November/December – Volume 16, No. 5 -

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312 G7%). 240 Q87.\. 74 (gEo). 1,6 (2Ca). Letter to the Editor - Memorial. Hello Jan, ..... The operation hanager sen! timetables, track charts. saf€ty manual and the Gen- ..... Buch as Riverdale, Wyckoff and Midland Park as we rode towards ..... W!.t.rn (SWRC). Novemb€r 30, 2002. Gr..t Smoky Mount.lnr RR (TF).


Lunchstop at Edon, Ohio on the lndlana Northeastern Rallroad excurs/on,18 August 2002. Huff/nes'MT19 /n the /ead.


Presidpnt"Rail Daug"...........................................2 Bell Fix .................................................................. ElectionParticipation......................... ................... 4 ChicagoBoD Meetinq.......................................... 70 InsurdnceUpd.ate.................................................. 4 Trip Revieus ..................12 WebsiteUpdate......................................................5 WantAdB..................................... .........................2 NARCOAForum Postings............ ....................... ..6 Ercursions............................................................24 NARCOANews ...................................................... I VintaAe................................................................. 28

Page 2 . THE SETOFF c Noaen betlDecember 2002

President "Rail Dawg"

Please subnit material0 f or the Ja n u arylFebruary i ssue of Tl|E AE'OFF by De ce mber28 as fo llows: C l assifi edAd s E x c ur sio nAn n ouncements BillCoulson 2101Westview Court Modesto CA95358-.109t wcoulso [email protected] oftcom.n€t L e tte.s to the Editof Al l othe r M aterials P h oto E JanTaylor 917 ParkViewWay N4issoula MT59803 itavlor€D

CoverPhoto Ken Huffn es p hotographed h/i MT19 on the secondannua/ /UARCOA excursion over the .lndlanaNortheastern Ra//road

fom Fa//conon ve/o at GreatSmoky MountalnRa//road 2002 Ral/fest

Hello,I'm TomFalicon or "Rail Dawg,,,andI am your new NARCOA presidentl I was electedat the Octoberboard meeting by a majo ty of votesliom your Area Directors.I live back in the hills of WestemNorth Carolina with my wife Magdalena. I have a littl€ machine/fabricatinq shop where I rebuild motorcarsand do some small conrrafl jobs. Mt b€ckground is in designing and manufactu ng high performance crankshaftsfor mostly Japaneseracing motorcyclesand h;t streetbikes.The companythat I found€d and ran manufactur€d and sold crankshafts. clutchesand connectingrods worldwide. you mav have s€enthe most visible evidenceofmy work ifyou have everwatchedany NHRA professionalDragRacingonESPN.Mycmnkshaftsconrinuously win andget runner up et everyNHRA Event in th€ pro-stock motorcycleclass.and onceagain the NHRA World Championshiphas beenwon with my cranl design in Angelle Seelings. Srar Racing,qttohegen Sun Bike. I sold tbe crank cumpanya lew yearc ago and .o have freed up some time rhat I can now use to worl with our organization,I am an accomplishedmachihisr. fabrjcaror. hear treurer and precisionwelder as wei) as perfor. manceequipmentdesigner.I hopeI can incorporatetheEeskills in helping any ofyou that rnay have questionsrclatidg to any ofthese fieldl. But that is enough about me. As I wrjte this, the Nofth Caroline hills are ablazewith their fall colors,end it is time to start changingthe oil in the €quipment to a lighter weight and start thinking olsome indoorjobs for those few icy days that we have herc. Just as the seasons are changing, Bo fu our organization. As the number of members increasesso doesthejob ofkeeping the $oup happy. I realize thjs is a big undenaking. but I feel rhe Board and I are up to tbe jobl In the past years as Area 4 NARCOA Director I have 6eentll sorts of prcbl€rnsarise that many ofus have never even thousht ofbefore. Some of these issues are very complex and have no easiyor fast an. sw€rs, but with all of us working together, rather than against each other, I thinkve can make somepositive changes.I plan to be easily accessibleto all ofyou, and I will give you direct answersto vour quejtions. Theeeanswersmay nor be what you wanr to hear, bui they will be straight forward and truthfui. Neither rhe board nor I have anv time for idle charrer.unsubstanriared facrcor name callins.The Boardof

THE SETOFF . NooenberlDecernber 2OO2. Paga 3


Directom, the Committ€es and I are all working together on our own volunteeredtime to try to keep this organization and it's hobby alive and well for manyyears to come.One olthe bestways is for all ofyou to get involvedand help us is by getting to know your Area Director.There may be many reasonsyou may have electedyour Area Director 1) he has gainedyour trust; 2) you may agree with how h€ feels about many issuesj3)you feel he'll representyoul thoughts and concernsmore than the other candidate;4) he is a good listener and seemsto undeEtand your ideas or problems;5) you may like his spaghetti sauce(which is the casein my Area 4).Ifyou did notchooseyour Area rep lor any or all ofthe first four items listed, then our organizationcannotperform as it was desigred.You all have a voice at every NARCOA Board MeetinE whethpril be al rhc Chicagomeetingor an on-hnemeering-that voice is your Area Diredor!He is your link to the workings ofourgroup. You may not believethis, but it is true. Takingthe initiative to expressyour feelings to your Ar€a Director lvill result in changes that you may heve never thought possible.The Ar€a Directors have agreedto be as acc€ssible aspossiblebyphone,email or the postal se ice.They have agreed totrytokeepyou more informed of issuesthan in the past.I will also be doing my part by trying to inlorm you of more issues by wey of the tafofr. The Board ofDirectors and I ask you to pleasework with us so we can work for you. We are not an evil monster that only meets to make your life harder. We are a group ofpeopl€ that work on our own time to insure we all have a hobby to enjoy esch year. The next person in our link to keeping our group functioning and moving forward is the Excursion Coordinator, Excursion coordinatorsacrossthe land work their tails off to try to give you an event that is fun, safe and worth driving to. Organizing and running an excu$ion is one ofthe toughest and sornetimesmostthanklessjobsa personcan have.Contrary to popularbelied it doesn'tpaywell, it takes long devotedhours and it includes many futile attempts at various operations.It is also very unnervingto be tesponsiblefor all thosc attendeeswho will be riding the rails and passingover endlesstraflic filled grade crossingsthroughout the day. The Excursion Coordinator has taken on another responsibility, and that is to be a soundingboard for any problem you (the excursion attendee) may have. Th€ Excursion Coordinator or possibly one of his assistantsmust be informed of a prcblem if you expectthe problem to be addressed.Talking to the hosting railmad, or anyoneelse who will list€n, servesno puryose other than to "stir the pot," causeill feelings snd pGsibly make it harder for luture runs to happ€non that lin€. Our organizationhas mies and policiesin place that insurc that the members,the meet coordinators,the committees.the Board ofDirectom and yes, eventhe Prcsident are allheated fairly and alsothat theyall tr€at eachother fairly. If you feelthat there has beenunfair treatment pl€ase do notjust "stir the pot!"Follow the chain oforderlisted aboveand tet,s seeif your problem can get solved and not just bantered around endlessly, injuring and ofTendingmaDy in it's path. OK, I'm going to step down offmy crate ofoil and inform you ofa lew more items of note and let you get on with your lives. There will be a new column 'NAR.COANEWS" in the aEroar. This column will be written byme or any ofthe other directoN or committee members.It is to infom you of what is happening at this time in our organizationas far as rule changes,policy changes,legislative issues or other iBsues(that are not p vate and ofconcernto only one person). This column may not appear in every issue of the sEroaF, so if you do not seeit in an issue,do not be concerned.It means therc's absolut€lv nothing [email protected] p"s"sl -

Submitting,,laterials for Publication 6ur edrtorlalpolicy is to pubtish in ttat .atno!! all materiarsdeiv€d, atrhoogh they may be subject to editing for space Photosand fiateias submlttedfo. publl, :€tion in tlfl lllol8 cannot be returned, becauseth€y are ar.hived. L9tteE to the Editor of the r||l tft$tt -w{llnot be publEhedonlessthey are stgned, and a phonenumber ls Indicated.This Dermits llll attott Editor to llthenticate that a letter is wrttten by rhe perso. stgning The letter wnter c.n, howeverreouest that his/hernrde not aooearin t8t aJt Ott; "Namewlth helduDonreauest"woutd allear in such, ..!!bmt e ther b ackandwhlteorsh6rp,coto. ptintsror .berthe back of the pictureas to ts slble.l h.tte. and photographeioo not $nd ides.

.we cannotpubllshcopyrtqhred 6.tenats pGt€rs,c.noonsor artlcles !!ch rs pllotos, w tholt wr ftenpermlsslon frcmthe.!tho. or publlsheisende.nlst provldewritten pern sson at theth€ otslbntssion, :C;curslonslorles,technlcalartlcl.s/r.d l.hgthysubmlsslons shouldbe typed or pr nted,Adi,met notlces 6ndshort.dlctes d.y be handwrltten. Ple.seIncludeyour phonenumber wlthyoorsubmr$ron--4.n wlth E-6.11--h we needto clErtav somethhE we donl ondefst6nd, Sendmaterlalsto tAt attott edttor by the 23thol February, Aprrl,June,Au. q!st, octoberor oacanbertor pubticaflon thetollown9 two-month.d tlon.

THE SETOFF Volumc 16 Nunrb€r5 tl|t




LockHaven,PA 17745

rral altotr l. th€ offi.i.t P!b dtlon of the t{orth an.rtc.n R. car oper.tor. A.roci.tiotr (NARcoA) ..d I. pubrlshedblmonthly to prcdote oper.tion ot ..llro.d motor..r. .nd to €ncour4. rellow3hlp rdd .x.h!.g. ot inforn.tlon.ffong M€mbeFhlo In NARCOA.whl.i lnclude. ! .!b6..lptlor to tBl arrott . ir 124 per ye.r 6nd ir€ trom M€nb..Ehip Secr.t ry Jo.l Wllliam., Pl...e addrc$.ll h.mber.hlp Inq!1ro. to Joel 6t th. .bov€ .ddr€$,

Visit NARCOA'6Website at: http://www. ARCOA,org

lgee e . THE SETOFF c NoventberlDecernber 2002

Elections by CarlAnderson

The 2002electionfor the odd numberedareasis over.The results are in. We have another el€ctionnext summerfor the even area.I for one feel that we as a groupshoulddo a lot betterjob whenrt comesto voting, Weseemto want the other guy to doit alli vote,run meets,serve on committees,etc. ,,I just want to ?un my motorcar,, Oh yes, gripe that there ared,t enough meem,rnsurancecoststoomuch. and the rule bookis toopicky. Therewere166votescastthis election.Our membershipnumbersaround1500.Half-those in odd numberedarees-or ZbO membe$had the opportunityto vote.The math indicstes22qoof thoseeligibleto votedid so.So a bit overonefifth ofthe members arc interestedenoughto vote.The oth€r 80%don'tcarewho is running our club-members who makethe rules,spendthemon6y we eachpayin as duesand represent the membershipto th€ railroadcommunity. ComeJanuary, the nominations will be op€n for the even numberedareas.If you have someone you wouldlike to nomi_ nate,do so.But vote,evenifyou are OK with the incumbent.A vote is a confirmation of youf boardmember.Aboveall, eet involvedin NARCOA.Makeit vour club.VOTE.

Insurance Program Status for 2OO3

by TomNorman, NARCOA InsuranceAdministrator


current liabitit) insuranceprogr.amwirh USF&G wiu expire .141/03. -.O-urI will be negoriatingthe renewalwirh United Shorrline ln_ surance Servicesand the underwriter in November anil December. HopefullyI will be abteto haveinsumnceapplicationformsinserted in this issue of the aEtOIa. For thoseofyou intercstedin statistics,I prcvid€dthe following infomation to the Directoru at the Octob€r 2002 NARCOA Annuai BoardMeeting: The NARCOA Raihoad Motorcar Insurance program for the currentyearhas851memberucomparedto Z4g last year,or a I4&) rncreaseover2001. Califomiahasthe moBtinsuredmembersat 188(22'l) followedby [email protected],. Ohio| 61. ?%r.Iowa(4S.S.r'at, and Washington(33,4%1. In 1999I brokedownthe insuredmembershipby age.H€reis a cohparhon of 1999to 2002: Age


29 and under 30 to 39 40 to 49 50 to 59 60 to 69 70 to 79 80 to 89

11 (2Co) 32 (BEo) IB9 (28%) 227 G8.r'o) I29 e2%) 48 (8%) 6 (

2002 (2%) 20 49 $r'o) 141 (11%) 312 G7%) 240 Q87.\ (gEo) 74 1,6 (2Ca)

Thmugh October2lst we haveissued160Certificat€sof Insurancecomparedto 168for all oflast year. Flom 3/6i/95to 10/21102,NARCOA has inEured298 diff€rent railroadswith 1,096Certifrcatesof Insularce. Evenmorer€markableis the factthat we insurcd26 newrailroads Inrs year,

Letter to the Editor - Memorial Hello Jan, I know I have n€ver written to you before anal this is not a happy way of starting either. I am writing to

oneofourmembers, just pas""ai qii PeterLoscarzo. ir,"*a,y ts"pt"rnt"i-rs, I:Xjl zuuzr" -tf.r,T,l": rr rr possrblycould you print up a memorial ""y "" '" Michael Levitsky New Tdpoli, PA 18066

in the next setofffor the loss ofour friend?...

