) sisa remainder; leftovers

siul to whistle

sini here sisi side; edge

siulan whistling

sinis cynical sisih to stay apart

siuman recovered consciousness; sane

sipi off target sisik Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

soal to question

songkok Malay male head-dress sotong cuttlefish

soalan a question

songsang upside down; inverted sua to meet; to encounter; to join

soal selidik questionaire

sopan respectful; courteous; polite suai suitable; fit; appropriate

sodok to shovel

sopan santun courtesy; politeness suai kenal orientation

sogok a bribe

sorak-sorai applause; cheering suam lukewarm; feverish

sokong to support; to back up

sorakan applause; cheers suami husband

sokongan support; backing

sore afternoon; early evening suap (1)to feed (2)to bribe

solek make-up

sorok to hide; to conceal suara voice

sombong proud; conceited; snobbish

sorong to push forward; to shove; to urge suara hati conscience

sompek chipped

sorot (1)ray; beam (2)to review suara ramai opinion of the majority

sondol to butt with lowered head

sorotan (1)glow; radiation (2)reflection; review suasana

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mood; atmosphere; situation; circumstances

sudi willing

sukan sport

suatu one; a

sudip wooden ladle

sukar difficult; hard

subahat accomplice

sudu spoon

sukarela voluntary

subang ear-ring; ear-stud

sudut corner; angle; aspect; point of view

sukarelawan volunteer

sadness; grief; sorrow


subuh dawn

sugul quantity; capacity

subur flourishing; healthy; fertile

suhu temperature

sukatan measurement; assessment

suci chaste; pure; virtuous; holy

sujud prostrate (in prayer)

suku a quarter

sudah already; finished

suka like; enjoy

suku kata a syllable

delighted; happy

suku bangsa tribe

gay; happy

suku-sakat family; clan

glad; happy; cheerful


sudahlah that's enough

suka hati

sudahnya finally

suka ria

sudah-sudah past; bygone

sukacita to impale

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

(1)to donate; to contribute (2)indecent; immoral

sumpitan blow-pipe

sulah bald

sumbangan contribution

sumsum bone marrow

sulam to embroider

sumbangsih contribution; aid; alms

sumur a well

sulaman embroidery

sumbat (1)cork; stopper (2)tight (hole)

sunat circumcision

suling distilled

sumber source; resource

sungai river

sulit (1)secret; confidential (2)difficult

sumbing torn; split

sungguh true; real; indeed

sultan Muslim ruler

sumbu horn of a rhinoceros

sungguh-sungguh truly; really; indeed; ernestly

oath; solemn promise

sungguhpun although

sultanah Muslim ruler's consort


suluh a torch

sumpahan curse

sungkur (1)to lower one's head (2)a shovel

sulung the first; the eldest

sumpah-sumpah chameleon

sungut feeler; antenna

sulur tendril

sumpit shoot with a blow-pipe

sungut-sungut feeler; antenna

sumbang Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

worried; troubled sunti a female child suratkhabar newspaper

susah-susah to bother; to take the trouble

suntik to inject; to inoculate; to vaccinate surau Muslim prayer house

susila ethical

suntikan injection; inoculation; vaccination suri queen

susu milk

sunting an ornament worn in the hair suri rumahtangga housewife

susuh a spur (of cock)

suntuk short of time; overdue suria the sun

susuk figure; shape

sunyi quiet; lonely suruh to order or instruct

susuk badan bodily shape or figure

an order


supaya so that; in order to suruhan to follow surah a chapter of the Koran suruhanjaya commission

susulan follow-up

surai (1)to disperse (2)tress; horse's mane surut to subside; to ebb; to decrease

susun pile; layer

suram gloomy; hazy; dim susah (1)difficult (2)misery; worry

susunan arrangement

surat letter susah hati Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

susup to enter secretly; to infiltrate

syahid martyr syok attractive; appealing; pleasant

susur edge; fringe; margin; border

syair poem syor suggestion; recommendation

susut to decrease; to shrink

syaitan satan; the devil syukur thanks; gratitude

sutera silk

syak suspicion syurga heaven

sutradara director of a play or film

syarah to lecture


swasta private (not public)

