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Odyssey®. Case Manager. Streamline Workflow With Integrated. Document Management. Proven effective in more court systems than any other case ...


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Odyssey Case Manager The Most Complete Court System Available

The Most Comprehensive Courts System Available Imagine how effectively and efficiently your court would operate if you had a comprehensive, end-to-end court case management system that provided case management, document management, e-filing, financials and more — from dispatch through disposition. Tyler Technologies’ complete, endto-end Odyssey® product suite is that solution. Odyssey has proven to be so successful that it has become the leading case management software in the market today. Odyssey Case Manager™ is at the heart of the Odyssey product suite. This highly-configurable software was designed to handle the unique needs of a wide range of courts, including small county courts and large, statewide implementations. Whether functioning as a single case-type system or as the hub of a unified, highly integrated case management system, Case Manager provides secure access to a comprehensive view of party and case data that results in streamlined workflow, better decision-making, greater efficiencies and paperless processes across the entire justice system.

Our Mission: To improve our society by delivering holistic solutions to the justice community and the citizens it serves.


Why Tyler Technologies Let Our Experience Lead to Your Success Tyler Technologies is the leading provider of software solutions and services for local governments. We know local government like no one else because Tyler is 100 percent dedicated to the public sector. “Since day one, there was a partnership

Proven Track Record

between our court and Tyler. The ongoing

We have a proven track record of automating processes,

customer service we receive encourages

eliminating paper and making courts more efficient and effective.

us to continue to make improvements and

We serve thousands of successful Odyssey courts across 900

to challenge ourselves to become more

counties and 24 states, including 11 statewide implementations.

efficient, which better serves our staff and

This represents more than one-third of the nation’s population —

the public.”

100 million citizens live in jurisdictions that have licensed Tyler’s

— Megan Ivey, Deputy Trial Court

Odyssey case management or e-filing solutions.

Administrator for Information & Technology Services, Washtenaw County, Michigan

Knowledgeable Resources and Deep Expertise

In 2016, Forbes ranked Tyler on their “Most

Tyler has the financial stability and scale to allow us to invest in

Innovative Growth Companies” list, and it

our products for the long term, including more than $40 million

has also named Tyler one of “America’s Best

in R&D investment every year just to improve our products. We

Small Companies” eight times.

also attract the best people, utilize the latest technology and implement best-in-class support and training systems. Our growing team of more than 550 dedicated courts and justice professionals has deep domain expertise in the public sector, and because we have had so many successful implementations, we share best practices and knowledge from other jurisdictions to make your project more successful.


A History of Success 175 Dedicated Courts

300 Dedicated Courts & Justice Experts

& Justice Experts



30+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 1981 — The Software Group (TSG) is founded to produce software for the public sector.

ODYSSEY DEBUTS 2001 — Odyssey Case Manager is unveiled at the Court Technology Conference (CTC) as the first party-based court case automation software in the industry.

MINNESOTA LEADS WITH ECOURT ODYSSEY 2002 — As Odyssey’s first client, the state of Minnesota has been a front-runner in justice system technology advancements, including standardized statewide practices, touchscreens on the bench and statewide e-filing.




2002 – 2017 — Odyssey has become the platform of choice in many statewide and county implementations, including 14 statewide clients: Minnesota (2002), New Hampshire (2002), Indiana (2005), New Mexico (2005), North Dakota (2008), South Dakota (2008), Oregon (2008), Maryland (2011), Rhode Island (2011), Idaho (2011), Washington (2011), Texas (2011), Illinois (2016) and Maine (2017).

2008 – 2017 — Industry-leading product advancements expand Odyssey’s value to clients with the release of e-Signatures (2008), Software as a Service (SaaS, 2009), Odyssey Judge Edition™ (2009), Odyssey File & Serve™ (2011), Odyssey Guide & File™ (2014), Odyssey Jury™ (2016) and Case Manager for Appellate Courts (2016). Odyssey 2017 includes a new interface and updated technology.

LEADERSHIP IN 120 COUNTIES IN TEXAS, CALIFORNIA, GEORGIA, FLORIDA & NEVADA 2002 – 2017 — Odyssey has become the leading case management system in many states where case management system decisions are made county by county. In both Texas and California, 70 percent of the population is served, including Los Angeles Superior Court, the largest court in the U.S.