TEE SET FF c NooemberlDecetnber 2N2 . page 6

2OO2Report on the NARcoA web site

President "Rail Dawg" - cont.

by JeremyWinkworth

STAT]STICS a. Visits to site b. Numberofpages c. Numberofpictures d. Sizeofsite

84,000per year IBB 274 2OMB

WORKLOAD checkthe NARCOAemail addresses everycoupleof alays.Over --,I juhk mail or virus_conraining. Spamhltertng 113,"^lllj rlas conelltfle:":l't to improve 's rhis. Legitimatemessages breakdowninti Ine ronowrngcategorie8:

I am opento any ofyour commentsor suggestions.I wouldlove to get them by email, fax or throughthe mail. I will takeyour phonecallsbut preferthat ],oucall beforePM EST.It maybehard for meto ?eturnyour calls,soplease beadvisedthat I am not ignoring you,justtry again.ContactmeaB follows:

80%for saleor wantedads 157.changesto documentssuchas the emailacldress list 57o€xcursioninformation

1227SawmillCreekRd BrysonCity NC 28718 [email protected]

It all addsup to 2-g hours work a week fo! the webrEst€r.

HomePhone(828)488-806A ShopPhone (828)488-4d96 Fax (82A)499-o?sz . RichStivemhandedoverto mea well olganizedandvisuallypleas_ ing web site. Therehas beenno !€aaonto;"t" I would like to thanl you in adnor havetherebeenany reque8tsto do so, vance for working with meagyour -"j0" "rr""g!Jioli, newpresideDt. lhe on-enew featureis a pagefor new m€rnbere,It was I feell canleadour created ,oecause ol onememberrs confusionaboutwhat to expectwhenjoining NARCOAfamily into a new era of NARCOA.Tbis pageexplainswhat a new memberc^n beingsaf€and workinqtosether. uni wife Magdalenaaid iwould wnehhe/Shecan exDectit. My "*pJ", like to sendour de€pestholidav SUMMARY wishesto eachof yor-rand all of your families ih this upcomins Thfuis a hature websitethat requires2-Ahoursofoupporta week. holiday see6onl _, mo8t poputar taeturc for NARCOArnembersis rhe "For Sale/ _rne Wanted" page.There are no major changesplanned for the site. Tom Falicon,your NARCOA President SubmittedSeptember28,ZO02 Jeremy Winlworth NARCOA Webmaster NEW FEATURES

Vlalt I{ARCOA,SW€bslte at: http://www.NARCOA.oro




The end with the loosewheersis eeneralryconsid€redthe front €nd ofthe car, anarthe car is generary run this way. Ttfs is all right in the sull


cylindercwill senerallykeepcootenoughin winterwithoutthe curreni;i;i;




0 . THE SETOFF c NovemberlDecember 2002

Postings from the [NARCOAforum] Re: Growing Concern

"fherc ls a growng concernamong some of the excursion coordmatolsn the West as we hear of more and more nstances of excuts/onpalticlpants comp/an/ng about larious aspects of the run dlrectly to the rat/road and/or dlrectly to the hote/s/motels, Comp/alntsof th/s type have a/ready closeddoors to ra//roadsand damagedour reputat/on as a recreatlona/group with the mote//hote/ commun/:ty/n some c/Tles, Is this a prob/em n other afeas of the USand Canada2 llow can we tun around thls trend so that excuttion partic/pants on/y comp/a/nto the excur'/on coo/'dmatorlke they are supposedto do?" RichStivers

M! oun personal obseruation is that membeft erpect more and more as euerygoe-sby. Bach in the mid-g1s we uere uery erateful ^season nile-s of running on good trach. Now rhere are'isignifi. lor 80.100. cant number of members in the Midwest who uon't J:curs,on unless theris sompthing special tihe a mult4al excu.sion, a ne.wra roact,new mtteageon a railroad we.uealreody ridden on, o trrp up onto on ore doch. ocross a big bridge, ete. Therc are lo"ol members that I don't seeanymore at locat etiursions becauseof this. I hdve been an M[eet] C[oordinator] for ten rears now, and, I agree m,emb.ers are complaining more, and somzseim lessgratefut.... iompratntngJeopardtzprour relatiotlships with the railroads, takes a lot ol,the pleasure^out of being on these runs and tahes nearl, a thz pleasure out of hosting runs. AB this hobb! has beengrouing, so have the number of people thot haue beensuppofting it. I seemore nembers pitching in ind helpmg for s successful run. But I do seean incredse ii "DEM-ANDINC liEiBEES." Every orgeLnizedgroup hnown to tuan has the 2Vacomplainere, The mqjorit! ofthe pdrticipants dre gred!,lbutl there sometimes are one or two that ont! want to do their oun agenda and make it hard for the others. The RR has the final sc'y,and the Coordindtor runs aneshow penod, too had, getting these rutl.s setup for eueryone to eqioj to let a,lit.tle.omplaining n]',ssit up for a . I din.t thini nost of tiipeopie that run know uhat the coordindtors hdue to go through to geioni of thesesgrcat runs put on. l be.l.ieue that meet parficipants would octualt! complain .rbou!'t the hand.trngol directly to the raitroad. This is tota y opposite of uhat we MC opcrators shnuld be doing. t usuo y wiite' a quich note tha.nhing the hostinA Railroad for the ipportunitx to trauel o,er their ruilroad. l can see uhy people. are getting more prone to complnining. It dll coms doun to the $$58. Sonle p"ople thinh th(1r it is the mone, thot nntiuales ra rcads to to run on-their propprt!. I can't imagine any or|onization expostngrBetl to thc risk that o motor car run presenfs lor the feu $s 1 think ue should all renember that no matter how much ue pa! for o.ride, that that income is normally o I tine per year infusion ind t,:,Re:fcoue.rsmarntJ their out of pochet expenses for haDing us as


TEE SETOFF oNooemberlDecen ber 2(N)2. Page 7 People, giue the coord,inators a break. Hech, jump in and d.o all you can to help. Ash, what cdn I d.o to help? Any little help sure can be oppreciotcd, eupn if it is ontJ to dppreciate uhat theyio. Be pad of the solution, not part of the problem. A quick mentinn at the safety meeting of the correct uay to hand.le gfipes could also help to remind people of the "chain of command." and,preuent a situation....1 try to mahe it a point to let the coo .i rtor .tnd. the railroad escorts hnou hoLo much I appreciate their time and. enzry! to put on the ride.

Eow dn individual shouldappropriaterybehaueand act in the prcsenceof anJ railroad-uhether lhat n rcad supportsour acttiities or not - should also bean essenti(tland critical Wrt of a neu membey's tuentoring process.WhenI firct entered the hobby,joined NARCOA and acquiredmt first motorcaLthe "mentoring"process ue haveinplace todny not exist. Nonetheless,the truoind.iuiduals who I consider my mentors had the foresight and wisdom to institt in me a serce of hou fragile our hobby reallt is. In essence,they taught ne that when it comesdoun to brass tachs, the railroaals arc our sole benefd.ctor,and absent their support and. cooperatinn, we haue no hobb!. Hence,it uas the rcsponsibilitt of eachand euerymotorcar owner/ opefator, myself irEluded, to conductourseluesin such a manner that would. not giue the railroad,s any causeto looh unfduorablt While on the trucks, I atn part of the group repreeenting NARCOA d.ndthc hobby, but when I call ahead,and mahe reseruationsor stop dt a place to d,ine, that is and should be cln agreement betweenme dtLd the pla,ceof business.An! unsatisfactory business ttith these pl.aoes is tny concerh, and I should, be the one th deal with it. Each ercursion pdfticipant, operator or passenger, is a "diplomat for the motorcar hobby.' Euen iffou haue a tegitimate complnint, uhdt each of us does ds an ind,iuid.ual in the toun(s) where we stay, edt, shop, etc will most eertainly influence future act;vities for the entirc group. Is this fair? Probabl! not, but it i-sreality and we must accept it if ue wdnt to continue thc future of the hobby and act in the bist interests of NARCOA. No matter how much monef the ride costs, we are always guests of the RR, This hobby uill suruiue onfu as IonE ds the RRs continue hold, the railcar operatorc in high rege.rd..If I inuite lou to ny house for a party a.nd jou complain to me about the food and drinhs. not only will I osh Jou to leau? and neue. inuite Jou bach, t'll probably tdlh amongst my fricnds about uhst an inconsiderate boob rou are, Eueryone needsto remcmber that thzse railrouts all talh bdch and forth. Our actronson one foltou us to otl th" oth"rs....Wp arp o guestupon failroad. property. Conduct rourself with that in mind. at all times. I thinh the most ue can do at this point, is suggejt that duing the safet! meeting, the ercursion coordinator etplain the possible consequences ofa person complaining ta thf host RR. Our NARCOAmem" bers arc all rational people, and I thinh when the threat ofthe tossof o host RR is presentpd to !h"n, thpJ nght think twue about how the, cokduct themselues d.uring and. after aD etcursLon.

The NARCOACode of Conduct appears on NARCOAweb slte at http://rvww naftoa. oro/docs;.htm

Page 8 o TEE SETOFF . Nooernberll)ecenber 2(n2

NARCOA News by Tom Falicon As T wrile rhis. t-heChicago board meeting endedjust a few days ago. I he mjnutes of rhe meeling are being lranscrjbed from tape L paper Eothey can I hen be approvedby the board. I thought it would be nr(e lo tntirrm you ol a few ofthe issues thar we worked on at the meeting without you having to wait for months. pleasenote that these are my words taken from the notes that I took at the meeting. Seat Belts ofthe board has a deep concern thar a member or pissenger ,AIl wrrr tre-tatatly injurcd somedaydue to being ejectedfrom a motoiar and suttenng€ catastrophicinjury. ln as much as we would like to reg:sratemandatory Eeatbelts and their use. we feel thar ar thjs time our stance is that we HIGHLy recommend seat belts and th€ir use br)t we will nol rcquire them. We do. however.feel that this complex r€suewrll not go away. end I ssy this in rcferenceto the probabiliiy of nosrrngrarlrogctestarting to require seat belt use when hotorcara are run on their rails CustonFBuilt Motorcars Aflerthe Board meering was adjoumed on Fridaynighr a Custom_ Bu ilr4Iighly Modified Mor;rcar Standardscommirt"tvi. the-$oup h€ld a work session.This committee worked on"*"r"i, "ra developirf end refining standards formotorcars that ere buitt ly a.ron-comiel cial motorcar builde! or OEM motorcars that 6re highly modilied. these standardeor guidelinesare beingdevelopedto give ati la_nCoe mem. bers a common set ofstandards that will aid in building and inspec!. ing.these motorcars. It js not being written wirh the lnintion oi'proiibiting or banning custom-built or highly modified motorcars; it ie beingwritt€n !ohelp assurethat thesemolorcam are corhpatablewith, and can operste eafely alongside.factory bujlt motorcars.Ouring iii board meeting on Saturday. the standards were read and corre-cted. unce input is receivedfrom the NARCOA membership.rhe etandard6 comrhitteewillmeer throughout theyear !o incorporatemember ideag rnto the standards-This prccessmay take a long time. bui we would nKe ro do rr nght the timt time and not have to make radrcal changes at a laterdate. W1rentheee staDdaldsare publishea, *e *elcome cinstruclive inFrt frorn all members,and ofiourse we will not acknowieqge nor reply to non-constmctive corresDondence. Appointees Due to Mike Mirzel stepping down as ihe head ofour safety com. mittee, T have appointed Bob lbighr ro head that committee ior our tuturc. I know Bob will do s grearjob for usjust as Mike did for us iD rhepast.rt wasatsonece.saryformetoappoint two Direcbrsat Large o* I choseto reappoinr rhe r wo memberswho wpre alresdy lo..?"1 fo: in that posirionfor 2002.The men I reappointedare Mark Springer and Dave Verzi. Both have contribut€d quite a lot to the meetirigl and I look forward ro working with them a;d using their knowledge; nerp Reepalt ot us movins lbrward Duee Increase Du€ to the incre€sed cost of operating our organization, effective , January_2003it will be heceEsaryfor us ro increaseour dues from g20 to $24. Thi6 price increasewill not be going for any new or improved services:it wil.l however.insule ghrl the plenritulamount oigoods and servicesyourecievefrom us yearly williti be available. B;au;; or Incr€aaedpostat rater and increasedprcduction cosls for rhe a.t olt, calendar. roskr. rulebook. etc,. we have to increase these dues th rs smattamountjustlo be ableto breakevenin the furureyearc.We are all conEtanrl) striwing ro give you rhe most for your money and $,xr work hard to do so in the futurc.


