National Commission for Human Development Dadu

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Chairperson NCHD Ms. Nafisa Shah visited district Dadu on 9th Sep. 2010. She had a meeting with the ... with media and gave details of the efforts undertaken.

National Commission for Human Development Dadu Chairperson NCHD Ms. Nafisa Shah visited district Dadu on 9 th Sep. 2010. She had a meeting with the DCO and the elected representatives of Dadu. Mr. Rafique Ahmed Jamali MNA and Federal State Minster for Food and Agriculture, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq Senior Minster for Education, MPA Ghulam Shah Jilani, MPA Kalsoom Chandio, MPA Rasheeda Panhwar, MPA Sahrgeela Laghari DCO Dadu Iqbal Ahmed Memon, GM WAPDA and other notables of district Dadu participated in this meeting. Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq and Rafique Ahmed Jamali gave a breifing to the Chairperson. A satellite map was shown to her that expressed the current water situation from Thori Bannd breach to Manchar Lake, and informed her about the precautionary measures to save Dadu city and minimize losses. GM Dadu also briefed the participants of the meeting about the relief and rescue work being carried out by NCHD Dadu. The Chairperson then visited an NCHD adopted relief camp at Government Main Boys Sindhi School. She met with the IDPs and children of the transitory school and adult literacy center for females. She also distributed 500 suits of Eid amongst the gents, ladies and children in the camp. She then shared her views with media and gave details of the efforts undertaken by NCHD throughout the country and in Dadu.

Finally she visited MNV Drain along with MNAs and MPAs. Overflow at the drain has inundated many areas of district Dadu. Sindh, Mehran, Dunya and Awaz TV channels have broadcast coverage to the visit of the Chairperson.

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Chair Chairperson NCHD Meeting with Female MPAs of Dadu at DCO office MNA Rafique Ahmed Jamali is standing.

Chairperson NCHD Madam Nafessa Shah discussing with MNA Rafique Jamali, MPA Gullam Shah Jilani is also sitting

Meeting of chairperson NCHD with elected representatives of Dadu regarding flood situation.

Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq is discussing with chairperson of NCHD about the flood situation.

Refique Ahmed Jamali MNA and State Minster for Agriculture in discussion with Chairperson

Madam Nafessa Shah, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq and Rafique Ahmed Jamali.

Presentation by GM NCHD Dadu is given to Chairperson NCHD and elected representatives.

Pir Mujeeb-ul-Haq, GM NCHD Dadu and GM Wapda sitting in the meeting.

GM wapda is showing Chairperson and ministers on map a suitable location to give cut to MNV drain.

GM Riaz Ahmed Agro is briefing to Chairperson Madam Nafesa Shah regarding adopted relief Camp.

Children of the Transition school in NCHD adopted relief camp.

Chairperson NCHD with Refique Ahmed Jamali and Pir Mazharul-Haq in relief camp.

Chairperson with MPA Kalsoom Chandio, MPA Rasheda Panhwar and Pir Sahib distributing clothes in female IDPs.

Chairperson and MPAS in literacy center in relief camp.

Pir Sahib is caressing a girl in literacy center.

Chairperson and Pir Sahib are talking with media.

DCO Dadu, Pir Sahib Madam Nafessa Shah Rafique Ahmed Jamali visiting the MNV Drain which has caused recent flood in Dadu

Look of the over flooded MNV drain.