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1> What is the father's job in the movie Mary Poppins? a. Banker b. ... 3> How does Mary Poppins travel? a. ... 12> How much does it cost to feed the birds? a.


1> What is the father's job in the movie Mary Poppins? a. Banker b. Inventor c. Policeman d. Fireman 2> What is the name of the little girl in the story? a. Barbara b. Jane c. Paula d. Anne 3> How does Mary Poppins travel? a. Carpet b. Bicycle c. Umbrella d. Broomstick 4> How many children is Mary Poppins supposed to care for? a. Four b. Two c. Nine d. Six 5> Where does the Banks family live? a. Paris

b. London c. Chicago d. New York 6> What is the name of the uncle that Mary and the children visit? a. Harry b. Albert c. Frank d. Bert 7> Who serves Bert and Mary tea? a. A flock of sheep b. A bunch of monkeys c. A cat and dog d. A group of penguins 8> How do Bert and Mary cross the water? a. Jumping lily pads b. Dolphins c. Riding turtles d. Canoe 9> Who wins the horse race? a. Michael b. Bert c. Jane d. Mary 10> The children meet a lady feeding animals. What is she feeding? a. Dogs b. Horses c. Cats d. Birds 11> What does the family do at the end of the movie?

a. Have a picnic b. Go riding c. Go out to the store d. Fly a kite 12> How much does it cost to feed the birds? a. A quarter b. Tuppence c. A crown d. A penny 13> Who lives next to the family Mary is taking care of? a. Major Clank b. Sergeant Tubbs c. Admiral Boom d. General Jones 14> How do Mary and the children get to the magical land? a. Through a mirror b. Through the fireplace c. Through a chalk drawing d. Through a secret door 15> Not including Mary, how many people do the Banks employ? a. Two b. Ten c. None d. Six

Answers: 1> Banker - The father works at the Dawes Tomes Mousley Grubbs Fidelity Fiduciary Bank. 2> Jane - She is the oldest child. 3> Umbrella - Mary holds an umbrella and a carpetbag as she flies. 4> Two - The Banks have one boy and one girl. 5> London - The family lives in London in the year 1910. 6> Albert - The go to have tea with Uncle Albert. 7> A group of penguins - The penguins also dance with Bert. 8> Riding turtles - They each stand on the back of a turtle to get across the water. 9> Mary - They are riding magical horses. 10> Birds - They meet the bird lady on the way to the bank. 11> Fly a kite - The family go to fly a kite that the father has fixed. 12> Tuppence - The bird lady sells the bags for tuppence. 13> Admiral Boom - Every day the Admiral fires his canon. 14> Through a chalk drawing - Bert did the chalk drawing. 15> Two - They have a maid and a cook.