Dedicated Courts & Justice Experts


Dedicated Courts & Justice Experts




COLLIN COUNTY’S INTEGRATED CRIMINAL JUSTICE 2010 — When Collin County, Texas, augmented their existing Odyssey Case Manager with Odyssey Jail Manager™ and Law Enforcement products, they seamlessly shared case information between justice partners. The resulting efficiencies led to significant cost savings and reduced errors, plus this enabled them to better serve the public with faster, simpler and automated processing of transactions between the jail and court system.

OREGON ACHIEVES E-COURT VISION 2011 — Oregon’s first circuit court was online within 15 months of signing a contract with Tyler and has moved rapidly toward the completion of their progressive Oregon e-Court vision that includes statewide e-filing, online documents and online interactive forms for self-represented litigants.

E-FILING LEADERSHIP 2017 — Odyssey File & Serve is now the most widely adopted e-filing platform in the nation with more than 40 million documents filed annually and 520,000+ registered users. The state of Texas, the largest statewide mandatory e-filing project in the country, was completed nine months ahead of schedule and on budget.

550+ DEDICATED COURTS & JUSTICE EXPERTS 2017 — The Courts & Justice team has grown over the years from 175 in 2003 to more than 550 professionals today — many with experience working in courts across the U.S.

ODYSSEY CLIENTS BY US STATES Statewide Implementations Presence in selected courts

Odyssey, the leading courts and justice software system in the U.S., serves more than 900 counties across 24 states.


Outstanding Training, Community and Support Tyler University: Improve Knowledge and Train New Staff — 24/7

Tyler Community: Answers and Advice from Tyler Experts and Your Peers

Tyler University (Tyler U) offers valuable job-related

Some of the most valuable knowledge about

training that Odyssey clients can access 24/7, from

Odyssey lies in the minds of our clients,

any location with internet access using a personal

as well as Tyler employees. These unique

computer or a mobile device. Tyler U reduces the

experiences and perspectives can benefit

time, effort and cost associated with training your

both users and Tyler staff, which is why we

workforce by delivering comprehensive training

developed the Tyler Community — an online

curriculums tailored to your organization’s needs

collaboration community filled with useful

based on Tyler’s comprehensive library of courses. The

blogs, forums, libraries and wikis that allow

content is included in your maintenance agreement

participants to:

at no cost and is updated on a regular basis as part of

• Search forums, discussions and wikis

Tyler’s evergreen philosophy. Tyler U enables existing and new staff to take full advantage of Odyssey. • New staff can get up to speed quickly and you can track your employee’s training and progress. • Existing staff learn about Odyssey’s latest

to solve problems before submitting a support ticket • Connect with peers and Tyler staff in a collaborative, interactive environment • Ask questions and get answers from experts in other jurisdictions or Tyler staff

features and capabilities, increasing productivity.

• Share best practices, ideas and knowledge about Odyssey products and capabilities










• Make recommendations for product

Industry-Leading Support As technology changes, your needs change. Service is at the core of what we stand for — to deliver leading-edge, end-to-end services and support and be a reliable partner for the long term.

Support Services to Solve Your Unique Needs Tyler provides valuable support services and resources, including a real-time help desk and related services that solve Odyssey clients’ immediate needs. These support services are response-driven. Issues are intelligently routed to a resource best suited to resolve the problem, are governed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and are always aligned with our commitment to provide you with technologically current products and reliable performance throughout the life of your Odyssey investment.

Gain Access to: • 24x7 emergency support – A toll-free number is available for emergency issues that occur outside of normal support hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST), including catastrophic system issues. • Weekend support – Saturday support is available for prescheduled system upgrades.

Tyler adds a “proactive” approach to industry-leading “reactive” support services. Reactive support services answer questions and resolve problems quickly. Proactive services help


avoid problems and improve


user sophistication in using Odyssey. When combined,



• Software Issues

• Project Transition

• Configuration Updates

• Post-Project Governance

• System & Servers

• Account Management

• Install Assistance

• Learning Management System

• Critical Situation Process

• Release Planning

they translate to clients who are more efficient and effective, resulting in customer satisfaction scores that far exceed the industry.

