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Aug 12, 2013 ... Last chance to order greetings for the High Holidays. See back page. Mission participants at Ramat. HaNegev. Related stories pages. 2, 3 and ...

Mosaic Israel Mission Mission participants at Ramat HaNegev.

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Related stories pages 2, 3 and 6.

Last chance to order greetings for the High Holidays. See back page.

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Mosaic Israel Mission

CElia Norian President

Mission participants at Ramat HaNegev.

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Related stories pages 2, 3 and 6.

Last chance to order greetings for the High Holidays. See back page.

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I have always admired the early American pioneers. What courage it took for them to pack their belongings into a covered wagon and head west to areas unknown to find their dreams and start a new life. They forged ahead and conquered the new lands overcoming obstacles that I can only imagine. During our recent mission to Israel, we met true Israeli pioneers of today and we, the Jewish Federation of the Desert, are partners in that dream. The Negev makes up 60% of the land of Israel but has only 8% of the population. David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, believed that the Negev was the true test of the State of Israel, in which creativity, daring and decisiveness would find expression. For several years now, our community has focused its efforts in the Ramat Negev Region. It is 30% of the entire Negev, with a total population of 5,500. Our newest partnership has been in the community of Merchav Am, which was founded in 2001. It lies about 40 KM south of Be’er Sheva, in the middle of nothing. This community started with a seed group of about 6 couples. Today it has grown to 40 families with about 100 children. The nearest grocery store and schools are 20 minutes away. None of the conveniences that we take for granted are in any close proximity. Their neighbors become their families. Two years ago, our Federation made an allocation to help build a Community Center in Merchav Am. The families needed a place to gather; someplace that would become the “center of their lives” in this lonely land. On May 3rd the 16 participants

2 • JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773 • www.jfedps.org

of our community’s Mosaic 2013 Mission were honored to participate in the dedication of this Community Center. The entire community came. We met these pioneers who have established their lives in the Negev. They were so happy to meet us and thanked us profusely for making this center possible. They now have a facility that has room for community events, education and celebrations. These young families are truly pioneers of today. They have uprooted their lives as they knew

One young woman came to me after the dedication ceremony and thanked me for helping to put this building in the community where she will move in a few months. She was not even living there at the time, but was excited and grateful that her family will have this Community Center and “had to come” to thank us. Merchav Am is just our latest project. In 2008 we built a Day Care Center in Givot Bar that now has an enrollment of 85 children.

Standing (left to right) Roni Flamer (OR Movement), Janet Reiter, Bernard Reiter, Federation CEO Bruce Landgarten, Stephanie Ross, Roberta Nyman, Allan Nyman, Celia Norian, Shmulik Rifman(Ramat Ha-Negev Mayor), Barbara Platt, Steven Mark, Bobbie Rosenberg, Vera Mark, Norm Lewis, Shelly Rosenberg and Ofir Fischer (OR Movement). Seated in front: Carol Moses, Paul Ross and Leslie Roth.

it, and have put their energies, hopes and dreams into tomorrow. We are part of that dream! We met some of these young families. One couple told us that they were living in an apartment in Jerusalem and they were the youngest people in the building. They wanted to start a family and wished that their children could grow up in a place that was open and less stressful than the big city. They wanted their family to be surrounded with others sharing the same convictions. So they left their lives in Jerusalem, including their parents, and moved south. They have a new life here. It’s not easy, but they are helping to fulfill Ben Gurion’s dream of building the Negev.

Also in 2008, we helped to refurbish a building in the old city of Be’er Sheva that now houses the offices and information center for those who are interested in moving to the Negev. We have also contributed to the future Community Center/ Synagogue in Eliav, a community of 70 families. Actually visiting the communities where our monies have made profound differences is an exciting and moving experience. I hope I have conveyed some of this excitement and have given you a feeling of being part of this effort. As contributors to our Federation campaign, you have become partners in settling the Negev … and making Ben-Gurion’s dream a reality.

From the CEO

Feeling Exhilarated … and Safe … in Israel Bruce Landgarten Jewish Federation Chief Executive Officer

In May, sixteen Jewish community members participated in our 2013 Mosaic Israel Mission and saw firsthand how their annual giving impacts the lives of Israelis. Thanks particularly to Allan Nyman, Roberta Nyman and Celia Norian, we were able to bring our community mission to fruition after a long hiatus. This

trip provided our attendees with opportunities to connect with Israel’s diverse landscape, culture and people. It was so interesting that despite Israel facing threats on its borders daily, a fanatical Iran not too far away that wants to destroy it, and world bodies, such as the United Nations, that continue to defame the Jewish state, tourism to Israel is growing. It's a remarkable phenomenon — almost like defying gravity! We saw for ourselves this tourism trend. There is something about Israel and its magic and magnetism, that continues to defy the odds. Israel’s tourism is breaking records, with international travel at an all-time high.

We were in Israel days before its 65th anniversary on May 14. Travelers were flocking to Israel to celebrate, in spite of fears about safety ignited by the Arab Spring and the ongoing political conflicts that overwhelm the

region. Tourism in 2012 was record breaking: the nation saw the arrival of 3.5 million travelers, a 5% increase compared to 2011. Throughout our 8 day-long stay, I realized there is no place in the world quite like it. The rich, distinctive culture percolates to every corner of this country, and the longing to return is, just as expected, magnetic. Israel is an unparalleled, matchless and entirely transcendent experience. People who visit Israel typically have a great time and say how safe they feel during their trip, that the country is nothing like the “war zone” too often depicted in the media. Now is a great time to visit Israel..... now and in the future. It never gets old for me.

Whether you are here for the summer or other home community, please think of our beautiful Tribute Wall when there is a special occasion to commemorate or memorialize. This is a special place to honor those who have touched your lives. Making a charitable gift in their honor, and by adding plaques in their names on this Tribute Wall, you will perpetuate their good name and support the life affirming efforts of our Jewish Federation. For more information about ordering a Tribute Wall Plaque, please contact Bruce Landgarten, Jewish Federation CEO, at bruce. [email protected] or 760-324-4737.


PACIFIC PREMIER BANK presentation of $5000 check to the Jewish Federation Campaign. (left to right) Jim Trew, Jewish Federation CFO, Bank officers Kathi Hallock, Ed Wilcox, and Brian J. Johnston; and Bruce Landgarten, Jewish Federation CEO.

