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Congratulations from GROB's corporate family. CONTENTS ..... trainees in Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Milling Engineering and Mecha-.



I N T E R N AT I O N A L Edition


CONTENTS GREETINGS .................................................................................................01 from the Grob family and the management FORMAL OPENING OF GROB‘S PLANT IN DALIAN...........................02 with over 400 international guests STRATEGY & MARKET...............................................................................05 GROB consolidates its presence in Asia, a key region GROB IN CHINA...........................................................................................07 One step at a time – a success story that started more than twenty years MILESTONES IN GROB‘S CHINESE BUSINESS.....................................09 The new GROB plant in Dalian – from concept to start-up OUR TEAM IN DALIAN..............................................................................11 Colleagues at the GROB plant IMPRESSIONS...............................................................................................13 GROB‘s plant in Dalian BEST WISHES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.....................................14 Congratulations from GROB‘s corporate family





DEAR COLLEAGUES, Dear business partners and guests, dear friends of GROB, The opening of GROB‘s new plant in Dalian continues a tradition, which started almost 60 years ago, when the company‘s first production site outside of Germany was built in Sao Paulo. On that occasion, the decision to set up a new plant away from the home market was linked to a clear vision of Brazil‘s potential as a growth market. Precisely the same vision shows GROB‘s commitment to China. One tradition running through this fam-

ily company, which dates back to 1926, is that our people are the first priority whatever the company’s vision is. Not only do we offer our customers premium quality machines and machining systems, but job satisfaction and training are also important matters for us. Underpinning the implementation of our goals in China over the long term are high technical standards and a commitment to good working conditions – for many decades key elements

in GROB‘s corporate philosophy, which has so far proved so successful. And this attitude prevails in all our locations. We are proud of the fact that GROB‘s corporate culture, which embodies a sense of mutual respect and trust, will from now on also be adopted in Dalian. From the many conversations we had with guests at the opening ceremony on June 18 of this year, one thing became crystal clear: it is our corporate culture that makes GROB

Dear business partners of GROB,

so special and such a coveted partner. We intend to build on that and consolidate still further, at our location in Dalian, the leading position of our forward looking family company, a manufacturer of stateof-the-art production systems with a team of highly motivated co-workers. Together we can then write yet another chapter in GROB‘s long success story.

few months later, the active recruitment of local employees began. This development team of initially twenty people represents the core of the present management structure in the new plant. At an early stage, all those involved quickly discovered the differences between theory and practice, between dream and reality – and also between Germany and China.

The Grob family

We can now proudly state that none of these differences proved to be delaying factors or insurmountable obstacles. The ability to bridge these differences, the joint quest for pragmatic solutions, the practical knowledge and experience brought by our specialists now form a solid foundation for the collaboration. Over recent months, we have seen how our employees have built bridges, even cultural ones, from an inner conviction. In the process, they have conducted

Eugen Nägele - General Manager, Ren Hongzhi - Deputy General Manager

In mid-2010, the decision to build another production center for the GROB Group was made. Within a short time Dalian had been chosen as the location. At that moment, a new era began for

many of our employees. Within a few weeks, all the key posts for the new organization had been filled by experienced employees from the company‘s Mindelheim main plant. In early 2011, only a

FORMAL OPENING OF GROB‘S PLANT IN DALIAN with over 400 international guests The Grob family with the Supervisory Board and the Management

Dear business partners and guests of GROB, At the end of the 1980s, we delivered the first GROB machining systems to China from our main plant in Mindelheim (Germany). At that time, hardly anyone could imagine the spectacular growth the country would experience over the years that followed. Around 1995 the number of automobiles sold in China was tiny, but by 2010 there were over 34 million on the roads. By 2011, the number of new registrations had passed the 12 million mark. GROB has to date supplied to China machines and machining systems worth over 1 billion Euros. That all adds up to around 1,400 fully automated production machines for China-based manufacturers of engines, transmissions and other vehicle components. For many of our long standing customers the huge


growth in this sector not only represents a solid basis for further expansion of their capacity in China, but it is also proof of the giant strides the country has taken and a testament to the success of the reforms made to the Chinese economy. In its efforts to improve domestic added value, GROB is making its own contribution by building the factory in Dalian. With its range of machining system products, the company is able to offer the customer specific solutions required for the modernization and streamlining of industrial production plants,