THE SETOFF . NooernberlDecernber 2 )2 c Page I

Avoiding Electrical Problems with WL Jenkins Bells. bv KennethHuffines Many speeders are accessorized with bells fron ttre WL Jenhins Company. I have one and my car and I like it s lot. I generally us€ it when peopleare about (such ss flagg€rs at a crossing),when there,s a bunch offolks watching us depart, or during the lare meet oftrains. (Glanted, no audible warninq excusesthe operator ofdue dilig€nce,but sometimesit's handy to be h€ard.) The bell worked fine for a couple ofyea$, then it went crazy. Rather than giv€ a polite ',ding,,once a second,it would ring spastically,like a kid playing with the desk bell et sn oldhotel. Time formaintenance! The bell's gut€ consists ofa 552 flasher and a solenoid-not much to go wrong. Bypassing the flasher with a jumper wire caused the solenoidto pull in f1ne.Th€ prcblem seemedto b€ the flasher, and with nothing to lose, I took it apart. Ind€ed, that \^'asthe problam. The contactswere pitted and burned, clear evidenceofarcins. Wlat cauEedthe flasher to arc?It's a commonproblem, and one that is familiar to anyonewho has been knocked on their fanny by touching the spark plug on a Nnning engin€.A coil, when energized,builds up a magnetic field. Tum the power off, and the collapsingmagnetic field induces electricity back into a coil.It doesnot matter ifthe coil is a spark coil or a solenoidcoil. When power is tumed off(in thebell's case,by the flasher) the surge causedby the collapsing tield has no vrhere to go. The surge causesan arc across the flasher's contactsand is then absorbedby your speeder'selectrical svstem.The flasher's contactsar€ damaged a little biteachtime the arc. Eventuallythe damageadds up, and either the points stop conducting.or (in rny case) they sustain an arc, thus causing the solenoid to k€ep firing causing thc bell to ring in a disorderly fashion. Preventing the arc is easy.AII you n€ed is a diode-a serniconductordevicethat's like a one-wav valve. allowin8 current to pass only one way through it. Any good +12VOLTS medium-currerrt diodewill do, like a 1N5402 (or better). A Radio Shach 21A 1144 will do fine. (They call it an Epoxy Rectilier.) Becausediodes are poladty sensitive you'll have to tu pay attention ir hooking it up. FLASHER Check your bell to voril, it s o wiring. One endofthe Bolenoid should be grounded.The other zLU solenoidwirc gocs to one side J ofthe flasher. Thc olher side o ofthe tlashcr socs td I2 volts. Now have a look at the di GROUND ode.The bodyhas a silvcr band painted around one end. That end ofthe diode goesto the positive side ofthe solenoid,or in the abovewiring, thejunction between the solenoid and flasher. The other end of the diode (no band), goes to the negative (or ground) side of the solenoid. You'Il probably need to solder (or crimp) some wire onto the diode'sleads so it'll r€ach. Ifyou solder,be careful not to get the diode too hot. Be sure to cover the exposedwircs with tape or heat shrink tubing ( Shdth 27 A-1627BJ. And as long as you're inside the bell and beforeyou start the work, considerrcplacing the flasher module, €speciallyifyour bell has been erratic. It's held in with a large amount of silicon caulking. Any good auto part store should carry the 552. Test the bell before buttoning every4hing back up. Ifyou got the diode in dght, it will hannlessly b,"ass the surge. If you got it backwards, the bell won't work, and you'll burn out the diode. You'Il know it's backwards when the smoke comes out! This fix should keep your flasher working for a long time.

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NARCOABoard of Directors Meeting Chicago, October 25-6, 2OO2

Front rcw /eft to r/ght: Ron Zammlt Area 11 dtActor pat Coleman,secretary and Arca 2 dlrector Joel Wl/lamt Area 3 dlrector Stan Conyer,Area S d/rector Bobby Morcman,Arca Z d/rector Car/ Schne/der,fed HannafaA v/ce-presidentand Area g dlrcctor Ken Annett gack row /efr to r/ght,' Arca l0 d/rector TomNorman, CarlAnderson. director at larye Mark Sprmger, recording secretary Lee W/h/te, dtActor at /arye Dave VeEi, Setotr Editor Jai Taylor,president and Area 4 dlrector TomFallcon,Area 9 dtrcctor Jlm McKeel,Area 6 director pat Rock Hank arown, Area 1 dtactor Warrentuic/te///.

A/so attendng: Dlck W/he/m, Bi// Dunn, Mlke MtEe/, Wal/ySchnelder, DebbleSpnhger, Mugz Fah:co4 Ken Cafli?ch.

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And the Motorcar Run sundav on lllinois Railnet

Dave VerziPhotos CSXjunction and Il/mois Rat/net engne house n Ottawa

Both at Sheridao fllinols

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Alaska or Bust by HankBrown

Severalyears ago on an excuraionBomeoneasked me, .why don,t we ride the Alaska Railroad."I thoughtaboutit and decidedlhatit was "to_m!ch to ask for." I mean, this was one of the all time great rides. Little did I know that we would havethe opportunity to ridi one ofthe gr€at raihoads in North America? On a warm August day in AnchorageFred Futminger anil I met with someofthe officiale ofthe Alaeka Railroad to ma; out the fiIst motorcar excursionon this famous railroad. The.railroadofficialswereunpreparedfor what the North Arnerican I(a c&r UperatoreAssociationfu capableof accomplishing. They suggested that urewrite the rulest€st,take an examfor oDerationof the ladio. and in genera.l,go thrcugh a safety school.The operation hanager sen! timetables,track charts.saf€tymanual and the Gensral Cod€of OperatingRul€sBookfor us to study.The railroadsent uBtheir best replesentative to guid€ u6 through tlis morassof homework. When all was said and done and they had lead our rule book, seenou! rule! !est.readour waivers,and lookedat lhe historyofour hobby,they decidedwe werereadyto rid€ their railroad. Our rido beganat the station in Anchoragewhere the cruise ships -load and u^nload-thou6ard6passengers of e;ery day. We were given clearanceIrom the yardma8terand proc€eded out on the rnain,We

Groupphoto at Eartlett G/acter

THE SETOFF . NooemberlDecertuber2OO2oPage 73 passed the signals and rode along the shorcline of Cooks Inlet. We followed the Tony Knowles Bike Trail through Earthquake Park and then passed the gravel quarry. The railroad is involved in a massive progr:am of laying new track. They are double- and triple-tracking some areas to handle rhe increasedtrafTic. W€ coasted down a long hill to Potter's March. Here we watched th€ huge number ofbirds that migrate to Alaska €very year. The flowers were in full bloom,which helped to beautify this conserancy. The track began to wind in and out of coves following the coastline of Tumagain Arm. The tide was out which showed the mud flats and how shallow this area ofthe Arm is. Our first stop was Windy Point, named for the dangerouswinds that blow in the wint€r in this area. Today, howev€r, the wind was calm, slrd the mountain goats were out for our pleasure.We watched them grazing high in th€ hills for sometim€. But the trains wereheading our way so we, finally, departed. Our next stop was the morningbrcak at Indian Siding. We waiied for the morning passengertrain from Seward. Luckily we had a restawant clos€by for thosegreat morningbuns and coffee,and ofcou$e, the bathroome.Eventuallythe tnin arrived, and w€ were given clearance to proceedto Girdwood Siding and hold for the Anchoraqe-toSeward local passengertrain. This was a real rreat becausewe had time to get someg&at shots ofthe tlain and motorcarsfrom the hishway bridge over the tracks. We formed a photo line in rrue railfan rcrrn, A.fter the train passed we headed to Spencer Flats and portage Junction. This is where the railroad splits. The line goeseast through the flats to two tunnelo 6nd then into Whittier. The other direction (that w€ took) headedsouth thrcugh the flats and overthe mountains to Seward. Th€ sceneryalong the coast ofTurnagain Arm is something everyone ehould expe ence.The high mountains, deep valley, and all that watsr are very special. No words can describe the feeling one g€ts when traveling along the coastline. We continued along the flats to the SpencerRiver.Upon crossingit on a truss bridge,we saw a strange buildingand a bulldoz€r closeto the tracks. It seemsthat the railroad experiencesa numb€r ofavalanches €ach year. In ord€r to eliminate this hazard, they hav€ cannon that they shoot into the mountains to cauEethe avalanches.This way they can keep the snow problem to a rfnimum. We saw a number of areaEthat were prone to avalanches. The railroad has devetopeda systemwhereby they contml the detonations by someonewith a comput€r miles away from the site to eliminate the human hazards. This area was our lunch break. W€ enjoyed a beautiful view ofspencer Glacier Iess then a mile away and watched the clouds drift bv. That aftemoon rhe flats gave way to rhe valley. The rajls began ro climb the mountains on a 27r grade. As we climbed, the vegetation changed. The flowers of the flats gave way to the mountain asterB. The trees climbed only thr€e-quaders up the slopes. As we continued to climb w€ approached the frve tunnels and the deep cut where a river of wat€r mshed to me€t the sea. We stopped briefly to exam tl)e tunnels and proceededto Bartlell Glacipr. This is a famous spot on the railroad. When the raihoad was first surveyed,the glacier filled the valleyand causedthe engineersto map a route that circled around and crossed over itself about half wav uD the mountarn.The glacierreceded,and in r he late l9A0qrhe railroad took out the loop, increased the $ade to 37. and decreased the mile-

Bart/ett G/aclerand the A/askaRai/rcad man //ne to Seward

Page 14 c THE SETOFF c NooemberlDecember


age that was neededto haverse this ar€a.