High Holiday Services with Rabbi Faith Tessler are being offered to Jewish residents of Desert Hot Springs and the High Desert at Mission Lakes Country Club in Desert Hot Springs. Contact Evie Rubenstein at the Jewish Federation, 760-324-4737 for a schedule of services and to obtain tickets. JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773• www.jfedps.org • 3

Women's Philanthropy alon Ben david returns to desert for december 9 education day Alon Ben David, Israel Channel 10 News’ Senior Defense Analyst and Correspondent, will return to the Coachella Valley on December 9, 2013, as keynote speaker for Education Day. Ben David’s impressive analysis of the complexities and critical crossroads facing Israel, presented at Women’s Philanthropy’s INSIGHTS event in March, gave attendees a clear, concise understanding and appreciation of the dynamic between Israel and her neighbors. That afternoon he predicted “The next six months will be crucial,” adding “I would love to return to give you an update about the escalating threats and provocations Israel and the Middle East will be facing at that time.” In the words of Women’s Philanthropy Education Vice President Judy Cohn, “That was an offer we could not refuse.” Education Day will be held at the UCR Palm Desert Campus Auditorium (Frank Sinatra Drive and Cook Street) on Monday, December 9, 2013 at 10:00 am. A breakfast will be served, followed by Ben David’s presentation and a chance to ask questions. Mark your calendars now for this very special opportunity to once again hear Alon Ben David. Men are welcome and encouraged to attend. For further information, please call Barbara Ben-David, Director of Women’s Philanthropy at 760-324-4737. Reservations for Education Day are required and space is limited.

for more information contact women’s Philanthropy director Barbara Ben-david at 760-324-4737 or [email protected]

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ron dermer Confirmed as israel’s next ambassador to U.s.

The Times of Israel

U.S.-born Ron Dermer, 42, a key adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, will take over the critical post of Israel’s Ambassador to the United States from another U.S.born political appointee, Michael Oren, who has held the job for the past four years. In expressing his congratulations, Michael Oren stated “As Ron’s close friend and long-time colleague, I know that he’s uniquely qualified and is deeply committed to the historic U.S.-Israel alliance.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted, “Ron Dermer has all the qualities necessary to successfully fill this important post. I have known him for many years and I know that Ron will faithfully represent the state of Israel in the capital of our greatest ally — the USA. On behalf of the citizens of Israel, I wish him great success.” Dermer, who immigrated to Israel from Florida in 1998, has served under Netanyahu since 2009 as senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s

Bureau, where he acted as liaison to the White House. From 2005 to 2008, he served as economic affairs minister to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, a position which required him to give up his U.S. citizenship. Dermer is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a master’s degree in philosophy, politics and economics from Oxford. In 1995, while still a student at Oxford, he helped manage Natan Sharansky’s Yisrael b’Aliyah party’s Knesset campaign. He later became an adviser to Sharansky and co-wrote Sharansky’s

bestselling foreign-policy treatise, “The Case for Democracy,” before moving on to work for Netanyahu. “Ron reminds us what Israel is all about,” Sharansky told The Times of Israel. “He came as a new immigrant, a young man … Now he’s going back to the United States as Israel’s ambassador. Ron has an extremely deep sense of the foundation of the connection between Israel and America, our mutual values. He wrote about it, he studied it, he lives it… Ron will be extremely important to Washington and the White House because they know he’s very close to the prime minister, that speaking to him is like speaking to Netanyahu; that’s a very rare thing,” he added. A Tablet magazine feature last year said Dermer “has done more to shape Israel’s relationship with the United States, its Arab neighbors, and the Palestinians over the past few years than any man aside from the prime minister himself.”

Dermer’s father, lawyer Jay Dermer, served in the 1960s as the mayor of Miami Beach, Florida; and Dermer’s brother, David Dermer, later also served as Miami Beach mayor. Dermer’s mother was born in Mandatory Palestine and later emigrated with her family to the United States. Married with five children, Dermer is an engaging and effective advocate for Netanyahu’s worldview, one insider said. The pro-Israel American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) also welcomed Dermer’s appointment. “Mr. Dermer has a deep understanding of the critical value of the US-Israel relationship and the importance of further strengthening the alliance between these two democratic allies,” the group said in a statement. “We also express our gratitude to Ambassador Oren for his service over the past four years as he worked tirelessly and effectively to bolster the bond between the United States and Israel.”

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Memories from our Mosaic israel Mission The Jewish Federation of the Desert’s 2013 “Mosaic Israel Mission", chaired by Allan Nyman, a past Federation President and longtime liaison of our Federation to projects in Israel’s Negev, included Jewish Federation President Celia Norian, Federation CEO Bruce landgarten, Norm lewis, Vera and Steven Mark, Carol Moses, Roberta Nyman, Barbara Platt, Janet and Bernard Reiter, Bobbie and Shelly Rosenberg, Stephanie and Dr. Paul Ross, and Leslie Roth. From the dedication of the Cultural Center in Merchav Am to visiting the Golan Heights to ascending Masada and descending to the Mediterranean

in Jaffa, the eight days in Israel were awe inspiring, emotional and exciting experiences. Without question, a highlight was the dedication of the cultural community center in Merchav Am, described in Federation President Celia Norian’s article on page 2. As these photos show, it was a day of rejoicing and celebration. Allan Nyman affixed the mezuzah on the entrance to the building. Parents and children danced and presented red roses. Pictured below the dedication signage are (left to right) OR Movement’s Roni Flamer, Federation CEO Bruce landgarten, Allan Nyman, Ramat Ha-Negev

6 • JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773 • www.jfedps.org

Director of Tourism Raz Arbel, Celia Norian and OR Movement’s Ofir Fischer. The family with the father holding his child on his shoulders was one of the pioneering families referred to in the page 2 article. Another special experience was going to Masada. Pictured: Our tour guide Michal, leslie Roth, Vera Mark, Paul Ross, Roberta Nyman and Carol Moses. The photo of our briefing on the Golan Heights includes (back row) Carol Moses, Bruce landgarten, Janet Reiter (front) Barbara Platt, Celia Norian, Allan and Roberta Nyman, Bobbie Rosenberg and Bernard Reiter. A somber moment was laying

a wreath on the graves of David and Paula Ben-Gurion. Pictured are Carol Moses, Vera Mark and Norm Lewis. Other photos include Celia Norian and Roberta Nyman playing with children at the Givot Bar Community Center (the lady in red is staff). Winemaking is growing in the Negev and we visited Carmey Avdat. Pictured are Bobbie and Shelly Rosenberg and Barbara Platt. Photos can only give a “taste” of an experience. We encourage you, “Visit Israel.” It’s an experience of a lifetime.

