Memorization + Tafseer Surah al Baqarah Private Class

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Memorization + Tafseer Surah al Baqarah Private Class. Tuesday, October 30 2012 | 12:50 PM (Malay Peninsula Standard Time). The class is over. Price: Free.

Tafseer Al Baqarah Ayat 2 / 173 ( cont)

Memorization + Tafseer Surah al Baqarah Private Class Tuesday, October 30 2012 | 12:50 PM (Malay Peninsula Standard Time) The class is over Price: Free Duration: 90 minutes Presented by: AlHuda Sisters

In Ayat 2/168 , Allah warned of the footsteps of Shaitân :

ُ ,ُ ‫ض َ َ ٰـ ۟ ً َط ۟ ً َو َ َ ِ ُو ْا‬ ۡ‫ ُ م‬#َ ‫ ۥ‬0ُ "ِ‫) ۡ َط ٰـ ِنۚ إ‬#‫ت ٱ‬ ِ ‫ط َوٲ‬ ِ ‫ِ ٱ ۡ َ ۡر‬ (١٦٨) ٌ‫ ِ ن‬% 3‫ ُد ۟و‬5َ

ِ ‫" سُ ُ ُو ْا‬#‫ ٱ‬$َ % َ &ٓ‫َ ٰـ‬

O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and good on the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Shaitân (Satan). Verily, he is to you an open enemy: (168)

The footsteps of shaitan starts with small sins that gives little guilt when the sinful act is done. Allah warns too that shaitan is our “

ٌ‫ ِ ن‬% ‫و‬3 ۟ ‫ ُد‬5َ

“ / open enemy. Only Allah Al Wakeel can fight shaitan

(shaitan declare war against humans even before the human is born ! without caring whether the human is young, old, male or female. It is enemy of all insan /humans.). Allah mentioned shaitan BETWEEN the commandments to eat in 2/168 and 2/172. Why? Because eating is a desire. Food has a great impact on the persons’s thinking & even belief. Source of the food & the state of the food ( halal & tayyib or otherwise) is an avenue for shaitan to misguide humans ( in worship, in doa, in solat, & ibadah). The ( haram) source of the food can be poison to the heart. That is why Allah mention about shaitan in the middle of the commands regarding food. Allah forbade the haram food for us because they harm our body . We submit to these commands out of our worship to Allah.

ۡ ۡ ُ ۡ َ 5َ ‫إ" َ َ ر َم‬ ُ F‫ٱ‬ ۡ ‫ َِ< ۡ ِر ٱ;ِۖ َ َ ِن‬# ‫ِۦ‬0ِ ‫ِ"ز ِر َو َ ٓ أُھِل‬ ‫ ۡ َر‬Eَ ‫طر‬ ِ ِ ,#‫ ۡ َم ٱ‬#َ ‫د َم َو‬#‫ َوٱ‬Bَ َ ۡ َ #‫ ُم ٱ‬C ۡ ۟ ۟ (١٧٣) ‫ُو ٌر ر ِ ٌم‬JEَ ;‫ٱ‬ َ ‫ۚ إِن‬0ِ ۡ َ 5َ ‫ َم‬Gِ‫ ۟ ٍد َ َ ٓ إ‬5َ َ ‫َ ٍغ َو‬ He has forbidden you only the Maitah (dead animals), and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allâh (or has been slaughtered for idols, on which Allâh's Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering). But if one is forced by necessity without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then there is no sin on him. Truly, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (173)

The 4 categories of food that is forbidden are : 1.

Bَ َ ۡ َ #‫ۡٱ‬

dead animals


‫د َم‬#‫ٱ‬

flowing blood


ۡ ‫ِ"ز ِر‬ ِ ,#‫ ۡ َم ٱ‬#َ


ِۖ;‫ِ َ< ۡ ِر ٱ‬# ‫ِۦ‬0ِ ‫َ ٓ أُھِل‬

flesh of swine that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for others

than Allâh (or has been slaughtered for idols, on which Allâh's Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering) – this category may be (normally) halal food ( eg cow or sheep) that is made haram due to it being made a sacrifice for other than Allah. There are some exceptions :

ُ F‫ٱ‬ ۡ ‫ َِ< ۡ ِر ٱ;ِۖ َ َ ِن‬# ‫ِۦ‬0ِ ‫ ِِ"ز ِر َو َ ٓ أُھِل‬,#‫ ۡ َم ۡٱ‬#َ ‫د َم َو‬#‫ َوٱ‬Bَ َ ۡ َ #‫ ُم ۡٱ‬C ‫طر‬ ُ ۡ َ 5َ ‫إِ" َ َ ر َم‬ ۡ (١٧٣) ‫ُو ۟ ٌر ر ِ ٌم‬JEَ ;‫ٱ‬ َ ‫ۚ إِن‬0ِ ۡ َ 5َ ‫ َم‬Gِ‫ ۟ ٍد َ َ ٓ إ‬5َ َ ‫ ۡ َر َ ۟ ٍغ َو‬Eَ

He has forbidden you only the Maitah (dead animals), and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that which is slaughtered as a scrifice for others than Allâh (or has been slaughtered for idols, on which Allâh's Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering). But if one is forced by necessity without wilful disobedience nor transgressing due limits, then there is no sin on him. Truly, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (173) .