syarahan a lecture

taat obedient; faithful; loyal

Syaaban eighth month of the Muslim calendar

syarat condition; requirement; prerequisite

tabah determined; persevering

syabas well done; good

syariah Islamic law

tabal to install; to inaugurate

syah ruler

syarikat company; corporation

tabiat habit; behaviour

syahbandar harbour-master

Syawal tenth month of the Muslim calendar

tabii natural; inborn

syahdan meanwhile; then; furthermore; moreover

syirik polytheism

tabik a salute

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


tahi dung

tabir curtain; screen

tafakur meditation

tahi arak an alcoholic

tabuh a mosque drum

tafsir interpretation

tahi judi a gambler

tabung money-box; fund; tube

tagak (1)durable; lasting (2)to hesitate; to dilly-dally; to defer

tahi mata eye discharge

tabungan savings


tabung uji test tube

to crave for; addictive

tahi telinga ear wax

to endure; to last; to tolerate


tahan congratulations

tabur to scatter; to disseminate

tahan api fireproof

tahu (1)to know (2)soya

tadah to receive with both palms

tahan lasak hardy

tahu-tahu without being aware of

tadahan catchment

tahan uji endurance test

tahun year

tadbir administrative

tahanan detention

tahunan annual

tadi just now

tahap level; stage

tahyul superstition

tadika Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

reservoir taja to sponsor takhta throne

takut afraid

tajaan sponsorship takik notch; indentation

takwim almanac; calendar

tajak a hoe takjub astonished; amazed

takziah condolence

tajam sharp takkan impossible; can't; won't

takzim high respect

tajuk title taklimat briefing

tala (1)tune; pitch (in music) (2)padlock

tak no; not (abbreviation of tidak) takluk to subject; to subdue; to subjugate

talak divorce

takabur proud; arrogant takrif definition; description

talam tray

takal pulley taksir to assess; to evaluate; to appraise

tali rope

takar glass or porcelain jar taksiran assessment; estimate; evaluation

talian a line (of telephone)

takat extreme degree or limit takung stagnant

talu to flog; to wallop

takdir destiny; fate takungan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tamadun civilization; civilized

tampak visible tamsil parable; analogy

tamak greedy

tampaknya apparently; obviously tamsilan comparison

taman park; garden

tampal to patch; to plaster tamu guest

tamar date (fruit)

tampalan a patch; a plaster; a poultice tanah soil; land; ground

tamat finished; ended; terminated

tampan (1)handsome; smart-looking (2)to stop something moving tanahair motherland

tambah to add; to increase

tampar to slap tanah gambut peat

tambahan addition; an increase; additional

tamparan a slap tanah gembur loam

tambak embankment; dyke

tampi to winnow or sift tanah jajahan colony

tambang fare (for transport)

tampil to appear; to come forward tanah liat clay

tambat to tie up; to moor

tampuk calyx tanah pamah plains

tambatan connection; mooring buoy

tampung to bear; to endure; a patch tanah tumpah darah

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


tandu stretcher

tanggungan responsibility; obligation; surety


tanggungjawab responsibility



tanak to cook rice


tanam to plant

tanduk to weep

tanaman plants

tangan hand

tangisan weeping; crying

tanam-tanaman all kinds of plants

tangga ladder; stairs; a scale

tangkai a stalk; a handle; a stem

tanda sign; mark; symbol

tanggal (1)to drop off; to take off (2)date (of calendar)

tangkai jering stingy

to listen carefully


tandan bunch; cluster (of bananas, etc.)

tanggap an amulet; a talisman

tandang visit

tanggapan response; reaction; notion; idea

tangkap to catch

tandas toilet; latrine


tandatangan signature


tangkapan a catch; the capture

a small fishing net


tangguk nimble; agile

tanding to compete

tanggung (1)to bear; to be responsible (2)inadequate

tangkis to ward off; to repulse; to repel

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


tasik lake

tanglung lantern

tara equal; par; even

tata system; order

tangsi barracks

taraf standard; status; level

tataacara agenda

tani farming

tarah to plane wood

tatabahasa grammar

to dance


tanjak (1)head-dress (2)going obliquely upwards

tari procedure

tanjung cape (land jutting out into the sea)

tarian a dance

tatahukum legal system

to pull

tatasusila code of ethics

date (of the calendar)


tanpa without


tanya to ask; to enquire

tarikh discipline

tapa hermitage

taring tusk; fang

tatah inlaid work

tapak palm of the hand; sole of the foot; base; site

taruh (1)stake; bet (2)to put; to place

tatahan inlay

tapis to filter; to sieve; to censor

tarung to clash; to dispute; to quarrel

tatang to carry in the palm of the hand

tapisan Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tasteless tatap to observe intently; to scrutinize taun cholera