Westentrance to Wh/ttier Tunnel

Alier our stop at Bartlett Glaci€r we headedover the summit a]ld downthe valleyto Seward.The great part ofthis sectionis the open valley with the wide variety of vegetation and beautiful lakes. Therc wereflowersand birds that w€ had neverseenbefore.It was a sDectacularview. We arived in Sewardand storedall 10 motorcarsin the ensine shedfor safekeeping.The yardmasterin Sewardwonderedwhai all the motorca$ werc doing in his enginehouse,but didn't seemto mind whenwe told him what w€ wereup to. It se€mshe usedto ride an "A" car over this area and told us several stories of the cold winter wind and lots of snowthat hamperedhim in his daily rounds. The bus was waiting lor us and took us to our hotel for the night. Th€next momingeveryonewasolfon a differentmission.Somewent fishing while otherswent cruisingon chart€rboatsto find whales. Somewent in seerchof more glaci€rsin the Kenai Peninsula.The weathercausedsometo stay in Seward.It was overcastand later in the day th€ fog rolled in, but everyoneagreedthat the foodwas €xcellent and the town servedup a hardy doseof historyand excitement. The museumsand storeswerefilled with cruiseship passengers eager to leave their moneyat every gift shopin town. The third morningwe were up at 7AM to meetour bue.The fog from th€ night before had liftod, but the light rain soon gave us a picturcof what it would be like the rest ofthe day.It seemswhenit rains in Alaskait doesn'tinterferewith any activity. It doesn'train hard,just light enoughto causesomediscomfort. We left Sewardand got aboutfive milesfrom town whenwe took the sidingto wait for the morningpassenger t?ain from Anchorage. With its passingwe took the main again and proceeded passedthe beautifullake and on into the openmeadows.It didn't lookthe same as two daysbefore.The cloudsblockedthe high mountains,and the rain blockedour pictures.Sowe were contentto ride comfortablyalong the wet rails while we climbedth€ summit and overthe other sideto Bartlett Glacier.The rain stoppedand so did we, Jack Burton, our guidefrom the railrcad told us storiesofbuilding the railrcad alound this glacier.We continu€ddown the slopeto tunhel. This is where there is a seriesoffive tunnelscut thmugh igneou6rock,During an oarthquake the g"ound shifted enoughto causea rilt. With Bartlett Clacier melting, the water now had some\rhereto go, so it pouls tlrough this openingcreating a river about 15fe€t wide and very deep. We continueddownthe mountainsand on to SpencerFlats. This time w€ took the Eiding at Portage Junction and headedeaEtto the famous tunnel to Whittier. W€ tmveled along the Portage River that lookedmore like a steam.The mountaim that formed the glacial valley were shroudedin low hanging clouds.We went through the frrst mile-long tunnel. Then we entered a valley that was noted for windB of up to 200 miles per hour. We were told stori€sof trains, railroad carsand automobiles beingblownoffthe tmcks in th€ winterbecause ofthe hish winds. We arrived at the Whittier Tunnel. built in 1942 to connect the open water, ice-free port ofwhittier with Anchorage. The Army Corp ofEngineers built the whole town ofwhittier in one year so they could suppod the war effort in Alaska. The AImy was aiaid that the Japanese would gain a foothold in Alaska ifthey diclnt have enough supplies and manpower in that area. What they left behind was a very unusual set ofbuildings. The largest building is an old army barracks that housed the officers. This was tu.rned into condos for reBidents of

THE SETOFF . Nooen berlDecernber 2(n2 . Page 15 Anchorage.We used it as a bed and breakfast.Prior to goingthrcugh this tunn€l,we weretold that before2001 the only way for cars, trucks, and busesto get to Whitti€r was to board flat cals and beshuttled flom Portage Junctiont Whittier. In 2001the State ofAlaskadecidedt improvethe tunnel a]ld spent $50 million to pavebetween the tracks and set up a control systemto regulate when tmin traffic andvehicletraflic wouldusethe tunnel. Weweregiventhe privilegeofvisiting the controlcenterto watchjust how this wasaccomplished. It 1'asour tum to ride thmugh this tunnel-over fiv€ mileslong,It wasee-


rie to ride through this long but very well lighted tunncl wlth cscape rcoms, traffrc control lights, and other things you but doD't normally eeein a tubnel. We arrived on the other Bideoftho mountain. and rain join€d ue again.We pulled into the storagearea ncxt to a tank car. Frcd inEistedon having a blu€ flag on the tail end ofour group to protcct us against other railroad movements. The next moming tho fog was as thick as pea soup. The rain that accompaniedit made for an interesting depature. We quickly boarded th€ motorcarsand headedback to the Whittier Tunnel. The dispatcher in the control room saw us and gave permissionto enter, The cars and trucks stopped,and we proceeded.I don't know holv many of vou have ever been in a five-mile tunnel, but it seemedIike we wcre ilt this one forever.We finally came out the other side, then ducked into the next tunn€I that was only a mile long, We broke through thc othcr side into a long meadowwith high mountainson eachside.We lctracad our tracks back to PortageJunction, then with Tumagain Arm on our lefl wc proce€dedto Indian Siding to wait for the moming train. With its passing we took the main and cruisedalongthe coast.We passadPoltor'sMarsh and climb€dup the last grade to a siding. The morninggravcl train was switching.We waited ourturn. with clearancefrom djapatchwc hcaded back to Anchorage.We arrived in goodshapewith no breakdownsand no accidents,which to me, definesa goodmotorcar excurBion.The cars quickly loaded, and we wer€ off the railroad in record time. I would like to thank a couple of peopl€ who permitted this trip to happen: Jack Burton is on the Board of Directon ofthe Alaska Railroad. He was our 8!ide and mentor. He worked for the railrcad for over 35 yeals and is an inspiration to anyone who has the privilege to meet him; the legal and risk management team who went out of their way to make this excursion happen; Steve Silverstein who said'?eB;"and Bob Waldner who was instrumental in making this golden opportunity a reality. I vrill always be gratetul for t}Ie help these kind people gave to us,

Contro/room for monitoring the Wh/ttier Tunnel where trans and vehb/esshare the aunne/

Rid/ng along furnagaln Arm on the way back to Anchorage


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Rare Dual Gauge Meet on East Broad Top and Rockhill Trolley Museum


By BruceCarpenter, PhotosBy MikeWoodburn

Cars posed on turntab/e at Orbison/a on the East Eroad Top, Oct. 19, 2002. Left to r/ght Bruce Carpenter, les King, Keith y'4ackey,Mike Scrocke, Dave Verzi, .leffb Mfe Gary Greenwood and Jeff Lelengood.

Saturday, October 19, 2002 marked the secondtime motoftars had dden the East Broad Top Railmad and the verv first time on the Rockhill Trolley Museum trackage(standardgaug€)in Orbisonia,pennsylvania. A dualgaugemeetanywhereis amrity, but when you couplerhe signifrcanceof both these organizationstogether, it becomesan unbeatable combination.The East Broad Top is probably the most original, complete nauow gauge railroad in the country. The shop and mundhouse compiexare literal time capsules.When the railroad was closedin 1956. the lights were turned oq and everythingis basicailyright wh{rreit was leftJThe Rockhill Trolley Museum which sharessomedual gaugetrackage with the EBT is located ght acrossthe street. Their restoration efforts by a crew ofdedicated volunteersis first class.Throushout the day a sreadlparadrnfrestoredrrolleyano interurbancarsmirchesup and down the tmck. We arived at 7:00AM and were told to set on at Lhepredetefiined areas,but a minor derailment the night beforewould effect orrr departure time. Five nanow gaugersand three standard gaugecars were in attendance.After some quick negotiationswith the general manager, we made two shorter runs down to the derajlment sight, where some minor track repairs were underway. After our secondrun, we skifted the Rockhill Museum g"oundsto position ourselvesby the coal dock at south edgeofthe EBT yards. We had about 4b minut€s to look around the complexbeforeNumber 14,a Baldwin 2-8-2 exitedthe roundhouse to assemblethe passengerfor the day. The powerhouse,with steamengineand electricturbine for electricity, has wheellathes, milliDg machines,pulleys,belts,etc.,all still hercl A peak around every coroer and into ev€ry building reveledsomenew antiquity. And, ifyou every want to seethe most anci€nt collectionof



W Fairmont and CaseyJonesspeeders,they've got those tol Number 14 backed slorvly out of the roundhouseand onto the turntable (Armstrong t]?e, of coarse),where the crew quickly cleanedthe ash pans and loaded her with coal and water. With seryicing complete,No. 14 drifted to the south end, aligned the switch lor the nothbound movement and proceededto station to assemblethe hain. With No. 14 out ofthe way, the motorcar group fired up and proceededonto the tumtable for some Sroupphotos. Once, No. 14 auived back in lown after it's fimt run ofthe day, we lined ourselvesin behind the train for the next run. We departedtown behind the train and kept a sale distanceback. We tumed at the end of the line, utilizing the wye track at the picnic area. We returned to Orbisonfu and followedtrain around the southern lrye and park€d next to train as they took on water. The group took a littler break to eat lunch and


ridethetrain ortrolley.Wetookourtumonthetrainon boardthe small but fancyOrblsoniobusinesscar.Thecar rodevery smoothlyand is in excellentcondition,Wemadeonefinal trip overthe entireline oncethe train wasput awayfor the eveningandroundedoffacloudy,yet dry day ol rare motorcarmileage, Final notes:I apologize for not beingableto tend to our standard gaug€guestsas well as I couldhave,but I think everyod€had a great timo.Specialthanks,to Stanandthe gangat EBT in Orbisoniaand all the folksat the BockhillTlolleyMuseum.K€epup the gr:eatworkl DespiteslltherumolsabouttheEBT,itissafe for Dow,endmoneyis being epentto bring No. 15 backinto operationin 2003.Sometmck work is scheduled for nextyear,as well. Hopeto seeall ofyou in 2004,whenwe plan to revisitthe jewel of Pennsylvania, TheEastBroadTopRailroad.

Eruce Carpenter's Ml9-236 n front of East Broad Top's Ob/soniaStation,

Bruce Carpenterand Garth Shtfflett (flagger) at East Eroad Top, Orblso e Stution, heading North.

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"Susie-Q" Spectacular,2OO2

By TomSchmieder

Authort 1945 C&O m19 poses next to /vYs&w GP #304q lltt/e Ferry enghe temha/,

On_the weekendof S€ptember2t"r and 22"dNARCOAonceagain . yisited the New York, Susquehanna & Westernotherwiseknow"nas ihe .Susie-Q"in northernNewJersey.For thoseof you whohavenot b€ento New Jersey,thinking of that statesometimes b ngsto minal thewordsofthe well womjoke,"you,refrom NewJersev_;hat exit?,, While-iris rruptharrheNewJerseyTurnpikei6a rema;kabte sighl,it is by far not representativ€of th€ natural beautyfoundthrougl tie rest ofthe state.Rememberthat it is calledthe ;,cardenState:"Th€ llYS&W seesit all as it runs west from the industrial m€tropolitan NewYork \^arerfrontareaofNer Jerseythroughcoastalsaltmarshes, knownas the meadowb. throughrownsin suburban BergenCounty and then up and over th€ rocky and mountainousregionin Susse; uounty, A b ef lookat tho historyof the Newyork, Susquehanna & W€stem Railroadis in order.It originallymn from Edgewater,NewJe$ey west acrossnorthernNew Jersey,throughthe DelawareWater Gai and into northeast€rnPennsylvania. After the declineofthe coalin" dustryin the 1950s,the NYS&Wcut its main line backto Sparta.For yearsthe railroad survivedon what little localtralfic exi;:ed on ite line from E^dge$ ater to Sparta.Todays Susquehanha is owhedby th€ ljerawareutsegoSystem.a rcgronalraihoadownerlocatedin upstate New York.In the early 1980s,DelawareOtsegorescuedthe floundering I.JYS&W,alsopurchasingan abandoned sectionofthe Lehigh & H-udsonRiver Railway located betweenSparta, New Jersey-and Warwick,New York. With theselines purchased,Delawaretitsego srgled an opelatingagteementwith Conrail so it could run trains from 11supsraleconnections in Binghamron,New york via Conrail.s Southern Tier,old Eriemainlinero H udsonJuncrionwhereir would ' enterthe formerLehigh& HudsonRiv€rtracks.Trainstravelsealthe old.L^&.HR to SpaflaJunctionwhererheybwirched ontorheoriginal N ys&w marntrne andcontinued all rhewayto s eaet_ ern terminus.A lucrativeintermodalcontainerbusinesscrcateallots olrailroad tralfic for the new Susquehanna, requiringthe rehabilita_ tion of its entire New Jersey mainline. Much ofthe rail wss replaced with welded rail, and the roadbed was improved with new grading and ballast. Despite recent drotrF offs in the through hain business, the mihoad survives today on the businessofon line shippers. Fortunateiy for NARCOA, several employeesof the Susquehanna that have an interest in motorcars. That combined with NARCOA'S very high safety record and liability coverage has made possible the excursions so many have enjoyed already. The oficial hosts are the Volunteer Railroad€rs Association. Located in New