• Tyler Community


Constant Innovation Drives Continuous Improvement Odyssey is the industry-leading case management software in part because it is constantly improving. With a goal toward securing long-term relationships with our clients, Tyler’s evergreen philosophy means we are always enhancing our products with the latest technology, and new product releases are available to clients at no cost. More than 150 developers work diligently to ensure that Odyssey remains the best case management system available. EverGuide® extends this commitment from just improving our software to working proactively with our clients to create a plan that helps them take full advantage of our software, with process improvements, training and other adjustments. The result — Odyssey clients improve their operations, year after year.

everGuide The Evolution to an Electronic Court The journey to realizing a paperless court is not as simple as installing the latest version of Odyssey. Every client is unique with their own set of needs and challenges, so Tyler works with clients to create an approach that is customized for them — one that evolves over time. Tyler’s E-Court Maturity Model is a tool we use with clients to develop a successful plan for evolving their organizations from paper-based to an electronic court.

“Tyler’s evergreen approach is about constantly looking at how to advance your office through their software solutions — how to gain business efficiencies from new Odyssey releases. We set our course, our unique roadmap, and pave the way with Tyler to achieve each new milestone success.” Laurie Reaves, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, Clerk of Courts, Miami-Dade County, Florida  8

Tyler’s E-Court Maturity Model Court

Advanced Electronic




All Electronic

u u


Mostly Electronic



 Participants are electronically noticed on court orders and actions.



Some Electronic u u


 All documents in CMS are searchable PDFs.  Automated electronic tasks exist between clerk and court.




 Automated electronic tasks exist between court and clerk.  All files in courtroom are electronic.  All data entry and forms generated in courtroom.  Processes between court and clerk are electronic.

 Most files in courtroom are electronic.  Some manual and paper processes still exist.

u u







 Documents received and signed electronically.


 Some data entry and forms generated in the courtroom, but paper/manual process are still prevalent.



 Paper files in courtroom.


 Manual forms generated in courtroom.


 All signatures on paper.

 Only electronic files are maintained.


 Appeals are generated electronically.


 Processes between clerk and court are electronic.


 Most cases are initiated electronically.  Most subsequent filings are received electronically.



 Self-represented litigants can complete forms and electronically file online.  Electronic interaction between court and juror regarding jury services and trial cancellation.

 Court documents can be viewed online.  Jurors can submit excusal and reschedule requests online.  Some self-represented litigants can complete forms online.

 Citizens can look up case information online.  Jurors can complete questionnaires online.










 Attorneys are electronically noticed on court orders and action.  Automated electronic tasks exist between attorneys and the CMS.

Justice Partners



 Feature-rich services function natively on mobile devices.

 All new cases and subsequent filings are submitted electronically.  Attorneys can submit proposed orders electronically.



 Court documents can be viewed online.

 Most filings are submitted electronically.  Attorneys can look up case information online.



 E-filings are automatically updated in CMS.  Some documents are received electronically.  All paper documents received or generated are scanned.

 All case filings are received on paper and docketed manually.  All case files are maintained on paper.






 General court information is available online.


 Some filings are submitted electronically.


 Payments can be made online and are automatically posted in the CMS.

 Copies of court records are available at the courthouse.  Payments are mostly made in person by cash or check.  Jury service is facilitated through paper and mail.



 Copies of court records are available at the courthouse.  Attorneys hand-deliver or use couriers to file documents with the court.



 Automated electronic tasks exist between clerk and court.  Courts can view electronic case information from many jurisdictions in the region.

 All justice partners receive information from the court electronically.  Justice partners can electronically retrieve appropriate case documents.

 Most justice partners receive information from the court electronically.  Justice partners have appropriate elevated privileges to access secured case information.

 Some justice partners receive information from the court electronically.

 Information is provided to justice partners mostly by exchanging paper documents.  Case information from other court jurisdictions must be requested manually.