tawar-menawar to bargain; to haggle

Old Testament


tatapan scrutiny Taurat history; annals tatih unsteady; wobbly; to toddle taup united; connected; joined together

tayang to show; to display; to screen (a film)

tatkala when taut joined together; united (of wound)

tayangan a show; a display; a screening

taubat repentance; penitence tawa laugh

tebal thick; dense (of growth)

taufan typhoon tawan to capture; to captivate; to conquer

tebang to fell (a tree); to cut down

tauge bean sprout tawanan a prisoner; a captive

tebar scattered; to scatter (seeds); to cast (a net)

tauhu soyabean curd tawar (1)tasteless (2)to bargain

tebas to clear the undergrowth

tauke Chinese business proprietor tawaran an offer

tebing bank (of river)

taulan friend tawar hati disheartened

tebu sugar-cane

tauliah letter of appointment; commission tawar hambar Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tebuan hornet

tegar stubborn; obstinate tekaan a guess

tebuk to pierce; to drill; to perforate

tegas firm; well-defined; precise tekad will-power; determination

tebus to recover or redeem by payment

tegasan clarification tekak throat

tebusan ransom; redemption

teguh firm; secure; steady tekan (1)to press (2)to oppress; to ill-treat

teduh protection or shelter

teguk a gulp tekanan pressure; stress

tedung cobra

tegun to stop suddenly tekap (1)to trace (2)to cover

tegah to forbid; to prohibit

tegur to greet; to accost; to criticize tekat embroidery

tegahan prohibition

teguran criticism; greeting teko teapot

tegak upright; erect

teh tea tekong anchorman (in sports)

tegang taut; tight; tense

teka to guess tekukur large cuckoo-dove

tegap well-built; sturdy; firm

teka-teki a riddle tekun

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

diligent; hardworking; industrious

telapak palm of hand; sole of foot

telur dadar omelette


telur masin salted egg

a white praying veil used by Muslim women


telaah to study; to examine


teladan example

telekung to kneel

telaga well

telentang supine

teman companion; friend

telagah to quarrel; to disagree

telinga ear

temasya a show or event (cultural, musical)

telah (1)already; have; did; has (2)to forecast; to predict

telingkah to argue; to dispute; to quarrel

tembaga copper: brass

telahan prediction

teliti care; close attention; accuracy; precision

tembaga merah copper


tembaga kuning brass

telan to swallow


telangkup upside-down

telungkup to lie prone

tembaga perunggu bronze

telanjang nude; naked

telunjuk index finger

tembaga putih pewter



telap permeable

telur to shoot

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

meet; encounter

tempelak to rebuke; to reproach; to censure

tembak-menembak a shoot-out


tembakan shooting

placenta; afterbirth

tempeleng to slap on the face

perforated; penetrable


tembus scattered

tembakau tobacco

tempa to weld; to forge (metals)

tempik a short loud cheer

tembam plump

tempah to reserve; to book

tempikan loud shouting

tembelang addled (of eggs)

tempahan booking

temberang to tell a lie; to brag

tempik-sorak cheering

tempang lame; crippled

tempoh period of time

tembikai watermelon

tempat place; location

tempoyak preserved durian



tembikar porcelain; earthenware

tempatan weaver bird

tembok wall; embankment

tempayan large earthen water-barrel

tempuh to go or pass through

tembolok crop, gizzard (of birds)

tempel to stick; to paste; to glue

tempuling harpoon

tembung Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to snarl tempur to clash tengah middle; centre

tengkingan a snarl

tempurung coconut shell tengah hari midday

tengkolok head-dress

temu to meet; to find tenggala a plough

tengkorak skull



temu duga an interview tenggara a Malay prince or princess temu ramah an interview tenggek to squat; to crouch; to perch

tengkuk nape of neck

tenaga energy; power; strength tenggelam to sink; to set (of sun)

tengok to see; to consider

tenang calm; quiet; still; composed tengger to perch

tentang about; regarding

tenat critically ill; exhausted tenggiling armadillo

tentangan objection; opposition; resistance

tendang to kick tengik rancid (of oil)

tentera army; military; troops

tendangan a kick tengkar to quarrel

tenteram calm; peaceful; tranquil; quiet

tengadah to look up tengking Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tentu sure; certain; definite