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Jemey, they work to preservethe history and enjoyment ofrailroading. The VRA is very active in restoration projects and assist with the opemtion olmany lailroad excursions.Th€ir slogan saysit all; "lt's so closeto mihoading, only the paycheck is missingl" Not only do they organize this NARCOA meet, they also flag most of the grade crossings on the trip. Over the two-day meet the Volunt€eft split up and tookturns, flaggingon one day and enjoying the ride onthe motorcarg on th€ other. They formed t€ams ofllaggers in vehicles that leapfrogged the motorcar group as it proceededup the mainline. In most caseE,as the motorcarsapproachedgradecrossingsthe Volunteers already had the c?ossingsprotected, allo$ing the motorcars to prcceed without stopping. As a safety precaution, however, all motorcarc were wamed to approacheach crossing prepared to stop in casea motorist disobeyed the flaggers or the crossingwas not protected. Saturday, September21"ttumed out to be a beautiful day. Although it was a bit hazy, the rains that had be€n forecastearlier in the week held off Motorears were put on the tlack at a crossingin the Butler Yard, adjacent to the odginal NYS&W Butler station (restored and sening as a local museum). Once the cals were lined up and we had our Form D for clearancewest, we headed out of town. W€ immediately began climbing uperude towards the summit at Beaver Lake. Through an area called Smokc Ris€, the tracks lie on a right of way cut into the side ofthe mountain and look ovet New Jersey Route 23, following along on a lower level. The track winds its way in and out of notches in the mountain, riding on fills and over bridges and going around Bharpcurves thatsnake thrcugh rock cuts. The rugged beauty ofthe mountain in thiB a?ea and the ways the railroad conqueredit captivated us as we rode lhrough it all on welded rail, After passing the summit at Beaver Lake, the line deEcendsthe west side of Sparta MouDtain. The grade here is pretty steepas the track onceagain clings to the side ofthe mountain. A stop was made about one third ofthe way down the mountain at a power line right of way to view Ogdensburg in the valley below. Once everyonehad taken their photos,we continued down into the town ofSparta for lunch at the Sparta Station. The building is an original NYS&W woodenstatioD, preser_\'ed by the local Sparta Station Foun&tion. Although the building iB in poor condition right now, the group is worLing to stabilize the structure and intends to rcstore it to its lormer glory. The group opened the station for visito$ and cookeda barbecuelunch for the us. Following lunch, we headed west out oftown, We shodly came to the crossingofRoute 15, a very busy highway. The NYS&W employees activated the crossing gates allowed all ofthe motorcars to cross in one tight group. With the two lane highwaypack€dwith vehicles,the curious looksthat the motorists gave our motorcars had to belie their inner frustration with the delay. We then approached Sparta Junction, the former crossing ofthe NYS&W and the L&HR. We traversed the connecting track and headed north towards Warwick, New York on former L&HR tlack. Almost immediat€ly

fhe group takes a break at the Spalta, New Je6ey station,

Pdge 20 . TH E SETOFF o NouembertDeeember

Nephew Henry John at a scetut overlook on Sparta Mountain where the group paused to take n the v/ew of Ogdensburg, New Jersey ln the val/ey below.

Lorne Mau/ of fork, Pennsy/van/a, is about to "bank the [email protected]' wth his motorcar at the junction of the Susquehanna and the formef Erie Greenwood Lake Branch n B/oomlngda/e New Jersey.


we crossedRoute15wherewe againusedthe assistance ofactivated crossinggates.Wecontinuednorth to Franklin, NewJers€y_The single track that now survives through Franklin is a lonely reminder of the three lailrcads that once converg€don this zinc mining town. The Susquehanna'sHanford branch aEwell as the DelawareLackawanna & Western'sFranklin Branch both also servedthis forrner industrial hotspot.As we passedby the abandoned zincplant,we wonderedwhat it must have beenlik€ in its heyday. The group of motorcarspicked up the paceas we headedthrough the valley towardsVemon, New Jersey.The area has seena lot of d€velopment sunoundingthe resortsthat exist there.The trackscut right through a golf course,and we had seveml golf cart crossingsto goover(theyw€r€evencompletewith signalsandgates!)Passinginto New Yo?k stat€, we approachedthe end of the NYS&WS property. Thelastgradecrossingisat Baird'sFarm,a famousphotolocationfor milfans ofthe Susie-Q.Weran pastthe crossingtothe endofthe line atPeltonRoad,whereth€ rails become the plopertyof NorfolkSouthern.Weth€rlbackedto Baird'sFarm and tumed all ofthe cals for th€ return run to Butler. On the weldedrail we medegreat time, sometimesrubning wideopen,Arriving backin Butl€r, we parkedthe motorcarc on a siding in the yard for night, as we were leaving ftom the Bamelocationthe n€xt d&y. I had arl especiallynicetime on this day becauseit was the first motorcartrip for my nine-year-oldnephewHedry John.Appreheusiveat Ii$t, he quickly a4justedto the enjoymentof riding the mils and hada greattirne,SundaywasanothertreatasI hadfriendCeorge Petriealong.A rrue fen ofthe Susquehanna. Georgegrew up abouia blockfrom the tlacks in Pat€r8onand watchedthe railroad,strans! tion from steamto diesel. Sundaymorningbroughtthi6 NAICOA excursionto newrail6,The railroad betw€enButler and Hackensackhad neverbeentraversed beforeby a motorcartrip due to the many gradecrcssingsthrough the city of Pat€rson.Ambitiousraihoad employees werethe key component in Bolvingthis probl€rn.After the safetymeeting,we pulledout ofButler and headedeast.Weshortly closs€dthe former Erie Railroad's GreenwoodLake Branchat glade in Bloomingdale. It sorndedneat hearingthe motorcars'bangingthe diamond"as we crossedoverth€ branch at speed.Wepassedthrough suburbantowns ofBergen County Buchas Riverdale,Wyckoffand Midland Park as we rode towards Haq{horne.Many original Susquehanna woodenstation6are still in existenceand werea treat to ride past.In Hara'thorne, we passedby the formersiteof the originalNYS&W6maintenanceshops.Theonly r€mainingclue aEto the exactlocationwas the groupof spur tmcks that turned away from the main and disappearedinto the gmund in the directionofthe buildings.Someofthe shopbuildingsstill stand, now servingdillerentpurposes. I couldbarelymakeout someofthem as I lookedthrough the line of trucks parked along the tmck. We stoppedat the Ha*.thornestationhomeofthe Volunt€erRailmader's Association.The station is in beautiful condition and haEmany railrcad collectibles on display. After having another safety meeting to go over the details of tmveling thmugh inner city Pate$on, we left Ha$'thorne and headed east. Crossing the Passaic River on a high deck girder bridg€, we entered the city en masse. The plan to go thrcugh the city worked per.fectly, with 12 sets of crcssing gates lower€d at a time. We passed through the fiIst half of the city alrd paus€d for the second dozen sets ofgates to be lowered. On the roll again, we passed the former ju]lction ofthe

THE SETOFF o NovernberlDecember Patercon City Branch ofthe Susquehanna,an abandonedsemaphore signal base standing sentin€l at th€ site. My trip through Pate$on was most fascinsting as my friend George excitedly relived the memories ofhis childhoodr'That's where I went to school.Look therc that is where I usedto play baseball.Oh, that vacant lot over there is where the ice cream plant usedtobelOverthere is my sist€r-in-law, Stella's house. I $ew up j ust amund the corner from th€re! Right here is where I saw that train wreck!" It was a realjoy watching George'sfacelight up with each thought as we tr-undl€dthrough the tracks ofhis memories. Crossingthe PassaicRiver again over another deck girder bridge, we left the city behind us and entered Elmwood Park. We passsdthe Marcal Paper Companyplant in Elmwood Park and continued €ast through Saddle Brook where therc is a bulk material transfer yard filled with covered hopp€rs. We also passed through RochellePark where the NYS&Wwas storing coachesto b€ used in its upcoming fall excursionsbehind steam engine No. 142. Rolling east, w€ rodethrcugh Hackensackand crossedits namesakeriver on a swing bridge. The I'elded rail on the bridge indicated that the span has not moved in many years. Docked in the ?iver at Hackensack is the SS ,ing, aWorldWarllsubmarine,visiblefromthebridg€aswecrossed. Ente ng Ridgefleld Park, the Susquehannatrack m€ets and luns parallel to the CSX River Line, a former New York Central route, As the twolines converged,we found ourselvespacinga southboundCSX

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Frbnd George finlshes hls ftrst motorcar excurs/on rldmg n the authorE

c&o M19.

As the motorca/.sapproachRidgef/e/dPar& they pace a southbound CSXautorack tra/n on the adjacent malnline (former Conrla/River line, nee /VewYorkCentra/),


freight train a fimt for me on the motorcar riding along side it until we anived in Little Ferry, the location ofthe Susquehanna'seastem engine terminal and our lunch stop. This location is adjacent to CSXs CPs (Control Point milepost 5), one ofthe hottest nilfan spotsin New Jersey. While the group dined on sandwiches and salads from a nearby deli, I hiked up onto the Route 46 overpass overlooking the whole scene. Enough haffrc passes by on CSX that I was surc I could get a good motorcar group photo with a passing freight. I only had to wait about

VEw of Lltt/e Ferry from Rte. 46. Motorcars ho/d the NYS&W ma/n wh//e a northbound CSX fre/ght thunders by Mth nine eng/nes on the pomts.

Page 22 c THE SETOFF . NooemberlDecember


20 minutes before a nine-unit lash-up headed north pulling a containerized manifest. In order to tum the motorcars and maximize the fun on our triD. we ran do$ n in ro the former Su6quehannayard. now owned by CSX.

As the operator llnes up the vintageSusquehannaturntab/e Mth the /ead tfack, motorcars prepare to head west. A woodenroundhouse stood in the backglound at thls /ocatlon unt// about lO years ago, lunch at the lt/YS&Wblittle fety englne teminal

to turn the cars on the steam-era turntable. Although the NYS&W soldthe yard to CSX,th€ tumtable and lead were not psrt ofthe sale. Trackagerights t}lrough the yard allowed us to movethe motorca$ through the Csx-owned portion and onto the tumtable lead. This was another first for me add maybefor NA.RCOA- usingtrackagedghts to ride on a ClassI railroad. Yes, we wele riding on CSX tracklTalk aboutcoollOnceonthe lead,we passedNo. 142,a 2-8-2 Mikado steam engine and moved onto the turntable. It iB a rare pieceof hi8tory, as it is one oftwo original turntables still in operation in North Jersey. Ev€ry face waBgrinningear to ear as rhe indusrrialgiant,designedto turn 100ton steamengines,spunthe tiny motorcalsdround.Facingnorth (railroadwest)we gatheredbackup at the Little Ferrf,engineterminal. Oncethe groupformedup, w€ h€adedwest backtowardsButler. The Volunteerscontinuedto protectmostof the cro8sing6 alongthe way,andthe railroadstaffguardedour pagsage tlrcugh the dtreetsof Paterson.It seemedas thoughth€y camealive ae we again passed through,Residentelined the many cloB6ings and cheeredthe motorcare on, Back acrossthe PassaicRiver and wost through Bergen County,our ride cohcludedat ButlsrYani. The end of the day brought to a cloBethe best trip I have ever had on the l.IyS&W. The mo6t impo ant part, however,was the oppottunity to sharethe hobbyofEotorcars with my nephswHenry John and my iiiend George.The Volunteer Railroade$ Associationmakesthis trip standout flom the restwith the plotectionofabout80oossingon this most scenicallydiverse line. Flom the beautiful gcenervill rural SussexCounty through the suburban Bergen County and into th6 citi* of PassaicCounty, the SusquehanDaoffers Bornethingfor everyoDe.Many thaDksgo out to tbe membeB of the VRA as well ar to the IIYS&W staff for maling this spectaculartrip possible.I hop€to seeyou all again next year aBwell aa aordenew faceaand hop€fully someold oneswho could not make it thb year. I think you v.ill all see that it's worth the triD.