so that our customers can also take advantage of the flourishing commercial climate. The expertise we offer with our stand alone machines will prove invaluable to the many ambitious start-up companies in China. So we are sending out a strong signal. We have a great product range and a well-established sales and service organization (previously based in Beijing and Shanghai), so for a long time we have been the perfect partner for all current, and prospective, Chinese customers. The opening of the new plant in Dalian brings these customers ever nearer. With this location GROB is not just strengthening its pres-

ence in China and Asia, but at the same time it is optimizing its global corporate network, which will now be able to react much more flexibly and much more rapidly to changes taking place in global and regional markets. The plant in Dalian therefore fits perfectly into the GROB Group‘s long-term, global strategy. On June 18, 2012 in Dalian we formally opened not just a production site. On this day, we took the success story of an ambitious and forward looking country one step further. And we have also taken a great leap forward in improving and consolidating our company‘s competitiveness. The GROB management team

themselves admirably as committed ambassadors of their respective countries. The interaction between the German and Chinese workers was and still is marked by curiosity, tolerance and a shared desire to make from Dalian a special contribution to GROB‘s 90 year old success story. For all those involved the formal opening of the plant in Dalian on June 18, 2012, a symbolic act, represents only an interim highlight in proceedings. The whole team in Dalian is looking forward, with colleagues at all the other GROB locations worldwide, to moving on to an even more successful future. Management at GROB Machine Tools (Dalian) Co. Ltd.





GROB‘S PLANT IN DALIAN is formally opened

„By opening a plant in Dalian, GROB is not only boosting its presence in China and Asia, but it is also strengthening its corporate network across the globe. The GROB Group‘s commitment to China is based on a long-term strategy.“

„GROB Dalian is proof of the GROB Group‘s long-term commitment in China. A commitment that fully supports our sales activities.“

„The opening of GROB Machine Tools‘ new plant is another important step, not just for the GROB Group, but also for the Dalian Jinzhou New Area.“


„For GROB, growth always takes the people into account, even when it comes to opening up the Chinese market … and that is truly impressive.“






Strategy & Market GROB consolidates its presence in Asia, a key region

Many years as a direct Chinese customer: FAW Wuxi

By opening its fourth production center, this time in the Chinese city of Dalian, GROB is safeguarding its competitive edge across the globe for the long term, consolidating its presence in the Chinese market and sharpening its strategic focus in Asia, an important region for growth. GROB Dalian – another important milestone in GROB‘s history. There has been nothing like it in GROB‘s almost 90-year corporate history: an investment program of over 120 million Euros in two years; across-the-board expansion of the GROB plants in Mindelheim/Germany and Bluffton/USA and, at the same time, the construction of a new plant in the Chinese city of Dalian. Investment arising not just from the need to meet the demands of an order book currently worth an historic 1.3 billion Euros,


but investment which will also open the door to new opportunities for growth in a part of the world which is developing rapidly. A strategic re-alignment in Asia, a key region This ultra-modern production center on a site covering 60,000 sq.m in the city of Dalian (in the north-eastern province of Liaoning) is now in operation. Next to the 12,000 sq.m production hall an administrative block is providing workplaces for 140 people. In the next construction phase, continuing over the next two years, the plant area is set to double. For GROB, this means a new direction in the important growth region of Asia and also a clear and logical continuation of a systematic, long-term corporate strategy, one which has been evolving over decades.

A successful strategy – with a long tradition A strategy which GROB launched in the mid-1950s in Brazil and continued in the 1980s in the USA. The German economic miracle was barely underway before the first German automotive manufacturers, like practically all other European competitors, identified the South American market as a key market for overseas sales. All of them built production centers in Brazil. So now all of the world’s major automotive manufacturers are represented in Brazil. The logic of GROB‘s strategy was that demand for tools and special machines would rise steadily in Brazil. B. GROB do Brasil S.A. was there and has been able to exploit this segment of the market. At the time it was a brave step for the small, Munich-based machine manufacturer, but one which has proved very profitable, as history has shown. It was a strategy that in the 1980s, when the North American market was growing strongly, also proved extremely successful. Only with a local plant in Bluffton/ Ohio could GROB successfully keep in step with the ‚big three‘: Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. And so GROB became convinced that this strategy, which has worked so well over the decades else-