ZOA Urges State Dept: Stop Referring to Eastern Jerusalem As "Palestinian Territories" On July 16 the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) wrote to the State Department urging them to stop referring to eastern Jerusalem as "Palestinian Territories." Eastern Jerusalem is actually the eastern half of the city of Jerusalem, including the ancient Jewish section populated by over 200,000 Jews, the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest sites. The ZOA has described this usage as factually and legally inaccurate, politically biased and prejudicial to the prospect of genuine peace negotiations. In its press release on July 10, the State Department's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs announced several new projects pairing U.S. cultural institutions with foreign ones, including the pairing of the Minnesota Historical Society with the Palestinian Heritage Museum, located in the eastern half of Israel's capital, Jerusalem. The State Department press release stated that the program, 'Design Diaries International,' paired the Minnesota Historical Society with the "Palestinian Heritage Museum, East Jerusalem, Palestinian Territories" ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said, "The designation of eastern Jerusalem as 'Palestinian territories,' is factually and legally inaccurate, politically biased and prejudicial to the prospect of genuine peace negotiations, should these occur one day. There is no Palestinian sovereign controlling eastern Jerusalem, only a Palestinian Authority (PA) controlling half of Judea and Samaria (Gaza is controlled by the terrorist group Hamas). "While many states have recognized the legal fiction of a 'state of Palestine,' there is no such state, let alone one that actually holds sovereign power in eastern Jerusalem. In particular, the United States does not recognize such a state and voted

accordingly when the admission of 'Palestine' as a non-member state of the United Nations was voted upon last November in the United Nations General Assembly. Moreover, the PA is a signatory to the Oslo Agreements in which it committed itself to not altering the political status of the disputed territories, except by a negotiated settlement with Israel. We must understand that Jordan illegally annexed eastern Jerusalem in 1948, and only one country recognized it. Even the Arab states rejected it. "How ironic that the U.S. government, which criticizes Jews living in or building homes in eastern Jerusalem or in Judea and Samaria because doing so supposedly alters the political status of the territories, actually baldly and falsely declares that eastern Jerusalem is part of 'Palestinian territories.' "The State Department's erroneous public statement about eastern Jerusalem also shows a lack of respect for its ally, the democratically elected government of Israel. In 1980, the Israeli Knesset passed a law affirming that a united Jerusalem is Israel's capital. Significantly, the law also affirmed the freedom of religion for all religious faiths in Jerusalem, a freedom that was denied when Jordan occupied eastern Jerusalem. Jordan desecrated Jewish holy places when it illegally occupied eastern Jerusalem. Jordan also destroyed fiftyeight synagogues and 38,000 Jewish cemetery headstones. "Indeed, eastern Jerusalem was seemingly unimportant to Jordan because it failed to provide even the most basic municipal services there. Eastern Jerusalem's residents lacked electricity, plumbing, health care services and even a steady water supply. "It was Israel that began providing those badly needed municipal services to eastern Jerusalem, including to Arab homes

and businesses. Arab residents are given the choice of becoming citizens of Israel. "Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish people twice in history in the two Jewish commonwealths. It has never been the capital of any other state or people. It is mentioned almost six hundred times in the Hebrew Bible, but not even once in the Muslim Quran. It has been the focal point of Jewish prayers and longing, well symbolized in the line of the Psalmist -- 'If I forget thee, o Jerusalem, may my right hand forget her cunning' -- and the eastern half of the city contains the holiest Jewish sites. Indeed, Jerusalem is one of the four Jewish holy cities. In contrast, Muslims face Mecca, not Jerusalem in prayer and the city possesses only some sites holy to Christianity and Islam, but is not a holy city to these faiths. The Palestinian Arab residents of eastern Jerusalem receive social welfare benefits from Israel, not from the Palestinian Authority, They also have been offered Israeli citizenship. Surely, the Palestinian Authority does not control eastern Jerusalem with its hundreds of thousands of Jews and other Israeli citizens. In fact, the Palestinian Authority has repeatedly proclaimed that they won't allow any

Israelis to live under their rule. "The State Department therefore has erred grievously in describing eastern Jerusalem as 'Palestinian territories.' "This is not even a matter of the State Department regarding (wrongly) eastern Jerusalem as 'occupied territory' (as eastern Jerusalem did not form part of the sovereign territory of another country prior to Israeli taking control of it in 1967). Here, the State Department has gone further, asserting that eastern Jerusalem belongs to an entity called 'Palestinian territories.' "The U.S. position has been that these territories are subject to negotiation. If that is so, it should not be pre-judging the issue and claiming that it belongs to one or another party. The Obama Administration should therefore publicly repudiate the designation of eastern Jerusalem as being located in 'Palestinian territories' and correct all US governmental statements, including this recent press release, that falsely and wrongly states that eastern Jerusalem is part of the 'Palestinian territories.'"

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Jewish Federation Annual Meeting Elects Officers/Board for 2013-2014 Year The Jewish Federation’s Annual Meeting was held May 8, 2013, at which time Celia Norian was reelected for a second term as President. Elected Vice Presidents/Campaign were Sondi Green and Libby Hoffman. Vernon Kozlen was elected Treasurer and Bernard Reiter Secretary. Immediate Past Presidents are Roberta Nyman and Howard Levy. Elected for a second three year term were Sondi Green and Amy Stone. Elected for a third three year term was Vernon Kozlen and Dr. Paul Ross. Leaving the Board were Joel Cohen, Cora Ginsberg and Fran Kaufman. Keynote speaker was Beth Mann, Associate Vice President, Jewish Federations of North America, introduced by Lainie Weil, President, Women’s Philanthropy.

Below: Outgoing Board Member Joel Cohen presented a gift from Howard Levy.

Above: Lainie Weil, Women’s Philanthropy President; Bruce Landgarten, Jewish Federation CEO; Beth Mann, Associate VP, JFNA; and Celia Norian, Federation President.

Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatment Reduces Bone Healing Time By 75 Percent Researchers at Hadassah Hospital’s Department of Orthopedics have found conclusive evidence that using stem cells to treat severe fractures can speed up the healing process. The clinical trials that were conducted found that the new treatment shortened the recovery process that normally takes six to 12 months down to two to three months. “A process that began 15 years ago eventually led to this clinical

trial at Hadassah, the first of its kind in Israel,” said Professor Iri Liebergall, Head of Orthopedics, who led the research. The trial, which began four years ago, included 24 patients with severe pelvic fractures – fractures that tend to heal very slowly if at all. The study introduced an innovative treatment that was based on re-injecting stem cells, taken from the patient’s pelvic area, into the fracture site. The cells that are used are called

8 • JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773 • www.jfedps.org

Mesenchymal stem cells: they are stromal cells, those that make up the connective tissue of organs, which have the ability to differentiate into a number of cell types. In this case, the researchers took advantage of the cells’ ability to become cells that are responsible for bone formation, called osteoblasts. After the injection procedure, patients regained functionality and returned to their everyday life

significantly faster than those who had not undergone it. “This research is a medical breakthrough. Publication of this study and its findings will most likely change the current accepted principles of treating complicated fractures. Now we face the challenge of understanding this healing mechanism and how it works,” Professor Liebergall explained.

norwegian neo-nazi arrested in france on suspicion of Preparing Terrorist attack hate Monitor-Net The French Interior Ministry announced that French Police have arrested Norwegian neo-Nazi Kristian Vikernes and his French wife, Marie Cachet, on suspicion of preparing "a large-scale act of terrorism". Vikernes made no secret of his sympathies for right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who in July 2011 committed a terrorist attack in Oslo and then shot dead dozens of participants in a summer camp for Social Democratic youth. Vikernes, who is now 40, was sentenced to 21 years in prison in his youth for murdering a friend by stabbing him 20 times with a knife. He was released after 16 years in prison and began living in France in 2010. Cachet, who is 25, has already had three children with Vikernes and is now expecting a fourth. She has

applied for a gun permit and has recently purchased several firearms. Police have long been disturbed by the anti-Jewish, seditious, xenophobic texts that Vikernes has published online. During a recent search of his home in the village of Salon-LaTour they found five rifles. "Vikernes represents a potential threat to society. He had the ability to prepare a largescale act of terrorism," the French Interior Ministry's statement said.

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TZedaKah fUnd

call the jewish federation 760-324-4737

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“standwithUs” Pro-israel Campaign in san francisco by Rina Tzvi, Arutz Sheva

Pro-Israel advocacy and education group StandWithUs launched an advertising campaign on San Francisco’s Muni bus system to counter the latest round of antiIsrael ads. “Anti-Israel groups attempt to misinform the public in order to undermine American support for Israel. Their ads typically demonize

Israel and blame it for the lack of peace. They ignore context including the continued deadly actions and ideology of Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas,” Roz Rothstein, CEO of StandWithUs, said in a statement reported by the JNS news service. According to StandWithUs, the ads highlight “Israel’s diversity, religious freedoms

and the benefits of the continuing Israel-U.S. relationship.” The group has countered numerous anti-Israel ads over the past several years in cities across North America. “StandWithUs has countered every anti-Israel ad placed in San Francisco and beyond, and will continue to do so. We cannot let hostile messages,

with their deceptive, velvet-gloved rhetoric, influence unsuspecting commuters who may not know the facts,” said Dr. Mike Harris of StandWithUs and the San Francisco Voice for Israel group, according to JNS.

“jewish Voice for Peace” seeks to split jews on israel NGO Monitor

On July 8th NGO Monitor released a detailed report of the goals, tactics, and opaque financing of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), a U.S.-based advocacy organization dedicated to driving "a wedge" within the Jewish community to create the impression that the Jewish community is polarized over Israel. "Since American Jews are important supporters of Israel, JVP's attempt to

divide the Jewish community is aimed at undermining U.S. support for Israel," Yitzhak Santis, NGO Monitor's Chief Programs Officer and the report's author, warned. "JVP also works to weaken this support in U.S. mainline churches and on American campuses. Our researchers discovered that this summer, Jewish Voice for Peace is joining the American Friends Service

Four members of Jewish National Fund’s Palm Springs and Desert Region Board participated in the July 2013 JNF International Israel Mission, where they dedicated the children’s playground at Givot Bar, underwritten by funds raised at the JNF 2010 and 2011 love of Israel Dinners. Pictured (left to right) JNF National Planned Giving Officer Matt Bernstein, PS Board Members Elaine land Dexter, Debbie OrgenGarrett, Jim levitas and Evelyn Binsky; JNF CEO Russell Robinson and OR Movement’s Roni Flamer. 10 • JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773 • www.jfedps.org

Committee to train student activists at a Boycotts/Divestment/Sanctions (BDS) boot camp." JVP's strategy, as stated by executive director Rebecca Vilkomerson and others, is in line with the 2001 Durban NGO Forum strategy of political war against Israel. "JVP's tactics," said Santis, "include boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS), a sustained campaign of demonization against Israel, and support for a Palestinian claim to a 'right of return’.” The NGO Monitor report shows that JVP views itself as the "Jewish wing" of the Palestinian solidarity movement. As such, JVP consistently partners with anti-Israel groups in the U.S. and abroad, including Electronic Intifada, American Muslims for Palestine, Adalah-NY, Code Pink, Sabeel,

International Solidarity Movement, and the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (of which JVP is an official member). JVP members also sailed in the 2011 Gaza flotilla. "JVP's funding sources are far from transparent, and its website carries no information on its donors," Santis emphasized, "Yet, we discovered that a number of foundations that contribute to JVP also contribute to other groups active in the BDS delegitimization campaign. Most of JVP's funding sources remain hidden, leaving the question, who is funding this group?" The report shows that JVP's last annual report was in 2005 and its budget in 2011 was $876,529.

Syrian Doctor Asks Israel to Save Man’s Life By Viva Sarah Press, Israel 21c

Israeli doctors at Ziv hospital in Safed were surprised to find a handwritten note in Arabic, addressed to them, attached to the clothing of a badly wounded Syrian man brought to Israel for lifesaving treatment. The polite letter opened with “Hello distinguished surgeon” and went on to detail previous medical care the patient had received in Syria days earlier. The unnamed Syrian physician understood that he could not provide the required treatment and asked his Israeli counterparts to save the life of the 28-year-old patient. The patient suffered from gunshot

wounds to his chest and torso and shrapnel damage to his diaphragm and liver, according to a report by Channel 10. He arrived in Israel in critical condition and after surgery was upgraded to stable condition. The Syrian doctor explained in his letter what treatment the man had already received and thanked the

Israelis in advance, saying he knew they would do everything possible to save the life of the young man. Dr. Amiram Hadari, director of the trauma unit at Ziv hospital, commended the Syrian physician on his initial treatment, saying “it seems that the [Syrian] operation saved his life.” Although Syria is officially considered an enemy state, Israel allows Syrians in need of critical care to cross the border for “humanitarian reasons.” To date, some 20 Syrians have received treatment at Ziv hospital, the nearest major Israeli medical center to the Syrian border.

