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PEUGEOT makes available to motor trade professionals*, publishers of technical ... Labour times and the repair manual, wiring diagrams and the diagnostic ...

PEUGEOT TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION FOR MOTOR TRADE PROFESSIONALS PEUGEOT makes available to motor trade professionals*, publishers of technical documentation and manufacturers of garage equipment all of the technical information (Parts and After Sales service) that Authorised Repairers have for the servicing and repair of PEUGEOT vehicles. (*) professional vehicle repairers, car clubs, roadside assistance providers, organisations offering test and inspection services, repairer training organisations, garage equipment suppliers.

Content Free services (no charge)



Replacement parts

PEUGEOT replacement parts catalogues


Catalogues of accessories for PEUGEOT vehicles

Vehicles From 206 (1998) and PARTNER (1996)

Catalogues of recommended Products for professionals

products for the repair of PEUGEOT vehicles


Owner’s handbooks

Service plans

Sets of service plans

Current range

From 205 (1989) to 406 (2002) and BOXER (1994) to PARTNER (2008)

Important points: The starting date given is for the availability on-line of the complete documentation for the vehicle in question, but partial documentation may be available for earlier vehicles (205, 106 or Boxer I for example). The code which sometimes follows the commercial designation of the vehicles allows identification of:

 Successive versions, displayed in the order in which they were introduced. For example : PARTNER (M49) = 1st version, PARTNER (M59) = 2nd version and PARTNER (B9) = 3rd version

 Versions specific to certain countries

Subscriber services (charge made for access)


Labour times




Invoicing times for repair operations From 206 (1998) and Procedures for resolving identified PARTNER (1996) problems

Repair manual

Repair procedures and special tools


Wiring diagrams


Diagnostic aids

From 206 (1998) and PARTNER (1996)

(*) On-line since 10/01/2008. The vehicle’s VIN must be entered to view the documents. Note: the points given under Free Services also apply here.

Tariffs General Two types of service are available in Service Box: - Free services: services for which access is provided without subscription. - Subscriber services: services which are available only if you have taken out a subscription. Labour times and the repair manual, wiring diagrams and the diagnostic documentation are available on this condition.


Labour Times and Repair Manual, Wiring diagrams and Diagnostic documentation:

 1 hour subscription: 7 € excl. taxes

 1 day subscription (24 hours): 35 € excl. taxes

 1 week subscription (7 days): 103 € excl. taxes

 1 month subscription (30 days): 299 € excl. taxes

 1 year subscription (365 days): 2601 € excl. taxes


The subscription payments are made directly on the Service Box website by card. The transactions are completely secure, all banking data is encrypted.

Contact Website reserved exclusively for motor trade professionals, publishers of technical documentation and manufacturers of garage equipment.

Labour times and Repair manual, Wiring Diagrams et Diagnostic documentation:

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 Motor trade professionals : In the event of difficulty using the website, contact us at: [email protected] (please indicate your customer code). For more information on the Peugeot technical training available, contact:

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