where, would work in the same way in the People‘s Republic of China. With its plant in Dalian GROB is now meeting the expectations and needs of our customers in China and the whole of the Asian growth region. Looking ahead, the Dalian factory will be making full use of GROB‘s accumulated expertise in sales, production and service – now with no limitations. A message for our customers – long-term commitment At GROB the assumption is that practically all the main vehicle manufacturers operating across the globe will, over the next few years, be expanding their production capacity in China. And that‘s because over the next five to ten years the automobile market in China will continue to grow. With its new production center in Dalian, GROB is not just consolidating its presence in China and Asia, but is also sending out a clear message to its customers: the company has every intention of fulfilling its commitments to the Chinese and the international automotive industry. The plant in Dalian will be making a range of components and machinery for projects in China and can now react at high speed to requests for conversions, repairs and service. Ren Hon-

gzhi, GROB Dalian‘s deputy general manager is convinced: „GROB‘s new plant in Dalian is really great for us. It is now clear that GROB is committed to a long-term presence in the Chinese market.“

time before we can achieve the required standards in terms of quantity and quality. But I think we can make it in three years at the latest.“ On closer inspection, that is a rather generous expectation.

GROB investment – a strategic alignment As in the past in Brazil and in the USA, GROB is not in China purely to reduce costs, but predominantly for strategic reasons. Company strategists watched the Chinese market closely for over 20 years before deciding to go ahead with the production center in Dalian. It is a strategy devised for the long term and it is target-driven in every respect. It is a calculation which has so far always worked well for GROB. Competitiveness over the long-term by manufacturing locally is assured, plus we achieve a reduction in shipping costs, customs duties and wage bills, while at the same time buttressing the company‘s parent plant in Mindelheim. So GROB has a presence in the market, can offer proximity to customers and can comply with their demands for flexibility, service and quality.

Another milestone in the GROB production group The investment GROB is making in China is leading to seamless co-operation with the company‘s existing global production network. Controlled and co-ordinated via the company‘s headquarters in Mindelheim, regional customers in North and South America have until now been supported from the nearby plants in São Paulo (Brazil) und Bluffton (USA). This successful interaction between parent company and subsidiaries is set to continue once the new plant in Dalian is in full swing. But Dalian will also be a key factor in improving competitiveness, not just within the group as a whole, but also at each location. Dalian will supply components to Mindelheim and the other GROB Group plants will support Dalian. All-in-all, another boost to the global, flexible network that operates within the company.

Major objectives, which with the new plant can now be met faster and more effectively. Eugen Nägele, GROB Dalian‘s general manager is realistic about the situation: „At the moment GROB Dalian cannot supply everything that we can sell in the Chinese market. We need more

Good prospects in the Chinese growth market The Chinese international automobile industry has grown significantly in recent decades. Most of the main manufacturers, such as Volkswagen and GM, have been GROB customers for many years

too. GROB is also in close contact with the main Chinese automobile manufacturers, such as BAIC, Chery, CAMC, Great Wall, Geely, Wuxi Best and GMA. GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has been developing a sound and lasting business relationship with them for years and is now in a position to significantly boost

a Chinese factory in the GROB Group, not into a German factory in China.“ Since the end of the 1980s, the company has sold machinery worth more than a billion Euros in the Chinese market. In the last nine years alone, since the founding of GROB Machine Tools, GROB engineers

GROB‘s first major appearance in China at the 2005 CIMT 2005

its market share. In the Chinese market, virtues such as tradition and reliability or a shared history are important factors. Ren Hongzhi knows which way he wants to go: „That is why it is hugely important that GROB Dalian develops into a plant, which follows Chinese regulations and customs. If we want success for GROB Dalian, then the plant must develop into

have put in over 200,000 service hours, in the process making quite a name for them in the market. So, all-in-all, now the GROB plant in Dalian is up and running, a firm foundation exists for stronger, more sustainable growth in the Chinese market and throughout the whole of the Asian region.