Despite Court Order, No Plan to Punish Sabbath Violation in Tel Aviv by Maayana Miskin, Arutz Sheva

A court may have ordered the city of Tel Aviv to enforce the law on Sabbath store openings, but Mayor Ron Huldai is planning a solution that will maintain the status quo. Huldai spoke with city council members on in early July regarding the court order and plans for the future. The city will abide by the order, he said, but added, “We will use our judgment and use enforcement in cases where there is some disturbance to public order.” Ultimately, he continued, “our plan is to find the right way to entrench as law the balance we have here – a reality which the overwhelming majority of city residents are fine with.” The High Court ordered the Tel Aviv municipality to take steps to enforce the law requiring store inside cities to close on the Sabbath. Justice Elyakim Rubenstein referred to the city’s current methods of enforcement as a “bluff” that did not uphold the

law in practice. While Tel Aviv may have an image as the “city that doesn’t stop,” he said, Tel Aviv is not in a different country, and must balance Jewish tradition with democracy like the rest of the country. Small business owners had complained that the city’s current indifference to the law leaves them

unable to compete with larger stores, which can afford to risk the fines that occasionally result from ignoring the law. Last year the Tel Aviv City Council approved public transportation on the Sabbath. It also created a plan to close streets in the city center on the Sabbath.

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say Goodbye to surgical stitches and staples By Abigail Klein Leichman, Israel 21c

If a new Israeli product from IonMed gets market approval, surgeons will have a revolutionary tool in their hands for scar-free incision closure. Women giving birth by Caesarean section could be the first to benefit from a revolutionary Israeli invention for closing surgical incisions without stitches or staples. The technique also promises to leave patients less prone to infection and scarring. BioWeld1, a unique trademarked product from Israeli startup IonMed, welds surgical incisions using cold plasma. Plasma is a gas in which a certain proportion of the particles are ionized. It has been shown to offer manifold benefits including tissue welding, control of bleeding, enhancement of tissue repair, disinfection and destruction of cancer cells. However, plasma has enjoyed a limited role in surgery due to the high temperatures it creates and resulting harmful effects on body tissue. IonMed’s scientists found a way to make use of cold plasma as the power behind the BioWeld1. The procedure takes a few minutes, seals the area completely, leaves minimal scarring or painful stitches, and does not require complex training. “No one has done this before — and more than that, the platform of cold plasma is a technology that is not available in medicine yet,” says Ronen

lam, IonMed’s co-founder and vice president for business development. “We will probably be the first,” he told ISRAEl21c. The company anticipates receiving the CE mark of approval in Europe by the end of the year. After closing its next financial round, IonMed would then look into beginning trials in Europe and in the United States toward getting approval of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and launching its next cold plasmabased product.


BioWeld1 is the brainchild of Ronen’s brother, Amnon, who led development projects at Tower Semiconductor in northern Israel and at Intel’s Israeli research center. Prior to that, he’d been a medic in the military. His familiarity with cold plasma from Tower – where it was used for etching semiconductors — gave him the idea of welding together his two areas of expertise. Amnon Lam saw the potential of cold plasma in healthcare, and toyed with applications in cosmetics, dental and skincare. “At the end of the day, he found wound closure the most attractive one,” says his brother. That was about three years ago. “Tissue reconnection has been

done for thousands of years with sutures, and in recent years with staples and glues,” says lam. “It is time for something new in this traditional market, and that’s why we decided to start here.” With half a million dollars in seed money from the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist, IonMed joined the Trendlines incubator in northern Israel and developed the concept to the point where it closed a $3 million financing round in 2011. The company now employs six people in its office in Yokne’am Ilit. Lam explains that many companies have been bringing advanced surgical staples and adhesives to the market. “But our cold plasma technology is unique because of its impact on tissues and the wide spectrum of applications it can address, so there is a lot of interest from big players,” he says. The BioWeld1 generator delivers the cold plasma through a variety of disposable tips. The skin closure procedure is performed using a cold plasma jet to apply a trademarked biological film called Chitoplast to weld the tissue together. Other applications in development do not require Chitoplast and rely solely on the tissue effects of the plasma jet. The company’s three clinical trials, which have so far focused

on closure of Caesarean section incisions, showed BioWeld1 to be excellent for sealing the incision and promoting healing and tissue disinfection, Lam reports. It also has potential for reducing hospitalization and operating room usage. “We are focusing on the Cesarean section first, because we found it will be the easiest path to market due to the importance of achieving a superior cosmetic result while reducing time in the operating room,” says Lam. “We are in the midst of strategic discussions right now in order to chart our next application. Areas under consideration include external closure in plastic surgery, treatment of chronic wounds as well as internal applications in abdominal, thoracic and colorectal surgery.” IonMed gathered an advisory board with leading obstetriciangynecologists and surgeons in Germany, Brazil and Italy. Four OB/ GYNs in Europe are poised to launch the product later this year, pending CE approval. “All of them have tested our equipment in trials,” lam stresses. Investors are now being sought for a Series B funding round, says lam. “We will be carrying out additional trials in the near future to expand the use of cold plasma to go deep on external closure while promoting additional applications.”

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Prince Charles warns of Growing anti-semitism in Britain Prince Charles warned of a growing rise in anti-Semitism in Britain as high-profile leaders from within and beyond the British Jewish community gathered to pay tribute to outgoing Chief Rabbi lord Jonathan Sacks at a dinner in his honor in late June. Renowned academic, author and

inter-faith worker lord Sacks is due to leave office in September after 22 years in his role as Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth. The second in

line to the throne led a sea of praise of Sacks’ work in office, commenting especially on “that all-important principle of which this country has long been an exponent – the principle of tolerance”, which he said had been a common theme throughout his tenure as Chief Rabbi. "I sometimes

fear not enough recognition is given to the role of the faith communities in the life of our country in promoting such a critical principle, and I join with you, in mounting anxiety, at the apparent rise in anti-Semitism, along with other poisonous and debilitating forms of intolerance,” he added.

new data shows 99% drop in illegal entry by Maayana Miskin, Arutz Sheva

Illegal entry to Israel from Egypt is a mere fraction of what it was just last year, new data from the Immigration and Population Authority has revealed. While 9,570 citizens of various African countries entered Israel illegally in the first half of 2012,

only 34 did the same in the first six months of 2013 – a decrease of over 99 percent. Multiple developments have been credited for the dramatic change. One is the new security fence which covers the 230 kilometers (144 miles) of border between Israel and Egypt. Another is a law which went into effect in June 2012 under which

illegal entrants to Israel who do not have refugee status are arrested. The Israel Defense Force (IDF) has also bolstered its presence on the southern border in response to political instability in Egypt and increasing terror in the Sinai Peninsula, providing another obstacle to would-be illegal entrants. Prime Minister Binyamin

Netanyahu reacted to the extreme decrease. “This is a result of the comprehensive work we’ve done to deal with the phenomenon of illegal entry,” he said. “After stopping the phenomenon with the help of the fence we built along the border, we are now working to return the illegal entrants currently located here to their home countries,” he added.

