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LED (Light Emissions Diode) Lights, Another Step in Reducing Energy. Consumption. Author: Martha Cecilia Delgado [email protected]

LED (Light Emissions Diode) Lights, Another Step in Reducing Energy Consumption Author: Martha Cecilia Delgado [email protected] [email protected] International Relations Student. Universidad del Norte. ABSTRACT This article is about energy consumption. It begins exposing why is better to change the incandescent bulbs into LED Light bulbs, but also why some environmentalist are against them. This article shows that it is not a matter of changing incandescent bulbs into LED light bulbs, but about the change we must do in order to reduce the energy consumption.

KEY WORDS: Climate change, LED light bulbs, incandescent bulb, electric energy, energy consumption, environment, mercury, eco-friendly.

Human beings are facing and era of climate change where all their actions are directed to reduce the vulnerability this threat represents. That is why people have decided to make some changes in their lives. One of those changes is supposed to be as simple as changing a light bulb. In fact, it is.

Many environmentalists say that LED light bulbs are a “wonderful invention” because they have lots of environmentalist benefits. LED light bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs because they require only one third the energy of an incandescent bulb. They transform electric energy directly into light, trying not to generate heat as incandescent bulbs do. Furthermore, they last ten times as long. Anton(2007), a well-known environmentalist, considers that by “using LED light bulbs people actually could reduce their energy consumption.” However, it is necessary to reduce energy first without these light bulbs. If people continue wasting energy, it does not matter whatever kind of light bulb they use, if they do not reduce energy in the first place.

On the other hand, John C. Dvorak, a current writer from PC Magazine and columnist for Dow Jones Marketwath made a clear and strong statement against the use of these light bulbs. He wrote in the article, Turn Off the Lights, “Why we should by them in the first place? We cannot reduce energy consumption only by buying these light bulbs. We have to turn off the light first."

Dvorak is not the only person who is against the use of LED lighths, there are many people who believe that companies which produce them are not truly committed to the environment. Producers LED light bulbs argue that they are less expensive because light bulbs are designed to reduce energy which eventually would help the consumer to save money. Well, maybe LED light bulbs helps to save a little, and the companies are right, but at what cost? These light bulbs are being loaded with mercury which is not a very eco-friendly element. They are reducing energy, but also damaging the environment.

Those who critic light bulbs, especially LED light bulbs, are not against the environmental movement; They are against the fact that these companies

produce supposed eco-friendly bulbs that are causing more damage than those who try to avoid(avoid what?). They do it just to make some money.

In Colombia, the government is advising people to switch to the LED bulbs. On June 22nd of 2007, the government launched a resolution where they determined that every official entity of the state had to change the incandescent bulbs for new saving and efficient LED bulbs.

This measurement was

according to the article 66, law 143 from 1994, where the reduction of the energy consumption was established as a priority of the state. With this decision the government recognizes the environment issues as very important matters in politics.

However, if our society does not obey this measure and if it is not committed, reducing energy consumption will not be possible. People could change their traditional light bulbs to LED bulbs, but if they do not reduce their energy consumption, they will not produce a change. The efforts will thus be in vain.

The matter is not if LED light bulbs are efficient. It is proven that they are an alternative to reduce energy consumption. However, what I am trying to claim is that it is a relevant priority to reduce our own energy consumption in the first place, without help of any kind. It would be useless if we employ LED light bulbs in order to reduce energy, but at the same time we continue wasting it. In this case, it would be very helpful to follow the example of the columnist above: "Just turn off the lights!"


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