GROB in China One step at a time – a success story that started more than twenty years ago It all began in the 1980s when Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) took delivery of its first production line and it has since evolved over a period of 23 years into an unrivalled success story for GROB in the People’s Republic of China. And it‘s a story which reached yet another important milestone in June, when the new production plant in Dalian was officially opened. In line with its traditional corporate philosophy based on the “the method of

often in the form of invitations to tender issued by the Chinese government – was huge and on some occasions, because the required communication facilities were lacking, it all had to be delivered to potential customers by the box load. At that time, foreigners could only enter and leave China through Beijing and on arrival they had to use a special currency. These were obstacles to trade now unimaginable in such a booming country as China or anywhere else in today‘s globalized and digitalized world.

The GROB project team for the first order from Shanghai General Motors (SGM) 1998

small steps“ – yi bu - yi bu (one step at a time) – GROB embarked on its commitment to China at the end of the 1980s at a very gradual pace. Orders and tenders were negotiated through various consultants in China and on a case-bycase basis. The amount of paperwork –

A tough but successful development phase The first few years of GROB‘s involvement in China were tied closely to Volkswagen. In 1989, only four years after the formation of the joint venture, the Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW), two special machines and three transfer lines were delivered to China from Mindelheim. On this first

occasion, the order was for a production line for automobile cylinder heads and a special machine for camshaft bearing covers. The order from the Volkswagen joint venture partnership was not just the first step for GROB in the “Land of the Rising Sun“, but it also marked the beginning of a long and continuing partnership with Shanghai Volkswagen. By 1997, there had been three more projects with Volkswagen‘s Chinese joint venture partnership. GROB supplied two rotary table machines for finishing con-rods and two years later a cylinder head line, consisting of four transfer lines. In 1995 GROB won its first order from First Automotive Works Volkswagen (FAW-VW) in Changchun, the delivery of a long production line for manufacturing cylinder heads using 5-valve technology, consisting of no fewer than thirteen interlinked machines. In 1998, almost 10 years after GROB‘s first delivery to SVW in China, Shanghai General Motors Corporation (SGM) placed its first order with GROB. 32 machining centers and one transfer line were duly delivered. 20 machining centers for cylinder heads, nine machining centers for machining gearbox housings and three machining centers for valve plates and camshafts. In 1997 Shanghai Diesel Engine Comp. Ltd. (SDEC) issued the first solely Chinese order to supply special equipment for machining valves on truck cylinder heads. The first major order – from FAW Wuxi Diesel In 2002 the contract for the 1st pilot project with FAW Wuxi Diesel was signed. This was the first time in GROB‘s history that a major order was agreed directly, i.e. not in the form of a joint venture, with a Chinese partner. So at 2.56 on February 26, 2002, at a ceremony rich in Chinese mysticism, the contract between GROB

Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and the China First Automobile Group Import & Export Corporation was signed in Changchun City. The numbers 2:56 stand for NI WU FA, which roughly translated means „You and I will be happy with this project and get rich“. Within two and a half years, the production line at FAW JIEFANG WUXI DIESEL ENGINE WORKS was manufacturing cylinder heads and cylinder blocks for 4- and 6-cylinder diesel truck engines. For GROB this was a huge order, as it consisted of 24 machining centers, 13 special machines and four transfer lines.

event produced another first: a trade fair edition of GROB‘s in-house journal GROB aktuell in Chinese. German, English and Portuguese editions have been the norm for many years, but never before had the company newsletter appeared in Chinese or in Korean. This stage in the company‘s evolution was celebrated in grand style three months later at the EMO in Hanover with the headline „GROB makes a successful start in Asia“.

Production system for truck engines at the FAW Wuxi Diesel works

GROB branch marks the start of a new era Until the beginning of the new millennium, GROB was represented in China by various agencies, but in April 2003 the company opened its first Asian branch in Beijing, GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd., and a new era in our business relationship with China began. Now, the GROB team, which initially consisted of only three employees under the leadership of Ren Hong Zhi, set about expanding GROB‘s sales and service organization. They also had to deal with what were called “local content obligations“, i.e. the inclusion of Chinese suppliers, who when government projects were involved always had to be awarded a certain percentage of the total sales. Just how important it was to have reliable partners at local level for the GROB team became clear during the first year. The new team played an important mediating role in the successful opening of the first section of what was at that time the largest ever system delivered to Asia by GROB, to truck market leader, FAW JIEFANG WUXI DIESEL WORKS (FAWDE). It is thanks to their hard work that FAWDE evolved into one of GROB‘s most reliable and loyal Chinese customers.

