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21 Apr 2008 ... Jimmy Liao. 幾米. BING Xin was one of the important. Chinese writers of the 20th. Century . Many of her works were written for young readers.

Monday, 21 April, 2008


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I love reading!


ORLD Book and Copyright Day falls on 23 April. To celebrate this special day, let’s learn something about some popular writers of different periods!

William Shakespeare

espeare was WILLIAM Shak 23 April, 1564 in reportedly born on 23 April, 1616. England. He died on H e w ro te m a n y well-known plays (AP) a n d p o e m s. H is plays included Romeo and Juliet and King Lear.

Bing Xin 冰心

of the important BING Xin was one s of the 20th Chinese writer her works were Century. Many of g re a d e rs . To w ri tt e n fo r yo u n 小 Young Readers (寄 io n 讀者) is a co lle ct e of p ro se w hi ch sh d wrote for children an as te en ag er s. S he w ed born in 1900 and di in 1999.

IT is an annual event organised by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). It is a day which aims at promoting r e a d i n g , publishing and copyright.

Oscar Wilde

J.K. Rowling

very popular J.K. Rowling is a ritain. She novelist from B f is the author o r th e H a rr y P o tt e e (AP) fantasy series. Th Potter books have e become worldwid best-sellers.

Jimmy Liao 幾米

World Book and Copyright Day

is an Irish OSCAR Wilde t, poet, and playwright, novelis ies. He was author of short stor bo rn in 18 54 an d di ed in 19 00 . H is short stories such (AP) as “The Happy P ri n ce ” a re ve ry popular among children.

Who wrote these books?

n il lu s tr a to r JI M M Y L ia o is a ce 1 9 9 8 , h e fr o m Ta ip e i. S in ral published seve A books such as (微 Fish with a Smile es 笑的魚). H is st o ri ns and illustratio ey are poetic. Th ng a re p o p u la r a m o . children and adults

CAN you match the books with above mentioned writers?

Answers: A. William Shakespeare; B. Oscar Wilde; C. Bing Xin; D. Jimmy Liao; E. J.K. Rowling

copyright (n) 版權 play (n) 劇本

novelist (n) 小說家 best-seller (n) 暢銷書

poet (n) 詩人 century (n) 世紀

prose (n) 散文 illustrator (n) 插畫家