TEE SETOFF o NooemberlDecember

2002 . P.tge 23

Want Ads tf,tr!'lr s happy to print all ads rec€iv€dfrom NARcoA membersas they re ated to the ra roa dmot or c arhobbyTher eis no c har qef or p a c i r q a n a d I f y o u w a n t a n a d t o r l n forfrorethan on€ ssue, please nd cate how mafy ssues.No fu pag€ads are accepted, Usetne presentissue'sadsas a gulde ThankYouiS.nd ads directy b Alll Coutsonr2101 W€3tvi.wCoun, ModestoCA9535A-1091 ore-mail [email protected],net

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c o mesw th an onan engi n€w th good y € l ow pai nt,new ori qi naseats,si de c u rtai ns, l i ghts, w rpers,a.d horn. Prlce $4500.ContactrGeneLottorAdd Prale .103E. 4th Street Blue Rapids/ KS 66411.Tel r (785) 363- 7953 or e mai i [email protected] fl i nthl MA 03 Parts for a Falrbank-Morse F4OB: 1 €ach,shifter hande for s ide shifter. Pri ce:$12 1 each,fi ber dri ve w heel N .O.SP. rcer$65.6 vo t l ampsof var o u s nurnbers,a I N .O.S , ca I for the ' ' fu mbers" you need and pri ce. For more rforrnation contact: lay Boggs :1289Couity Oaksco!rt, OrangePark rt 3206s.Tel :(904)215-2956 oremaI l4Ao3 bosg5rr:@aoLc0m. F a i rmont l ' l -19F - B ui t i n 1946,car w a s ori gi nnryFrl scoR ai l roadand i s paintedas slch. Thiscar is generaly n g o o dshapeand has beenkept or gi n a " as possi bl eA i l gl assi s i ntactand has new seatsbut w I soonn€eda t6n c h w heeland a brakel ght to confo rm to N A R C OA standards. Incuded brake ightswitchneedsto be installed. L e avi 9 hobby,aski ng $3000. R on Garling3050 EastRaganCourtSprin9fi e l d Mo. 6s804Ter (417) 888-0354 o r e marl [email protected] [email protected] l !. 14403 Carburetor r€building s€rvice -.n.| C-5 and C-a carburetors parts, Send a largeSASEfor partslst or t€lephone, Rebuldin9is $45 pl!s palts. This price w i l i nc!de cl eani ng, beadbl asungand pa ntingany non-alumnurnparts,I a so h a ve parts for H y-D Lrty and the We.therseai mers carey Boney,1605 P o wers R d, W al ace N C 28466, T e:( 910)28s-7489emal carevbonev l @intrstarnet tF03

Fairmont MT19 - CanadianNational DB6R6chan, customseats/repainted, newwheels,new nterioroak woodpanels all li9ht s re q u i .e d b y N A R C O A . P r ic e:94000, F a i rmo n t MT 1 4 - E x DR&W paintedto Rockis and scheme, Li.ens€ plat€ fram€ lvlyother car ls 4 s eat s ,t ur n ta b l e ,.l l g h ts r€ q l i re d a F armontS peed€r" B l ackpastcframe ror NARCOA.Prce: $4000. Fairmont w th orangevl nyl l etteri ng Y ouw l l w ant 52 - gangc ar e a ry 4 0 s a ! c o mp l e te . o n eforyo!rautomobi l eandtraiPlost ei T his c ar woul dm a k efo r a n e x c e l € n t p a i d ,$1sror one,$29 rortw o and$43 winter project.Enginet!rns free, good fo r t hree.D onP ompl um 521V anB uren front end and g ass. Prlce:$s00. Ford Pl.ce,San RamonCA94583 lA02 induEtrial engine brandnew mod€ v s 6- 4! 7, 27 t a 3 0 h p , n e v e rs ta rte d . CanadianP.cific M-19A4 and CanaNew radiator.Price:91s00. F.irmont dian C-7 (M-14) - Retred1119M Road MT19 - 1973 mode track inspector's Masterscat assignedto the Kette Val c ar Cam ef r orn th e B Ni n s t. Pa ! Mi n n ley d visionofthe BriUshColurnbiaRarThe €ar ls ln very qood condt on and way.Opencar hasw idscreenw th roof, wil pas sall N A R C O iAn s p e cot n s .C a r

Editor's Note,' Ads M// run for three coo'ecutive 6sues. cont/nue adve/t/slngl p/ease resubmiL

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Meets I.aembers who have orqanzed meets are encouraqedto advertse those eveits here. We w publisha notces receved. Include detaitsof the tr p such as time schedute,total mieage, costs, restri.tons and condtons for att€ndinq.state whether or not NARcoA r ues w l b e n e f f e c t a n d w h e r h enrs u r a n c es r e q l i r e d . s e . dm e e t n o t i c e s t oB: i [ co u tso n , 2lol Westview Court, rrodesto CA 9535a- 1091 or e-ma [email protected], PLEASENOTE Advertsementof d meet in rlllraroF does not consttute responsibitity by NARCOA and/or its officers,or rrtrrllorr andlor its ediroria staff for meet condi tons. Meet attendeesmust exercse caution n the obsedanceof safetv conditionsand iLes al d - r d e p r r L r e e o o . . 'b i r r l o . h p n f t v e s , t r e r q J e s r sa l d f e r e q l p - - "1 when attendrnqany meet.

Boone & Scenic valley Railro.d Saturdav November 2, 2OOz

Eoon€& S..nlc V.lley RR(FID) November 2, 2002 Port ot Tlll.mook Eay RR(NBRS) D€c€mber 7, 2002 Grllt l' & scloto RR(ovR) November 2, 2002 S.ntr Cruz,aE Tr€er & Pr.lflc (PRO) Nov€mber9,2002

Our motorcarseasonends,with a rid€ on the scenlc11-mitetour st ttn€at Boon€, Iowa, set on time is 7:304Mw th a 9r30AMdepanuretime for the first rid€, our pransare to make two runs b€forelLrnch,one h the afternoon,and a night run after dark. We w ll hav€a pot uck meal in the engineholse after the secondrun. Pl€asebr n9 a side d sh or dessert.Firstlowa Divislonw tl supptysoup,ch | , your ta b e s ervce,afd dri nks C ostol thsrde s 915 p€rcar ptus925 for mem ber sht p n the Iowa Rairoad H stofca society.There is a Super 8 tylot€Te I (800) 8008000 and AmeriHostf4ot€ Te : (515) a32-8168 n Boon€for over nightstays.This is a NARCOA-insured activity,For rnoreinforrnationcontactCartSchnetder,1302 6 th AV E S . E , A l toonaIA 50009Ie: (515)967-5181or emai accoon. Can or vlsit the Firstlowa Division'sweb site 6t www.firstiowadivislon,com,

Port of Till.mook B.y Rallroad Chrirtm.s Run Saturday, D€cember 7, 2OO2 Pleasejo n the NehalemBay Raiway Speeders(NBRS)on their annualChistmas run. Th s ann!d speederrun is becomn9 6 much-publicizedevent as w tnessed a s ty e .ron TV C hannel 2new si n P ortl and,oregon.Todate,the speederpadic, s pating are only rrom th€ NSRS,but we wolld be ov€rjoyedto have any felow speedersp.rticipate.As a gesterof goodwiI and in the splrit of the hol days,the Port of T I amook Bay Rairoad is not chargn9 any trackagefees to particip.nts. The on y r€qurement to join us is your speederhas to be decoratedw th il orni nateddecorationsfor this n ght r!n. set on time wlll be noonin Wheele.This w I 9ive yo! time to decorateyo!rspeeders.P easeRSVPas soonas possb e and lo n th e N R B Sand S antaC ausfor thi s annualrun.A l N A R C OA .u es and .slr ances requrementsw I be in effect,Forf!rther nformationp easecontactWalrygurton, 4 3 4 0 0CarolD ri veN ehaem,oR 97131. Tetr(503) 368 6496, Far (503) 3686 4 5 6o r emal : w [email protected] hotmai .com.

Southern New Jersev week€nd Saturday-Sun.lay Nov€mber 9-10, 2002 i A !,leekeadlin the P ne Barr€ns of South€rn New.lersey.Sat! rdaywrl find !son th€ Cape r4ay SeashoreLinesstarting at Tuckahoeand travelnq the 54 round trip m i e s to C apeMayN J.If ast year w asany i ndi cati on i t w i l l be a startof a gr eat weekend.\4/eleft enouqhiime for tour n9 th€ smallshopsand enjoy ng goodfood in this sma I s€asidetown. Sundayw€ will set on at woodstownand travel north towardSwedesboro and ther solth to salem.A 36 mlle roundtrip and aqainsome nicescenery.Lastyear'srLn was a 9reat klp on a beaLrtitul fall day. orange reflective vests reqlired by.l . contact Waren RccitelLiat (40r) 232 0992.

TEE SE?\OFF.Novernbe December 2OO2. Page 26

New Excursion Announcement Format

Excursion Coordinators, Please note,

Cctltaltia lrirfirarol Rarlrona Di!

a: id : . ri j

o : i ? e .i i

I nr lL, r : . j. r i . . ,a !a a c i rta (l rri J Ir/l l j i i l rrd i .

is pleasedto sponsora

-day runoverthe I |: , ' ,


Ir!l .



2003. Participants willtravelapproximately n !r nb e r

round-tripmilesbetween town, if;llo nbb|cv afed

ano tovlf , 1,1!f ,11)brP.vl!!I!

spir,r.rlIssrrctro :r,,n.ll_!fM!!_t1!_!4jj!Lij!'],tplFr, rc(lLrjr.(l .xiuipil1eni, n.eal cleidine for reqistration, 5pa:.inl at r a f ( li ii . fl !,, € ,l l

Tripfee of slll-l

percarincludes railroadcosts t^it, rrllri,1lr rlrei, cne nrenl, lttirtel,lfinsiri fri,:i, arl(

Thereis a n |l rrL )irl

-car limit. Thisis a NARCOA-insured excursion, and all NARCOA ruleswill apply. Fortrip detailscontact 1''qr rama, a-l |a".x: t c ! ! n, ' i r t r .ri )b fa l ,ra i fd ,

tet: (0CC)rlCl -'a:il

or email I a .r e I.3rlaifals .t


(i i..,.li




At the 2002Boardof Dirctors meetinginChicago, we discu8sed the general health of the NARCOAtE'tllt including the overall length ofthe publication. As a rcsultofthosediscussions, €xcursion informationwill needto be configurcdto fit the format at lefi. For the reader,the newformat pro\ridesuniform information for all excuNionsin a clear,prcdictablemanner.For t}Ie editor,there are fewer chancesfo! errors to creepin, expeciallyin thosedetails which are impo*ant to thoBe who actually sig[ up for a run. please Excursioncoordinators, usethis pageto pattem your an" nouncementB.Or email Bill Coulsonto sendyou the fomat in an emailm$sage;you canfill in the blanks and retum it to him via email. Annoucementsrec€ivedin other forms will be tailored to lit this format. Someof you will actuallyget more "ink" than in the past,somele8s. Below iB an exampleof the new format, Thanks for your coopelation on this. Bill Coukon Jan Taylor

C!nadl.n N.tion.l R.llro.d July 15th - July 27, 2OO3 sw&e s pleasedto sponsora l3-day runoverth€eN J!l v 15" 27 .2003.Par ti€ipantswil travelappro(imately L4l round-trip mllesbetwe€nPrinceGeoroe and PrinceR!o€rt. BC.Pleasenote below for specialconditionsand r€o!irements. Trip fee of $2.450 p€r car incl ud€srai l roadcosts, hot els.som e meals.fuel. and oro! nd transoortation. Ther€ is a 2o-car imit. This is a NARCOA insuredexcursion,and all NARCOA n'les will apply. For trip details contactTomPhainPOBox 564 Alamo C A 94507.Tel : (s301 713 - 9s82 or emai ltphai [email protected] si l .

Page 26 t THE SETOFF c NovemberlDecember


Gr€ a t M i ami & S ci otoR ai l road Satu.dav November 2, 2Oo2 r..fg.mar:B&O,C&Oand DT&l ines whichwere so prevalentaroundJackson,Ohio. This f!n wi I reaturemilesof weldedrait alongvariedsc€nic ocationspunctuated by two tuinels. This run wi I be approximately100 milestotat. NARCOA and OVR rulesand insurancerequirementswillapply. Registrationdeadtineis October15, 2002 with a 40 car imit. ContactOave Verzi, 10059 Atdrdge Drive, Cotumbia Sta ti o nO H44028.Te: (440)236-3374(catbetw een7r00and9:ooptvt) orem ait W1 4 3 4 0 @ aol .com.

$nt. Crur. Big r.€es €nd P..lflc. Srturday Novemb€r 9, 2OO2 ,s lefr o'the RoJteol Tne Suntai Specia' We wrttrun uplit to Otympi. Run Lryhdt a .d tn e n-J- to to$,. ard crosrtw y ! a-o 90 th.ougi the vtssi onH i t't-nnet , We will run at leasttwo trips and oerhaosrnore f time allows.20-car tim t. Excursion coordnatorsrf4arvWeberand BLrckFrank.Senda checknade out to PROfor S50 with a stamped,self -addressedenvelope,your PROMefib€rship#, NARCOA Ins #, 6nd NarcoaExarn# to BLickFrank,21570SumrnitRoad,LosGatos,CA95033. F o r m o re i nfo contact ether Marv W eber Tetr (831) 425-5467 or €m at l BLrck FrankTe | (408)353 2288or [email protected] [email protected]

South€rnllew J.rGy W€€k€nd(t{ERcA) November 9-10,2002 Gre.t sftoky t'lount.ln RR(TF) Novernber 17,2002

C.llfornla W65t€rn S.turd.v ltov€mbe. 30, 2002 W!.t.rn (SWRC) Novemb€r 30, 2002

satuday set on at witlits cA. coordtnato.pat Coteman,1989 RobtnRtdgeCt., WalnutCreek,CA94596.Tel: (925) 979-1040or efiail oat.colemen(Dm ndapnno. COm,Runfee and tr p detallsto be announced,Th s is a NARCOA Ins!red actlvlty, All NARCOA insu.ed6nd rulebookcertifledoperatorsare wetcome.