Just two years later the Shanghai office of GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. was established with a workshop covering 1,000 sq.m and seven employees. Its job was to cover southern China. Now a total of 26 employees work at China‘s GROB branch with bases in Beijing and Shanghai. Annual turnover has risen within eight years from 200,000 Euros to over 4.0 million Euros. Now GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. serves about fifty percent of the Chinese automotive industry and, together with the GROB Group, has become one of the most respected suppliers in the sector.

GROB aktuell appears for the first time in Chinese As a support for the successful sales activities, GROB Marketing also evolved to meet the demands of the Chinese market. 2005 saw GROB‘s second major trade fair appearance at the 9th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) in Beijing. The two-story stand covering some 200 sq.m was used to première in the People‘s Republic what was at that time the company‘s new G-series machine concept. And this concept quickly established itself as one of the most impressive developments on the market. And this

Milestones in the growth of GROB‘s Chinese business 1989 GROB supplies the first production line for automobile cylinder heads and a special machine for camshaft bearing covers to Shanghai Volkswagen (SVW) 1997 Shanghai Diesel Engine Comp. Ltd (SDEC) awards GROB the first solely Chinese order to supply special equipment for machining valves on truck cylinder heads

2007 – breakthrough for GROB China GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. was established in Beijing in 2007 and the door into the People‘s Republic of China opened wide. Four years later Ren Hongzhi and his team made the final breakthrough, namely the first independent contract and the first retooling deal in the history of GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. The agreement was for the retooling von 25 GROB machining centers for Shanghai General Motors (SGM). They were reconditioned by SGM and then converted by GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. so that they could be used for machining a new cylinder head and a new cylinder block. The machines needed new clamping devices, new machining programs and new interlinkage fittings. For the first time GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. operated as the principal contractor on a Chinese project. Helpful assistance was provided from Mindelheim on technical matters and with assembly at the customer‘s premises, but it all went ahead smoothly and was completed totally independently.

Günter Wolf, at the time GROB‘s sales executive for the Chinese market, was delighted with the progress made by his Chinese counterparts: „Our colleagues in China have finally learnt to walk. For the first time GROB Mindelheim is merely a ‚sub-contractor‘ on a Chinese deal and that makes life a lot easier for us here in Germany.“ GROB‘s next venture – a major step forward The highly successful growth in GROB‘s Chinese business since the establishment of GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. and not least the fact that the Chinese automotive industry has been breaking records for years was leading only in one direction: in the spring of 2010 the decision was made to go ahead with a fourth GROB production center in the People’s Republic of China. And then things moved rapidly: In October 2010 GROB Machine Tools (Dalian) Co. Ltd. was founded, building work started in March 2011 and on April 08, 2011, the foundation stone was laid. Within only 60 days, the structure of the administration block was completed; the same stage for the workshops was reached after 100 days. In March 2012, less than a year after the foundation stone was laid, production of the first components started in GROB‘s factory in Dalian. On June 18, 2012, the GROB factory was officially opened, thereby marking at least for now a final milestone in GROB‘s long and successful Chinese venture. And just as it has been all along, the watchword is still yi bu – yi bu!

2002 February: Contract for the FAW Wuxi Diesel pilot project signed 2003 April: Establishment of GROB’s first Asian branch in Beijing, GROB Machine Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd. cylinder 2005 April: GROB has a stand at the IX. China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) November: Shanghai office for GROB Machine Tools Co. Ltd. is opened 2007 GROB Machine Tools Co. Ltd. signs its first independent cylinder 2010 October: Establishment of GROB Machine Tools (Dalian) Co. Ltd. 2011 April: Foundation stone for GROB’s Dalian plant is laid 2012 March: Start of production in GROB’s Dalian plant June: Formal opening of GROB’s plant in Dalian