The Maturity Model scorecard identifies many key characteristics of an electronic court. By implementing the capabilities in the table and moving toward the top of the chart, courts transform business processes and improve efficiency

“The Maturity Model empowers us to leverage the comprehensive Odyssey product suite to achieve our goals. The evergreen philosophy enables us to continue using Odyssey for many years to come, allowing it to be a system the courts could use forever.” Peter Panciocco, Executive Director, Rhode Island State Courts 9

From Dispatch to Disposition™ Tyler Alliance Leads the Way with an Integrated Approach to Criminal Justice and Public Safety Solutions Tyler Alliance is a multi-agency, distributed platform that integrates public safety and criminal justice systems by connecting departments, agencies and jurisdictions. The platform helps organizations break down barriers to make sharing information across public safety and justice agencies easy and secure. From dispatch operators, police on patrol, fire departments and emergency services to court clerks, trial judges, prosecutors, corrections staff and probation officers, improved information sharing enhances decision making, increases safety, automates processes, saves time and reduces errors. Anchored by a common foundation, Tyler Alliance seamlessly connects Tyler products, enabling them to operate more collaboratively, and securely share data via connection points across multiple applications. Tyler Alliance allows public safety and justice agencies to protect the public and execute justice more effectively, more responsively and more transparently. COURT

Court access to warrants from neighboring jurisdictions improves decision making, and shared party information reduces data entry and errors.


Fire and emergency service teams access information faster with improved investigative data and subject notifications.


 

  

 





 


 

 


   


 



 

Access to historical arrest records, aliases, open warrants and known associations help prepare officers for each incident response.


 Dispatchers access cross-jurisdictional information for faster response times, more accurate locations and reduced data entry.


 


 

At intake, jailers access outstanding warrants, behavior history and gang affiliations for better control in placing inmates.

PROSECUTOR AND PUBLIC DEFENSE Prosecutors and attorneys can make better decisions based on more detailed information — status updates, party data, hearing schedules, warrants and more.

Tyler Alliance makes sharing information easy across justice partners.



Supervisory staff use document management, automated reporting, forms processing and probation tracking to simplify adult and juvenile probation.

In addition to New World applications for dispatch, EMS and law enforcement, there are Odyssey modules designed specifically for the needs of attorneys, jailers, judges and sheriff staff supporting civil process. Jurisdictions that choose Odyssey Attorney Manager, Odyssey Jail Manager or Odyssey Supervision, in addition to Odyssey Case Manager, make the task of sharing information with justice partners completely seamless.




w and Task Managem ent rkflo o W

Crimi nal

il Civ














ve n









Web S ervic es – Dat JUSTI aXc CE P ha ART ng NE JAILS R



aces terf d In lize S na TION rso ERA OP Pe RT OU




w and Task Managem ent rkflo Wo


Odyssey’s integrated LF TED SE EN S S T E PR AN RE ITIG L


ATTORN IC EYS AND PUBL s Brows ers – Mobile Platform

structure enables information sharing across all justice partners — courts, attorneys, the public and justice agencies.

Shared Data Fuels Odyssey’s Power Shared data is the crux of Odyssey’s power, fueling core applications with unified case management, integrated document management and improved workflow processes. Every document and piece of data — party information, events, warrants, fees and charges — is organized, managed and protected by Case Manager. Users can easily track cases from e-filing through disposition via Odyssey’s powerful and robust case management capabilities. In addition, you can control who has access to which information on your system, all from one unified, secure source.


End-to-End Court Case Management Tyler’s Odyssey product suite is a comprehensive, end-to-end courts and justice software solution that modernizes and automates court processes. The system encompasses all the functionality required to manage all aspects of court administration, from e-filing to disposition, which helps our clients run their courts more efficiently and effectively and improve the administration of justice.