tepukan gemuruh loud applause teratai kecil blue water-lily

tenun to weave

tepung flour teratak a small hut

tenung (1)to forecast (2)to gaze fixedly

tera stamp; official seal terbang to fly

tenungan prediction

terajang to kick and trample terbit to rise; to emerge; to appear

tenusu dairy

teraju weighing scales terbitan publication; issue; edition

tepak a metal box

terang bright; clear teriak a loud cry or shout

tepat exact; precise

terang-benderang very bright terik tight; excessive; unbearable

tepi side; edge

terang-terang clearly; frankly terima to receive; to accept

tepis to push aside

terap (1)to apply (2)mould (for cakes) terima kasih thank you

tepu brimful; full

teras core; essence terima salah plead guilty

tepuk to clap

teratai lotus terjemah

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to translate

tertib order; discipline; system

tetakan a slash

terjemahan translation

tertib nikah marriage rites

tetamu guest

terjun to jump down; to dive

tertib sopan tradition of politeness

tetangga neighbour

terkam to pounce on

terubuk herring

tetap specific; unambiguous; fixed; permanent

ternak livestock

teruk very bad; serious; severe

tetapi but; yet

ternakan breeding; rearing

teruna youthful (male); young man

tetas to slit open; to hatch

teroka to open new land

terung brinjal

tetek breast

terompah clogs (wooden footwear)

terus straight; direct

tetes drop (of fluid)

teropong telescope

terusan canal

tetesan drops (of fluid)

terowong tunnel

terus-menerus continuously; non-stop

tewas defeated

terpa to leap; to spring forward; to pounce

tetak to chop; to slash

tiada no; not; not any

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to sleep soundly

tilik nasib fortune-telling



tiang pillar; post

tiga tin

tiap every; each

tikai quarrel

timang to dandle; to caress; to rock (child)

tiarap to lie prone

tikam (1)to stab (2)to bet

timangan darling; pet; nickname

tiba to arrive; to reach

tikaman a stab

timba pail; bucket

tiba-tiba suddenly

tikam dadu gamble

timbal balanced; equable

tidak no; not

tikar mat; rug

timbalan vice; deputy

tidak apa never mind

tikus rat

timbang (1)to weigh (2)to consider; to contemplate

tidak apa-apa nothing

tilam mattress

timbang rasa sympathy

(1)to observe carefully; to gaze fixedly (2)to foretell


tidur to sleep

tilik to emerge; to appear; to float up

tidur ayam to sleep lightly

tilikan prediction; observation

timbun heap; pile; mass

tidur mati Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

to observe; to watch timbus to fill up (a hole); to bury tindasan oppression

tinjauan observation; survey; review

timpa to strike or hit (of falling object) tindih to press upon; to oppress

tinju boxing

timpaan obstacle tindik to pierce (ear)

tinta ink

timpal balanced; proportionate tinggal (1)to live (2)to leave (3)to stay behind (4)to be left

Tionghua Chinese

timun cucumber tinggi high; tall

Tiongkok China

timur east tingkah behaviour

tipis thin; slim; fine (of thread); sheer (of material)

tindak to take action tingkahan musical accompaniment

tipu deceit; cheat; fraud

tindakan action tingkap window

tirai curtain

tindak balas reaction tingkat storey; floor

tiram oyster

tindak tanduk behaviour; character; nature tinkatan form or grade (in school)

tiri step-

tindas to oppress; to suppress; to intimidate; to bully tinjau Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tiris to leak through

titisan droplets; trickle tokong a Chinese or Buddhist temple

tiru to copy; to imitate

tiup to blow tolak (1)to push (2)to subtract (3)to reject

tiruan imitation; counterfeit; a copy

tiupan a gust (of air) tolakan a shove; a push; rejection

tirus tapering

tocang plait; braid (of hair) tolak ansur to give and take

titah formal address or speech (royal); royal command

todak sword-fish tolak bala to avert evil

titi wooden bridge

togel bald; tailless toleh to look back

titian wooden crossing

tohor shallow tolok equal; matching

titik (1)a drop of liquid (2)a full-stop; a dot; a point

tok grandfather tolol stupid

titikberat emphasize

toko shop tolong assistance; to help; please

titik dua a colon (:)

tokoh a figure; a personality tolong-menolong to help one another

titis a drop

tokok addition tombak

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

spear; lance; javelin

tonyoh to scrub thoroughly

tuai harvesting knife; to harvest

tombol (1)knob (2)knot (in wood)