'shylock' Crossword Puzzle 'Perpetrates Classic anti-semitism' by Rina Tzvi, Arutz Sheva

The editors of Tribune Media Services have been called on to apologize for a clue in a crossword puzzle that used the clue “Shylock, e.g.” to elicit a three-letter response, with the correct answer being “Jew.” The crossword puzzle, which was syndicated, appeared in several newspapers across the country. “Shylock” is a reference to the grotesque stereotyped fictional Jewish

character from Shakespeare’s play, “The Merchant of Venice.” “Perhaps the puzzle authors were unaware of the use of Shakespeare’s Shylock character throughout the years as a vehicle for anti-Semitism,” wrote ADL National Director Abraham Foxman in a letter to Tribune Media Services. “Selecting Shylock to elicit the answer ‘Jew’ demonstrates cultural ignorance and an extreme lack of

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14 • JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773 • www.jfedps.org

sensitivity. Even if done inadvertently, such a linkage perpetuates classic anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews as evil and money-hungry,” Foxman wrote. ADl urged Tribune Media Services to print an apology and refrain from using clues that reinforce negative stereotypes about Jews or other groups in the future.

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• Merle Arenson, Thank you from Edith Familian, Rosemary Hertz and Pat Levy. • Kathi Balaban, Happy birthday and thank you from Ruth Beschloss, Rosemary Hertz, Pat Levy and Joyce Meitus. • Muriel Becker, Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, from Phyllis Eisenberg.

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France: Twitter Hands Over ID Info on Anti-Jewish Postings

by Arutz Sheva Staff

On July 12th Twitter said it had handed over data to French authorities to help identify the authors of antiSemitic tweets, following a complaint from a Jewish students' group. A French court in January ordered the company to provide the data after legal action by France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF). President Francois Hollande had also called on Twitter to comply with the court order. Twitter said in a statement that it had given information to judicial

authorities "enabling the identification of some authors" of anti-Semitic tweets. It said the move "puts an end to the dispute" with the UEJF and that the two parties had "agreed to continue to work actively together in order to fight racism and anti-Semitism,” adding that the two sides would also cooperate on "measures to improve the accessibility of the procedure for notifications of illicit tweets." The UEJF launched a civil suit against Twitter in March claiming 38.5 million

euros ($50 million) in damages over the global networking site's failure to respond to the French court order. The group said it would hand over any damages won in court to the Shoah Memorial fund. The union has been pressing Twitter to exercise tighter control following a deluge of anti-Semitic messages last year posted under the hashtag #unbonjuif (#agoodjew). Twitter later removed some of the offending tweets. The dispute has been seen as a test

case pitting the right to free expression on the Internet against laws banning hate speech. In October, Twitter suspended the account of a neo-Nazi group in Germany following a request from the government in Berlin. That was the first time that the U.S. firm had applied a policy known as “countrywithheld content,” which allows it to block an account at the request of state authorities.

urban waste water and industrial pollution,” the EU said when the project was announced in 2011. Israeli green technology is a centerpiece of the project, with Israeli researchers providing numerous systems to remove pollution from the shores of Greece, Turkey, Italy, France, and northern African countries. Perhaps even more important is the fact that Israel is a major funder of the project, allocating 600 million euros to the project over the next seven years. Sources in the Foreign Ministry said that the EU's new policy may put the whole project in jeopardy, since at least some of the technologies Israel is contributing to the project were developed by companies and academic institutions located in Judea and Samaria and in areas of Jerusalem liberated in the Six Day War. Considering the financial crisis

in many Mediterranean countries, Israel's funding for the project may be a major issue for the continuity of the project. According to the new EU rules, Israel will have to pledge not to supply any of that technology to the project – removing a good chunk of the technology contributions Israel was slated to make. Speaking on July 17th, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett said that he would personally ensure that Israeli businesses affected by the policy were not hurt. “We, too, can impose our own rules on the EU. For example we have something to say about EU projects in the Palestinian Authority,” Bennett told reporters. “Sanctions like this could mean the end of such projects,” as Israel must approve such projects.

EU's Yesha Sanctions Could Boomerang by David Lev. Arutz Sheva

The European Union is not the only one that can impose sanctions and boycotts, Israeli officials said July 18th. A report in Maariv said that if the EU insists on boycotting Israelis and Jews living and doing business in the lands liberated in the 1967 Six Day War, Israel could boycott some major European Union projects that features

Israel as a central partner. Among them is an 80 billion euro project to clean up the Mediterranean by 2020. Horizon 2020 “aims to de-pollute the Mediterranean by the year 2020 by tackling the sources of pollution that account for around 80% of the overall pollution of the Mediterranean Sea: municipal waste,

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Egypt “Squandered €1 Billion in EU Aid” Financial Times

