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Sep 2, 1987 - digoxmn, diltiazem, disopyramide, dobutamine, emepronium, enflurane, epinephrine, etomidate, fentanyl, flucloxacillun, flunitrazepam,.

CLIN. CHEM. 34/4, 676-679 (1988)

Midazolam in Plasma from HospitalizedPatientsas Measured by Gas-Liquid Chromatography with Electron-CaptureDetection H. R. Ha,2B. Funk,’P.O. Maftre,’A. M. Zblnden,1 F. Follath,2 and D.A. Thomson’ The presentassay was developedfor quantifyingmidazolam in plasma of patients hospitalizedin intensive-careunits or undergoing anesthesia and receiving many other drugs as

well. Plasma samples are alkalinizedwith NaOH and midazolam is extracted into n-hexane. The organic phase is evaporated and reconstituted in n-butyl acetate, and the midazolam is quantified by gas-liquid chromatographywith electron-capturedetection.The calibrationgraphfor midazolam was linear in the ranges 5-200 and 200-800 pg/L. The CVs for precisionand reproducibilityof the assaywere

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