“Odyssey provides Collin County with a product it can build on and evolve over time, and it enables us to do things that we couldn’t do in the old environment. It also reinforces that we’ve selected a vendor that is continuously improving its product to ensure it won’t go stagnant and that it will support this county in the next ten or twenty years.” – Caren Skipworth, Chief Information Officer for Collin County, Texas

Case Manager’s Powerful Capabilities E-filing: Tyler’s e-filing solution, Odyssey File & Serve, transforms cumbersome processes — document processing, filing and serving — into streamlined electronic filing that saves time, increases convenience and reduces costs for the court, the bar and self-represented litigants. Judge’s application: Odyssey Judge Edition enables immediate, secure access to critical case information right from the bench — providing both a high-level, or detailed view, using a touch screen. Clerk and court minutes: Odyssey Clerk Edition™ automates courtroom tasks and organizes information, enabling clerks to rapidly access and enter critical data right in the courtroom. Document management: Integrated seamlessly with Odyssey Case Manager, Odyssey’s document management application makes thousands of documents seamlessly available across all Odyssey applications in one centralized location. This enables you to streamline, organize and share important information, reduce costs, eliminate paper and save time. Odyssey document management enables distributed document storage for remote offices while images are routinely uploaded to central servers for backup. Public access: The Odyssey Portal™ is a web-based application that provides justice partners, attorneys and the public 24/7 real-time, secure access to court data from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, which increases court efficiency and eliminates unnecessary trips to the courthouse and waiting in long lines. Financials: Control your financial system with Odyssey Financial Manager™, which enables users to track accounts, process finances and manage transactions securely and efficiently.




This is an example of the new Odyssey Case Manager user interface that shows Task Manager and a case viewable in the workspace.


Workflow and Task Manager Streamline Operations Odyssey’s workflow and task management capabilities allow you to customize the way Odyssey operates to fit the way you work, automating tasks and helping clients work smarter and more efficiently. With Task Manager, you can access tasks to track cases from e-filing to disposition via configurable time standards that enable you to adhere to statutory and local rules. Task Manager supports notifications, document routing and signing documents via task queues.

Task Manager Empowers You to Work Smarter The task management functionality automates workflow via powerful features: • Tasks can be added automatically or manually. • Tasks can be assigned due dates. • Task Manager gives supervisors full access to tasks and queues. • Users can link to the case or a specific tab of the case in Odyssey. • Users can share notes on a specific workflow item. • History is tracked on an item, including the timestamp and the user who worked on the item. A flexible workflow is customized to business processes of the court and the functions of the user. Odyssey’s workflow facilitates document routing between the judge and clerk for reviewing and signing documents. Documents added to the queue can be tagged for the judge’s signature. Supporting documents can be bundled together for a judge to review, for example a motion and the proposed order.


MyOdyssey Workspace This customized dashboard personalizes and streamlines any work being done within Odyssey, creating a bird’s-eye view into detailed case and financial information with a single click. MyOdyssey Workspace allows users to easily personalize the way they view data using graphical interfaces called widgets, which can be customized on how they display information and how many are on a workspace, so that users only view the data that is most important to them. From a widget, users can easily navigate directly to the right place in Odyssey and take action on the data they are reviewing. The Workspace shows information — Work Queues, Upcoming Hearings or a Process Checklist — and presents information as a list.

Electronic Signatures Electronic Signatures streamline office processes and empower users to effortlessly capture and apply electronic signatures to documents filed with the court as well as documents that are generated from within Odyssey. Users can merge forms using Odyssey’s integration with Microsoft Word and send those forms to judges’ or clerks’ Odyssey queues for insertion of electronic signature(s). Users can also tag a document for signatures and add it to the queue. Once electronically signed, the documents are converted to PDF or TIFF files for permanent storage, which can then be automatically docketed on the case. When an electronic signature pad is used, non-Odyssey users can sign existing documents associated with cases. Users can specify the area in the document to be signed, resize and move the signature, accept or decline the signature and then save the document to make the signature permanent. In addition, electronically filed PDF documents, such as proposed orders, can be annotated and electronically signed.

Easily view, annotate and sign documents. 15

E-filing Creates a Tipping Point to Paperless Processes Tyler’s Odyssey File & Serve solution enables the electronic filing of documents with the court via a secure, web-based portal, including online filing for the legal community and self-represented litigants (SRLs). This highly automated system enables courts to transition from paper-based processes to an electronic filing (e-filing) system, which automatically submits documents to the court in real time. This results in the elimination of paper, decreased delays, reduced costs and improved efficiencies.