ُ F‫ٱ‬ ۡ ‫ َ َ ِن‬Allah knows when it is actually a ‫طر‬ ُ ۡ ). People try to cheat by claiming “ I have nothing to necessity or urgent for you ( ‫طر‬F‫ٱ‬

1. Being forced or out of necessity

eat but these (haram) food “ whereas we do have other options of halal food to eat . When Allah forbid a food, we need to have taqwa in our heart . We cannot deceive Allah . When abroad, the haram food may be more tempting (eventhough we have the same food as halal food back home) because shaitan beautify the haram to tempt you. DHARURI / emergency is when there is desperate circumstances – eg being under the rubble of an earthquake, lost in the desert , life & death circumstances. Not an emergency when you cannot find halal food abroad because we DO have other options. Allah can change something from haram to halal out of His Qudrah. Haram will affect us negatively. To make it halal where it does not harm your body, it must have 2 conditions ie forced to take haram food out of necessity must have 2 conditions fulfilled :


‫ ۡ َر َ ۟ ٍغ‬Eَ without wilful disobedience . ‫َ ۟ ٍغ‬

/Baaghin is from


meaning “ want “ . ‘ Sabghi ‘ is from ‘ bagha’ meaning ‘do you desire / want it ?’ . In the local language ( Dubai) , ‘bagha’ is for (a) something you want / desire ( general meaning) (b) transgressing

‫ ۡ َر َ ۟ ٍغ‬Eَ


/ ‘ ghairu Taalibin laakal al haraam ‘ .

It is a necessity but ONLY at a desperate level. While he is taking the haram food while in desperation to eat , he shouldn’t feel the desire to eat the food . When you desire a food , automatically your body observe / notice it . To have the (halal) food benefit you, you must desire it . But you MUST NOT feel the desire for haram food eaten in emergency. If you are tricked into eating haram food , you doa will NOT be unacceptable by Allah because it is about your niat ( your heart) when consciously consuming the food ( ie you ate haram not because you desire such food but because you were tricked into eating it ) . Allah will NOT make the maitah affect your body & ibadah negatively if you DO NOT DESIRE the maitah while eating it in emergency / desperate circumstances /Bagha meaning “ want “


‫ ۡ َر َ ۟ ٍغ‬Eَ . / without wilful disobedience

also shows that you are NOT wanting the food (not seeking to eat the haram food) because we do NOT want it to negatively affect our ibadah, personality, etc

If we desire the food which we are eating, your body is accepting it & hence digestion will be better . Hence do not force the children & the sick to eat if they do not desire food. If you have indigestion , check out the food ( maybe you did not desire it ?) . Rasulullah will not eat food he does not like but he will not say anything (negative) so that no one is hurt . Eat only when you desire it . Story : A sahabah, Suhaib, had Trachoma ( eye problem) - he had dates which will harm the eye infected with trachoma. But he said , he will eat it with the good eye ( that has no trachoma) . The Rasulullah laughed & approved him eating the date . So when we desire a food , it will not harm us . Ibn Qayyum said because he desired to eat the date , his body will not be harmed .


‫ ۟ ٍد‬5َ َ ‫َو‬

not transgressing . eg So eating haram in emergency

‫ ۡ َر َ ۟ ٍغ‬Eَ

will not

negatively affect the body . But we must eat it in basic way – not to cook it in special way . So (1) and (2) above will change the haram food to halal if eaten in emergency with the 2 conditions above. Even to eat food, we need taqwa .

ۚ0ِ ۡ َ 5َ ‫ َم‬Gۡ ِ‫َ َ ٓ إ‬

‘ due limits’. So our food , business , relationship, etc must be good for

Dunia & Akhirat .

‫ َم‬Gۡ ِ‫َ َ ٓ إ‬

means ‘ there is no sin & he will not be punished ‘ . Any type of

haram is sinful & haram is not good for the person because it harms. Allah’s kalam makes us know what is harmful eg smoking . DO NOT wait for bad experience ( eg cancer) to confirm that it is bad for us . Objection & rejection of Allah’s Kalam will result in you getting the bitterness of harm on the Dunia . Anything Allah forbid must be bad for us .

RULE in FIQH : Ad Dharurat (necessity) tubeeh al mahDhuraat /

Conditions of haram food becoming halal : 1. Eating out of desperation 2. No other means : The haram is halal when taken in desperation ( We cannot take riba because it is not a necessity) . Necessity means there is no other means eg food is a necessity & when you are sick, medicine is a necessity . 3. To remove harm eg Life in danger : eg In jail, men are tortured to eat haram this is necessity. Because the life is threatened, no other means – he can eat the haram because his life is threatened . 4. If there are 2 harams – choose the less harm .