European auditors determined that Egypt squandered €1 billion in EU aid over the last seven years. According to the Financial Times, the findings are damning for both the Mubarak and Morsi regimes. The European court of auditors found that the new Egyptian government that swept to power in the wake of popular uprisings in 2011 had – if anything – demonstrated even less interest than its predecessor in EU-sponsored programs to foster civil society and protect the rights of women and minorities. It also warned that Brussels was unable to track about 60 percent of the aid money after it was transferred to Egyptian government coffers, raising concerns about widespread fraud and mismanagement. “They do not fulfill the conditions at all – and nevertheless, the money is given,” said Karel Pinxten, the court

of auditors official who oversaw the review, and is urging the EU to overhaul the policy. The report suggests that the EU continues to fumble a decades-old effort to craft an effective policy to improve governance and generate economic growth in a vital region on its southern doorstep. The most recent incarnation of the bloc’s so-called “neighborhood policy” was unveiled in 2004 with the philosophy that Brussels would give more aid money to governments that delivered on reform and withhold it from those that did not. The initiative gained greater urgency after the wave of popular uprisings that rocked North Africa and the Middle East two years ago, turning out authoritarian governments and opening the way for a new approach by the EU. As the largest country in the Arab world and one of the EU’s

biggest recipients of foreign aid, Egypt has been a particular priority. The EU has allocated about €1bn to Cairo between 2007 and 2013 – the period covered by the audit. Yet the court of auditors found that the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, and the European external action service, its diplomatic service, “have not been able to manage EU support to improve governance in Egypt effectively,” according to a copy obtained by the Financial Times. “The commission took quite a few initiatives. But taking initiatives is one thing – getting results is something else,” Mr. Pinxten said. He also noted the resistance to programs to stamp out corruption and protect human rights shown by Hosni Mubarak, the long-time Egyptian ruler, as well as the former Islamist government led by Mohamed Morsi. “It’s quite clear under the period of Mubarak but also under

Morsi, from the Egyptian side, there was not a high degree of willingness to go along with the commission. And that’s an understatement.” A formal reply by the commission generally accepted the report’s findings but said it did not “take sufficiently into consideration the local political context” and argued more time was needed to see results. Nonetheless, it acknowledged “an increased aversion towards civil society and human rights more broadly” in Egypt since the 2011 uprising. The report is likely to spur a fresh debate about the merits of EU foreign aid – particularly at a time of budget cuts in Europe. Guy Verhofstadt, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European parliament, said the report showed the EU human rights policy to be “a joke” and demanded that the bloc be more forceful about suspending aid.

Israel Leads the World in Blindness Prevention Israel 21c

A new study published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology shows that rates of preventable blindness in Israel have been cut by more than half over the last decade, from 33.8 cases of blindness per 100,000 residents in 1999 to 14.8 in 2010. Israel’s success in preventing and treating all four main causes of avoidable blindness — age-related deterioration, glaucoma, diabetes and cataract — is unmatched anywhere else in the world, says the study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Belkin of the Goldschleger Eye Research Institute at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler Faculty of Medicine and Sheba Medical Center. Other countries could see similar results by emulating Israel’s approach, suggests Belkin, one of the foremost ophthalmology researchers in Israel. The secret of Israel’s success? Developing innovative methods of prevention and treatment and making

them available universally through the national medical system. Communitybased programs, such as dedicated diabetes clinics, promote early prevention and timely treatment for diabetes-related complications that can lead to blindness. Diabetes clinics in Israel pay for themselves in about two years’, he says, factoring in their impact on preventing greater health concerns. It is much more expensive to treat blindness as it develops rather than preventing it from the start, Belkin points out. According to the World Health Organization, blindness remains a severe health concern even in industrialized countries, yet 80 percent of blindness is preventable or treatable. The surprising results of the study were revealed when Belkin was researching a broader topic. “I was trying to show that over the last 100 years there was no change in the rate of blindness from glaucoma in the world, which is probably true in many

places,” Belkin told ISRAEL21c. But when he and fellow researchers Alon Skaat, Angela Chetrit and Ofra Kalter-Leibovici looked specifically at Israeli statistics over the last 12 years, they discovered that although rates of untreatable genetic causes of blindness remained steady over that time period, rates of preventable blindness were reduced by more than 56%. This was not true of any other country. There is nothing anywhere else remotely like we have here in Israel,” he said. In fact, in the same issue of the American Journal of Ophthalmology was a report from Denmark — which also has socialized medicine and high standards of care – showing a decline only in age-related macular degeneration. Belkin speculates that one of the key differences could be that Israelis tend to adhere to recommended treatment regimens more closely than patients in other countries. This phenomenon has been shown in relation to other

diseases but hasn’t yet been proven in ophthalmology. The doctor notes that policy also plays a role. Since the 1990s, Israeli patients have been able to choose their doctors privately for cataract surgery. This practically eliminates wait times for surgery and prevents the condition from growing worse over the long term.

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We Can Secure the Future by Planting the Seeds Today So that the Jewish Federation will always be there. Even when the world changes. We have always been there. For many years the Jewish Federation has helped disadvantaged Jews in our desert community and around the world, rescued Jews at risk and supported the State of Israel.

We have always been there, but the world is changing. Political upheaval dislocated entire Jewish populations. Socioeconomic trends destabilize Jewish families.

The world is changing, but the future is in our hands. Each generation of desert Jews has planted the seeds to sustain the next. By building the endowment of the Jewish Federation, today’s Jews can help ensure that the Jewish Federation will always be there, even when the world changes. To learn more about Legacy Giving, please call Bruce Landgarten, Chief Executive Officer, 760-324-4737.

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The Strength of a People. The Power of Community.

idf deploys iron dome to defend eilat by David Lev, Arutz Sheva

After Israel gave its consent mid-July to allow Egyptian military forces into Sinai in order to pursue Islamists, the IDF has placed an Iron Dome battery near Eilat. last weekend, several rockets were reportedly fired at Israel's southernmost city as Islamist groups, fleeing Egyptian troops, took refuge in remote areas of the Sinai near Israel's border, and took the opportunity to attack Israeli targets. With the summer tourist season in full swing and Eilat hotels and resorts packed to capacity, the last thing the army and government needed was a panicky run for the exits if Sinai terror groups decided to attack again – hence the placement of the Iron Dome system, which has been proven to intercept the type of short-range Kassam rockets and missiles that Sinai terrorists have fired at Israel. With the full entry of the Egyptian army into Sinai, Israeli officials believe

that the Islamist groups will vent their anger against Israel for assenting to the Egyptian deployment by attacking Eilat. Under the Camp David Accords, both Israel and the U.S. must agree to the deployment of military troops in Sinai, which is supposed to remain a demilitarized zone. Egypt has already sent several brigades of troops into Sinai, but military officials say much more force is needed, as the soldiers are facing heavily armed terror groups affiliated with Al Qaeda. Riots have broken out several times in recent weeks in the central Sinai town of El Arish, with Islamists facing off against Egyptian security officers, with members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups fleeing Cairo Shalom and Alexandria in recent days as theThe army clamps finest in Jewish Living down on their movements, in the wake of the deposing of former President Mohammed Morsi.