topang support; prop

tuak toddy; palm-wine

tompok (1)spot; mark; blotch (2)heap; pile

topeng mask

tuala towel

tong barrel; bin

topi hat

tuan sir; master

tonggek protruding (of buttocks)

toreh to tap (e.g. rubber)

tuan rumah landlord

an incision


tongkang lighter; flat-bottomed boat or barge

torehan (1)to pour (2)to be absent

tongkat walking-stick

toyol a type of evil spirit or ghost

tuanku sir (to royalty); your Highness

tongkol cob (of maize); chunk; nugget

trengkas shorthand

tuas lever

tonjol a hump or protrusion; to protrude

tua (1)old; ripe (2)dark (of colour)

tuba poisonous root used in fishing

tonton to watch (as a spectator)

tua-tua old; ripe; mature

tubi persistently; repeatedly

tontonan a show or display

tuah luck; fortune

tubuh body

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris


tulen pure; genuine

tubuh badan the whole body

tujuan intention; purpose; aim

tuli deaf

tuduh to accuse

tujuh seven

tulis to write

tuduhan accusation

tukang skilled workman

tulisan writing

tuding index finger; to point at

tukar to change; to exchange

tulus honest; sincere; heartfelt; straightforward

tudung cover; lid; veil

tukaran replacement

tumbang collapse; fall

tugas duty; task

tukar ganti to substitute

tumbesar growth (of plants, etc.)

tugasan assignment

tukul a hammer

tumbuh to develop; to grow

tugu monument

tulang bone

tumbuhan growth

contagious; infectious; to spread (disease)

tumbuh-tumbuhan plants

third day after today


Tuhan God


tujah to stab; to pierce

tulat (1)to punch (2)to pound

tuju Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

(1)upside-down (2)to ride tumis to fry tumpul blunt

tunggu to wait

tumit heel (of foot) Tun an honourable title

tunggul tree stump

tumpah to spill tunai (1)cash (2)accomplished

tungku trivet; brazier

tumpahan spillage tunang fiancé or fiancee

tungkus lumus overworked

a bud; a sprout


tumpah darah motherland tunas to poke; to thrust tumpang (1)to reside (2)to take a lift or ride tunda (1)to tow (2)to postpone

tunjam to dive; to plunge

tumpangan lodging tunduk to bow; to submit

tunjuk to show; to point

tumpas to annihilate; to destroy tunggak (1)to be in arrears (2)tree stump

tunjuk ajar guidance

tumpat compact; packed; crowded; full tunggakan arrears

tunjuk perasaan demonstration

tumpu (1)to focus; to concentrate (2)to support tunggal sole; solitary; single

tuntun to lead by the hand; to guide

tumpuan focus; support tunggang Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

tuntut (1)to claim (2)to study


berubat: to be treated mengubat: to treat mengubati: to treat pengubatan: treatment perubatan: medical terubat: curable; treatable

a graft

tuntutan a claim; a demand

tutup to shut; to close


tupai squirrel

parsnip; tapioca

tutur to speak; to talk; to converse




to filter

U turun to descend; to disembark; to come down



crown or top part of the head


ubun-ubun: crown or top part of the head

menguak: to croak turunan descent; genealogy uap yawn turun-temurun hereditary; from generation to generation

ubur-ubur jellyfish

menguap: to yawn ucap make a speech ubah


berucap: to make a speech ucapan: speech mengucapkan: to express pengucapan: utterance; expression

alter; change main post or pillar

turut to follow; to go along


mengubahsuaikan: to modify berubah: to become changed berubah-ubah: changing; inconsistent mengubah: to change pengubahsuaian: modification perubahan: alteration; change


grey hair




beruban: having grey hair tusuk skewer; pin ubat


air; atmosphere angkatan udara: air force pesawat udara: aircraft pos udara: air mail pengudaraan: aeration

medicine Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

ulit croon udik

mengulit: to sing (a child) to sleep pengulit: lullaby

ulam upstream

raw vegetable to be eaten with rice



ulama horizon; limit of knowledge or interests

first-born; eldest; superior

Muslim scholar


umang-umang hermit-crab

ulang threaten; intimidate


mengugut: to threaten; to intimidate ugutan: threat; intimidation

ulang tahun: anniversary berulang-alik: to commute; to travel back and forth regularly ulang kaji: revision berulang-ulang: repeatedly mengulang: to repeat; to revise mengulangi: to repeat mengulang kaji: to revise perulangan: repetition