Major Components of Odyssey File & Serve • Odyssey File & Serve Filer Interface – Users can submit filing data and any associated documents directly to the court via the web. Filers may also elect to electronically serve other parties on the case. • Odyssey File & Serve Review Tool – Court staff can receive and review electronically filed submissions. The Review Tool provides the reviewer with the ability to stamp, annotate, accept, reject and communicate reason for return or rejection back to the filer. • Fee Collection – A fully integrated payment processing service enables users to pay via credit cards, debit cards and eChecks for any court processing and fees assessed.

CMS Integration and ECF Standards Odyssey File & Serve is fully integrated with Odyssey Case Manager. The system works by accepting electronic documents from attorneys and other filers via File & Serve and puts them in review queues. After clerk review, filing data and documents are seamlessly integrated with the court’s case management system, and can also create the appropriate docket entry with the related filestamped document image. Odyssey File & Serve uses an industry standard interface that connects to more than 50 third-party case management systems and Electronic Filing Service Providers (EFSPs). Tyler received the IJIS Institute Springboard Certification and utilizes the latest ECF (Electronic Court Filings) standards.


eFileTexas — Implemented On Budget and Ahead of Schedule The Texas Office of Court Administration (OCA) implemented Odyssey File & Serve, starting in January 2014. This became the largest e-filing implementation in the country and one of the most successful. It was rolled out to 110 counties within 12 months of the contract signing with mandatory e-filing statewide being completed nine months ahead of schedule.

eFileTexas Accomplishments • Rolled out to 110 Texas counties in 12 months, mandatory in all 254 counties within three years • Integrated with 17 EFSPs and 10 case management systems • Registered more than 90,000 users in the first year • Expanded to criminal filings and self-represented litigants

The Most Successful E-filing Platform in the U.S.


registered users

22 states 13 statewide

24+ million


fillings per year


integrated with CMS and EFSPs

Odyssey File & Serve is broadly adopted and highly reliable.


Odyssey Guide & File Enhance Access to Justice for Self-Represented Litigants Odyssey Guide & File is a powerful suite of tools that guides self-represented litigants (SRLs) through the process of completing court forms and filing cases online. Divorces, evictions, small claims cases and more can be filed by self-represented litigants — without waiting in long lines or visiting the court’s counter. The Odyssey Guide & File authoring tool enables content creators in your court to easily produce interviews that apply the court’s business rules. Clients can leverage a library of existing interviews from other jurisdictions, accelerating interview creation even further. Interviews can be published and accessed from your website, providing flexibility for self-represented litigants to complete anytime, from anywhere, and enabling courts to better serve the needs of self-represented litigants.

“Guide & File makes a huge difference for us in automating the process of providing forms and information to people who can’t afford lawyers.” — Tina Sibbitt, Associate State Attorney, Access to Justice Program, New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts

Create and manage interviews easily and efficiently. 18

Creating an Electronic Courtroom for Judges and Clerks The courtroom is still the biggest paper generator today. While some courts have made progress in transforming to more electronic processes, few courts can claim that they are 100 percent paperless, from intake to disposition. Odyssey can automate the flow of information and create an integrated, high-tech courtroom.

Odyssey Judge Edition When in the courtroom, judges rely on immediate access to the precise information they need. Odyssey Judge Edition uses powerful touch-screen capabilities to eliminate paper files and folders while giving judges the ability to efficiently and securely access critical case information while court is in session. Odyssey Task Manager can be accessed from Judge Edition, allowing judges and clerks to move electronic documents through the draft, approval

Judges can access and control critical case information

and signature processes electronically.

using Judge Edition.

Odyssey Clerk Edition Designed specifically for the high-volume courtroom where massive amounts of information are in constant motion, Odyssey Clerk Edition automates courtroom tasks by enabling clerks to rapidly access and enter data right in the courtroom — replacing hand-written forms with digital court information. This time-saving tool not only organizes information efficiently, but also renders case data actionable so that clerks can immediately manage case hearing outcomes, including both criminal and non-criminal case processing. Once forms are auto-filled and printed in the courtroom, information is uploaded back to Odyssey Case Manager, eliminating the need to re-enter data after the court session has concluded. The Minute Order mode allows the clerk to perform data entry, while watching case documents build simultaneously within the workspace view. Clerks can also send documents to Task Manager from Clerk Edition.