MILESTONES IN GROB‘S CHINESE BUSINESS The new plant in Dalian – from concept to start-up March 2010 • GROB makes the decision to build a fourth production center in the Peoples‘ Republic of China. This is followed by a search for a location amid detailed discussions with local representatives August 2010 • The decision is made to go for Dalian, the criteria being: size and location of the plot (approx. 60,000 sq.m), infrastructure (suppliers and customers), transport links (sea, air, road, rail), quality of life, employment market, center for machine engineering, invest ment aid package …

The site prior to building work

September 2010 • Investment agreement is signed between government representatives and GROB management • Start of collaboration with CPM as project management partner • Start of the construction planning phase amid close co-operation between GROB, CPM and KAISER October 2010 • Discussions with potential planning and construction partners; the KAISER company in Dalian to be planning partner • Formal establishment of GROB Machine Tools (Dalian) Co. Ltd. • Negotiation through bureaucratic maze in order to acquire planning permission • Project scheduling with a development team in Dalian and in Mindelheim January 2011 • New project office opens in Dalian and a local organization is set up with new Chinese employees February 2011 • Tendering process and final selection of construction partner, KAISER March 2011 • Start of construction work

Ground-breaking ceremony on April 8, 2011

April 2011 • April 8, 2011 Ground-breaking ceremony with many partners and honorary guests from the city council in attendance • Over 20 German colleagues from GROB Mindelheim start work on the new production center in Dalian. Many employees bring over their families!

May 2011 • Start of specialist training in theory and practice for new Chinese employees at GROB‘s Mindelheim headquarters. Over 30 staff spend 12 weeks in Mindelheim receiving train ing in GROB production technology and are introduced to their future specialties at GROB Dalian August 2011 • “Welcome to the GROB family“ celebration for 27 young Chinese school students as trainees in Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Milling Engineering and Mecha tronic Engineering September 2011 • Start of professional training on the premises of a local partner and with the assistance of the Hans Seidl Foundation • Opening of 1,000 sq.m technical training and skills center, equipped with components and materials for theoretical and practical training October 2011 • Scheduling of a delivery program for the first production year 2012/2013 • GROB Dalian is a new project partner with several Chinese customers (BBAC, Peking, CHERY, Wuhu, BOSCH, Suzhou) December 2011 • Completion of administration building and transfer of all project workers (temporary project office is closed) January 2012 • Assembly of machinery and tools starts. Installation of all production equipment and completion of the IT infrastructure • First trials in the Mechanical Production field March 2012 • Start of production; manufacture and procurement of components for the first year‘s production program (consisting of interlinking systems, single-spindle G modules in the G315 and G515 series, type BZ500B horizontal machining centers) • GROB Dalian already has more than 150 Chinese employees. Another 50 Chinese employees to be appointed in the next few months

Foundation work for the hall area

Structural shell for the hall


Training our Chinese colleagues

G350 demonstration machine in the new showroom

The production hall comes to life Foundation work for the administration building

Preparatory work on the external area

Work on the administration building underway

Completion on time in December 2011

Our new colleagues






OUR TEAM IN DALIAN Colleagues at the GROB plant

Mr. Mingyue Zhou - Machine Shop

Mr. Guifeng Zhang , Mr. Bin Wu/ - Machine Shop

Mr. Dong Sun , Mr. Roman David - Pre Assembly

Mr. Jinfeng Guo , Mr. Ernst Stromer - Machine Shop

Mr. Shuke Wen - Machine Shop

Mr. Wenshun Jiang - Machine Shop Our team in Dalian

Mr. Wenming Xiang , Mr. Tao Yang , Mr. Deiyin Wang , Mr. Huaice Wen - Final Assembly

Mr. Jinfeng Guo , Mr. Cornelius Merk - Service Mr. Yu Long Yang , Mr. Jiantao Chu - Final Assembly

