Meet the Author of The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton

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Meet the Author of The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton. Directions: Go to the website: http:/ / and answer the following questions. Use legible ...

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Meet the Author of The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton

Directions: Go to the website: and answer the following questions. Use legible handwriting. 1. Name the four major sections (from left to right) of the web site: ___________________,_____________________,_____________________,_______________ 2. What is S.E. Hinton’s full name? __________________________________________ 3. What influenced her to write The Outsiders?______________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. When (year) and by whom (publisher) was The Outsiders published? _____________(year) ____________________(publisher) 5. What three things, according to her web site, did the publication of The Outsiders bring to S.E. Hinton? 1. ___________ 2.____________3.________________ 6. What “title” was given to her as a result of The Outsiders? _______________________________________________Did she like this? Explain why or why not. _____________________________________________________________ 7. Tell about a time when you experienced pressure and/or writer’s block. What did you do to snap out of it?____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 8. In S.E. Hinton’s life, who snapped her out of her writer’s block? _____________________ How did he do this?____________________________________ Was he successful?___________Explain what book was published as a result of this strategy?_________________________________________What year?___________

9. What major event in S.E. Hinton’s life happened in the summer of 1970?_______________________________________________________________________ 10. In what month and year was her son Nicholas born? ____________________ 11. What was S.E. Hinton’s shortest novel? _______________________In what year was this novel published? _________________ 12. When was the book Tex published?_________________What did critics say about the quality of writing of this book?____________________________________ 13. Name three awards that The Outsiders has won and the year these awards were given: _________________________,__________________,_________________________________ 14. What was unusual about the book Taming the Star Runner? ____________ ____________________________________________________________________________ 15. In what year was the movie The Outsiders released? ______________ 16. What is her son’s name? ____________Where does S.E. Hinton live (city, state)?_____________________________What is familiar about this city and state? ___________________________What is her husband’s name?___________ 17. Why does she only focus on books with the main characters being male? ____________________________________________________________________________ 18. Does she plan on writing a sequel to The Outsiders? _____How do you know? ___________________________________________________________________ 19. Has she written any books where the main character was an animal? Yes or

No (circle one) If so, what is the name of the

book?___________________________________________________________________ For what age audience is this book written? _____________________________________ 20. Name 5 of the stars of the movie The Outsiders: __________________________, ______________________________,___________________, ___________________________,_____________________________. 21. If you could ask S.E. Hinton a question, what question would you ask her? ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________