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saying that she and Shaun Casey are “over the moon in love,” having tied the knot on April 28, 2013. The Cora and Ted Ginsberg are ceremony was followed by “an kvelling over the accomplishments enchanting reception at the home of Florence Miller and Sid Bogin” ... Gladys Becker proudly emailed that her granddaughter Lauren Kessler graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California Berkeley this Spring and plans to go to law school ... Nita Wiesenthal’s granddaughter Lauren Blumenfeld made her Robert Scherl with parents David and Wendy Scherl debut on the B r o a dway of grandson Robert Scherl, son of stage in a David and Wendy Ginsberg Scherl p l ay “ Th e of Ridgefield, Connecticut. He is Assembled currently in Israel competing on the P a r t i e s ” 16-member U.S. baseball team at s t a r r i n g the 2013 Maccabiah Games. He Judith Light has also committed to play baseball and Jessica at The University of Chicago in H e c h t . Illinois, where he will be enrolling She plays Nita Wiesenthal and Lauren Blumenfeld this Fall as an incoming freshman J u d i t h ’ s student. On being recruited by d a u g h t e r i n a p l ay a b o u t a UChicago, Robert says, “It is a dysfunctional Jewish family from dream come true for any student Long Island, NY. Nita saw the play athlete: an opportunity to receive this summer and is kvelling “with a world class education at an pride and happiness” ... Mazel tov to amazing institution while playing Sophia Midgin, daughter of Toby and the game that I love.”... Received Phillip Midgin and granddaughter a happy email from Mary Coco of Beverly Bell, on being called


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to the Torah at Sinai Temple in Los Angeles on May 4. Relatives came from England, Canada and around the U.S. to share the simcha ... Mazel tov to Charles Edward Levine and Rebecca Ida Rothschild wh o w e r e married M a y 1 8 th on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. Charles is the son of Mary Levine Charles and Rebecca and the Levine late Jerrold L ev i n e a nd s t ep s on o f A l a n Goldstein. Becca’s parents are Larry and Denise Rothschild of Newton, Massachusetts ... Mazel tov to Cathy and Larry Pitts on the birth of their granddaughter Zoey Rose Finkelstein o n Ju l y 1 0 t h , born to Sarah (Pitts) and Ari Finkelstein in New Jersey ... Congratulations Linda Zweig to Linda Zweig on her appointment as Executive

Director of Desert Village Incentive’s “Neighbor4Neighbor” program at Sun City, an “aging in place” program offering support services to seniors so that they can continue to live in their homes. The program currently has 800 enrolled, assisted by some 250 volunteers ... Roberta and Allan Nyman have had an exciting couple months of family simchas. Granddaughter Sydney Victoria Nyman, daughter of Elizabeth Genel and Mark Nyman was called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah at Temple Isaiah in LaFayette, California; granddaughter Megan Kurtz, daughter of Steven and Dr. Leslie Kurtz, graduated from Calabasas High School as  a CFS Gold Seal Bearer and was awarded a Golden State Seal Merit Diploma. She will be attending University of Southern California/Annenberg School of Communication; granddaughter Ashley Kurtz daughter of Steven and Dr. Leslie Kurtz has been admitted to California Lutheran University as a communication major where she has been awarded an academic scholarship; and grandson Matthew Nyman, son of Michael and Elizabeth Nyman, graduated from Brentwood Middle School to Brentwood High School. Share your Simchas with us. Contact Miriam Bent at [email protected] earthlink.net or call 760-323-0255.

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We Mourn the Passing of... Sidney Blitz, Dr. Marvin Brooks, Leonard Burkin, Louis J. (Bud) Chariton, Lita Ruth Don, Dr. Harry Garber, Bonnie S. Gelfman, Barbara Hailperin, Geraldine “Gerry” Kaufman, Alyce Klein, Morris Lechtick, Sam Lewis, Millie Mantell, Susan Marchand, Catherine McKee, Sheila Pakula, Lea Robbins, Mark Rosenbaum and Anita Golden Schertzer. Our deepest sympathies to their families and friends. May their memories endure for a blessing.

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Nothing is more annoying in Americanization of Israel commerce than retailers who advertise sweaters on sale for 49.95 NIS or chicken breasts reduced to 19.99 NIS a kilo. It’s not just that the come-on is an ‘optical illusion.’ Israel simply doesn’t have cents since the agura, a feather-light tin coin with scalloped edges - the Israeli equivalent of the penny - was phased out in 1991 when minting the coins far exceeded its monetary value. As a result, Israel still has 100 agurot to every shekel, but no coinage of less than 10 agurot (the 5 agurot coin was phased out in 2008), so, everyone, in essence, gets short-changed at the cash register. Citizen Moshe Sho’el is taking the bull by the horns, demanding the Supreme Court sit as a High Court of Justice (BAGATZ) and order the government to forbid merchandisers to advertise prices in coinage that doesn’t exist in the vaults of the Bank of Israel. In his brief, Sho’el charges that he bought cottage cheese advertised at 5.77 NIS, paid with a ten shekel note and received 4.20 NIS in change – off by 3 agurot. Now it’s up the High Court of Justice to decide if the Talmudic adage din pruta k’din me’ah – in loose translation “deal with a penny as you would with a fortune,” still holds.


Israeli youngsters under 15 are not as laid-back as they appear. They’re overwhelmingly celibate, says a WHO survey. Israel placed 32nd out of 35 nations polled in the number of young teens having sex (18 percent, down from 28 percent in a 1998 poll) – just above the Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia and well short of Greenland (49.8 percent) and Denmark (37.7 percent). It’s not solely ‘safe sex’ education in Israeli schools, that has elevated fear of AIDS, that is responsible for the significant decline; experts in the field say the dread of a potential partner posting a revealing photo on Facebook is the primary driving force deflating libidos.


While normally one blesses a person on his birthday saying “ad 120” (‘until 120’), the Israeli government has its own yardstick. In a rather strange paid public announcement that appeared in the papers of late – alongside the ones for public tenders, homes sold at auction, lost checkbooks, and the like, the Government of Israel informed all persons over 110 years of age that they would be wiped off the Population Registry and presumed dead if they didn’t show some sign of life by letting authorities know within two weeks that they hadn’t kicked the bucket yet. According to population registry statistics, there are 757 citizens over 110 years of age still on the books.


Rishon le-Zion found a truly unique vehicle to promote adoption of new words coined by the Hebrew Language Academy to replace English words that have infiltrated Hebrew speech and writing for lack of a Hebrew term such as “talkback” (now say t’guvit) and “blackout” (cheeshachon). City elders hung giant signs with the new words on the sides of their municipal garbage trucks. JCN • August 2013 • Av-Elul 5773• www.jfedps.org • 23

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