Mr. Wei Zhao - Final Assembly

Mr. Marcus Ostler - Machine Shop


Ms. Sarah Shan , Ms. Emma Hays - Human Resources Mr. Dong Liu - Assistant GM

Ms. Wenjing Yu - Finance





IMPRESSIONS GROB‘s plant in Dalian


BEST WISHES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD Congratulations from GROB‘s corporate family Dear Business Partners and Friends at GROB Ma Tools Dalian: chine Please accept our sincere tion of the recent complecongratulations in celebraWe commend each of tion of your new facility. you hard work that have res for your dedication and ulte new plant in Dalian. You d in the opening of this your achievement and deserve to be proud of wh GROB family of compan at it means for the entire ies, particularly at a tim e when other companies are constraints. Your friends experiencing economic here at GROB in Bluffto Ohio, are proud to hav n, e such an outstanding team of colleagues in Dalian. Thi s ment that undoubtedly is a significant accomplishrequired the dedication cooperation of the wh and ole administrative talent and team. It is a tribute to your your hard work. Again, we wish you con tinu to support you in any wa ed success and are here y we can.

completo de Grob En nombre del equipo cho éxito, felicidad y México, les deseamos mu evas actividades. satisfacción con sus nu nuevo acontecimiento, Los felicitamos por este en la República la cuarta planta de GROB o las palabras de Popular China. Recordand convencidos de que con Erich Kästner, estamos en nuestro camino, se las piedras que aparecen ravilloso. Ustedes en puede construir algo ma una vez más. o China lo han demostrad rte de parte de todo el Felicidades y mucha sue o equipo de GROB Mexic

GROB समूह द्वारा डा ल में नए विनिर्माण संय ियान ंत उद्घाटन के अवसर पर ्र के हा बधाई और शुभकामनाए र्दिक ं. द्वारा GROB मशीन प्रा. लिमिटेड



博集团已在中国市场 在过去的多年中,格劳 上取得了很多的成就。

格劳博上海之后, 如今,继格劳博北京和 的成员,格劳博机 来新 将迎 格劳博家族又 这个时刻也将隆重 床(大连)有限公司在 开业了。 大连)有限公司很快 我们坚信格劳博机床( 客户,提供满意的产 洲区 就能面向中国及亚 疑将更加巩固格劳博 品和技术支持。而这无 。 地位 在中国市场的龙头 允许我谨代表格劳博 在这个激动的时刻,请 祝贺格劳博机床( 上海办事处全体员工, 大连) 锦! 有限公司开业,前程似

Alles Gute zur Werkserö


Die Niederlassung Grob Hungária Kft. hofft, der Tag der Eröffn ung wird ein voller Erfolg und Euer Betrie b wird ein fester Bestandteil unseres Un ternehmens auf einem neuen Markt. W ir drücken fest die Da umen - auch wenn wir meinen, dass da zu gar kein Glück nötig ist.


Grob A Grob do Brasil deseja a inicio. Dalian muito sucesso no seu laborar Tambem desejamos poder co poder com o time chines e assimcada vez tornar o grupo Grob se mais forte. Paulo Novamente o time de Sanao China!! Brasil deseja muita sorte Dear Business Partners and Friends, On behalf of all the em ployees of Grob Machine Tools UK ltd , I wish our colleagues at Grob Ma chine Tools Dalian Co. Ltd a successful op eration. To say it with Shakesp eare “one‘s action, creat es one‘s life“ and continued success.

대하며 기다려 우리가 그 동안 학수고 준공식이 현 왔던 ‘GROB 대련공장’의 으로 환영합니 실로 다가 왔음을 진심 중국과 한국은 다. 이를 계기로 향후 요구에 부합한 물론 아시아 고객들의 한 납기로 공 사양의 장비 등을 신속 기에 매우 다행 급해 드릴 수 있게 되 희 한국 고객과 스럽게 생각합니다. 저 국 대련공장 준 더불어서 다시 한번 중 합니다 !!! 공식을 진심으로 축하

GROB Россия искрен весь коллектив новогоне поздравляет Далиан с его открытие завода GROB м! Компания GROB слав объединять все свои ится умением ности, чтобы жить, ст силы и возможчто является надежн роить, созидать, дальнейшего успешной гарантией ого развития завода в Китае и комп ании GROB во всем мире. От всей души поздравляем завод GR открытием и желаем OB Далиан с тания, удачи в реализсчастья, процвеации новых проектов и планов!

有限公司: 祝格劳博机床(大连) (Dalian) GROB Machine Tools Co. Ltd.: 开业大吉!鹏程万里! rous Opening with prospe opportunity! s future! Growing with gloriou B Machine Best wishes from GRO . Tools (Beijing) Co. Ltd





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