Gr..t SmokyMount.lnr RR(TF) December 31tanuary 1st2003

C.nrdlrn N.tlon.l R.llro.d July !.5th - July 27, 2OO3 ''S\ryRCs pleasedto sponsora 13-day .un over the CN luly 15-27, 2003. padici ''''i)antswlll travel.pproximately1,343round-trip mil€sbetweenPrtnceGeorgeand PrinceRupert,BC.Ple.senote belowfor specialconditionsand r€qulrements, Tr D fe€ of $2,450percar nclud€srailroEdcosts,hotels,somemeats,fle, and ground transportaiion.Ther€ s a 20-car llm t, Th s s a NARCOA-tnsured excursioi, and a l N A R C Orul A esw i l appy. Fortrl p detai l scontactTom P hal r,P OB ox664A a m o, c A 9 4 5 0 7.Tel :(530)713-9582or emai tphai [email protected] si l British Columbi. R.ilroad July 29-Au9ust 7, 2003 s!'llRclsoleasedto soonsord 10-day rJr ove. BC RairlLty 29.Auqrst 7, 2003 Particpa.ts willkave approximaiey922 round-trp milesbetweenPnnceceorge and North Vancouver,BC, Pleasenote below for specialconditionsafd .eqLrirements.Tr p fee of $2,250 per car includ€srai roadcosts,hotels,f!el, and 9ro!nd t.ansportation.Thereis a 20-car limit. This is a NARCOA!nsuredexcursion,and all NARCOA r!les will apply.Fortr p detais contactTom Phair,POAox 664 Atamo, c A 9 4 5 0 7 .Tel r(530)713- 9s82or emai trtohai [email protected] si Canadian National Railroad August 1O-16, 2OO3 -9I4IRCis pleasedto sponsora 7-day run over the eX Aug. 10-16, 2003. Partici'''iants will travel apDroximately638 round trio milesbetw€enHintonand crande Praire,A berta. Pleasesee belowfor specialconditionsand requifem€nts.Trip fee of$1,59s nc udesrailroadcosts,hot€ls,somemeals,fueland groundtransportauon. The.e is a 20-car imit. This is a NARCOA-insured excursion,and att NARCOA ruleswil apply.For trip detailscontactTom Phai.,Po Box 664 Atamo,CA 94507. T e| (5 3 0 )7 13 9s82or em.i l r tphai [email protected] si i

THE SETOFF . Novembe

Decentber 2(n2 . Page 27

S pec lanot esro r C a n a d i a R n aI T o u rs- 2 0 0 3 r( 1.) $500deposireql t i redto hol d y our r es er ua ti o nb a l a n c ed u e Ap rl 1 , 2 0 0 3 .( 2.) D eposi ts are refundabeuntl M ar c h31, 200 3 .(3 .) A ra d i oc a p a be o f tra n s mtt ng and recei vi ng on N A R C OA f r equencof y 15 1 ,6 2 5 l 4 h sz re q ure dto b e n s t al edi nal cars,P ortabl ehandhed modelsare not acceptable.(4.) Seat beltsare requrredby railroad.(s. ) All turntablesmust meel AARreq!irementsof 2 1/2" inch lift abovethe ra lhead.Special rlles appl cableto safety ssuesfor aboveruns wi I be postedw th ndividua runs. Furtherd€tals avaiab e at htto //www.southwestrailcar or9 o r by contad n9 Tor.

Great Smokv Mountain Railroad Nov em ber17 . 2 o o 2 t B r y s onCit y ,No rthC a roi n a to A i d re w s ,w e w l eat l l nch i n A ndrew sw hl e our m ot or c ar sar e o n d s p l a yfo r th e to w n s p e o p eto see,then upon our returnto arysonther€ s the possibiity of a trip to Whitti€rand back.On the afternoonand eary eveningof the 16th you are a I invited to Rail Oawg'sbirthdayparty to be held at the RailDawgShop.Wewi I be havin9someofthat famousspaghettisauce at the party!Al NARCOA rulesapp y, insurancecard,certificatecardand r!lebook all m us t be s h o w n .Al l b e l t d rv e n c a rsw l l b e tow edov€r the R €dMarbe Gap grade.Th€re s a limit of two Hy-ra ls per event. We are taking a sma ler nlmbe. of cars th s year,so 9€t your ch€ckin soonl Cost s 560. Makecheckpayabe to I om F alc onan d ma i lto 1 2 2 7S a w mi lC l re e kR d .,B rysonC i tyN C28713l el : (828) 488-8063€v€s,or ernaI ra [email protected] Gr..t Smokv l'tountElns Rallroad Dec.nber 31, 2OO2& Januarv 1st 2OO3

tludson B.y RR (wF) l ul y 3' 13,2003 cln.dian Natlonal RR (SWRC) JLrl y!5-27,2003

l8rysonC ty, NC. Aftera complmentarymea servedatthe BrysonCitySt.tion rrom 3 to sprn,we wi I ride into the NewYear'sEve N ght to Wesserand back.For New Aritlrh Coltrmbia RR (SWRC) Y€ars Day w€ hav€beenq ven permissioito ride the entire ine We wil run from 7, 2003 Ju y 29-A Lr9!st Brysonto Dilsbofothen backthrolgh Bryso. and on to Andrewsand back.Wew ll s t opf or a t as ty u n c hs o me w h e re a o n g th e w ay/at a ocatonthat i s yet to be Britlrh Columbl. RR (PRg) d€t er mn€d.A l N AR C OA T !l e s w l l a p pnys,!ra n cecard/certi fcatecarddndrul ebook S €ptember6- 21,2003 mustal be shown.All be t dr ven caB wil be towedoverthe RedMarb€ Gapgrade. per qroups Ther€is a I mit of two Hy-rais event.Wewil not be sp itting nto two this y ear s nc ewea re ta k i l ga s m a l e rn !mb e ro fc a r sthsyeanGetyourcheck i n eary; the eventwil be so d out qlickly Cost s $60 for one day or $8s for bothdaysmak€ checkpayableto TomFaliconand mail to 1227Sawm I CreekRd,,BrysonCity NC 28713T elr( 828 )4 8 8 8 0 6 3e v e so r e rn a ira d a w [email protected]

Hudson aav Rallroad J ulv 3- 13, 2OO3 r.lVT s pleasedto sponsora 12-day run over the HBR(former canadianNaiional Railway Nov ) .l u y 3 1 3 , 2 0 0 3 . P .rti c i p a n ts w i l l travelapproxi matey 186 mi l es round-trip rnilesbetweenCranberrylunction to LynnLake,219 round-trip m les Ly nnLak et o F l n F o n , 3 6 ro u n d i ri p m i l e sF l n Fl onto C ranberry l uncton, 230 r oLr ndt r ipm les T h e Pa s to T h o m p s o1n5, 8ro u n d-tri pmi es Thompson to G I am, 183r o! nd t r p m i € s , G i la m to C h u rc hl i, 1 8 3round-tri pml esC hurchitoGi l l am, 158 r oundt r ip m i l e sG i l a m to T h o mp s o na,n d 230 round-trp mi l esThompson, T hisex c ! r eionw l l l b e i n i w o p a ri s :fi rs i i h e L y n nLakei i ne,secondthe C hurchi l por t ion,E x t r af a reto u rsl u l y 9 -1 0a tT h eP a sto seeB el ugaW h.l es,FortC hurchi l , PolarBearlai , etc. Pric€is vet io be determined.This is a NARCOA-I.sured excutr s ion,andal NA R c o Arl l e s w i l la p p y . F o rtd pd etais H ankB row nTel :(608)8394939 or em all w i d e rn e s [email protected] i n x p r€ s s .n.e t


. TEE SETOFF c Novernber/Decetuber 2OO2



south [email protected]' tashlnston xoYdber 2?th, l92a


F. G . u o o ( y t



(2 coPres)

lecelYod ftoE LI!. I v16h to quot€ tbe fo}Iovldg lette! 'I c!ave!, addreB.ed to JdeB stq)Eon ade! date ol Notebbe! 24tlt, vlth lefelence to irJuly o! IdalD Dlll,.lotr due to vheel co4irg

Vintage Rkk Leach sends a/ong this series of correspondence from the lvorthern Pacifrc shops at South Tacoma.


Pu6h Cai ,,'he€'s -

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' y ou ! e c e r y e o c o ! ! ^ E o ! E ! . 6 b 4 n n o n '6 F - 2 ? r t r € s o c t a . n t Xo6. I?, 19 ard ?1r datod Oclober 26' l9ea, cot6!. . ! or t 6 lng !€!Bona1 inJury to en A8.l8tent XoreiEn cnd el8ht €rtla nea! Ju.11a.tta, on trat dat€, $tclcb accld6Ei sans laborer. E€ cau6€d by th€ fo1lorllet fh16 gsg sa6 goLtrg !n to cep fo! tbe noo!-dey s€al, Ule iw notb! ca! pdltne !re11€!6 sd e puah ce! tr ihe o!de! Deeil. Ih6y haai sto!!.d io llck u! rhe Een tlnll8 treck s d ve l e p r c c € e d i r u a t e 6 ! e e d o t t e d D 1 1 e E p B r h o u , w h o ! ore ot the leai whe€1,3 on lhe !u6h ca! [email protected]!€ dd clldbed the r4tL oD tbc hleh clde ot a thlee-d.Aree culve. the outElde lut holdta€i thlE trh..I to th. exle cMe loo.e f;hlLe th. c dr ! , l e i e 1 n o o t l o n , a n d . n l ! 6 ! . c t 1 o n Eho,ed ttLat tirl. ubeel, bed not be.n lr6aB€d o!. lhl6 .B! had a .ho!t tlm. !r€y1ou61y been lepalred dt tarkial.! $Fp.. you lrlodly t6k. tht6 !ratt.! in la.d *!th .L), coDcemed "rll,t a! our !e!61r polniar to Bce thet 6uch rep41r€ a!. alv.a lhe etteltlon t o a r o l d u c c l d . t r t 8 o f t h l 8 ! ! n d , {h I . h tn ! r c ler ihl6 ca6e Eert th€ A€Blriai to!6!& and llx la!or€!! io th. Hospttal a! spokane, one labor.! 1o6t one-hall dsy, erd on. c or t lnu e d a t v o r k . ' You {lU note tlEt tht6 Ly b€€! oyelhau1€d 6t PE!k*at€!. lBvc you caution 6a!1oye8 hadLtng vhe€1. are !,!ope!Iy ap!11.d.

palilculai ca! hait lecert,l.h Hov."s!, uoutd b6 plce€.d to tbls rolk to be €u!€ that





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THE SETOFF c Nouernbe Decernber 2002 o Page 29

llr. t.

o. IoodY!

,I!!cr Car tro. 5,a SI. rblob rar 8a[t to .hop! fro! ' L!. 599?? by Sw.rtlrot Alltrrto! J|IuBry gznd h f.P. Car esooult ot xhcll brae!.r'!t. A. f,litdor.rar AiDalC lB A.rell4aul 5tb. Car rrr raDalRi otr 9.0. E-886 atr(l letural.d trlbturr Ir. {arrrt!' Aslrt. suprrlntond,.rt ol selaty'saotlol' rer TE! h6r€ raoratly aDrl ailvllrd iho oar.. ot tblr d.rallnont d,ua to tb! rtvqir rbloh lrol|I€ thc bub to rh!!l broD.r eU brtakltu. It ra. alao srrurlrrl tbat rla! th. cir rar ct tha prlo! to ta,auarjr ?2, 1929, a racotd band lhoDf tot rrpair! rblal ra! e?pllcal enil lt rar statr4 rer not ttaadard to th. oar.