Odyssey Jury Streamline the Jury Selection Process for Jury Clerks and Jurors Odyssey Jury is an end-to-end, statewide enterprise jury system that efficiently organizes and simplifies the jury selection process at a state and county level, from the loading of the jury wheel or master list to managing the pooling process and panels sent to the courtroom for trial, as well as compensating jurors. Odyssey Jury is completely integrated with Odyssey Case Manager, allowing courts to automate the process of requesting a jury and providing the jury clerk visibility to the court’s needs earlier in the process. This integration automates processes, eliminates duplicate data entry, reduces errors and increases court efficiency. It also leverages Odyssey’s ability to efficiently organize tasks into queues, enabling clerks to effectively manage tasks, such as empanelment, deferrals and more. Odyssey also integrates with third-party applications for summons printing, Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certification and juror payments.


Convenience for Jurors and Efficiency for Clerks

Robust Tools for Jury Clerks Odyssey Jury empowers jury clerks to achieve an efficient jury process for jurors, attorneys, court staff and judges. Jury helps courts increase juror yield by enhancing the juror experience and improves information sharing with other court systems to improve efficiency and lower costs. Odyssey Jury supports both “one day, one trial” term of service courts and grand jury.

Simplifies the Jury Response In order to accommodate a growing mobile jury pool, Odyssey Jury provides online and digital options for responding to a jury summons using an intuitive, user-friendly interface, which increases the response rate and juror yield. After jurors are summoned, they may respond to their initial qualification questionnaires via the internet, at any time and from anywhere, using the jury response section of the Odyssey Portal.


The Odyssey Portal provides justice partners, attorneys, businesses and the general public 24/7 real-time, secure access to court information from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Odyssey Portal Secure Access to Essential Court and Judicial Information Setting the bar for citizens’ ease-of-use, Odyssey Portal provides the public, judges and justice partners with access to essential case, calendar and party information via the internet, any time and from anywhere, eliminating unnecessary trips to the courthouse. You control what content, such as registers of action, calendars, judgments and orders, is available to each user who views information from the Portal. This means that a public user can look at a case and see only public information, but a judicial officer can look at the same case and see all sensitive data and documents. Tyler also offers best-of-breed redaction capabilities that are tightly integrated with Odyssey, which protect data that shouldn’t be exposed to the general public.

Access Court Information Instantly from Your Mobile Device Whether you are a judge, an attorney, a clerk or the general public, information accessibility is crucial. Odyssey Portal is built with “responsive design” and HTML5, which are natively supported by and optimized for all modern desktop and mobile devices — Apple® iPhone and iPad, Android™, Windows Mobile devices and Mac/PC. Adjustments for screen size can include resizing text, removing graphics to make room for vital information and even reorganizing the layout itself. The Portal is also Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant on all devices, so content is made readily available to all web users.


Tyler dataXchange Share Data with Neighboring Jurisdictions Tyler dataXchange™ automates the flow of information, enabling your county to access and securely share critical information with other participating agencies using Odyssey or other Tyler products — across a select group of jurisdictions (counties, states and municipalities), as well as across agencies — jails, county and municipal courts, law enforcement and supervision. Tyler dataXchange allows users to access a wide variety of information, including, but not limited to, party and case data, citations, vehicles, jailings and incidents, warrants, cases, electronic documents, as well as property details, utility billing and appraisal values. Unlike other shared data warehouses where the user must perform a separate search, with dataXchange, users simply click on the tab and the search is done for them. Using dataXchange, Odyssey users save time by accessing information in real time from within Odyssey, eliminating the need to access another system, make a phone call or send an email. Tyler dataXchange is available at no cost to Odyssey clients as a part of their maintenance agreement.