uji test menguji: to test; to try out ujian: examination; test ujikaji: experiment mengujikaji: to experiment penguji: examiner teruji: tested ujibakat: audition

umat humanity; religious sect or community; follower (of religion)

umbang float; drift; sail terumbang-umbang: floating; drifting; bobbing up and down

ular snake umbi corm (underground stem); tuber ulas (1) clove; one division of a compound bulb such as garlic (2) comment

ukir carve; engrave; emboss

ulasan: a comment ulasan buku: book review mengulas: to comment; to review pengulas: commentator

mengukir: to carve ukiran: engraving; sculpture berukir: to be carved; to be engraved mengukirkan: to carve pengukir: engraver; carver pengukiran: engraving; carving terukir: carved; engraved

umbuk convince; persuade mengumbuk: to convince; to persuade



edible palm pith

maggot; caterpillar; larva; worm

ukur measure; assess


mengukur: to measure; to assess pita ukur: measuring tape ukuran: measurement; size pengukuran: measurement

Bahasa Melayu



menguli: to knead


example seumpama: such as; for instance; for example mengumpamakan: to exemplify; to honour perumpamaan: proverb; simile


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

perundangan: legislation umpan bait; lure; decoy ungkap

mengumpan: entice; lure


expression of feelings vote; ballot mengungkap: to express one's feelings ungkapan: expression (word, phrase or mathematical symbol)

undian: vote; ballot mengundi: to cast a vote pengundi: voter pengundian: voting

umpat backbiting; spiteful talk; gossip; slander umpatan: backbiting; defamation; calumny mengumpat: to backbite; to gossip; to defame pengumpat: slanderer

ungkit repeat undur

mengungkit: to reiterate (the past); to lift pengungkit: lever

move backwards umpil

berundur: to retreat mengundurkan: to drive back mengundur: to retreat; to postpone pengunduran: withdrawal; postponement


ungu purple

umum general; public unggas rapat umum: rally mengumumkan: to announce pengumuman: announcement


unjuk hold out; hand over mengunjuk: to hold out; to hand over

unggis gnaw; nibble umur



stretch one's legs

berumur: aged seumur: of the same age; all (one's) life


mengunjur: to stretch one's legs superior keunggulan: superiority unsur


element; constituent substance

swan; pelican unggun

berunsur: characterised by stack or pile (of wood)

undang (1) invite; tempt (2) law ungka

mengundang: to invite undangan: invitation

unta gibbon


undang-undang law; rules


untai untie; unfasten; undo

a chain; numeral coefficient for necklace,etc.

mengungkai: to untie; to unfasten; to undo Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

loose; apart untuk for; with a view to; in order to

menguraikan: to disentangle penguraian: disentanglement; act of unravelling

memperuntukkan: to allocate peruntukan: allocation

usang decrepit; dilapidated; obsolete

urat vein or nerve untung

usap stroke; caress

profit; advantage; luck

mengusap: to caress; to stroke

untung-untung: maybe; perhaps beruntung: lucky; profitable keuntungan: advantage; profit; benefit menguntungkan: to bring profit

uri placenta usia age urus manage

untut elephantiasis

mengurus: to manage; to settle urusan: matter; affair berurusan: to deal; to do business menguruskan: to manage; to arrange; to organise pengurus: manager pengurusan: management terurus: arranged; regulated; organised urusniaga: business deal

upacara ceremony

berusia: aged

usik disturb; tease mengusik: to tease; to disturb usikan: disturbance; teasing

upah fee; wage


urut mengupah: to hire or let out for pay

chase away; expel; drive or force out


mengusir: to chase away; to expel; to banish pengusiran: exile; banishment

mengurut: to massage berurutan: in sequence upaya means; ways; ability berupaya: to be able to cope berkeupayaan: capable keupayaan: capability mengupayakan: to endeavour; to strive



motion or proposal put forward for discussion


ura discuss

mengusulkan: to propose; to suggest usul periksa: thorough investigation

berusaha: to make an effort mengusahakan: to perform; to work diligently pengusaha: industrialist perusahaan: industry usahawan: entrepreneur keusahawanan: entrepreneurship


finished; over; dispersed



ura-ura: discuss memperurakan: to plan; to discuss usai

mengusai: to disperse

urai Bahasa Melayu


main; chief; special; most important keutamaan: priority http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