I{ora?ar, lt rlll br notG0 tlbrt ro!. ol tb.ra uotor oa! rbs.l! havr rlght rlyct! througb tb,G hub, rhlla othalt lravr rl; - al(l I rrlArrlta|ld that thr rlsGl tbat- fall.A haal rtr Blc re._rrtlrr,d to tn oolr.rsatlor rfll ur. t;rr;;-r"d tic-E!. haadlltg rrlrelr. a. th! plclcrrablc *mif . .t. w"rrin4cvtalc !r tbat ha roul(l tata l[) tlc qulstloE of bevh.

p.rtodtoat tnrprotron Ji iirit,i il;;;;e oar-! oB tb. .yrtlE for '"ai 8 p.lloa ot onc yoa! ulllr|.l

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Ia tbr tsrantlnr tt lr tbr darlra to rct erld,! ell y19l 9?r rh!.rt! tb!,r ar. toula d.fcctlva o"-.ii-tilll-olr" rro.rv.d at_ !b!! tor

rrlEls! lor a Dlrlod Jf J". yrii Jia ,._ oord krDt lhottug trr'tulc- of d,lfrot awl kllC or DLr o, rhaa].. tbwb.rl r-or iith.-s;iirlia-t, :1. l? !C. rtrtilrltaBahi .r, hub, rhu! tb. rtsrt b"; ;-fi;;iiloi :lv:l! rtrrtr. lbrousb WlLl 1". ..rtnt ,ou Dllar

beia3to d;.;-i;;ti;-pil;#:bilYr::1T;:ii?iY#*.i"* oO-1. f.


.:. .. .;. .., ,ri , .1,.,. .'


Page 3O c THE SETOFF. NovemberlDecember2002 n o glas s ,and. o lig h ts .E n g i n ei s fre e a n d c om P let e. Ne e d s w a te r c o n d e n s err €plac ed.$3 5 0 0 .C 7 Op e n car, no front or roof, no seats, a Inew paint, new sheet metal, brakes, and wire. Auy car without the ROC en9 i ne r or $1, 500or w l th th e R OCe n 9ine ror $2,500. Both cars are located in WashingronState. Lookingto buy or trade ror M 9. B.!ce Ferguson, 1 2 5 7DunlapDr F r e e l a n dWA 9 8 2 4 9 . Te l ( 360) 331- 1 0 1 2 o r e ma i I a l hobo( 6whidbey.c o m . lF03 Re st or ed M T 19-A C a b Bo d y ProfessionallyrestoredCanadianPa' cllc fibergl:ss cab body. Repainted ye l o w ! s ing ac r y li cu re th a n ep a i n t, Ne w door hinqesa n d l o c k a b l ed o o r h a ndles hav e also been In st alled.I nc iudesm o s t g l a s s a n d g a s k et s . S e I n9 p ri c e i s $ 1 ,0 0 0 . Also available is a t lt-bed ilat wood deck tra ler for $700. Take both as p a c k age f or on y $ 1 ,5 0 0 . Oo n n Sanford,210 SwarthmoreCoult,Woodsto c kI L 60098- 787 9T . e l r(8 1 5 )3 3 7 2 3 2 3or er [email protected] m c .n e t.N D 0 2

Sp e c i a l 1, Mak H P 13, E ngi ne # 4 2 5 7 3 .C ari n runni ngorderandal in orig nalform as when retired from th e H 9 h Poi nt,Thomasvi l e& D enton RRco. Alsoan original turntable goes w th c a r h ow everone pi eceof turnta b l e i s mi ssi ng.P ri cei s $2150 for b o th i te ms. R ay H i nkl e, P ,O, B ox 1 1 2 7 , W el come N C 27374. Tel : (3 3 6 ) 7 3 1 -4231or emai l rH i nkl ehe.e @ a o l ,c o m. JFO3 pushcart, N ol an H e .v y -d u ty 1 0 ,0 0 0 bs capacl ty,w i th di amond step p ate platrorm. Currently has a w o o d e n ( back-to-back) passenser seat installed (easily removed with fo u r b o l ts ).C ar i s i n l i ke new condi tion except fo. paint and ne€dedminor brake work. $400 flrm. Delivery w i l h i n a 3 00-mi l erad us ofW ashi ngt06 DC is possible.GeneTucker,1004 N o (h Kentucky S t, A rl i ngton V A 2 2 2 0 5 . rel t l 7O3) 533-0433, or em6il: [email protected],lom. lF03

Tral l €r, i i ame type to haul your speeder to meets. This trail€r is all steel,6ft.x 6ft. plus thetongu€, small enoughto easi l ypul l behi ndyou r cat yet bi g enoughforan l 4T-14.Ithasa 2000-l b. axl e,2-i nch bal l hi tc h, 4wire rlat conne€torfor all DOTlights, hand winch for easy loading, brand new thi s spri n9 13-i nch radi alt ir €s and wh€els, a mounted spare tlre, and i t i s ti tl €d. C ol or i s dark blue. A ski ng $850, l ocated i n C olor ado SprinqsCO. For more info Teli (719) 598-9528oremai l me for pi ctu r esat NDO 2 [email protected],lalq.

MT-19.nd traller - retiredCana(133-33) dianNatlonal Fairmont motor-car,Car ls in excellentrunnlng con-dltlon. Equipped with tow bar, brakellght,Rreextinguisherand lots of new parts,suchas wipermotors, g ass,plexlglas, gastank fuelpump, andshleld,Twon€wr€arwheelsand brakes, Trailerls 1 y€arold.Me€tsall speclfications for NARCOA motorcar Falrmont A5 motorcrr, 1955 exexcurslons,currentvalid lnsDectlon SALopencar,R€builtWa!keshafourstlcker, EasternK€ntucky,Pric€ is cycleengine,reworkedtransmlssion $3500OBO.ContactOavldWebb and clutch,Car'sbodv was redone/ 2707 NorthviewRoadAshland,KenF.l r b. nk 3- M 0136 4 0 -8 R e l l ro .d repainted fouryear5ago,Caris in ex(505)324tucky41101,telephone ilotor C.r, lwo cylinder alr-coo ed c€ll€nt condltlon throughout. $3,500 4005or [email protected] € n g ine,r r lc t londr lv e .C a r i n ru n n i n g rirm.DellvervDosslble within300NO02 o rd €rand all ln or lg i n a l fo rma s w h e n mle radl!sof Washlngton DC,cene r€ ti r ed f r om lhe Wi n s to n -5 a l € m Tucker,1004NorthKentuckvSt, Ar HG.dllght mountlng brlckct. So u t hbo! nd Rallw a yAl , s o a n o ri g i llngtonVA 22205.Telr(703)s33N€wsetsfor headllghlmountlng,part nal turntable goes with car, Pr c€ is [email protected]| numbers41000& 41001.Prlcels $20 JFO3 eachplusS/H.ContactCareyBoney $2150 ior bolh ltefis. P€y H nkle, P.O. Ao x 1127,W e c om eN C . 2 7 3 7 4 . T e l l 1505Powers RoadWallace, NC28465 (3 3 6) 731- 4231or e ma i l :H i n k l e h e re Sh€ltl€ld v€loclp€d€ - museum Telr(910)285"7489. lA02 @ aol. c om , lF03 oualitvandcondition. Thisvelocioede has beend splayedndoorsfor sevFalrmont ilT-19 wlth tllt tr.ll€r H y-Rall f or t hr €. q u .rt.r-to n eralyears,Al original€xceptfor the Thls car hasbeencarefullyrestored truck f4itchell model 1010 HD Hythlrd wheelextenson arm, that had to rallroadspeclflcations, Original d ra u llc wit h f v e 1 9 .5 -l n c h w h e e l s to be reolaced, Pictures areavailablel OnanCCKBoverhauled In 1998,new oleasesenda self-addr€ss stamDed carburetor,new bearingsat all cor$3,500. Raftna hydraulics wlth flve 1 9 .5 - inc h wh€es $ 3 ,0 0 0 . F a l rm o n t envelope, andonedollartocovercost ners, good \,vheels and brakes,Car 0 3 07, m anual$800 . { Yo d e4l 0 B u rro ofpictures.Askingpric€is $3,750or hasa unlqueoriginalCanadian NaCrane parts. G€ismarTherm te weld best reasonableoffer.FrankButler, tionaI fiberglasscab, firstaidboxand sh €ar$1, 000.Rac l n eR a l ld ri | $ 3 0 0 . 66 RichardTerrace,Red Bank NJ decals.NARCOAsafety equipment Al pr ic €s in l. l S l u n d s .T o n y 07-701. Tet:1732)747-2546. JFO3 added lncludesa fir€ extinguisher, An d r us ev ic h, RR # 1 h a mi l to n horns,seatbelts,tow bar,and brak€ On tar io,CanadaLoRl P0 o re v e n i n g s Ava lable, p.rtr for C-5 and C-8 light.Carwasoperat€daroundWlsTe l : ( 905) 692- 594 9 . ND02 c.rbur€tors. Alsoavailable ar€ parts consinareaandonthe LS&Itrlpswith for Hy-Duty and Weathersealiimers. no oroblems.A verv reliablecarthat F.irmont Rrllwav Motor Ca. MasWe wil also rebu ld carburetors or is readvforthe summerof2002.Also tcr M2 and a predecessortos2 style. ti m€ r fo r you. C arey B oney, 160s includedis a Falconh€aw-duWtiltBelt driven, 20" wheels. metal front PowersRd, Walace NC 28466. Tel: bedtrail€rwith14"whee]s,me€hanl(9 1 0 ) w i th 2 \ r indows , m e ta l ru n n i n g 2 85 7489 or emai l l cal winchon the rrontfor easyloadboards, 8 HB Type HP QBA,GrcupE, [email protected] JF03 n9 or spe€der.$4,000will g€t youa nic€ ride with trailer for transportin9.ContactMarkPreussler Tell (920) 565-2183 or email [email protected], lA02

Gars tes!lin$Motor ForrcompleLlbllng.ndChotosolallourmotorcarpaits,$oour*.b3tt hnpJ/ww,h.lnbhtcoh/l6,kln9.htrn [email protected]

Ptom: 13$) [email protected], r4 7 Au


TEE SETOFF c Nouembe

Gang work hailer - with brakesand in good condltion, or the plans for a gan9 trailer, need is for museum operat ons. Pleasecontact Jam€s Gar ner, 1746GumtreeDriveOrangePark FL 32073. Tel: (9O4) 264-5564 or em ailr . lG r r m a n @ a o l .c o m. M A0 3 Falrmont Hy-Rail gear - From the 1940's - so's era. I am restoring a 1951 W il y s -J e e p w a g o n w l th a Fai.mont A31 series-Aand a Willysleep truck with a Fairmont A30 series-A. Lookin9for period corect on track mechanism for each. Refer to F alr m ontbu l l e ti h # 6 4 5 a n d # 7 6 0 . P leas e v isi t o u r w e b s i te a l www,wi lysamerica.comfor photos, Any info.mation, par! or pieces, old photos o. literature is appreciated. ContactPaulBarryBox 538 Cazadero, CA 95421.T e l r (7 0 7 ) 6 3 2 -5 2 5 8 . 14403

Decernbet 2002 c Page 31

No r th Am e r ica n Ra ilca r Operators Association (NARCOA) Pres.- Tom Falicon Sec.- loel Williams

OFFICERS V Pres,- KenAnnett Treas,- TomNorman

Board of Directors (ME, NH,W NY i4A,CT,RI) North PrcvidenceRI 02911

( N D ,S D , N E , I A ) 1302 6th Avenle S.E.

(Nl, pa, 0e, MD) W ndsor ONT N9e-1v6


(co, Ks,rvro, aR,u, Tx,ok)

46 9133WesiStateRoad,

HT19 or Mll4 wanted that is ready to roll, I have a trailer for transport at ionand m l g h t b e !!i l l n 9 to p i c k u p , P leas e s end a l l d e ta i l s to s te v e Nic holseO . Bo x 1 3 3 7 3Od e s s a T X 79768- 3373o r e m a i l s n i c h o i s MA03 @-mr$hil!o!0.

(wv vA,(Y Nc,sc, tN)


1227S.wmrrrCreek Road Bryson alty NC28713

1047 Ten€ceView Drlve

The City ofArmstrong, ariush Colum" bi6 is searchingfor a "strong Arm" turnteble. They require !his €quipm ent t o pr e s s i n to s € rv i c € ro l l i n g stock, steam locomotive and l'4OW equipm ent I. fy o u h a v e i d € a sw h e re t his t y pe or t u rn ta b l e c o u l d b e l o ' cated, pleasehe p by contactinglvlary J o. g T elr ( 25 0 ) 5 4 6 -8 1 5 5o r e ma i l , [email protected]€ or or f 4ar gar etHo p eT e l r (6 0 4 ) 3 2 0 -7 5 1 3 or em ail m ho o e @i o n s o a te .c a , NDO2

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CottaqeGrove WI 53527

Hoffman Estates IL 60195

SantaC ara CA 95051 NARCOAW€b Master and conm0nl.ations San lose CA 95125 4333

NARCOALicensed Radio Call Sign W P H T745- 151.625 mH z

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