Allah knows people’s heart . We need to taqwa but as much as possible – so there are levels of taqwa & there is limit to taqwa. SO never compare with others – we each has different capability to achieve taqwa . We do not know which hasanat will take us to Paradise . The ibadah we hope will take us to Jannah , may not do so. And what ibadah we are not even aware of, may take us to Jannah . So we do as much as possible & tawakkal ‘ala Allah. To remove harm ; eg a thirsty person will die if do not drink and only wine was available . See Qudratullah in changing haram to halal & vice versa. Allah is Creator, able to change characteristic . In the Day of Judgement , water can be fire – because Allah is able to change the water molecule (H2O) to split into Hydrogen (H) & Oxygen (O2) & will result in fire . Qudratullah : Allah change atoms of water (H2O) into Hydrogen & Oxyen which burns (InshaAllah fire). Fiqh – we do not want to be like machine when learning so do not separate them from knowing Allah. Everything should make us know our Creator, even Fiqh. Eg a sister complained that : that the more she learns, the harder her heart gets . This is because you are separating what you learn of the Deen from your life. Every knowledge ( eg Arabic) may make you deviate – should use them as a tool to know Allah . Use the Arabic language or the Fiqh classes you are learning to know more of Creator. In Surah Talaq : we should learn the Ayat (Sign) to know Allah . We gain knowledge to know Allah . The Light of Allah is when you know Allah . Do not separate it more Allah . Ayat 2/173 ends with 2 Names of Allah (

‫ر ِ ٌم‬


‫ُو ۟ ٌر‬JEَ ) being mentioned


١٧٣) ‫ُو ۟ ٌر ر ِ ٌم‬JEَ ;‫ٱ‬ َ ‫إِن‬ Truly, Allâh is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. (173) . After mentioning Rules, Allah mention forgiveness. Allah mentions

‫ُو ۟ ٌر‬JEَ

/ ghafuurun : Allah

forgives because ( in desperation) , they had to eat from haram. See the importance of halal & haram & so do not take the matter of halal & haram easy. Eg do not eat the chocolate that has even a small percentage of liquor . because that chocolate is haram. So replace it. Do not take haram even as medicine ( not a desperation because there are many alternatives). Means ‘excessively’ ie Allah will forgive even when there is a lot of sin – even the kuffar will be forgiven. Even if very wicked , Allah will forgive . Allah will forgive all who do sins even if different types of sin .

/ Ghafara means / As Sitr or / Al Himaayah gives the feeling of pulling out from sadness , regret. Mistakes affect you. People may eat out of necessity & will feel guilty but Allah is Ghafurun , will forgive . People sin in the past but Allah is Ghafurun . Even if you sin intentionally, but if you repent sincerely, Allah Forgives . However, humans do not forgive easily & they do not forget the past sins of another. If Allah forgives, why do humans remember past sins & mistakes of others? Allah Ghafur is reforming for the person & for the other people . Allah is Rahim – Allah’s Mercy . Rahmatillah is Rahmah Kaamatillah / complete . It is out of His Rahmah that Allah tells us something is haram. Some people do not want to know what is haram or halal out of fear . They think knowing halal & haram is restricting . It is Rahmah to know halal from haram & it is easy for human to accept. Allah is Rahim ( because He makes us know that these rules (on haram & halal) are actually Rahmah from Allah) & He wants Rahmah for you . Find the right approach ( with compassion, mercy, love) to tell people of the haram so that they find it easy to accept. Tell people of Allah’s Kindness before they feel despair in Allah. The One who made it forbidden is NOT unjust . Neither does He want difficulty for His slaves. Noone is more Merciful than Allah this makes it easy to submit. What makes people not submit easily , quickly? This is because of the (harsh) way people told them. We need to tell ( in wise , compassionate, merciful & gentle ways , & with only love in the heart) them of Allah’s Rahmah FIRST . Tell them of Allah’s forgiveness BEFORE Allah’s wrath & anger THEN tell them of the forbidden. BUT instead, sometimes people are harshly telling of Allah’s anger, Allah’s wrath FIRST, hence making them not love Allah . May Allah forgive all our sins. GHUFRAN ( forgiveness) is Protection from Allah . It is His Rahmah which take us to Paradise. A person cannot go to Paradise without Ghufran first . Forgiveness of sins after you ask “ Rabbighfirli “ or out of His Rahmah, Allah Forgives your sins without you realising it - eg You may do other ibadah which expiates your sins ( eg study circles) . Acquiring knowledge will have the angels asking Allah to forgive you. Allah is Karim /Generous . Allah gives names (eg khinzir) is clearly said in Quarn – we need to use the terms to know clearly what is haram. But do not go in detail beyond what was revealed.