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cult book of his? a. Fight Club b. A Confederacy of ... 6> Last Exit to Brooklyn - His novel Requiem for a Dream also became a movie. 7> Seven deadly sins - The ...

POP CULTURE TRIVIA QUESTIONS #44 ( www.TriviaChamp.com )

1> Antoine Dodson talked to NBC in Huntsville, Alabama, and became a web meme, and a Gregory Brothers hit, for his description of what horrible crime? a. The hate crime against his grandmother b. The attempted murder of his mother c. The attempted rape of his sister d. The arson of his home

2> Who hurt her knee on the set of Moulin Rouge, had to pull out of Panic Room and was nearly uninsurable for Cold Mountain? a. Catherine Zeta-Jones b. Renee Zellwegger c. Kate Winslet d. Nicole Kidman

3> Who was the lost female Ninja Turtle, who grew up in Chinatown under the tutelage of a mystical master? a. Mona Lisa b. Themyscira c. Apollonia d. Venus de Milo

4> Famous for his Oscar parties, what Hollywood agent was charged with felonious assault after smashing a goblet over Otto Preminger's head at 21?

a. Swifty Lazar b. David Geffen c. Stan Kamen d. Michael Ovitz

5> Found on her fourth studio album "Talk a Good Game", who recorded the song "Dirty Laundry"? a. Selena Gomez b. Avril Lavigne c. Miley Cyrus d. Kelly Rowland

6> Hubert Selby is the cabbie who hits the transvestite in the movie adaptation of what cult book of his? a. Fight Club b. A Confederacy of Dunces c. Catcher in the Rye d. Last Exit to Brooklyn

7> Some say that Sherwood Schwartz based the Gilligan's Island characters on what septet, codified by Pope Gregory I? a. Seven liberal arts b. Seven horsemen of the apocalypse c. Seven deadly sins d. Seven hills of Rome

8> The producers wanted either Tom Cruise or Rob Lowe for what movie, before settling for Kevin Bacon? a. Flashdance b. Dirty Dancing c. Risky Business

d. Footloose

9> At the age of 66, who released their twenty-fourth studio album on 8 March 2013? a. Mick Jagger b. David Bowie c. Paul McCartney d. Neil Young

10> On Saturday Night Live, who played MacGruber's father? a. Neal Patrick Harris b. Richard Dean Anderson c. Jonathan Taylor Thomas d. David Hyde Pierce

11> Police Women of Maricopa County was what network's first reality series about hot women who wear the badge? a. TLC b. Showtime c. Lifetime d. Bravo

12> Known for breaking the fourth wall repeatedly, 24 Hour Party People was about what city's music scene? a. Dublin b. Manchester c. London d. Liverpool

13> What DreamWorks movie was indirectly based on Barbara Chase-Riboud's novel Echo of Lions?

a. The Color Purple b. Amistad c. Twister d. Hotel Rwanda

14> Jim Douglas, played by Dean Jones, was often behind the wheel of what famous fictional car, although Lindsay Lohan got a shot in a reboot? a. Herbie the Love Bug b. The Mystery Machine c. Lightning McQueen d. General Lee

15> Approximately how many tweets are sent through Twitter each day? a. 340 million b. 240 million c. 640 million d. 540 million


1> The attempted rape of his sister - As described in the Bed Intruder Song, Dodson said: ''Well, obviously we have a RAPIST in Lincoln Park. He's climbin' in your windows, he's snatchin' your people up, tryin' to rape ‘em. So y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they're rapin' everybody out here.'' 2> Nicole Kidman - Kidman did cameo in Panic Room as a voice on the telephone. She also had to film some Moulin Rouge scenes from a concealed wheelchair. 3> Venus de Milo - Apollonia was Prince's girlfriend and Themyscira is where Wonder Woman was from. 4> Swifty Lazar - Preminger was still angry that he lost out on Truman Capote's In Cold Blood. 5> Kelly Rowland - The song was released on May 15, 2013. 6> Last Exit to Brooklyn - His novel Requiem for a Dream also became a movie. 7> Seven deadly sins - The Skipper is Anger, the Professor is Pride, Ginger is Lust, Marianne is Envy, Mr Howell is Avarice and so on. 8> Footloose - They had liked Cruise in Risky Business but he was making All the Right Moves and Lowe was hired, but pulled his knee. 9> David Bowie - The album is titled 'The Next Day'. 10> Richard Dean Anderson - Typically, MacGruber finds himself and his assistants trapped in a control room with a ticking time bomb, but gets distracted and blows up. 11> TLC - They also did Broward County and Memphis. 12> Manchester - Many of the people portrayed in it appear in cameos, where they offer their opinions on what the film got wrong. 13> Amistad - The resulting lawsuit explored how much fact can be lifted from historical records and copyrighted in a novel. 14> Herbie the Love Bug - In Herbie Fully Loaded, Lohan played Maggie Peyton. 15> 340 million - Sixteen percent of U.S. Internet users are on Twitter.

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