Measuring Democracy

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Collaboration of the IPSA Research Committee “Quality of Democracy” and the GPSA Research Group. “Democracy Studies”. Measuring Democracy. (Photo by  ...

International Workshop Collaboration of the IPSA Research Committee “Quality of Democracy” and the GPSA Research Group “Democracy Studies”

Measuring Democracy

(Photo by HeyThereSpaceman, cc licensed)

The Workshop is funded by grants from Fritz Thyssen Foundation and the Danish Council for Independent Research

Program Sunday September 29 Arrival of the participants 18.00-18.30

Welcome and introduction Marianne Kneuer, Chair Research Group “Democracy Studies”, GPSA; Vice-Chair Research Committee 34 “Quality of Democracy”, IPSA, University of Hildesheim, Germany José Alvaro Moisés, Chair Research Committee 34 “Quality of Democracy”, IPSA, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil


20.00 Monday September 30 9.00-11.00

Brigitte Geißel, Host, University Frankfurt/Main, Germany Key note Gerardo Munck University of Southern California, USA Concepts of democracy as a basis for measuring democracy Dinner

Session 1: Quantitative Approaches: Indices – new approaches Chair: Marianne Kneuer, University of Hildesheim Wolfgang Merkel, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin/Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany Democracy Barometer (NCCR) Svend-Erik Skaaning, University of Aarhus, Denmark and Staffan Lindberg, University of Florida, USA Varietes of Democracy

11.00-11.30 11.30-12.30



Discussant: Jorgen Moeller, University of Aarhus Coffee break Session 1 continued: Quantitative Approaches: Indices Chair: António Costa Pinto, University of Lisbon Martin Brusis, University of München (LMU), Germany Sustainable Governance Index Discussant: Dieter Fuchs, University of Stuttgart Lunch break Session 2: Quantitative Approaches: Surveys, subnational level Chair: António Costa Pinto, University of Lisbon Marta Lagos, Latinobarómetro, Corporación Latinobarometro, Providencia, Chile Latinobarómetro Jorge Arias, Polilat, Buenos Aires, Argentine Measuring the subnational level


Discussant: Hans-Joachim Lauth, University of Würzburg Coffee break


Session 3: Mixing qualitative and quantitative approaches Chair: Daniela Piana, Bologna Leonardo Morlino, University of Rome, Italy Mixing quantitative and qualitative analyses: What qualities of democracy in Latin America? Michael Stoiber, FernUniversität Hagen, Germany A contextualized measurement of democratic quality

19.30 Tuesday October 1 9.00-11.00

Discussant: Thomas Richter, GIGA Hamburg Dinner

Session 4: Qualitative Approaches Chair: Brigitte Geißel, Frankfurt/Main Keboitse Machangana, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance – Stockholm, Sweden State of Democracy Index Hans-Joachim Lauth, Universität Würzburg, Germany The Matrix of Democracy - One Proposal and several critical Reflections

11.00-11.30 11.30-13.30

Discussant: Daniela Piana, University of Bologna Coffee break Session 5: Looking at the output Chair: Hans-Joachim Lauth, Würzburg David F. J. Campbell, Klagenfurt, Austria Sustainable development Anja Mihr, University of Utrecht, Netherlands Transitional Justice

13.30-14.30 14.30-17.00

Discussant: Britta Weiffen, University of Konstanz Lunch break Session 6: Looking at citizens and participation Chair: Marianne Kneuer, Hildesheim Brigitte Geißel, Frankfurt/Main, Germany and Quinton Mayne, Harvard, USA Looking at the citizen – a qualitative approach Dieter Fuchs, University of Stuttgart, Germany Looking at the citizen – a quantitative approach André Bächtiger, University of Lucerne, Switzerland Measuring deliberation


Discussant: Claudia Wiesner, University of Jyväskylä/University of Marburg Coffee break


Roundtable and Concluding Remarks


End of the Workshop

Conference venue: University of Frankfurt/Main Campus Westend/Grüneburgplatz 1 60323 Frankfurt am Main Room 1.314 (Eisenhower Room) Host and organization in Frankfurt: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geißel - [email protected] Tel.: +49 69 798-36514 Organization: Prof. Dr. Marianne Kneuer – [email protected] Aileen Bolling – [email protected] University of Hildesheim Marienburger Platz 22 31141 Hildesheim Tel.: +5121-883500 or 883512 (Kneuer); +5121-883223 (Bolling)

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