mengutamakan: to give priority to terutama: especially vanila

waja vanilla


utara (1) north (2) suggest mengutarakan: to put forward an idea


wajah video

facial features

utas string; chain


wajar virus

appropriate; fitting; proper and right sewajarnya: naturally

utuh intact; complete; undamaged

visa visa

keutuhan: perfection; totality; wholeness

wajib compulsory; obligatory


kewajipan: duty; obligation mewajibkan: to compel




mengutus: to send utusan: messenger; delegate berutus: to correspond; to despatch perutusan: message

wajik sweet sticky rice cake

W wabak epidemic


wakaf religious donation

sick; ill; not well; weak from age or illness menguzurkan: to obstruct; to weaken uzuran: debility

mewakafkan: to donate for a religious purpose pewakaf: one who donates for a religious purpose

wacana discourse; speech; lecture wakil

agent; representative



to pass away

berwakilkan: represented by mewakili: to represent mewakilkan: to appoint as one's representative perwakilan: representation

vaksin vaccine

waham suspicion; doubt waktu




wahyu revelation through a dream

Bahasa Melayu


sewaktu: while http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

pengewapan: vaporisation mewartakan: to inform; to announce walau if

warak devout; pious

wartawan journalist kewartawanan: journalism; journalistic

walaupun although

waras lucid; sane kewarasan: sanity

warung stall

walhal in fact wargakota inhabitant of a city walhasil

wasangka suspicion

eventually; finally warganegara citizen of a country

wasiat a will


kewarganegaraan: citizenship

sponsor; godparent; guardian

mewasiatkan: to bequeath by a will


wang money; currency


berwang: moneyed; having money kewangan: financial

warisan: heritage mewariskan: to bequeath mewarisi: to inherit pewaris: beneficiary; heir

waspada cautious; gingerly berwaspada: cautious



indecision; hesitation; doubt


warkah epistle; letter

mewangikan: to make fragrant

watak character; role warna

wanita woman; female


kewanitaan: feminity

berwarna: coloured berwarna-warni: multi-coloured mewarnakan: to colour pewarnaan: colouring

perwatakan: characterisation

watan native land

wap vapour; steam berwap: steaming mengewap: to vaporise Bahasa Melayu

warta gazette; journal 214/216

watikah letter of authority http://mementoslangues.com/

Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

yatim orphan wau

wisma kite

house yayasan foundation (institution or fund)

wawancara an interview

wujud exist; become visible; become a fact yu shark

wawasan vision

X yuran fee




performance on a screen



wayang gambar cinema; movie



ascetic; recluse

yes wayang kulit traditional Malay shadow play

mengeyakan: to say yes; to agree zaitun olive

Yahudi Jew

wenang power

zakar penis

yakin assured; confident

wibawa authority

keyakinan: confidence; faith; trust meyakini: to believe meyakinkan: to assure; to convince

zakat tithe

wilayah administrative territory; province zalim


brutal; cruel; merciless

who; which; that wira

kezaliman: cruelty menzalimi: to oppress; to tyrannize

hero admired for his brave deeds Yang Teramat Mulia Highness

wirawan: hero wirawati: heroine keperwiraan: heroism Bahasa Melayu

zaman 215/216


Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris

epoch; particular period or age inhistory; era

zuhur zamrud

noon emerald

Zulhijah zapin

the twelfth month of the Muslim calendar a song and dance of Arab origin

Bahasa Malaysia http://pgoh13.free.fr/ Guide de conversation Anglais-Malais (1/2) MémoCartes Malais 24.02.2007 http://mementoslangues.com/

Zulkaedah the eleventh month of the Muslim calendar

zarah particle; atom

Bahasa Malaysia zuriat


descent: genealogy nutritional value


http://www.routard.com/ Le Vocabulaire du GDR Malaisie – Singapour MémoCartes Malais 24.02.2007 http://mementoslangues.com/

visit berziarah: to visit menziarahi: to call on; to pay a visit penziarah: a visitor

Bahasa Melayu


http://www.travlang.com/ Vocabulaire Français-Malais du voyageur MémoCartes Malais 24.02.2007 http://mementoslangues.com/

adultery berzina: to commit adultery penzina: adulterer

zirafah giraffe


Zuhal Saturn

Fǎ-Zhōng Huìhuà Guide de conversation Français-Chinois MémoCartes Chinois 24.02.2007 http://mementoslangues.com/

Zuhrah Venus

Bahasa Melayu



Kamus Bahasa Melayu-Inggeris