Courts Save Time and Improve Efficiency with Better Information Using dataXchange, courts gain immediate, automated access to valuable information, including warrants and TRNs generated outside their jurisdiction. Warrants that could take days or weeks to obtain in other databases, show up immediately with dataXchange, which improves decisionmaking. Having TRNs readily available eliminates unnecessary fingerprinting and time spent associated with this process. Also, obtaining TRNs helps in the effort to reach CJIS 80 percent compliance rates through the DPS, where courts risk being sanctioned if not met.

Tyler dataXchange provides immediate access to records across district and county courts, jurisdiction and municipal courts, police departments, sheriff’s offices and jails.


Odyssey Case Manager for Appellate Courts Manage Appellate Business Processes The Appellate case module supports case management in both the original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction within intermediate appellate courts and state supreme courts. To better support appellate courts, the Appellate case module includes robust features for case management, panel assignment, opinion management and lower court case functions. The case management feature helps court staff with everything from case initiation to financial management. Odyssey Case Manager provides the ability to create court-generated documents, such as notices and mandates, using a powerful forms engine. Opinion management assists in assigning an opinion to a judicial officer as the author, tracking the status of the opinion and recording the votes from the panel members, streamlining the justice review process, from authoring opinions to filing the final opinion with the clerk. Panel assignment supports the ability to create and manage panels of multiple judicial officers and batch-create judicial officer panels. This feature also enables users to assign a judicial officer to the case individually or from a panel, which increases the processing speed for panel assignments. When the lower court case is in the Odyssey system, staff can automatically access the Register of Actions (ROA) or case summary from the lower court case, navigate to the lower court case record, select and add parties and attorneys to the appellate case, which saves time because information is automatically added. Common appellate business processes are supported with workflows and Task Manager to create greater efficiencies and eliminate paper.


Odyssey Financial Manager Centralize Complex Financial Transactions and Automate Collections With Odyssey Financial Manager, users can efficiently track and manage an entire transaction, while keeping information secure with fully auditable transaction listings in real time. This integrated application manages your back office financial needs through a dynamic dashboard that can be customized based on your specific needs. Users can print checks, balance checking accounts and produce a summary of financial activity via a Chart of Accounts. The application enables users to easily create and view robust reports on account activity, account balances, daily cash balances and more. Financial Manager also enables multiple checking accounts to be combined or separated depending on your needs. Odyssey Financial Manager provides robust capabilities to help your court manage and assess collections: • Identify and flag case party balances — from upcoming due dates through past-due balances • Send custom notices to parties with balance and due date information • Collect and send case party balances to a third-party collection agency and import and apply payments • Maintain a history of delinquency and collection statuses


Real-time Reports Empower Better Decisions Tyler’s analytical offering provides comprehensive data using key metrics, eliminating the need to track down, reconcile, reformat and consolidate data. These robust reports present information in easy-to-read charts and graphs, enabling decision makers to easily analyze large amounts of data and spot trends, resulting in better decision-making and increased efficiency of their office.

Standard Reports Robust reporting capabilities are an integral part of Odyssey Case Manager, offering a comprehensive collection of reports to support clerk and court functions, including caseloads, statistics, event activity, time standards and more. Reports can be easily modified to summarize parameters, online previews, scheduled processing and automatic emailing to one or more parties.

Enterprise Custom Reporting Enterprise Custom Reporting (ECR) provides an intuitive, easy-to-use mechanism to create ad hoc custom reports (using Microsoft® SQL Reporting Services) without the added expense or time requirements associated with an external report writer. This enables real-time decision-making through the creation, management and delivery of reports for printing and ad hoc data exploration in CSV or PDF formats or also in TIFF image file format for long-term storage and easy access.


CourTools Integration Courts seek balanced and realistic performance measures that are practical to implement and use. The CourTools performance measures were designed by the National Center for State Courts to provide courts with effective measurements, which is key to managing court resources efficiently, and ensures the public knows what your court has achieved and identifies the benefits of improved court performance. Odyssey focuses on the measures directly related to case data tracked in the system, including measure 2 (Clearance Rates), measure 3 (Time to Disposition), measure 4 (Age of Active Pending Caseload), measure 5 (Trial Date Certainty) and measure 7 (Collection of Monetary Penalties).

CourTools improves court performance by providing courts with effective measurements.


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